Saturday, July 30, 2011

Florida trip 2011!!!!

Sooooo at the beginning of this summer I was INCREDIBLEY excited about going to Heritage!!! i had been thinkin that I would NOT be able to attend because my brother's wedding in Bohol PI was scheduled for September and I told my lil brother okAAAAAAy did you HAVE to plan your weddin right then??? I won't be able to go to ANYTHING this summer cuz i'm gonna be savin my ALL money for THAT!!!!

Well then there was a turn of events and my brother ended up changing the date of his wedding to the beginnin of January 2012. (It was NOT so I could go to Heritage...LOL!) And I was like SUPER siked!!! I was like YESSSS!!! I am sooooooo READY to go meet NEW GUYS!!! LOL (Just bein honest..keepin it REAL folks;) Cuz I mean...lets face it...I'm NOT bein conceited BUT I have lost A LOT OF WEIGHT and this is the best i've looked since like 8th grade and I was READY... so when I thought I couldn't go I was like HORRIFIED...but then when I found out i could I was DELIGHTED!!!

But then after Old Time Camp meetin...Idk...I just got this feelin like it wasn't that of a deal for me to go anymore. I mean I was STILL plannin on goin...and its NOT like God directly told me NOT to was just kind of like this feelin inside of me like...its not a BIG DEAL!!!

Then my sis was tellin me that my mom was really wantin to go to her Uncle's 80th birthday in Florida and she was like would you want to go? So i'm like, yeah sure, when is it??? She tells me the dates and its like THE SAME time as Heritage and I was like GASPIN inside and she was like, well if you went you would have to miss Heritage...BUT she said that if I put the money I was usin for Heritage towards my plane ticket she would pay for the rest of the trip...sooo without really thinkin about it MUCH I was just like okaaaaaaay SURE!!!
Cuz I mean...It was my great uncle's 80th birthday and that ONLY happens ONCE in a lifetime & plus I've NEVER been to Florida before sooooo a couple of weeks before Heritage my plans were switched and I was REALLY excited about it...then when we got there I didn't even relize that my sis was payin for us to stay at the
...HOW SWEEEEEEEEET is that??? Cuz I mean I like totally
This was our VEIW from our ROOM!!!

K... so there is this guy like just RANDOMLY sellin watermelons in front of Golden Corral...HAHA...sooooo he spots us and is like givin us prices and he tellin us about how they are from his farm in Texas and I'm like hmmm...odd that he is sellin them in FLORIDA...just like three states over...HAHA!!! and my sis sees him goin into some ice chest in the truck to give us a sample and she and MJ just go off inside...but me and my mom got a sample right of the knife and it was soooooo GOOOOOD!!! Seriousley like waaaaay sweet and crisp....Mmmmm!!! Soooo mom gets one!!!

Weird thing about it thought was that as soooon as we bought one he like took off and drove away sooooo FAST...I'm like hmmmm...thats a little ODD!!! LOL!


Me and my sis enjoyin STARBUCKS!!! Our resort had one RIGHT THERE INSIDE!!!!

WOW!!! Soooo the lady at Starbucks got A LITTLE snooty with me!!! Okaaaaaaaaaay so MAYBE I WAS... I drippin with ocean water and covered in sand at a five star resort askin for a 64-cent refill...BUT still no reason for an ATTITUDE!!!!! :)))

I just want to give a special thanks to The Westin Beach Resort for makin the elevator walls soooo pretty!!! They came in quite handy for some of self-portraits!!! :))) REALLLLY, I appreciate it!!! ;)

Goooooooooooooood ITALIAN FOOD!!!
It was such a nice night with my family!!!

We ate outside and it was rainin...I LOVED IT!!!

And our waiter was like OFFENDED that I didn't care that I was gettin wet...He was like YOU KNOW your gonna get wet from the rain? (Thinkin like..DUH!!!) I'm like...thats ok I like it!!! He was just like okaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! I'm like thinkin ummmm i'm NOT one of those girls that MELTS in the rain...Apparently...HE was ONE OF THOSE GUYS!!! HAHAHA!!!

Okaaaaaaaaay sooooooo this picture is BLANK...but its for a reason...there is a STORY OF COURSE...
Soooooooo my sis calls for towels one night and when there is a knock on the door everyone is like MARY answer the door and i'm like okaaaaaay I guess i'll get I nonchalantly open the door and when I do I just GASPED!!! Standin there, holdin our towels is THE MOST HANDSOMEST MAN I have EVERRRR seen in my WHOLE entire LIFE!!! He was like REALLY, REALLY, REALLY tall like 6'6 or something...I mean like total basketball player height, then broad shoulders like a football player and of course CHOCOLATE skin!!! I was just like OMW...GOD is this a belated birthday present from you???

