Sunday, September 30, 2012

Annnnnnnnnnnd the catcher was...

Like, HELLLLLLLOOOOOO...don't you think that IF it had been ME...You all woulda known about it a loooooooooooong time ago!?!?! ;)))) Like the day of...or the MINUTE after... it had happened...mass email...mass text...BLOG POST!!! LOLOLOL!!! I think the answer was OBVIOUS people!!! HAHAHAHA!!! :)
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, September 28, 2012

John and Lizzy's wedding!!!

Okaaaaay soooo here we go...the post EVERYONE has been WAITING FOR!!!  First of all...some of the pics are to big to see on the page...I couldn't get them to downsize...buuuuut if you just click on the pic  you can see the whole thing!!! I want everyone to know that there were NO MARY MOMENTS the whole entire day...I boring...right?! Also, I just want u all to know that had my phone NOT been banned from during the ceromony I coulda gotten waaaaay better pics!!! (:
Bride and Groom...Liz and John
Me and John...
Liz and Me! :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

For Haterrr!!!

This for you Hater!!! YOU KNOW who you are!!!! Say NO to your Hatoraid!!! Bahaha

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Guess who?!?!

I'll post the answer tomorrow with the wedding pics!!! LOLOLOL!!!
♥Mary :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Following your dreams...

Sooooo yesturday, after the Filipino service in the afternoon, those of us that went were just kinda sitting around in the foyer hanging out till our evening service at church...annnnnd I was BORED... So I was going through this sight that is called THE BUCKET LIST...its like things to do before you die...soooo i'm just sitting on the floor, going through them and like stating my oppinion on them and making Thomas and Jacqui annnnd whoever else was sitting there laugh...
Like, RIDE AN ELEPHANT, Me and Jac have ALREADY done that!!! See a Volcano Errupt!!! I'm like REALLY??? Like, where do you just HAPPEN to find an errupting volcano??? ANNNNND furthermore, IF it was errupting, LIKE we would even be allowed near it...annnnd REALLY would we want to be by it??? Another one of the things was like, GO ON A CRUISE AROUND THE WORLD! I'm like duuuuude...NO WAY!!! Do you know just HOW FAT I would be by the end of that cruise??? SERIOUSLEY!!! AHAHA!!! Or one of them was like, JUMP IN A SWIMMING POOL FULLY CLOTHED!!! I'm like Oooo wow...thats really DARING!!! Like HELLOOOOO!!! I'm PENTECOSTAL...Been doing that ALL MY LIFE even BEFORE they had the modest bathing suits...THIS GIRL CAN SWIM IN A JEAN SKIRT!!! Woot! Woot!!!
Buuuuuuuuuut this was the one that I really, really, REALLY made them all laugh with...FOLLLOW YOUR DREAMS!!! I'm like, okaaaaaaaaaay I do THAT one ALLL THE TIME!!! annnnnnd you know what everyone calls it??? 
♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Sooooo of course there will be MORE about my brother's wedding this past Saturday, buuuuuuut...I just wanted to start this off by saying that I am sooooo thankful that there EVEN WAS a wedding for my brother!!!
When I saw his bride walking down the aisle and him looking at her, I couldn't help but start to feel a little choked up. About eight years ago, the thought of my brother getting married wasn't even in any of our minds, we just wanted him to LIVE!!!
He was diagnosed with ALL, a type of Leukemia that only gave him a 40% chance of survival with chemo and if that didn't work, a 10% chance with a bone marrow transplant. I remember night after night after night of staying with him in the hospital while he was getting chemo...SOOOO WORRIED!!!
I remember we would get soooooo BORED...I would do ALL these cRaZy-STUPID things to make him we didn't have a care in the world...buuuuuut deep down inside I was sooooo scared my lil brother was gonna die...I just couldn't imagine my life with ONLY FOUR Ginty kids!!!
BUUUUUUUUUUUUUT God brought him through ALL THAT...annnnnd NOT only did God give him LIFE...He has brought him to marriage...
As far as I'm concerned, being his sister and all, it woulda been enough for me if God had just let him live...HAHAHAHAHA!!! Buuuuuut... Yesturday God went above and beyond all of our expectations and blessed John with a beautiful, Godly wife!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!! What a mighty, mighty, MIGHTY GOD we serve!!!
♥Mary :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Today IS THE DAY...

