Sunday, March 31, 2013

Thankful for the Lamb...

I'm soooooooo THANKFUL this Easter for the LAMB OF GOD!!! The lamb that came to this earth to become the sacrifice, the atonement for MY SIN!!! We don't have to slaughter bulls and goats any longer to push away our sins...BECAUSE JESUS BECAME OUR SACRIFICE!!!
 I thank God for THE DAY, that the blood from HIS sacrifice was applied to MY LIFE!!! Once the blood of Jesus is applied to your life, it can NEVERRR be washed away!!! It doesn't mean that you won't fail or make mistakes, buuuuuut YOU'LL NEVERRRR be THE SAME kind of sinner you used to be...BECAUSE THE BLOOD IS THERE!!! IF you remember the post I wrote, "What the Devil can't do!" (HERE!) WELL the DEVIL CAN NOT EVERRR wash away THE BLOOD OF JESUS!!! He can tempt you...buuuuuut IF you do fall into sin, all you have to do is REPENT... because the blood is STILL right there!!!
"My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous." (1John 2:1)
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kimmy Kat...

She weighs 100 pounds LESS...
 than my goal weight!!!
 Ahahahahahahahaha!!! Loverrrs her!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Whic AIO Character!?!?!

My friend Jedidah Jackson recently asked : Which Adventures in Odyssey character do you relate to the most? Which one do you think you are most like?
I would have to say Connie and Wooten!!!I know it's an odd combination sooooooo let me explain!!! I am NOT like Connie so much as her PERSONALITY type buuuuuuut just cuz of her faze in life...
The way she tries to find all different ways to find her call in the end she realizes she is simply called to work at Whits end! thats the what i feel after graduation I tried and tried all different things that I thought were what I was supposed to do! Everything from missions to and all sorts of college degrees in the end I have found the most perfect will of God in the simplicity of my life and I have seen him work the strongest ways right at home just doing the same daily routine and yet NOTHING is everrr boring when your life is devoted to the work of God! Also Connies is Single, she almost got married, overcame a broken heart, still chugging on, plus it seems like all the kids grow up but she just stays exactly the same! That's soooo ME!!!
Wooten IS for his PERSONALITY!!! That is sooooo ME!!! cuz of his cRaZINess, right down to his witty heart, snort in his laugh and the absurd randomness that comes out of his mouth, but the way he has a serious side and finds fun ways to relate it to God! Plus he has a reAlly big heart and loves people! That's soooo ME!!! I really just LOVE PEOPLE!!! Plus Connie and Wooten BOTH are writers!!! 
What about you ALL?! If your blogger write a post on which character you relate to the most if NOT email me at I would LOOOOOVE to hear!!! :)
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Just in case you ever wonder...(Repost)

It was just one of those days at work as a nanny. I had spent all morning chasing the kids as they tore the house a part. Finally, it was naptime. I put the little one down first in his crib. Then I told Ella to pick out a short story for me to read to her before her nap. She handed me Max Lucado’s book called, "Just In Case You Ever Wonder." I rolled my eyes to myself, I had read this story several years ago and was not at impressed by it. However, I was tired and just figured I would get story time over with. I tucked the 5-year-old girl into her cozy little bed, then sat on the edge and began to read to her…
Long, long ago God made a decision- a very important decision. One that I’m really glad He made. He made the decision to make you. The same hands that made the stars made you. The same hands that made the canyons made you. The same hands that made the trees and the moon and the sun made you. So I am just sitting there like blah, blah, blah, whatever, totally not any more impacted by this story. It continues…HERE!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

You know your bossy WHEN...

You know your bossy when you EVEN try to boss around a buncha balloons!!! Lol!!!!
Soooooo my dad is in the hospital and MJ is bringing him some balloons... annnnnd the balloons are like moving around blowing in the wind and MJ starts yelling at the balloons!!! She is like,"you guys need to STOP IT! Stay still!!!" I'm like duuuuude!!! SOMEONE IS BOOOOOSSSSY!!! Lolol Me and MJ are defiantly OPPOSITES in that aspect of things!!! Haha Gotta LOVE MJ!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tupperware Smile!!! :) (Repost from Nov. 2010)

So MJ comes home from school today and my sis tells her that later on we are going to Fry's and that she can pick out a donut. Well MJ is like ALL excited and stuff. So then my sis is going through the folder in MJ's backpack with all her papers and school work in it and she comes across a note from her teacher. The note says that TODAY at school Mary Jo had a bad attitude and talked back to ALL HER TEACHER'S!!! So my sis reads it to her and then tells her that she is going to have to write a SORRY note to her teachers and that because she had a bad attitude she will NOT be getting a donut or ANY treats at all for the day!!! Well of course MJ is immediately HYSTERICAL in tears and stuff. Sooooo i'm just standing there in the kitchen, putting away the dishes and my sister turns so that her back is to MJ, but i'm facing MJ and me and my sis just look at each other and we are trying NOT to laugh, BUT of course, being the wonderful aunt that I am, I can't help myself and I start to smile. So then to cover up my smile, I take the tupperware I am putting away and hold it over my face!!! My sis just looks at me and is like,
"uh Mary.... The Tupperware is CLEAR!!!!"
It was a total CLASSIC MARY MOMENT!!! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

When YOU make the bread!

