Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kreative Blogger award!

YAAAAAAAAAY!!! I got nominated  Kreative blogger by  Miss Melissa Morris on Memoirs of a Pentecostal Recessionista Thanks for pickin me girl!!! I just OFFICIALLY met Melissa at Conquor's Conference. Although, we didn't get to end up spending as much time together as we had originally planned----> it was GOOD! ;)
Now the rules of this game is that I have to list seven things about myself that you may not already know!
Hmmmmmm....this is hard for me cause I am a very open person...

1. I prefer shopping by myself!
 I know thats weird, cause most girls like shopping with someone else so they can get opinions and stuff, but ALL i NEED is THE MIRROR!!! :) Plus, I LOVE just browsing and stuff...I can't understand why some woman would want to bring their husband/boyfriend shoppin WITH THEM!!! That is just SOOOO odd to me! Of course don't get me wrong, I do enjoy HANGIN out at the mall and stores...LOL totally different thing though!

2. Sometimes I like crying...
I know WEIRD!!! But like when your praying and you start crying---that just feels SOOOOO awesome! Or even when I am sad or upset, sometimes you just feel so much better after a good crying session.  I think it was after this experiance, (You can read HERE)  that I changed my view on crying.

3. I like reading the Hardy Boys!!!

4. As a child I was REALLY, REALLY quiet and shy!
 and sometimes I still am! :)
I know, I know, I know! It's hard to believe. but my first nature is to be shy and I have to force myself NOT to be, ESPECIALLY when I don't know a person. So if you have NEVER met me and meet me at some conference, don't be suprised if I am a little quiet---->I am NOT a snob and I really do LOVE meeting people!!!

 I was originally born in NYC, lived there till I was 3....I love traveling, I have been back quite a few times to NYC, I have been to Maui, I have been to the Philipines, BUT I LOVE ARIZONA!!! No matter our summers, this is MY HOME and I'll always be an ARIZONA HOTTIE!!! :)

6. I USED to be a blond!!!
Yup, thats right! I used to be a blond but God HEALED me of my blondness!(So if your a blond, just pray for healing!!! What he did for me he can do for you!!!;) LOL Well, I was born with strawberry blond hair, then it turned into really light blond hair, and slowly it just kept gettin darker and darker and darker till its like this weird brown color...I like to say that its cinnamon swirl, cause its all different shades!

7. I wanna open a home for children.
My lifelong dream, since I was a child, has been to open some sort of home or start some kind of ministry for children. To either give them a home or help them find a home, where they are loved and taught the truth. Of course it would have to be a combo of both cause I mean I couldn't take in EVERY child that needs home----sadly this world is filled with SOOOOO many children that need love. I know that it would take a lot of planning and A LOT OF ORGANIZING, but thats my dream!!!

1. Thank the person who nominated me for the award, copy the logo.

2. link to the person who nominated me [Melissa Morris]

3. list 7 things people may not know about me

4. nominate at least 7 creative bloggers, post their links and leave a comment on each blog.

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Conqueror's Conference 2009/2010

Conqueror's Conference!!!
Every year after Christmas, Faith Tabernacle Church,
Bro. Connor's church, in Tuscon Arizona, hosts my most favorite conference ever!
I really LOVE this conference...EVEN more than HERITAGE!!!
What can I say?! It was AWESOME!!!! OMW!!!
I honestly had such a blast with all my friends!!!
I have made SOOO many new friends in the last two years...
 its like SOOOO COOL!
Kinda weird though, that I have MORE friends at 26 then I EVER did at 16! LOL
Seriousley this past conference was one of the FUNNEST EVER!!!

