Thursday, September 30, 2010

On the way to church today this little girl turns to me and says, "Mary, guess what? I like a WHITE boy!" So i'm like well cool, thats AWESOME! (Cuz i'm all about mixin it up) And she is like "yeah, he is a WHITE boy thats...Mexican!!!"
HAHAHA! I was like, OH WOW!
 Thats like, really, REALLY AWESOME!!!"

Kids, they make you laugh and you just
GOTTA ♥LOVE em!!! ♥

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Size two?!

So I'm in line at Sprouts the other day and my cashier is like, "I LOVE YOUR purse!" (Its the big bag with a HUGE flower on the front.) So i'm like Oh Thanks!" So then she just starts talkin to me about how she just loves BIG purses because they make her look smaller! And i'm thinkin in my head like, okaaaaaaay SISTA, they ain't NO purse "Big ENOUGH" to make you OR I look smaller!!! HAHA! But she keeps talkin to me, like we just have this automotic bond, cause we're both big girls... So she is tellin me, "I haven't been a size two since HIGHSCHOOL!" I'm like,  "A size two??? Uh yeah,  that was like SECOND grade for ME!!!" AHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm the kind of girl that...

I'm the kind of girl that if Brad Pitt knocked on my door, I honestly wouldn't know the difference between him AND any other sales person trying to sell me stuff or the JW's trying to give me a Watchtower magazine. I HONESTLY don't know what the dude looks like!!!

Everyone's always like, Oh COME ON Mary, how can you NOT know who Brad Pitt is??? I remember one time I was informing a buncha people that I don't know who Brad Pitt is and everyone was like WHAT?!?! Really Mary? Like really? You don't know WHO BRAD PITT IS? And I was kinda starting to feel kind of dumb about it...HOW can you NOT know who Brad Pitt is??? EVERYONE knows who Brad Pitt is!!! Then, all of the sudden, I heard ANOTHER voice speak up... "Well I don't know who Brad Pitt is!" It was Bishop Abbott's wife, Sis. Abbott...At that moment in time, I FELT SOOOO COOL! Me and Bishop Abbott's wife didn't know who Brad Pitt was...I felt like THE COOLEST GIRL IN THE WHOLE WORLD!

 I remember this one time when I was in highschool! I had this HUGE crush on some movie star!!! I thought he was sooooo cute...blah, blah, blah...then one day one of my brothers were like Heeey Mary did you hear about him? I'm like no what about him???!?!?! They were like, oh yeah he came out and he is bi-sexual! I was like WHAT?!?!?! NO WAAAAY!!! And I looked it up and SURE ENOUGH HE WAS!!! I was like EWWWW!!! I decided after that, that NEVER again would I chase after worldy guys and movie stars!!! 

Seriousley, what's the big whoop, about some guy that doesn't even have the Holy Ghost??? Give me a Jesus name, born again, Holy Ghost filled, One God, Apostolic, tongue talking, holy rolling, Godly young man ANY day over Brad Pitt!!!

HOW do I NOT know who Brad Pitt is???

I don't know, I guess maybe it's just because...

Monday, September 27, 2010


Everyone be quiet!

 Listen up now...listen...LISTEN...
YOU  gotta listen!
Shhhh...there it is!
THERE IT IS!!!  IT's RIGHT there!!!!!
Can you hear it?
THAT my friends is the sound of...


Saturday, September 25, 2010

In honor of ...

This post is in honor of the Dave Ramsey show that most of my church went too...


Favorite Dave Ramsey quote-
"We buy things we don't need, with money we don't have, in order to impress people we don't like." ~Dave
AND I rewrote the quote to fit ME specifically!!!

"Why spend money I don't have, on clothes, purses AND hair accessories I DON'T need, to TRY and impress guys- that DON'T EVEN know I exist! HAHA!"

Thats MY motto and I'm stickin with it!!!!

Thanks for keepin it real Dave! :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

MY soup recipe!!!

OMW!!! Sooooo I don't wanna like brag about myself or nothing but, OKaaaay I take that back, ACTUALLY, I do want to brag about myself!!!!! (Just gonna be honest!;) I MADE LIKE THE AWESOMEST SOUP EVER!!! It was sooooo GOOD! I was like WOW! And I just made the whole thing up myself. AND I think it's pretty healthy too, although I wasn't actually sure how to figure out the calories or WW points for it!

And like ANYONE and EVERYONE that stepped foot into my household, weather coming home from work, dropping off kids or catching a ride, EVERYONE was given some to try and they all said they LOVED it! I was SOOO happy!!! The biggest honor of ALL was that my mamma tryed some and said it was REALLY good! AND she don't even like spicy stuff! But when I came out of our house to go run some errands with her, and I got in her car, she was like "WHAT are you cookin in there? YOU SMELL GOOD!"