Do you remember as a child going to the lake and feeding the ducks? I do. My mom would take the five us kids to buy some cheap day old bread and then we would go to a park with a lake and feed the ducks. I remember reaching into the bag and pulling out slices, ripping them up in little peices and just throwing the bread into the lake. Then the ducks would come swimming up, eat the bread and we rip up some more bread and throw it into the lake and then do it all over again. We never gave it a second thought that we were just throwing bread into a lake. We didn't care. It didn't matter to us, beacuse we didn't make the bread!
However, I recently began making my OWN homemade bread. Making your own bread is pretty time consuming and involves some work.  You gotta mix together the ingredients, kneed the dough and then wait several hours for it rise, then finally you bake it. I remember when I pulled out of the oven my FIRST loaf of homemade bread, I was SOOOOOOOO proud of it! I sliced off piece, spread a little butter on it then took a bite...Mmmmmmm...It was VERY GOOD!!! As i sat there, eating it, savoring each bite, I thought, there is NOOOOOOOO way this bread is EVER going to be ripped up and fed to the ducks. As much fun as I think it feeding the ducks, its NOT gonna happen with this bread!!! You know why?!?! Because I made the bread and when YOU make the bread. It took some effort kneeding that dough and YOU begin to understand that the bread is a little more special that just buying a loaf at the store. When you make the bread, EVEN the scraps are special to you.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Look at my sheets!!!

I got new sheets for my bed annnnnd I'm super excited about them!!! Multi-colored, hot pink cheetah print... sooooo ME!!! oooo annnnnd they're SILKY!!! I've always wanted silk my WHOLE LIFE... Or at least for like five years!!! Which SILK basically means everything just slips off the bed very easily... Including ME!!! Haha! anywayZ, $21.99 at Ross!!! I LOVE THEM!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

When God Brings you a...

I was recently having a LONG and thought out conversation with some friends about HOW I felt like I was was called to a certain thing and how I couldn't see myself married to certain guys because thats NOT what I felt called to...I was like yeah...I mean I don't think I would be a good wife for...blah-blah-blah-kind of guy! I'm really a childrens kind of person and I know God led me to the African kids and thats just what and WHO i am...So my friends were like well thats good that you've thought this through..etc...
I call my friend like two days later and I'm like YOU KNOW, on SECOND thought, I think that I was WRONG!!! Because I've been working with the African kids for 7 years now annnnnd YES, I KNOW that God led me to them...I KNOW that God has given me a burden for them...buuuuuuuuuuut...I also remember two years ago,
WHEN GOD brought ME...

I was a Sunday School teacher and had already been working with the African kids for about five years already, annnnnnnnd without seeing or meeting her before hand, IF anyone had ever just told me that there was a 29-year-old, single mom, with a jail  record, used to be hooked on drugs, annnnnnd that this chick was a new convert that needed ME...I can promise you that I woulda been like...ummmm...Jail? Drugs? thats NOT really MY THING!!!
Buuuuuuuuuuuuut... I can HONESTLY say that I have NEVER felt a stronger burden or connection for a soul that I have with Kim!!! I've told Kim before, I've prayed harder for YOU than I've prayed for a husband!!! Kim's like, THATS a LOT cuz I KNOW how much YOU WANT A HUSBAND!!! I even remember praying sooooo HARD for her one time and after service people were coming up to me like, "God's GONNA give you that husband!" AHAHAHAHAHA!!! In my mind i'm just like, NO, thats not the reason for my tears...there is SOMETHING I want MORE than a husband and that is SALVATION for MY FRIEND!!!
It just goes to show that its NOT for us decide WHO or WHAT we are called to!!! God CALLED US TO REACH THE LOST!!! It doesn't matter the circumstances, IF they're is a hungry soul, GOD HAS CALLED US TO THEM!!! Its like HOW Jesus was going to Jarius's house to heal his daughter, he was on a MISSION...buuuuuut on his way to one mission, someone else came a long...another desperate WOMAN...and in the middle of one mission, Jesus stopped and took time for ANOTHER MISSION!!!
ANNNNNNNND thats just how it is with working for God!!! you may have been led to do a certain work for God! Bus outreach, music, Sunday School, Youth, Jail Ministry, African kids...WHATEVERRR....buuuuuut all of the sudden in the middle of one ministry, GOD BRINGS you a ...
You weren't expecting it, you wern't looking for it, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut GOD brings it to you!!! Annnnnnd WHEN it happens, you have NO DOUBT in your mind that its a mission from God!!! On my own, in myself, I NEVERRR would have felt a burden for KIM...BUUUUUT God knew what was BEST!!! Its NOT for ME to decide what kind of a person I need to marry OR what I am called to do for God...its ONLY my job to be READY and WILLING for WHATEVER GOD CHOOSES for me!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Soooooooo a couple of weeks ago my sister was talking to me...then the next day she says something to me about something that is going on and I'm like Ooooo your doing that?!?!?! She is like, MARY! That is what I was talking to you about last night and you were totally ACTING like you were listening to me!!! I was like OH..Ooooops!!!
THEN the next day I was telling her about something I was doing and she is like, I KNOW!!! I'm like HOW DID YOU KNOW??? She is like you already told me... I'm like OH!!! She is like ANNNNNND unlike SOME PEOPLE, I ACTUALLY LISTEN to people when they are TALKING!!! I'm like okaaaaaaaaaaay you can't get mad at me for NOT remembering what you were saying...
When I OBVIOUSLEY don't even listen to...
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Password issues!!!

