Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm sooooo glad...

Aren't you just SOOOOOOOOOOO glad that we have a God that we can go to with our problems. We don't have seek out some priest or some man that doesn't even know us, for an answer. I HAVE a God that knows ME by name and goes with me WHEREVER I go!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I just COUDN'T resist!!!

Have you ever heard of the cookie diet thing? Its like some kinda special cookie thats like healthy or SOMETHING and I guess your supposed to loose weight with it OR SOMETHING!!! Welllllllllll the other day me and my sis and Jac were walkin through PV Mall and there is this guy sellin THE COOKIE DIET from one of those little booth carts in the middle of the mall. So he is holdin this plate of cookies broken up for samples. Well he offers a sample to my sis and Jac, who politely decline with a simple "No, thank you!" But then It was my turn being offered the DIET cookie sample, and with the straightest, most serious face I could muster, I looked him in the eye and said, "Oh I totally would LOVE to try a cookie, BUT, I'm on a diet!" It was soooooo FUNNY! The best part was his response...SOOOOOO serious back, "OH, Ok!" Of course I got like a foot a way and just like DIED laughing...I think my sis said, "I need HELP!" LOL! But what can I say...It was one of those things...I JUST COULDN'T resist!!! ;]

Monday, June 28, 2010


USED! Have you ever JUST felt used?! Like someone took advantage of you to obtain something they wanted? Maybe it was that phone call to get the latest scoop and as soon as they got it they had to go. Maybe that person that SUDDENLY became your best friend when they realized their crush was your sibling. OR that person that is EXTRA nice when they suddenly realize that your their only ride to the youth service across town or when they realize they don't have enough money to cover their food bill at Red Robbin. We've all been used before and I'm sure we've all been on the other side, using someone a little too. (DON'T EVEN DENY IT! you soooooo know you have;)I think its just human nature to say that none of us can claim innocent in this area, but we also all know how it feels to be the one that is used. Even if its just a friend, its not a HUGE deal, but you can't help but get that hollow little empty feeling inside...They just used me...ugh...and you kinda feel like a loser!!!
However, when GOD uses you, it's a COMPLETELY different story. A couple of weeks ago we were in Show Low AZ for Apostolic Jr. camp. One of my friends had pulled a muscle in her back and the next thing I knew, I was being dropped off at the ER with my friend. When my friend went back to be checked out by the ER doctor a lady a couple seats a way started talking to me. She asked me if I we were Pentecostal and when I said yes her whole face just lit up and she told me that she had been looking and looking for a Pentecostal church in Show Low. So I chatted with her for a little bit, we exchanged info and I promised her that I would get her number to the church in Show Low.
On the last day of camp my brother, my sister and I decided to go to Safeway to eat our lunch. As we were lookin around, I wondered into the bakery area where I felt the donuts just CALLIN MY NAME!!! ;) While trying to decide what donut I wanted, I heard someone very excitedly saying hi to me. I looked up and saw that it was the lady from the ER, she just HAPPENED to work in the bakery at Safeway! I was soooooo excited I gave her a big hug and told her that I had passed her info on to that church. We chatted for a few minutes and she told me that she had actually been raised Pentecostal. She remembered going to Jr. camps every year as a child and that her uncle was even a Pentecostal preacher.
When I walked away from the bakery that day, I couldn't help but feel a little bit in awe. I had gone up to Show Low for the camp, but was led to this lady. I mean what are the chances that I would just HAPPEN to run into this lady TWICE, without even trying!?!?! I knew it wasn't JUST a coincedance. It was GOD! He had USED me! But unlike when friends use us, I didn't feel that empty, loser feeling! I felt sooooooooo GOOD! I was like, OMW!!! God like, USED ME!!! WOW!!!
When God uses you, you don't feel empty, you feel fulfilled. You don't feel like a loser, you feel like you won some kind of contest and acheived some kind of award. You get this warm, fuzzy, tingling feeling, like sparkles of joy exploding in your heart...ITS AWESOME!!! Being used by God is one of the most spectacular and amaZing feelings in the world!!!
Take my hands Lord,
Take my feet,
Touch my heart Lord,
Speak through me,
If you can use anything Lord,

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Sunday, June 27, 2010


I just wanted to tell EVERYONE that this NEXT Friday, July 2nd, Phoenix Children's Museum is having free entrance!!! This is an AWESOME place to take your kids!!! SERIOUSLEY it is sooooo such a blast!!!
Your kids will LOVE it and its FREE!!! Normally about $10.00 soooo thats a big savings especially if you have like a MILLION kids!!! LOL!

