Saturday, July 31, 2010


I just FEEL like something GOOD is about to happen!
 I just feel like something GOOD IS ON IT'S waaaaaaaaay!
He has promised that He'd open all of Heaven
And, brother, it could happen any day
When God's people humble themselves and call on Jesus
 they look to Heaven expecting as they pray
I just feel like something good is about to happen
And, brother, it could be THIS very day!!!

Sooooo excited about church!!! I am believing God for GREAT things! THREE children in this home that have expressed a desire to recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost TOMORROW!!!! God IS ABLE and I can't WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS!!! CAN I GET AN AMEN?!?!

Friday, July 30, 2010

For my pastor's wife!!!

Saw this on a friend's blog...

 This is for the next time your at the Coach or Burberry store!

Don't worry peoeple...I'm STILL NOT a Burberry fan! ;)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I dedicate this to ...

US!!! :)


Does ANYONE that went to Heritage remember the song that Bro. Johnson started singing at the alter after Bro. Garrett's preaching on the last night?! I know its a really familiar song but I just can't remember it and I really, REALLY want to cause it really touched me when I heard it!!!

Our Heritage Testimony!

It was about 2:30 am, Friday morning of Heritage. Us girls had just gotten back from the youth lock in and we were all gathered in my sister and Jac's room on their bed laughing and talking about the events of the evening. Ok, ok, Okaaaaaay...we were basically talking about GUYS!!! LOL! ;) When Delora, a 14-year-old girl from our church, showed us her arm. I was like WHOOOAH!!! It was all swollen and black and blue and just looked REALLY bad. She had mentioned something to me about it earlier but in all my excitement about the trip I hadn't really been paying attention to what she said. Apparently her and Jestina had been messin around right before the trip and somehow her arm got twisted and it was getting worse and worse and worse with each day that passed by.
So when I saw her arm I was just like...WOW...AND why didn't you go to the doctor before the trip?! And she said that it had happend like RIGHT before we left and there was NO time, but she just didn't know what to do now cause it just kept gettin WORSE!!! So I was thinkin MAN I hope we don't have to take her to the hospital or something...then as an afterthought, I was like should get the preachers to pray for it tomorrow! AND as soon as I said that, I remember this story that my brother Joe has told us about when he was doing missions in the Philipines....
He said that there was a child that was sick, with a really high fever and that the parent of this child wanted him and one of the other guys to pray for him to feel better. So my brother and his friend went to Bro. Buxton and told him what was going on and asked if he would pray for this child. I remember my brother saying that Bro. Buxton told them that they had THE SAME HOLY GHOST he had and to go pray for the child themselves. So they did...and they said they were shocked to find out later on, that GOD HEALED that child!
SOOOO after remembering this I was like well...the preachers...OR we could uh, like, try praying for her arm ourselves. It was kinda silent, for like 10 seconds...then Jac was like, YEAH we could pray! And one of the girls was like, BUT we CAN'T pray...WE'RE NOT PREACHERS! So we're like ALL laughing and I'm like, OH ye of little faith, get YO'self outta here!!! Sooooo we just kinda look at each other again and I'm like, ummmm...okaaaaaay so are we gonna pray or what?!?!
And I'm NOT gonna lie to you all...the prayer was NOT some kind of amazing, light dimming, earth shattering prayer!!! We all put our hands on Delora's arm and said something like, "Uh, God, we know we're not like preachers or anything, but we know that your the healer and your able to do anything, and we're coming to you in faith,  asking you to heal Delora's arm! Uuuuhhh, ummm, like, in Jesus name we pray, AMEN!!!" AND that was basically it!!! We forgot about her arm and IMMEDIATLEY went back to talking about GUYS!!! ;) ;) ;) Plus there was giggles through out the whole thing...BUT you know, I don't think God minded the akwardness or our giggles...
Cause at church that morning I asked Delora how her arm was and she said it still hurt BUT instead of getting worse, it was feeling A LOT better. By the night time she said her arm felt COMPLETELY better AND this past Sunday at church, she stood up, crying, testifying that GOD HAD HEALED HER ARM!
I think sometimes we sooooo OFTEN forget to take our needs to God in prayer. We go to Advil, Asprin and the doctor before we think to go to God. It was also a faith builder to us girls. We got the SAME Holy Ghost as the preachers AND and can use the prayers of a buncha single, dead-tired-hyper, boy cRaZy girls! Oh what peace we often forfiet, oh what needless pain we bear, All because we do NOT carry EVERYTHING to God in Prayer!!!

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly
above all that we ask or think,
 according to the power that worketh in us.
(Ephesians 3:20)


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The results...

WHY guys don't want to catch the garter!!!
Basically, the guys are saying there SCAREDY CATS!!! LOL!
FIRST OF ALL... They don't want to touch that NASTY THING Thats the BIGGEST thing according to my three brothers...they said there is like NOOOO way they are touching it!!! BUT ACCORDING to the poll, the OVERALL reason is because they are SCARED about WHAT girl is going to CATCH THE BOUQUET!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
Thats cause YOU guys KNOW that I have NEVER ACTUALLY caught the bouquet...RIGHT!!!???
If you guys KNEW that Mar Bear was good at catching the bouquet, you guys would sooooooooo be running for it...I'm SURE!!! ;) ;) Hee, hee!

