Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What MOST girls dream of ...

 Dream of going to beautiful, romantic places.
They dream of Paris France or London England.
They dream of beautiful sunsets in Maui,
sipping smoothies by the beach.
They dream of  shoppin in La and Vegas.
They dream of Carriage rides through Central Park.
They dream of tropical cruises,
relaxing and enjoying being pampered.
They dream of the Bahamas,
Jamaica and Spain!
Jamaica Port Antonio
They dream of  eating gelato in Italy...
They dream of gondola rides through Venice...
They dream of walks by the beach,
 mid-night strolls, and star gazing.
 (With a chaperone of course!;)
They dream of Symphonies,
Orchestras and amaZing Broadway shows
That's what MOST girls dream about...
I am NOT like MOST GIRLS!!!!!!!!
The largest Wal-Mart
Supercenter in the U.S!!!
CAN I get a WOOT! WOOT! From my amen corner?!?!!?
I SOOOOOOO wanna go!!!
*Sigh! A girl can ALWAYS dream! ;)
Located in Albany NY
Check it out here HERE
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. I ACTUALLY, wouldn't mind do ANY of the things I listed above!!! I love anything that involves exploring, adventure and GOOOD FOOD!!! My favorite thing to see on trips is natural, scenic, beauty...just God's amazing handiwork!!! The best part of our trip to Maui was when we did the road to Hana and then we drove around the WHOLE entire island off the beaten path exploring the beauty, finding old churches,ranches, farms, food stands flowers, waterfalls, streams, it would start drizzling rain and their were rainbows continuously, It was AWAESOME!!! I LOVE doing stuff like that ... EXCEPT for the symphony and Orchestra thing, I'm sooooo FOR REALZ about that!!! I've been to those things and THEY ARE SOOOOO BORING!!! I can't take those kinds of things!!! *I DIE at them!!! NO JOKE!!!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Roach alert #8630721456

Soooooo there has been ANOTHER roach alert since the last one that I wrote about HERE!!! It all happened last Sunday before out pre-service prayer and during Coffee and donuts I had a HUGE ROACH SCARE!!! I was walking through our Bible classroom to the ladies room to look at my hair when THERE IT WAS...
I completely freaked out and ran back into the foyer of our church!!! I'm like, OMW you guys, there is a HUGE ROACH...its GINORMOUS!!! I'm like, buuuuut I think I may be dead!!! Well Janelle started freaking out with me, EVEN THO she hadn't actually seen it! They're like, are you sure its dead??? I'm like, I don't know!!! Janelle's like, I can't even look!!! Soooo I'm like, OKAAAAAy let me look again...
Sooooooo I creeped around the corner when ALL OF THE SUDDEN I saw it MOVE!!! I SCREAMED!!! Its Alive!!! I saw it move!!! ITS A LIVE!!! Sooooo while we're freaking out THE MEN went to check things out for us...*Our heros!!!
So me and Janelle are standing outside the room, holdin our breath...I'm like, DID YOU GUYS KILL IT YET??? Bro. Sam's like, Oh WOW MARY!!! Your right, this is THE BIGGEST ROACH we have ever seen!!! Then he came around the corner and out of the room with his fist clenched, then he stuck it out and said and its coming to GET YOU!!! Of course I SCREAMED!!!!
Then he started laughing!!! He's like, its just some kind of big, fuzzy, feathery thing!!! I LOOKED closely and then when I realized what it was I started laughing!!!! I'm like, OOOOOOOH I know what it is!!! Its from our Bible class on Wednesday night!!!!
It's an EYEBROW!!!
One of those fake ones from these detective costume sets!!! Bro. Seth and Sis. Alyssa had used them for the kids to wear while singing a silly Bible song!!!
After the song, SOMEONE LOST THEY'RE EYEBROW!!! I'm telling you guys, they REALLY do look like ROACHES!!! Annnnnnd I PROMISE YOU GUYS, it really DID look like it MOVED!!! For REALZ...I am NOT "The Girl Who Cried Roach!" BAHAHAHAHA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Happy Sunday!!!

Have a great day worshipping Jesus today my friends!!!
"I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord." (Psalm 122:1)
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Yes... ALWAYS!!!