THE FIRST APOSTOLIC MALE MODEL to actually GET MARRIED!!! Yes, yes, yes...MY WORK ON THIS BLOG truley IS a success!!! (Read his post HERE!) Today, at 2pm, my younger brother, that bosses me around, GETS MARRIED!!! Woooooohoooooo!!!

The other day I was telling him, JOHN, your THE FIRST AMM to get married!!! His response: I was an Apostolic Male Model on your BLOG??? AHAHAHAHA!!! I tell ya...LOLOLOL!!!
Anywayz, We've been preparing ALL week long!!! I just wanna you know HOW HARD it is to stick to a diet BEING ITALIAN??? Omw...seriousley...I've been helping bake Italian cookies and pastries all week long!!! Eeeeeks!!! LOL!!!

Last night was the wedding was getting a lil tense with the bride and groom trying to figure out HOW to fit their whole entire bridal party on the platform!!! All of the sudden the question gets asked by the coordinaor: WHY do the girls look soooo much MORE squished than THE GUYS??? The guys AUTOMATIC RESPONSE:
AHAHAHA!!! We all just bust up laughing!!! It eased the tension!!!
 (It was actually cuz there was only two guys sitting on the bench at the moment and one of the groomsmen hadn't arrived yet!!!)
THEN I thought this was the funniest, cutest moment of the night EVERRR!!! Soooo Liz, THE BRIDE, is walking down the aisle with her dad...
My niece MJ turns who is a flower girl, turns to Jocelyn Abbott, who is also a flower girl and the brides niece and she says, AS Liz and her dad are walking down the aisle, OH Is that her DAD?!??! (Like REALLY MJ?! Your just now realizing this?? Buuuut it gets even funnier!!!) Soooo Jocelyn looks at her aunt and grandpa...then just she has NO IDEA and could care less!!!AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Awwwwwww kids make everything soooo much funnnnn!!!
Weeeeeelllll I can't wait to see WHAT ALL HAPPENS TODAY!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Girl Advice!!!

Sooooo I'm not really like knowing all that on getting and keeping a guy...buuuuut I would like to give SOME advice to all my sistas...
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I bet the girl is probabley APOSTOLIC!!! BAHAHAHA!!!

♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Have you ever been lost? Do you remember as a child walking through the store with your parents and then you get distracted and stop to look at the toys or candy? You think your parent's are still with you as you stop and look, BUUUUUT then all of the sudden you look up and your parent's are GONE!!! You go into panick mode and started running around frantically looking for your parent's...THIS IS THE FEAR OF A CHILD THAT IS LOST!!!
However, this past July, while we were in the Bahamas, my sister and I took one day to spend at the beach, we had an absolute grand time, which I will STILL be blogging about, BUUUUUT just we were packing everything up and getting ready to head back to the cruise ship, SOMETHING HAPPENED!!!
My sis looked around as we were pickup our bags and says, Mary, WHERE IS MARY JO??? I was like, Ummmmm...Idk! We look around at first just figuring that she had walked a little ways down the beach, buuuut everywhere we walked, she was STILL NOT THERE!!! We looked and looked and looked!!! Buuuuuut we couldn't find her!!! We called out her name buuuuut STILL there was NO RESPONSE!!!
My sister was like what if she is drowning? What if someone kiddnapped her? The beach was jam-paced with people and By now my sister had gone into total and complete FREAK-OUT-PANICK MODE!!! She was crying hysterically and just running around a total mess! (I was scared, BUUUUT not that scared! 1. MJ HATES the ocean and REFUSES to go near it without being I knew she wasn't drowning in it!!! 2. She has WAAAAAAAY to much attitude to EVERRR go with a stranger without a HUUUUUUGE fight!) So I happened to find a really nice Bahemian man that I told him what had happened and he said NOT to worry, we were going to find her! And he stopped right there in the middle of his beach job and started praying with us...
Annnnnnd right as he was praying with us...there comes MJ, just strolling up without a care in the world! We were like, WHAT HAPPENED??? WHERE WERE YOU??? She is just like, I went to the bathroom up the hill! My sis is like, YOU NEVER TOLD ME!!! You CAN'T JUST LEAVE US LIKE THAT!.MJ is just like, I told you guys I was going! My sis is like, NO YOU DIDN'T!!! She is like, NO! I did!" I was like, actually, I think I can slightly remember her saying she was going!
AnywayZ, as we thanked the Bahemiean man for helping us and walked a way, my sis WAS SOOOOO RELIEVED!!! She had her hand on her heart and she told me that she can't even begin to explain the PANICK she felt when she couldn't find MJ! She said that the horror and the fear she felt at the thought of losing her daughter, she said she just honestly couldn't even explain how she felt! She has NEVER in all her life felt that way!
Then she told me later on, I wonder if thats the way God feels, when one of HIS children are lost! THINK ABOUT IT!!! How do you think God feels, when one of His children have drifted away from him?! Do you realize JUST HOW MUCH YOU MEAN TO GOD??? He loves each and everyone of us so much!
"What man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it?..."
The heart of God is hurting for you!!! Yes he is God, and he knows EVERYTHING, buuuuut at the same time, Do you realize that God is searching for you? He is frantically, desperately looking to find you!!! Maybe you are like MJ and you don't even realize that you are lost? BUUUUT God, he knows right where you are at...HE IS CALLING YOUR NAME!!! He is hoping you will listen...hoping you will hear him!!! Or maybe you are like that little kid in the store, you didn't mean to get just got only stopped for a minute...buuuut somehow, you sight of your father, either way, JESUS IS LOOKING FOR YOU!!!
"...And when he hath found it, he layeth it on his shoulders, rejoicing. And when he cometh home, he calleth together his friends and neighbours, saying unto them, Rejoice with me; for I have found my sheep which was lost..."
Do you know the relief you will bring to the heart of Jesus when you are found??? It doesn't matter where you have been or what you have done, God JUST WANTS HIS CHILD BACK!!! You don't have to stay lost...LET JESUS FIND YOU!!!
  "...I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance. (Luke 15:4-7)
If you are lost, you don't have to be any more...
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Which is SCARIER????

What do you all think is SCARIER???
The fact that Jac is standing on the top of an 8ft ladder cleaning our church chandelier???
I, Mary Frances Ginty, am standing at the bottom, 
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Financial WiseDumb!!! :) #1