Sooooo i keep having ISSUES with my password on my Apple ID...weeeeeellllll see the problem is that I KEEP FORGETTING what it is!!! I kept resetting it in as different guys names...ANNNNND in the moment when I would make it that guys name I think, I'll NEVERRR FORGET IT!!! I mean REALLY, I think this guy is SPECIAL, i'll NEVERRR forget about him!!! Buuuuut then two weeks later I can NOT remember who it was the last time I changed it...somewhere between all my crushes AND the CRUSH "Code" names... amnesia sets into my mind by the next time I want to buy an app!!! LOL
This time I decided to use the name of someone I REALLY will ALWAYS like!!!
Soooooooooo HOPEFULLY I do NOT forget my OWN NAME anytime soon!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

How to live LONGER???

Wanna live a LONG and FULFILLING LIFE???
A pastor once told his congergation, "There's a theory around, that IF people don't GOSSIP, that they'll live  A LOT longer! The pastor THEN informed the saints in his church, "The problem with this theory is that we won't know for sure untio SOMEBODY in this church ACTUALLY tries it FIRST!!!" Lol...GOOOOOD ONE!!! Preeeeeeeaaaach, PREACHER!!!
Lord, HELP US ALL!!!
"And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity: so is the tongue among our members, that it defileth the whole body, and setteth on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire of hell." (James 3:6)
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Sooooooooo I would like to introduce to you all my maganda lil niece...

Friday, March 15, 2013

Boredom Busters for MONAE!!!

Soooooooo MONAE...
 is on Spring Break and NEEDS stuff to do...sooooooo...Here you go MONAE...
(AND Any other kids that are bored on Spring Break!)
THINGS for Monae to do when BORED!!!
2. Listen to Holy Ghost radio
3. Listen to Adventures in Odyssey
4. Check out other Apostolic bloggers
6. Catch up on the whole four years of Classic Mary Moments
7. Call Alyssa!!! Her husband is at work ALL day long... Soooo she is probabley lonely and equally as bored as you! HAHAHA!!!
8. Write a list of all the good things God has done for you!
9. Memorize Acts 2:38
10. Memorize Deutoronomy 6:4
11. Memorize this months memory verse for church!
12. Go invite everyone in your apartment to church!
13. Excercise...GO FOR A WALK!!!
14. Read Anali's miss her!!!
15. Meet my friend Hanna!!! (You might even think her brothers are cute! ;) Oh wait thats right...You don't like, "YOUR KIND!")
16. Check out this blog...she has THREE sons you might think are cute...they're NOT "Your kind!" ;) ;) ;)
17. Meet my friend Jen Connell!
18. Meet my friend Jen Lord!
19. Pray SOME MORE about a husband for MARY!!!
20. Read your Bible! (I know you said that you FORGOT to bring your Bible to your dad's this week soooo here is an ONLINE Bible!)
21. Pray!!! Pray!!! PRAY!!! PRAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! You can ALWAYS pray MONAE!!! Cuz you may have forgotten to bring your Bible buuuuuuuuuuuut I KNOW fo sho that you did NOT forget to bring...
 Love you annnnd BE GOOD!!! if anyone else has some GOOD ideas for an Apostolic-12-year-old to do let me know!!! This summer vacation should be INTERESTING...maybe your mom should put you in SUMMER SCHOOL so you don't have time to get BORED!!! ;)
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013


I mean, I PURPOSELY park at the VERY end of parking lots so that I am NOT near any other vehicles!!! Just to be SAFE...noooo i'm NOT worried about MY VAN...I'm STILL working on backing out of TIGHT spots...sooooo...BASICALLY i'm lookin out for the vehicles of my fellow citizens!!!