Soooo I was sitting there eating a bowl, just TOTALLY complimenting myself and I'm thinkin okaaay so WHAT should I name my soup? Cuz I mean it's like SOOOO good it just HAS to have a name for it. So i'm thinking about my soup, It has some punch to it, almost like some slight attitude but not a ton... its kind of got a southwestern twist to it, it's a little spicy but not too hot, just like a kick in the shins to wake you up, but it doesn't actually knock you out..DELICOUS... Then ALL of the sudden I realized that the soup reminded me of someone, someone special that I just couldn't stop thinking about while I ate it...AND as I thought about this person, I knew the name for my AMaZING soup just had to be ....
 Yes, thats right people, I named the soup after MYSELF!!! ;) ;) ;)

Heres whatcha need to make it...
3 boneless skinless chicken breast
Chicken broth
(For the broth I only had like half a thing in the fridge so then I just used the water that I had boiled my chicken in combination with the broth)
1 box of Spanish Rice-a-roni
(and I used the Natural, wild rice one, but you can use whatever)
1/2 pobalono pepper
1 Jalepeno pepper
some red oninon
some yellow onion
5 cubes of chicken bullion
about 5 chunks of garlic
Green onion
Fresh chopped basil
1 can of kidney beans
1 can of stewed tomatoes
Crushed red pepper
Cayenne pepper
Chili powder
Garlic powder
Paprika powder
Season salt
2 tablespoons of Olive oil
(You can use whatever but Olive oil is Healthiest)
NOW heres whatcha do!!!
Boil the three chicken breast till they are cooked
Chop up the onions, peppers, garlic, basil (I like to chop up everything really nice and small)
 saute them in the olive oil until they start to brown
Add in the kindey beans and stewed tomatoes
Add Paprika, chili powder, cayenne pepper, crushed red pepper, garlic powder, season salt
(I wish I could tell you guys the exact amount but I really don't measure the spicy peppers were probably only about 1/2 teaspoon and the other ones a whole teaspoon, You just gotta go with your instincts and decide how spicey you want it! FYI- when you do the Jalepeno pepper, the SPICE is in all those little seeds so you decide how many you want in I used about half )
Let this all kind of simmer in saute pan for about 15 minutes
Cut up chicken and put in seperate pot will all your broth
 (This is like a medium size pan, maybe large but NOT HUGE!!!)
After 15 minutes combine all the veggies in with the chicken and broth
Bring to a boil then bring the heat back down to medium 
 let it boil together for about 30-45 minutes
Now add in your box of Rice-a-roni
Let it boil for about 10-15 min just check your rice and see if its cooked
While your rice is cookin chop up some more onions and peppers real fine and some CILANTRO
When your soup is done...

 Get YO self a bowl!!!
Sprinkle on top the fresh veggies you just chopped AND OMW take a bite!!! TAKE A BITE!!!
YOU ain't gonna be SORRY!!!
AND that my friends is WHY it's named after me!!!
(Don't deny it!!! Thats WHY YOUR on MY BLOG AGAIN!!! Uh huh, uh huh! ;)

Well, there you have it folks...
Eat a bowl and THINK OF ME!!! ;) ;) ;)

Thursday, September 23, 2010



So I had the most awesomest math teacher ever in college. Her name was Mrs. Weintraub and to me she reminded me of Mrs. Frizzle from the Magic School bus series. And like Mrs. Frizzle makes science come alive, Mrs. Weintraub could make math come alive! Plus she was was FUNNY too! She had this kinda of reddish brownish hair that was just WILD and she wore the funkiest outfits, but not like she was tryin to be a kid or something, just cool and like I don't think she EVER repeated outfits. But she made math come alive for me and know I didn't fall in live with math BUT she did help me to understand it. She is THE ONLY teacher that has EVER been able to teach me how to add fractions! Seriousley, I started learning those in 5th grade but couldn't get them till HER!!! I was in her class for three semesters...yeah it was the SAME class...It took me awhile...but I remember this one time she was teaching and she would be like SEE math can be fun and some of the kids were like all ENTHUSIASTIC like YES IT IS!!! I was all like, Oh YES, its sooooo FUN! For a moment here I thought we were at Disney Land or something!!! HAHA! She was like OH MARY! But really, she is THE BEST math teacher I EVER HAD!!! (Aside from when Devi Abbott used to tutor me) If you HATE math you should TAKE her class @ PVCC!!! Elaine Weintraub is AWESOME!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happily Ever After...

When we think of Happily Ever After, we often think of  Magic, and rose petals covered in pixie dust. A stagecoach and being swept off our feet. The birds are always singing and prince charming is always rich and we're riding away into the night on his beautiful white horse. Then if any problems find us in life, they can always be fixed with the swoop of a magical wand. Of course, the in the background of it all, there is ALWAYS a castle awaiting us. I think that so often we have a total misconcieved notion of what love really is.