TODAY is the FIRST post...
 of a BRAND NEW monthly column
Okaaaaaaaay sooooo this FIRST post is especially dedicated to ALL the PARENTS out there!!! How many of you parent's have children, THAT LIKE DISNEYLAND??? EVEN If they are too young now, at some point or another, your children WILL want to go to Disneyland!!!
Disneyland is EXPENSIVE!!! The average price for ONE TICKET at Disneyland is about $80 bucks!!! NOW EVEN if you have ONLY ONE CHILD, you STILL have to buy TWO MORE tickets for YOU(The Parents) thats racking up to $240 bucks...OH BUUUUUT you know that MOST people have MORE THAN ONE CHILD BAM we're now already up to $320 and if your a child LIKE ME...from a family of FIVE KIDS..
You can plan RIGHT now on just waiting till your old enough to WORK and buy YOUR OWN TICKET to go to Disneyland!!! Howeverrr...this past May, I, MARY FRANCES GINTY, discovered an amaZing, money-saving adventure, that is JUST as fun, if NOT FUNNER, that will save your children from feeling like they are MISSING OUT on the whole DISNEYLAND experience!!!
You see, a bunch of the married couples in our church decided to take a trip to DISNEYLAND, without THE KIDS!!! Sorta like a marriage retreat or something!!! Sooooo guess who was watching some of the children while their parent's were at Disneyland??? YES...yours truley...MAR BEAR!!! (After all...I am SINGLE...and thats what we singles do! LOL)
Now, the kids were a little bummed about NOT getting to go to the end of the week...weeeeeelll seee THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED...
I STARTED DRIVING THAT WEEK!!! I was kinda-sorta-pushed to get it down....ya know since I had to drive them to school and stuff!!! Sooooooo they got to experience ME LEARNING TO DRIVE!!!
I'll never forget their words, "Mary! Riding with you is sooooo much FUN!!!! Everywhere we go its all bumpy and swervy!!!" "Yeah, Mary! Riding with you is like going on a roller coaster!" "I LOVE the way you drive Mary!!!" (Touches my heart)
See RIGHT THERE parents!!! Have your children ride in MY VAN, annnnnd they will have the satisfaction of a total ROLLER COASTER experiance...WITHOUT THE DISNEY PRICE!!! You don't need to buy NO DISNEYLAND TICKETS!!!
You may be saying, OH Mary YOUR TO FAR...NOW WHAT??? Parent's, don't get upset...JUST STICK your child in the vehicle of ANY person that is learning to drive and they will get THE SAME UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIANCE!!!
However, OTHER DRIVERS will just be a temporary roller coaster experiance, I ON THE OTHER HAND, am permanent,  you do NOT have to worry about ME going out of business with roller coaster will ALWAYS be there for you parent's when you need ME!!! Annnnnnnnnd HEEEEEEy...
I'll even throw on some MINNIE EARS!!!
All I ask is for you to fill my tank with gas!!!
I know, I know...
Plus with my MONEY-SAVING don't even need to worry about THE LONG WAIT IN LINES!!! The cost of a hotel, food, SOUVENIERS...the costs just keep piling on!!! Today IS THE DAY, to start making SMART financial decisions!!!
$60 tank a gas OR $340+
More money-saving WISEDUMB next month...DON'S MISS IT!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sad NEWS!!!

Okaaaaaay so...I have some SAD NEWS!!! :( So the other day I was driving home one of the girls that I watch and on the way home I always cut through the Saver's parking lot because the intersection is SOOOO BUSY it kind of scares me to have to cross through all the lanes of oncoming traffic!
Soooo as I am driving through I see this looked like a pigion...and it was flopping around gasping for air...I don't know WHY...buuuuut I felt such a sadness come over me for the STUPID THING!!! I know its JUST AN ANNOYING PIGION that probabley spent most of its life poopin on stuff....buuuuut STILL...seeing it like that....Just graspin onto the last of its life...REALLY PEOPLE...I'm NOT AGAINST HUNTING and some kinda animal rights activist...buuuuuuut I DO  HAVE HEART and I hate to see anything (Except BUGS!) HURTING!!!
THEN the next thing I knew...the bird grasped for one last breath and then flopped over and died in the middle of the Saver's parking lot!!! I began to feel choked up...this POOR BIRD!!! I was NOT going to run over it...sooooo I pulled the car around it...out of one last respect...annnnnnnnnd WHEN I DROVE BY...

Somehow...the way it had been blowing in the breeze...It had APEARED to like a dying bird!!! I was like OMW...I almost started crying over a PIECE OF TRASH...A NEWSPAPER!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!
I told you all it was...
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Learning something NEW!!!

Soooooooooo the other day I'm driving one of the families from my church somewhere that they needed a ride too annnnnnnd sooooooo we're driving a long and the father says to me, SISTER, how do you see ANYTHING from your rear view mirror??? I'm like, HUH?! (In my mind i'm thinkin, OH is my mirror dirty or something???) Then he kinda laughs and says OR do you just look at yourself in it??? Then we got to where I was taking them and they all got out and I was sittin there in the car like...
you mean the front mirror is NOT for me to look at myself???
Sooooo I readjusted my mirror and like OMW you can see cars ANNNND the road behind you!!! Crazy- cRaZy...I was like WOW!!! 
 How cool is that?!?!?!
I'm telling you...
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012


I've been noticing A LOT lately that people are saying Good luck or we're sooooo lucky...annnnd I don't know about you all, buuuuuuut I remember a few times as a child being told that we do NOT say LUCK!!! And this is NOT directed at anyone imparticular, cuz I have heard NOT one but sooooo many people using this word lately!!! Talking about church and God..."We are soooo luck!" "I was lucky to grow in the truth!" Or good luck with your endevors...annnd I know that I myself hav used the terminology a few times!!!
BUUUUUUUUUUUUT...I don't want to fall into that pattern anymore. Luck is NOT of God!!! I was looking up luck in the dictionary and this is what it says... 