I ran across this picture the other day and was showing it to people at church. It's me on like my 7th or 8th birthday with these little quint dolls I had received! I looooooved them because they were soooooo little annnnnnd SOOOOOO CUUUUUUUTE...annnnnnnnd well because they were CHOCOLATE!!! (DUH!;)
So Denae sees the picture and is like, are those little black babies? I'm like YEAH!!! She's like, WAIT, Soooooo you've ALWAYS been this way??? Even when you were a kid??? I started laughing...Then I said, YES, ALWAYS!!!! I don't know why but I've always had a really special place in my heart for chocolate people!!! 
For as long as I can remember, I've ALWAYS BEEN THIS WAY!!! I don't know when it first began,  but the earliest I can remember is at 4 years old!!! I was ALWAYS into baby dolls. That was MY THING! Well that year for Christmas, my sis got a REAL BABY DOLL and it was Asian looking!!! I was mesmerized by this doll, my sister coulda cared less about it, she would much rather have been outside riding bikes with my brother and beating up the neighborhood boys!!!  She was NEVER interested in it, UNLESS I TOUCHED IT!!!! THEN she wanted it!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!!
Sooooo I decided that for my birthday that year, I wanted MY OWN Real Baby Doll...buuuuuuuuuut I wanted mine to be BLACK!!! At four years old, for 6 months straight, I begged my mom for a black real baby doll!!! Annnnnnd for my 5th birthday, my wish was granted...I was estatic!!! I GOT MY FIRST BLACK BABY DOLL!!! Have I always been this way??? YES!!! ALWAYS!!!
You can't tell me that a four year old in love with black people, is just a COINCIDENCE!!!! I believe it was ordained by God!!!  Its something God planned for me from my very beginning... I think When God made ME, he must have put a
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, March 27, 2015

Kindness on the street!!!

Sooooo today I'm driving my niece home from school and we're almost all the way home. We're in the center lane waiting for the oncoming cars on Shea to clear by us so that I can turn onto our street. Well there are just cars and cars coming and coming...you know how it is during rush hour, you can sit there for a while at times waiting for it to clear up!
So we're just sitting there, patiently waiting, it doesn't seem like we'll be able to turn for at least a few more minutes. THEN all of the sudden, one of the cars stops in right back from our street holding up all the cars behind him, I think, Oh wow! He must be doing that so I can turn onto our street!!! Buuuuuut the PROBLEM is that I still can't turn onto our street because the lane next to him hasn't stopped yet...
THEN, one of the cars next to the first car stops, sooooooo now BOTH lanes are cleared, the cars are backed up ALL THE WAY TO THE NEXT STOP LIGHT, while these two cars are stopped, HOLDING UP ALL THE OTHER CARS ON SHEA!!! Just for ME!!! Just sooooo I CAN TURN onto my street!!!
I can't believe it!!! I am sooooooo TOUCHED that they would do this for me!!! Talk about RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS...WOW!!! So as I make my turn onto our street, I smile and wave at them in appreciation of what they did for me...You know?!? I can't hang out the window and say thank you, there was no way they could hear me purrrrrring,  buuuuuut I'm NOT one of the 9 lepers either!!! I HAD to let them know that I was thankful!!!
Growing up, I remember this story growing up from Bedtime stories called, Ungreatful  Gertie!!! To make the long story short, this girl and all her friends were at a candy shop. All her friends bought themselves candy but Gertie didn't have any money annnnd NONE of her friends shared theirs with her and now she was just standing there all sad, all by her lonesome self!!! Well a kind little old lady saw that she was sad and asked her what was wrong.
 Gertie told her that all of her friends had gotten candy but that she had none!!! And do you know what that little old lady did??? She went in a bought that little girl some candy!!! HOWEVERRRRR, after she gave the girl the candy, Gertie just ran off with her candy, WITHOUT SAYING THANK YOU!!! Annnnnnnnd sooooo the story morbidly ends by saying that the little old lady died just a few months later, with a very sad heart, because this little girl had NEVER said THANK YOU!!! (I'm thinkin she probably shoulda prayed through about it before she died...I'm jus sayin!)
Anywayz, I wanted to let them know that I AM indeed THANKFUL to them for doing this for me!!!I WAS NOT going to be an UNGREATFUL GERTIE!!! These people that had stopped the traffic for me, were NOT going to die, WITHOUT MY THANKS!!!  annnnnd as I do my smile and wave at them, I notice that they are looking at me oddly...like i'm being strange or something...I'm thinking like, Okaaaaaaaay....I'm just trying to saying THANK YOU!! I'm the TENTH LEPER!!! I'm THANKFUL MARY!!! Liiiiiiiiiiike HELLOOOOOO!!!! Liiiiiiiiiiiike DUH!!!
I don't know what their problem is buuuuuut, Oh well, WHATEVERRR,
then right as i'm driving in, I hear it...
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Blog round up!!! #2