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥ 

But I think love is really a little bit more like this picture...
They might not have much, but they've got what counts...
Two people, growing old together...
Loving each other till...
 The End

And they lived
Happily Ever After...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


WOW!!! I am so honored!!! Today PJ Connor made me the official PROMOTIONS DIRECTOR for Conqueror's Conference, AND, May's Apostolic Male Model just told me that he votes me Apostolic Female Model of THE YEAR...not month...YEAR!!! WOW! LOLOL!!! All this in just ONE day...I don't even know what to say...I'm speechless...well, NOT REALLY speechless, but you know, it sounds good! ;)

It's SOOOO the purse!!!

Does THIS purse make me look FAT?!?!

I just found like the funniest thing on Charming Charlies Purse's blog!!! Its an article on

Selecting The Right Handbag For Your Height, Body Shape and Type
Here is some of what it says...
While most fashion rules have become more relaxed over time, there are still a few that are worth their proverbial weight in fashion gold. Case in point, the subject of this blog: selecting the right handbag for your body. The handbag you carry has a huge impact on your overall look, so selecting the right handbag for your body is worth a little extra investment in time and effort.
Flatter Your Figure
The right handbag can enhance your assets and down play the rest. It’s not magic, but selecting the right handbag for your body can be a quick fashion fixer upper! Plus, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a bag that works for you; there are many affordable and stylish options to choose from.

The Trend Factor: One Size Does Not Fit All
Trends are fresh and fun and ever-changing! Not all trends can suit everyone. You need to keep your frame top of mind when selecting the right handbag for your body. This can be difficult, especially when a trend is particularly eye catching and irresistable. But while passing on the “it” bag of the moment might take a little restraint, selecting an equally cute bag that is the right handbag for your body can give you much more satisfaction. In addition, you can look for trendy “styling” and details that match your personality once you identify the right type of handbag for your body. Your handbag will always complement your ensemble if it is the right balance for your body frame, whether you switch your handbag out from season to season or week to week.

Handbag Shape: Opposites Attract
In general, women of all sizes should aim for choosing handbag shapes that are the opposite of their body types. So, if you are tall and thin, opt for a round, slouchy handbag. If you are petite and curvy, pick a long, sleek handbag.

To think...that ALL this time I could have been giving you all the allusion I was slim, simply by my purse...WOW! LOLOLOLOL!!! OMW!!! Just wait till you all see me at WCC!!! Im gonna have the LONGEST, THINNEST, SLEEKEST purse you have EVER seen! You all won't even reconize me and I'll just be like, NO it wasn't WEIGHT WATCHERS...It's MY NEW CHARMING CHARLIE PURSE!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!! ;)

For more info click on link!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Being a friend...

Since the beginning of this school year, my niece has been talking about her bestest friend at school. A little girl that i'll just call Rose. She would tell us about how Rose is just so sweet and just sooooo cute and that she was her favorite person to play with and well Mary Jo is just ALWAYS talking about her friend Rose.

So last week MJ had a doctor's apointment and later on my sister had to bring her in to her classroom. Well when we are talkin later on in that day my sister tells me that she met Mary Jo's friend and that while she was in the room Mary Jo's teacher was like, "This is Mary Jo's special friend Rose!." So Mary Jo like pipes in now and is just like, "isn't she just sooo CUTE mom!?" SO my sister is just like, "Yeah..." and just kinda looks at me like, uh she's not really... So I'm like talkin to my sis about it and she is not trying to be mean, but she is telling me  MJ's friend Rose is not what we would consider "Cute". She is just kinda frumpy and homely looking and it is VERY aparent that she has A LOT of special needs! And my sis is like, but I'm glad that Mary Jo is her friend.

Well then MJ came back in the room so we kept talking to her about Rose and all her school friends and Mary Jo is just telling us about how she is friends with everyone in her class and stuff and so we are like so does Rose have a lot of friends too? And MJ is just like, "No, She just has me!" So we are like, you mean she isn't friends with the other kids in her class? and Mary Jo is like, "No. None of them like her and nobody wanted to play with her, but I didn't want her to be all alone so I am her friend. Then she just starts talking again about how cute Rose is and how she just loves her so much...

Me and my sis were just like WOW!!! We were both feeling SOOOO proud of her! I mean as a little girl she already grasped such an important concept in life that many of us adults just havn't quite figured out yet! Even though she is my neice, just a little girl and I take care of her all the time, there is just a little part of me that really looks up to her for that. I admire her for being that little girl's friend. Thats the kind of person I hope and strive to be...

A friend to the friendless!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Foot doctor drama! LOL!

Soooo the other day I go to the foot doctor and when I got there it just hit me all of the sudden...A FOOT DOCTOR...that means this doctor is going to be looking at AND touch MY FEET!!! Ewwww! I'm like I don't want some man examining my nasty, nasty feet!!! But then I was like, OH WELL...its just gonna be some old gradpa dude...RIGHT?!?!