Definition of LUCK : a force that brings good fortune or adversity b: the events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual : favoring chance; also: success <had great luck growing orchids>

In the definition, it clearly states that LUCK comes from a FORCE...this is the Definition of FORCE used in this context:
a (1): strength or energy exerted or brought to bear : cause of motion or change : active power <the forces of nature>
I believe that ANYTHING that is supernatural, that is a force or power, IF it is NOT of GOD, than it has to be of THE DEVIL!!! There are NO in betweens!!! From the very beginning, Lucifer has been trying to steal God's glory! Satan is STILL trying to creep in and steal the credit from God!!! Now he is trying to come along and sneak in the word LUCK into all our vocabulary!!!
Let's NOT fall into that sneaky trick!!! When Good things happen to us, when we are blessed,Lets GIVE GOD THE GLORY!!!
 It's NOT's GOD!!!
"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father..." (James 1:17)

♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Annnnnd THEN there is ME...

Everyone these days are talkin about politics...The election...who's running...Republican VS Deomorcrats....Woman's rights... immigration... Obama... Mitt Romney... Mitt's wife's speech...
While EVERYONE else is talkin politics...I'm just like OKAAAAAAAY sooo I went shopping today annnnnd I got like, the the cutest hair accesory EVERRRRR!!! Oh btw I make really good tacos...Like really good...seriousley.JUST ASK HANNA, ANNNNND..even Mexicans, like Anali like them!!! Oh and GUESS WHAT? You guys are like sooooooo NOT even going to believe this, BUUUUUT at almost thirty years old...I CAN DRIVE!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!
Oooooo OMW...
Soooo anywayZ, I can't wait for voting day...I think ima wear my patriotic outfit!!!;)
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Classic Mary (Singing) Moment #129735678