Soooo anywayZ, i'm just standin there frozen, my eyes wide, with my mouth HANGIN open...I couldn't even say NOTHING!!! And the poor guy...I don't think he thought my reaction was cuz I thought he was cute...I think he thought I was like really FREAKED out by him...cuz its the south and lotsa people are all RACIST over there...He is just like...heres your towels ma'aam...and I felt REALLY bad that he thought I was scared of him...I wanted to be like...Heeeeeeey I'm NOT like that...but I couldn't cuz I was FROZEN...LOL...I was like awwwwwww man...I soooooooooooo shoulda been wearin my grape koolaid shirt...had I been wearin that shirt...idk ya'all...I REALLLLLY think I just might not be single right now!!! HAHAHA!!! ;)

Sooooooo anywayZ, when I finally UNFROZE enough to shut the door I just fell on the bed and was like... OMW MOM!!! THAT WAS THE BEST LOOKIN GUY I HAVE EVERRRRR SEEN IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE!!!! And she was like all calm, Oh was he black? I was like, MOM, I said THE BEST LOOKIN guy everrr ...DUH...OF COURSE HE WAS BLACK!!!

Soooo I immediatley sent out a MASS text to ALL MY they were like DID YOU GET A PICTURE??? AND i was like NOOOO I couldn't...I was FROZEN in spot!!! So thats why I have the BLANK represents...HIM!!!

 Oooo and then I told my sis if I see that guy again I am sooooo gettin a picture with him...and my sis was like...OH well...hav fun cuz I don't know WHO will be takin that picture for you!!! I was like WHAT??? Sooo then I Improvised...I'm like ok FINE if I see him I will JUST take a picture of him!!!! Oooo and I had the PERFECT LINE!!! I was gonna say, "Excuse me sir, I promised all of my friends back home that I would bring them back a REALLY CUTE souvenier; Sooooo I was just wondering, could I get a picture of YOU!?!?! LOL YES...I WROTE THAT PICKUP LINE!!! You know its BOMB!!! Unfortunatley i NEVERRRR got to use it!!! :(

Our car we Infinity...I was like is this NICE??? My brother texts me back and is like DUH!!! I'm like Ooooo...LOL...Cars only impress me if they are trucks or CONVERTIBLES!!!

View of our hotel from the ocean...

The street my uncle and mom's cousin live down...I thought it looked really coooool!!!

Me & My great Uncle Sammy celebratin his 80th birthday!!!

Birthday cake && ITALIAN PASTRIES!!! YUMMM!!!

I was DERERMINED to get up early and watch the sunrise at the ocean...and i seemed to have been THE ONLY one with this goal!!! HAHA!!! But of course I have NO problem gettin up early and goin out explorin by myself...LOL!!!

AnywayZ...I LOVE this picture I got...i think its SOOOO pretty AND SOOO cool lookin with the pick up truck too!!! (♪♫ Theres something woman like about a pick up man!!!♪♪♫;)

 This was REALLLLLY FUNNN!!! I begged my sister the last night of the trip to take our slices of cheesecake factory to the beach and just watch the waves in the dark...sooo we did...and it was rainin lightly and it was soooo NICE...I LOVED IT!!! and my sis made me PROMISE her that I would NOT get up in the middle of the night and go in the ocean...I was like okaaaaaaaay i'm NOT THAT DUMBBB!!! and she looked at me like YES  YOU ARE!!! HAHA!!!

Me saying goodbye to my LOVERRRR....


SIGH!!! Until next time baby!!!!

(Sooooooo the point that I was tryin to make in ALL this, but got slightly carried away, is that I did my own little devotions in the morning at the the beach... and God really talked to me there...which is cool...cuz I didn't think I was gonna get my blessin without going to Heritage...but I guess God can touch you ANYWHERE...( like...DUH)... even at a five star resort at the beach...BUT ...I THINK i'll save that for ANOTHER blog post now...HAHA!!!)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bible WARNING!!!!

