Thursday, October 17, 2019

My Super-power!!!

Have you ever been asked, "If you could choose a super-power, what would it be?' Well aside from THE HOLY GHOST, (that THE SUPER-POWER LIVING IN SIDE OF ME!) I've always said, to be able to fly! You know, your running and your running and your running sooooooooo fast the next thing you know, your soaring through the air...FLYING!!! I mean, think about how amazing that would be!!! Growing up, I would always have dreams of flying...well ok, occasionally, I STILL DO!!! ;)
Buuuuuut alas, my super-power is NOT flying!!! Wanna know what my super-power is??? My super-power is SCREAMING!!! No joke people, there ain't NO SCREAM, like a Mary scream!!!
I don't need a megaphone, God made me with a BUILT IN MEGA PHONE!!! My motto: "I can't be quiet, I'm Pentecostal
(Okaaaaay half Italian, but let's not talk about THAT!;)
My scream got me the part of playing THE CROWD, yes, THE WHOLE entire crowd in a Calvary scene for a Christmas drama at our church years ago! (Well, ok, there were two other people in the crowd with me, buuuuuuut they were two incredibly quiet people and  literally just there for LOOKS!!!) Buuuuuut YES, my voice got me the part of THE CROWD....and let me tell you all something, I WAS GOOD!!! Hee, hee!!!
Are you wondering how a Mary-scream-super-power would come in handy??? Thank you for asking and allow me to tell you HOW the MARY SCREAM can save lives. This is a true story...
Once upon a time, this morning in fact, I was driving my niece and nephew to our church school. We were at a stop light not to far from the church, when I heard honking. Usually it's ME people are honking at, NO IDEA WHY, but it is so! Well, I hear the honking and realize that they can't be honking at me because we are at a RED STOP LIGHT, that means, STOP and that's what I'm doing.
So I glance around and notice the car next to me is slowly rolling backwards and it is starting to go faster back! I realize the lady in the car is sleeping and she has a baby in the car seat with her. She doesn't seem to be hearing the honking from the car behind her sooooooooo without thinking about it, my SUPER POWER TOOK A HOLD OF ME, I waved my arms out the window annnnnnnnnnd I SCREAMED a good one!!!
That lady just jolted right up and immediately got her car going in the right direction!!! Phew!!! She couldn't hear the honking horn, BUUUUUUUUUT she could hear A MARY SCREAM!!! Thank God for that!!!
Then the light turned green and we all began to drive away. This was the moment where you would think you get thanked and perhaps a million bucks and maybe even a good looking husband for saving her life, her babies life and the life of the person in the car behind her, buuuuuuuuuuut alas, this super hero is still poor and single...buuuuuut it's all part of the disguise...
So she just straightens her invisible cape and halo...
and goes on her day...
wondering who will need her scream next????
Hee, hee!!!
Soooooo that's my super-power, WHAT'S YOURS????

♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Where's my shades????

Sooooo as you all know, if you've been a faithful reader of Classic Mary Moments, my sister got me my beloved sunglasses that you see me wearing in a lot of my pictures, and I adore them!!!
So the other morning I was out hiking, when I got back to my car I was putting all my hiking stuff away, I got back in the car, put my seat belt on, drank some water, then reached for my sunglasses on the seat next to me to put on but....THEY WERE NOT THERE!!!
I searched all over the car for them, the floor, the console...I was like...awwww man, I've had them for almost two years without breaking or losing them, I should have known that was to good to be true. Then I was like, WAIT, maybe I left them in the back of my car where I put all my hiking stuff!
I'm about to get out and look in the back of the car, buuuuuuuut I glanced in the rearview mirror first before I got out and GASPED...I found them...they were RIGHT THERE...
I guess sometimes, the answer to what we are looking for is SO CLOSE we can't even see it!!! And if so in life or spiritually speaking, God open my eyes, help me to see!!!
"And Elisha prayed, and said, Lord, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And the Lord opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha." (2 Kings 6:17)
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Pet Peeves!!!