AND it was a GOOD fun, not like the old days, of sneakin out, doorknock ditching, tping, slippin notes under doors of guys I liked....YEAH I know! CAN YOU BELIEVE I DID THAT LAST ONE?!!!! See for those of you that think I am crazy now, OH if ONLY you knew me in my teens!!! One year, I brought to conference binoculars that I had begged for a Christmas present, that had a digital camera in them...and yeah...there was this guy I liked...ya all don't know him...he was like 26 at the time...but yeah...he played the organ and I would just CASUALLY take pictures of him...WITH MY BINOCULARS- DURING CHURCH!!! And I would like to tell you all that I was in my EARLY teens when this all took place, but ummmm... I was like 19 at the time!!! Aaaaaaaaauggggh! Soooooooo yeah.. it like didn't work out with the guy...I have NO idea why! ;)
Sooooo I think I've matured a bit since then, I think I am now like at my late teens stage!!! (YES!!! Finally!)
HAHAHA!!! Anyways, aside from all the fun, Conqueror's Conference was spiritually very uplifting! The services were INCREDIBLE!!! I think I was the most touched with Bro. Connor's message on how to be successful in 2010- PRAY, READ your BIBLE and GO TO CHURCH! So simple and yet sOOOO powerful! Then hand in hand with that was the message Bro. Garrett preached the last night about being used of God. I was at the alter praying the last night and I just kept asking God, WHAT it was he wanted me to do to be used by him, and It just kept going through my mind... PRAY! READ YOUR BIBLE! GO TO CHURCH! PRAY! READ YOUR BIBLE! GO TO CHURCH! PRAY! READ YOUR BIBLE! GO TO CHURCH! I was like Ooooooooo okaaaaaaaaay! Got it! :)

Click here
to view Conqueror's Conference pictures!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

A thought on opinions...

So my brother John has thing, where he just GIVES me HIS opinion!!! So as I, being the kind and considerate sister that I am,  am MAKING HIM SOMETHING TO EAT, he just looks at me and says, "Just letting you know, that, that skirt is NOT working for you!" I just look at him with my mouth hanging open! Cause I LOVE this skirt and I always get a ton of compliments on it! Its like this four layer skirt that fades into three different shades of blue, its really long and  just totally COOL! So as I am just staring at him and he is like, "Well I am not saying it to be mean, I'm just trying to be helpful!" I'm still just like LOOKING at him! And he is like, "I'm just saying, that skirt kinda makes you look big!" I am like OKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY now!!!  Lets get ONE THING straight, I AM BIG!!! LOL It's not like if I wore a black skirt 24/7 that people would think I was this small, petite little thing, BUT because I was wearing my cool-girl-skirt, people all of the sudden noticed my size! Like OMW!!! This WHOLE time we thought she was a skinny chick, BUT NOW WE HAVE SEEN the light! She is in fact BIG!!! My brother is like, "Oh so NOW your mad!" I am like Oh no, DON'T WORRY, I am still makin your sandwhich for you!" HAHAHAHAHA!!! He is like, "well just sayin, I was just givin you my opinion!" So I was like, WELL just saying, I did NOT ask!!! :P
Now IF I had asked him his opinion on the skirt, I could totally understand him GIVING his opinion. Cause I believe that WHEN asked, one should give an honest opinion! In fact it even drives me cRAZy when people ASK ME, my opinion and then just say...oh well...I think I am just gonna do it like this or they get ALL mad...and I am like OKAAAAAY sorrrrrry BUT YOU DID ASKE ME!!! LOL But I DIDN'T ASK!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
And just for the record I am KEEPING the skirt! I already had examined myself in the mirror like at least 20 times, so I ALREADY knew that it was NOT slenderizing! LOL BUT I STILL loved it! BESIDES, the skirt is a size smaller than what I used to be... so that is still AWESOME!!!

my point is that I found this icon...
AND I would like to dedicate this to my little brother...


Thursday, January 28, 2010


One day Wesley, the little boy I used to take care of was just having ONE OF THOSE DAYS!!! It was a day where he was going around staking his claim and just letting me know what was his. EVERYTHING he would touch and then say, "MINE!" He would touch the couch, "MINE!" He would touch the chair, "MINE!" He touched his blanket, "MINE!" His truck, "MINE!" His stuffed puppy, "MINE!" He looked at my shoe, then looked at me defiantley, "MINE!" I just kinda looked at him, then I swooped him up close, wrapped my arms around him real tight and said, "MINE!"