Well...I'm NOT gonna even do the garter thing at me wedding...I hav a waaaaaay better idea for what we're gonna throw...see I was thinkin since guys are scared of the garter, we could just like throw the groom...and..NO i'm J/K! J/K! BUT I do have a really GOOD idea! If you wanna know, START PRAYING!!! ;) ;) ;)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Heritage 2010!!!

WOW!!! It was as usual AWESOME!!! Actually I think these past two years have been especially EXTRA amazing! Its more than just jumpin and shouting and worshippin God, But the preaching was soooo deep, like it just dug right down into your heart. I have soooo many things that I wanna share BUT I'll start off with pics! View them here!!! I met a lot of new, awesome people... Oooo and girls BE HAPPY cause I got a lot of potential Apostolic male models for the future...BUT I must say that I think you guys should REALLY send me better pics of ya all!!! Either that or make an appointment with LOL My photography skills are ONLY GOOD on MYSELF!!! ;) ;) ;)



Do girls like bow ties on guys?!

Do girls like bowties on guys?!
Several guys submitted this question to be asked of us girls... So I thought SURE why not!
Okaaaaaaaay soooo I just HAVE to give my PERSONAL OPPINION on this!!!
I SAY that it depends on the guy AND the bowtie!!! I have seen it on some guys before that I literally ALMOST fell out of my chair from LAUGHING SOOOOOOO HARD!!! But I have ALSO seen it on guys before where it looked REALLY sharp!!! FOR EXAMPLE...

I think it was like two years ago, at Conqueror's Conference, CHRIS HARRIS, the FIRST APOSTOLIC MALE MODEL, wore a bow tie. (Read about Chris HERE)  AND even if it is a little crooked in this picture...WE CAN ALL SEE that it looks GOoooOD ON HIM!!! However, it is a nice, MANLY bow tie...AND this IS Chris Harris, we're talking about!!! Just remember that men, NOT all of you guys out there can pull a "Chris Harris!"

Sooooooooo what do the rest of you girls think?!?!
Vote on the poll on the right side!!! :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sooooo the other day one of my blog friends left me the AWESOMEST, SWEETEST, ENCOURAGINGEST, comment from a post back in November called blessed... I just loved it AND have to BLOG ABOUT IT part of the comment! LOL! ;)  Here is some of what she said...

Having talked your ear off already haha! I do have to say that your understanding is just so awesome! I cannot WAIT to see the man God sends you. If I can give a word of encouragement I wanna tell you a quick story about our youth pastor marrying the pastors daughter. She wanted to be married SO BAD since like forever. Kristy is drop dead gorgeous, she can sing like an angel, she is so sweet, and the girl can dress! Believe me Kristy could GET a man! :) But nearing 30 that man was no where to be found. Every man was just not right. Discouraged, a lot of people began to pray with her. Well there was a boy Jefferey Rowell who walked around with a picture of Kristy in his bible everyday because he had been in love with her since they were kids and didn't have the courage to tell her!!! Well you know how the story ends, he FINALLY came, swept her off her feet and they got married. Had their 1st child last August (baby nolan buster who is ADORABLE). They are like THE cutest couple ever! And the way he looks at her, its like he could kiss the ground she walks on! Not in an obsessive way but its just a match made in heaven :)So you see Mary, sometimes you just gotta pray for the RIGHT MAN to get the GUTS to tell YOU that YOU'RE THE RIGHT WOMAN!!

-signed, a little old married lady :)
After READING I was like AWWWWWW! First of all, I had NEVER heard that lil love story is REALLY sweet! AND, after reading what you said I was tellin my sister and she was like WELL, remember what your fortune cookie you got the other day? I was like OOOO yeah! (Your gonna LOVE this Kendra) It said, An admirer is to shy to greet you. I was like oooo! HAHA! (NOT that I put my trust in fortune cookies or anything!)
Soooooooo I just wanna say...YEAH!!! I'm praying for YOU BABY! Whoever, wherever you are!!! NO need to be scared of me, just come on out with it...the worst thing I would do is like laugh in your face..but it would be in a REALLY nice way! LOL! ;)
AND thanks little old married lady (that is WAAAAY younger than me;) I needed the encouraging words THAT DAY! God bless you for taking the time to be an encouragement! :) And I hope that this an encouragment to all my single friends!!! We just gotta learn to pray the RIGHT way!!! ;) Heee, heee!!!


Age is an issue of mind over matter.
If you don't mind,
it doesn't matter.
(Author unkown)
I don't mind! 
For myself or ANYONE!!!
Know what I'm sayin Jac?!?! ;) Hee, hee!!!

Proud to be luvin life @SWEET 27!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

I dedicate this too...

HAHAHAHA!!! SOOOO not saying who...BUT...
There just ain't NOTHING like the REAL THANG!!! :D

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Soooo do you think?!?!