 (Hee, Hee!!!;)
1. Bathrooms that don't have deodorizer
2. Bathrooms that DO have deodorizer but people don't use!
3. When stores or businesses don't have trash cans before you walk inside
4. When people say good luck!!! Ummmm...Did you mean God bless you???
5. When people say, "It must be Nice!" Like when you say what your doing or if you got something new, and they say, "It must be NICE!" Look I don't have everything in life that I want, but I don't tell my friends EVERY TIME they get married or have a baby or something that I really want, "It must be nice!" I'll rejoice with you when you get your spouse and baby, can you please be happy for me that I got ANOTHER new dress instead???? AHAHAHAHAAHAAA!!!
6. When people use manipulation to try and get me to do something. "We don't have a lot of money, so we were wondering if you could bring the steak tonight!" Look, I RARELY say no to people when they ask me to bring something, if you want me to JUST ASK...I don't need a free guilt trip with it! Or when people try to use my emotions to manipulate me into something even after I said NO! I rarely say no, SOOOOOO...IF I said no, IT's NO! Or I love the, "Do you want to be a blessing and________________________????" Actually, I KINDA wanted a blessing tonight...AHAHAHAHA!!!
7. When people don't eat my cooking
8. When people are wasteful with my cooking
9. When people don't use blinkers
10. When girls use guys to pay for their meal or flirt to get a discount or free drink! Seriously, that is soooooo ghetto and cheap and I'm the QUEEN OF FREE buuuuuuut that's one thing I will NOT do!!! My mom would reach outta heaven with her cane and bop me a good one for that!!! (Still remember her making me give back that hot-pink-razor-phone a guy I didn't like gave me for my birthday...You don't like him Mary! BUUUUUUUT I like the phone MOM!!! Remember how cool razor phone were guys???? And this was a HOT PINK one...sigh...buuuuut I learned! LOL)
11. When People don't want their picture taken!!! Seriously, your not too ugly, Your not too pretty, your not too spiritual, your not to fat, your not too cool, your not too popular, your not a celebrity, JUST SHUT UP AND SMILE FOR THE PICTURE!!! I'm just over here having fun, making memories...
AND BEING A STALKERRRR!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! If it's NOT for's probably for SOMEONE!!! Heh, heh!!!
12. Negativity
13. Boring Clothes
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, October 14, 2019

Happy Monday!!!

God's delay is not God's denial
"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." (Isaiah 40:31)
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, October 11, 2019

Arise Conference and ABQ Vaycay 2019!!!!

ARISE 2019
"Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee." (Isaiah 60:1)

