Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Three THINGS...

Three names people call me:
Mary Frances
Mar Bear
Mar Dog
Three places I've lived:
Phoenix AZ
Cave Creek AZ
Queens NYC
Three places I have worked:
United Cerebal Palsey
Three things I love to watch:
Cute guys! (Not gonna lie!;)
Ocean Waves
People getting the Holy Ghost
Three places I have been 
Philippines(Twice, Manila and Bohol)
(Bohol Philippines with cousins from NYC!).
Hawaii(Maui and Honalulu)
(Maui 2009)
New York City!!!
(Times Square...March 2011)
Three things I love to eat:
Three things I'm looking forward to:
Going on a cruise to the Bahammas
Going to Dallas
Going to NYC again!
People I regularly get email from:
Hanna Kifle
Kim Garrett
(Hint, HINT!!! Someone owes me an email ANNNND..I got something ELSE to tell you...SOOOO HURRRRY..LOL!!!;)
Big Lots (yes, i'm on their mailing list...don't be JEALOUS people;P)
Three places I want to go
Oh AND Jamaica AND the Disney Cruise! :)
Three things I am good at
Looking good (#1 of course;)
Making people laugh

Three things i'm BAD at
My handwriting
Walking in heels...ahahaha!
(Uh DRIVING!!! Its likE have to totally focus...
you have to totally focus and you have to like...THINK and stuff..sooo complicated!!!)
Three things I do when I am bored
Listen to AIO
Drink coffee
Three Things I love
My Family
Three things I want
A pick up truck!
(I'll know he's the one when he is either
A. Driving a truck or 2. Gives ME a truck!!!)
A $2000 gift certificate to the icing
A lil white maltese named Sprinkles
Three goals
Write a book
Get to heaven!!!
OH AND LOSING WEIGHT...DUH....I'm still workin on gettin to 265!!! 
Three people I tag:
Sis. Kathy (No thats ONLY three...i'm bad at math REMEMBER!?)
Now here is what you're supposed to do....copy/paste...put in your answers...DUH.. and please do not spoil the fun! Or else i'm gonna blog about YOU!!! haahaha!!! ;P
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The glass of water...

Dear Optimist, Pessimist and Realist,
While you guys were busy arguing about the glass being half full or half empty or HALF WHATEVER...
Kim and I (The opportunists)
came along and...
HEEEEEY it was just sittin there...
...AND we were THIRSTY!!!
I found this quote the other day and just busted up laughing!!! I read it to Kim and she busted up laughing, we were like, okaaaaaaaay that is sooooooo US!!! LOL...buuuut then I was thinking about it some more and weeeeelll...I thought this quote kind of reminded me of someone from the Bible...
JACOB!!! Jacob didn't care that the odds were against him!!! He didn't care about what was SUPPOSED to be...he was DETERMINED to get the blessing from God!!! I was thinking about how thats truley the way we need to be with the things of God!!! Sometimes we spend so much time, thinking, planning, programming, determining, trying to figure stuff out and what we REALLY need to do is just go out and GET IT!!! GO OUT AND DO IT!!!
Often times we worry sooo much about HOW to do something or WHO should do something, that the Bible says we should do, that we MISS out on actually accomplishing WHAT the Bible is telling us to do!!! Sometimes you just have to say, you know what, I don't care who is right and who is wrong, my eyes are on JESUS!!! It doesn't matter where I am or what is standing in my way, i'm gonna touch the Lord, I'm gonna go reach the lost, I'm going to do something for the Lord.

