Saturday, January 30, 2021

Friday, January 29, 2021

A lot of texts...

Soooooooo a few Wednesday nights ago, my pastor got up to preach, and he says to everyone to sit down, so we all sit down. Then he says THE MOST SHOCKING THING TO MY EARS...
I have a lot of texts I need to read...
I'm just sitting there like, WAIT, your gonna read your text messages before preaching???  I'm just COMPLETELY FLOORED!!! 
Buuuuuut at the same time, i'm like, weeeeeellll...I've probably gotten a lot of text messages sent to my phone since church started...should I catch up on my phone texts before he starts preaching too??? 
Like legit, ONE HAND is reaching to my phone and the other part of me is like, NO don't get your phone out during church...buuuuuuuuuuut Pastor is gonna read his texts...I'm having this battle in my mind when my pastor says...
So now if you'll all stand and open your Bibles
I was liiiiiiiiiike, OOOOOOOOH, he means he has a lot of texts to read from THE BIBLE!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllll that makes A LOT MORE SENSE!!! AHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!
Apparently, when I asked everyone after church if they too had thought Pastor meant it was time to read text messages on the phone, I WAS THE ONLY ONE that was confused...WHATEVERRR!!! LOLOLOL
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Thursday, January 28, 2021


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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

A Ginty thought!!!!

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! This is literally sooooo accurate!!! 
With THAT THOUGHT in mind, two of my brothers have started a cooking website with A LOT of our family recipes annnnnnnd of course A LOT OF new ones!!! My favorite new family recipe would HAVE TO BE The McBro sandwich!!! Pretty much a WAAAAAAAYYYYY more delicious version of McDonald's McRib!!!!
You guys have GOT TO TRY THIS!!!!
Sesame seed bread IS a MUST!!!

McBro Party Sandwich



Loaf of Bread with Sesame Seeds



BBQ Sauce


1. Cook ribs (we went with oven)

2. Slice bread in half

3. Place cooked rack of ribs on open bread

4. Remove bones from the ribs

5. Add barbeque sauce on top of ribs

6. Broil 2-3 minutes

7. Add onion and pickles

8. Cut and serve.For more delicious recipes go HERE

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The UNlikely threat!!!

Sooooooooooo Odin has realized that, IF Aunt Mary gets married, she's GONE, if Mommy gets married, she stays!!! (As in, obvious the kid will be staying with his mom weather she's single or married!) Well with this realization, he told me NOT to get married! Mommy can get married, buuuuuuut NOT YOU!!! 
Weeeeeelllll randomly, I was leaving the house to run errands the other day and before walking out the house, I went by O's room and he was busy playing and building stuff with his magnetic blocks, I asked for a hug goodbye, buuuuuut he was BUSY, he didn't have time to say bye to me...
Soooooooo as I walked towards the front door, I YELLED OUT, fiiiiiiiiine then Odin, I'll just LEAVE, I'll GO GET MARRIED!!! He was like, NO! Aunt Mary! You better NOT get married!!! I will be sooooo mad if you do!!!
I was liiiiiike, okaaaaaaaaayyy fiiiiiiiine, come give me a hug goodbye and I'll just run some errands instead...
just to be be nice ya know!?!?!;))) 
Well this WHOLE threat of getting married as a threat has been greatly amusing me!!! IF ONLY the kid knew JUST HOW much he does NOT need to be worrying about it!!! Sooooooooooo the last time I threatened him with, FINE THEN, I'll just GO GET MARRIED!!! He was like, Nooooo! Aunt Mary, you can't get married, your too young, YOUR ONLY 37!! Wait till your older!!! Please Auntie MarMar, just wait till your 72!!!
I'm liiiiiiike Heeeeey, If could have kids at 72, I would TOTALLY BE FINE with waiting til 72...I mean hey God can make up for lost time...if he wants do it, HE CAN!!! That'd be kinda cool...I would just straight up tell me kids to call me GrandMom! Like a 2 for 1 deal!!! BAHAHAHAAA!!!