He just kinda looked at me, THEN he got a BIG smile on his face,
and the next thing I know he was hugging me back real tight!
Then he says back, "MINE!"

It was felt good declaring that he was "MINE!"
But it felt even better when he declared it right back.
I think thats the way it is with God sometimes.
We just kinda go about our lives, declaring what we think is ours, then all of the God just swoops in  an unexpected way, wraps his arms around us real tight, and declares, "MINE!"
And as much as I am sure God enjoys doing that, I think that he likes it EVEN MORE, when we claim him as our own. Wrapping our arms right back around him and declaring, "MINE!"
And Thomas answered and said unto him,
 My Lord and my God. 
John 20:28
♥Mary :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Reason #2 why I am still single

So if your a Pentecostal girl, once you hit like 21, people will start asking you WHY your STILL single? Or why your not married? "Oh your such a wonderful person...blah, blah, blah!" And I am thinkin, OMW! I know! I know! ;) Anyways, with this thought I like to come up fun reasons WHY I am still single- You can read Reason # 1 HERE  
REASON #2 Why I am still single
The bible says in Proverbs 31: 10
Who can find a virtuous woman?
WOW! My virtue is SOOOOOO high...
He CAN'T even FIND me!!!
I gotta admit that at times it is quite a sacrafice being as virtuous as myself, but someone's gotta keep it going, ya know?!
I guess my man is just gonna have to have some REALLY thick spiritual glasses! ;)


"A woman's heart should be so hidden in God,
that man has to search God just to find her."
(Max Lucado)

Reason #3  Will be coming SOON

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Makes you wanna LAUGH!!!


You know that person, that you GOTTA pretend your laughing for?!?!
SEND this to them!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

My newest job option...

This is IT!!! I found it!!! I found my NEW JOB!!! It was confirmed to me at Carlee's wedding this past weekend, while waiting and waiting, and WAITING, for the bride and groom to make their grand entrance into the reception. (Pictures from Carlee's wedding will be posted SOON!) With the help of the people at my table, I discovered my newest calling...

Yes, yes, you heard me CORRECTLEY!!! Holiday Inn has now added a new feature to hotel stays for their guests, HUMAN BED WARMERS!!! HAHAHAHA!!! You can read ALL about it HERE and HERE!!!  Nikki agreed this was fo sho- THE CALL!!!! Of course I would have to move to London but, sometimes ya just gotta sacrifice, YA KNOW?! I mean come on, this is Mary we're talkin about, I am BASICALLY a walkin teddy bear, I don't wanna waste my talents!!! So what do you guys think, should I do it?!

P.S.  Just for the record,
 my real thoughts on HUMAN BED WARMERS---------> NASTY!!! :P
But then again, what can you expect from the Brits?! Typical! LOL

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cool quote! :)

I found this quote and thought...

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness;
 and all these things shall be added unto you.
Matthew 6:33

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Yesturday, I acomplished one of my TOP SECRET, greatest desires. To have the CHANCE to boss around my little brother John and him ACTUALLY listen!!! See, it's like this, MY little brother John ALWAYS bosses me around, and to be honest, I don't really mind, MOST OF THE TIME! But you know, ocasionally, just every ONCE in a while, I think it would be nice, if he payed ME, his BIG SISTER some respect and LET ME TELL HIM WHAT TO DO! But NO! NEVER!!! Its ALWAYS gotta be HIS way and even though, I just do it, there is this little peice inside of me that is saying, Blah, blah, BLAH, WHATEVER, SHUTUP!!!! So yesturday, I am with my mom and Sheena in the van, my mom is driving home from a church even we had helped out with. We are about ten minutes from home when I get this BRILLIANT IDEA!!! ;)I reach into my mom's coat pocket, pull out her cell phone and send a text to my brother John, then I put the phone back in her pocket. My mom is just like talkin to me, she is like Oh when we get to the house, you can set the dinner table right away...I am like, of course, sure mom! Then her phone beeps with a text message, she looks at it, (Yeah WHILE she is drivin which is BAD!)then she looks at me all confused and says, John says, Ok. I just GRIN!!! She is like, WHAT DID YOU SAY TO HIM! I was like, Oh NOTHING, I just said, Please set the table My mom and Sheena like start laughing! I was like and he said Ok cause he THINKS it was MOM!!! HAHAHA!!! About five minutes later I walk into the house and there is John, SETTING THE TABLE!! I am tellin you, it was such a beautiful sight! I gave him a HUGE SMILE and was just like, "HI JOHN!" (SHeena and I just hi five on the sly!)He just like looks at me like, TRYING to figure out my OVER cheerfulness, THEN he is like, "Ok, I'm setting the table can you start loading the dishwasher for mom!" I am just like, OH SURE!!! Cause EVEN though he is ONCE AGAIN bossin me around, He is STILL doin what I said to do!!! YES!!! One life goal ACCOMPLISHED!!! But, Shhh...THIS IS TOP SECRET INFO! Although, I gotta say, It's probabley the HARDEST for me!!! It's like I wanna brag about it to him SOOOOOO bad!