Sooooooo yesturday, it STARTED out as an ordinary Sunday morning... 
I got up EARLY, headed to Starbucks, then picked up kids, THEN headed to church for prayer!!! Weeeeelll ACTUALLY, Saturday night at prayer, I thought to myself, HEEEEY didn't you volunteer to sing for Family Worship one of the weeks this month??? Sooooo I went and checked the board in the foyer of church an whatda ya know...SHO NUFF...I was scheduled to sing...
THE NEXT MORNING!!! Aaaaahhhh!!!
Soooooo Sunday morning came annnnnnnd I was kind of hoping that everyone would just forget  about me singing...buuuuuuuut NOOOOOO!!! For some ODD reason...EVERYONE remembered...LOLOLOL!!!
Soooooo when its my time to sing Bro. Jimmy, our Sunday School director and the morning song leader, tells the congergation, ANNNNNND we have a NEW SOLOIST that is going to sing for us this week, then he says to Seth, our drum player, can I get a drum roll PLEASE...(Then a DRUMROLL) and its...MARY!!! 
Everyones like whatever excited...sooooo i get up there tell Sis. Susan, our church pianist, what I'm singing, If you can use anything Lord, you can use me! i have NO idea what key its in and I'll sing it through 4x....annnnnnnnnnd Soooooooooo I testify and THEN START SINGING!!! 
♪♫If you can use anything Lord, you can use me♪ If you can use anything Lord you can use MEEEEEE!♪♪ Take my hands Lord, taaaaaaaaake my feet, touch my heart♥ Lord, speak through meeeeee♫ If you can use ANYTHING Lord, YOU CAN USE MEEEEEEEE!!!! ♪♪♪♫
Sooooooooooo I get through the WHOLE entire song annnnnnd THEN, then I'm DONE!!! I do NOT even mess up at all!!! I'm done!!! I'm like soooooo relieved! Like YAY! I did it! I made it!!! GO MAR BEAR!!! I put up my mike and am walking off the platform to go to my seat 
THEN it happened...One second i'm taking step off the platform ANNNNNND THEN...
The next thing I know, I'M ON THE FLOOR!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!  For a moment, EVERYONE in the church was SILENT...then I just BUSTED UP LAUGHING!!! Then my WHOLE CHURCH was like LAUGHING SOOOOOO HARD!!! My pastor's wife told me that she was trying NOT to laugh and then she just looks at me and i'm like HYSTERICAL, she just had to laugh too!!! AH!!! Then like EVERYONE at church was like, YOU HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT THIS!!! ITS SUCH A CLASSIC MARY MOMENT!!!
BUUUUUUT OK!!! LIKE, I have absolutely NO IDEA what happened!!! I was totally and completely taken by SURPRISE!!! Shocked ACTUALLY!!! I was worried about messing up when I sang, BUUUUUUT the thought of tripping/falling off the platform NEVER even entered into my mind!!! I mean seriousley...MAYBE IF I HAD BEEN WEARING HEELS...buuuuuut WHO TRIPS IN...
Weeeeeeeellllllll aparently...
I'm the kinda girl the trips in FLATS...
YUP...I think this IS the moment when they shoulda done the DRUM ROLL!!! 
AHAHAHAHAHA!!! So afterwards, my brother John said it happened SOOOO FAST he couldn't even figure out what happened!!!  He said one minute he saw me walking off the platform and the next second I was just GONE!!! like I had vanished out of thin air!!! LOLOLOL 
Then he says, WELL, I guess God was just doing what YOU told Him to do!!! I was like, HUH?!?! He says, YOU did say, 
(He coulda waited till I got  back to my seat!!!:)
♥Mary Frances :) 

Blog frustration!!!

Just to let everyone know, I was working ALL morning on a really great blog post annnnnnd...It was all DONE and I was getting ready to post it an I accidentally deleted the WHOLE THING!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! that is sooooooooo INFURIATINGLY FRUSTRATING!!! Its 
I screamed, pounded my fist on the desk, shook the mouse...yeah...Anywayz, I decided to take break...Ima go clean the house, wash some dishes, LISTEN TO AIO annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd THEN try again!!! Sooooooo Come back later today...its a pretty funny post about me singing at church yesturday!!! :)
Here is a lil prelude....
HAHAHAHAHA!!! J/K!!! i'll see you all later!!!

♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, September 7, 2012


Guess who isn't at Youth Alive??? YES! Thats right...
Wanna know what I was thinkin when I took this picture??? I was thinking about how....Weeeeelllll...ACTUALLLY I was thinkin...MAN...I EVEN LOOK CUTE WHEN I'M SAD!!! ;) HAHAHAHA!!! BUUUUUUT after THAT thought ...I thought MAN I can't believe I'm NOT at YOUTH ALIVE!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
I can't believe that I actually talked some of my friends into going and THEN, didn't even go...annnnnnnnd let me think of all the people I am MISSIN SEEIN...Anali, Kendra, Jedidah, Jen Lord, Michelle. Kim G, Vivian, Crystal, Erynn, Ash, Danae, Denae, Sis. Kathy, Marvin, Carisa, Eliana, Cassia, Sarah, Courtney, Wendy, Stephanie, Cherie, Megan,  DESTINY...ummmmmmmm....WHO ELSE??? Now I feel bad if I didn't mention someone and I think I did buuuut I can't remember WHO now!!! Hmmmm!!! (Don't hate if I forgot you!!!)
Sooooooo last night after church, I'm gettin ALL these TEXT MESSAGES from my friends with pics of them with each other saying things like, OH look....I'm with all your friends JEALOUS??? I'm like WOW!!! TaLk about a buncha HATERRRS!!! AHAHA!!! ANNNNND WHY would I be jealous that you all get to hang out together, when I get to be at HOME CLEANING Annnnnd COOKIN!!! Huh? Huh? Huh???
LOLOLOL OF course I'm jealous...BRATS!!!!! Bahahaha...I was feelin a lil ya know...buuuuuut then I was like, AWWWWW they're ALL TOGETHER, totally enjoyin themselves, havin FUNNN...buuuuuuuuuuut...despite all the fun they are havin...THEY ARE STILL TEXTIN ME!!! You know what that means???? It means they LOVERRRRS ME!!! Annnnnnnddd they MISS ME!!! They aren't Mary Haterrrs...they are MARY LOVERRRRS!!!!I can read through the lines of all those text messages...I KNOW how they are realllllly feelin!!!! ANNNNNND in even in the middle of their GRAND TIME they are having,THAT THEY ARE STILL THINKING ABOUT ME!!!
Awwwwww I LOVE YOU ALL TOO!!! Oooo and EVERYONE THAT READS THIS MESSAGE...go to ANALI VILLASENOR annnnnnd ask her for the special message she has FROM ME!!! Annnnnnd everyone give Mar Bear hugs to each other in my absence!!! I LOVE YOU ALL ANNNNND EVERYONE BETTER BE AT WEST COAST CONFERENCE!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Its STILL McDonald's...which means...