The COOL big kids!

This house is in the art room and the kids can paint it! It has like a MILLION layers of paint this far...I actually don't thinks its THAT many but they have record and its A LOT! LOL!

For more info about this place click HERE
Parent's I promise you will NOT be bored at this museum(Cause you'll be too busy chasing your kids around!!! HAHAHHAHA!!!)
Hope to cya there!!!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

True, True, TRUE!!!!

True, true, TRUE...very, VERY TRUE!!!
"Oh I want to meet Him..." :]

Friday, June 25, 2010

He made my night!!!

*SIGH...he really, really, REALLY did make my night!!!
The Cashier at Fry's Marketplace!!!
This is what happened...
We're like waiting on line and I notice that he is like THE ONLY cashier and there are like NO baggers at all, ANYWHERE!!! So being the person that I am I decide to go around and start baggin the groceries for him. As I am doing this I just kinda quietly, under my breath am singin a little...Gaither's "He came down to my level...he'll make your life worth a living...thats what he came down for..." So i'm justa singin, like I always am, like everywhere I go...AND the cashier looks at me and says, "You have a REALLY nice voice!" I am like kinda shocked...pause...then say..OH THANK YOU! He is like, "Do you sing?!" There is now like a TEN SECOND is like..."Like at your school?" hahahahhahA... he still thinks i'm in school!!! BAHAHA! "Well at my in the choir!" (That I just rejoined last week...see choir you just NEED me soooooo much...LOL!)

He is like, oh well you sing really good or something...and I stuttered another THANK YOU! I was just soooo thrilled to know that SOMEONE in this world enjoys my singin...thats for ALL YOU PEOPLE AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE...that tell me to shutup and turn up the radio etc...LOL!!!
HAHAHAHAHA! It really did make my night and it took everything WITHIN me to just continue baggin the groceries without laughing hysterically!!! My sister said she noticed that I quite singing after that...I was like WEEEEEEEEllllllllll....I sing unto THE Lord....I didn't wanna like put on a show or nothing!!! ;) (ok, ok, okaaaaaay I was kinda embarassed, I didn't even realize I was singing at all!) It woulda been soooooo funny if I had just like pulled out this mike or something...
This is for you FRYS cashier!!!
Thanks for MAKING MY NIGHT!!! :D

Thursday, June 24, 2010

THIS cracks me UP!!!!!

EVERY TIME I look at this i just CRACK up laughing...

See what the Holy Ghost can do?!?!
Turn your testimony RIGHT SIDE UP!!!

Here she is at ten years old  gettin the Holy Ghost!!!
Click HERE to read her testimony!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Prettiest hair...

Sooooooo Tuesday evening,
some of us headed over to Paradise Shadows for outreach...

We were on the playground with them and after a while Liz and I got tired of doing jump rope and my voice was gettin EVEN more off key as I sang, "I got the Holy Ghost for them. So Liz and I sat down on one of the picnic table tops... So as we are sitting there the girls AND some of the little boys come over and start playing with my hair. After about a minute, my hair is being taken out of the pony tail and THEY ALL start doing little braids in my hair. As they are braiding, I listen to the conversation they are having amongst themselves...
"Man, her hair is sooooooo LONG!!!"
"I know, I love it!" ( I am like just letting it all go to my head)
"It's sooooooo pretty!"
" The prettiest hair in the WHOLE world!!!"(Oh yeah keep talking! keep talkin!)
"We should get some...
I saw hair JUST like this at the dollar store!!!"
WHAT?!?! RFLOL I just got my head deflated and all most fell off the table laughing in the process!!!!

Soooooooooo there you have it folks...
I got the prettiest hair in the WORLD...

AND if you want some like it...

*Roposted from May 28th 2009
Thought THIS was a fun post to put up again...since I am sittin here gettin my hair braided RIGHT NOW by Jestina!!! They are SOOOO cute!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pretty nails!!!