I'm tryin to figure out
this beautiful sports car would choose to park next to MY VAN???
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Want better self-esteem???

I was listening to Holy Ghost Radio again this morning... and I heard the awesomest thing that I had to share with you all on HOW to get better self-esteem!!! Bro. Nathan Hurst was preaching and he said, "The longer you hang out with God, the MORE you'll like yourself!" I was like Oooooo thats GOOOOOOD!!! I mean THINK ABOUT makes soooo much sense...God LOVES US!!! His LOVE for us rubs off onto makes us FEEL GOOD!!!
Have you ever been around a girl that is IN LOVE??? They talk sooooo HIGHLY of their man the next thing you know you almost find YOURSELF having a crush on their man cuz all you hear about is how WONDERFUL this guy is...Or if your ever around a sibling that just talks sooooo HIGHLY of their brother or sister...Your just like OH WOW!!!
I remember this one time I liked this guy ever...really AWESOME GUY! We'll call him Ching-Chong! So I had such a HUGE crush on Ching-Chong that I ended up converting SO MANY other girls to having a crush on him! Just because I always talked sooooo HIGHLY of him! I would be like, OH GIRRRRRL I KNOW someone that you should like and I would tell them ALL about this guy...They would be like, are you sure you want us to like him IF YOU like him? I'de be like, Oh it don't even matter...If I can't have him I just hope he gets a really good girl cuz thats just the kind of guy he is...even girls that DID NOT like him would HAVE to change their minds after being around me! HAHA!!! (See the benefits of me havin a crush on YOU???;)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I just wanna be...

 I was thinking about where WOMAN came from...
A RIB!!!
Us females were FORMED from a man's RIB!!! Sooooo WEIRD!!! WHY of ALL things would God choose A RIB of a man to make a WOMAN??? I mean he coulda used ANYTHING...he's GOD...soooooo WHY A RIB??? I mean, he made man from dirt...which totally makes sense...HAHAHA...JK! JK! JK!!! JUUUUUUST KIDDING!!! ;) Why wouldn't he make us girls from something fitting for a FLOWER??? Buuuuut NO...he chose a man's RIB!!! (Maybe so we could be kept humble and know that we're NOTHING but dirt too???;) Idk...WHY...I'm NOT God...nor am I preacher buuuuut...if I everrr have a chance i'm going to ask WHY!!!
AnywayZ, There is an OLD pick up line that a guy says to the girl, "Excuse me, I believe one of your ribs belongs to me." Us girls used to joke around about just being a buncha ribs!!! HAHAHA!!! We're some man's RIB that he is missing!!! Buuuuuuuuuut THEN...I was thinkin about...BLACK MEN...ahahahahaha...OH YES I WAS!!! ;) Preeeeeeeeeeeach GIRRRRL!!!
I heard, (and YES, I know this sooooo stereo typing, but get over it cuz every culture has something that MOST in that ethnicity like, Italians like pasta, Mexicans like tortillas, Asians like rice, Native americans like fry bread, Irish like corn beef and cabbage, soooo don't be all having a cow people!) buuuuut I HEARD that black men LOOOOOOOOOOOVE...
ANNNNNNNND with that simple thought in mind...I would like to talk to you all today about...
HAHAHAHAHA!!! JK! I just wanted to tell you all that I have officially come up with a NEW ACCESSORY I plan to start wearing at conferences this summer... 
Yes...I DID indeed say BBQ SAUCE!!! Cause while some girls are just ribs...This girl does NOT just wanna be ANY old rib!!! I HAVE A DREAM!!! (The dream speech HERE;) If I was gonna be just any man's rib, I wouldn't want the bbq sauce, oooooo buuuuuut NO... I'm NOT your average white girl!!!
Fire it up...
cuz I don't ask for much...
 I just wanna be...
Ahahahahahaha!!! Yes Anali, your pic of the sleepin black man at Starbucks you felt compelled to send me was the inspiration behind this!!! LOL! Just beware all Apostolic-on-fire-for-God-burden-for-the-lost-single-with-a-job-black men...don't go to sleep during church...cuz when you wake up you just might find me sitting next to you!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Just know that IF it does happen it had NOTHING to do with was all THE LORD...I can't take any credit for it...To God be ALL THE GLORY!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
Ps(I'm pretty sure this will be keep ALL Apostolic black guys AWAY from me for the next year or so...or pretty much FOREVERRR...heh, heh! ;)

Monday, March 11, 2013

How I will know he loves me!?!?!?