I like to gather up some really good, thought provoking, encouraging, inspiring posts from fellow bloggers and of course some of my own latest as well. God is doing great things in the lives and through the lives of other bloggers! Healings, victories, deliverance, Holy Ghost outpourings, and much more!!! Check out these posts I've selected and if you've come across another post from a blogger that perhaps I don't know about, please feel free to email me about it at MaryFrancesWriting@gmail.com
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move of God that happened with these young people!)
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You can check out the 
first blog round up HERE!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Investment for da Lord!!!

After much prayer and fasting... I decided to go ahead and make an investment for the church van!!!


A Scented Rose...

Sooooo I LOVE roses!!! Roses are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! BUUUUUT have you everrrr noticed that there is a HUGE difference between...
 store bought roses and...
home-grown roses???
We have some very lovely roses outside of our home. 
I just LOOOOVE to go out front and take in their beautiful scent!!!
Buuuuuuut YOU JUST CAN'T do that with store bought roses!!! For some reason, store bought roses have no scent...which to me, makes them slightly less beautiful! Now don't get me wrong, They're STILL beautiful, just NOT AS BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't help but wonder WHY??? WHY don't store bought roses have a scent??? Are they FAKE??? Nope, they're not fake...they are REAL!!! Touch them, hold them, look at them...THEY ARE REAL ROSES...buuuuut...they have NO SCENT!!!
I decided to do a research on the matter to find out... 
WHY store bought roses
have NO Scent?!?!?
 My research showed me that the reason WHY store bought roses no longer have a scent, is because over time the rose fragrance was bred out of them so that they could grow a quicker crop, which in turn makes MORE profit$$$!!! Also because they have been cultivated to last longer in a vase, rule of thumb is the stronger the smell the lesser the vase life. They are bred just to look pretty longer.
 It comes down to two things: MONEY AND LOOKS!!!  But to me, YOU CAN KEEP YOUR UNFRAGRANCED STORE BOUGHT ROSES a rose isn't truly a rose if it has no scent!!!
This really got me to thinking about us as Apostolic Christians!!! I think that sometimes, we get SOOOO Apostolic looking, that we forget our scent. Don't get me wrong, we're REAL Apostolics, we believe Duetoronomy 6:4, ONE GOD, Jesus name baptism, we have NO DOUBT about our doctrine, we believe holiness through and through...buuuuuut somwhere a long the way, we either forgot or NEVER really discovered our Apostolic scent!!!
What is our scent???
OUR scent is our TESTIMONY!!! It doesn't matter if your 4th generation Apostolic, or if you were raised by a drug addict...We've ALL GOT A TESTIMONY!!! We've got a story, God delivered us all from something and we need to know it!!!
When I was a baby I was sprinkled in baptism by a Catholic priest, the titles father, son, and Holy Spirit called over me....buuuuuuut I THANK GOD...that there was a man with a burden for NYC that brought THE TRUTH to my Mom!!! There was a neighbor across the street that witnessed to my mom about WHAT GOD had done for her!!! She invited my mom to church!!! One day my mom FINALLY gave in and went annnnnnd Glory to God we've been going ever since!!!
 AND when I was 6-years-old, I was filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and REBAPTIZED in immersion of water, IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST for the remission of all my sins!!! Just like the Bible says in Acts 2!!! That's my testimony!!! That's my story!!!  Thats my scent!!! Thats my aroma!!! And I don't ever want to stop smelling of it!!!
I hope, that I don't ever become SOOOOO APOSTOLIC, that my Apostolic scent is bred out of me!!! I want my [future] children to one day know, they may have been born into this, BUT THEY were born SINNERS...destined to hell...BUUUUT... Jesus died for their sins!!! God did something for them!!! I want them to know that they HAVE this because they had a grandma that chose to live for God!!! That it was a neighbor across the street that invited her to a church in NYC that was started by a man from Missouri who answered the call of God from his own pastor that had a burden for the city of New York!!! That's their TESTIMONY!!! That's their story! That's their history! That's their scent!!! I don't want the generations that come after me, to ever lose their aroma!!! God forbid that they ever let their scent to be bred out of them!!!
We've all got a testimony and when we know our testimony and when we share our testimony, that's when we go from being JUST a rose, to being a scented rose. Not only are we different on the inside and on the outside, but there is a savor, a smell that comes off of us. People will want to be around us more than others, simply because we can't shut up about the Goodness of God!!!
We can never allow ourselves to become so set on programs to bring in  souls, that we lose our scent!!! We can't just see them as another number...THEY ARE A SOUL!!! We've got to share with them what Jesus did for us!!! Tell the your testimony!!!  Its your aroma that will draw sinners to Christ!!!
 We cant let this scent be bred out of us, we've got to be scented roses in this world!!! There are mega churches popping up everywhere, even in "Pentecost", they are drawing the crowds, they've got their numbers, they're building, they're expanding, they've got their bright lights, they're fog machines and all they're programs. They laugh at us, they mock us, say we're old fashioned, that we're out of step, out of tune, not with the times!!! They say they're drawing their thousands while we still can't think outside the box!!!
Just cover your ears!!! . Don't listen to what they say, they may be producing "church members" daily, by the thousands, but they're NOT converting sinners to saints. All they're doing is quickly growing comericalized church members that never really change and don't truly have a testimony in their lives. They may have their numbers, their crowds, and their perfect "Christian" look, buuuuuut
We've still got the presence of God in our services, not just a hyped up worship team!!! We don't PRACTICE before we dance in the spirit!!! We still weep, we still cry, we STILL REPENT!!! We still know our testimony!!! We still remember where Jesus brought us from!!!
 There are STILL  lost, desperate, souls out there that are looking for more than JUST A PRETTY ROSE!!! There are still souls looking for More than just a fluffy-cotton-candy-feel-good-message that doesn't change them, but an anointed message that brings conviction and results in a true transformation in their lives! 
They're looking for a SCENTED ROSE!!! 
In a world of fake-comericialized-store-bought church members
Don't let your scent
be bred out of you!!!