Maybe you feel like your not the right person or you wern't born into the right family, or you didn't grow up in church or your not as good as somone else, but all that doesn't matter, God's looking for your desire, for your THIRST towards the things of God, you just need reach out and get the annointing. WE need to have the heart of Jacob!!!
He was DESTINED to NOT get the blessings of God, due to his circumstances in life. But Jacob didn't care WHAT he was destined to, he made up his mind, I'm going to GET THE BLESSING!!! And when he saw an OPPORTUNITY, he reached out and grabbed it!!! Jacob's desire, CHANGED his own destiny!!!
You may have been born into an Apostolic heritage, or you may have been born in SIN!!! You may have raised in a preacher's home, or you have been raised in a broken home...NEITHER of these matter to God!!! What God is looking at is YOUR DESIRE!!!
 Are you THIRSTY??? Because...THERE IS A CUP and a cup was NOT made to be looked at!!! It was NOT made to be talked about!!!! A cup is made for YOU TO DRINK FROM!!! If your thirsty stop thinking, talking, arguing, trying to be right, SHUT YOUR MOUTH, and while everyone is still discussing the issues, just go drink up the blessings of God!
"But be ye doers of the word,
and not hearers only,
deceiving your own selves."
(James 1:22)
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Words of Wisdom...

From Sis.Ikerd!!!
It was sooooo GREAT!!! To hear SIs. Ikerd speak last night...Her and her husband were missionaries for 28 years in Africa...all different countries...South Africa, Kenya, Zimbaway...and MORE that I can't even think of !!! They labored in the fields of Africa till Bro. Ikerd's health would no longer allow him to be there any longer...AND that was pretty much when MY CHURCH became aquainted with them!!!
For I think around two years the Ikerds came and were a blessing to our church!!! We had A LOT of hard-headed people that were hard to get to pray get the Holy Ghost in the time they were with us!!! One of them Sheree Cleveland and our current youth pastor's wife, Janelle Karlson!!!
Bro. Ikerd had a quiet way of just kind of nonchalantley talking as he preached...but let me tell you something...when it was alter call time...THE HOLY GHOST FELL!!! After being with us for a while, the Ikerd's decided that they could not stay still...they HAD TO REACH MORE SOULS...and they headed out to Prescott Arizona and built a church from scratch up there!!! That church is now a THRIVING church...AND its built on people that had absolutely nothing to give or offer...people that were pulled out of THE PIT of this WORLD!!! AWESOME!!!
I remember it was at Bro. Ikerd's funeral that I decided I wanted to marry a man LIKE HIM!!! (Read it in A Man Like That)  Oh man...that funeral was AWESOME!!! I mean just to hear this man of God...SOOOO READY TO BE WITH JESUS...yet longing to stay a little longer...BECAUSE OF HIS BURDEN FOR SOULS!!! Till his dying day he just wanted to KEEP REACHING!!!
Now Sister Ikerd is doing the SAME thing!!! She said that AFTER her husband died she knew she had to go back to Africa and keep reaching souls...her ONLY question was...COULD she do without her husband??? Awwww!!! BUT SHE DID!!! And she is going back again!!! Sooooo I just wanted to share a FEW words....
From Sis.Ikerd!!!
"There isn't anything more important to God than souls. There isn't anything greater than souls. There isn't any greater cause to die for."
"The greatest miracle you will ever see is a changed life!"
"Keep on Keeping on!"
AND a few words of advice from Sis, Ikerd on before marriage...this isn't from last night...just from over the years...
"If your lazy, don't EVER get married!"
"Nothing was complete until God made a woman!" Woot! WOOT!!! ;)
"Learn how to work under the authority in your life right now!"
"Learn how to cook!"
"Remember to say thank you!"
"Helpmeet-We are a helper! She is there to complete him!"
One thing that I really remember Sis. Ikerd teaching on was PRAYER!!! I remember her telling us girls that she would think, HOW CAN I BE A MINISTERS WIFE??? God I can't sing!!! I can't play the piano! (I'm like OH YEAH...thats sooo ME!!!) SHe is like, but God said that there was one thing she COULD do and be good at and that was to PRAY!!! Is there ANYTHING more important for us as Godly Apostolic woman to learn than to PRAY??? 
"You gotta learn to have a good relationship with God FIRST-if you don't have time for God, you won't have time for your husband!"
I'm sooooo thankful for the Godly teachings that I have gotten over the years!!! We are soooo blessed to have these woman of God in our life!!!
And I would like to end this with one of my all time favorite quotes from Sis. Ikerd...I like it cuz I feel like I can relate...AND for all you girls out there that may have a bad outlook on men, due to previous circumstances in your life...LISTEN UP...Sis. Ikerd said,
"I came from a busted home, but life with him, and he redeemed them all!"
I was just like AWWWW!!! ANd we're not talking about a lady that was pampered and spoiled, and left with a fortune..but someone that they SPENT THEIR LIVES working for God!!! Awwwww man...thats the kinda love story I wanna to have!!!♥♥♥
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, February 24, 2012