Soooo last week I wrote a post about HOW a guy will know that I love him, annnnnnnd that got me to thinking... Soooooo HOW will I know when A GUY REALLY LOVES ME??? Hmmmm...
Finally, I came to the conclusion, I will know a guy truly loves ME when...he hands me the keys to his really nice vehicle (truck;) annnnnnd without him even in it, says,
 "sure you can drive it Honey!"
It would HAVE to be LOVE!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hide and Seek...REWRITE!!! (:

"Ok I'm it!" Says the seeker, "Everyone go hide!" You scurry around frantically searching for the best hiding spot as the seeker begins to count. "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10... Oh where should you go? Under the table? In the bathtub? Behind the cupboard? " 16, 17, 18,19, 20, Ready or NOT here I come!" Oh no, times up, the seeker is coming and you still haven't found your hiding spot! Where should you go? Quick you cover yourself up in mom's clean laundry and hope that the seeker won't notice that the pile is moving rythmatically with your breathing. Ah the good old days as a child, I have such fond memories! Do you remember playing hide and seek as a kid?! I LOOOOOOVED playing that game...ACTUALLY I still do!!!  One thing that I realize now looking back, is that there were always TWO kinds of hiders.

First and most common amongst the hiders were the people like ME. I was that person that you could spot out a MILE away because  I didn't quite fit into my hiding spot and there was always either a leg or arm left sticking out of my hiding spot. Or IF I was actually hidden all the way and covered where no one could see me, when the seeker would walk by me WITHOUT seeing me, a giggle would almost ALWAYS accidentally escape out of me, immediatly LETTING them know EXACTLEY where I was! OR...
Go HERE to finish reading!!! :)

♥Mary Frances :)

Very excited!!!

So as you all know, in February I wrote a post for Singles week called Hide And Seek! It was probably my favorite thing that I wrote simply because I felt it the STRONGEST for my own self!!! Like I literally felt like God was talking to me and giving me revelation for my own life! Honestly you guys, I didn't even know WHAT I was going to write next, its like God literally was giving it to me as I wrote it, it was that SAME way with the post of "What you should look for in a spouse." like the ending on that...was literally GOD...he was just giving it to me as I wrote!!!
 I mean, I know that ALL MY writing and inspiration is a gift from God, cuz HONESTLY, if it was just me on my own, my writing that I would produce out of my mind would be NOTHING but, jelly beans, CHOCOLATE and some MORE...JELLY BEAN...heh, heh, heh, ;) so I know its ALL from God,  but sometimes when I'm writing its like even stronger, hard to explain...its like i have some of it thought out and planned in my mind...buuuuuuuut some of  it just HAPPENS!!! Its like, its ME, buuuuut like, THE HOLY GHOST takes over!!! Does that make sense???
AnywayZ, when I was done writing Hide and Seek, I really felt like I wanted to edit and make it BETTER ya know?! Like turning it into a work of art. Paint a picture with words! Soooooo I got out the theasorus which is basically my new bestie..seriousley...I LOVE THAT THING!!! And I did all this studying so that I write it really cool by looking up the different Godly attributes in men and woman and just made a good thing better...welll at least in my oppinion! 
I'm going to start doing this once a week, try to edit a devotional that I have already written and post it on my MaryFrancesWriting Blog!!! AnywayZ, the NEW Hide and Seek will be posted later today! Hope you all enjoy this! If any of you have a specific Devotional that you would like to see re-written and edited let me know! Ooooo annnnnd we got some GOOOOOD things in the makings for SINGLES week, which will start NEXT Sunday, one week from today!!! Sooooo GET READY and feel free to email me with jokes, ideas Etc..
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Baking up a miracle!!!

