Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Sooooo we're having a bridal shower last Friday for my friend Shannon Moreland, who is getting married THIS FRIDAY, to Brandon Tyler, and we're playin all kinds of games, weeeeellll...We played this game "Who knows the groom the most?" (Aside from the BRIDE!)

Pentecost's #1 Stalker!!!
(Of course!!!;)
Woot! Woot!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, January 30, 2012


I got a NEW JOB!!!
AND I am TOTALLLLLY luvin it!!! Its a funnn buuuut TOUGH job!!! NOT everyone is cut out for it!!! Buuuuuut being the EXTREMELY spiritual person that I am...EVERYONE felt that I was the BEST FIT for the job. My JOB TITLE??? Just call me...

Keeping things HOLY!!!

Not everyone is spiritually strong enough for this kind of work...BUUUUT...I feel like its my new calling!!! Pastors! Fathers!!! Youth Pastors!!! Call me TODAY if you feel you need THE BIBLE for some of your young people!!! Fly me out and I WILL BE THERE!!!
And ya all don't need to be worrying about NO cheap thinline Bible for yo young people!!! This here BIBLE is a...
Woot!!! WOOT!!!

♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

MJ's Adoption Party!!!

Heeeey EVERYONE!!!
I just wanted to send you all an invite for my niece's adoption party!!! We're kinda like going ALL OUT...but MJ is worth it...I mean...She spent the first 5 years of her life without any love and locked in a room..sooooo WE are sooooo incredibly excited about this...and feel like it is worth celebrating over!!!
We, the Ginty family and ESPECIALLY, Theresa Ginty, are very excited about the adoption of Mary Jo Ginty!!! After many years of prayer and waiting, on November 19th 2011, MJ was OFFICIALLY adopted and now holds the last name GINTY!!! We are ready to PARTAAAAAY Ginty style and wouuld LOVE for you to come join us in this happy time!!! There will be a jump house WITH A SLIDE, a pinata, a candy bar, puppets...Jac is doing an reinactment with the puppets of the adoption song, "When Love Takes You In!" By Steven Curtis Chapman...
Ooooo and the decorations, Alyssa is decorating,REALL GIRLIE GIRRRL... gonna be HOT PINK AND BLACK!!! Sweeeeet!!!! and lotsa good ITALIAN FOOD!!! My mom is making ham, lasagna, fettucine and who knows what else...last I heard there was gonna be some egg plant parmesian too....LOL!!! Hope you can come and join us in the FUNNN!!! If you want an adoption announcement you can send me your addy!!!

Landmark Pentecostal Church
10250 N. 124th Street, Scottsdale, AZ
Saturday, February 18th at 3pm

P.S. My sis DID SAY that I could invite EVERYONE!!! LOL! .
Oooo and if you can...wear HOT PINK AND BLACK...LOL!!!
Not the guys though...HAHA!!! MJ would be like...OKAAAAAAAY!!! PINK IS FOR GIRLS!!!
P.S.S If I ever adopt a child all I can afford is a POTLUCK!!! Bahahaahahha!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A little LOVE story...

girl: Dont you think its funny how the person your going to marry is on this earth as of right now?
boy: yea haha thats weird.
girl: dont you ever wonder what they're doing?
boy: nope i already know, shes texting me =)
girl: AWWWWW =)

 boy: but she just went to bed so im talking to you now..
girl: ......


♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cute Sneakers!!!

Heeey everyone!!!
I bought these really, really CUTE sneakers in the fall at a yard sale thinkin that they would fit one of the girls that I bring to church, but they are too big! And for like ALL of the kids I bring they are either to big or to small which is really ODD if you ask me!!! LOL! But I don't know what to do with them...They are shiny pink converse ladies 5 and a half and a pair of size 7 girls hightops from Justice with lil monkeys all over them...they are both waaaaay CUTE and hardly worn at all...if anyone knows anyone they would fit let me know...I'll give them as long as I don't have to mail em!!! Any takers??? I really, really, REALLLLY want someone to be able to ENJOY them!!! :) I really wish they fit ME...buuuut considerin the fact that I was wearin a ladies 8 in THIRD GRADE...bahahaha!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

God is THE SAME!!!

Soooo of course I know that God is THE SAME everywhere we go...buuuut it was amazing to feel that once again in Bohol!!! It was like I had missed church the past Sunday cause we were in the middle of traveling...BUT the moment we stepped into church the first night there my heart felt SUCH a relief...

When we got to our hotel, we were there for like an hour when my brother Joe called us and said that there was church that night and he was preaching...I was like OH no...gotta get ready...He was like...they said they would be here to pick us up at 8...I was like WHAT??? 8pm??? To pick us up??? FOR CHURCH???  My brother just laughed and said...ITs THE PHILIPPINES!!! You NEVER know what will happen!!! HAHA!!!