Several months ago we were at Rawhide, the western cowboy town in Chandler. They were havin a deal on all the rides and activitites so me and my sis and some others from church went. Well there is this one thing for the kids to ride the burros. Well, you ONLY weigh 90 pounds to ride them and there is a scale there and EVERYTHING!!! So this one 10-year-old girl who is like soooooooo skinny from our church like REALLY wants to ride them, but she weighs a 100 pounds, so i'm like, okaaay what's ten pounds?! I mean you guys should see this girl! There is like NO way this burro could NOT hold her. So I'm like JUST ask the man, I'm sure he will let you. So she asks and he is like SOOOO serious! NO! you CANNOT ride it if your OVER 90 pounds! We cannot ALLOW this! Sooooooo i'm like, okaaaay really?! BURROS were made to like HAUL things, thats like their purpose in life. Sooooooooo I just can't resist, steppin up to the fence and have a sweet little convo with this , VERY-serious-about-his-job young man. So I kinda saunter over and real casual but serious like, am all, Hey! So like, do you think I would weigh to much then?! HE just LOOKS at me like SOOOO shocked. His mouth is like hanging open and he is like stutter, uh, uh, uh...LIke he just didn't know what to say. Cause he knew there was NO waaaay I weighed 90 pounds but he didn't ACTUALLY wanna say I weighed to much!!! HAHAHA! Sooo I let him stutter for a few more seconds, then I'm like, "JUST KIDDING!!!" He is like, "OH!!!" You could just see the relieved look on his face and Mr. Serious dude FINALLY cracked a big ol smile! I was laughing SOOO hard, it was PRETTY AWESOME!!! Just another one of those moments I just couldn't RESIST!!! ;)

(My burro! Hee, hee!;)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yes, HE DOES!!! :)

Soooooooo I totally LOVE and ADORE cookie monster!!! I mean, as far as Sesame street goes, he's my HERO!!! (Don't EVEN talk to me about BIG BIRD!!! HAHA!) So I have a few cookie monster things, a coffee mug, a picture, a hoody sweatshirt. WELL...I saw someone recently wearing a cookie monster t-shirt and I was like,  OMW! I HAVE to have that. (Cuz there is like NOOO way I can wear my cookie monster sweatshirt any time soon in AZ! LOL!)So my sis is like oh I saw them in the mall at Spencer's when I was walking by and I'm like, OH?! Cause like, Spencer's isn't really a the best store to be going in, ya know?!
BUT I'm like, WELL this is cookie monster. He is sooo adorable and he loves cookies! (PLUS, I look REALLY good in blue!;) The next time we are at the mall I'm with my sis and Jac and I'm like, OH let me just go in REALLY quick and see if they have that shirt. As soon as we walk in I just got this CREEPY feeling, it was absolute CHAOS and I'm trying to tell the guy what i'm lookin for and he is showing me the wrong thing. Well, I was like okaaaaaay this place is creepin me out, I gotta get out of here. As we're walkin out we see that they have the shirt but they are all out but we're just like ok, WHATEVER! I was thinkin we could come back another time, but then I was thinkin about it and I told my sis, I know they have it there, but I just don't feel right going back into Spencer's. It's not like I was gonna lose my salvation by walkin and buying that shirt and walking back out...BUT STILL...I just didn't think God would want me taking my Holy Ghost in there!!! I had seen it online and decided that I would just get it that way!

Well that was about a month ago. The other day I was browsing aroung Wal-Mart. (The Apostolic hangout!) And GUESS WHAT I FOUND?!?! Yes! Thats right the SAME EXACT COOKIE MONSTER t-shirt was at WAL-MART!!! I was soooooooooo happy AND it was only $8.99!!! The one at Spencer's was $18.99. Call me cRaZy, say WHATEVER you want, but I honestly think God put it there at Wal-Mart for a WAAAAAY cheaper price, in honor of my not going back in that store. He knew just how bad I wanted it and JUST how goOoOoOd I would look in it! ;) You say...
Does God EVEN care about those things?!?!
YES! I think He does!!!

But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.
(Matthew 10:30)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The words of MY mouth...

Today I was at the mall with my niece MJ and two of her bestest little girl friends from church. We were getting ready to leave when I looked at my phone and saw that I had a text message from my friend Jac. It said, "If your gonna call me you can at least say HI!" I was like okaaaaaay!!! So I text her back and was like, "Huh!?" So she texts me back again and says, "I got a phone call from you but when I answered it you never said hi, all I could hear was you talking to someone about getting the Holy Ghost! At least you weren't GOSSIPING!!! LOL!" HAHAHA!!! I was like Ooooooooo!!! My phone musta accidentally called her. I had been playing a game with the girls at a table in the food court. I would ask them questions about getting the Holy Ghost and if they answered it right I gave them a skittle. I'm soooooooooo glad that what Jac heard was something I could be proud of and that I was NOT gossiping!!! ;) (Especially about HER! hee, hee!) You NEVER know who is listening to your conversation AND God is ALWAYS listening!!! How differently would we talk, if we ALWAYS talked, like we ACTUALLY  believed that JESUS was REALLY in the room!?!?!
 Let the words of my mouth,
and the meditation of my heart,
be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord...
(Psalm 19:14) 

Monday, July 19, 2010

Almost is STILL a miracle!!