I REMEMBER the first time someone told me I had pretty nails.

It was during a P.E. class at Desert Arroyo Middle School.

I was in 6th grade.
Standing in line to hit the soft ball.
Suddenly, a very popular girl, standing in front of me, turned and spoke,

"Oh MY GOODNESS!" She exclaimed. "Is that a french manicure?!"
I am like "HUH?! A WHAT?!?!"
(I have NO idea what this is AND I am actually quite in shock that her highness has even spoken to me!)

"Did you get a manicure?" she asks again?
"Uh, no," I say.
"So those are your NATURAUL nails?!?!" She asks in awe.
I think about this for a moment, not to sure what to say.
I NEVER cut my nails.
I NEVER file my nails.
I NEVER clean my nails.
I NEVER bite my nails.
I NEVER, EVEN think about my nails.
I wasn't even think I know what a manicure was.
ESPECIALLY a French one!!!
"Uh yeah!" I say.
(Cause my nails are about as NATURAL as they get!)
I am totally shocked when she turns to me in total admiration...
"Oh wow!" She says. "I have ALWAYS wanted a French manicure!!!"

This was the beginning of compliments
on something I could care less about!!!

"Wow! you have SUCH pretty nails!"
"They are so elegant!"
"They look so graceful!"
"They look so healthy!"
"Such a perfect pink sheen!"
"Just the right curve!"
And I am thinking...
AS IF I CARE about my nails!!!
Compliment me on my hair!
Compliment me on my eyes!
My smile!
My laugh!
My WONDERFUL personality!!! ;)

And of course the questions...
Do you spend a lot of time on them?
How often do you file them?
Is there a special vitamin?
What brand nail clipper?
WHAT do you do to get them like that?!?!?!

I DO...

My nails grow.
They break perfectly even across.
Then grow back.
Thats it!!!
And I NEVER thought twice about them!

Oh happy day
A very, very, very cute guy came over to me and casually said...

"Hey, pretty nails!"
My heart started beating faster!
My pulse was racing!
I FAINTED a million times, INSIDE!!!
"Oh, thanks," I said CASUALLY!

And that was it!!!

Shopping time!!!
I went with my friends to the mall!!!
They were looking at clothes for a youth conference.
I was shopping for the PERFECT nail buffer.
I mean who cares about new clothes, WHEN you have pretty nails?!?!
"He said I have pretty nails," I said sighing.

"Oh brother!" said one of my friends.
"We've ALL told you that before!"
"Yeah, EVERYONE tells you that!"

"Yes, I said, but YOU ALL are girls!"
"I have had lots of girls say it before...
BUT the guys have ALWAYS been negative about them...
My brothers say they are gross, they call me "Claws"
Say they are daggers- a weapon-
"YOU NEED TO CUT THOSE!" they say...

BUT HE SAID they are pretty!!! *SIGH!!!

AND soooooo
I buffed them.
I filed them.
I noticed them.
I liked them.
I became VAIN about them.


And one,
by one,
they began to break.

As each one broke, I would think...
God is trying to teach me a lesson.
But still...
I filed.
I clipped.
I Buffered.

Finally there was ONLY one long nail left...
I should probabley just leave it I thought...
"Clip it!" said my brothers!!!"It looks WEIRD!!!"
BUT instead
I pulled out my buffer.
Just one more time...


And it was over!!!

That was MONTHS and MONTHS ago!!!
Everytime my nails start growing back...
Gone is the beautiful elegance.
Gone are the compliments.
Gone are the looks of admiration.
In their place is short, stubby little nails.
AND you know what I'm gonna do about that?!?!

I don't cut them.
I don't file them.
I don't buff them.
( I do clean them now...I mean...LOL...)
You know why?!?!