I ended up riding a TRIKE over...which was pretty BOMB AWESOME...I must say!!! LOL!
 From the moment I stepped into the church that first night and we started singing...it just felt soooo good to be in God's presence once again...I just felt like an overwhelming feeling of feelin God again even though I was so far from home...
Here is the audoriam of the church...its in a driveway...
 This up here is Sis. Wellina, the Pastora, LOL...on the platform area which is inside the carport...
Here I am with Jewel doing some impromptu singing...I was trying not to laugh at first...HAHAHA!
♪♫♫♪♪"If you can use anything Lord, You can Use ME!"♪♫♪

 Sis. Jewille, leading the song service Sunday morning...
♪This is the church, this is the church ON FIRE!!!"♪♪♫
LIttle Miss Hannah playing the keyboard...she is such a sweetheart...both of these girls became my good friends before we left...AND they are BOTH single- fyi GUYS!!!...although...they do have boyfriends...ahahha!!!
 THe girls told me later one when I got back to the US...that some of the other girls were surprised by me...they hadn't expected me to be soooo friendly!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Thats ME!!! I greet people for the first time with NOT a handshake...but a HUG!!! (Females ONLY!!! HAHA!!!)
This here is my sis-in-law, Jewel's Dad, Bro. Britania preaching, he is the pastor of a home missions church in Manila!!! Overall I had a wonderful time at the church in Bohol...NO AC! SWEAT!!! A stray dog walking through...it was a great experience and its GOOD TO KNOW AND FEEL THAT GOD IS THE SAME!!!
One of my favorite parts of the trip!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

You know your ghetto WHEN...

Sooooo when your in Manila Philippines, one of the absolute, most funnest things that you all have JUST GOT TO experience is Greenhills!!! Green Hills is a FAKE MALL!!! LOL Seriousley, it is a mall completey full of people selling FAKE STUFF!!! It is sooooo much to to go to!!!
You name the brand and THEY GOT it...in a FAKE!!! LOL!!!!

Fake All Star Converse! Fake Sunglasses...I don't any brand names for Sunglasses...I buy mine strictley for how cute they are!!! HAHA!!!
Fake Jansport back packs...
Fake Calvin Klien! Fake Tommy Hilfiger! Fake Ralph Lauren!!!
Fake Nike! Fake Reebok!!!
Fake Louie Vouttan!!! Fake Chanel! FAKE COACH!!! WOot! Woot!!!

NOW, you all know how I feel about Burberry...BUUUUT...I had really, really, really wanted to get my friend Kim one...cuz she LOVES plaid and ACTUALLLLY really thinks they are cute without even knowing that they were some really expensive brand!!! Soooo I was like...I'm soooo gonna get her one and she is absolutely gonna FLIP OUT!!! Weeeeeellll...would you believe that the FAKE BURBERRYS were STILLLLL waaaaay more expensive then the fake coaches... like $60 bucks?!?!? I was like whaaaaaaat??? As much as I LOVE KIM, I ain't paying THAT MUCH for a purse!!! (THATS FAKE!)
So when I came back I just gave Kim that lil fake COACH that I had gotten her...which she LOVED...and she totally understood about me not payin that much for the FAKE BURBERRY!!! BUUUUUT we officially decided THAT...
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


OMW!!! I'm soooo HONORED!!! I was featured on Kendra Thaler's Hair blog for black Apostolic woman!!! CHECK ME OUT HERE!!!  .
Grab my buttons!
I really admire KENDRA because she is NOT ashamed of being who God made her to be...I am sooo proud of her and I think her husband Brendan, who is WHITE, is pretty awesome for being the one to encourage her to go Natural with her hair!!!


Sooo I went to go use the restroom at one of the tourist places we were visiting, and before I walked in I noticed a box thing to put donations in with a sign that said, "For Matienance"  I was like okaaaaaaay WHATEVER...I;m soooooo NOT puting money in there to just use their facilities and just walked on in...

 I was MET by THE NASTIEST, smell i have EVERRR smelt before in my whole entire life!!! LOLOL!!! I was soooooo laughing about the "Welcome" mat though!!! The Filipinos...STILL being FRIENDLY!!! BAHAHAHA!!!
The bucket on the side was to pour water into the hole at the top of the toilet to make it FLUSH!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! AND OMW!!! It was soooo gross in there!!! I can't even begin to describe the smell...I mean I have USED nasty bathrooms before, including the  port-a-johns at construction sights....but MAN this smell...was DIFFERENT!!!
AND I may not have left a donation for the matienance on the way IN...

but on the way out...OMW...

I sooooo felt

♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Chocolate Hills!!!