Just a little thought that I wanted to share with all my readers. Its NOT my own thought, I was just listening to Holy Ghost radio the other day and was soooo INSPIRED by this message that was playing. I don't know the name of the preacher and I think it was at a conference, but he was talking about miracles that God does and HOW sometimes God does PART of the miracle, but the REST of the miracle takes our OWN WORK!!!
He brought out how in the Bible God provided manna for the children of Isreal for food, when there was NO food. However, he brought out a point that I have NEVER realized before! He said that the manna from heaven was NOT the way most of us think of it in our mind. Most of us think of the manna in our minds as some sort of wafer type cracker that just fell from heaven, ready and prepared for them to eat, BUUUUUUT that is NOT what the Bible actually says!!!
He said that the Bible says it was as a SEED that they ground up and THEN baked...READ IT FOR YOURSELF...
"And the manna was as coriander seed, and the colour thereof as the colour of bdellium. And the people went about, and gathered it, and ground it in mills, or beat it in a mortar, and baked it in pans, and made cakes of it: and the taste of it was as the taste of fresh oil." (Numbers 11:7-8)
God DID indeed give the Isrealites a MIRACLE....buuuuut it was NOT just handed to them!!!! They didn't JUST GET THEIR MIRACLE...they were given something, THEN they had to WORK FOR THE REST!!! I was just like ASTOUNDED when I heard that!!! I've NEVER, seen that in the scripture!!!
There are SOME things, that we just have NO control of, that we fully just HAVE to trust in God!!! Buuuuuuuuuuuuut there are also OTHER miracles, that God will provide a part of and THEN WE have to do OUR PART!!! We have GOT TO for THE REST OF THE MIRACLE!!!
He brought out how sometimes there is an evangelist that will come through our church, and he says , there is a GREAT revival that is going to happen in this church! SOULS coming in...and then WE SIT back like, it NEVER happened!!! Where was the revival??? What happened to ALL THE SOULS???
He said GO GET THEM!!! I was like Oooooo that is soooooooo GOOD!!! PREEEEEACH!!!! Seriousley inspiring to me in my own life!!! I feel such a strong burden for this Palomino Square area in Greenway...its such a rough area of Paradise Valley...but I keep praying for a miracle over there...I was inspired to go find some NEW kids today...and its like God's saying, come on do YOUR PART GIRRRRRL!!! You want a miracle??? GO GET A MIRACLE!!! 
We gotta WORK THE FIELDS!!! There are HUNGRY souls...revivals that just WAITING to break out...we just got to do our PART!!! OUR part is to FIND THEM...BRING THEM...God's part is to TRANSFORM THEM!!!  
God's READY to bake us up a MIRACLE!!! 
We just got mix it up!!!
We just gotta  kneed the dough!!!
"Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest." (Luke 10:2)

♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, March 8, 2013

What else???

Sooooo my sis was trying to get something for MJ to eat the other night before church, and EVERYTHING my sis said she was just NOT interested in? For EVERYTHING my sis named MJ would just be like what else? What else can I have? What else is there? Soooooooo finally after like the umpteen-millionth thing my sis names MJ says it ONE MORE TIME...
My sis says, how about...
I just like BUSTED up laughing when she said that!!! IF your kid can't make up their mind, SPANKINGS are ALWAYS an option!!! They HELP them decide quicker!!! LOLOLOL!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Behind the Billboard!

Sooooooooo i'm at the gym the other day on the treadmill, listening to Bro. Booker preaching on Holy Ghost Radio, and I notice a couple, working out together. I didn't really pay much attention to them at first, I just noticed that the guy was black and I didn't really get a good look but I could see from her arms that the girl he was with was white, and they were like sooooooooooo "In LOVE!" he would just dote on her, passing her the barbell so she wouldn't hurt herself and then take it away from her again when she was done, then he kept stealing lil kisses from her...annnnnd it may have LOOKED really cute to some people buuuuuuuut in my mind I was like, Okaaaaaaaay WHATEVERRR!!! Give me a break...This is NOT some secluded romantic place, THIS IS THE GYM!!! Your supposed to be WORKING OUT, NOT MAKING OUT!!! Like HELLLLLOOOOOO!!!
Well then I forgot about them, finished my work out and went out to my van to leave. So i'm walking in the parking lot and I see the couple again...annnnnd it looked like they were hugging or SOMETHING again!!! I'm like really??? WOW!! Soooo I get in my van and I have my headphones still on listening to the preaching and its almost done so I'm just sitting there and this COUPLE they are like NOW play wrestling sort of...I'm like WHAT in the WORLD??? And now they are kind of chasing each other and now they are tackling each other annnnnnnnnd...They tackle each other to the ground and i'm like whaaaaaaaat in the world??? Then I realize, wait, they are NOT playing, they are really FIGHTING NOW!!! They were like totally knocking each other around.
The guy turns around and his white tank that he had been working out in is torn halfway off...I'm like WOW!!! These SAME people were just like sooooooooooo "IN LOVE" a few minutes ago inside they gym and now they are like beating each other up!  Then it CLICKED!!! This was NOT the same girl he was with inside the gym!!! I had just assumed it was because she was also white! I figured it out...I had just walked out into a guy getting caught in the act of cheating on his girlfriend. My suspicians were confirmed when he stormed off to his vehicle and the other girl screamed out, "Annnnd you can just spend the night at HER house tonight, because I'm LOCKING my door!" He got into his vehicle and started to screech away, she got into hers and started to pull out and I didn't know what to do...I just felt so bad for her!
So before she drove off and waved her down and she got out of her car and i went over to her and I was like, "Are you ok?" And she says, "Oh yeah, I'm fine! Everything is ok!" So i really wanted to do SOMETHING for her, so I was like, "Can I give you a hug?" She was like, "NO I'm I'm FINE!" So I was like, "Well I'll pray for you!" She was like, "okay thank you!" Then she got back into her van and started chasing after the guy and they were driving around screaming at each other...annnnnd I seriousley think that if either of them had weapons they would have used them!!!
I just sat there in DISGUST and SADNESS!!!! What had seemed soooooo "ROMANTIC" inside was really something soooo FILTHY! I remember growing up Bro. Abbott would always preach about the BEHIND THE BILLBOARD! How there would be big billboard signs advertising smoking and the billboards always looked so glamorous! 