Soooooo I get called into the examining room and the nurse is talkin to me and she does exrayz on my feet and I get to sit in this really cool chair where they prop your feet up and you just feel like TOTAL royalty, which I mean, I usually feel like most of the time ANYWAYZ!!! ;) So the nurse is like, ok well the doctor will be in her in a few minutes and she leaves. So I just sit there kind of relaxin, waitin for Grandpa to come in and look at my feet...

I hear the door opening and I look up and walks one of THE MOST HANDSOMEST men I have EVER seen in my whole entire life!!! But instead of feeling that normal exhileration I feel for a handsome man, all I could think was NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! NO! NO! NO!!! There is NOOOOO way in the world I want some drop dead gorgous man examining MY FEET!!! And for the FIRST time in my life I was soooooooo HAPPY to see a wedding band on a handsome man's hand! i was just like, OH THANK GOD!!! (It just made me feel better knowing that he was married...idkY!;)

So he takes one look at my feet and he is like, your flat feet! I'm like, uh?! okaaay! He asks if my parent's have this and I'm like, uh not that I know of and he looks really surprised, like I guess it's something thats I'm thinkin like, OMW...maybe I'm REALLY ADOPTED?!?! LOL (I mean EVEN if my father and I look EXACTLEY alike...YOU NEVER KNOW! ahahahaha!)

Well, he tells me that my feet need to be casted and then they will take this mold that they make from the cast and make inserts to go in my shoes that match me feet exactley and that I will have to wear it in my shoes AND he doesn't want me wearin flip-flops very often, just like around the house and stuff and I'm sittin there thinkin like OMW...SO WHAT ABOUT HIGH HEELS?! But I didn't even bother asking! HAHA! So they are doing this cast thing on my feet and they are like wrapping this stuff around and they are like, I hope your not ticklish and I'm like...UH YEAH I AM!!! Like BIG TIME!!! and for some odd reason my right foot is MORE ticklish then my left...sooo yeah that was kinda embarassing...laughing hysterically while they do the casting...BUT I couldn't help it!!!!! AHAHA! At least they just thought it was funny!

So when its ALL done the doctor was like we'll send this in and it will take about two weeks to get back to us but once it does we will call you. So i'm like, OH ummm...we come October 1st my insurance won't be covering foot doctors anymore. So he is like, well we'll just keep seeing you until the problem the problem is taken care of ! So i'm like oh the insurance will cover it till then and he is like, Well, we just won't charge you. I was like, OH WOW!!! I mean seriousley, that was soooo nice of him! I mean, thats kind of a lot of money he won't be getting and most doctors would NOT just keep seeing me for free! AND like everyone I told about that was REALLY surprised!

Well later on i'm talking to my mom and I'm like, so yeah I guess I have flat feet and the doctor wanted to know if you are dad had it cause it guess its hereditary and I said no and he seemed surprised! And my was like, oh Grandpa had flat feet and he always had to wear the special inserts in his shoes too. ANd I was like thinking...oh okaaay so guess that means i'm NOT adopted then!! HAHA! Kinda cool and kinda NOT cool, that the trait skipped a whole generation but went to me...outta ALL my siblings and the 7 other Grand kids!!! Genes are just soooo WEIRD but sooo interesting at the same time!

Then I told my mom about how he said he would just keep on seeing me without charge until the problem was taken care of and she was like, WOW!! That was really nice of him! I was like, I know, and MOM, he was like HANDSOME TOO!!! And she is like, WELL I don't think he did it because he was handsome and I was like, WELL I DO MOM! LOL Because a man is NOT truley handsome UNLESS he IS NICE!!!

Seriousley, ITS TRUE!!! Even if I don't think a guy is handsome at first glance, if he is nice, considerate and kindhearted, in my eyes he becomes handsome!!! So keep being nice guys, I'm impressed!!! :)

Okaaaaaaaay so I have NO idea how this blog managed to end this way!!! LOL!

Friday, September 17, 2010


Well, I had a really FUNNY post preapared for today, BUT, I ended up spending the WHOLE entire day writing an article that I felt God had laid upon me. I just couldn't stop until it was DONE...seriousley, I didn't even go out with my sis this evening! LOL! When I was done I just wasn't sure if I should even post it. It's kinda deep and personal. It came from the depths of my heart and i wasn't even sure if I should share it. But writing from the heart is the ONLY way I know how to write and it is the ONLY way I feel a writer can truly be effective to their reader. So when I was done, I printed it out and gave it to my sister to read. I was like, I don't know if I should post it, I'm SCARED!!! She sat there silently reading it. Then when she was done, she handed me the papers and said, POST IT! She said its only the truth and its something that is very relevant in almost everyone's lives and it's something we all need to work on. So I DID!!! LOL!

