Wednesday, February 28, 2018

RANDOM thought of the week!!!

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Soooooooooooo the other day, Wednesday eve, I decided to give my teeth an EXTRA brushing for the day before I went to pick up the kids for church. Well about 45 minutes later, I'm at the apartments where the kids live. Before I go to get them, I grab a few sour patch kids to snack on while walking around...Idk, they've just been a craving lately and I can only eat a few at a time so yeah...
Weeeeeeeeeeelllll...I put one in my head and my eyes just about popped outta my head!!!! They were about 10X MORE sour than they normally are...I realized that they were EXTRA sour because I had just brushed my teeth earlier...It was so much so I couldn't even eat them and passed off the rest to one of the kids!!! 
Annnnnnnnd that's when I had the most randomest thought everrrrrr!!! If sour patch gummies taste EVEN MORE sour right after brushing your teeth, IF YOU DON'T BRUSH YOUR TEETH AT ALL...LIKE EVERRRRR...Will sour patches NOT taste sour at all???
I mean, I don't wanna be THE ONE to experiment this, buuuuuuuuuuuut...if one of you all out there want to and then let me know....HEEEEEEEEEEEYYYY...Just don't hang around me during the experimental process...Jus' sayin!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

MORE trust!!!

No Mary! We're scared! We can't see!!! This is the voice of my girls yelling at me on a Wednesday night Bible class as I blindfolded them and were doing an object lesson with them. Leading them around outside the church, they couldn't see but I could and was leading them. They were freaking out, I laughed at their dramatics and said, you can't see BUUUUUT you know ME, you know I would NEVER do anything to hurt you guys.
Do you trust so and so?! Has anyone ever asked you that? And i'll think, yes, to a certain extent I trust them, BUUUUUUT, I don't really know them that well, the people that I truly trust enough to let into my uttermost thoughts and feelings are the people that I truly know. The ones that have been there for years and their friendships have stood the test of time. I know their character and I know that they love me and only want what's best for me. These are the people have been there in the good times and the bad times, they've seen me at my best and they've seen me at my worst and they've stuck with me through it all. They know ME and I know THEM and that IS WHY I trust them!!!
That got me to thinking about trusting in God, sometimes we say we trust God, but we trust him like we trust someone that we don't really know that well. We see him as that person that we don't know very well, that nice co-worker, or the friendly acquaintance we have fun and take pictures with at a conference but we don't truly know them, so we trust them yes, but only to that certain extent. And that's how we are with God at times, we trust him yes, but do we trust him with the uttermost part of our hearts? Do we trust him with all our fears, our hopes and our dreams? 
If your having trouble trusting in God, it's only because you don't know him well enough. But its SOOOO SIMPLE, if you want to trust God MORE, just get to know him MORE!!! I promise you, the more you know God, the more you will see his true character, you will see for yourself his nature, his loving-kindness, his mercy and his grace. How do you get to know him more, pray more, read your Bible more, ask him to draw you closer to him, seek his face, you will not be disappointed with getting to know The Lord!

Then when the hard times come and it feels like your blind-folded and your scared because you can't see the way, I can imagine hearing the Lord saying, but why are you scared when I'm leading you? you know me my child, you KNOW I would NEVER do anything to hurt you!!!  Just get to know him more, he will show you that he is true! The more you know him my friends, the more you will trust him!!! 
"I am the good shepherd...
Image result for Sheep and their shepherd
. and know my sheep, and am known of mine." (John 10:14)

Monday, February 26, 2018

Happy Monday!!!

I pray that people will say this about me!!!
love like Jesus
May we love LIKE HIM this week!!! 

"This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it." (Psalm 118:24)
♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Happy Sunday!!!

