Monday, January 14, 2019


Sooooooooo my mom had really BIG brown eyes and she had this thing she would do to kids when they were misbehaving where she just bugged her eyes out at them, and it was SOOOO STERN looking, she didn't have to say one single word but kids would just halt WHATEVERRR they were doing and start behaving!!! (I wish I had a picture of her doing this so you all could see, buuuuuuuut unfortunately, these aren't the things you think you'll want a picture of before someone that's a tad to aim for...IF you have a loved one that does something funky, capture a picture of it...not be morbid buuuuut I'm jus sayin...Only God knows what tomorrow hold!) 
Also, this was my mom's trademark, buuuuuut she only used it when speaking wasn't an option, like if company was over, or your at someone's house or another person's child was doing something she didn't approve of buuuuuuut to say something with the parent there would be awkward or the parent might get offended, MOM just did, THE MOM EYES to the child and they just straightened RIGHT UP!!!
Soooooooooo after I had started losing weight, my sis in law Grace told me one day that with my weight loss my eyes were starting to look different, she said she could see now that I had THE SAME eyes as my mom's, they were just a DIFFERENT COLOR!!! 
I was like, REALLY??? NOOOOOOOO WAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!! I was sooooooooo HAPPY cuz no one EVERRR says I look like MY MOM...I was always just her lil white baby!!! LOL So she's like yeah, you have Mom's eyes!!! The she was like, CAN YOU DO THE MOM EYES??? I was liiiiiiiiike, IDK...LET ME TRY!!! ANNNNNNNNNNND the answer is...
It's not possible for me to look MENACING...creepy...PERHAPS;)...buuuuuuuut big eyes or NOT...I can't do THE MOM EYES!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)