Sis. Ikerd came and talked to the ladies in our church was AMAZING!!! The tears were just falling out of my eyes...I have SOOOO much I want to say about TONIGHT...BUUUUT for now I just want to leave you all with this picture!!!
Let us NOT look to the hero's of this world... to try and live our lives to be like them. We don't need to be idolizing corrupted people, living imoral lives and dying from overdoses. We need to be striving to be like THE ONES, that have a BURDEN for the people living a life of corruption. Let our heros be THE ONES that are willing to die for a soul!!!!
"There isn't anything more important to God than souls!"
(Sister Sharon Ikerd)
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I seriousley just laughed out loud when I read this!!! I was re-reading my personality analysis the other day... (YES...I am absolutely enamored with myself and NEVER grow tired of reading and learning MORE about ME!!! I find myself VERY interesting!!!;) Sooooo i'm reading my personality analysis...AGAIN and I just crack up laughing!!!!
I'm like to my sis, THERESA listen to says that people with my personality... "Champions are constantly scanning the social environment, and no intriguing character or silent motive is likely to escape their attention." I'm like see T...stalking is LITERALLY built into my personality!!! She said, OK! Thats just....
Go HERE and find out yours and tell me what you got!!!
I would loooove to know, it will help me stalk...I MEAN get to know you better!!! ;)
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I just felt like PERHAPS some guys out there needed some HELP from the OH SO WISE owner of this blog...I DARE SOMEONE, ANYONE to ACTUALLY try this line on a girl!!! 

AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I loooove it!!! ;)
♥Mary Frances :)


Mmmmm....I just love, love...
(And I just can't help but laugh really hard when I saw Starbucks newest promotional!!! If you know ME, really know ME, you will know why I think its soooo funny!!! BUUUUUUT if you really, reallly, REALLLLY know me, then you will REALLLLLY know why I think its soooo FUNNNNY!!! Bahahahaha!!!! ;D)
Find the roast you LOOOOVE the most!!!
(Woot! Woot!;)
Hmmmmm...they are all soooooo GOOOOOD...its HARD to ACTUALLY choose ONE over the of these days...I'll make a FINAL DECISION!!!

I'll just ENJOY THEM ALL!!! ;) ;) ;)
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Okaaaaaaaaay so there was a bounce house at MJ's adoption party...GUESS who went in??? ;)
I just could NOT resist and it was soooo much funnn!!! THe kids absolutely LOVVVVED me getting on with them!!! AND my nephew ACTUALLY kept coming and getting me by the hand and bringing me back over!!! HE was like, Aunt Mary, JUMP!!! It was a VERY touching moment in my life!!! :D AnywayZ, I decided THAT...
When I get married I MUST have a bounce house at my reception!!! I willll sooooooo go in and slide down too!!! Wedding dress and EVERYTHING!!! I was tellin my sis...and she was just like lookin at me...and I'm like BUUUUT...I WONDER what guy would EVERRRR be cool with a bounce house at the weddding??? My sis was like, Uh PROBABLEY NO ONE!!! I'm like WHATEVER!!! Wooten WOULD BE!!! My sis is like, yes, AND Wooten is NOT REAL!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!
I also want a BIG O GHETTO pinata, a pool table, an air hockey table, a photo booth, a candy bar, karioke ANNNNNNNND its going to be a rainbow themed weddding!!! AND instead of throwing rose petals at us...I want multi-colored hearts thrown at us...AND my husband is going to sing to me, "I just call you Mine!!!! Oooo its gonna be the FUNNNNEST, HAPPIEST celebration EVERRRR and YOU ALLL are invited!!! :)))

♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, February 20, 2012


Okaaaaaaaay soooo remember I told you all a few weeks ago when one of my friends from church got married...and that I experianced one of THE MOST embarrassing moments of my life...weeeelll after I posted that...I REALIZED that there are TWO occasions that supercede by FAR this moment... AHAHAHA...buuuuuuuuuut... allow me to tell you all the UNBELIEVABLE thing that I did two weeks ago...
Sooooooooo you know THAT MOMENT...that SPECIAL MOMENT...when the bride is walking down the aisle and everyone rises in honor and its like soooo everyone is just kind of holding their breath and snapping piccures?! Sooooooooo here I am snappin pictures along with EVERYONE else trying to capture THAT SPECIAL MOMENT!!!
Soooo the bride is walking down the aisle, getting closer and closer and CLOSER and I'm just snapping away... and she gets closer to me... RIGHT when she is walking by me and I whisper to her, YOU look BEAUTIFUL...
And RIGHT as I say that...I try to snap ONE MORE PIC camera goes FLYING out of my hand!!! HITS THE BRIDE!!! And then goes ROLLING across the back of her dress and just LAYING on her train!!!
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I WAS LIKE OMW!!! I definatley made the moment SPECIAL!!!  Of took EVERYTHING in me NOT to break out into HYSTERICAL laughter!!! LOLOL!!! I don't if I actually MADE it!!! OH and yeah...I BROKE the camera too!!! MY SISTER'S camera!!! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!
AT LEAST the bride had a good sense of humor about it...she said I made it MEMORABLE!!! I'm Just like WOW Mary!!! WOW!!! SERIOUSLEY...
HOW DOES stuff like that JUST HAPPEN to me!?!?!

♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A glimpse...of MJ's PARTAAAAY!!!

Heeeey Everyone!!!! My neice's adoption party was a HUGE success!!! It was all sooo nice and so many people came to help us celebrate...unfortunatley...My camera DIED...LOL...I keep forgetting to either BRING my camera OR to charge it for all these HUGE events I have been attending...anyways...There will be A LOT more pics cuz my sis-in-law was photographing...BUUUT here is ONE sooo you can see how it looked...YES i'm in it and NOT MJ...LOL!!! What can I died before I could take any of her!!!
The decorations were ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!! Special thanks to Alyssa Wikins, the inspiration behind all the decorations and her group of helpers!!! I can't wait to PUT THE LEFTOVERS in MY ROOOOOM!!! Okaaaaaay more pics to come SOOON!!! :)

♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012


It Adventure In Odyessey's 25th BIRTHDAY BASH!!!
I sooooooooooo WANNNNA GO!!! I told my sis...AWWW bad we weren't going to Dallas in in June instead of March...and she was like OH WHY??? I'm like CUZ its Adventure in Odyssey's 25th birthday bash celebration!!!! I wish you all coulda seen the LOOK I just got!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!Anyone else really WANNA GO???

Oh and guess what...A NEW ALBUM!!!
Volume #55 - download coming March 1st
OMW!!! Mr. Whitikar is MIXED BATHING!!! What is this world coming too???? AHAHAHA...Wooten's in there??? Thats IT...I'm jumping in!!! (J/K!) Bahahaha!!!
ALSO Adventures in Odyssey is currently putting together an
 Adventures in Odyssey devotional book I have some good

ideas...I THINK:  It would be cool if  the devotionals were in

different categories like they are being written by the different

main AIO Characters...Whit, Connie, Wooten and

Eugene!!!!!! ANYWHO, you all know how I LOVE writing

devotionals sooo WHY NOT suggest me as one of their writers!!!

