Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How do you like your Coffee???

Sooooooo this past Sunday we're all driving to church and we had a pretty big group so we're using the church van instead of mine. Jac is driving and the topic of the conversation was COFFEE!!! Don't worry, yes, we DID have some adults with us...soooo it wasn't all kids talkin about drinking coffee!!! HAHA!!! 
Sooooo everyone is all talking about HOW they like their coffee...sugar, cream, black or white...etc...annnnnd i'm like sooooooooo NOT paRticipaTing in the conveRsaTion!!! I'm thinkin aBout how OH man I would LOOOOVE to AcTuALlY be getting some REal StaRbucks instEad of having the conveRsaTion...LOl!!!
Sooooooooo THEN the kids are like HEEEEEY MARY...
How do YOU like your COFFEE??? 
I waS like ummmm...I soooooo KNEW wherE this convo waS NOW going!!! HAHA!!! Buuuuut I wasn't SURE how to rEspond, cuz NoRmallY, if you aSk me CHOCOLATE or automatic response is ALWAYS CHOCOLATE...cuz rEally, i loooooooooooooooove CHocolaTE!!!! (Like the flavor people!;)
bUUUUUUUUT I know how my kids think...They wERE NOT jus talkin aBout coffee!!! LOlOl Soooo i'm like hmmmm...HOW am I gonna answER this...cuz I rEally HATE BLACK coffee...buuuuut if I said that i liked it WHITE they would be like, Oooo girrrrl you racist...we knew you werE!!! You say you like LOVE black people...buuuut YOU just said WHITE!!! me...I know how this would go!!! Buuuuuut I waS NOT gonna lie and say I like my coffee BLACk...cuz I soooo don't!!!
Sooooo I waS like...ummmm...THInkin about it annnnnd THEN I haD the PERfEcT rEspnse for them!!! (I think it came from GOD!!!;) I'm like ACTUALLY... you know whaT??? You wanna know JUST how I like my coffee??? I'll tell you JUST EXACTLEY HOW I lIKE MY COFFEE!!!
 I said...
I like my coffee to be just like...
Wooooooot!!! ;)
Sooooo yeah...i've been telling people ALL week since Sunday...ASk ME hoW i lIkE mY coFfEE??? BlACK OR WHITE??? Hee, hee!!! I'm vERy proud of my creative rEsponse...Keep crackin myself up eveRy time I tell it!!!      I even specifially held back from tellin Hanna and Anali...just soooo they could reaD it on here first!!! LOLOL!!! 
Soooooooo HOW do YOU ALl  like your coffee??? Huh? Huh? ! ;) 
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Soooo I hear people in other states talking about how much they just looooove FALL!!! They leaves changing to all different colors annnnnnd I'm over here just like YES!!! I love fall too... Buuuuuut.... It's cuz it's actually FINALLY starting to cool off!!!
Soooooo the other day tho, I was decorating the house for the fall season an I was taking down all the FALL decorations annnnnnd BAM this pumpkin thing falls on my head and it gets sooooo tangled in my hair!!! Aaaaaauuuuggghhh!!! I was all myself and It took me like ten minutes to get the cRaZy thing out!!!
Soooo I decided that's how we get FALL in AZ... We just let stuff FALL on our heads!!! Lol 
of course with me it's kinda like...
FALL all year long!!!
PS. Doesn't our Kitchen table look waaaaaay AWESOME???
♥Mary Frances  :) 

Monday, October 29, 2012

He has made me GLAD!!!

A few Sundays ago, I was heading to the Filipino American service that my brother does at our church in BETWEEN regular morning and night services at our church, and I was just sitting there waiting for church to begin and OH MAN...I was soooooo TIRED!!! I was thinking in my mind, I WONDER if its possible for us to just have this Filipino service INSIDE STARBUCKS?!?!?! HAHA!!!
Annnnnnd I'm just sitting there, feeling totally ZONKED out when the service began!!! Buuuuut then, the song leader got up and we started singing...HE HAS MADE ME GLAD!!! He has made me glad, oooooo HE has made me glad...I will rejoice for he has made me GLAAAAAD....Annnnnnd all of the sudden, something in me just HAD to stand up!!! i just HAD to lift my hands and start worshipping my Jesus!!! Hearing that song, I just FELT SO GOOD!!!
Jesus had MADE my heart GLAD!!! Growing up, life was anything buuuuuut perfect!!! There was a lot of hurt and sadness going on in my home!!! Buuuuuuuuuuuuut I thank God for a STRONG MOM!!! A mom that NEVER wavered in taking us kids to church!!! My favorite days of the week were ALL the days we went to church!!! As a child, God put a LOVE for church in my heart!!!
I was telling my outreach kids one time, you know my home as child was FAR from perfect...there were many nights I was scared and went to sleep hearing anger and yelling...things being thrown and parents may not have been divorced...BUUUUT I came from a BROKEN home!!!
I told them, I know what its like for things to be a mess in your home...And the kids were shocked!!! Their lil eyes got all big, their mouths kind of dropped...You mary?! You came from home like that? We thought your dad was a preacher or something!!! I'm like NOPE ... They're like buuuuut your so ....??? GLAD!!! HE HAS MADE ME GLAD!!! Thats WHAT God can do for you!!!
He'll give you love and joy and peace!!! He can change your life all around sooooo that when the WORLD looks at you, they will find it HARD to believe that you EVERRR came from anything less than a perfect little world!!! Like the three Hebrew boys,  you can go through some hard things in your life, BUUUUUT WITH GOD, you can come out WITHOUT even smelling like smoke!!!
My life could have gone in a completely different direction, buuuuuut GOD, He reached down and as a toddler, HE found my lil lost soul and gave me SOMETHING that would make my heart GLAD!!! What does glad mean???
It means...
 having a cheerful or happy disposition by nature, joy, or delight : made happy, made pleased, satisfied, or grateful, full of brightness and cheerfulness]
OH YES!!! Jesus has done ALL that and MORE for me!!! He has made my heart SOOOO GLAD!!! I still think THE BEST days are church days!!! I LOVE CHURCH!!! I love being able to feel Jesus! Just to be in HIS presence, makes me feel soooo GOOD!!! "I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord." (Psalm 122:1)
♪♫♪♪He has made me glad! He has made me GLAD! I will REJOICE for he has made me GLAAAAAD! He has made me GLAD Oooooo He has made me GLAD!!! I will enter His gates with Thanksgiving in my heart, I will enter His courts with PRAISE!!! I will say this is THE DAY that the Lord has made, I WILL REJOICE, for HE HAS MADE ME GLAD!!!♪♫ Ever since that Sunday, this song has been on my heart!!!
"For thou, LORD, hast made me glad through thy work: I will triumph in the works of thy hands." (Psalm 92:4)
♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bible College Snack Bar Menu!!!

