Friday, September 30, 2022

Arise 2022!!!

Started the way out with coffee and a BEAUTIFUL sunrise!!!
Annnnnnnnd of course MY BROTHER had to stop off at QT!!!

MJ ironing their clothes and my sister was like Oh my little M, what would I do without her??? I was liiiiiiiiiike WEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLL you'd be stuck with just your BIG M then...annnnnnnnnnnnd also wrinkly clothes-hee, hee!!! Weeeeellll OR burnt ones!!! (I'm still holding out that my husband is either going to know how to iron his clothes himself OR believe in the dry cleaners-I'm jus sayin!!! cuz I actually only lightly steam my clothes OR go to the dry cleaners OR wear wrinkly clothes!!! ;)

Soooooooooo on the way there we stopped at LOVE'S and there were the cuuuuuuuuutest toys!!! If you guys know me, I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE all things MINI!!!! I was like, T LOOK AT THESE TOYS!!! They're soooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!! She said, please try to keep in mind that your ALMOST 40 annnnnnnnnnnd they're $25!!! BAHAHAHAHAAAA! Whateverrrrrr I'll still want them when i'm 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay sooooooooooo I didn't get this buuuuuuuuuut OMW look at this thing!!! It's a TWO STORY OATMEAL CREME PIE!!!! Your mouth will need a ladder to eat it!!!
 Buuuuuuuuuuuut I saved my calories for more worthy things-
liiiiiiike pho!!!!

Me and my man!!! 
Maybe I'm called to Vietnam!!!Heeeeeey they'll have good pho there!!! I was liiiiiiiiiike and heeeeeey again at least I knoooooow he's smart if he's Asian- then I remembered someone and I was liiiiiiiiiiiiike, WEEEEEEEEELLLL MOST ASIANS are smart!!! There's a few, exceptions to that stereo type!!!! We all laughed!!! (My sister in laws are NOT the exception to that!!! They are superrr smart!!!)

Bro. A Foster told everyone that they had spent A LOT of time settting up the volley ball court and THAT everyone had better play tomorrow and that if NO ONE DID he was going to go out there and play ALL BY HIMSELF!!!! After church I told him, tbh with you, I ACTUALLY AM HOPING that NO ONE PLAYS, JUST SOOOOOOOO I CAN SEE YOU PLAYING ALL BY YOURSELF!!! Unfortunately for me, people played!!!! LOL 
Bro. David greeting the congergation!!! Soooooooo I had been thinking during the times he preached at our church, that Bro. David reminded me soooooooooooo much of my mom!!! Liiiiiiiiiiiiike literally, he just says it like it is-straight up!!! Annnnnnnnnnnd that is sooooooooooooo MY MOM!!! And then Sister Abbott told me one time, he reminds of  YOUR MOM AS A PASTOR!!!! I was liiiiiike YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!! 

Bro. Foster was sharing some of his testimony with us which was REALLY COOL!!!

Bro. Laroe preached a really, really good message on understanding who God is and being complete ONLY in Him! 
Okaaaaaaaaaaay soooooooooo we went to The Frontier and I'm gonna have to say that last year I was soooooooooooo impressed, buuuuuuuuuuuut in the process of the last year, I LEARNED HOW to make MY OWN red and also green chili enchilada sauce and guess what???? Mine is sooooooooooooooo much better!!!!
We went to this coffee shop called Ziggi's and it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay TOO SWEET!!! I literally felt like I was drinking straight up creamer! I even went back and got another shot to add and it was still just TOO SWEET!!! I honestly think it needed two more shots to be drinkable!!! 
Two story target in ABQ!!!
Notice the sign says carts only NO CHILDREN!!! 
I was liiiiiiiiiike, hmmmmm... it doesn't say ANYTHING at all about adults!!!!
BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT I had just passed out a church card for the Foster church soooooooo I didn't test WHY they didn't include adults in that!!!! Bahahahahahaaaaa!!!!


I found this really cool breakfast place called Sugar and Spice and two of the seats at the table were swings-after our kids, I honestly would NOT be shocked if theyre gone next year!!! 

Me and TabZ!!!! 


I got my latte art soooooooooo YOU KNOW I was superrrrr HAPPY!!! 
Okaaaaaaaay everyone NEEDS to try THE GROVE!!! I got my fancy latte art coffee and THE FANCY breakfast sandwhich!!! Liiiiiiiiiiike YOU KNOW they had me at FANCY!!!! I ate half and saved the other half for lunch cuz YA KNOW, I can't waste calories at Jason's Deli- I just CAN.NOT. you guys, their English muffins are AMAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!!! Liiiiiiiiiike you could just eat them plain with NOTHING on them!!! I'm liiiiiike HOW do they do this??? And you know what, I think I'm NOT going to try and figure it out since I really can't eat gluten and carbs all the time anywayz soooooooooooooo I'll let them have this on me and just enjoy it when we go.

