Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Bay trip! 2016 (The Ultimate Food Tour)

Okaaaaaaaaaaaay soooooooo this last trip to the bay was THE ULTIMATE FOOD TOUR!!! If your going to the bay area of Cali, here are some GREAT PLACES to try!!! The names of everything is linked to the websites so you can just click on them to check out their websites!!!
Saturday night:
We flew into Oakland Saturday night and our night didn't consist of much besides getting our car rental and freaking out about the AMAAAAAZING WEATHER!!!  61 degrees out...let me just say GLOOOOOOORAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!
We got up EARLY Sunday morning and met Hanna for Starbucks...I had brought my curling iron buuuut then I was like, you know what, I'm in Cali, Let me just do a cali bun!!! LOL (Which actually ended up being my hairdo this past Sunday as well, running really late with people calling at the last minute to come to church! LOL)
So we went to church at International Church Of Berkeley, Pastor Kifle, it was good to see their new building and that the church is growing. I was also happy to be able to surprise my beautiful friend Kendra Thaler by being there. The funny thing is that the Thaler's had been in the bay a few weeks earlier and Kendra was surprised by Anali being there. So when her husband walked into the church he was like, Kendra is going to be SO surprised when she sees you!!! And Bro. Thaler preached a really good message about holding onto God's promises and not giving up even after great hurts in life, it was a really good message! 
Annnnnnnnnnnd I was very happy that I got to spend some time with The Thaler's  adorable little boy, SIMON!!! This baby is AWESOME!!! He is soooooo well behaved and had hardly ANY sleep and was still quite pleasant to be around!!! And if you ask Simon if he's a boy he says that HE'S A MAN!!! Ahahaha!!! I love it!!! Annnnnnd in this day and age, we NEED MORE little boys saying that!!! LOL

Then after eating and fellowshipping at the church, a group of us headed over to Philz for coffee...
This is place is soooooo GOOOOD!!! My recommendation is the iced mint majito, extra sweet, extra creamy...Mmmmm...Later on in the week I tried the gingersnap and wished I had gotten the mint...that is sooooo gooood!!!
We also went to this place next door to Philz called Doughnut Dolly, you pick the donut you want and from several different cremes or jelly that you want your donut to be filled with...It is YUMMMMMYYY!!!
Then we brought all our goodies over to Whole Foods and all just chilled there for several hours before the night service again!!! After church me and my sister got REALLY LOST and ended up in San Francisco...I could tell she was a little stressed out about this sooooooo I decided not to bring up that this was an ADVENTURE!!! AHAHAHA!!!
When we FINALLY made it back to San Lorenzo, we decided on Ice Cream at this little Ice Cream Shop called Clancey's!!! It was superrrrr good ice cream, a really good price and surprisingly HUGE SERVINGS!!!
Although when we told our friend about this place by her house she was like, OH YEAH, its really good ice cream but I just can't do it!!! I was like, Oh really??? WHY NOT??? She was like, Did you see his fingers, they have like a green fungus growing on them...We were like, OOOOOOOH...EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! LOL Then we tried all week to get back there to see the green fungus but it never worked out!!! Bummmmmmer...NEXT TIME!!! AHAHAHA!!!!
Sooooo there was a family that my sister works for that was in San Francisco the same time as us and they wanted to meet up in China Town for lunch on Monday! The first thing the mom told us was, I'm JUST WARNING YOU, Chinese people are VERY RUDE!!! I was like, Oh ok!!! LOL So I was a little nervous about eating at an authentic Chinese place, But they took us to this really, really, REALLY GOOD restaurant in China Town that I would highly recommend! If you go, get fried rice, the noodle and wonton soup, the bbq beef wonton soup, the spring rolls, and the noodles...cant remember the name but FUN was in the name...LOL!!!! Find out more on YELP!!!
So while walking to the restaurant I had seen a really cute purse I wanted, when I went to find out more about it I GASPED, when the lady told me it was, ONLY, $250...She's like, Oh ma'am its an AUTHENTIC MARY FRANCES PURSE...that is a very expensive brand...I shoulda asked if I got a discount since my name is MARY FRANCES!!! LOL
Of course I had to by concha from the man selling out of the back of his SUV!!!
Annnnnnnnnnd we had at least two stops at Peets coffee...Iced thai tea lattes with coconut is what I recommend!!!
We walked around outside of peets and found a food truck fair...I've ALWAYS wanted to go to one of these!!! We found a Filipino truck but changed our minds when we saw that it was VEGAN FILIPINO...NO THANK YOU!!! LOL We ended up at the waffle roost!!! This is a waffle and chicken joint!!!
Sooooooo the funny thing IS that later on when Hanna got off work she was like, Oh Mary I had lunch at a place I think you would like, it was this Chicken and waffle place and I got a chicken sandwich on a waffle with spicy sauce...I was like, HEEEEEEY!!! I would like that place cuz we went there TOO!!! And I wanted to get that exact sandwich buuuuut I didn't know if my sis could take the spice so I just got the chicken and waffle bites!!!!
Then at 8:00 we picked up Hanna and headed over to BURMA SUPERSTAR!!! They said there were closing buuuuut Hanna talked the kind man into letting us in...Hee, hee!!!