K! People... soooo last Monday a buncha peeps were tellin me they didn't come prepared to eat...buuuuuut they would have IF they had know it was my mom...They said MARY! You should have TOLD US!!! Like okaaaaaay what am I supposed to do, CALL EVERYONE??? LOL Soooo I'm tellin you all RIGHT NOW...Mom's cooking this week again for Bible college snack bar!!! (If you didn't eat last week you soooo missed it!!! Mom's BBQ Chicken, corn bread, cucumber salad, apple pie)
She is making lasagna...I was helpin her prepare it and and I was doing this like CERTAIN thing as we were putting it together and she is like OH MARY, don't even worry about doing that! I'm like WHAT??? (I can't tell you WHAT it is that she told me NOT to bother with...cuz its like top secret Italinan code of honor! Like the clown thing on AIO!!!;) You ALWAYS tell me to do that when we make the lasagna!!! She's like, oh it don't matter, these people aren't EVEN Italian, they won't know the difference ANYWAYS!!! I was like MOOOOOOOOOM!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! I sooooo LOOOOOVE MY MOM!!!
So yeah, its Lasagna and then Ima make garlic cheese biscuts and Peanut butter-chocolate cake!!!! I loooooove baking annnnnd can't eat any of it sooooo yeah...its FUN having people to force my food upon!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
sooooo COME HUNGRY...
 and bring your MONEY, HONEY!!! :)
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mary's liked the SAME guy for one year???

Soooo remember people how I said I have crush ADHD??? Which I guess the way my brothers say it is like this, its NOT hard to GET MARY'S attention...its just hard TO KEEP it!!! LOLOL!!! (Buuuuut NO don't take that the WRONG way...once I ACTUALLY make a commitment and am in a relationship, i am SUPER LOYAL!!!) Sooooooo anywayZ, remember how I said me and my friend Anali had a challenge going on about me likeing THE SAME guy till the end of the year???
Weeeeellll SHE SOOOOO WON!!! LOLOL  Heeeeey you know what, I made it like TWO WHOLE WEEKS...liking THE SAME GUY!!! Thats pretty good, ya know!?!?! ANNNND we were joking around about how I have THE MOST ACTIVE-INACTIVE love life!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!
 Then last night I was talking to my friend Jen from Texas and we were joking around about all my crushes and i'm like remember that ONE guy i liked waaaaaay back in August??? Man I sooooo thought he was THE ONE!!! I'm like you know who i'm talkin about right and she is like, Oh Chang-chong??? I'm like yeah, yeah, HIM!!! AND she is jus like OMW MARY!!! You didn't even remember his name DID YOU??? I'm like ummmmmmm...OOOOPS!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!!
Soooo I decide that THIS is going to be what its like when I ACTUALLY manage to like THE SAME guy for a whole year straight!!! Ima be like Heeeey PEOPLE!!! You all are sooooo NOT even going to believe this buuuuuuut I've liked THE SAME guy for one whole year...ALL THE WAY STRAIGHT THRU...WITHOUT once faltering in my feelings for this SAME guy!!!
Annnnnd EVERYONE is gonna like sooooooo FREAK out!!! Like nooooo way!!! Mary has liked THE SAME guy for ONE WHOLE YEAR??? Like WOW!!! Whats going on? Is it a blue moon??? Did Butter fly? Did meat balls bounce? Did the ocean stop waving? Was their an earth quake??? FLying pigs??? Did salt lose its flavor? ANNNNNNND i'll be all like...
 Nope! NOTHING cRaZy like THAT...
 its JUST...
 wedding anniversary!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Two of a kind!!!

So the day when we were doing the work day at the Lacour's and I got lost and Kim came and found me and then we went and took a Coffee break at McDonald's...WEEEEEELLLL...we WHIP into our parking spots right next to each other, we get out and go running to each other for BIG O HUGS...then i'm like OMW...
AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Kim looks and then we just busted up laughing!!! (Just in case you all can't tell, i'm like pulled partly into the spot in front of me too!)I was like DUUUUUUDE we soooooooooo NEED HELP!!! LOL!!! Kim's like NO, we're just AWESOME!!! Either way, I think its pretty safe to say that no one can quite park, like WE CAN PARK!!! We are...
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Is that a???