Pride goeth before destruction,
and an haughty spirit before a fall.
(Proverbs 16:18)

P.S. THANK GOD he didn't say I have pretty eyes!!! ;)

Sunday, June 20, 2010


WOW!!! it's been SOOOOOOO cRaZy busy these last two weeks...with camps back to room is like Whooooooaahhh!!! I hardly even have ANY clothes hangin in my closet!!! Funny thing is that someone complimented me on my room last night!!! Said they LOVED it and it was soooo cute...HAHA! Well I guess things will be calming down till Heritage...but then again...I have stuff goin on everyday this week then the next I am doing respite for another foster girl... plus school now...anywayZ
The last night of Jr. Camp was AWESOME!!! Bro. Franks only sang like to songs and the power of God fell in the service...See, God REALLY does love those OLD songs!!! I'm tellin you, i had been prayin with our girls that needed the Holy Ghost all week and felt like we were gettin NO WHERE!!! I was frustrated, tired and worn out!!! BUT that night, we didn't even have alter call. Everyone just started prayin right where they were at in there seats. We went over and started praying with them, and FINALLY it was like one by one, their spirits began to break and the tears began to fall and they were soon speaking in was AMAZING!!! Every time, I see someone get the Holy Ghost it amaZes me!!! I know that TRULEY there is NO GREATER miracle to be witnessed, then the pouring out of God's spirit!

One girl got the Holy Ghost with one eye open THE WHOLE time!!! It was SOOOOO funny!!!! Tears just trickling out but eye STILL open!!! LOL! Gotta LOVE kids!!!

WEEEEEEEEllllllll here are some albums of pics from all the camps and stuff...ENJOY!!!

A Mountain Apart Apostolic Youth Camp HERE
Jr. Youth Camp Phone pics HERE
My sis's camera HERE

Saturday, June 19, 2010

For Bro. Brett!!!

This WHOLE blog post is special for BRETT MYERS!!! I was told that he would be HONORED to be on here!Here is a picture of THE HANDSOME BreTt, sitting on some GORGOUS BABE'S lap!!! (She IS single guys!!;)
Brett is an awesome boy! He told me at camp that my name was Brother-sister-Mary! (My niece calls me mister and some other kids call me uncle...soooo I guess it goes!)Then he showed me his bug house and I asked him if he had any bugs in it and he says, "NO! I HATE BUGS!!!" So I'm like well what are you gonna do with a bug house then? And he says, "KILL THEM!" I'm like Alright!!! Thats MY KINDA MAN! LOL!
Last, here is THE TOILET picture up AGAIN special for BRETT! His mom told me that he like really likes lookin at the pic of this toilet an that he'll like ask her at really random times to see it again on her iPhone...Like when they're at the store he'll say, "I wanna see that picture of THE TOILET AGAIN!!!" AHAHAHAHAHA! LOL! Thats AWESOME!!!  So here it is again BreTt!!! Make sure you keep askin your mommy to see it!!! :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm the kind of girl that...

I'm the kind of girl that REFUSES  to get bitter about being an "Old Maid" ;) I'm the kind of girl that STILL loves Valentine's day, EVEN without a date! I'm the kind of girl that still trys find matches for ALL my friends, even when I can't find my own. I'm the kind of girl never tires of being the bridesmaid...cause hey, I love dressin up and the chance for ALL eyes on me! :D I'm the kind of girl that is determined to STILL go to all the weddings- no matter the reminder of my own singleness. I'm the kind of girl that jumps up and makes a mad grab for the bouquet, EVERY TIME, even though I have never caught it! I'm the kind of girl that ALWAYS goes to the wedding of all her old crushes. I'm the kind of girl who's heart squeezes as they say their vows and kiss. The kinda girl that holds back the tears and whispers, man THAT GIRL'S BLESSED!
The kinda girl that watches her dream walk back down the aisle, with another beatiful girl and hears God say..."just wait, I have someone that fits you even better picked out."
AND I'm the kinda girl, 
that hears God say this and all I can think is...
Yup! I'm just that kinda girl! 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Finding the will of God...