My neice Mary Jo ALMOST got the Holy Ghost tonight!!! She said this afternoon that she WANTED to pray tonight and I was like YES! She said she was gonna sit up front with me and everything...come preachin time I just see that girls eyes droopin...I was like OH NO WAY!!! That is soooooooo NOT happening!!! So I put her on my lap and KEPT bouncing her and makin her get up and worship with me in the preaching...LOL!!!

AnywayZ, just the fact that she is EVEN seeking the Holy Ghost is a TOTAL MIRACLE and an AWESOME birthday present to us BOTH!!!! Just last month, at the Jr. Camp, she was covering her ears any time the Holy Ghost was even mentioned and at alter call she was sitting on the ground just rollin around and playing with THE DIRT!!! LOL!
This morning pastor preached a simple message, but all the kids could just totally relate to it. It was about something they could ALL relate with...SWIMMING, DROWNING AND FLOATIES!!! HAHA!!! Something just clicked in her and SHE WANTS THE HOLY GHOST!!!

I was talkin to her this afternoon and I was like tellin her all kinds of stuff about kids getting the Holy Ghost. I was tellin her about when I got the Holy Ghost and then I remembered Cara Wilkins telling me about when SHE got the Holy Ghost... how she did wanna raise her hands or something and she would stop praying when people would come over to I start tellin her about Cara, cause she just thinks that Cara is like SOOOOO cool and I told her that Cara finally decided NOT to have an attitude about it and just raise her hands. So i'm like you kinda hav a little bit of an attitude still, huh girl!!! And she is like, "Yeah!!! Kinda like JESTINA!!!!" HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Keep MJ in your prayers.
 She said she is going to keep praying for it at HERITAGE this next week!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I've been told...

I've been told before, NOT to toot your own horn...BUT guess what I am about to do?! Yes thats right!!! I'm gonna toot my own horn!!! ;)
(Heeey i might toot my own horn, but I'm Mary...who's horn DON'T I toot?!?!!;)

Sweet 27 todaaaaaaaaay and havin a total blast!!! I'm amaZed by how many people LOVE me...there is NO greater present I can get, than knowing I am LOVED!!! I am soooo blessed!!! :) It is ALSO my niece Mary Jo's birtday today, Sis. Betty Cleveland's AND John Morale's!!! If you have a chance make sure to wish them ALL a happy Birthday!!! ALSOOO...
MJ was at the alter praying today for the Holy Ghost!!! This is a HUGE deal, considering that she normally covers her ears a soon as the Holy Ghost is mentioned!!! Today when pastor Abbott was preaching, he said, "Mary Jo, God wants to fill you with the Holy Ghost TODAY on your birthday! AND when he said that I just started sobbing, cause I realized just how much I want that TODAY on OUR BIRTHDAY!!! If you guys only knew where God brought her from...She was trapped in her Eygpt...BUT God has brought her out!!! Please pray for our little girl today!!! She said that she is going to get the Holy Ghost TONIGHT!!!
Thank you everyone for ALL the birthday emails, and text messages!!! I love them all and they are soooooo sweet!! You guys are AWESOME!!! :)

My 27th Birthday cake!!!

I think Jewel got WAAAAAAAAAAY better pics, but ain't it CUTE?!?!?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cute compliment!!!

Got the CUTEST compliment today!!!
One of the little girls that I am taking care of, came over to me and was like, "Can I have a hug?" So i'm like OF COURSE! and then her older sister was like, Who wouldn't want a hug from Mary?! She is sooooooo cuddly!" I was like AWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Thats SOOOO sweeeeet!!! I guess thats why they call me Mar Bear! :)


Soooooo I got my second writing assignment back from writing instructor and I am totally laughing at something he said to me. He first wrote that he really like my story. However, he then went on to give me some good, constructive criticsm. He said that I need to be careful about making mistakes in my writing that will reveal that I am an amateur.

For example, for part of the assignment, we had to turn in a manuscript in the correct format that you would send it to a publication for review. So I turned in my story, The Little Messenger, well you would have to read the story to understand this line, but I say, "I have liked a million guys since that time." So he crosses it out and instead of million he puts, many. I just busted up laughing when I saw that! I told my sister, OBVIOUSLEY, he doesn't know me that well yet! Mary's like MANY GUYS?! NO REALLY, it's probabley been a literal million...NO EXAGERATION! HAHA!!!

I was joking around with my brother's one time and I was like, "I honestly think it is EASIER for me to name the guys I have NEVER liked, that to try and name ALL the guys that I have!!! My brother John was like, " yeah, if your a guy, and Mary has NEVER liked you, you have SERIOUSLEY got to be THE BIGGERST LOSER EVER! Cause, Mary likes EVERYONE!!!"