So last night at Bible College one of the girls that saw me, looked at my outfit, then a little surprised like she was like Ooooo MARY look at you...
your wearing Michael Kors tonight!!!
I'm like HUH?! I'm wearing WHAT??? She is like Michael Kors! Isn't that what the MK on the zipper of your shirt stands for?! I'm like Oh I DON'T KNOW...I didn't even notice that! She is like MARY! Where did you get your shirt from?! I'm like, ummmm...a YARD SALE!!!
She is like, Did you know it was a Michael Kors when you bought it??? I'm like, NO! I honestly like have absolutely NO IDEA...WHO in the world that even is!!! She is like, Oh he is like a REALLY, REALLY EXPENSIVE and famous clothing designer!!! I'm like really? SHe is like YES! Like his smallest and cheapest bottle of perfume is $75! I'm like NO WAY!!!  I had NO IDEA!!! I'm completely clueless about that kind of stuff buuuuuut....WOW! That is sooooo funny!!!
Then someone else asked me, so WHY did you buy the shirt if you didn't know it was a Micheal Kors? I'm like Ummmm...CUZ IT WAS CUUUUUTE!!! I like LOVE the bright HOT PINK color annnnnnd I love the design of the collar and neck, I just thought that it was soooooo snazzzzzzy looking!!!
I was like, in all honesty, I questioned myself at the yard sale cuz I was actually paying $5 for it!!! Everyone starts laughing!!! I'm like heeeeey I'm GHETTO...I don't care about name brands...I just buy stuff off of how it LOOKS!!! I mean really folks, if its cute, its CUTE!!! If its not...I don't care WHAT brand or HOW much you pay for it...ITS NOT!!! (Cough, cough BURBERRY!)
Then I just looked up the prices of Micheal Kors stuff HERE and i'm like DUUUUUDE he IS RIDICULOUSLEY EXPENSIVE!!!  I mean, we're talking like $500 for just simple clothing...I'm just like WOW!!! Why would anyone pay THAT MUCH for something??? Now i'm wonderin if I should try and sell my shirt and make some $$$$$!!! Awwwww buuuuut the shirt really is sooooo cute...I hate to part ways with it...well IF anyone offers me $100 for it...its soooooo SOLD!!!
 Start your bidding below people!!! :D
♥Mary Frances :) 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Reminding myself!!!

I have several really close friends that I love dearly that are backslidden and its just soooooo sad to me!!! It just hurts sooooo much to see them lost NOT living for God...Its like you remember the times praying and weeping together at the alter surrounded by the presence of God...and it just HURTS really bad knowing that they aren't there with you anymore!!!
Weeeeeelllll...recently, I thought one of my beloved friends was coming home!!! OMW you all do NOT even know just how happy I was!!! I was like bubbling with JOY!!! Just absolutely ESTATIC!!! Then as quickly as it happened it passed and my friend changed their mind again!!!
I WAS SOOOOOOOO DISAPOINTED!!! I called up my friend Anali and was just talking to her about it and I was telling her everything that happened and expressing to her about how upset and disapointed I was and she was just listening to me VENT my heart out about it!
Then she was just like, Mary I can tell that you are like really upset and frustrated about your friend and she is like, BUT, one thing that you just need to keep in mind is that your friend is BOUND...she is in bondage!!!  I was like oh yeah...she is like, when you start feeling really frustrated about it just think about it THAT way and just know that the ONLY thing you can do to really help your friend is to pray for her!!!
I'm like...Oooo YES I KNOW this...I just need to quit analyzing the situation and PRAY!!! SOOOOOOOOO thankful for GOOD friends that are STRONG in the Lord that are there to REMIND you of what you already know, right WHEN YOU NEED IT!!!
I think sometimes we look at a person and we try and comprehend WHAT they're thinking and WHY their doing what they're doing!!! AND we think, OH if I could just talk some sense into them...MAKE THEM SEE...Ya know??? Sometimes I just wanna take the people I love, kidnap them, tie them to the alter and make the listen to some GOOD preaching on REPENTENCE!!! LOL! Buuuuut we can't do that!!!
I know...BUT sometimes I forget, that its NOT a physical battle we're fighting!!! We have to remember that the people we love, our family members our friends that are backslidden and away from God, THEY ARE BOUND!!! They are living a life of BONDAGE!!! The devil is their master...they are PRISONORS TO SIN!!!
BUT its NOT a physical bondage...its SPIRITUAL and the ONLY way we can help them break free is ON OUR KNEES... IN PRAYER!!! We can't MAKE them repent but we CAN PRAY that God gives them a repentent heart...we can pray for a SPIRIT OF REPENTENCE!!! Don't give up on your loved ones my friends...
"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."  (Ephesians 6:12)
♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Brothers make me LAUGH!!!