My pastor's wife, Sis. VaNeSSSA Abbott, taught us a REALLY awesome lesson at the ladies retreat in Prescott several weeks ago. (Btw- she is a REALLY good speaker to anyone that is interested. You should use her!!! She is inspiring AND funny!!! Totally made me snort!;) She taught about finding the will of God for your life. Here are a few things she said...
*What are you good at?!
* You have to do WHAT God called you to do!
* God called you to something before you were even born.
Figure out WHAT the Lord's will is...
1. If it contradicts the word of God- FORGET IT!!! Psalm 119:5 Wanna know what is right? GET IN THE WORD!!!
2.  Spirit filled- The HOLY GHOST will lead you into ALL truths.
3. Pray- spend time with God. How can you know what he wants for you if you NEVER spend time with him?!
4. Talk to your pastor- seek council from those that l0ok out for you!
5. (This is an extra from Mr. Whitikar) PEACE!!! When something is RIGHT and the will of GOd you will have a certain peace in your heart that you KNOW it is right!
* God will NEVER call you to someone else's job!!! Don't try and take what God has given to someone else. Even if you feel called...wait for YOUR job or whatever! ;)
* Trust in God and he will make it work perfectly with your church and in you.
* When your in his will he will fulfill his purpose in you.
"Stay open to his direction and redirection...
and he will take you on an adventure that satisfies your unique design...
and surpasses your wildest dreams"
(Vanessa Abbott)
Take ME Jesus!!!
I'm READY for an AWESOME adventure together!!! :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy 28th birthday!!! (Yes I know that your bday is the 14th NOT the 15th!;)

I just wanna say HAPPY Birthday to my goodest, good, good friend DEVI FOSTER!!! Devi Abbott was the FIRST friend I ever made! We met when I was 3 and she was 4. Our family had just moved from NYC and started going to the Abbott's church. I don't remember this but Dev says that I would talk to her soooooooooo much, but that I had such a STRONG NY accent that she had NO idea what I was saying, so she would just nod her head and say, uh huh, uh huh! LOL!

Me and Dev, we been through alot together. I spent a LOT of nights at the Abbott's house growing up! We've done Everything from, playin baby dolls to making our own mixtures of perfume- that smelled NASTY! We would use anything and EVERYTHING in these mixtures, INCLUDING some visiting minister's deodorant that he left in Dev's bathroom!!! LOL!!!

We've had A LOT of good times together BUT one time that has ALWAYS really stood out to me is in our late teens. You know, I've never been very athletic and ALWAYS been on the fluffy side... so this one time we went on this youth trip and a buncha us decided to hike around the lake. Well it was in the middle of summer, REALLY hot out and I was wearin flip flops, soooooo I didn't really wanna go...BUT...everyone was like, Oh come on Mary, just go! Just go!!! Soooooo I was like okaaaay...well of course I immediatley was like laggin waaaaaaaaay behind everyone else AND it was really frustrating me that I was behind. Cause I enjoy hiking but I just can't keep up with everyone. Soooooo basically, no offense to everyone else...LOL! But basically everyone just LEFT ME IN THE DUST!!! I was soooooo mad and frustrated, BUT then, there was Devi, she just left everyone else that was a head and stayed with me for THE WHOLE HIKE!!! It was one of the sweetest, and most thoughtful things anyone has ever done for me! I don't know if she remembers it BUT I have NEVER forgotten it!!! Thanks Dev for being that kind of friend!!!

AND congrats on the adorble baby!!! The BEST present EVER right?!?!
♥ ya lots and lots and lots!!!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Your Call...

The first night of church was AWESOME! The message that was preached, felt like it was specifically made JUST for me! His message was called, "Between the annointing and your arrival" and he talked about how you can be called of God for something and know without a doubt that you were called and yet it actually be years and years before you actually arrive to your calling. He talked about what do you do in between that time? He talked about how David was called to be king at around age 15, but it wasn't until around his thirties that he arrived to his calling...yet think about ALL the things David is known for before that time...Killing Goliath...the bear...worshipping God with his harp...he is known for such GREAT things in between what he was actually called for. It was another WHOLE lifetime practically for David to live before he got to what God had called him too. Bro. Waldrup said that we can still be known for great things before we get to where we know God has called us to...AND that we shouldn't just sit down on our calling and WAIT for it to come. I can't even begin to explain how I felt when I heard those words...because THAT is exactley how if feel right now in my life! It's like I KNOW that God has called me...yet, i'm NOT there yet. I don't know when or how its gonna happen, but I KNOW he has called me and I'm gonna just keep trusting in him. When I went to the alter that night, I was crying SOOOOOO hard. I've promised God that he can use me for whatever he wants. It was soooo crazy too, cause I had just told God earlier, I was like God, you know, I REALLY, REALLY, want to get married, but it can't just be anyone, it has to be someone that matches the call you gave me. And I told God that even though I want to get married, it was ok if I had to wait, JUST so long as HE USES ME in the waiting!!! I just don't wanna end up sittin back, doing nothing, and not gettin involved! Ever since I was 13-years-old, it has been my ultimate goal in life, to be used of God. AnywayZ, anyone that feels like they have been called of God for something, but are kind of at an in between time in their life, should SERIOUSLEY listen to this message!!! (And it wasn't just for single or young people) Get a copy from Bro. Andrew at BELIEVE me, Bro. Waldrup does a MUCH better job with THE MESSAGE than me! ;) ;) LOL!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Mountain Apart