Sooooooooo we went to the Arise Conference and one year anniversary service with the Fosters in  Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was such a fun trip!!! In case you all didn't already know this, I'm super into Yelp!!! Researching places to go, things to do and food to try! I love adventure with a capital L! HAHAHAAA!!! So I could pretty much, probably give the Fosters a tour of their own city at this point!!!!
 Two things I learned on this trip: 1. New Mexicans don't really YELP, which pretty much rocked my world upside down...they use Trip Advisor OR Google reviews...come on guys GET ON YELP...its waaaaaay better!!! 2. CHILI EVERYTHING!!! I just realized, and I've been to New Mexico many times before, buuuuuuuuuut I just now realized how much they are into chilies!!! The famous question: do you want green or red chili? And of course ME, I say, I want it CHRISTMAS STYLE!!! 
Thursday Noon/Night
When we started the trip, I noticed a beautiful rainbow in our destination ahead of us...
It made me think of something that one of the preachers said at Heritage a few years ago, he said, "If you want God's will for your life, it's easy, JUST STAY IN HIS WILL!!!" It's one of the simplest, but most profound statements I've heard, it's stuck with me! All we gotta do you guys, is STAY IN HIS WILL!!! 
Weeeeeeeeeeeeellll that was for free...stay in his will my friends!!!
First break!!!
Our whole crew in front of Auto Zone in Payson AZ...what is it about trips, it seems like we're always stopping to get new wind shield wipers!!! I gotta say that Auto Zone had THE CLEANEST bathrooms everrrrrrr!!!! LOL  
We stopped in Gallup NM to eat!!! I wanted to try something new and local and NON-chainish off of YELP....buuuuuuuuut...No one else was in the mood for a FOOD ADVENTURE!!! So we ended up at Wendys!!!!
.Buuuuuuuuuut I had the AWESWOMEST CHILI everrrrr!!!! I asked them to add onions, jalepenos, cheese and sour cream and it was pretty bomb!!! See, I just don't like to eat, I like my food to have a zing! It has to be worth the calories otherwise what's the point???
 Driving into the lights of ABQ
 I found this Coffee shop on yelp, basically we went because of the name...LITTLE BEAR...How cuuuuuuute is that??? You know, I'm Mar Bear...I was imagining cute little bears everywhere...twas not so I was very disappointed with the décor the, I felt like it shoulda been more bears everywhere!!! Fluffy lil Mar Bears!!! 
 Buuuuuuuuut I got a prickly bear donut that made up for the lack of bears...well a bite before Odin took it over...It was very rich and a heavy consistency!!! I'm not sure if I got it just because of it's amazing bright pink color OR because it was prickly pear and that's unique???
 My sister didn't like the coffee thou...basically because it still tasted like...WEEEEEELLLLL... coffee...she said she knew it was GOOD COFFEE...she just didn't like her coffee to taste like we ended up at Starbucks for her!!! 
And I got Latte Art!!! 💖
You know what makes happy??? All things cutsey, unique, bright, adventerous and funnnnn!!!! Annnnnnnnnnd latte art falls into the category!!! 
Love people USE COFFEE...
a motto they need to paint up in EVERY COFFEE shop in Cali!!! 
After that, we picked up all the non-fancy coffee drinkers from the hotel...don't expect Stultz to be paying extra for a something pretty on top of his coffee...BAHAHAHAAA...annnnnnnnd headed over to...
ImageThis was superrrrrr cool, and I would totally do it again...
 Buuuuuuuuuut I will be honest, I was disappointed in the fact that it wasn't even the least bit scary!!! I was trying to talk the tram workers into making the bottom floor of the tram see-through, but they said they couldn't because of a water tank on the bottom of the tram...can't we put the water tank on top of the tram??? Come on guys, I'd pay an extra $20 for a clear floor!!! 

Sneaking pics of these two love birds!!!
 Me, trying to be scared!!! 

Sooooooooo I was taking pics of everyone in our group individually, each family unit, cousins, siblings etc...soooooooo I'm always like, SAY JESUS!!! And everyone says JESUS! Before I take the pic! Well a man offered to take our group pic and before he took it he said to us all, SAY JESUS!!! It was pretty epically AWESOME!!! 

 Isn't my sweater like seriously THE CUTEST AND MARYIST SWEATER EVERRRRR???

 Just me!!! 

 Cutest lil bunny everrrr!!!!


 Prickly Pear Lollipop from the Sandia Peak gift shop...I'm just gonna be honest...that was the best lollipop everrrrr!!! I wish I had gotten like 10 of them!!!
 ABQ Trolley Tour

 They say it's the best first thing to do! It was pretty good! I mean, it's not something I would do again, but at the same time, I like to hear about all the different things to do and see them sooooo….that's just wasn't amazing, but it was informative...had we been in the AZ summer weather I would say SKIP IT!!! Buuuuut since the weather was AWESOME it was enjoyable!!! I would give it a 4 on yelp!!! 
Waiting to do the Trolley Tour...I kept our group BUSY!!! Vacations are NOT meant for napping in my world!!! LOL They are for EXPLORING and DISCOVERING!!! 
 On the trolley...