Sooooooooo I was hanging out with some friends the other day and ya know...I'm like ALWAYS trying to help my friends out with finding and talking to people...ya get to know! Sooooo I was some friends recenlty, and we were discussing crushes and how its working out for everyone...which was pretty much like NOTHING for all of us!!! Sooooo I'm tellin one of my good guy friends, like should probabley just move on and i'm like don't feel bad you know its the same thing for ME!!! And so he's like are you sure? Annnnnd I'm like yes annnnd i'm tellin him all the juicy details of his crush not being interested in him!
Annnnnd my brother's are like MAN MARY! Just break his heart now!!! I'm like heeeeey its better to know the truth then to live in your own dream world... then i'm like and HEEEEEY WHAT ABOUT ME??? Its the SAME thing for ME!!! What about MY HEART???! My oldest brother Joe pipes and he is just like,
"Maaaaaarrrrrry...we don't worry about you...
your heart has been broken SO MANY TIMES...
I don't know HOW your even STILL...
That made me laugh SOOOO HARD!!!
 I guess have a STRONG heart folks!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I want to eat here!!!

Okaaaaaaaaaay sooooo ONE thing you have to all know about me is that I absolutely LOVE the ocean!!! I love going in the ocean, wave jumping and riding the waves...I just LOVE feelin the waves move me...annnnnd when I'm NOT in the ocean I could sit at the sea shore all day long just watching the waves and writing away...I'm just fasicnated by the ocean!!! With THAT being said,
I SOOOO want to eat at this RESTURAUNT!!!
Doesn't this look like SOOOOO much FUN??! I'm still trying to figure out where exactley its located sooooo if anyone knows PULEEEEZE let me know!!! :)
Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay know, THIS looks like THE MOST romantic place EVERRR to eat at it!!! A private, secluded lil island that you get rowed out too!!! OMW SERIOUSLEY how romantic is THAT??? I would sooooooooooo SWOOOOON!!! LOL HOW perfect of a spot would this be for a guy to PROPOSE??? Heeeeey i'm jus sayin guys...if you wann like really WOW your girl...I mean its only in some place called Maldive...soooo I mean you would have to figure out HOW to get her there with her being suspicious annnnd alll..but you know...LOL
Ooooooo BUUUUUUUUUUT make sure that you do NOT forget to take a chaperone!!! Don't forget that my services as THE BIBLE are STILL available!!! (Go HERE for more info if you feel you may need my services!) OMW could you all imagine ME chaperoning a proposal there??? The guy would be like on one knee to the girl and all like "Will You Marr..." and I would be like,
Oh just pretend i'm NOT even here...
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Name THAT puppet!!!

Soooooooooo there was this HUGE community yard sale going on this past weekend up in some niiiiiiice neighborhoods and me and my sis ALWAYS have to go to them!!! Soooo we're at this one yard sale and ALL of the sudden I see this ADORABLE lil fluffy puppet thing!!!
.Photo: My new puppet... it's a bubaloo.
I practically squeeled when I picked it up!!! I mean, I am soooooo NOT in the puppet ministry...mainly cuz my hand is soooo BIG it does't fit in the puppets and plus I just plain HATE doing it and NOT being able to actually SEE the puppets...YES...I just LOVE seeing them for myself...I know...SPECIAL...  buuuuuuuut, I have a BFF that sooooooooooooo IS!!! LOL! Soooooo I ask the lady HOW much it is and she like LOOKS at the puppet in like UTTER disgust and is just like...Like a dollar...I was like OH I'll TAKE IT!!! I'm like handing her the money and telling her that my best friend is a total puppet FANATIC!!! She just takes the money and looks at me like, WEIRDOS!!! AHAHAHA!!!
Really tho, JAC LOVES PUPPETS!!! Like this past summer it was soooooo FUNNNNY!!! I was like talkin to her on the phone and like tryin and tryin and tryin an TRYIN to tell her something that happened with some guy... buuuuuut EVERY TIME I tried to tell her she just kept talkin about PUPPETS...sooooo FINALLY I gave up and called Hanna and Anali....and then like two weeks later when I was FINALLY gettin to tell Jac, she was like, I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WAITED THIS LONG TO TELL ME!!!! I was like, JACQUI...I TRIED!!! Buuuuuut you just kept talkin about PUPPETS...and I brought up the WHOLE convo and she was like, OH YEAH!!! LOLOLOL!!! It was super funny!!!
(If your wondering, WHAT happened with the guy that I wanted to tell Jac about...Hmmmm...I'm actually tryin to remember WHAT it was too...LOL...I just remember her NOT listenin to me...buuuuuut...I'm thinkin it couldn't have been anything to big...CUZ, I can't even REMEMBER which guy it was about!!! AHAHA...ANALI...don't EVEN say NOTHING right now!!! and Anali have this bEt CHALLENGE that she has presented me with...that I won't even be able to like the SAME guy till the end of this year! ANNNND I am like sooooo determined to prove her WRONG!!! Except, I'm going to be honest with you all...its gettin REALLY, REALLY, REALLY HARD!!!! I wonder if there is such a thing as CRUSH ADHD??? If there is I soooooooo have it!!! BAHAHAHA!!!)
Sooooooooo ANYwayz, On Sunday, I presented Jac with my great yard sale find!!!
Annnnnd she squeeled...which made me HAPPY!!! :))) Then I was squeelin when she started makin it move and dance!!! Like OMW it was soooooo CUTE!!!
Annnnnnnnd all the lil kids ABSOLUTELY adored it!!!
The way Jac got it to move sooooo good, I think the kids actually kinda thought it was REAL or something!!! AnywayZ, this is the CHALLENGE that Jac and I would like to present before you all...
Yes, I said HE!!! We decided that he is definately a boy!!! LOL! Some people were saying he looks like a Dr. Suess character...WHICH I just want to clarify that he is ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! I do NOT like Dr. Suess and WILL HAVE NOTHING to do with him!!! LOLOL I'll tell you all WHY...some day!!! :) AnywayZ, I think he looks like one of the RAZZLEFLABINS from the Jungle Jam Radio shows!!! Jac looked it up online and this type of puppet is actually called a Bubaloo!
Idk...I kinda think Ed is a cute name or maybe even Bubba!!! LOL What do YOU all think??? If you pick the NAME that Jac chooses...YOU WILL recieve a special, fun, gift from her!!! You can suggest as MANY names as you want...and you can give reasons WHY you think that your name is a GOOD name!!! Weeeeeeelllll....WHAT are you all waiting for???
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Who's the BEST???