Its SOOOO hard for me NOT to say anything!!!
LOL ALthough, he might just see it on this blog, cause I am ALMOST positive he reads my stuff ON THE SLY! (Like thats his top secret! He thinks I am BOMB! ;) Anyways, REMEMBER folks, a great way of bossin siblings around is by sending them texts from a parent's phone! [AND if you try this MAKE sure you say it the way your parent would. LIke when I sent it to my mom I couldn't make it all hyper and bubbly with exclaimation marks. Just plain and simple and yet NOT rude!!!] LOL Yep, yep, I am sitting here right now, STILL smiling, as I think about my brother, setting that table, it was AWESOME!!! But REMEMBER this is A SECRET!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

OMW!!! Look----->

OMW!!! I SOOOOOOO want this skirt!!! LOOK at it! Its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO adorable!  I LOVE these kind of things! I love all things, fluffy, ruffly, lacey and GIRLY!!!
I also kinda want one of these PINK ones...BUT... My sis doesn't exactley aprove the pink one on me, but she does think the black one would look good! Hmmmmm....
(Btw I am soooooo NOT digging the man's PINK TIE!)

Anyways, you guys should go check out these 
ADORABLE skirts----------> HERE!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Orange Slices...

 For the last week my friend Sheena, from Manila Philipines has been here visiting us all. Sheena was EXTREMELY excited to see all the citrus trees we have at our house. Two lemon, Two Orange, one grapefruit, one pomegranite, and a date tree(No there are NO boys on it! HAHA!;) So on Friday, when it was ALL craZY cause I was like watchin like a MILLION kids...okaaaaaay it was ONLY four but when your TRYING to clean the house to...LOL So the kids start picking ALL the oranges off the tree and I am like OK its keepin them busy whatever. SO then they start like rollin them down the slide and I am like UH no!!! How bout we eat some....Sooooo I cut the oranges for them, you know the way we ALWAYS do...the orange smileys... Like in eighths or quarters

Well a few hours later Sheen comes out with some orange SLICES! She offers us some and I am LIKE OMW! I can't stop eating these, and ME, Sheena and the kids ate 15 oranges!!!
Sheena says that our oranges were addicting...
But to me there was SOMETHING more than just the oranges, it was the WAY she sliced them. They were soooo cool lookin and it made the SOOO easy to eat!

So everyday Sheena has been doing HER THING with the orange slicing. AND every day I tell her HOW much I like her ORANGE SLICES! I mean she is like standing there tellin me how she is like WOWED by my cookin and I am like, I am WOWED by your orange slicing. So yesturday I was just like HOW DID you think to slice oranges that way? She says that her mom taught her to do it like that.