WARNING: Bible usage can be habit forming. Regular reading can cause loss of ANXIETY and FEAR; decrease appetite for lying, cheating, stealing, hating, anger and envy. Symptoms include: increased sensation of LOVE, JOY, PEACE, COMPASSION and CONTENTMENT; side effects are FORGIVENESS, GRACE, and LOVE. If symptoms persist, just *PRAISE GOD*

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Sorrrrry all my blog readers!!! I'm soooo SORRRRRy i've been gone from bloggin for this long!!! i totally was NOT expectin this!!! I was plannin on bloggin from our hotel...BUT would you believe that they charged $8 for $15 minutes??? I was like WOW what a rip off!!! For the price my sis was payin to stay there it soooooooooo SHOULD have been FREEEEEEE!!!

Then last night when we FINALLLLY got home from the trip and we went to get on the internet it wasn't working...we were like NOOOO!!!! Sooooo anywayz, I called the phone company today and got it fixed...which in itself was pretty FUNNNNY!!! Like the guy thought I was the STUPIDEST person EVERRRR!!!! 

He was walkin me through step by step and then when I didn't know what he was talkin about he was start takin REALLLLLY slowly and then when I still didn't know what he was talkin about he would raise his voice and then when I stilllll didn't know what he would talk REALLLLY slowly, raise his voice AND get alll stern with me...I was like DUUUUUUUUDE!!!!

He was like, Ma'aam, Do you have a filter? Look at the filter!!! I'm like wheres that? He is like I don't know Ma'aam, I'm NOT there!!! I'm like WELLLLL...I don't even know what one is to tell you about it!!! He is like, MA'AAAM, its a clear box that would be hangin from the wall...I'm like I don't seeeeee it...HAHAHAHA!!! Then he was like I need you to tell me the model of your i'm like ummmm its like blue and black and ummmm....he is like MA'aaam thats your ROUTER...I need to know YOUR MODEM!!! I'm like oooooooo...where is THAT??? He is like, MA'AAAAM I DON'T KNOW...I'm NOT THERE!!!! I'm like OH yeah thats right...let me go look!!! He totally reminded me of that geek on AIO that is super smart and is gettin money to change people's grades and he thinks he can like take over the whole school...anyone remember this AIO???

Then at the end of the convo and the internet is workin again I'm like, SIR, thank you SOOOOOO MUCH for helpin get this fixed!!! He is like, your welcome!!!! And I'm like, and I also wanna say, I'm really sorry for being SOOOOOOO DUMB!!! He is like No problem!!! (Bahahahahaha) Then he asks me for my email for something I don't even know what, and I'm like OH you should check out my blog...CLASSIC MARY MOMENTS!!! He is like, Ma'aaam ALL I need is your email!!! I'm like I know but my blog is REALLLLY cool, you should check it out!!! He is like, well I got your email thats all I need, I'm like I know BUT you should just check it out Classic Mary Moments...he is like I'll take note of that...then he asks me if I want to upgrade my internet and I'm like does that cost and he says yes and I sweetly say no thank you and then I'm like but don't forget...CLASSIC MARY MOMENTS!!!!

Sooooo yes people I'm BACK ready to PARTAAAAAAAY, can't wait to post pics from my birthday, swim party and our trip posted up this week and will have a GOOOOD post written up tonight!!!! Ooooo and I have the coolest weight loss update that I wanna tell you all...but I'm gonna blog about it on the weight loss blog...I was like SIKED!!!

Sooooo how was Heritage and Peak??? Anyone miss me??? (You know YOU did;) Who got a blessing from God? Anthing fuNNy happen? Anyone fall in love??? WHO'S going to YOUTH ALIVE???? Keep me updated!!! :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fallin in LOVE!!!!

I've ALWAYS believed that it was impossible to fall in love overnight...I MEAN REAL LOVE...but i was soooo WRONG!!!! Cuz its only been a week... BUT... I LOVE this little girl soooooo much!!!
Ain't she ADORABLE???

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So the last night of Old Time Camp meetin I was holding the Hamiltons adorable, beautiful, DARLING little newborn baby after service and I was just talkin and cooin with her and she SMILED AT ME!!! I was like OMW!!! Like TOTAL freak out moment!!! Then she did like 3 more times and I was like sooooo happy that this baby was smiling at me BUT I didn't really think ANYTHING of it!!!

