Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Truth OR Lie???? (Repost from 2012)

*Note from Classic Mary Moments: Okaaaaaaaayyyy so I could probably just say NOTE from MARY, buuuuut it sounds more EFFECIENT the other way!!! Please bear with me for this week and enjoy some reposts!!! I have been soooooo BUSY and your sooooo NOT even going to believe with WHAT!!! Cleaning my friends, CLEANING!!! The older I get the more I am into cleaning and organizing my stuff...so mature right??? Organizing Hello kitty and all things glittery, pink and FLUFFY, sooooo ADULTISH...hee, hee!!! Anywayz, like I said, the older I get the more I am into keep things in order, I know, WEIRD, anywayz, I am cleaning and purging, reorganizing and going through like LITERALLY EVERYTHING in my room!!! That's ALL I have been doing this week, the only day I took a break was Wednesday, to prepare a lesson for Wednesday School and picking up the kiddos...buuuuut yeah, if anyone's interested you may actually find some interesting stuff in our dumpster, highschool year books and old love letters..bahahaha!!!! Sooooooo yeah, enjoy the reposts this week and you'll get some NEW stuff NEXT WEEK...Don't kill my cleaning endeavor!!!

Truth OR Lie???
Soooo my niece MJ wrote me the cutest lil poem! It goes like this: Mary IS MARY! Mary is Merry! Buuuut Mary is NOT Married because Mary still needs to find someone to MARRY!!!
Ahahahaha!!! Isn't that cute?!?! Sooo after hearing that poem and after recent awkward occurrences in my life... I couldn't help but ponder this question in my mind!!!
♥Mary Frances :)