We went to see one of the MOST beatutifulest things EVERRRR in Bohol...its a place called CHOCOLATE HILLS!!! One of my brother's, I won't mention any names, buuuut he was like OH do you REALLLLLY wanna go see them...its just these big grassy hills!!! (He's been there like 7 times!) I'm like weeeeelllll we don't HAVE too buuuuuut it IS one of the Wonders of the World I kinda hate to miss it while we're here!!! HAHA!!! I am soooooooooo GLAD WE DID!!!

When you get there, you can either go up a ramp or these really steep stairs for better viewing...I DID THE STAIRS!!! All 214!!! WOOT! WOOT!!! (I wasn't even that slow either!!!)

214 steps to Chocolate Hills
I JUST could NOT believe HOW BEAUTIFUL it all was!!! I was ABSOLUTLEY AMAZED!!!
ALTHOUGH, I was wondering WHY they were called CHOCOLATE Hills???? Everything was sooooo GREEEEEN!!! They said its because during the fall of the year, the grass on the big hills dies and they are all...brown...or CHOCOLATE!!! And aparently, the Filipino people are more amazed by all the BROWN, cuz they are soooo used to EVERYTHING being GREEN EVERYWHERE!!! LOL I must say, coming from Arizona, I am REALLLLLY glad we missed the BROWN time!!! HAHA!!!
Chocolate Hills spread through Carmen, Sagbayan, Batuan
I was like SOOOOO IN AWWW!!!
When I look at the beauty of God's handiwork...its just like WOW!!!!
Here all of GIRLS are together...THE GINTY GIRLS!!! :)

 Awwwww...they weren't married yet!!! ♥♥♥
My poor cousins...came ALL the way from NYC and I guess they got here like an hour before us and EVERYTHING was covered in FOG!!! LOL They thought it was kinda funny though!!!

I am soooooo glad I had the oportunity too see some more of God's goodness!!! If you ever have the chance... GO!!!

And the view just got a LITTLE BIT MORE ....
BREATHTAKING!!! ;) ;) ;)
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Story of my life!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This is soooooo ME and I find it HILARIOUS!!!
ACTUALLLLLY I don't even got an iphone ANYTHING!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, January 20, 2012


Okaaaaay soooo I haven't really done ANY really good, thought provoking questions lately on my blog BUUUUUUUUUUUUT I have a REALLY good one that I am DYING to hear opinions on!!!
Soooooo me and my friend KIM were having THIS discussion the other day... You know within the Apostolic churches, EVERY church has their own standards of holiness. Some are higher than others... we're not sayin its right or wrong and your gonna go to hell if you don't have the same standards...it is what it is...
Now often times we will see in the Apostolic churches that a guy and girl from different churches will like each other and as it is sometimes, THAT THE GUY, will go to a more conservative church than the girl and so when the relationship gets more serious, the guy will tell the girl that if they get married she will have to raise her standards of holiness to meet his...AND the girl will have to decide if she is going to marry this guy and raise her standards...
AND soooooooo we see that this happens like ALL the time...right??? Usually the girl is ALWAYS willin to raise her standards FOR LOVE...lol...BUUUUUUUUUUUT what if it was turned around???
WHAT IF, the girl has higher standards than the guy??? Is it OK for her to tell him, that IF they are gonna get married, HE is gonna have to raise HIS STANDARDS?????? AHAHAHA!!! Okaaaay soooo were really laughin...buuuuuuuuut CAN SHE tell him AND STILL BE SUBMISSIVE???

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Really??? LOL

ahahahaha...okaaaaaaaay....sooooooo You know what I just think is sooooooo RUDE??? WHEN people on your flight in the seat in front of you put their SEAT DOWN!!! Honestly!!! I think it is soooooo INCONSIDERATE...especially if your on a looooooooong flight!!! Even, my big bro Joe thinks its RUDE...said he has NEVER been on flight and he put his chair back and said...aaaaaaauhhh I'm just soooo COMFORTABLE NOW...so he never does it cuz he hates when people do it to him...and that says A LOT coming from him!!!
So its like a 6 hour flight from Arizona to Honalulu...and the short lil dude in front of me puts his seat back...I'm like okaaaaay your short...you don't even NEED any leg space...but whatever it was only 6 hours...which is LONG...buuuuut then from Honalulu to Manila Philippines....its like ELEVEN hours!!! Would you all believe that the guy in front of me did WHAAAAAAAAAAT??? Yes thats right had his seat back for the whole 11 hours!!! I was like...
(Yes this IS the ACTUAL guys head...LOL!)
I mean his seat was like LAYING IN MY LAP!!! FOR 11 HOURS!!! 2 meals, a snack and like 20 drinks with my food tray at like MY NECK...ahaha!!!! I was like, OH WOOOOOOW!!! So my brothers were like, oh just give the seat a few good kicks and i tried that...but I don't think they were that hard and I felt like it was being unchristian AND violent...LOL... anywho... buuuuuut this Dude just slept on...and I'm like okaaaaaay your sleepin THAT GOOD...do you really even need your seat down to fall asleep???
So I was tellin my cousins later on in the trip about this Mr. Annoyin-rude-dude in front of me and my cousins were like well then you shoulda just put YOUR SEAT BACK so you had more room!!! AND I was like NOOOOOOO cuz thats then RUDE AND INCONSIDERATE OF ME to the person behind me!!!!! AND THEY DIDN'T DESERVE THAT!!!
Everyone's like so what did you do??? Who me??? DO SOMETHING??? I'm soooo innocent!!! ;))))  Heeeey lets just put it THIS WAY...God taught Pharoah a lesson with 10 plagues he sent to Eygypt!!!! I taught this man a lesson with JUST ONE very loud plague... that went kinda like THIS.......