WEEEEELLLLL at my birthday party on Saturday Kim told me that she was gonna say anything cuz she didn't want me to get a big head...BUT...Sis. Hamilton told her that I was the FIRST person her baby had smiled at. I was like WHAT?! FOR realZ??? NOOO WAAAY!!! Kim was like...YES!!! Thats what she said!!! I was like WOW...I was THE FIRST one she smiled at...I CAN'T BELIEVE that!!! I'm SHOCKED... then I smiled at Kim and said with a glorious smile...I'm SHOCKED...but then again...
I'm NOT!!!!!!! ;)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Soooooooo MY LITTLE BROTHER JOHN GINTY won the contest!!! Your thinkin WHAT contest right??? Well I didn't tell you guys BUT there was one!!! :))) Last years winner was the one and only NICKI!!! You can read hers HERE!!! (Still luvin that card Nick!!!))))
The contest was for WHO could give me the BEST birthday greeting!!! Sooooo I got A LOT of awesome, sweet and funny greetings today and I thank EVERYONE for all of them!!! I treasure EVERY message!!! I felt soooooo AWESOMELY COOL AND LOOOOOOOOOOVED like big time!!! My phone kept beepin and beepin and beepin and it was drivin Kim cRaZy!!! She said I was gonna get a BIG HEAD!!! I'm like GIRRRRRRL your like waaaaaaaaaay late to be worryin about that!!! HAHAHA!!!
Wellll first of ALL...ALLL the people that said i was BEAUTIFUL...THANK YOU!!!! LOL Those got automatic GOLD STARS on them!!! So anywayz there were QUITE a few honorable mention greetings that I would like to share with are a FEW!!!
Renee Strayhan said: Happy Birthday!!! I know it will be great because you make every day great. :) (Awww thats just SWEEEET!!!)
Sis. Bertram said: Happy Birthday Mary!! Hope your day is AWESOME!!!! ***You keep this skinny stuff going on and you're going to own all the Pentecostal bachelors!! Go Girl!! (Ooooo NICE...LOL;)
Sis. Lana Abbott said: Mary, Mary, Even though we celebrate your presence on this earth EVERY day of the year ... we're going to stop by and tell you TODAY! Have a wonderful, fabulous, fantastic, exciting, adventurous, spectacular day! Love you, Lana xxooxx ( Mary, Mary, Even though we celebrate your presence on this earth EVERY day of the year-THATS RIGHT LANA!!! ;)
THEN I got some really GOOOOOD cards- Kim got me a Hoops & Yoyo which I just LOVE those guys!!! It says HURRY, its time to roll out the red carpet...we bow before you, your birthday highness and then Hoops and yoyo start talkin and say ALL this FUNNNNNNY stuff!!! and it was HILARIOUS!!! Loved it!!! Thank you soooooooo much KIMMMY CAT!!!
My friend Shannon got me a card that said: God wanted to brighten up the world...sooooooo... HE made YOU!!! (I LOVED it and couldn't agree MORE!!! Hee, hee!!! I was like finishin the card before I even opened it...I'm like SOOOOOO HE MADE MEEEEE!!! and then I opened it and thats what it said...haha!!!)
And the SECOND place winner would HAVE to go to Jacqui's card!!! I posted it the other day but I'll just do it again!!! Outside said: Cake is just more fun on your birthday... Inside: Especially if its tall, dark and CHOCOLATE!!! (ooo yeah....I SCREAMED for that!!!)
BUT THE winner was my brother John's!!! He HANDMADE it and EVERYTHING!!! This is what he did...
He  had THIS picture of me on the outside of the card!!!
As soooooooon as I saw MY PICTURE on the front...I KNEW I liked the card!!!
Then INSIDE the card it read...
Happy 28th Birthday!!!

"The most beautiful and wonderful things in this world can't be bought but are only seen in the mirror"
SOOOOOOO ME!!! AHAHAHA!!!! Tell me HOW AWESOME OF A CARD was that???? He re-wrote the quote and EVERYTHING JUST FOR ME!!!! I mean coming from a BROTHER TOO...WELLLLL lets just say I really, really REALLLLY screamed for that one!!!  I would thank you more John...BUT the mirror is callin out to me!!! :)))
Well if you didn't win...SORRRRRY...maybe NEXT YEAR!!! :)

Monday, July 18, 2011


I'm NOT one of those girls that cares about people knowing my age!!! I'm thinner at 28 than I was at 16!!! :))) Sooooooo its ALL GOOOOOOD!!! :)))) I'm sweeeet 28 and PROUD OF IT!!! Feel free to leave me a birthday greeting... and if you don't want to don't WORRRRY about it...I'll do it FOR YOU!!! :)))

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Birthday Party LAUGHS!!!