Monday, January 18, 2021

Happy Monday!!!!

Respond sloooooooooowly...bahahahaaaaa!!!

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Saturday, January 16, 2021

SIngle Saturday!!!


That awkward single moment when your like...
 hmmm...I FAILED pre-algebra 5 times...

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Friday, January 15, 2021

I spent it on????(A Mary Recommends post)

Soooooooooo are any of you all wondering WHAT I spent my $50 Amazon Christmas gift card on in LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES of receiving it??? I mean, if I were you all, I'd be DYING of curiosity!!! Soooooo just in case you are, let me share with you all what I got!!!
I got this...

A milk steamer 
and foam maker!!!

This is PERFECT for taking your coffee and tea at home to the NEXT level of awesome!!!! 4 Delicious Settings: Indulge café-quality drinks like coffee, cappuccinos, latte, hot milk, hot chocolate and flat whites at the push of one button on the milk frother3 Exquisite Textures: This milk frother prepares three different textures of milk foam (3.9 oz / 115 ml of Hot Airy Foam, Hot Dense Foam and Cold Milk Froth) for heavenly coffees in no time, also heats 8.10oz. / 240ml milk for a good breakfast. Note: Please use Whole Fat Milk for frothing (Description straight off Amazon site!)
SHOUT OUT to the lovely Miss Keri Frazier from Chicago whom i've forged a friendship with basically over our mutal and uncommon love of TEA!!! (She's actually from Joliet Illinois, buuuuuuut having a friend in Chicago just sounds waaaaaaaaaay cooler!!!;) She introduced me to this milk steamer buuuuuuuuuuuut heeeeeyyy...
 I introduced her to boba...
Not sure WHICH was the greater introduction!!! Hee, hee!!! ;) 
Can you all believe that boba is basically a rarity on that side of the country???
Anywayz, I have totally been enjoying her 
introduction to this new delicious friend!!! 
See that foam????
Makes every morning epic, WITHOUT breaking the bank buying drinks!!! What really makes me even happier, is the fact that SUMMER TIME, I can make COLD FOAM!!!! How awesome is that??? 
This is a MARY RECOMENDS post...
Did I mention that it's ONLY $35.70????
A great investment in your mornings!!!
Go HERE to get yours!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Fast Spender Award!!!

Annnnnnd the AWARD for spending their gift card the fastest goes toooooo...

Got a $50  Amazon 🎁 gift card from the Ginty family gift exchange 5 minutes ago and already spent it!!!🤣😇 Soooooo true story folks!!! We all have a different name and we give them a gift instead of every family member trying to get EVERY FAMILY MEMBER A GIFT!!! We're just turning into to many of us that it seemed better for every kid to exchange with another kid and all the adults to exchange with the adults! (My mom was always against this, she thought it took away from giving to each other or WHATEVERRR... buuuuuuut she's partying in heaven soooooo it's all good!!! lol)
So we pass out all the gifts and then we open them together! Weelllllll my sister in law Jewel had me and she knew JUST WHAT TO GET ME, an Amazon gift card!!! I mean, considering that I have over like 10,000 things in my Amazon wish list, INCLUDING These Pink Unicorn Taco Holders, you really can't go wrong with this gift for me!!!! 
Well all the gifts are passed out and then we're all going to open them at the same time, buuuuuuuuuuuuut since mine is a gift card, I can't open it, sooooo while everyone else is OPENING there gift, I'm SPENDING MINE!!! No joke, mine was spent BEFORE everyone else had even finished opening their gifts!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!
I was THINKING: You know how they have the Hot Dog eating contest??? They should start a contest for HOW much can you spend in Amazon gift cards in less than five minutes!!! That would be sooooooooo AWESOME!!!! Especially IF as you bought the stuff it just miraculously landed at your feet!!! YEEEEEEEESSS!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The Safest hiding spot!!!