Little Miss Segovia!!! 

The men all went on a guys coffee trip- 
SOME HOW they ended up going in SIster Everleen's car!!! LOL 

Bro. Brown- I'm literally drawing a blank on what he preached about buuuuuuuuut it was REALLY GOOD!!! I should look on my phone cuz I recorded it!!!! Oh NOT changing the doctrine!!!


Can we ALL have a moment of silence for my outfit???
Soooooooooooo CUUUUUUUTE!!!
Boots and daisy denim jacket from Target!!!
Won't be wearing this in AZ for a least another month!!!

Drive home we are listening to AIO and my sister in law Grace OFFICIALLY HATES CONNIE!!! Cuz it was about predjudice and Connie says I don't think I'm predjudice, just because someone has funny shaped eyes doesn't mean I treat them any different!!! Grace said OK I HATE HER NOW!!! (Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay you can tell this episode was REALLY DATED cuz you would'nt say that now!!!) I was liiiiiiiiiiiiiike, GRACE, I loooooooooooooove Asian eyes!!! I think they are sooooooo exotic and HOT!!! My brother said ME TOO!!! I mean What does Connie know??? SHE LET MICH GO!!! BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!
I guess I forgot to pics with lots of people buuuuuuut anyways...
it was a good, fun trip!!!!

♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Thanks Mark! (Part 3)

Sooooooo four years later, us in the youth group were all riding in a mini van to a youth conference. We got to talking and of course we all started telling funny, "Remember When..." stories!!! Eventually someone was like, Hey Mary, remember when that one guy (We’ll leave out his name just to be good and don't worry this guy is NOT around anymore so it's not like he's going to be reading this and even if he did-if you knew him you'd understand that it REALLY doesn't even matter-you would JUST HAVE TO KNOW HIM to understand!!! LOL) gave you that $100 for your birthday???
 I'm like, Oh yeah, and I threw it away 🚮because it was hidden behind the picture of us, in a frame that I didn't want, ANNNNNND all of the sudden I got a crush on him, they're like, buuuuuuuuuut when the MONEY WAS GONE, SO WAS THE CRUSH!!!!
So we're all like laughing hysterically, DON'T WORRY, The guy wasn't with us!!! (I think he was long gone at this point!) So one of the guys, MARK was like, I don't think I've ever actually heard this story before! We're like, WHAT??? So we retell him the whole story and now Mark's laughing with us, then he's like...
Soooooo when did this happen??? We're like, oh quite a few years ago, right before they all went on that missions trip! Mark's like, WAIT, right before THAT ONE GUY left for that trip, he asked me if  he could borrow $100! We're all like, HE DID? He's like, Yeah, he said he was short $100 and really needed it for the trip! We're like, oh so did you let him borrow it??? He's like, Yeah, I mean, he was going to do The Lord's work, I didn't want him to be short so I gave him $100 to borrow...
I'm like, and he gave ME $100 for my birthday gift...that's soooo ironic...THEN IT ALL CLICKED...I'm like, WAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIT...
That means that the $100 dollars he gave me for my birthday, he ACTUALLY BORROWED FROM YOU MARK??? He's like, well I guess...that's what it looks like...We were like, HYSTERICALLY LAUGHING SOOOOOOOOOOOO HARD!!! I mean REALLY, can we say, GHETTOLICIOUS???
I'm like, I don't even have words...WOW...What can I say??? to borrow a HUGE amount of money, to give as a birthday gift, to a girl that didn't even like him!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!
Then i'm like, so how long was it before he paid you that $100 back??? Marks says, Well ACTUALLY, now that you mention it, HE NEVER DID!!! We're like, WHAAAAAAAAAAT??? More HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER!!!!!!!!! I'm like, now this REALLY IS TYPICAL OF HIM... to borrow a HUGE amount of money, to give as a birthday gift, to a girl that didn't even like him and for the cherry on top, to NOT EVEN PAY BACK THE POOR FRIEND HE BORROWED IT FROM!!!
I'm like, Okaaaaaaaaaaaay, now I REALLY AM SPEECHLESS, I can't think of ANYTHING TO SAY EXCEPT, your a really good friend annnnnnnnd...
Lord bless you 
 for your generosity!!!
The work of The Lord was definitely ✔️ done at the mall for two weeks!!! (I mean really I personally think 🤔 the mall is a PERFECT PLACE TO DO OUTREACH… especially during the AZ summer!)
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. Mark is a made up name!!! BUUUUUUUUUUUT If you go to LPC, My friend Mark, that let the guy that liked me borrow $100 for my birthday 🥳 gift, still goes to our church ⛪️ can you guess WHO HE IS??? He just may happen to be YOUR DAD, YOUR UNCLE OR YOUR HUSBAND!!!!;)