Okaaaaaaaaay so I just wanted to say that I had like THE FUNNNNNEST birthday party EVERRRR!!! It was seriousley such a blast!!! SOOOOOOO we had a few funny moments that I want to share!!!!

Sooooo JACQUI got me like THE Best birthday card soooo far EVERRRR!! It says Cake is just more fun on your birthday...THEN the inside said...ESPECIALLLLY if its Tall, Dark, AND CHOCOLATE!!!! (Can I get a WOOT, WOOT???;) WHEN I read that, I screamed SOOOOO LOUD!!!! And we laughed and laughed and laughed...OBVIOUSLEY somebody KNOWS ME pretty well!!!

FuNNNy moment of the day!!! Sooo I break out the tannin oil and yell out to all the girls HEEEEEEY...Who wants to look like a Mexican???(Thinkin about YOU HATER) All the girls just stare at me... and then CESAR is like, ME!!! ME!!! ME!!! LOL! We all died laughin cuz his ultimate dream in life is to be a REAL Mexican!!! So then a few minutes later...

Monsi gets the tannin oil and is puttin on and I'm like OH soooo you wanna look like a Mexican??? And she is like NOOOO...I'm already Mexican...I'm gonna try and get CHOCOLATE so YOU'LL LOVE ME MORE!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Less than two weeks ago...

On June 30th, the last day of Old Time Camp meeting, I had a really serious talk with my big sis!!! I said that I had thought it out and that we all knew it was right for her to adopt a little girl...However, I had decided that I was NOT going to get any children before I was married...I just wasn't ready...I couldn't afford it...its to much would interfere with my socializin...LOL..etc..etc..and my sis was like, well thats fine if you feel your not ready...and she was like REALLLLY nice about it...totally didn't make me feel guilty or ANYTHING...and that was the end of THE STORY...

Or soooooooooo I THOUGHT!!! Aparently, God had different plans...because NOT EVEN two full weeks later...I'm a MOM!!!! I got a phone call from the mother of one of my Sunday School kids last Friday askin me to help her out with her daughter for a YEAR!!! The first time I saw this little girl it was the first time we ever even did outreach at this apartment complex, this little girl was two years old, in a diaper, wondering around the parkin I've know her from THE VERY beginning...BUT still I was VERRRRRY surprised with the phone call...but at the same time I wasn't!!!

I know that may seem really weird, but earlier in the week I had been prayin sooooo hard. I shut myself in the closet...I was like pouring my heart face buried in the rug...tears sheddin...and I was talkin to God and I just said God I know you have a work for me to do but I don't know what it is...BUT I just want to do something for you!!! Like...that sincerely is AND has been the desire of my heart since I was 13 years old. "If you can use anything Lord, You can USE ME!!!"

WELLLLL you just NEVER know what God is going to do next...when you tell God to USE YOU and you sincerely MEAN it....GET READY cuz HE IS GOING TO USE YOU!!!!!!

So when I got the phone call later in the week... I was SHOCKED...but then after thinkin about it for like 5 minutes I was like...WELL I guess that was just YOU God...Answering my prayer.
People said pray about it...and I did...but at the same time...I just didn't really have to...because I already had been before I even knew about it!!! I know some people were a little surprised that I would willingly take on this task and I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little scared...being single and all...and I KNOW that in the end I'm gonna get REALLLLY attached and I told God, I'm going into this, READY to get a broken heart...BUT...I have peace because I know its right...I know God's hand is in this.

I don't know how long its gonna last, but I've made up my mind that I'm going to teach her EVERYTHING I possibly can about Jesus!!! And I'm gonna love this little girl...and when I LOVE its NOT half-heartledly...I'm gonna LOVE her with all my heart!!! Weather its for a week, a month, a year or FOREVER...

I'm gonna be THE BEST mommy I can possibley be!!!

(Which we ALL KNOW will be a pretty AMAZINGLY awesome MOMMMY...I mean, I'm almost a little jealous of her havin me for a mom...EXCEPT... my mom IS the best MOMMMY everrrrr...soooo thats the ONLY reason why i'm NOT jealous of her!!! ;)

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Me and my sis were talkin about SUSHI the other day. We're like WHY in the world is that stuff like SOOO POPULAR?!?!?! Raw fish & rice??? HOW IS THAT COOL???