Friday, July 16, 2010

I saw this and just cracked up laughing!!! Its like SOOOO obnoxious!!! But then I was thinkin about and I was like, heeeeey that ACTUALLY kinda fits ME!!! Cause my heart really does belong to someone...I JUST DON'T KNOW WHO HE IS!!! Awwwwwwww!!! What's-his-face in my life is one blessed guy...I am soooooo HAPPY for him!!! ;)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jose update...

I just realized that I havn't given you all an update on my nephew in quite a while.
 Sooo HERE we go...
FIRST of all...I just wanna say that YES, his name is Joseph Caleb, BUT we ALL CALL HIM JOSE!!!Yes, I said Jose!!! It is Tagolog, which is the Filipino language, for Joseph. WHY does everyone like freak out about that?!?! He knows his name as Jose AND turns and looks at you when you call Jose!!!
Second of all...

He NOW sleeps in a crib!!!
AWWWW! LOOK at his lil foot! LOL!

(Well he loves that water, he can't actually swim yet!;)

He has started crawling and acts like he is going to start walking at ANY MOMENT!!! HE IS VERY, VERY, VERY active! ALWAYS, moving around and touching stuff! He is on the GO! GO! GO!!!


Daddy gave him his FIRST hair cut and he looks SOOOOOOO handsome!!! VERY manley, suave and just all around adorable!!!

HE LOVES his Auntie Maria!!!
OKAAAAAAY well I love him...LOL!!!
WELL...I basically just adore him!!!
He is the cutest thing to ever enter into this world!!!
AND I am VERY happy to announce...
 That he will be ATTENDING his FIRST HERITAGE Conference in just a week from now! Soooo if you guys are going, you just might get lucky and be able to glimpse at him in person. At this point in time he is NOT yet giving out autographs for his AWESOMENESS, but MAYBE next year!!! ;)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


After reading this quote, all I could say is WOW!!! That is soooooo TRUE!!! We've all mistaken love for other things. But think about it...Pure, unadulturated LOVE, is the most amaZing thing in the whole world...  
   AND GOD'S LOVE...God's love is like,

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I need a Bandaid!!!

HAHAHAHA!!! I LOVE this icon!!!  I was tellin my sister, thats how it is when you have a crush on someone. When your in-love and in a relationship, and it doesn't work out it, BREAKS YOUR HEART!!! You cry yourself to sleep at night and it just seems like FOREVER before you are FINALLY over that person!!! But I told my sis, when it's JUST A CRUSH, it hurts, BUT its NOT the same as a BROKEN HEART!!! You don't like it, BUT its NOT the end of the world...he doesn't like you, but OH WELL, life GOES ON!!! You can only understand the difference if you've been through BOTH!!! I told my sis, it's like, when you have a crush on a guy and he doesn't like you back, IT stings a little and wounds the pride, BUT its not a big deal, just a little scrape from falling on your knees. Without missing a beat, my sis just looks at me and says, "Or in your case it's more like a FALL ON YOUR FACE!!!" AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I was laughing SOOOOOO hard!!! THIS IS SOOOOO THE TRUTH!!!! I've fallen on my face quite a few times in my life AND guess what?!?!? I'm about to do it AGAIN!!!♥♥♥Heeheeeheee!!♥♥♥BREAK OUT THE BANDAIDS PEOPLE!!! Cuz what's ONE MORE SCRAPE?!!? ;) ;) ;) ♥♥♥

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Hey LPC Youth!!!
Just in case you didn't get the text message...
Heritage has gone down in price from $125.00- $100.00...
Which is just TOTALLY rockin COOL!
If you havn't already paid, get your money to Sis. Abbott,
our beautiful, wonderful, DROP-DEAD GORGOUS Pastor's wife, ASAP!!! ;)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Black Apostolic Hair...

Heeeeey I just wanted to introduce a REALLY cool blog that I have enjoyed reading...and gleaning from. Kendra Thaler, from the Clark's church in CA has a really good blog for black Apostolic Hair. She is down to earth, funny and has scriptures to back up what she teaches!!! Plus, her hair-dos are TOTALLY BABELICIOUS!!! So if your black, or if your like me, white chick that happens to have a million African babies, Check out this girl's blog!