TELL THEM about me!!! HOW COOL would it be to have me writing

Adventures In Odyssey DEVOTIONALS!!! EMAIL THEM AT
. Also go to Tell them you

think MARY GINTY from CLASSIC MARY MOMENTS would be be

and EXCELLENT writer to join this project!!! AND if they want to

email ME they can do so at :))))

♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

OMW!!! Awwwww...FINALLY!!!

Awwwwwwww look at him!!! This is soooo adorable!!! Yes lil escape key! Yes! You did it!!! YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! SERIOUSLEY!!! have you all EVERRR seen a cuter picture than this??? I mean, besides all the ones of ME!!! ;)

♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Apostolic Beauty!!!

Weeeeellll look at what its time for ONCE AGAIN!!! The APOSTOLIC BEAUTY!!! I can't lie, when I first met this absolutely breathtaking beauty, I had orginally wished she was a can read about that  HERE!!! But I'm soooo glad that she isn't...cuz she is a WONDERFUL person and I consider it an honor to have her as one of my friends!!! This person was elected by five different people that don't even know each other, at different times, to be the NEXT APOSTOLIC BEAUTY!!!
Now guys...GET MAY need to have someone that is CPR certified near by you BECAUSE even the lil boy I take care of...when HE saw this picture below... he let out a lil gasp...
I was like AWWWWWW!!! 
YES thats right its...BETHANY!!!

Don't deny it guys...
you just GASPED too!!! ;) 

Now the first thing you guys should all know about this blond-haired, brown-eyed beauty, is that Bethany Raquel Wakefield is NOT ....
JUST ANOTHER pretty face!!!
IF you young men that feel called to the ministry and are looking for and evangelistic type girl, (Which IF you feel called you should be) with a passion to reach the lost...This Mexico-loving missionary daughter just might be the one for YOU!!! Bethany has made her parent's calling to another country, NOT just their calling, BUT her own calling as well!!! I have personally NEVER heard her complain about living in Mexico and neither have any of her other friends. She just takes it all in stride and trusts in the Lord. Even though she loves coming back to the states, she also hates leaving the people there!!! She loves the people there and has dedicated herself to reaching the lost souls of Puebla!!! You can feel her passion and her burden for the lost people there...its NOT just a job, or something to do...she has a BURDEN and she LOVES them!!!
AND for you guys out there, that seem to think that a girl that can sing AND play the piano is a MUST...weeeeeellll GET ready to check that and THEN some off your list cuz this girl can SING!!! Play the piano! Play the SAXAPHONE!!! PLAY THE GUITAR and oh she just happens to CURRENTLY be learning how to play the ACCORDIAN!!! Sooooo uh...yeah...she is deifinately musically inclined!!! The frosting on the cake you could even say!!! ;)

Bethany's passion is young people!!! She is the director of the youth choir at her church and also teaches the  youth class on Sundays and just recently started teaching on the book of Proverbs at her Grandfather's university. Because of her passion for the lost, you will very often find her working the alters and praying with people!!!

And for you guys that are dog lovers...don't WILL NEVER have to worry about having to get rid of your dog for BETHANY....cuz this chica is a ANIMAL LOVER!!!

Bethany LOVES cooking...ESPECIALLY Mexican food!!! Bethany is VERY clean and HATES dirt!!! She is a hard worker and does not just sit around being lazy!!! She is adventerous, hilarious, an explorer and energetic. She is always up for a challenge or dare. She has this cRaZy desire, that NO one knows WHY, but she would REALLLLLY like to slaughter a chicken...Idk...I personally think maybe she has read Janette Oke's, Love Comes Softly, and really wants to impress some guy with some good FRIED CHICKEN...Wooot! WOOOOT!!! ;)  She also got her dream come true wish...a PIGS HEAD for her bday last year...HOW many girly-girls you know that would EVEN touch that???