“They shall speak of the glory of Your kingdom, and talk of Your power, to make known to the sons of men His mighty acts, and the glorious majesty of His kingdom.” (Psalm 145:11-12)
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What i'm asking for in a Husband!!!

I'm NOT asking for ALOT in a husband...
I JUST want to find someone that LOVES ME...
(Okaaaaaaaaay maybe that IS asking A LOT!!!;)
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Happppppy MONDAY!!!

Dear continually discouraged people...
I just wanna say YO...
Yes, I want to be an encourager, HOWEVER, I think its only fair that you all know that I didn't make the cheerleading squad in high school!!! I know, I know...total SHOCKER!!! :]
"And David was greatly distressed...but David encouraged himself in the Lord his God."
When your feeling down, try encouraging YOURSELF IN THE LORD!!!! Just start thinking about the goodness of Jesus annnnnnd ALL that He has done!!! I know its Monday you guys, buuuut lets have a great week this week walking in the spirit, walking with JESUS!!! No matter what we're going through, God is STILL GOOD!!! All the time My God is GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!! So, so, SO, SOOOOOOO very, very GOOOOOOOOD!!!! No matter what happens, He STILL saved my soul from a burning hell!!! God IS worthy of the highest praise!!! He makes my heart PURRRRRRRRR!!!!
"This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it." (Psalm 118:24)

♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Congrats Anali!!!

I just want to say congrats to...
Soon to be ANALI VELEZ!!!
She just finished NURSING SCHOOL!!! And celebrated this past weekend with a Nursing Pinning ceremony!!! (You can read MORE about that HERE!!!) I know you don't read my blog anymore ANALI...AHEM...soooooooo I'll have to send you a link to even read this!!!