Afterwards we ended up in Old Town, we ate at this really, really, really, REALLY good Mexican place called, Church Street Café!!! 5 stars from me on yelp when I review this place!!!

Oh, and the beans were soooooo good!!! buuuuuut there rice isn't very good...I think it's made by white people...very gringo...jus sayin!!! AHAHAHAAA!!! I get sooooo excited about trying stuff!!! hee, hee!!! My sister and I split this and they give you sopaphillas after with honey!!! I was beyond stuffed!!! 
Time for church!!!
 Sooooooo I was sooooooo full from lunch I thought for sure my dress wasn't going to fit me for church...No JOKE!!! I told my sister...I think I'm going to have to wear something else tonight, I'm so full, my dress isn't going to fit me! I'm like, idk what tho cuz I didn't bring any extra clothes! So i'm like, I guess I'll just try it on and see how bad it looks...sooooo I put it on and whatda ya still fit just fine...I was soooo surprised buuuuut RELIEVED!!!

 All ready for church!!!! 

I forgot to take a pic but Elder Bro. Foster from Roswell preached a good message about Loving God's word!!! 
Everyone went to Dion's Pizza after church Friday night!!!


 Alina LOVES taking pictures...Just like her Auntie Mar Bear!!!! 
I think she actually remembered me this time!!! 
I just love her...She's sooooo adorable!!!
 Odin and his favorite teacher, DOONAY!!! 
He's really hoping she stops traveling for good!!! 
 Joe and Jonathon just randomly matching their ties almost exact...these two are so alike it's hilarious...I'll never forget when they both realized they loved rasin brand I was making fun of it...or even when I introduced them to each other...Hey you guys have a lot in BOTH_________________ I can't say what I actually said on here or they'll both probably be very annoyed with me for saying what I said!!! AHAHAHAAAA...buuuuut Hey...My awkward words can bond people for life!!!HEh, heh!!! 
I love how Alina looks in this picture, she is soooooo ADORABLE!!!
Friday was FRIENDS DAY!!! We went to Satellite Coffee house before brunch at Cheesecake Factory!!!
 Basically, our group met up with the Roswell group and just chilled together in friendly chaos!!!

Little Jenny, my friend!!! 
 Just hanging out!!! 
Cheesecake Factory
These two first time at this place...Once you go never look back...
Stephanie and La La!!! 
Cheesecake Factory is one chain restaurant, that you never get bored with!!! I think because they have the biggest literally, you could read that thing for a day and I don't recall ever ordering anything there that I didn't like!!! 
 I split the Thanksgiving sandwich with my sister and it was soooooooooo bomb!!!! For the record, I just want everyone to know that I INVENTED the Thanksgivng Sandwich YEARS AGO, before it was considered cool and it was just A WEIRD MARY THING....yeah, I was making little turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce and stuffing...then BAM...someone musta seen me eating my sandwich and STOLE my idea...whatevs...I may never have the money from my idea down here on earth...BUUUUUUUUT GOD KNOWS...who the inventor of that sandwich was...HE KNOWS!!! 

Okaaaaaaaaaaaay so I have a confession to make, we were late to church...which I rarely am...buuuuuut we miscalculated the time at Cheesecake Factory, not realizing how long it would take them for such a large group, sooooo yeah, next  year guys, BRUNCH AT 10 AM!!! 
My pastor, Pastor Abbott on the saxophone, not that I know music or anything, buuuuuuuuuut, I'm pretty sure he's the best sax player in or out of Pentecost!!! He's coming out with a CD in the future sooooo one when it comes out!!!
 Bro. Ham preached a very, very compelling message about reaching lost souls with an urgency!!! Like when you were given a list of chores and you hear your parents pull and you start running around like crazy trying to get them done!!! That's how we need to get with reaching souls...URGENT to do it!!! 
BTW: If Mallory-Used-To-BE-HAM (Cant remember your new last name...sorry!)  happens to be reading this....I lost your number in my phone can you text me and say its you...or I could just get it from Denae if this doesn't work!!! LOL 
Food and fellowship afterwards!!! 
There were like 5 different kinds of beans, I had to try them all...I really like beans A LOT!!! 
Me and ANALI!!! 
I was like, we're getting a picture, RIGHT NOW...because we always say LATERRR and then we forget!!! 
And then I forgot to get a pic with 