WHAT?! No cell phone service?! Those are the words I yelled as our van pulled into the campgrounds. "HA! Andrew Foster NEVER told me about THAT, while telling me about all the wonderful things about this camp!" So everyone in our van is like laughing at me and I'm like...WOW! I'm going from NOW till THURSDAY without phone or internet service!!! Ya all know what that means??!?! Everyone is like, WHAT?! I'm like...That means that THE LORD is gonna be doing some WORK on Mary!!!"  AND he did!!! AND ya know what...It was actually kinda cool going those days without all that stuff. I was just enclosed in this beautiful place with God and His people!!!
As soon as we pulled up to our dorm we were greeted by two girls who immediately became our friends. Ester and Alahondra. They welcomed us to camp and offered to help take up our luggage...and you wern't about to see me declining help with haulin all my junk up those stairs!!! Thanks girls! :). 
Well the girls ask me how old I am, so I am like GUESS!!! One was like 14...I was like WHAT?!?! I was laughing SOOOOOOOO hard...sooooo then they FINALLY agreed 16 but 17...AT THE OLDEST!!! I was like ummmmmmm.....try 26!!! They were like WHAT?!?! NOOOOOO!!! HOW??! LOL It was pretty funny!!! Made me feel PRETTY good SINCE I was by far, THE OLDEST CAMPER there!!! Bro. Andrew asked me later on if I felt out of place as a camper, I was like, UH NO!!! I LOVED it!!! Only thing I didn't like is that they kept sayin 13-25 year olds...BUT, Bro. Andrew says I could still be a camper no matter, but its gonna be through 30 next year!!! WHOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!! Cause I mean, lets face it...NOT everyone gets married in their late teens/early twentys...AND I for one, still wanna have fun while I'm WAITING!!! ;) ;)
So the first dinner, our table is sittin together chattin and Becca Foster says something about Devi Foster, being our dorm mom...and I was like WAIT?! Devs our dorm mom?!?! And Becca is like...yeah...and I'm like Oooooooooo... I'm sooooooooo SCARED!!! and we all bust up laughing!!! Some things in life just NEVER change...Dev was always like the youth mom back in the day for us anywayz and then when I was soooo sick with my toothach and jaw infection at camp, Dev, took SUCH good care of me!!! And she brought baby Levi in and he smiled at me and it made me feel soooooooo happy!!!  Moving on...
Because the camp was smaller, it was like we ALL instantley became friends with each other. AND I don't want to say that it was MORE spiritual than other places that I have gone, but it was for sure MORE focused on just taking time to set apart and spend with God! They had early morning voluntary prayer before Monday night, I went into the hallway of our dorm and I screamed out...ANYONE THAT WANTS TO BE A PART OF "THE IN CROWD" AT THIS CAMP...GET UP AND GO TO EARLY MORNING PRAYER!!! CAUSE COOL PEOPLE GO TO PRAYER!!!"  And you know what, just about every camper that I know of got up early and went to VOLUNTARY prayer before breakfast...
Stay tuned for more and pictures coming soon!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Oh WAIT I forgot...I'm NOT married!!! ANYwayZ, to all my wonderful blog and email readers...
I'M home!!! And leaving again on Monday!!! But let me tell you all, A Mountain Apart Apostolic Youth Camp was AWESOME!!! I had such I good time!!! Despite losing my voice, gettin my eye poked by Becca in the animal game and my face totally deforming, I had an amaZing time!!! I met some incredible new people that I can't wait to introduce you all too. I heard some AWESOME sermons and really got touched by God!
I just wanna say that I am soooooooooo sorry I havn't posted on here in the last to days. I had totally planned to when I got home on Thursday, BUT, I kinda just hit the bed and stuff. See, I guess I should explain about my deformed face...
On the way to camp I had a really bad toothache...well the ache left my tooth, went into my gum, then into my jaw!!!! Sooooo the first night as I was drifting off to sleep the girls in my room were like talking to me about how I have such good self-esteem and stuff and they wanted to know how i have that etc... so I was talkin to them a little bit and said that I had thought about writing something about it then I just kinda fell asleep...WELL I don't think it was a coincidence that when I woke up in the morning my face was TOTALLY deformed!!! The infection had caused the right side of my face to swell up like twice the size AND was starting to turn black and blue...I looked in the mirror and like SCREAMED!!! LOL!!! I was like aaaaaaaauuuuuuugggggggghhHhh!!! My face is DEFORMED....but I'm still beautiful...BUT...aaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuggggggg!!! LOL!
So I've been runnin around since I got back tryin to get that taken care of!!!! Got the stupid tooth pulled BUT still have like A ROCK in my jaw!!! My emergency dentist, Asian dude gone gangsta, didn't really seemed conerned about that...he just REALLY wanted to pull ANOTHER tooth!!! I'm like ummmm....No thats in the front!!! Soooooooo yeah...I'm about to go to the ER right now to see about the huge rock feelin in my jaw!!! Don't worry it's NOT like a HUGE deal...its just that I'm leavin again on Monday for Jr. Camp and I wold prefer going WITHOUT A ROCK IN MY JAW!!!
I can't WAIT to tell you all about camp though!!!
♥Mary :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Don't date a loser!