 Sooooo I guess what happens is that another Nurse pins you into Nursehoood...or something like that!! I really have NO CLUE...cuz I'm NOT a nurse nor do I everrrr have a desire to be one!!!! Truly, I had ENOUGH of nursehood when I got tricked into being the Jr. Camp NURSE AT 16!!!! That cured me of ANY DESIRE FOR LIFE!!! AHAHAHA!!! I'll have to do a blog post on that SOON!!!!
 Buuuuuuuuuut, ANYWAYZ, I know that it was A LOT of HARD WORK for Anali to get here!!!! College IN GENERAL IS HARD...trust me I KNOW...that's WHY I dropped out!!! AHAHAHA!!! Buuuuut I know that Nursing school is ESPECIALLY HARD!!! It took grit and determination,
 and many times NOT answering Mary's phone calls to get this completed!!!  Sooooo just want to say congradulations!!! Good Job ANALI!!! I'm proud of you!!!! (Really tho, I have NO idea how  you resisted NOT answering many of my phone calls! I soooo wouldn't be able to NOT talk to ME!!! Jus sayin!;)
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd finally ALL my close friends are OUT OF COLLEGE...Or sooooooooooooooooooo I THOUGHT...then Stultz has to go BACK to college this semester...I'm like REALLY??? Do you realize that it is VERY inconnvient for me that YOU want to be an ACCOUNTANT!!! Seriousley, AMBITION Stultz??? "Ain't nobody got TIME FO DAT!!!" AHAHAHA!!! Jk! JK!!!
 You did it!!!
 Even with a distracting friend like ME!!!! 
Loooooooove you!!! PURRRRR!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Blue jacket!!!

I found this picture of me with this blue jacket!!!
My mom had bought my sister and I identical jackets...EXEPT mine was blue and hers was PINK!!! I was SOOOO disappointed with BLUE instead of PINK!!!! "But mom, I want pink like Theresa!!!" But Mary, you have BLUE EYES!!! I had NO clue what that had to do with ANYTHING!!! My mom tried to explain to me that it was because the blue jacket made them stand out!!! I coulda cared less about MY EYE COLOR...I wanted PINK!!! Theresa didn't have pink eyes...buuuuuuut she still got a PINK JACKET!!!  Blue was for BOYS!!! Pink was for girls!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
NOW I understand WHY my mom wanted me to wear the BLUE jacket!!! I REALLY DO LOOK GOOD IN BLUE!!! And ACTUALLY, my TWO favorite colors are PINK ANNNNND BLUE!!! Why??? Cuz I LOOOOOVE PINK annnnnnnd BECAUSE I LOOK GOOD IN BLUE!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The old rugged pulpit!!!

I case you all haven't figured it out, I'm a VERY sentimental person. I LOVE when people give me a gift and they say, I got this for you BECAUSE it made me think of you or because I know you like..etc.. In my room, you will see that I have all kinds of stuff from places I've visited, A LOT of the things in my room have a story behind it so I decided to start sharing some of them with you all!!! Sooooo lets first start off with this question...
WHY do you have a PULPIT
in your room Mary???
That is the question a lot of people have asked me when they see this pulpit in my room! Sooooo I decided to share with you all WHY I have a pulpit!!! I'm sorry to disappoint you all, buuuut NO its NOT because I've started preaching!!! :))) 
It was Elder Bro. Abbott's, my current pastor's father, pulpit that he would use to teach from!!! After doing some clearing out of our church one time, I saw this pulpit in our church yard sale!!! Well I HAD to get it!!!To me this pulpit represents something from the man of God in my life for all my years growing up! 
When I get married I want my husband to use it for family meetings, to teach our family for devotions and just in general to lead us from!!! Its old and its rugged, but from behind it many words of foundational Biblical teaching has come forth. I want that to continue on with my own family!!! Annnnd that my friends, 
is WHY
I have a pulpit in MY ROOM!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Something I have never understood about some girls!!! They'll get a really expensive purse that they have always wanted and then they look at it in just absolute AW!!! They'll just kind of hold it up and SIGH!!! Its SOOOO beautiful!!! I mean I can understand being excited about getting a cute purse! I squealed when my sis just recently gave me a hot pink Hello Kitty purse...buuuuut I'm NOT in AW of it!!! It doesn't take my breath away when I look at it...
I mean, COME ON...Its JUST a purse!!!
Its NOT like I'm...
 looking in the mirror!!!
Hee, hee!!! ;)
♥Mary Frances :) 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Earlisms!!!! #1

I would like to present to you all Earlisms!!! Earl is the elderly man that is hard-of-hearing so I type out all the preaching for him on my lap top! Well, he has a really funny sense of humor and always has these HILARIOUS comments for me...the best part is that he thinks he's WHISPERING these comments to me during the service but since he can't hear himself he is actually blasting them out very loudly!!! Ahahaha!!! Then of course he laughs at his own joke! He ALWAYS does!!! Just like ME! We're kindred spirits!!!
Who knows how much longer he will be here, but I thought that I would start a series of posts with the funny things he says, therefore, I present to you all