Sooooo I've been taking my niece and another one of the girls from my church that I baby sit for to this NEW McDonald's...its like ALL FANCY PRANCY!!!
Check out this mural on the wall leading into the BIRTHDAY PARTY ROOM!!!! 
Annnnnnnnnnnd Check out this mirror in the bathroom!!! 
Can we say PERFECT for MARY self-photography??? oooo Girrrrlll you were MEANT to be framed!!! ;)  
A cozy lil place for two by the FIRE PLACE!!! Oooo dare I say that it is POSSIBLE to even be ROMANTIC at McDonald's!!! Warning don't sit here for TOO might have to have strange conversations with the person of the opposite gender that randomly sits across from you...jus trust me on this!!! Bahaha!!!! 
Air Hockey!!! One sport that I ACTUALLY think is funnn...welll I really like bowling too...mainly cuz I'm pretty good at it...ANNNND volley ball can be pretty long as no one has a heart attack if you miss the ball...ANYWAYS...AIR HOCKEY TABLES AT MCDONALD'S!!! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


In one of the Bible college classes last semester, Bro. Brown was teaching us about good books to read. I can't remember the book he was talking about BUUUUUT...I remember what he said, he was talking about describing abstract things. He said, for example...
"You can't describe quality...BUT you know it when you see it!"
I told all the girls afterwards, just WAIT, someday...
Some guy is gonna come along and SAY THAT
 WHEN HE SEES ME!!! ;))))
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Mar Bear is sick!!!

Sooooooooo Im sorry for NO BLOG post today...i've been SICK!!! Sooooo soooo...sooooo SICK!!! I got ANOTHER tooth that needs to be pulled!!! It just happened like BAM this weekend...i'm like WHAT in the world!?!?! i was drivin the kids to church this past Sunday morn and I was like, OH NO!!! I couldn't even drive straight!!! Seriousley, I was seeing double and swerving all over the place and driftin off to sleep while I drove!!! On the way home I rode with my sis and just left the van at church!
I figured I would sleep real good in the afternoon, buuuut when I woke up I felt even worse and my face was starting to get PUFFY!!! So I sent a text to my pastor and his wife letting them know that I wouln't make it to church last night...My pastor text me back and said, Too bad, we have that young black evangelist tonight. He can sing and preach the house down!:) LOLOL!!! That made me laugh really hard!!! Then I went to sleep and slept till my sis got home and when I woke up my face was EVEN PUFFIER!!! I was like OH NO!!! Cuz ALL the dentists were closed for the 'Holiday' today!!! I'm like HELLLLOOOO...what if I die??? 
Soooo my sis found one dentist that was open but the cost was like almost $400 pull a tooth...I was like REALLY??? I decided to JUST SUFFER an extra day than to pay that much...yes...I am CHEAP!!! LOL Sooooooooo I just slept like ALL DAY today!!! Like literally...ALL DAY!!! Which IF you know me, is NOT something I do very often!!! I usually go to bed LATE and get up EARLY!!! 
All day today I kept havin these cRaZy dreams...ALL about guys!!! LOL!!! I woke up sooooo CONFUSED!!! i'm like OMW! I don't even know WHO I like anymore!!! AHahahahaha!!!
Soooooooo tomorrow afternoon I am going to my Ghetto dentist...Their motto is "Financially Painless Dentistry" Bahahha!!! It works for me!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