Merry Mary Moments brings you, 
Sooooooooo i have to admit, that at ALMOST 40, I STILL sneak around to try and find where my sister hid my Christmas Present...
I know, I know, soooooooo childish...buuuuuut no matter what you say, LEAVE ME UNSUPERVISED, annnnnnnd I will be searching!!! And YET, I still DO NOT wanna be TOLD what I'm getting and want to be surprised...Or at least PRETEND to be surprised...I know, I know....SOOOOOO IMMATURE....buuuuuut at this point, I don't think it's everrrr gonna change!!! Hee, hee!!! ;)
Soooooooooo this year, AS USUAL, I THOUGHT I pretty much KNEW EVERYTHING my sister had gotten me, clothes, hiking shoes, etc...all the normal things I always want, and I pretended to be surprised for everything as'm opening a little box, not really paying attention, talking to everyone as I go and I look down to actually see what I'm opening and realize...
I was seriously soooo FLOORED!!!😲😵
My other fitbit had broken, and I HAD mentioned that I was going to wait til after Christmas to get a new one but never thought she was going to get it for me!!! I was liiiiiiiike, I OMW,  I had absolutely NO IDEA you were getting me this!!!  I was liiiiiiiiike, I NEVERRRRR even saw it in your closet when I was looking!!!
She's like, thats because I hid it in a spot I KNEW you would NEVER look!!! I'm like, WHERE??? She smiles and says, THE IRONING BOARD!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! I was like, WOOOOOOWWWW!!!! Buuuuuuuut...VERRRRRY GOOD HIDING SPOT!!! Hee, hee!!!😇
Okaaaaaaaaay yeah everyone, I DO NOT IRON MY CLOTHES and i don't care what anyone thinks!!! Ok, ok, occasionally, if I really, really, really love something enough and it really needs to be ironed AND i forgot to bring it to the dry cleaners, I will iron, buuuuuuuut for the most part, I just don't!!! So far I have ONE GREEN DRESS that I actually love enough that I will iron it buuuuuut other than that, it ain't happening!!! 
If any guy has on his list of things he wants in a wife that she needs to be willing to iron his clothes, you can just cross ME OFF your list!!! BAHAHAAA! I heard one lady once say, girls, IF YOU LOVE YOUR HUSBAND you'll iron his clothes!!! i'm liiiiike, Okaaaaaaaaaay, I'm WILLING, buuuuuuuuuuut IF HE LOVES likes in any way HIS CLOTHES, he will NOT ask ME to iron them!!!! Jus sayin!!! *Mary at age 20: Mom do you think we can fix this blouse? Mary, you MELTED the material!!! What about if i wear a shirt underneath and wear my hair down??? Mom: Next time, BRING IT TO THE DRY CLEANERS!!! 
Soooooo my sister said she had it on the ironing board under some clothes in her room and she asked me before she left the house if I was going to iron my outfit for church and I just looked at her like she was CRAZY, and very obnoxiously said, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! She said she just thought to herself, well, 
Soooooo there you have it folks, MERRY MARY MOMENTS presents you with, THE IRONING BOARD, the safest spot to hide Mary's presents!!! Hee, hee!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, January 4, 2021

First 2021 Happy Monday!!!

Soooooooooooo TRUE!!!
Anyone besides me gonna 
ACTUALLY admit to this???
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! This is literally SOOOOOOO ACCUTATE!! Yesterday, Pastor was like, for everyone in the church that has been stating that they have weight loss goals for this new year, I'm going to help you all out by doing a 3 day fast!!! AHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! We're like, Oh YAAAAAAYYY!!! BAHAHAAA!!!
Then me and one of the brother's were talking after church and he was like, I actually had to STOP doing the Daniel Fast because after 10 days on it I was gaining weight. I was OMW!!! So I'm NOT THE ONLY ONE that has GAINED WEIGHT on the Daniel Fast?!?!?! ðŸ˜‚
I'm like, I feel sooooooo much better knowing this!!! He's like, yeah, I guess three baked potatoes in one day is STILL too much!!! I'm like, YEAH, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllll, I found out that ONE JAR of raw-unsweetened almond butter in one day, is ALSO TOO MUCH!!!!!😂😇😂
♥Mary Frances :)