Soooo three days a week, I watch my niece and one her best friend from church, Ashlee...and yeah its a pretty fun job!!! Well last week I was taking them for a treat to Baskin Robins and when we pulled into the parking lot and I told them where we were going they were like SOOOOOO EXCITED!!! YAY!!! Thank YOU MARY!!! I LOVE YOU MARY!!! Mary YOUR SOOOOOOO CUTE!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! I love how they totally go cRaZy about me....buuuuuut their mom's are the one's that give me money to take them!!! LOL
AnywayZ, of course I was like totally INTO it!!! And I've taught the kids this lil song, when I say;Who's the best? They say, Mary is! Mary is!!! LOL yeah...I know...I'm SPECIAL!!! Soooooooo i'm like laughing and pulling into a parking spot and before we get out to get the Ice cream, I say to the girls ...
Okaaaaaaaaay girls....
Without even hesitating, Ashlee screams out at the TOP OF HER LUNGS...
I was like, OH WOW!!! I just got TOLD UP!!! Buuuuuut in a GOOOOOD way and I didn't mind a bit!!! It was soooooo good to hear a lil girl, without even hesitating say, THAT JESUS WAS THE BEST!!!  I was like like Ooooooo girrrrrrrllll...THATS RIGHT!!! JESUS IS THE BEST!!! It was sooooooooooo AWESOME!!! I was like soooooo proud of her!!! Its sooooooo TRUE!!! Jesus is the best!!! The best!!! THE BEST!!!
Who's the best???
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bible College Notes Intro...

Soooooooo I am sooooo incredibley excited that Bible College has started back up again!!! When I hadn't heard anything about it I was SOOOOOO  disapointed!!! BECAUSE I LOOOOOOOVE BIBLE COLLEGE!!!
Seriousley people, I feel like us AZ folks are SOOOOO blessed to have this extra opportunity to learn from men of God!!! Me and Cara Bear hav had many conversations about how much we LOVE Bible college and are sooooooo THANKFUL for it!!!
I have been pushing AS many people as I possibley can to go, go, GO!!! I even got my mom and sister to go this semester!!! I was like, COME ON...You  guys need to go!!! Its uplifting!!! My mom was like, Oh buuuuuut I'M OLD!!! I was like MOM...THATS OK!!! Old people CAN STILL go to Bible College!!! LOLOLOL!!!! Fo realz can we EVERRRR be to old to learn MORE about GOD??? We can't!!!
Sooooo i know that i'm probabley one of the LONGEST going Bible college students EVERRRR...buuuuut...I don't think I'll everrrr stop!!! (Unless I get married and move to Africa!!!;) I asked someone one time if they were going, and they were like, NO Mary...I actually you know, HAVE A LIFE!!!! (OUCH!) I was like, OH okaaaaay!!!
 Sooooo ya know, its ONE thing for people to say that I, Mary Frances Ginty, don't have a whateverrrr...FEEL FREE to say that you have more of a life than me!!! Buuuuuuuut...You can NOT tell me that you are busier and that you have MORE OF A LIFE than these men of God, that take time out of THEIR busy schedules to teach us!!! I mean just look at Elder Fair!!! Last spring he was IN THE HOSPITAL, practically on his death bed...BUUUUUUUT as soon as he was out of that hospital, he was at the Bible College TEACHING!!! Its like WOW!!! To think that he would STILL, after all that,take the time to come teach us...How can we NOT take the opportunity that is put before us???
AnywayZ, with THAT being said I am taking two classes this semester!!! First hour is Weightier Matters Of The Law; Taught by Bro. Myers!!! It is soooooooooooo INTERESTING thus far!!! I think its sorta like Spiritual Ethics...except Bro. Myers said he didn't want to use that word...haha!!!! When we were signing up my mom and I were asking WHAT the class was about ANNNNND then at the same time we were like, OH is it about WEIGHT LOSS??? Bahahaha!!!! That must have gotten relayed back to Bro. Myers cuz, he clarified RIGHT away that his class was NOT about weight loss!!!! THen he proceeded to tell us EVERYTHING he had eaten that day!!! I was like Niiiiiiice!!! LOLOLOL!!!
Next is Bro. Garrett's class!!! What every Apostolic MUST know!!! Omw was soooooo GOOOOOD!!! Sooooo I like ALMOST switched classes so that I was in Bro. Garrett's class FIRST and Bro. Myers second...soooo that I could be with MY GIRLS!!!!
Miriam and Megan!!!
Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut then I was like, NOOOOO cuz what if there isn't enough people in Bro. Myers second session and he doesn't teach it then??? AND I really wanted to take that I told the girls, THEN I would be taking that class for THE WRONG be with MY FRIENDS...I gotta take the class for THE RIGHT REASON and then PLUS...We're IN CLASS...WITH BRO. GARRETT as our DUH...its NOT like we would even be talking or socializin together in class ANYWAYZ!!!
So yeah it was really funny the first Monday...cuz I KNEW Megan was right next door to my first hour class sooooo I was being a brat and sent her a text that said IS YOUR PHONE OFF??? Cuz Bro. Myers class hadn't started yet!!! No RESPONSE from Megan!!! LOL Sooooooo THEN when I'm in Bro. Garrett's class, SITTING in the FRONT AND CENTER OF COURSE...I get a text back from her that says, NO IT WASN'T!!! Is yours??? I was like Awwww man!!! Annnnnd of course the thing on my iPhone is this creepy bird chirping noise!!! Kinda hard to HIDE!!! LOL Sooooo yeah...I got paid back!!!
Buuuuuuut YES...BIble college is AWESOME you guys!!! I was telling my mom tonight on the way home...Its just such GOOOOOD teaching!!! It just makes me feel sooooooo good!!! I'm sooooo glad her and my sis are going this semester!!!! i'M bummmmmmed that Jac has to work this semester tho!!! :( I don't think I can remember a time EVERRRR going without her!!!
AnywayZ, what this blog post is REALLLLLLLY all about is to let you all know that I am going to try and do a weekly post with Bible College Notes about all the awesome stuff I am learning!!! I have friends from like ALL OVER, Cali, NM, Oregon, Texas, that say they really wish they had soemthing like this that they could attend!!! Some of them have asked me to take NOTES for them...buuuuut BETTER notes than THESE ones on THIS post!!! HAHA!!!
Sooooo yeah...Ima do that for you peeps...weekly or bi-weekly, BIble college notes...annnnnnd of course I'll add in some of my personal thoughts too...maybe some humor...ya know...MAR BEAR THOUGHTS!!! LOL! Next Monday will be the first post of Bible College NOTES!!! The first two weeks...sooooo...Get ready!!! :)))
♥Mary Frances :) 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Italian eyes!!!!