I think this poem is HILARIOUS!!!
Don't settle for a loseR
By Lorraine and Eric Orozco
(A brother and sister team YES, the same Eric that was our Apostolic Male Model for May)

Don't settle for a loser
The first guy that comes your way.
For the one that has no job and on every date makes you pay.
After the first date when you have to treat for pizza,
Make sure its his name thats really on the visa.
Dont be so desperate just to be someone's wife.
That a after the honeymoon you regret it for the rest of your life!

If hes been engaged three times and married twice,
Don’t be the next fool that gets hit by the wedding rice.
If all the loser wants is for you to help him support his six kids and be his sugar mama
Don’t be the idiot that gets caught up in all that baby mama drama!
If he is bilingual, illegal, and always wants to be in control,
Remind him that you aint afraid to dial the number to the border patrol!
If you just met your man after he posted bail,
Make sure you are ready to write your next check out to
If the guy has a job that pays him under the table,
Make sure you check his records because he is probably not mentally stable.

If he is too young to drive you on a date,
Be ready to spend he next 5-10 years because of your little boy jail bait!
Don’t settle for a loser that in life wont got very far.
Go for a guy that has a career and doesn’t drive his momma’s car.

NOT saying you have to be a gold digging girl,
Just don’t be decieved when a guy says he can give you the world.

Looks wont last long, they will eventually fade away.
Go for a guy that has depth that and wont eventually turn gay.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

For the girls...

If you had a tiara, it would be:

1. Stuffed in a closet with tons of other things you’ve lost interest in.

2. Gone … you lost it during a crazy night out last week. (A hyper moment for sure!)

3. Filled with rubies, diamonds and emeralds and locked in a lighted display case for all to see.

4. A traditional diamond encrusted headpiece worthy of royal ceremonies.

5. CRUSHED somewhere, cause you forgot to put it away when done using it!

6. ALWAYS on your head to let everyone know!

7. Who needs a dumb Tiara!?!?!

8. Dainty, simple, BUT elegant

WEEEELLL...I would fo sho NOT pick number seven cause I am totally a girly-girl...and I SOOOOO have a tiara!!! LOL! BUT at the same time, I'm NOT exactley, Miss Perfect!!! ( I KNOW, Surprise! Surprise!!!)  ;] Soooo I think I would have to FOR SURE pick #2 AND #5...THOSE two BOTH, like TOTALLY, describe MY tiara!!! I either lost it havin fun OR forgot to put it away...RIGHT Tree?!?!! ;)
So your tiara is?!?!