♫ “Oh be careful little mouth what you say!” ♪

Read it HERE

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shattered dream!!!

Today I went to the foot doctor. I found out that I am bow knee and that I have flat fleet. Basically it means, I'm NOT graceful and a TOTAL KLUTZ! Guess this means I have to say goodbye to my dream career as a ballerina!!! :'(  :'(



Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Returnin Charmin!!!

I just got off the phone with my lovely mother, AND after our little convo, i just can't help but wonder, WHY?!?! WHY ME?!?! Why am I ALWAYS the one that has to RETURN stuff for my mom?!?! There are FIVE of us children, BUT for some reason, I am THE CHOSEN one to ALWAYS return stuff for her when it rings up wrong OR SOMETHING!!! LOL I guess she knows that I am the only one that will ACTUALLY do it!!! The two firstborns, T & Joe, FORGET IT!!! Then John, he is SOOO BOSSY, he is basically just another firstborn, then there is Abie, the baby of the family, AND of course he would do it, BUT, since EVERYTHING is always bought from Fry's, which is the grocery store he works at, my mom feels bad askin him to return stuff to his place of work...HAHA!!!

Sooooo I think the worst thing I have EVER had to return for my mom is TOILET PAPER!!! BAHAHAHA! So she gives my little brother Abe a list of stuff to buy when he gets off work one day AND on the list was toilet paper. WELL the next thing I know she is callin me up, "ABRAHAM GOT THE WRONG KIND OF TOILET PAPER!" I'm like, wrong kind? How can there be a WRONG KIND OF TP?!?! She is like, 'He got the EXPENSIVE kind!" I'm like, okaaaaaaay.... Expensive TOILET PAPER?!?! What is this like, THE BURBERRY BRAND OF TP or what?!?!? Ahahahahahahaha!!! She is like he got Charmin and we only use SCOTT Tissue cuz it's the cheapest and you get the most quanity!! So i'm like well mom, did Abe use his money or yours? She is like HIS, I'm like WELL THEN WHO CARES!!??!?! And she is like thats NOT THE POINT!!! Its a waste of money to spend it on EXPENSIVE TOILET PAPER!!!

Sooooo OF COURSE, the next thing I know, I'm being picked up AND dropped off @ Fry's! There I am, standin in line @ the customer service desk with THE EXPENSIVE TOILET PAPER in my arms!!! LOL! So it's my turn and i'm like, ummm, I need to return this, and I give them the reciept and they are like, is there anything wrong with it? I'm like, Uh NO! They are like, what is the reason for your return? I'm like uh...ummmmm...cuz I mean, WHAT am I supposed to say??? It's to expensive! Or We're SOOO GHETTO we can't afford this brand? Or WELL my mom prefers the cheap kind that feels like sandpaper??? BAHAHA! Soooo i'm like, Uh...ummm....uh...ummmmm...."We don't need it." They just look at me like, OH REALLY??? AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Then I was talkin to one of my friends later on and I was tellin her about this WHOLE "EXPENSIVE" Toilet paper ordeal and then later on in the convo we were talking about this cute guy...OF COURSE...and I was like, What kind of girl do you see him with? AND without missing a beat she was like, A GIRL THAT RETURNS EXPENSIVE TOILET when she is asked too! HAHA! I was like, I AM SOOOOOO SURE!!! It would be my luck that I end up with...  Bossy-MR. FRUGAL, makin me return stuff like "EXPENSIVE" toilet paper!!! Basically, that describes my little brother JOHN...not that I would mind...we get along GREAT and  HEEEEEEY, if he's cute...It's ALL GOOD!!!! LOLOL!!! ;) ;) ;)
Soooooo YEAH,
I return expensive toilet paper...
I just added it to the TOP OF MY WIFE RESUME!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

How was YOUTH ALIVE?!?!

Youth Alive was AWESOME!!! I had soooooo much fun and it was sooooo COOL being at an amusement park with so many fellow Apostolics!!! At one point this guy that isn't Apostolic walks by me, looks at my skirt and just kind of mutters under his breath, "National Skirt Day" HAHAHAHA!!! I was like Oooooooo yeah!!! It's been "National Skirt Day" for me, EVERY DAY since I was about three years old! (Which I'm glad about that, CUZ i previousley had to wear ALL of my brother Joe's HAND-ME-DOWN pants!!! Don't ask what happened to Theresa's pretty clothes...THEY WERE ALL PUT ASIDE AND SAVED FOR HER---->THE FIRST BORN!!! This is what happens when your THE MIDDLE CHILD!!!LOL!) Soooo on the way home, the question was asked to me;

 WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF YOUTH ALIVE? I was like hmmm...cuz there was A LOT of stuff goin on with this trip... Church, Preaching, THE PARK, THE RIDES, The Singspiration, The socializing...UH yeah...I stopped there...THE SOCIALIZING was FOR SURE my favorite part of the trip!!!! LOL! Sorry if it seems TOTALLY unspirtitual of me to say that, BUT its the HONEST TRUTH!!! I love going and getting to see all my friends that I don't get to see very often AND just makin memories with my youth AND meeting new people!!! I got to meet SOOOO many people for the first time on this trip AND I LOVE THAT!!! I love making friends!!! Its just sooooo AWESOME! AND it's not something that I can just do ALL the time!!!  I LOVED the preaching, but I have good preaching at my church! I enjoyed the singing, BUT my church is filled with talented singers!!! I LOVED praying, but I can pray ANYWHERE, ANY TIME!!! For that matter God is EVERYWHERE, however, I AM NOT...which is what makes socializing SOOOO AWESOME!!! LOL Thats my story and I'm stickin with it!!!

Ashlyn & Denae
These two girls are sisters, I didn't know them but they found me and said that they read my blog and I got to hang out with them a little bit...they were really sweet AND soooo PRETTY!!!

Me & Kendra!!!
I FINALLY got to meet this girl!!!
She is soooo cool, wish we coulda hung out longer AND I am kinda BUMMED that I didn't actually get to hear her sing at the second session of the singspiration! (We had to head back to AZ) I have heard that she is an AWESOME singer!!! WCC?!?!?!

Kendra & Brendan Thaler
Awww... they are sooooo cute!!! :)

 Me and Sis. Kendricks...
We read each other's blogs and she reconized me...
So OF course we had to get our pic together!!! :D

Leah & Yvette!!!
These two girls were SOOOOO funny!
They had all these Apostolic Male Models picked out for me & they kept trying to show me this one guy's green eyes...LOLOLOL!!! I'm glad I got to meet you girls and THANKS for reading my blog!!!

THE one person that I did NOT get to meet in person is SIS. KATHY, from Bro. White's church in Burbank! We have been blog friends FOR SOOOO LONG and We like totally had it ALL planned but it just didn't work out!!! I saw her though sittin across from me during the preaching but didn't feel it would be apropriate to go say hi, right then...HAHAHA! She was soooo busy helpin run stuff with her church and was behind stage the WHOLE day at Knotts...SHE didn't even get to ride any rides!!! Any of you all that sang, probabley got to meet her...The pretty blonde lady with a clipboard! :)

Oh I also got to meet the little miss Meghan Rowell, this REALLY cool girl named Elissa, (WHO'S mom gave our youth these AWESOME brownies she made, and I REALLY hope she text messages me, cause I was hangin out the van window, givin her my number and I didn't get hers!!! LOL) AND there was some other people that I met to, soooooo I'm sorry if I didn't say anything about you or if I didn't remember your name or get a picture...We'll do it for SURE @ WCC!!! FIND ME!!!
Woooooohooooooo!!!! Can't wait!!!

YUP...SOCIALIZING was fo sho....

View my picassa album of THE WHOLE trip HERE

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Youth ALIVE!!!!!!

IS TOMORROW!!!!!!!! OMW!!! All of us that are going from LPC ARE ABSOLUTLEY SIKED!!!

This is like THE AWESOMEST RIDE EVER!!! Located in Ghost town...Careen through the darkness of a twisting 2,100-foot waterway at speeds of 8 - 12 feet per second and plummet down a furious flume propelled by 24,000 gallons of water at your back.

AND my ultimate goal is to read my water proof Bible while on here and NOT lose the Bible!!!
HAHAHA!!! I have some pretty awesome aspirations in life, ya know!? ;)

AnywayZ, I cannot wait for all the people that I am going to get to see ESPECIALLY all my blog friends that I will be meeting for THE FIRST TIME EVER!!! Sis. Kathy, Kendra Thaler and her husband AND Meghan Rowell!!! I canNOT wait to meet you all!! And we HAVE to get pics together too! I have a REALLY cool camera that does self-protraits...IT actually has a screen in the front too...HOW totally cool is that!?!?!?!

ALSO, I LOVE MEETING PEOPLE!!! So if you see me please come over and say hi!!! I am NOT a SNOB!!! LOL I have been told before that I seemed that way...BUT I PROMISE you I AM NOT!!! LOL!!! Sometimes I don't reconize people, or i'm just kind of airheaded and get confused or forget that I already met a person, or sometimes I meet someone, then they start talkin to meet the next night and I don't know its them cuz their wearin a different outfit...I KNOW...for SURE airhead...LOL...or sometimes i'm just straight up SHY!!! I know, thats HARD to believe BUT I am for like the first two seconds of meetin someone...SOOOOO EVERYONE PLEASE say hi!!! I REALLY do want to meet you ALL!

Well cya all TOMORROW!!!
I gotta go pack, we're leavin the church at 8 am tomorrow morn!!!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Taking a break!!!