Sooooooooo I don't know WHAAAAAAT it is about being ITALIAN, buuuuuut being Italian comes with a certain-EXTRA amount of a pride about your ethnicity!!! ANNNNNND when MY MOM is your gets a lil mention ITALIAN to my mother and you can hear her whoopin and hollerin, cheering away with the tamborine!!! Its like OMW MOTHER...calm down!!! LOLOLOL!!! Nooooo I really LOVE IT...its HILARIOUS!!!
 Soooo really, I don't  know WHAT exactley it is about being ITALIAN that gives Italians sooooooo MUCH pride!!! Maybe its cuz we're THE BEST COOKS EVERRRR...buuuuuuut MY MOM says its cuz THE ITALIANS were THE FIRST GENTILES to get the HOLY GHOST!!! "There was a certain man in Caesarea called Cornelius, a centurion of the band called the Italian band..."ANNNNNND THAT MY FRIENDS is when it starts gettin cRaZy at church with my momma...LOL!!! Actually...thinkin about it...I'm surprised my mom didn't name any of her sons CORNELIOUS??? Hmmmm...Ooooo when I have kids I should name my son that and surprise my mom...could you imagine??? SHe would totally FLIP OUT!!!
AnywayZ, sooooo this is the thing about being HALF Italian...ALL my life I get to hear about how I don't LOOK ITALIAN!!! Oooo look Irish...Your NOT really Italian!!! Theresa and John are the ITALIAN carmel lookin ones and Me, Joe and Abe are the Vanilla Irish lookin ones!!! I mean it was sooooo extreme differences as a child I even had LIGHT blond hair...People would think me and my brother Joe were adopted!!! LOL! Soooo...I mean I can't lie, even tho I totally like my looks, "Just sayin" cuz thats the way God mad me...YA know?!?! Still..there has always been this part of me that WISHED I looked Italian!!! Cuz Like I said, its been imbredded in me that being ITALIAN(Half) is like the awesomest thing everrrrr!!!
Weeeeeeelllll....Recently, at my brother John's wedding, my mom's second cousin, who is another FULL ITALIAN came out for the wedding!!! As soon as she saw me, she was like MARY!!! I'm your cousin!!! Im like OH HEEEEEY!!! (Hadn't seen her since I was like 12...LOL) THen she is like, YOUR EYES!!! They are soooooo pretty!!! I was like OH THANK YOU!!! (Awwwww sooo sweet)
THen later on she was talking to my sister and she was like OH NOW you LOOK ITALIAN!!! So she was sayin something else to me and I was just like, Oh yeah, I'm really light...I look like my dad's side of the family!!! So she looks at me and she says, OH so your dad has blue eyes like you??? Soooo I was like weeeeeeelllll...NO!!! His eyes are like a grayish color! SHe was like, I KNEW IT!!!!
What she said NEXT thrilled my vanilla lil heart!!! She says, THOSE BLUE eyes are from your GREAT GRANDFATHER!!! (My mom's, Dad's, DAD) Weeeeeelllll...You don't even know HOW MUCH that meant for me to hear!!! She went on to tell me that I had the exact same shade of blue eyes as my great grandfather!!! Which makes sense cuz my uncle and two of his kids have blue eyes too and they are full blooded Italains!!! So yeah...she said I had the same shade of blue eyes as my great-grandfather that migrated over from Italy!!! Its soooo cRaZy when you think about the fact that I've never met this man, buuuuut there is a part of him in me...soooooo COOL!!!  
Break out the tamborine momma!!!
Woot! Woot!!!
Mary Frances :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Being happy...FIRST!!!