"Oh sorry I'm coming down with something or I think maybe i'm allergic to your shampoo...or Idk maybe its the fact that you were sooo close to me I accidentally inhaled some of your hair when I was tryin to....oh wait WHAT was I trying to do the whole flight??? Oh yeah... BREATHE...and they tickled my nose which caused me to sneeze...SORRRRY!!! :))))))
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Soooo we are in the airport in Bohol and I decide to use the C.R. Aka: COMFORT ROOM... the first time we went to the Philippines my mom thought CR stood for something ELSE...She thought thats why EVERYONE was saying CR...cuz we were Apostolic and it was INAPPROPRIATE to say it...I was like REALLY MOM...wooooow!!! Bahahaha!!!)
 ANYWAYZ... I'm in line in the Ladies CR

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wedding pictures!!!

Weeeeeeeelllll EVERYONE and their momma keeps asking me for pictures from my brother's wedding...would you all believe that I ACTUALLY forgot to bring my camera to the weddin??? YES!!! I was havin a very DUMB MOMENT!!! LOL Buuuuuuuuuuuut for all you that have been asking...I will grant your wish and post...
that I DO HAVE!!! :)))
Can you tell where MY priorities are??? Hee, hee!!! Thats ALL the photographer has released to ME at the moment...you will have to WAIT for MORE!!! Good pic though...eh??? ;)
♥Mary Frances :)

Landing in Bohol...

I can NOT even begin to explain to you all the feelin of exhileration that I felt when our airplane landed from Manila Philipines onto the island of Bohol!!! My brothers have told me about it soooooo MANY times before...BUUUUUUUUT...the experience was completley different!!!
Here I am on our hour flight from Manila to Bohol...SQUISHED...OMW...it was THE LONGEST HOUR EVERRRRRRRRR!!! LOLOLOL!!! (At least my seat belt still fits now!!!) When the sweward came for my drink request...my brothers were like, REALLLY MARY...you felt like it was necacessary to get coffee...and to mix in the cream and sugar right NOW too!!! LOL...YES... I DID!!! :)
Here we are flying over one of the many Philipine islands...there are over 7000 islands in the Philippines...Manila is the main one and the most Americanized...Bohol speaks a completely differnent language than Tagolag and is way more rural!!!
Most of the people on the island of Bohol have never EVEN been to Manila...
Here we are getting ready to land in Bohol...
Getting CLOSER!!!!

 ON the runway AND there are houses still RIGHT THERE!!!
I had been soooooo squished and was feeling soooo sick, my head and nose was soooo stuffed up and my ears were hurting me soooooooooo bad from NOT popping...BUT When I saw this airport and all the green beauty around me I was sooooo EXCITED!!! I could NOT stop smiling!!!
 I was LIKE THERESA!!! THIS IS SOOOOOO COOOOL!!! OMW!!! She was like...uuuuuh yeah...AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! It was also like...TOTALLY WARM AND HUME IT OUT...LOL!!!
AND you guys THIS IS IT!!! This ONE building was THE WHOLE ENTIRE AIRPORT!!! I was like in such AWWWWWWWW!!! I mean I have traveled ALL over before BUUUUUT i Have NEVERRRR eperienced such a LITTLE, in the middle of now where airport before!!!!
Oh and LOOOOK!!!! THey have have fire trucks RIGHT THERE....JUST IN CASE...there is a ROUGH landing...NICE!!! :)))
AND THEN LOOK...you just STEP OFF the plain right there...instead of into the airport....
And then look...here is everyone's luggage being taken out

AND the moment we enter the NO AC airport...
The adventure IMMEDIATLEY begins!!!
Stay tuned...MORE TO COME!!!

♥Mary Frances :)