About ME!!!

I'm Mary!!!

I'm the owner, writer and creator of Classic Mary Moments. I am a Apostolic-Pentecostal-Christian, ITALIAN-Irish, Arizona girl, with New York roots! I am a fun loving, vivacious lady that loves God and loves people.
My passions in life are:
1.To brighten, motivate, humor, inspire and encourage people through my writing and speaking.
2. To study and experience diverse ethnic cultures and traditions while educating narrow minded thinking, to change unenlightened biases.  I am a adamant believer that we are all just different shades of brown and that according to the Bible, there are different, cultures, nations and tongues, but there is ONLY ONE RACE, the human race.
3.To reach lost souls and to be Jesus to the hurting children of this world. 
4.To one day have my own family, to be a mom and raise up children that will grow up be virtuous, righteous, men and woman of God.
My theme song in life is: 
♪If you can use anything Lord,
you can use ME!!!♪♫



Family is very important to me, no matter our differences, it is vital that we spend time together and love each other. Being a Ginty can get kinda cRaZy sometimes, but I wouldn't trade my last name for ANYTHING...buuuuut the right man!!! Hee, hee!!! ;)  I am that crazy aunt everyone warns you about and I love every minute of it.
My family!!!
Oh and by the way, YES, I do work! That's probably the most asked question of my life, Do you have a job?  I'm like, ummmmm...YES!!! Kinda can't pay the bills with good looks and amazing personality!!! ;)
I work with two companies for special needs children and I am also EVERYONE'S nanny and baby-sitter and  currently working on writing my first book.  

For fun I like hiking, reading, audio drama, board games, Plays, road trips, crazy roller coaster rides, horseback riding, 5k fun runs, coffee/tea/boba shops, food trucks, hole-in-the-wall cafe's, Bible Journaling, cooking, baking, eating, mom and pop restaurants, bowling, picnics and going on adventures. I'm always up to go exploring, to have an experience, to try something new and ultimately make a memory. White water river rafting, para sailing, tubing, hot air ballooning, ride a camel, zorbing, hike the Grand Canyon, annnnnnnnnnnd MAYBE even sky-diving...I want to try it ALL!!!
I love traveling! I have been to two of the Philippine islands, Manila and Bohol, The Bahamas, Hawaii, the big Island and Maui, Cali, NYC, Florida, South Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, New Mexico, New Jersey,  and probably some other states, I would like to see all 50 of the United States.  A few BIG things I want to see are the White House, Mount Rushmore, Niagara Falls and the Eiffel tower. I would like to visit, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Liberia, Ethiopia and Israel, Greece, but I really don't have ONE PLACE in the world that I'm just dying to see, I enjoy it all. The best souvenirs are pictures and memories.
I prefer nature and outdoors over museums, and zoos. (Unless it's an AZ summer! LOL Then it's just SHOPPING TIME! ;) Take me to the waterfalls, canyons, mountains, trails, sunsets, rainbows, streams, creeks, lakes, National Parks, the ocean, sandy beaches, and wild flowers, there is nothing more beautiful than God's handiwork.

Friendships are very important to me, I strive to be a friend to EVERYONE, but very close to just a few and loyal to those till the end. I enjoy socializing, meeting new people. I enjoy talking and having long, deep conversations. I am the group story teller, I love laughing and making people laugh. Quality time with the people I love is very important to me.  HOWEVERRRR, I also like to have time alone with just me. I don't mind shopping, hiking, eating at a restaurant or exploring a new place all by myself. Rarely am I ever bored or lonely, it's hard to with a mind like mine, you’re always entertained and don't mind talking to yourself.  



I love all things miniature, funky, cute, pink, floral, bright, colorful, sparkly, glittery, fluffy, shiny, cheery, lacy, ruffle trims and bows. I'm a child at heart and in my room, you may find toys, water guns, Shopkins, and stuffed animals 🧸 i’m pretty girly-girl, but not too prissy to mess up my hair, get wet, grimy, sweaty and muddy, BUUUUUUUT I hate roaches with a passion and will scream if there's a bug on me.

The hardest thing I've ever been through was losing my mom in 2016. She was my best friend ever and my hero in the faith. She was my biggest fan, she believed in me, she loved me, she taught me, she instilled in me faithfulness to church, a love for holiness and a desire to be pleasing to God. She showed me through her actions that there was no greater job than to be a mom, EVEN when you have a Master's degree in a teaching career you were passionate about. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about her, that I don't miss her. 

My sweet, sweet, SWEEET lil Momma!!!
I am a health-conscious person, striving to physically become the best I can be. Since my early 20's I have been on a weight loss journey coming down slowly from my highest weight which was over 400 pounds.
I've gone up and down, hit stalls, gained, lost, gained, lost but never managing to break past certain barriers. Summer of 2016 I had gastric bypass surgery. This was a very hard decision for me to make, one that I did NOT take lightly, after two years of research, education classes, seeking council, prayer, and with the plea of my mother on her death bed for me to get healthy,  I finally came to the decision to have weight loss surgery. Contrary to popular belief, weight loss surgery is not just a quick fix or the easy way out, it's a tool, that has HELPED me break through my barriers, but I STILL have to do the work, the surgery just assists me. Since that time I have slowly and steadily lost weight, breaking through the barriers I had never before been able to break through. Not to brag, buuuuuuuuuut...
Since June of 2017 I have become
 THE SMALLEST I've been,
MY WHOLE teen and adult life!!!
(Go ahead and applause...I promise I won't let it go to my head!;)
And slowly but steadily getting smaller. Health wise, my goal in life is to have a healthy and active lifestyle that I can pass on to my family so that they never have to go through what I've been through! My goal weight and size is still unknown to me at this time, Sooooo I just say,
"Healthy with a side of FLUFF!!!" Hee, hee!!! :D 


Yes, I do want to get married,(Liiiiiiiike DUH!;) buuuuuuuuuut, I've learned that being single is NOT the end of the world either. When I was in my early 20's I ALMOST got married, but one day all my hopes and dreams shattered. Once I got past it all, I could say that it was ONE of the best things that ever happened to me!!! It pushed me to REALLY START working for God! At 22 years old, in the middle of a broken heart, God led me to an African refugee community. I started bringing those kids to church and I've been bringing them to church ever since! God used them to heal my broken heart! Read my story HERE!!! 


  At my church, Landmark Pentecostal, I am actively involved in being a Sunday School teacher, Van and outreach ministry, and any else i’m asked to be involved in. there is NOTHING better than living a life of service to God! I always say, there are those people you know, that don't have God, but they still kinda got it together, THAT WOULD NOT BE ME! I'm so out there WITH GOD, my mind can't even fathom where I would be without Him!!!

Classic Mary Moments is about bringing a smile to someone's day, sunshine to darkness, a cozy blanket in the cold, a ice cold splash on a hot, blistering day, and a juicy burger to a hungry soul. You will not find venting, drama or rants on politics and world events on here. Everything I write is filtered through, Philippians 4:8, "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things." ANNNNNNND monitored by my pastor's wife...Hey Sister Abbott!!! 

One day I was talking to one of my friends and I said, "I can't believe that just happened! I am SOOOOO embarrassed! WHY DO THESE THINGS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME?!?!" Then we both just cracked up laughing because I had to admit it really was FUNNY!!! "What can I say," I said to my friend, "That was a Classic Mary Moment!" This site is especially dedicated to all the Mary Moments. I love my life, I love being me and I wouldn't trade lives with anyone else! Here's a little glimpse at what its like being me! ENJOY!!! ;)

You say, "How do I know that YOU love me?"

I say, "because,

 EVERYONE ♥loves♥ ME!!! ;)