I saw this quote and thought it was GOOOOOOOOD for all of us single folks to THINK ABOUT!!! :)))
Hang in there my single peeps...God's got GOOOOOD things in store for us!!! :)
Who wants me to do another SINGLES week???
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A good man!!!

I sooooooooooooo WANT THIS SWEAT-shirt!!!
Annnnnnd THEN when I get married Ima put on the back...
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Looking GOOD Self esteem tip! :)

Sooooo this past Tuesday evening when I went out with Jac, one of the cooks saw me and asked me if I was out on a special occasion or something cuz I had something in my hair and a flower on my sweater and ya know my hair was done! I personally did NOT think it was really fancy...So he was like what's going on? I was like, OH NOTHING...
I just like to look good!!!
He just laughed and was like, WELL there is NOTHING wrong with that!!! Nothing WRONG WITH THAT!!! LOLOLOL It was soooooo funnnnnny we were all laughing!!! Seriousley tho people, one of the best ways to feel good about yourself is to just LOOK GOOD!!!
There have been times where my brother's walk into the house and LOOK AT ME and are like, WHERE ARE YOU GOING??? I'm like NO WHERE!!! They're like, OK who's ALL THIS FOR as they kinda point out what i'm wearing...I'm just like ME!!! :))) Me annnnnnd GOD and ANYONE else that cares to see the sight of me looking GOOD!!! LOL!
Someone recently said, Man Mary! Your always getting compliments blah, blah, must be nice to be THE PRETTY ONE!!! I'm like NOOOOOO! Its soooooo NOT like that!!! I don't get compliments when I'm in a rush, roll outta bed, throw on whatever and run out the door lookin like WHITE TRASH!!! Trust me, I'm just an average looking girl...I just take a lil time everyday and FIX MYSELF UP!!!

I'm NOT talking about like dressing fancy-shmancy in heals and wearing like Sunday church outfits everyday! You can rock a jean skirt and still look waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cute if you make it into an outfit! Find a simple hair-do that is easy but cute, put something in your hair add a few accessories and you wouldn't believe JUST HOW MANY COMPLIMENTS you will get from non-church people!!! Looking GOOD can be a WITNESS to the people of the world!!!
I think sometimes us girls get into the habit of ONLY fixin ourselves up really nice if we know that a cute guy is going to around! BUUUUUUT we should be in the habit of fixin ourselves up all the time!!! IF you fix yourself up it will build your self esteem and the better you feel about yourself, the more attractive of a person you will be!!! Don't do it for a it for YOU and most importantly do it for GOD!!! After all...
we ARE representing HIM!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Community Saturday #1 at the Lacour's Church!!!!!!

Sooooo our church has started a new thing that we are doing to sort of extend ourselves to the community within our own church and others as well. What we are doing, is on the FIRST Saturday of every month we do some sort of volunteer work together as a church.
Sooooooooo for the FIRST Community Saturday EVERRRR... our church went and did work on helping with the building and of the Lacour's NEW CHURCH BUILDING!!! Which is really cool to think that we got to be a part of it!!!
Sooooooo the day started out with me getting LOST!!! HAHA!!! I know, big surprise...RIGHT?!?! LOL! KIM is like HOW ARE YOU LOST??? I'm ummmmm...EASILY!!!Sooooo Kim comes and finds me at McDonald's and we felt like it was time for a (Iced-sugar-free-vanilla)coffee break...YES... a coffee break before I even got there!!! BAHAHA!!! Annnnnnnd it was like this HUGE Kim and Mary reunion cuz we havn't really had the opportunity to hang out in a while...(annnnnnd Me and Kim together is seriousley pure cRaZy-awesomeness!!! NO ONE can make me laugh like KIMMY KAT CAN!!! Like NORMALLY...I make people laugh...BUUUUUT KIM...makes ME LAUGH!!! Together we become this awesome TEAM...Annnnnd when we are TOGETHER...EVERYONE IS LAUGHING!!!) 
THEN....when we DID FINALLY get there...The Lacour's had STARBUCKS coffee for everyone...I was like NIIIIIIICE!!! Soooooo i had MORE COFFEE!!! LOL...YES ANOTHER COFFE BREAK!!! Two Coffee breaks before we even started workin...AHAHAHA!!!
Sooooooooo After that I'm like OKAAAAAY KIM...we should probabley do something to like,  ya know...HELP!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! We look around and there is like total construction typs stuff going on EVERYWHERE...I'm like...ummmm yeah...I'm like a cookin-in-the-kitchen-washin-the-dishes-scrubbing-the-toilet-sweeping-mopping-holding-babies-changing-poopy-diapers-takin-out-the-trash-Kind-of-WOMAN!!! Buuuuuuut beyond all tha t...I AM CLUELESS!!!
Soooooooo Kim and I look at the list of things to do and just like BUST UP LAUGHING!!! 

