Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Chocolate Chip Tips!!!

Sooooooo a few weeks ago, one of my brothers were over and we were discussing baking and I was all like, oh yeah I keep my chocolate chips in the freezer! My brother was like, why do you keep them there? I was like, so they don't melt! He was like, really? I keep ours in the pantry and there always just fine! They may be a little softer than in the winter time but they're noT melted!


I'm liiiiiiiiike well mine seem 

    to have a MELTING ISSUE!!!!

                 No matter what happens they 
always just seem to MELT...



There you have it, A MARY DIET TIP!!!! Keep them in the freezer's just safer HEALTHIER!!! BAHAHAHAAA!!! ;)

♥Mary Frances :)