Cartoon daisy. Simple flower on white background. Vector illustration. Stock Vector - 76081580
Sooooooooooooo this is the best I could come up with...BAHAHAHAHAAA!!! It was good to see you my friend!!! Back to the good O days!!! *Remember don't talk about my driving, they DAISY-PROOFED the streets in AZ!!! Hee, hee!!! 
Sooooooooo CUUUUUUTE!!! 

Happy for these two!!! 
Save it for the slide-show, HEE, HEE!!!
 O pouting on Mommy about who knows what!!! 
Soooooooo I don't really recommend Rude Boy cookies...they went on and on promoting them on the tram tour...I was like, Okaaaaaaaay maybe I'm a baking snob...buuuuuuuut have you ever tried my cookies??? No really, I don't even bake too often cuz I just tempt myself!!! Do you guys know what it's like to be YOUR OWN biggest temptation??? Liiiiiiiiiike I HAVE TO LIVE WITH ME!!! Okaaaaaaaay I'll shut up now...God's probably going to do something to humble me soon!!! He ALWAYS DOES!!! 

But it was cool that I kinda matched the seat!!! 
 Sunday morning!!! 
The ABQ kid's Choir!!! They all sang and did their solos so well!!! 
 Pastor Foster of ABQ
 Bishop Abbott preached and it was his signature message, "The Devil Is A Snake" Or "The Anti-toxin Serum For The Devil's Bite" this was his 179th time preaching it and I'm pretty sure I've heard it preached for at least 100 of those times but I NEVER tire of hearing this message!!! Growing up I couldn't wait to hear him preach it as he would tell all the snake stories...IN FACT, I could probably preach it myself, IF anyone would like me too...HEE, HEE!!! ;))))
Look how bishop has the podium attached to his cart, isn't that awesome????
 Coolest Bishop EVERRRRRR!!!
We all headed over to El Pinto
This is one of the prettiest places I've ever been too! I think the beauty of it could actually compete with Cheesecake Factory!!! My second time here, we went summer 2018 on the way back from Heritage! The outside seating is pretty epic!!! You could literally go for a beautiful nature walk while you wait for your food!!! 
My sister and I  split the stuffed sopapilla and I have to be honest and say it wasn't my favorite thing everrrr!!! I was kinda disappointed that it didn't come with rice and beans and really it just wasn't my thing, I didn't think it was worth the calories so I stopped have to decide with each bite if its WORTH its weight in calories and it just wasn't...I coulda been full from chips and salsa too!!! Chips and salsa were pretty bomb and the sopapilla with honey at the end was delish as well!!! 
 Sister Foster and I!!! 
So Devi Foster is pretty much the first friend I recall ever making when we moved from to NYC to AZ. I mean, I suppose I could have made other friends as a baby but I don't remember them!!! LOL  As the story goes, our family had been in church for about 9 months when we moved to AZ, I was about 3 years old at this time, and Devi says I would call her up and just talk and talk and talk and she had no idea what I was even saying because I had such a thick New York accent!!! Idk if much has changed since then...HEE, HEE!! Pretty sure I don't have much of an accent anymore tho!!! Anywayz, Sister Foster is a good friend, we may not keep in touch to much but when we're together its always good! I had to remind myself, Ok, she's a pastor's wife now, so make sure you don't call her Devi in front of her saints, It's Sister Abbott now...then I was like, OH WAIT, it's not even Sister Abbott, It's SISTER FOSTER now!!! I mean, I know they've been married over 10 years now but in my head its STILL Devi Abbott!!! Anyways, I'm proud of my friend and how God is using them in ABQ!!! Love you guys!!! 
Childhood buds!!! 
 Some pics, you literally take, JUST TO REMEMBER!!! 