People say that what they like best about Bethany is that she NEVER compromises in what she believes in for anyone or anything, she ALWAYS stays true!!! Also, she is REAL!! What you see is what you get!!! She is honest even when it would be easier not to be. She doesn't just say what you WANT to hear...she tells THE TRUTH!!! People say that she is always there to lift people up and be an encourager. One of her friends said that when she was going through a hard time, even in another country Bethany was ALWAYS there for her WHENEVER she needed her. Her friend says that she feels really blessed to have HER HERO as her friend, NOT every person gets to have that!!! (Awwwww) 

Bethany is very connected and close to her family! 
On of her friends said... "I have to say that what stands out to me is when girls are out there looking for a man & constantly needing a boy to talk to or think about or flirt with...she has completely left it in Gods hands & is not concerned about the "ONE" finding her:) she is going to get a fantastic guy because she is not a flirt or forward...just a Godly lady!!"

A few COOL facts about Bethany...
1. She LOVES Adventere's in Odyssey!!
2. One of her biggest pet peeves is when guys lack holding the door and stuff
3. She has her Mexico Driver's license (Which is harder than you think)
4.. She loves pulling pranks!
5. She really enjoys grocery shopping.
6. One her nicknames is TATER TOT!!!
7. she loves sourpatch kids...especially the watermelon ones
8. She loves to try NEW things!!!
9. She is VERY organized!!!
10. She knows how to do hair
OH and THE  coolest thing about Bethany is even when she is OLD AND GRAY...

she will STILL BE BEAUTIFUL!!! ;)))

Bethany is the kind of girl that will make a guy ACTUALLY forget about his stomach for about a few minutes and instead of asking for Taco Bell...he will be saying...
AHAHAHAHAHA!!! AND one day, some AMAZING, on fire, sold out to Jesus, handsome prince is gonna get down on one knee and say to Bethany, "Bethany, your soooo beautiful, your HOTTER than a Mexican Habenerro pepper scorching in the sun!!! THEN he is gonna pass her this little package...

AND ask her to be his FOREVER HOT SAUCE!!! Woot! Woot!!!
BUT only that special guy that can HANDLE the HEAT!!!! 

Thank you Bethany for all you do, for be our light for Jesus in Mexico, for being a friend and for simply being you! We all love and adore you!!! 
Here is YOUR CROWN!!! 
The very best google images could supply! ;)
I hope you LOOOOOOOOVE it!!!

♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

I just wanna say a special HAPPY 100th birthday
You have been my home since I was three years old....
 and though I have traveled around the states, Hawaii, Maui, Honalulu, Texas, Colorado, New York, California, New Mexico, Mississippi, and across the ocean to another continent, BUUUUT...there is NO OTHER place I would rather live...than RIGHT here with you!!! ♥♥♥ I just wanna say once more...
From THE ONE...
That makes you SOOOO HOT!!! ;) ;) ;)
♥Mary Frances :)

God is STILL...

A Couple of months ago, I think it was right before Christmas, we had this awesome, AMAZIN service. I think I wrote about it on here...But it was just wow!!! God really touched me...I was sooooo incredible!!!
I mean the choir had been singing and then everyone went wild worshipping and I remember I was dancing in the spirit like crazy and the next thing I know I was slain in the spirit. And I remember when it happend that i had been dancing and then it was at some point it was like it was God that was moving me. And it was soooo AMAZING! At the moment all you can feel is God and the aw of his power...BUT THEN...
Its over...its MONDAY...and you get back to life...and YOU REALIZE...that you can't live in that moment of glory. I remember before the night was even over I knew that all the problems and all the things in my life were still there...and you start to question...was that REALLY God that touched me? Maybe I just felt excited...maybe Itripped...BUT NO I knew that it was God and it almost made me start to feel down...
I'm like okaaaaaaaaaay God sooo you touched me...buuuut all my problems are STILL here!!! And I really felt like that was just what God wanted me to know...he wanted me to know that in the middle of  all the the middle of EVERYTHING... HE is in control and he has the final say! Right there, in the middle of my problem, God reached down and touched me...slain me in the spirit just so I could be remineded of his awesomeness...
Just lettin me know...
People are still people...AND...
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Warning and WISEDUMB!!! ;)

Valentine WARNING!!!