Well I have to say, with turning 27 ON THE 18TH of THIS MONTH, I've been feelin pretty good about it! Considering that in the previous month of June, 3 people guessed me to be 17, one 14, one 16 and someone thought I was still in high school!!! AND I mean, we're talkin people being shocked, NOT BELIEVING me when I tell them MY AGE!!!LOL! Soooooo I am just like OH YEAH!!! I am soooooo young looking, the OLDEST anyone has EVEN guessed me to be is 17, which is STILL ten years younger than what I ACTUALLY am!!! Sooooooo i'm just TOTALLY gloating about it, just been letting it ALL go to my head! WELLLLLLLL...
Sunday morning I get up for church, get ready to start admiring myself in the mirror AND...OMW...I gasped in shock and HORROR at what I saw...I could NOT EVEN BELIEVE IT!!!
There were wrinkles UNDER MY EYES!!! Like crows feet!!! I blinked my eyes AND they were still there!!! I SCRUBBED my face and they were STILL there!!! I'm like NOOOO! I'm NOT EVEN married yet!!! I can't get wrinkles UNTIL I'm at least MARRIED!!! ;) (You can see them in the pic! if you LOOK!) I mean I didn't think I would flip out about something like this...I've had gray hairs since I was 18 and could care less...BUT WRINKLES...
So i'm like TRYING to encourage myself, It's okay Mar Bear,  Your still beautiful EVEN with wrinkles under your eyes...Remember what you learned in Bro. Garrett's class, "TRUE BEAUTY COMES FROM GOD!" Oh yeah! i remember this...SOOOOO  I'm like chanting it under my breath... TRUE BEAUTY COMES FROM GOD! TRUE BEAUTY COMES FROM GOD! TRUE BEAUTY COMES FROM GOD! TRUE BEAUTY COMES FROM GOD! TRUE BEAUTY COMES FROM GOD! TRUE BEAUTY COMES FROM GOD!
So my pep talkin wasn't working too well...BUT I continue doing my hair EVEN with my wrinkles...cause well i figured thats what God would want me to do...LOL! So I get to church and I'm gettin ALL these compliments on my new hair do (EXCEPT FROM MY BROTHERS!) ...So i'm like oh I guess no one is even noticing my wrinkles...
Later on when I am with my family I decide to casually mention it to my brother John. I'm thinkin, OKAAAAAAAAY...I'm NOT gonna make a big deal or ANYTHING...BUT I'll just see what he thinks of them. So i'm like, hey John, I think I'm getting wrinkles under my eyes!!!
Soooooo he comes over, looks for like two seconds and is like...
"Your skin is peeling!"

I'm like HUH?!?!
I have been swimming like EVERYDAY this summer!!! (LIKE DUH!!!)
Of course I went RIGHT BACK to GLOATING about looking young!!! But really, it got me to realizing that its SOOOO true...Physical beauty REALLY is temporal!! One of these young, (I say that in a VERY HUMBLE, UNCONCEITED WAY) good looks are gonna leave me and ALL thats gonna matter then is what I got on the inside!!! True beauty REALLY DOES, come from God!"
Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain:
 but a woman that feareth the LORD,
she shall be praised.
(Proverbs 31:30)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fake Cupcakes!!!

It was sooooooo funny the other day at Jac's party. Monsi comes in, walks over to the cupcakes sitting on display at our table. She looks at them, kinda squeals and is like, Ooooo these are FAKE right? And as she says it, her finger just pops RIGHT into the cupcake? She is like, "OH, THEY ARE REAL!!!!" We were all laughing SOOOOOOOO hard!!! I was like...MONSI!!! She is like weeeellllllll they COULD of been fake...they have those fake ones...I'm like yeah BUT its a birthday party!!! Heaven FORBID, we might have REAL cupcakes at a BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! LOL Its okaaaaaay Monsi...I have my share of blond moments too girl!!! I shoulda told you MY Disneyland haunted house story!!! Read (HERE)

Veiw the rest of the pics from Jac's party HERE

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I was at the mall a couple of weeks ago and as I was walking out the door, right before the door was about to slam shut, I noticed from the corner of my eye  a lady behind me with a stroller, struggling to get out the door...So I stopped to hold the door for her. She seemed kinda surprised, but I just thought it was a common courtesy to do that, especially since she had a baby stroller. Still, in my mind I thought, I really NEED to be MORE careful and try and remember to do this, cause I really did almost let the door just slam in her face.
The next day, I was running errands with my mom and brother. We stopped at an office building and my mom was havin me run in a paper to the secratary. As I was walkin from the parking lot, this tall, broad shouldered man comes speed walking over, hustling his way in front of me. He gets to the door before by like a couple feet, without thinking about it, I just automatically expected him to hold the door for me...much to my dismay, he just walked right on in and let the door SLAM IN MY FACE!!! I was like...OH WOW!!! Is it my imagination or did this dude just like TOTALLY let the door slam in my face?! So I turned in the paper and went back to the van.
When I got in my mom was like...THAT man was like soooooooo rude!!! He just let the door slam right in your face!!! I was like, Oh did you guys see that?! My brother was like, YES!!! We watched the whole thing!!! I'm like yeah, whatever happened to good old COMMON COURTESY!?!?! My brother and sister work at a High School with special need students and they said you wouldn't believe how many highschoolers don't even bother to take the time to hold the door for them when they are pushing someone in a wheelchair.
Ever since then I have been more determined that ever to HOLD THE DOOR for people!!! I realized that if it made that much of an impact on me when he didn't, then it must be the same for other people. We as Christians need to take the ten seconds, to stop and BE POLITE!!! What kind of a witness are we being if we can't even hold the door for someone?!  AND I know that sometimes us girls just think that this ONLY applys to guys to girls...but HEEEY, I think we ALL NEED TO BE POLITE!!! I know that sometimes people don't care and sometimes people don't want to be thought of as helpless...but STILL...I would rather be thought of as OVER POLITE, then rude!!! EVEN if the person walking up behind you isn't what you consider to be the HOTTEST person in the world...JUST HOLD THE DOOR!!!!
...Be ye kind one to another...
(Ephesians 4:32)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday LORRAINE!!!