My sis said all these little chicks, tryin to be sophisticated are all like, "OMW! I'm only eatin one peice cuz i'm on a diet!!!" My sis is like... "YEAH RIGHT!!! your only eatin ONE peice cuz its


Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Decisions! Decisions! DECISIONS!!! Sometimes in life, it seems like all there is to do is make DECISIONS!!! ESPECIALLY as a single person...there are some pretty big decisions to make!!!
For example the other day I saw like the HANDSOMEST dude like EVERRRR!!! Like OMW I couldn't even breath kind of handsome!!! So at this moment and time in my life i had like a HUGE decision to make!!! Now you all are probabley thinkin that my decision was weather or not I should say hi to him or NOT??? Well let me clarify to you ALL that that was NOT actually a decision for me to make...OF COURSE there is absolutely NO waaaaaay I would have the guts to ACTUALLLLLY say hi...BUT...LOL
I would be walking by him...which meant...he could POSSIBLY ...MAYBE...SEE ME!!! HAHAHAHA!!! And knowing that he could POSSIBLY.... MAYBE ...SEE ME... meant that I had a HUGE decision to make!!!

Should I put my sunglasses OFF???

OR ON???

Now I know you all are thinkin...WOW...what kind of a decision is THAT??? Weeeellll in my world its a pretty intense one!!! HAHAHA!!! See WITH my sunglasses on I think I look REALLLY, REALLLLLY COOOOOOL!!! On the other hand...I also like my eyes...Sooooo I didn't want to cover them up...NOW don't think I'm tryin to be concieted...I'm just TRYIN to get a husband...HAHA!!! Soooooo i'm standin there like, Sunglasses ON OR OFF??? Pretty OR cooool??? OH WOW!!!!
Then all of the sudden...I STOPPED IN MY TRACKS...I knew what I should do...whenever there is a question in your mind about what to do...PRAY ABOUT IT!!!! Thats RIGHT...I SAID
 PRAY ABOUT IT... and THEN this is what I KNEW I should do...

Thats RIGHT folks...when you don't know what to do ASK GOD!!!
His ideas are always THE BEST!!! ;)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birthday gift idea!!!

At Costco...ONLY like 29.99...or something like that!!!
Just in case anyone was birthday is in 6 days....
Next MONDAY...JULY 18th!!!

AND I LOVE BEARS!!!! :))))
My big sis would LOVE it if someone got this for me!!! HAHAHA!!!!
(Thats why they call me Mar Bear!!! ;)

Train up a child...

So i walk by Kim and Cesar's room the other day and I am about to yell at Cesar for touchin his Mom's deodorant and I look again and OMW its MENS deodorant!!! I'm like WHERE IN THE world did Men's deodorant come from in THIS HOUSEHOLD???

So I'm like, KIM!!! Do you realize that your son is like puttin on MEN'S DEODORANT right now??? And she is like all nonchalant like, Oh yeah, I bought it for him!!! I'm like WHAT??? He is ONLY FOUR!! She is like yeah but he feels like such a big boy when he puts it on plus i figure it NEVER hurts anyone to wear deodorant!!! I'm like Okaaaaaaaaaay I guess thats true...LOL!!!! Then I was like well you know Kim, the BIBLE DOES SAY...

Train up a child in the way he should go:
and when he is old,
he will not depart from it.
(Proverbs 22:6)

Saturday, July 9, 2011


If everyone could PLEASE PRAY!!! My sister's foster son Joe has been in the hospital since June 29th...what started as a minor condition has turned into a HUGE, serious ordeal. I know this is going to sound kind of TMI, but he went into the hospital for constipation and it should have only been like 4-5 day stay tops....they put a catheter in him the WRONG way and totally messed him up...the weird part is that they shouldn't have even put one in him at all in the first place because he is in diapers!!! This is MJ's older brother...he is 18 but severely mentally handicapped. (Him and MJ have a disease called PKU, which basically means that they are allergic to protien and must stay on a VERY strict, specialized diet and if they don't stay on the diet they will become brain damaged whick is what happened to Joe. Their birth parent's did not follow the diet that is why they are both in foster care.) He has been in and out of ICU, he developed blood clots, and his heart rate is not right and he is not really sister is really scared!!! If everyone could PLEASE PRAY we would greatly appreciate it!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011


Don't I look soooooo GOOOOOOD with a baby in my arms?!?!?!