IF you are buying a girl CHOCOLATES for Valentine's Day

OR ANY DAY for that matter....


most girls won't be as cool [Insert Hysterical laughter here!] about this happening to them, as I was about it happening to ME!!!

Oh and ONE more piece of Valentine WisedumB...this is for THE WOMAN or actually I guess THE MEN can take it to... If you don't have a Valentines Date this year don't feel BAD!!! You learn over time that SOMETIMES in life...
NO DATE is ACTUALLY an upgrade...
From previous dates!!! :D
♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I'm sooo happy! We were over at the apartment complex where my Esther lives the other night, and I saw something that put a joyous feeling in my heart. So I knocked on the door to Esther's place and there was no answer. So I yelled out to her, ESTHER!!!!! And no answer!!!!
Soooo I jiggle on the handle of her door and of COURSE its open....SOOOO I just walk myself RIGHT on in (This is can just do that! AHAHA!! Weeeellll I walk in  with one hand over my eyes...Remember...this is Phx...YOU NEVER KNOW...what you will see!!!! Bahahaaha!) So I walk over to her room and what I see catches my breath...
She is NOT in her room, but lying on her bed is something she has obviousley been spending sometime with... A black object... a book... BUT not just any book... a book called...THE HOLY BIBLE!!! The Bible my friends...she has been reading THE BIBLE!!! She may not be coming back to church yet...BUUUUUUUUT....God is working!!! I was and still am soooooooooooo HAPPY!!! It was MORE than just the Bible though that I saw laying there...I saw HOPE lying there on her bed!!!
"I wait for the LORD, my soul doth wait,
and in his word do I hope."
(Psalm 130:5) 
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Answer TO...