Sooooo this was sooooo funny too me when Bro. Earl said this! In front of our church is a BEAUTIFUL fountain!!! It took FOREVERRR for pastor Abbott and the men of our church to get it all together and up and then EVEN longer to get all the wiring connected and to ACTUALLY get the water flowing in the fountain!!!
When it was FINALLY running water we were all so excited about it! Its very beautiful!!! So when I saw Bro. Earl that Sunday morning he says to me, "I see that the fountain is finally running water!" I'm like Oh yes!" Annnnnd he says, "Weeeeellll...
 I'm glad too see the church finally...
paid the water bill!!!"
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Totally cracked me up!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Lost money CMM!!!

Sooooooooooo this past week I had a total freak-out-panick attack-Mary-Moment!!! My mom had sent me to the grocery store. After  I had completed finding everything on her list, I paid! When the cashier handed me the change I put the money in a zip loc baggy in my purse, along with her receipt and a leftover coupon! I was VERY PROUD of myself for being sooooo organized like this!!!
Weeeeeeeeeellll when I got to my mom's, I looked around and noticed that there was some trash lying around my care, mostly just tissues and empty water bottles! Weeeeellll once again, trying to be organized I picked up my trash to throw away. Then I proceeded to unload the groceries and begin putting them away.
When I was done with that, I went to my mom's room to giver her the zip loc baggy with her receipt, coupon and money! Weeeeeeeeeeelllll when I went into my purse, THE ZIP LOC BAGGY WAS GONE!!! I searched my purse FRANTICALLY but it was NO WHERE to be found!!
So I went to my mom's room and she was like, so was there any change left? I'm like, Uh, not much...Ummm...I'll have to get it for you...annnnd I'm not sure what I did with the receipt!!! My mom was just like Oh ok!!! buuuut inside I had started to panick!!! I had lost about $40!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy Sunday!!!

Have a great day worshipping our Jesus!!!

"I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord." (Psalm 122:1)
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Holy Ghost Baby doll!!!!

Soooooooo when I got the Holy Ghost, my sister and I got it on the SAME night!!! I was six and she was 9!!! She got it first annnnnd me it took me a little longer...I was having SOME HANG UPS...lets just say I had a Classic Mary Moment BEFORE I got the Holy Ghost, buuuuut I'll save that for another blog post...AHAHAHA!!!
Anywayz, as a reward for getting the Holy Ghost, my mom said that my sister and I could pick out something that we wanted at the store!!! This was a HUGE deal for us!!! Getting new things was a rarity for us...We did NOT have a lot of money and we ONLY got new toys on our birthdays, Christmas and TAX RETURN...AHAHA...
Sooo I picked out
this baby doll!!!
Man I ALWAYS played with baby dolls!!! No Christmas or birthday was really complete if I didn't get a NEW baby doll!!! This baby doll is long gone, buuuut I recently came across this picture of me holding her!!! When I saw this picture I IMMEDIATELY new which baby doll that was!!! I was like, THERESA, this is the baby doll I got for getting the Holy Ghost!!!
Awwwww such precious memories!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, March 13, 2015

Tour my room!!!

Soooooooooo I had a VERY SUCCESFUL Spring Break!!! I've been off this whole past week and I got A LOT DONE!!! My main goal was to get my room decorated, cleaned out and organized, I did ALL that PLUS I cleaned out the back of our hall closet/cabinets, ANNNND I still got done ALL my regular household chores!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!
Oh annnnd an update on my cleaning status of my room...its BEEN CLEAN since the end of December now...Since I cleaned it for Angel and Marissa...I've been picking up after myself everyday ANNNND I make my bed EVERYDAY annnnnnnd every week I vaccume and dust my room...I LOOOOVE MY ROOM!!!The way my room looks right now is literally my DREAM BEDROOM!!! At 31...I've FINALLY ACHIEVED IT!!!  Seriously, I am SOOOOOO PLEASED with out the decorations came out!!! ANNNNND there is a definite theme to my room!!! the theme is simply...MARY!!!! Alll things MARYISH!!! Can you all think of any better theme for ME??? I think NOT!!! Hee, hee!!! :))))
Sooooooooooo NOW it's time for you all to TOUR MY ROOM!!! My newly decorated room!!!
This is my dresser!!!! Soooooo much cuteness on it!!! Annnnnd I finally got this AWESOME picture collage thing from Hobby Lobby hung up!!! I put all pics of my family in it!!!! Btw: Guess where I got my dresser from??? YUP, THE TRASH!!! Hee, hee!!! I was babysitting one time, these rich kids in Scottsdale, and it was the bulk pick up time and I saw this dresser on the side of the road for the trash to pick up!!! I pulled over with those rich kids in my mini van is what I had at the time, and I HAULED this dresser into my van...YES, ALL BY MYSELF!!! The boys were like, why are you taking trash??? I'm like, cuz I need a dresser and that one would go perfect in my room!!! They just stared!! I'm NOT your typical babysitter!!! ;))))
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd this is the collage of pictures and things that I made above my bed...