I'm like...YES!!! I am soooooooooo on torching the concrete and REBUILDING THE TOILET!!! (Heeeeey do know how to BREAK A TOILET!!! Just ask Bishop Abbott about THAT!!! LOLOLOL!!!) 
Sooooooo we go and find Sis. Lacour and we're like, Sis. Lacour...WHAT would you like us to do to help out today??? She pauses a moment to think about it, then just kind of looks at me and Kim, smiles sweetly and says, I KNOW!!! Why don't your girls be the GREETING COMMITTEE!!! Just go around to the people working, ask them if they would like a bottle of water or if there is anything that they need!!! She is like, YOU KNOW...
Just look CUTE and be FRIENDLY!!!
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I was like YES!!! Finally, there is someone that appreciates my gift of lookin cute and being friendly... You make be thinkin...OH THATS EASY...anyone can look cute and be friendly...buuuuut ACTUALLY....its complicated ya know??? I mean THINK ABOUT IT...there are people that can look CUTE, buuuuut they aren't always FRIENDLY!!! And there are people that are FRIENDLY...buuuut they don't look CUTE...LOL...buuuuuuut WE CAN LOOK CUTE ANNNNNNND BE FRIENDLY!!!! OOooo...Multi-taskin people!!! :P Wish there were MORE people that would appreciate this TALENT...(weeeeeellll I bet my FUTURE HUSBAND WILL!!! ;) 
Weeeeeellllll....ANYWAYZ, we were done with THAT TASK in about 10 minutes...sooooo Kimmy Kat decided to TEST the faith of her pastor...she's like Watch this!!! Oh PASTOR LACOUR!!! Mary and i are just trying to figure out WHAT exactley you would like for us to do on this list!?!? NOW most people, would LOOK AT KIM AND I and very adamantley and with GOOD REASON say...NOTHING!!! LOL!!! Buuuuuuut, NOT Bro. Lacour!!! Soooooo he is looking over the list....THINKING...and he is like...
How do you girls feel about HEIGHTS??? Kim just looks at him and says, SCARED OF THEM!!! I look over at THIS ladder below and i'm like...WEEEEEEEELLLL....I'm actually NOT scared of heights...buuuuuuuuuuuut...
Its almost like HEIGHTS are scared of ME!!!
 Then i'm like, OMW KIM!!! Did I tell you about when I sang a solo at my church and when I was done I just fell off the platform??? She is like WHAAAAT??? Then she busts up laughing and is like, I have to hear this story!!! Bro. Lacour just looks up from the work list with his eyes all widened, then he is like, Im going to just think about a job for you girls and then be back!!!
Soooooo we figured Bro. Lacour was just going to FORGET ABOUT IT!!! Buuuuuut NOOOOOO!!! He comes back and is like, Sis. Mary, How do you feel about painting??? Everyone around us that can hear this just like busts up laughing...Kim is like OH I am soooooo outta here!!! LOL!!! Sooooooo i'm like weeeeeeelllllll...I personally feel GREAT about PAINTING....buuuuuut I think THE REAL QUESTION is: Bro. Lacour, HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT MODERN ART????
AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Soooooo he explains to us HOW to do it...He tells me how to like kinda spread the paint out on the edges sooooo that it just kind of blends in...He says, You know, We don't want it to look like MARY WAS HERE!!! 
Buuuuuuuuuut yeah its pretty much IMPOSSIBLE for me to NOT make it look like I WAS THERE!!! They had told me that if I got it on the side with just to have a damp rag read to wipe...SOOOO I DID!!! Buuuuuut Idk WHAT happened cuz like, I wiped and then SOMEHOW the paint that I wiped on the rag I rubbed BACK on the door thingy...sooooo pretty much looked like...
I showed Bro. Lacour and he said it was FINE...No big deal...buuuuut I'm almost POSITIVE its probabley ALREADY been REPAINTED!!! Ima go check at the opening services!!!! LOLOLOL!!!

They shoulda just sent us to watch the kids...NOW thats another thing I can ACTUALLY do!!! 

Now THIS is the church building...Isn't it BEAUTIFUL??? I soooooooooooooooo LOOOOOOVE the bell!!! The whole thing is just very ARIZONA looking!!! I can't wait till its complete!!!
Also, I think its really cool that the Lacour's started their church in Cave Creek AZ...cuz that is totally where I grew up till I was 14 and we moved to Phoenix/Paradise Valley!!! For those of  you that are wondering, Cave Creek is like the BOONIES of AZ!!! I told Kim, this is my HOOD where I grew up!!! She is like, MARY! This is NOT A HOOD!!! This is THE DESERT!!!  Its like NOTHING but DESERT, Desert...DESERT!!! Except, actually, its a lot more built  up there in the last 15 years!!! When I lived there, there was ONLY ONE grocery store...BASHAS!!! Ooooo I was soooo happy to move to Paradise Valley...5 minutes from the mall...I ain't no country girl...I'm a CITY GIRL ALL THE WAY!!! WOOT! WOOT!!! Awwwww man...the memories I have up there, romping through the desert...BAREFOOTED... building forts...stepped in soooooooo much cactus growing up buuuuuuut NEVER a scorpian or rattle snake!!!
Overall...It was a really, GOOD and FUN day!!! I'm glad I got to be a part of the building of this church...EVEN if the ONLY thing I personally accomplished was just lookin good and SOCIALIZIN!!! least I didn't bury it...I USED MY GOD GIVEN TALENT!!! ;))))
♥Mary Frances :)