So later on, I am talking about the Oranges Slices...AGAIN and she just starts kinda laughing...
and she says, that growing up she would FIGHT with her mom on how to cut the orange slices. She said that her mom would ask her slice oranges for her and she would just it real quick in the quarters and her mom would say No do it the way I showed  you! And she said that she would just get SOOO mad at her mom for wantin them ALL fancy. She said that she remember just getting IN TO it with her mom over the orange slices, but of course her mom ALWAYS won and she remembers just sitting at the kitchen table with TEARS STREAMING down her face, slicing the oranges, HER MOM'S WAY!!!
Now she is, here in the states, a place she has ALWAYS dreamed of going, and we are ooohing and ahing over HER ORANGE SLICES!!!! :D

"Mom's ALWAYS know best!"

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where did you come from?!

Meet Georgie!
He came dashing into my life last Friday
and Immediatley made himself at home....
 We were having a bunch of people from church over for my brother Abraham's birthday. Georgie just immediatley starts hanging out with everyone like they were all OLD buds. So I bring Denae into my room to show her all my latest in my room, (Which btw looks AWESOME and adorable!) and soooo she was like oooing and Ahing over my stuff and Georgie is just like sitting there like making comments and just talkin like he has lived here for YEARS and not just dropped off  like a few hours ago!

All of the sudden Denae just looks at him laughing and is like, "Georgie, where EXACTLEY did you even come from?!" He just kinda shrugs his shoulders like, I have no idea myself but I am here and I belong! I don't even know his last name. He is a foster child and his case manager asked my sister to do respite care for him while his foster dad went out of town. My sister was tellin me about it and was like saying that she didn't think she would be able to do it cause she had to work during the days, so I was like WELL heeeey I don't have a job...

I wish you all could have met him! He is SOOOOO FUNNY!!! He is this chubby, little Mexican boy with a crooked smile and a charming personality. He has NEVER met a stranger, he is LOUD, hyper and LOVES to eat! His two favorite books are Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and  Peanut Butter and Jelly Rhyme book! Ooooo and HE thinks whoopie coushains are like the greatest thing ever and he LOVES Spagetti. He made my room STINK at night (and it was NOT the whoopie coushian LOL) and he snored and talked while he slept!!! (I am tellin you, this kid was EVEN loud in his sleep!)

What I REALLY want is to ask you ALL to pray for this little boy!!! He is in foster care right now, and is in the process of being adopted by a VERY ungodly man! He will be raised his whole life in a perverted lifestlye and I want to pray that GOD WILL STOP THIS from happening! I am asking you all to help me pray that Georgie will be somehow be placed in a GOOD home! I know it seems impossible, but GOD IS ABLE!
Before coming in to our home Georgie had NEVER heard of God. He did NOT know who Jesus was.
But several hours before he had to go back home he looked at me and said, "I LOVE Jesus!"
He didn't want to go back home. He was sobbing and tears were streaming down his face as he kept hugging me good bye!

Never say, Oh God I have a BIG problem, but say,
OH problem, I have a BIG GOD!!!

WHERE did ♥Georgie♥ come from?!

He was only here for a few days, but I think he came from God...
God knew he could use some prayers in his life!

Whoever you may be reading this ...
Please stop and pray for a little 6-year-old boy named Georgie!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Some people come into your life for ONLY a moment...

But you remember them FOREVER!!!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Coffee Moment

So I am the coffee drinker in the house hold! I love MY coffee and drink it FAITHFULLY every morning. I usually drink it in the morning when my sister, whom I live with, is at work. However, she was home the other day, I am pouring my cup of coffee and as ALWAYS like it happens every day, some of the coffee leaks out of the pot as I am pouring and dribbles on to the counter causing a little puddle. My sister just kinda looks at me...I am like, Oh don't worry I'll clean it up. Then I go on to explain myself to happens EVERYDAY, every time I pour my coffee some of it spills out and I ALWAYS just clean it up. My sister just kinda LOOKS at me again, then she is like, Okaaaaay if it happens EVERYDAY why don't you just pour your cup of coffee over the sink?! I just looked at her and was like OMW!!! Thats like such a GREAT idea!!! Seriousley, I was like wowed!!! I had NEVER even thought of that! I've TOTALLY been doing it too!!! (Yay me!) What can is say, SOME people have these big, brilliant AH HA moments, where God opens their eyes and some great mystery is revealed to them. I just have DUH moments! Like these little moments where I finally see what God has been waving in front of my face for the last 26 years of my existense. And I'm just like, omw, like DUH!!! At least God doesn't do the whole, Doota-do- hand -waving-and-hitting -the -chest- thing, to us when we finally get it! LOL Thankfully God is just patient with us to WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!!!