This is soooooooo not me
Going to church is soooooo much better than anything this world has to offer!!!! 
"I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord." (Psalm 122:1)
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Friday, February 23, 2018


Have you ever noticed HOW MANY different kinds of doors there are???
 Tyler and I took a ton of pictures of cool doors while we were in France.  I've been meaning to make a collage of all the pictures.  Haven't gotten around to it yet.  :
There's doors that have to be PUSHED to be opened, there's doors that you have to PULL to open. There's sliding doors, there's car doors, there's revolving doors, there's glass doors, there's screen doors and there's automatic doors, there's locked doors and I'm SURE, many more!!!
A door is a moving structure used to block off, and yet still allow access to something, an entrance to a place, yet a closure to a place within an enclosed space, such as a building, room, closet or vehicle.
In life, there are MANY doors that we will walk through and some that we will SEE, but NEVER walk through. The question IS, HOW do we know if a door is meant for us to walk through or NOT???
So often you will hear and probably even say at some point, "I'm JUST waiting for GOD to open the door before making a decision." AND while this is good to a certain extent, SOMETIMES, we're waiting for God to open a door that says PUSH or PULL on it!!!
Sometimes, the door has a LOCK and only God can unlock it but there are other times that the door has a lock and GOD has given us THE KEY and now it us up to us to take that key and unlock the door. Sometimes we have to KNOCK and WAIT for God to open the door, And YET there are other times, when God locks a door and it will NEVER BE UNLOCKED!!!
Sometimes, there's a revolving door, and God wants us to go through something before we can get to what is on the other side. Sometimes you just gotta shut the door for a little bit, while your riding to your destination and THEN its time to open that door again! Sometimes there's sliding doors and you gotta figure out if you should SLIDE that door all the way open, or if you should just partially slide it open to not let anything IN or OUT with you.
Sometimes there's a glass door and you can see very clearly what is on the other side and weather or not you should open that door! Sometimes there's a screen door, and you can only kind of see what is on the other side, but you'll never really know, TILL YOU OPEN THE DOOR!!!
Sometimes in life, there are automatic doors. There are things in our life that are just automatic. They just happen without us trying or doing anything for them to open. Church, school, family, those were automatic doors for me that just happened without trying. Waking up and going to sleep are just automatic doors. And you'll find blessings that come to you in life, that were just automatic without you doing or saying anything to have ever gotten them!!!
There are automatic things that God expects us to do. I remember hearing someone once say that they kept bumping into someone, they didn't know what God wanted to do, but they just wanted to pray about if they should witness to them or not. Bishop Abbott spoke up, WELL, I can tell you what God wants to do for that person, HE WANTS TO SAVE THEM!!! Sometimes we over-spiritualize the OBVIOUS or THE AUTOMATIC!!! Should you witness??? YES!!! The Bible says that God is NOT willing that ANY should perish, BUT that ALL should come to repentance! Should you repent??? Should you obey God's word??? It's an AUTOMATIC DOOR!!! YES, you should!!!
As a female, sometimes, its good for us to be a lady, WAIT and let a man OPEN THE DOOR FOR US, but sometimes, you can't always wait around for someone to be opening the doors for you.
I've seen AZ females, usually in the dating or newlywed stage of life, SIT IN THE CAR after reaching a destination, in 120 degree weather and NO AC, WAITING FOR THE GUY to get out of the car and open the door for her. Now, I believe in chivalry, I like it, its nice, I appreciate it, BUT, in 120 degree weather, I'm OPENING MY DOOR AS QUICKLEY AS POSSIBLE AND HIGHTAILING IT TO THE CLOSEST PLACE WITH AC!!! Why??? BECAUSE ITS HOT OUT!!!! Sometimes you just need to be PRACTICAL!!! The original intent of chivalry was NOT the romanticized version that we know about now. The original intent of chivalry was for a man to do something for a female, elderly person, or child, that they could NOT do for themselves.
There are times, when you need to wait, trust in God and LET HIM OPEN THE DOOR! There are times in life, when there is NO WAY you can open the door yourself and the only thing you can do is WAIT for God to open it. However, while YES, God IS indeed a gentleman, SOMETIMES, there are things that YOU CAN DO FOR YOURSELF!!! Sometimes, you just gotta OPEN YOUR OWN DOOR!!!
The KEY to knowing how you should proceed at each door in life, is THROUGH PRAYER!!! Jesus says in John 10:9 "I am the door..." THE KEY to knowing, IS SEEKING GOD or THE DOOR!!! We have to continually seek God in prayer for His will and direction in our lives. "The LORD looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God." (Psalm 14:2)
Should I wait? Should I PUSH? Should I PULL? Should I knock? Should I get a key? It can seem so complicated knowing what to do in life, and yet, its SO SIMPLE, PRAY!!! God wants us to PRAY!!! We will know what God wants us to do at each door in life, when we seek Him for His will and direction in our next step.
“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye.” (Psalm 32:8)

♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, February 22, 2018

i wonder what...

I would like you all to see exactly how my mind processes things!!! A few weeks ago my pastor was talking about when Aaron's rod sprouted and grew almonds on it...
Image result for Moses rod sprounds almonds
I was like OH WOW, that's superrrrr cool...then I was like, Hmmmm...I wonder if anyone ate the almonds? I mean I WOULD!!! And if they did, WHAT DID THE ALMONDS TASTED LIKE???? They were probably liiiiiiike THE BEST ALMONDS EVERRRR...ooooh...ALMOND BUTTTTER....
Image result for cerretas Almond butter
HEEEEEEYYYY HAVE YOU GUYS EVER HAD Cerreta's Cinnamon Almond butter??
Put that on Trader Joe's Cinnamon Apple swirl bread and it's SOOOOOO THEBOMB.COM!!!
Image result for trader joe's apple cinnamon swirl bread
Jus sayin!!! 
That is the process of what goes on in my mind with just ONE SCRIPTURE can get very complicated...BUUUUUT FUN... at times...BEING ME!!! hee, hee!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

We had a birthday party for my mom, I know it sounds kind of creepy buuuuuut its really just a way to get together and remember her, she didn't want a gravesite or anything so this is just kinda our way!!!! 
Her family has grown quite a bit, she would be happy and proud!!!
We ate Pasta fazool...Only Italians know what that is...And Olive Garden's is NOT the real deal...NOT EVEN CLOSE!!! The best way to describe it is like an Italian Chili...KINDA...LOL!!!

 Balloons to heaven to honor her!!! 

Happy Birthday Mom...Wish we could just go grocery shopping together one more time...Like a grocery list from heaven!!! 

♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Celebrating two years!!!!

This past Saturday, February 17th, marked my mom's second year in heaven!!! 
I had signed up for the Zoyo Froyo run and was pleased to see that it was on her Heaven anniversary!!!! I decked out in her favorite color, LAVENDER and of course my bling-bling running skirt and put a message for her on my hat!!!
Celebrating 2 years in heaven

This run was through Zoyo Frozen Yogurt at Tempe Town the end of the race, aside from medals, Zoyo gave us all Zoyo Sundays!!! 
Running, running, running...remembering...OH YEAH...that's what I meant to do this week..BUY NEW SNEAKERS...I knew I had forgotten to do SOMETHING!!! LOL 
Completed my second 5K in 57 minutes!!! 
I'm sooooooo PROUD of my finisher's medal!!! 
Now on the wall in my room!!! 
Zoyo asked, WHAT toppings would you like on your frozen yogurt???
I know that being able to do these runs may not seem like a big deal, buuuut I LOOOOVE doing them, IF ONLY BECAUSE...NOW I CAN!!!! I know my mom would be sooooo happy that I'm getting my health in order, that was her dying wish for all of her kids!!!
I wish that she had been able to get her health back and we could have done these races together, buuuuuut even though we'll never run a race here together on earth, one day, We'll be running together, ON STREETS OF GOLD!!!
Next race the Donut 5K Race!!!
They have THE CUTEST finisher's medal too!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)