THE Question-of-year!!! :)
Okaaaay sooo you may remember in this post HERE where Kim and I asked, THE BIG QUESTION OF THE YEAR... Can a girl tell a guy to raise his standards before they get married and STILL be submitted??? Weeeellll we got A LOT of votes and A LOT of great responses from people!!! I'll share a few with you all...
Sis McElhaney- said...
Great question! It's actually something Les and I talked about BEFORE we were married. We decided that when it came to convictions, not just standards of a particular church, whoever had the strongest conviction is what we would abide by. And that has worked for the past 20+ years. Let me say this to anyone who is single. When you are praying for your future spouse, pray for their pastor as well. I prayed very specifically, "Lord, he has to be from a good church." They say you don't just marry the guy, you marry his family. I add, you also marry his church family.
Sis. Allana said...
What I always pray (So...yes I am thinking and praying about it! ;D)...but what I always pray is that God will bring me someone with the same standards. OR Really, I just say "God, you know what my standards and MY personal convictions are. These are things that I feel that YOU have asked of me, it out for me." I really don't think that he would want me to back on something he established in the first place. Again, it is not about who is better then's just something personal between you and God. I would just really pray about it.
Sis. Jayne said...
I agree with Kim, "Yes! Absolutely!".... I dont think there is any thing wrong with conversing about standards with someone you potentially wish to date. That is something worth talking about at the beginning of a relationship so that at least you know what you are going into... I would hope that you dont wait to the point of almost marriage to enter into this discussion. Personally I think the majority of girls look at this differently then guys do.... us girls tend to go towards guys that hold a higher standard then we do, because they are to be a spiritual leader. I would not what to support my husband; I would want him to support me.... same difference"
There were a few other comments but OBVIOUSLEY i'm not gonna post them all...there was a few people I talked to personally or girls that emailed me giving their oppinon, but wanting keep it private...buuuut the OVERall oppinions were great!!! I thought that these woman had some great and very wise things to say concerning this topic!!! I really like WHAT Jayne said here..."us girls tend to go towards guys that hold a higher standard then we do, because they are to be a spiritual leader. I would not want to support my husband; I would want him to support me....
same difference"
I think that for girls things ARE different than with guys, because of the God-given roles of a male and a female. I like how the McElhaney's have done things with them both continually choosing to go with the higher standard of conviction that one or the other has. Cuz I know that when something is preached to me even if I don't really have a conviction about it, if I pray and ask God to NOT just let me be obedient to my pastor, but to also to GIVE ME A PERSONAL CONVICTION!!! AND he always does!!!
However, it ultimately has to do with a man's heart towards the things of God. Like WHAT man, that has a heart right with God wouldn't want his wife to live by her God-given if she has a conviction about Christmas trees and her husband is like, ABSOLUTELY NOT, I'm putting my foot down and WE WILL have a Christmas tree...okaaaaaay thats JUST WEIRD!!! AHAHAHA!!! But still a Christmas tree is only once a wouldn't really effect your everyday life...buuut there are other things...that are in your everyday life...I just couldn't everrr compromise on sleeve length or any standards of holiness...or EVEN the Christmas tree...LOL! I JUST COULDN'T DO IT!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!
weeelll I think the ULTIMATE thing that everyone was decide JUST DEPENDS ON THE SITUATION and that we should ALWAYS be PRAYING about it!!! PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! PRAY!!! Because ultimately, I don't believe that it would be proper for a girl to tell a guy to raise his standards, BECAUSE of God's roles for men and woman...sooo while it is ok for a guy to tell a girl, probabley, more than likely, and I'm sure there are exceptions etc...but on a whole i don't think it would work because of SUBMISSION!!! Soooo you know what that REALLLLY means???
IT MEANS THAT...The MEN...have waaaaaaay more options for findin a spouse than us ladies!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! This is sooooo the truth!!! LOL! Buuuut don't feel down, God's gonna work it all out!!! :) The thing that I remember Sis. Ikerd telling us girls...Btw- if you don't know who she is, Sis. Ikerd was a missionary's wife to Africa for 28 years...AMAZING WOMAN OF GOD!!!
SOOOOO...We were all just sittin around floor chattin and Sis. Ikerd was in a chair above us and she starts talkin to us...she said...Girls, the MOST important decision you'll ever make is WHO YOU MARRY! It will effect your WHOLE life!!! It will effect your ministry and your calling in life. She said that she almost felt it was a bigger decision for a woman than it was for a man...BECAUSE of the God-given roles between a male and a female. She said because WOMAN have to submit so therefore she should be VERY careful who she marries...because as a Godly woman he will be the one that leads her throughout her life.
Also, she said that because the woman was made to be a man's helpmeet, her role in life as Godly wife is be her husband's helper. So whatever she feels in life, that her calling is, after she gets married, her calling in life is WHATEVER her husband's calling is! Therefore, if a single woman feels called to do missions work overseas or in another country and after she gets married, if her husband doesn't share that same calling with her, then that is NO LONGER her calling.
Not to say that a woman can't have a calling, just that her husband's calling comes first over hers...LOL Like if she feels called to be involved in the youth ministry and her husband is the Sunday School director, she can still help with the youth, BUUUUT her first calling is to be the Sunday School Director's wife and to help him with THAT!!!
Soooo anyways, I just think that when you think about it like that, it would be really, hard to be submissive and be a helpmeet to someone that had totally different beliefs and convictions...and felt like it was YOUR CALLING in life..TO HELP HIM GET CONVICTIONS!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Go to the link below to view the poll results....I think the overall vote was PRAY!!! PRAY FOR YOUR FUTURE SPOUSE!!! A new question will be posted up SOOON! :)

Can a girl tell a guy to raise his standards for marriage???