Because the foolishness
of God is wiser than men...
1 Corinthians 1:25

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You like a...

"You look like a Snowman!"
My neice Mary Jo told me.
Then she went on to explain herself...
"Uh, thanks girl! Luv ya!!!"

♥Mary :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sugar Cane feilds...Ah ha! ;)

Here I am in Maui Hawaii in the sugar cane feilds...
As I was standing there, veiwing ALL the sweetness that is grown here,
It SUDDENLY struck me and I was like....

THIS is where God made ME!!! ;)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hot on HIS heels!

                                                                                                              HOT ON HIS HEELS!
Guys, girls, have you EVER been HOT on someone's heels?! You know, where you have like a HUGE crush on someone and it causes you to do totally irratic, and pathetic things?! Like maybe you just sorta go just little bit on the STALKERISH side of life?! I sure have! Quite a few times actually to be honest. ;D  I mean I have done EVERYTHING from- well never mind I won't EVEN tell you all my secrets...However, there is ONE time that stands out more than ALL the other guys I have chased. When, I was 14, as you may have read in my story The Little Messenger, I had a HUGE crush on my pastor's son. I would do ANYTHING just to be around him. Wherever he went, I went.  If someone was looking for him everyone would just be like, Ok, WHERE IS MARY?! Find her and you'll find HIM! Cause they knew, where he was I WAS! I was HOT on his heels.
Its easy to follow someone around when you have a huge crush on them, but what about God? Are you HOT on his heels? I recently came across the Hot on His heels theory, while reading Peculiar Treasures by Robin Jones Gunn. In this book, the main character, 21-year-old Katie Weldon, a college student attending a Christian College. Katie is in her last year of college and is still trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life after graduation. She is talking to her student advisor and she says that she is just waiting to see what doors God opens in her life. She says the whole saying, You know if God closes a door, he can always open a window. Julia, her advisor kinda bashes this whole theory. She tells her that God is not limited to open and closed doors and that we shouldn't base our decisions on "The Doors of Oportunity." She says that we should base our decisions by being, "Hot on God's Heels!"
When Katie doesn't understand. Julia demonstrates her theory for Katie. Julia gets up and walks waaaaay across the room. Sits down on the couch, then says something to Katie. Katie can't hear what Julia says, so she walks across the room to Julia and says, WHAT?! And Julia repeats herself. "I said, "Thats it!" Katie is befuddled so Julia explains that they were together talking, but then Julia moved across the room. She said something to Katie, but Katie couldn't hear her from where she was, so instead of staying where she was, she got closer to Julia so she could hear her.
"Thats what I think it's like with God," says Julia. "If you want to know what he has to say you just follow him. You stay close. You ask and you keep asking, and you listen. He'll make it clear. The closer you are to him, the easier it is to hear what he is saying."
After reading this ALL I could say was WOW!!! It makes so much sense. We try and get the answer from other people, but all we need to do is get closer to God so we can hear WHAT he is saying. I recently lost my job that I have had for the past 5 years. It's kinda left me in a befuddled state. It seems like NO ONE is really hiring. Even in the stores in the mall, say that they are ONLY accepting applications. So I've just been kinda like trying to figure out what would sound cooler? Do you want fries with that? OR Do you want whip cream on your latte? LOL But I've decided that this year my goal is to be "Hot on God's heels." I don't know what all God has in store for me, but I do know that the only way I can find out is by getting close enough to hear what he is saying. I'm not going to just wait for him to open a door for me to walk through.  I think i'm gonna refocus my stalking skills onto God this year. ;) I'm FOLLOWING him!Where he goes, this girls going too! I'm "Hot on HIS heels!!!