My Uncle Joe said that the next time he comes over he is gonna bring his motorcycle
and give me a ride!!!
I can't wait!!!
I will sooooooo be
screaming the WHOLE time!!!!


If a guy EVERRRR falls in love with me...I TOTALLY see this as a FUTURE love note from him!!!! :D

Awwwww...that would be like sooooo SWEEEET...
Seriousley, I might even CRY!!! ;)


OMW!!! I was with my mom and sister the other day to pick up some kids for Sunday School and on the way I saw THIS pink Barbie car...Totally crashed on the playground with the hood twisted up and the front wheels just GONE!!! It CRACKED me  up like big time!!!! I had to get out and take some pics!!!

Sooooooooooo PARADISE SHADOWS!!!! :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Auntie Maria!!!!

One of the men at church asked me one time WHY I always refer to myself as Auntie Maria to my my nephew? So I was like, WELLLLL Maria is Mary in Spanish, Italian and Tagolog!!!!

Soooo he just looks at me and is like...AND YOUR WHITE!!!! (LOL!!!) I'm like Wellll yeah BUT...I'm half Italian and sometimes my Grandpa Mangino would call me Maria and my nephew is half Filipino AND as far as the Spanish goes...ummm (Had to think this one through) Hmmmm...wellllll...I make GOOOOOD tamales...HAHAHA!!! Ooooo and MJ my neice is ACTUALLY half Mexican too!!!

I mean, I know I'm pretty WHITE BUT...  My heart IS NOT!!! I'm very mutli-cultural!!! I pretty much embrace a little of every nationality.
My Heart is like...
 a RAINBOW!!! :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Birthday present!!!!!


My sis said she is going to give me her LAP TOP for my birthday!!! Isn't that like SOOOOOOOOO NICE of her?!?! She was like, well I was thinkin about givin you something that I have but its used so I don't know if you would ACTUALLY want it. Soooo i'm thinkin WHAT does she have that I WOULD WANT??? I mean, I help myself to ALL HER CLOTHES whenever I want so that wouldn't be anything...and THEN it hit me!!! I was like, YOUR LAP TOP????? She was like, yeah would you want that??? I'm like uh...YESSSSS!!!!

Like I REALLY CARE IF ITS USED!!! I mean HELLLLLOOOOOOO...This is MARY GINTY we're talkin about... The ultimate thrift store special, the spyer of clearance racks, not afraid to go dumpster diving in my dress clothes and heels in the snootiest part of Scottsdale, believer in coupons and ad matching, lover of yard sales, Princess of ghettoliciousness...Ummmm NO...i don't CARE IF ITS USED!!!

Soooo YEAH i'm gettin a lap top!!! I'm sooooo excited...I have wanted one for like EVERRRRRR!!!!! Now I just need a REALLY CUTE, ADORABLE, BABELICIOUS, laptop case!!! (Just in case anyone needed a bday gift idea;)

Btw- ONLY 11 more days till I turn 28!!!!!!! :)))

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kim && Mary... DUMB MOMENT!!!



So Kim and I are standin in line at the DOLLAR TREE with all our stuff and Kim goes to pay and she realizes she doesn't have her card, so she cancels her order... BUT she had already opened her Coke and  so she asks if I have a dollar to pay for it and I'm like yeah SURE!!! So I go into MY PURSE to get out a dollar and I HAD FORGOTTEN ALL MY CASH!!! I was like OMW...I don't hav any money EITHER!!!

So we're just standin there like idiots with the line backin up to the end of the store and THANKFULLY my big sis was there to save us both from our own stupidity!!! LOL!!! My sis was just like...WOW...Seriousley??? SERIOUSLEY??? You guys both went shopping WITHOUT bringing any money??? I'm like, YEP that would be US!!!

Kim's like, WELLLL... I guess there goes my chance for my dream job at the Dollar Tree!!! HAHAHA!!! i'm like ooooo we should soooooooooo go back in and ask for an application!!! BAHAHAHA!!!

My 4th of July outfit!!!

I went ALLL out yesturday!!!

I know the blues and the reds don't match and my brothers snickered when they saw me BUT...

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July!!!

who's ready to see some fireworks tonight?!?!? 


Awwwww ... HOW ROMANTIC!!! LOL!!! ;)

Its time to CELEBRATE our wonderful country!!!!

HAPPY Birrrrrthday to the United States of America!!!!

Happy 4th of July EVERYONE!!! I love my country and I'm proud and thankful to live here!!!