EVERYONE NEEDS TO GO HERE!!! It is sooooooooo GOOOOOOD!!! We always do it family style where everyone orders a dish then we just set it up on the table and everyone tries all the different stuff!!! I can't remember everything I got but it was GOOOOD!!! Hanna ordered this cool appetizer but I can't remember what its called...OH and you have to get the coconut rice...YUMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! If you wanna know what to get, JUST ASK HANNA...She knows!!!
We took my sis to see the Golden Gate Bridge...
I think the pics speak for themselves...Trivia: It's called the Golden Gate bridge NOT because its RED...LOL buuuuut because Cali is the Golden state and the reason why Cali is the Golden state is because of the Gold rush...Weeeeellll I think...I mean IT COULD BE...;) it makes sense people!!!
For lunch we decided to try a place called...
I really, really, REALLY liked the pitas and hummus!!! The rest of the food I was like, Eh...whatev...like it was DISGUSTING TASTING...LIKE CALAMARI...buuuuuut NOT worth the calories either!!!
an authentic Israeli restaurant...I wonder IF Jesus ate hummus??? Falafel ain't really my thing...but I love the way the word sounds...LOL!!!
After such a healthy lunch...NOW it was time for DESSERT!!!
I recommend the Lavender Lemon and the Coffee toffee...
YES, I TRIED the BBQ swirl flavor...hee, hee!!!
Mesagana's my lil buddy and photographer!  He always happily takes the crazy pics for me that  I want to take!!! LOL
After church in Berkley we went to this mac and cheese place called...
The hostess was very rude!!! I was trying to get our friend Aaron to meet up with us, MIND YOU, it was only 9:30, THE RESTARAUNT CLOSED IN 30 minutes, she was like, IF he is NOT here with you within five minutes I will NOT seat him...I'm  just like, Okaaaaaay...do you guys close at 9:30 OR TEN???? No, don't worry I didn't say that...I was like, uh ok...then she's like all sweetly, so is he coming? I'm like, No...she's like all sad, Oh he can't? I'm like, well he can't get here in EXACTLEY FIVE MINUTES...she's like oh yeah cuz IF he came, I WOULD NOT SEAT HIM!!! I was like, Wow!!!  and if Bro. Kifle hadn't just talked about how to act in restaruants...BAM...LOL...buuuuut our waiter was VERY, VERY NICE!!! 
Anywayz, I told Stultz about it and how we didn't say anything about her rudeness cuz we're Christians, ANNNNND he said that ACTUALLY, you can VERY KINDLY, use logic on people because when they're working in customer service they ARE supposed to act a certain way...Idk, I think ONLY STULTZ, could KINDLY do this...Maybe he should teach a class!!! LOL
I FINALLY met up with my sweet, sweet friend, Kimberly Ramos...she's a bay girl now...we met up at this really cute little place for breakfast called...
The ONLY thing I don't like about this place is that its called OCEANVIEW and gives you the false impression that you'll be eating over water...YOUR NOT!!! LOL
Annnnnnnnd AFTER an amazing breakfast you may as well head on over to the adorable and unique store next door, Castle In The AIR!!! They sell super cute, and exotic stuff here...like these BEAUTIFUL flowers that look REAL but are made out of paper...figurines...
Annnnnnnnnnnnd I FINALLY got to ride the BART...Bay Area Rapid Transit... BART is basically a train transport like the Subway system in NYC, except its A LOT CLEANER and NOT all underground!
I'm sooooo using this next time I go to the bay by myself and everyone is working!!! It'll be a blast and an ADVENTURE!!! :)))
We didn't even make a dent in all the stores while we were out here, soooo much more to explore...
I HAD to take a picture under the "MAIDEN LANE" street sign...LOL!!!
We ate at an AMAZING burger joint called...
Now mind you, I'm not a huge burger fan buuuut these were soooooo goooood!!! The garlic cheese fries are soooooooooo GOOOOOOOD!!!!!! Actually the servings are HUGE and I just split everything with my sis!!!
We went to church in San Lorenzo at Pastor Rushings church, it was really neat because there was a missionary to the Netherlands there... The Netherlands are considered the most wicked country in the world...Who woulda thought...I always just think of windmills and tulips!!! Altho, I do remember my mom telling me some crazy stuff when she went...and that was BEFORE she was married, I can only imagine its gotten worse over the years! Then I enjoyed fellowshipping with all my San Lorenzo friends!
After church, we had my FAVORITE...
I always request it when I'm out there and Sis. Kifle ALWAYS makes it for me!!! Its sooooo GOOOOOD!!!
The next morning, before we left, we had crepes at Frodo's...it was REALLY GOOD!!! We got one sweet one and one savory one and all just shared...of course my favorite was the SWEET ONE!!! Nutella and bananas...How could it NOT be my favorite???
Annnnnnnnnnd then we said our good byes and headed to the airport...
It wasn't to sad leaving cuz I'll be seeing Hanna again in a few weeks at Heritage!!! Annnnnnnnnnnd that's the end of ANOTHER GREAT TRIP TO THE BAY!!! YAY!!! :)))
♥Mary Frances :)))))