 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart;
and lean not unto thine own understanding.  
In all thy ways acknowledge him,
 and he shall direct thy paths.
Proverbs 3: 5-6

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I have NO idea!!!

OMW you guys!!!
I have NOOOOOO idea HOW this happened...
I was just washing the dishes and SNAP the nozzle broke off!
I am just standing there with the nozzle in my hand, my mouth hanging open! Water goes shooting out EVERYWHERE and Mary Jo's toy broom won't stop talking!!! It's like, "sweeping! Sweeping! You missed a spot! you missed a spot!" I am like OH no BELIEVE me...there is water EVERYWHERE!!! HAHAHA!!! Your probabley wondering, HOW this happened?!?!?! IDK!!! It just DID!!! LOL I was like SCREAMING!!! I am like okaaaaaaaay this is a Classic Mary Moment!
my brownies turned out grrrEAT if anyone wants one! ;)

Totally IN LOVE!!!

Sooooooooooo I am TOTALLY in love with my NEW $5 purse!!!

I had FIRST seen this purse back in like June when I went shopping with Cara and Alyssa in PV Mall!
Alyssa and I were both exclaiming over it...
THEN I decided that I was gonna buy the purse for Heritage Conference in July...
So RIGHT before conference I went back to buy it..
HOWEVER I had never checked the price,
So when I saw $26.00 I was like OMW!!!
I can't pay THAT much for a LITTLE purse that I won't use that often!!!
Sooooooo I put it back and instead bought some other purses that were on sale for $5
WELL...RIGHT before Conqueror's Conference I made a little, (Okaaaay several little stops) to the Icing...
Was I EVER excited when LO and BEHOLD...
MY PURSE was on CLEARANCE for $5!!!
Soooooooo of course I bought it!!!
They have more if any of you girls want one!!!
Go to the Icing in PV Mall!!
I'm not one of those girls that cares if we have the same outfit or purse or whatever!
I'm more like...
OMW! We have the same purse! *Squeals! *Hand waving! *Little dance! Omw! Omw! This is soooooo cool!

Good things come to those that WAIT!!!
 But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength...
...they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary...
...and they shall walk, and not faint.
Isaiah 40:31

Monday, January 4, 2010

Tastes like!

So at LPC we all use ice cream flavors to describe our skin colors.
and Carmel.
Well we were celebrating Jestina's 16th birthday yesturday at church...So by her request I made her a funfetti cake with chocolate, chocolatey icing! Well you just gotta understand that Jestina and I are like the biggest chocolate lovers EVER and we just could NOT resist licking the left over icing. As we are doing this, my niece Mary Jo sees us and she says,
"Jestina! Does it taste JUST like YOU?!" It was soooooooooooo cute and funny and Jestina was laughing so hard!!!
 Yep, yep, thats MY Jestina, sweet as CHOCOLATE!!!

My next job...HA!

Last night we were having a Sweet 16 party and we were making my brother's homemade pizza....
Bro. Davy comes out of church and sees me like kneeding this HUGE blob of pizza dough...
And I mean I am like TOTALLY workin it...
and he just starts laughing!
Then he is like, WELL, we KNOW where Mary's next job is!
I am like WHERE?!?!
He says, Peter Piper is CALLING YOU!!!

Everyone, is like Yeah, yeah MARY!
You can steal us their secret recipe!
I am like HA!!! I am SOOOOO sure...
If I'm gonna risk going to jail, it is NOT going to be for Peter Piper Pizza!!
IT IS SOOOO NASTY!!! Their sauce is PATHETIC!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My favorite!!!

Out of the pics that my Sis-in-law took these two are my favorites!!!
She did such an AWESOME job!!!
I showed the top one to Bro. Abbott and he was like...
"Well, who is that Beautiful girl?!"
And I soooo HUMBLY said,
"ME! ME! ME!"
And Bro. Abbott laughed!!
Anyways thank you Joe and Jewel!!!
You guys are BOMB!!!
Which one do you guys like the best?!