We matched!!!

The boys had to stop for fireworks on the way home
The Illegal stuff!!!! Its gonna be a good New Years Eve up on our street this year!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaaay sooooo these things scared the living daylights outta me!!! At the gas station where we stopped to get the fireworks, my brother was showing me that they were selling envelopes of Rattlesnake eggs! I'm like, is it real? He's like, Idk, it says keep in a cool place to prevent hatching so they must be! I was like, NOOOOOOOOO!!! That would have to be illegal, you can't just sell Rattlesnakes....that's beyond dangerous!!! I'm like, it's probably just candy! So I open it up to peek in and this RATTLING goes off...OMW...I SCREAMED SOOOOOOOOOOOO LOUD!!! The hillbilly worker dude behind the counter was laughing soooooooooo HARD!!! Apparently it's a joke, and when you open it, it makes that noise! But my brother seriously had no idea, so he wasn't doing it to play a trick on me and I really was thinking it was candy!!! I was like to the worker, OKAAAAAAAAAAY you guys got me, you REALLY DID!!! He's like, YES WE DID!!! And just kept chuckling about it the whole time!!! It WAS PRETTY FUNNY!!!! I SCREAMED SOOOOOO LOUD you guys !!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd on the way back we stopped for a late dinner at the Wendys in Flagstaff!!! Yes, Wendy's again...buuuuuuuuut have you all tried their new Jalapeno chicken sandwich???!!!! 
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd that was basically the end of the trip!!!! This was seriously one of the funnest trips I have been on in a while!!! Reconnecting with friends I have not been with in a long time ANNNNNNND soooooo much laughing!!!! I laughed so hard so much on this trip that I had to wipe away tears multiple times!!! There was only one time I had to ask God to give me self-control cuz it was inappropriate to be laughing at that moment!!! Ah, good times, good times!!! Can't wait to see everyone at AMA this summer...or sooner...if something comes up!!! Hint, hint...can someone do a conference in between now and AMA??? Jus sayin!!! 
 Next year I have a million new coffee shops to try, Cinnamon Sugar and Spice Café for breakfast one day, The Tortilla Factory, exploring more of Old Town ABQ, The Hot Air Balloon Museum I plan to get in a good hike at La Luz trail and Idk...maybe a hot air balloon ride...I mean...that's what ABQ is known for so hey, may as well!!! The main problem with that idea, is that no one in my group is into that idea...I personally think Stultz should... I think he says unsafe....buuuuuuuuuut for someone that is willing to risk going to heaven early to NOT put on Sunblock...I think...he should try going to heaven early for a more EXCITING reason then SKIN CANCER!!! Him and S'Martin, REFUSED to put on sunblock for street ministry last month! S'Martin said if he got skin cancer God would just heal him!!! (So we're tempting God now eh??? Let me go get the snakes to bro!) And Stultz said he would just get to heaven faster if he got skin cancer! (Hmmm...selfish when there are lost souls and people down here that still need you, buuuuuuut your gonna go to heaven sooner because your to stubborn to put on sunblock! Psh...ain't that just like a man) Well, i'm only givng you bros a rough time so that you put on the 115 SPF sunblock I have for Street Ministry this Sunday afternoon!!! I blast because I CARE!!! Jus sayin!!! Hee, hee!!! 
WHO WANTS TO GO HOT AIR BALLOONING with me at Arise next year???
Save the date for ARISE Conference next year!!! 

September 25, 26, 27
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. I just want to say that the ABQ Fosters did such a good job with having everything so organized, planned out, no one was deciding for two hours after church where to go eat, etc...thanks guys!!! Of course, I wouldn't expect less for the ABQ Foster...I still laugh from time to time about that schedule on your fridge from back in the day that had the 30 minute nap scheduled in on Sunday afternoons!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!