Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Funeral thoughts!!! (Repost!)

*Note from Classic Mary Moments: Okaaaaaaaayyyy so I could probably just say NOTE from MARY, buuuuut it sounds more EFFECIENT the other way!!! Please bear with me for this week and enjoy some reposts!!! I have been soooooo BUSY and your sooooo NOT even going to believe with WHAT!!! Cleaning my friends, CLEANING!!! The older I get the more I am into cleaning and organizing my mature right??? Organizing Hello kitty and all things glittery, pink and FLUFFY, sooooo ADULTISH...hee, hee!!! Anywayz, like I said, the older I get the more I am into keep things in order, I know, WEIRD, anywayz, I am cleaning and purging, reorganizing and going through like LITERALLY EVERYTHING in my room!!! That's ALL I have been doing this week, the only day I took a break was Wednesday, to prepare a lesson for Wednesday School and picking up the kiddos...buuuuut yeah, if anyone's interested you may actually find some interesting stuff in our dumpster, highschool year books and old love letters..bahahaha!!!! Sooooooo yeah, enjoy the reposts this week and you'll get some NEW stuff NEXT WEEK...Don't kill my cleaning endeavor!!!

I'm sitting there this morning JUST THINKIN about DEATH annnnd I just busted up laughing!!!  Yes really, I started laughing soooooo hard!!! I was jus thinkin about if I died, right NOW, as a SINGLE-29-year-old Apostolic young lady... 
Which SINGLE Apostolic guys would come to my funeral??? AHAHAHA!!! TOTAL MARY THOUGHT!!!  I texted my sister that at work this morning and she was like, "YOU ARE soooo CREEPY!!!" LOL!!!
 Seriousley tho, I was just sitting there thinkin, LIKE OMW! i wonder if Ching-Chong-Chow would come to my funeral??? Annnnnd THEN a huge conflicting thought comes into my mind!!! The fact that IF he did come...I would have no way of ever knowing or finding out!!!! *Sigh Oh the problems that come when your cRaZy!!! Hmmmm....maybe, just MAYBE God would let me peek my eyes open to see when Ching looked into the casket!!! 
Can you imagine??? 
There i am laying there...lookin all whateverrrr...LOL...My eyes are shut as I peacefully sleep...
(Yes, I think I would be buried in my Italian girl hoody...thats how much I love it and it represents ME!!!)
People are just looking in the casket at this sleepin beauty that has passed on to glory land...
ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND THEN HE walks by annnnnnd allll of the sudden, God just allows my eyes to slit open slightly, as I peek out and see him gazing at me...
My thoughts would be YES!!! He may NOT have wanted to MARRY least he came to my funeral!!! Don't be JEALOUS LADIES!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Annnnnd then could you imagine HIS thoughts!!! He would be like, Did her eyes just flutter open?! I coulda sworn she just peeked at me!!! She DID!!!! SHE LOOKED AT ME!!!! Duuuuuuuuuuuude, EVEN in her death she STILL STALKS ME!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
OMW!!! Just the thought cracks me up!!! After I took the above pic with my eyes slitted open this morning I just could NOT stop laughing EVERY TIME I LOOKED at it!!! Then I had made some soup for my sis, I  invited one person over for lunch and then the next thing I knew I was feeding like five people from church lunch...sooooo I showed them my pic and told them about slitting my eyes open at my funeral and I was like laughing soooooo hard!!! My sister was like, Okaaaaay LOOK AT HER... she is making herself laugh the hardest of all!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!! I sooooooo LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE BEING ME!!! 

♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. This is probably one of my all time favorite funny posts of all time...seriously I will crack up laughing at myself EVERY TIME I READ THIS!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!