MORE Yard sale BLESSINGS!!! :)

Soooo I had a yard sale this weekend, Friday and Saturday!
(Or perhaps I should say I had a JUNK SALE this past weekend!!!)
I was tryin to raise some extra money because I want to get a personal trainer at the gym annnnnd it's super expensive!!! Buuuuut I really want to do this because I really want to get healthier annnnnnd when it comes to figuring out how to exercise I need major HELP!!!! (like how am I supposed to know how to lose fifty pounds of fat buuuuut gain 12 pounds in muscle?!?!) so I start my yard sale early Friday morning and after about two hours I had only made $1.25!!!! I was sooooo bummed!!! It was sooooo HOT ANNNND HUMID out!!! I was like omw is this even worth my time???
Soooo I PRAYED!!!
I asked God to help me!!! I told him that whatever I made from the yard sale instead of paying Him ten percent, I would give Him twenty percent annnnd bam customers started coming!!! By the end of my day yesturday I had made $80 bucks!!! WOOOOHOOO!!! I was sooooooooooo THANKIN GOD!!!
THEN today I made a ADDITIONAL $112 bucks!!! For a grand total of...
$192 bucks!!!
(Off of PURE TRASH you guys!!!)
The above pic is of my mom...takin... er..shoppin...FOR FREE!!! AHAHA!!! Its all good she gave me a ton of junk to sell!!! These yard sales are like my pot of oil that never runs out!!! I sell, sell, sell annnnd at the end of the yard sale it seems like there is STILL just as much junk as I began with!!! THANK YOU JESUS for all your blessings!!! 
 I just want to thank God for this miracle-financial-blessing!!! It may NOT seem like a miracle to you all, buuuuuut as my pastor says, SOME miracles take SOME WORK from ourselves!!! LIke the woman in the Bible that was told to GO gather all the empty vessals from her neighbors and ANYONE she knew! THEN God did a miracle...buuuuuut first she had to do some WORK for it!!! God wants us to put forth some EFFORT first before he takes over!!! My pastor says that SOMETIMES we need to put some LEGS ON OUR MIRACLES!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Gentleman Award!!!

Sooooo last night my sis and I went to go eat and when were leaving, there was a young man standing by the door with crutches. He was standing there rather akwardly, kinda in the way and I thought he needed help. My first reaction was to reach out to help him and hold the door for him...BUUUUUT when I reached out get the door, I REALIZED that NO he was holding the door FOR ME!!!
I was soooo SURPRISED!!! I wrote about HERE, a very handsome man that RUDELY let the door slam in my face!!! I mean, in this day and age I feel honored when ANY guy in general takes the time to hold the door for me...buuuut this guy was sayin, it doesn't matter to me that I'm in crutches and that you are just some random person that I don't even know, YOUR A LADY and I AM A MAN, therefore, I WILL HOLD THE DOOR FOR YOU!!!
When got out to the car, I was tellin my sis like, WOW!!! That was SOOOO COURTEOUS of him and she was like, YEAH that he had done the same thing for her!!! As I said last week HERE, there is something SOOO outstanding about CHIVALRY in a man!!!
I'm NOT one of those girls that would just sit there in the car if a guy FORGOT to open the door for me...I know we're all human and we all have moments of forgetfulness...buuuuuuuuuut WHEN THEY JUST DO IT...IT SOOOOOO CATCHES MY ATTENTION!!!
there are STILL some girls that NOTICE
 annnnd are IMPRESSED!!!

♥Mary :)