I wanna give a SPECIAL birthday shout out to my GOOOOOD friend Lorraine Orozco!
Lorraine your a BEAUTIFUL young lady, who is a true example to us girls of what a Heroine is ...
AND i am SOOOOO buying your NEXT book!!! Can't wait till it is out!!!
♥ya MUCHO and
HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY!!! ;) ;) ;)

New Ice Cream flavor!!! :D

Soooo today some of us were over at my house earlier in the day, preparing for Jac's birthday party at two. Well some of us girls are in the kitchen preparing food and my niece MJ is just BLABBIN away to all of us...non-stop and we're like NOT REALLY listening to her at all!!!
Next think I know she is like talkin about skin colors and we're still NOT really payin attention and she is like..."Yeah, so Jestina is Chocolate and Selena is Carmel and Delora is Vanilla..." then she kinda pauses...smirks a little and I hear her quietly say, "And Mary, SHE'S JUST WHITE TRASH!!!"
AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! I was like laughing SOOOOOOOOOO hard!!! And ALL the other girls are TOTALLY laughing...EXCEPT Jestina...she like did NOT like that fact that someone was calling her Vanilla Mamma TRASH...soooo i'm like No Jestina its okaaay....I don't care...MJ musta heard me and Theresa saying it about someone or something. So Jestina is like, "Oh well, what does it mean?" So I'm like trying to think of the best definition of "WHITE TRASH" so I'm like "WELLLL...It's a white person...that is just kinda GHETTO!!!" AND Jestina is like...."OH!!!" Then she smiles and says, "Well then YOU ARE WHITE TRASH!!!" AHAHAHAHAHA!!! It was REALLY funny!!!

 I can't deny that fact that I am a little ghetto...I've gone trash pickin a FEW times...IN HEELS...but HEEEEEEY I've gotten some CUTE THINGS!!! ;)))

So yeah...
its Chocolate, Carmel, Vanilla && the newest...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday JAC!!!

Today is MY BEST friend's birthday!
Jac and I met when she was ten and I was 11. I remember at first she was kinda quiet...for like the first day...THEN she started talkin about HER DAD'S FAMOUS POTATO salad (ANYONE know what I mean with THE POTATO SALAD!!!;) and she basically hasn't shut up since then!!! LOL!
[THIS is what I'm thinkin when we wake up @ 4 am for the church yard sale &&
SHE IS TALKIN like she has been awake FOREVER!!! ;)]

One thing about me and Jac...we hav our share of squabbles and times we wanna slap each other SILLY (AT LEAST I DO!) But in the end we ALWAYS have each other's backs!!! She is usually the FIRST one to know about the latest crush and I gotta say..she is a REALLY GOOD SECRET KEEPER!!!
Jac can ALWAYS tell when I am mad or upset...its just one of those things where can't tell UNLESS you REALLY know me!!! I don't get mad often, BUT if you EVER wanna know how I get when I am mad, JUST ASK Jac!!! :)))

&& we are ALWAYS scheming together!!! We can go to a conference and hardly even look at each other the WHOLE time we are there...BUT we have things already pre-planned..."do this or say this if you see HIM"...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! AND we're always watching out for each other..."I saw, this, this AND THIS!!!"
Sometimes she drives me cRaZy...BUT I really do love her!!!
&& I don't think I could ever really explain WHY she is my best friend...
I don't think I will ever be able to give a better reason...


LPC Choir Clarification...

Hello all my Apostolic friends,
I don't know who all on this mass email list attended AZ Camp Meeting last week, but if you were there you may remember my church, the LPC choir singing "Since Jesus Passed By" While we sang this song, certain people in the LPC choir did cardboard testimonies. Some of you may have noticed, that Sis. Betty Cleveland, Bishop Abbott's Mother-in-law, held up a cardboard testimony, that said; "Addicted to drugs" then when she turned it over it said, "delivered" JUST FOR THE RECORD...

Sis. BETTY CLEVELAND, WAS NEVER, EVER ADDICTED TO DRUGS!!! There was a BIG mix up with the testimonies and somehow Sis. Cleveland ended up with someone else's cardboard testimony. Not wanting to make a HUGE scene, Sis. Cleveland just held the sign...HOWEVER, she was a little bit upset that people might actually think this WAS her testimony...WHICH people did--- some asked me about it!!! LOL! I was asked to send out an email to try and clarify this...which is what I am doing right now!!! AND I totally understand WHY SHE wouldn't want anyone to think that!!! I FO SHO would NOT have been holding up THAT SIGN!!! Soooo EVERYONE...DELIVERED FROM DRUGS WAS SOMEONE ELSE"S TESTIMONY!!! :) AND if you do this BE CAREFUL with your signs...LOTSA STUFF CAN HAPPEN!!! Just ASK JAC!!! RFLOL!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July...