At this point in time in my life, Classic Mary Moments, has decided to take a BREAK! I am currently behind on quite a few things in my life, such as writing assignments AND my BIBLE reading, I don't think it is right that I put time into this while I am behind on the more important things in my life. This past Sunday my pastor was talking about how if we are spending more time on social networking than in prayer and reading our Bibles, we need to do something about that!!! I was like OOOOOO girl!!! That is sooooooooo totally for YOU!!!! BAM! SLAP! About two weeks ago I did like a 24 hour internet fast and OMW, it's AMAZING just how much Bible reading I got done! Read THE WHOLE book of Samuel in one day! Now here I am 2 weeks later, STILL struggling to get through second Samuel!!! I am DETERMINED to get through my Bible THIS YEAR! I know I am behind BUT I know I can do it still! Cuz I am an AWESOME reader!!! Won all the awards in elementrey school for reading the most books! Read a 200 page book in one day in second grade and bragged to all my peers about it and NONE of them believed me! HA! Don't ask me what 1/3 + 2/3 =? BUT I CAN READ BABY!!! ;)  I have FOUR MONTHS left... I CAN DO IT!!!! I'm not sure HOW long this break will be... a week, a month,  but DON'T worry girls, September's Apostolic Male Model WILL BE UP!!! HAHA! ;) In the mean time DO NOT FORGET ABOUT CLASSIC MARY MOMENTS and be sure to look for my writing assignments on MARY FRANCES WRITING (

Hugs & slaps!
♥ Mar Bear

This is NOT good bye!!! It's just a cya later!

(This is including pretty much EVERYTHING on the internet unless I need to use it for research, LIKE omw how could I write without!?!!?

You say♥ How do I know that YOU love me?
I say♥ because, EVERYONE ♥loves♥ me!!! ;)

I NEED this!!!

I sooooooooooo NEED this for when I accidentally delete something that I wrote!!! You don't even know how frustrated I feel when that happens!!! HAHA!!! My computer can SOOOO use an air bag!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010


Heeeey  you guys!!!
I am SOOOO sorry if the blog posts are just totally AND completely LAME this week!!!! Its just soooo busy around here with my family and stuff. PLUS there have been these free cooking classes at the new Frys that I am absolutley DETERMINED to go to as many as possible...EVEN if it means WALKIN 45 minutes to get there!!! LOL! Which is TOTALLY what I will be doing tomorrow AND what I did on Saturday! They are SOOOO worth it though! The Chef is INCREDIBLE and I have learned sooooo much the last few days!!! Me and my mom went today and she was TOTALLY givin Chef Travis some tips after class!!! HAHAHA!!! He didn't seem to mind though, he was askin me where she was in the afternoon class! LOL! 

 AND OMW! I can NOT even believe that youth alive is THIS FRIDAY!!! I thought I was like in three weeks, Then Saturday night we're all sittin around talkin and was like now when exacltey is that and they were like, Friday, I"M like this friday? They are like yeah. I'm like you mean as in the Friday of this NEXT COMING WEEK?!??! They are like yeah! I'm like WHAT"?!?! I didn't even know!!! WOW!!! Thats soooooo cool!!! Sooooooo yeah!!! I can NOT wait to see you all Friday!!! LIke EVERYONE in the whole world practically is going!!! AND there are soooooo many people I am supposed to be meeting!!! Everyone bring your cameras and we can ALL take pics with each other!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!

What I'm good at!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

SOOOO ME!!! :)

I HATE math BUT I LOVE my coffee!!! :) :) :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010



Okaaaaay I'm totally HYPER!!!
Gnight peeps!

Friday, September 3, 2010


Yesturday, my brother went to Oncologist for his routine check up and the doctor said that he was officially considered CURED of cancer. I was soooo happy when I heard this! I can't believe its been FIVE years now that he has been in remission!!! He ONLY had a 40% chance of surving with chemo and if that didn't work he had a 10% chance of surviving with a bone marrow transplant....BUT here we are TODAY!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!! God is sooooooooooo GOOOOOD!!!

For so long before John was even diagnosed he was VERY SICK! I remember on his 16 birthday, he was getting this beat up pick up truck he wanted and we played the song, Something Woman like about a Pickup man or maybe its just called "Pickup Man"...LOLOL... I ♥ that song!!! BUT he was soooooo sick he couldn't even go out and drive it!  :( BUT he still managed to tell us that if he wasn't plannin on it BUT if he did die, that he didn't want a casket, he just wanted to be sitting at the wheel of his pick up in the drivers seat and buried like that...I was like OKAAAAAAAY seriousley?!?! Guys are sooo WEIRD! LOL

I remember when I first realized that my little brother might die. My heart felt soooo crushed. I remember just being at work and sobbing. I couldn't imagine life without one of my siblings. But you can't cry forever and so you just find the things to laugh at!