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Super-secure FLIRTING!!!

I've been going through some of my old writings from my college days and recently found a "Bright" that I had published in the college Newspaper, I must share it with you all!!! Its called, "Super-Secure FLIRTING!!! :))))
I've never considered myself to be a super-model or anything like that. Yet, I always seem to get myself into these strange predicaments with OLDER men. It usually starts off with a casual, "Do you have the time?" Then the casually find out if I am single. When I say yes, they just can't understand how a beautiful girl like me doesn't have a boyfriend. (I'm thinking, maybe its because the only males that hit on me are males like YOU!) Then the conversation usually ends with me sweetly refusing to give them my number.
One particular incident happened while on a family vacation. It all started when my mom sent my sister and I to do some laundry in the hotel laundry mat.
We had just walked out of our room when an older gentleman with salt and pepper hair stopped us. He wore a neatly ironed uniform, and the lines around his eyes crinkled when he smiled.
"Hello," he said cheerfully. My sister would have just ignored him and kept on walking, but of course, I had to be friendly. After all, who can ignore a sweet Grandpa?
"Hi," I said back. "My name is Carlos," he said. "I'm Mary and this is my sister Theresa." He directed his attention to me, "are you Mexicano," He asked.
 I was confused that he would even be asking me this, due to the fact that I am very light-skinned, with blue eyes. However, before I could even un-muddle my confused mind, my sister responded for me, "NO! We are Italian," she said, joining the conversation for the first and only time. (My mom always taught us to be proud of our Italian heritage!)
"Well you are very, very beautiful!' He said to me.
"Oh ummmm, thanks" I said, My sister just rolled her eyes.
He continued telling me about how beautiful I was and that American men may not think bigger woman were beautiful, but in his country I would be considered very, very beautiful. I kept telling myself he was just saying this in a fatherly way, BUT THEN, he began to tell me that he was single, available AND LOOKING!!! He ended up following us to the laundry room and helping us do our laundry. (So sweet.)
The rest of the night anytime we left the room, to get ice, or go to the vending machine, or anything, he was somewhere in the hallway always smiling, waiting for us. It really started creeping me out! When it was time to get the clothes from the dryer my sister refused to go.
So I had to make the long trek down the hall all by myself. As I walked, I tried to comfort myself. This is a nice hotel, I thought. At least a two star I was sure. All the rooms were inside the building. there was security cameras everywhere.
Most importantly, there was a security guard on duty, watching over the hotel. I like security guards. A security guard's job is to protect one from danger, and that's exactly what I needed at this moment. However, from some reason, tonight I just didn't find comfort in the fact that there was a security at this hotel.
HE was the security guard!

♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Proud teacher moment!!

Sooooooooo tonight I had a VERY PROUD MOMENT in my life!!! Bro. Seth was teaching the lesson and he was asking the kids to come up and act it out. So one of the boys was like, Hey how about I'm God and he plays Jesus. And Prince just looks at him and is like,
 It was like the clouds in the sky opened up and light shined down at this moment!!! I was like YEEEEEEEEEES!!! OMW!!! YES!!! Its getting through!!! All this really isn't in VAIN!!! Its really getting into their heads!!! No matter how bad this kid is at times, IT IS ALL WORTH it knowing that he knows this foundational truth!!! JESUS IS GOD!!! oh Glory!!! YES HE IS!!! When I get to heaven and I see one of these kids faces...
♪♪It's gonna be worth it all♪ It's gonna be worth it all♪
♫ Gonna be worth every long mile every heartache and every trial
It's gonna be worth it all
 some beautiful happy day!!!♪♫
♥Mary Frances

By popular request...