Two people at at a party, looking beautiful, with big smiles, flashing their perfectly white teeth and smoking a ciggarette! They always look sooooo happy, like they're haveing soooo much fun! They are living it up, having grand time and enjoying their life to the fullest!!! Bro. Abbott would talk about BUUUUUT...
 IF you looked behind the glamour on the poster at the BACK of the billboard you would see nothing but dirt! Trash, chewed up gum, graffitti, bird poop, but you could NEVER see that from the front of the picture. All you could see was the glamour of smoking, but he said that behind smoking is really addiction, cancer, yellow teeth, bad breath and on and on and on. He would then talk about how that is the SAME way with sin. The devil will present something to you that looks sooooooooo WONDERFUL!!! Its seems like EVERYTHING you ever wanted but he doesn't show you the OTHER SIDE!!!
Annnnnd this was EXACTLEy what I thought about with this scene in the parking lot! Inside the gym they looked like the most romantic couple ever, but the OTHER side was unfaithfulness, hate, bitterness, anger, destruction....What had giving the apearance of LOVE was NOTHING but LUST!!! One persons lust was another persons hurt and heartbreak which only led them to hate and vile!!! We can't let ourselves be DECIEVED by the glamour of this world!!! The glitz is calling to you, its drawing you, and LIFE away from church, away from God, It may be fun for a little while, buuuuuuut behind it all there is NOTHING but filth! 
The devil would like NOTHING more than to leave his chewed up gum on the walls of your heart! He wants to lure you out then he'll litter your soul with his trash! He wants to clutter your life with his filth and waste!!! Don't fall for it! Don't let yourself be lured away!!! There is NOTHING of worth on THE OTHER SIDE of the billboard!!!
"There is a way which seems right to a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." (Proverbs 14:12)
.♥Mary Frances :)

New Fan!!!

Sooooo I hav a NEW FAN for this blog annnnd I'm pretty sure that this fan is my biggest fan everrrr!!! MY MOM!!! Now that my mom had an iPhone, I made her an app for my blog and she is on EVERYDAY!!!! She even reminds me when I don't hav a post up... I get a text from her WHY havn't you posted yet today???
So yesturday when I was at her house she was taking to me about my blog annnnnd she was telling me. About how funny I am I'm like awwwww!! Annnnnd she is tellin me about how she is really impressed with the pics I can take of myself!!!See, my mom is a proud of the talents I hav that no one else can understand, my mom, Does!!!
 Soooo yeah, THEN MY MOM says, buuuuuut, there is ONE thing I noticed that you need to change, she says that I say Oh My Word, juuuuuuust waaaaay to much,she said its just a by word,for, oh my goodness, which is a by word for oh my gosh, which is just a by word for oh my God... Which is using Gods name in vain which goes against the word of God... Soooo yeah!!!