I think we really managed to have some "Good times" in the hospital, despite the circumstances. I guess i'll do some pretty STUPID things just to make people LAUGH! Like, dancing in the hospital room @ 2 am...HAHAHAHA!!! Ask my bro about that!!! Sometimes my brother would wanna switch beds with me cause he was bored with his hospital bed and felt like sleepin on the cot and the nurses would come in  just lookin, like they didn't like it BUT they weren't gonna argue with the patient! AND then a new nurse would come in and she would be ALL confused about who the actual patient was!!! HAHA! AND it would get CROWDED in that hospital room!!! HAHAHA! Imagine ALL the Ginty's, Bishop Abbott, the youth got cRaZy!!! LOL

And when John's hair started falling out. Our big brother buzzed his whole head and I remember NO one was upset about it Including John, EXCEPT for my mom, she was crying!!! We're like uh mom, its NOT that big of a deal...HE IS A GUY!!! HAHAHA!

Oh and I believe it was in the hospital that I FINALLY told my little brother the WONDERFUL thing I used to do for him as a child. Okaaaaaay so my mom has this thing that the little kids couldn't have any sort of tortilla chip cause they would "CHOKE" on it!!! Lil John would say to me, "Mammy, I want some, peeze!!! Soooooo being the OH so luvin and kind big sis that I was I would get the chips, chew them up, then give them to him AND he LOVED me for it!!! "I wuv you Mammy!" He didn't seem to think it was quite soooo nice of me at 16! "He was like, I CAN NOT believe you did that to me!!!" I was like okaaaaaaaay you know what, I COULD HAVE EATEN those chips, BUT no, I SACRIFICED them for my lil brother!!! He was like, "Yeah and I bet you sucked ALL the flavor out of them before you gave them to me too!!!" HAHAHAHA! I soooooooooo DID!!! I'm SUCH a good big sister!!! :)))

Then this past April, John started feeling continually sick again! We were all soooo worried that it was the cancer again. I was ready to start packing my stuff to start spending the nights with him in th hospital again...Thankfully it was ONLY Mono!!! You thank God for things like MONO when it coulda easily been CANCER!!!

I think my little brother is SOOOO brave! The other day I was sayin something about how everyone better be puttin on sunblock so they don't get skin cancer and John just looks at me and says, "I'm not exactley worried about something like cancer!" I was like, awwwwwwwww! (But I only said the awwwwww in my heart cause he woulda said I was dumb if I had said it out loud!!! HAHA!)

But here we are FIVE years since remission, and we're all STILL fact the Ginty's have NOT declined but are INCREASING quite rapidly! HAHAHA!!! Sooooo much has happened but what more can you say then, God is GOOOOOOOOD!!!!

Read John's story HERE I think its time to do an UPDATE on this story!!!
The new Frys off of Tatum and Shea, havin FREE cooking classes thru the 7th of September. quick breakfasts for moms 9 am- 10am, cupcakes from 12-1, Apetizers from 3-5 AND basket arranging 6-7pm If anyone wants to go let me know and we can go together! I am plannin on going to ALL of them SOOOO i am totally DOWN with going 2x or MORE! LOL!!
ALSO, my mom, my sis and I have already signed up for a REALLY cool class they are teaching in November on canoli and ravioli making! ABSOLUTLEY SIKED about this!!! Its 35 dollars for this class, which is pretty decent for a cooking class!!! Cool if we could get as many people as possible to take it with us!!!

Oooo AND I was thinking...GIRLS that we should do this tomorrow...Like our own lil ladies retreat...HINT, HINT...LPC ladies!!! ;) ;) ;)

JANELLE, I know your gonna be on here, CALL ME ON YOUR LUNCH!!! LOLOL!!!

P.S. I guess the guys can come to if they want...Since some of the best cooks I know are men!!! Grandpa Mangino, John, Bro. Steve AND I think the teacher of this class is a MAN!!! LOL

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Borrowing some Jewels!!!

"The most precious jewels you'll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children."I saw this quote today and just LOVED it!!! It's soooo true!!! Then I was thinkin its kinda a TOTAL bummer that...I don't EVEN have any  Jewels to call MY OWN!!! :(   BUT then I was thinking, I may not  have any Jewel's to call my own, HOWEVER, I do have a TON of RICH friends AND family, that let me borrow theirs!!! :)

Thanks to ALL the RICH people...
 that let me BORROW their Jewel's!!! :)

Ugly! ;)

HAHAHAHAHA!!! LOL!!! I saw this and just DIED LAUGHING!!!
Can you just imagine breaking out the STOP sign?!?! HAHAHAHA!!!

Then I found this quote and just HAD to post it too it says... "People aren't ugly they're just a weird kind of beauty" I LOVE it cause like, I HATE saying that people are ugly AND I hate hearing people say that someone is ugly! I mean God made us ALL!!! :) So I thought this could be my knew quote....

"People aren't ugly they're just a weird kind of beauty"