I had an AWESOME 4th of July!
I decided to get up early and try a new hair do...I curled my WHOLE head of hair with the curling took like FOREVER to do but I LIKED IT!
Spent the rest of the morning at my AWESOME church...where we had an INTERESTING SONG SERVICE!!! LOLOL!!! AND great preaching!!!
Afterwards, my family came over to mine and my sister's place.
My mother had prepared a BBQ feast AND the boys grilled...which gotta A LITTLE emotional when John BURNT the steaks!!! LOL! BUT the food was GREAT! My brother Joe made his chile for the hot dogs..soooooo we had... Hot dogs, sausage, chicken, steak(Burnt!) ribs, baked beans, chili, macoroni salad, potato salad, deviled eggs, watermelon, AND, AND ICE CREAM CONES!!!
THEN after that, the WHOLE family, all 11 of us, INCLUDING MY MOM AND DAD...all went swimming!!! It was SOOOOO much fun!!! I would post pics but Idk if they would WANT ME TOO! HAHAHAHA!!!
After we got outta the pool, i litterally just FELL asleep without even realiZin it!!! I slept through EVERYTHING till like 8:30...then we went over to my mom's and MY BROTHER'S and Jonathon Stultz from our church, who lives across the street from us, did THEIR OWN display of fireworks!!! I was on official, "Cop-watch-Lookout-duty" IT WAS FUN!!! AND SCARY!!! LOL
Overall, it was and AWESOME day...wonderful time spent with my cRaZy family!!!

PLUS...I got my picture taken with Danny...Mr. Hot Stuff himself!!! ;)
Does it get ANY better than that?!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


 Swimming Birthday Party for Jac this Monday, July 5th at my sister and my's house at 2pm!
Girls ONLY!!!
Jestina will be making her fried chicken and I'm making my chicken salad!!!(yes sheree MY chicken salad...FOR YOU!!!;)
*Bring your favorite snack/side dish/dessert/candy or WHATEVER you want!!!
*Also, bring your own towel and sun block/ pool toys!!!
* I suggest modest swim wear since the neighbors on one side are ALWAYS out smoking and the neighbor on THE OTHER a VERY, VERY, VERY good looking, single dude!!! ;) LOLOLOL!!! The party is from 2-till whenever!
RSVP ASAP!!! ♥Mary

A little love story...

So one day there was this young lady eating at a little cafe. She wasn't the most attractive girl in the world, but she happened notice that the guy sitting at the table next to her was VERY handsome!!! He was TALL...broad shouldered, with blonde hair and SCREAMING SILVER BLUE EYES!!!! Just lookin at him,  her heart was beating faster. She HAD to get his attention!!! SHE JUST HAD TOO!!! BUT HOW? She was kind of a plain lookin girl...still she kept sneakin little glances over at him...he was soooo handsome... what could she do?!*sigh!

ALL of the sudden, this handsome man sneezed! As he sneezed, he threw his head back, and flying out of his face was a glass eye. The glass eye soared over the table and without even thinkin twice about it, the kinda plain lookin chic, stuck out her hand and caught the glass eye in mid-air! She stared at it lovingly for a moment then said, "Here is your eye back, sir," she said very politely. (See now if it was ME, and some handsome guy, I soooo woulda have kept the eye to put under my pillow)"Thank you SOOOO much the man said!" Then he invited her to finish her meal at his table. When the bill came, THE HANDSOME MAN paid for HER MEAL!!!(now this is a BIG DEAL when a guy does this!;) THEN he asks her for her number. She is absolutley shocked and flattered that he would want it. Sooo she gives it to him.

The next week they just happen to run into each other at the gas station. When he sees her, he goes SPRINTING across the parking lot to open the door for her and when it is time to pump he says he'll do it for her!!! (Awwww) Then he offers to wash her car for her. HE does all the windows, the interior, waxes it...the WHOLE shabang!!! When she invites him over for dinner one night, he says he'll do the dishes..(DON;T worry, there was TOTALLY a chaperone at the house!;) While, he is there, he notices her lawn NEEDS to be cut, the bulb in the ceiling fan needs o be changed, paints a room, kills a roach, the toilet needs to plunged etc...

So the relationship begins to flourish and the girl thinks that he is really starting to fall in love with her. NO ONE HAS EVER...treated her this well. But she can't be sure! IS he sincere? Or is he leading her on? Just playin with her? Are there other girls? So she asks him... She says, "Is it just me? OR do you treat ALL the girls you know like this?!
He looks down at her adoringly...
She stares at his handsome face and into his blue-one-glass-eyes and he says,
"No baby, its JUST you!!! It ALL started that day at the cafe....
You just HAPPENED to...
  CATCH MY EYE!!! ;)
(What a love story! Hope it happens like THIS, for me!) 
You KNOW your laughing!!!!
Don't EVEN deny it!!!
I wish I could take FULL credit for this joke BUT...I CAN"T!
 This is MY version! :)