By popular request of many females, I am posting a link to a really good post over on The Kifle Choronicles, called, Boys To Bigger Boys, written by a young man to fellow young men!!! This article is about putting away childish, boyish behavior and embracing the full responsibility of manhood! I've heard it stated before by young ladies, "There are few traits MORE attractive in a young man than INDEPENDANCE!!!" My friends said, Mary, you HAVE to get the word out about this article, it NEEDS to be read!!! Okaaaaaaaaaaay I WILL!!!

I've read articles like this by woman, but to me it's not the same, kind of like the speck in your neighbor's eye when there is a beam in your own.There is something always MORE EFFECTIVE when someone is writing from within the situation. Kind of like when someone is teaching about weight loss, if you've overcome overweightness and your now thin, YES we want to hear from you, buuuuuuut if you've been thin all your life, sit down, SHUT UP, and go eat a carrot stick!!! BAHAHA!!!
 Annnnnd for all the females that are AMENING it for the guys, I wrote an article last March directed to the females, She Pumped His Gas, ironically, at the end I said, that you may be thinking, WHAT ABOUT THE MEN??? I said don't worry about the men, If there is something that they NEED to be doing, let God or another man tell them. That's exactly what happened in this post!LADIES we are NOT exempt from needing to work on some things...AHEM...lets not be pointing our fingers at the males without self examining ourselves!!!
 Heeeey take a moment to read both articles and feel free to pass the links on to your peers!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

That awkward moment!!!! #9383745645234567

When you find THIS sign in
AHAHAHAHA!!! True story people!!! I saw it in our last yard sale and was like, OMW, I HAVE to have that!!! Then I was like, okaaaaaaaaaay WHO PUT THIS IN???? BAHAHA!!! Probably someone was just moving or didn't have room OR something!!! HOPEFULLY!!! Buuuuuuut I LOVE IT!!! The CROSS did make THE DIFFERENCE FOR ME!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Happy Sunday!!!

Have an AMAZING day Sunday today everyone!!! God has done great things!!! He is great and greatly to be praised!!!
" I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord." (Psalm 122:1)
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Guess who?!?!

Do you all have ANY IDEA WHO this adorable lil baby is???
Yes, THATS RIGHT...its ME!!! Baby Mar Bear, when I was just a little cub...I didn't even know how to purrrrrr yet!!! Wasn't I just THE CUTEST baby everrrr??? Look at that tuff of hair on my head...SOOO ADORABLE!!! The me now wants to pick baby me up and hug and cuddle her...AWWWW!!!  This picture is also proof that I've ALWAYS been fluffy!!! Hee, hee!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, March 6, 2015

The Pencil

By Mary Frances Ginty 2003
I am a pencil,
A very special pencil,
Other pencils may look like me,
Except for one small thing,
Their erasers are black from wear,
My eraser is nice and clean,
I always keep myself looking good,
So the pens will be impressed with me,
I live to be in the center,
So that all can admire me,
Then when others come needing me,
I hide, hoping I won't be seen,
My biggest fear is that,
 someone might sharpen me for use,
For the most important thing to me,
Is ME, ME, ME, ME, ME!!!
Perhaps you are wondering,
Why I keep rambling on and on,
I wish that I could tell you,
However I can not!
For since I have NOT been sharpened...
Don't be like this pencil,
Who just rambled on and on,
Learn to let GOD USE YOU...
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Quickly answered!!!

I was thinking the other day about this hilarious moment that happened during prayer one day...A loooooooooong time ago...Annnnnd I just cracked up laughing all over again when I thought about it!!!
I was listening to someone pray one time, I won't say WHERE, buuuut I'm listening to this guy pray annnnnd he was one of those people that, the best, nicest way to say it is, God put them in your life, because SOMEONE has to be THE PERSON that teaches us to LOVE the UNLOVEABLE...Ya know what Im saying???
Annnnnnnd this dude is praying and I'm trying not to listen in, buuuut I can't help it!!! Annnnnd I hear him say, "GOD, let YOU be the ONLY ONE that could find any good in me!!!" Annnnnd I'm sitting there, And I have to keep from busting up laughing cuz the next thought through my mind was, "WOW GOD!!! You REALLY ANSWERED that one QUICK!!! "

 ♥Mary Frances :)