My mom has always been really strict with using any kinda lingo that COULD be interpreted as a cuss word...Like, growing up I would get my mouth WASHED out with soap for ANYTHING!!! So I was like well what am I supposed to say then instead if OMW??? She said NOTHING!!! Just leave it out altogether!!! I woulda tried to argue with her about it except I already felt bad about it for like over a year cuz I knew my mom would NOT approve of my saying it all the time buuuut I was just like oh well, mom will NEVERRR BE ON MY BLOG!!!
WRONG!!! AnywayZ, after I posted yesturday about my conviction my mom texted me and was like what about saying Oh my word??? Sooooo I was like Oooo yeah...I'll fix that too!!! Sooooo i'm going to try really hard NOT to say OMW anymore!!! Sooooo my mom is NOW my newest and biggest fan and also my CRITIQUE... Cuz trust me, if she does NOT like something I post she will NOT hesitate to inform me!!! (: buuuuuuuut thats Okaaaaaay cuz she'll help me to make this blog BETTER!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Soooooo I just got really, really, REALLY SUPER CONVICTED!!!!! Ahhhhh!!! Soooo the other day, Saturday I believe it was, I wrote a post called FAMILIAR weather...annnnnnnd...basically it said that the weather was me!!! Annnnnnd as SOON as I posted it I felt CONVICTION!!! Buuuuuut I was like, whaaaat? Naw, i'm just over thinking it!!! I've ALWAYS referred to myself as HOT and have NEVERRRR felt conviction about it...sooooo I just went on my merry way and tried to FORGET about it...buuuuuuuut several times it HAS INDEED crossed my mind AGAIN...
I was even praying the other morning for CONVICTIONS, God show me if there ANYTHING in my life that is NOT pleasing to you...I remember the scripture about there being NO guile found in Jesus...God don't let there be ANY guile found in my mouth...annnnnnnnd THE ONLY thing that went through my mind was THAT BLOG POST!!! I was like, naw...sure God is NOT convicting me of referring to myself as HOT...i've used that word since like FOREVERRR!!!
So THEN today, like just a little while ago I was listening to Holy Ghost radio and Bro. Phil White was preaching and the WHOLE message was about David and his conviction of praise to God, then at the end and I don't it really had all that much to do with his actual message, Bro. White starts talking about being at a youth conference and a young man got up and sang. THEN after the service he watched the young man walk up to a group of girls and you could tell that he thought he was ALL THAT...and he walks up to them and tells this one girl, "You are soooo HOT!!! And every time I see you, you just get Hotter!!!" And then Bro. White just went off preaching about using that kind of terminology and that we don't need the world's lingo!!! annnnnnnnnd OH MAN I felt CONVICTION!!! HOT CONVICTION about using that word!!! i was like sooooo that WAS YOU GOD, tellin me not to say it!!! 
Sooooo yeah, I took down that blog post and plan to remove it out of my vocabulary!!!Actually, I used to use the word Sexy...THEN I got really convicted about that!!! It was Alyssa Wilkins that got me convicted about that word!!! This was a LONNNNNG time ago, buuuuut she didn't hear me say it or NOTHING, she just went off about some girls liking being called that and how its a horrible word to be called and blah, blah,blah....soooooooo then I went and looked the word up for my self and was like, yeah...I shouldn't say that annnnnnnnnd I never have since then...If you find yourself using that word you should REALLY look it up in the dictionary, its a pretty nasty word to be referred to as...annnnnd I've even heard people say that they don't like the word HOT and I've never argued it, I just said I've NEVER felt convicted about using it...I said that IF God ever convicted me about it I would STOP saying it...and I HONESTLY NEVERRRR have...UNTIL SATURDAY!!! 
I think that the word HOT is basically a replacement, word for Sexy...kinda like a by word but it basically means the same thing!!! Soooooo yup...Its gone from now on...I know i've said it like a MILLION times on this blog sooooo I'm not gonna go through all 5000 of my blog posts...buuuut just know that from here on out I won't be saying it...Even tho...i did have one REALLY funny blog post that I never did write...LOL...Oooo well I want God's favor above peoples!!! :) Now I'll just have to stick with using the words BEAUTIFUL and GORGOUS!!! Can't decide which one I like BETTER...pray for me!!! AHAHAHA!! ;) 
♥Mary Frances :)

I will know its LOVE WHEN...

How will I know its LOVE??? I was thinking about that the other day, HOW will I KNOW its REALLY LOVE??? I was pondering this question when enlightment came to my mind!!! I will KNOW its LOVE...true LOVE....when I finally admit to a guy THAT...
 I think he is better looking than ME!!! 
 He'll be like REALLY??? FOR REALZ??? YOU really, think that i'm BETTER LOOKIN than YOU??? I'll be like YEAH...just don't get me a mirror cuz I might change my mind!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Revelation about the body...

Sooooo a couple of Sundays ago Bro. Jimmy was talking about the body of Christ and he was talking about how we're ALL something different and we play different parts in the body! Some of us may be the feet that go, some of us may be the eyes that see, the arms that reach, the mouth that speaks, etc..
Weeeeellllll it got me to thinking, WHAT am I in the body of Christ? Like i'm sitting there thinking, I wonder if there is a GIGGLE in the body of Christ??? HAHA!!! So yesturday in the church van I was asking Jac and Sis. Anna what they thought I was in the body? Sis. Anna said maybe the mouth cuz I'm always talking and making everyone laugh, so Jac says, No, I think your more the heart because you LOVE people! 
I'm like Hmmmmm...Sis Anna says maybe you are the heart and the mouth then cuz you do both, and Jac says, NO, I think your STILL more THE HEART, because you LOVE people MORE than you are funny! I was like AWWWWWW!!! See, besties always KNOW YOU BEST! 
I told them tho, I'll tell you all ONE THING that God has REVEALED to me without a doubt!!! Whateverrrr parts I may have in the body of Christ, 
♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

If I was a loaf of bread...

I was at food city the other day and I saw this loaf of bread called SOFT WHITE...I was like OMW...thats sooooooooo ME if I was a loaf of bread!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
Look at the bear...IT EVEN looks like me too!!! Like soooooooooo WHITE.and fluffy, WITH BLUE EYES!!!!!! AWWWWW!!! Its MAR BEAR!!!
♥Mary Frances :)