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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Say Amen!!!

I looooooove this song!!!
Favorite line...


Saturday, May 29, 2021

Breakfast suggestion!!!!

Hey you guys, if you live in AZ or are visiting
AZ, I have a must have breakfast suggestion!!! 
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I had a delivery 🚚 pick up from here this morning, actually two, it’s located in Old Town Scottsdale, and the thing that got me.... I’m waiting in line that is going out the door 🚪 for my pick up, so I’m reading the menu cuz hey good reading... hee, hee!!! And it says that their yogurt parfait was infused with orange 🍊 
I was liiiiiiike OMW!!! I have to get one!!!! I loooooove orange!!! I love the smell of orange blossoms and I love orange 🍊 flavoring... I was going to have a protein smoothie buuuuuuuut I was like well this is kinda healthyish...fruit, yogurt and granola... how can that be bad???
you guys... this parfait was soooooooo good!!! AmaaaaaaaaZing with a capital Z!!! Literally worth every calorie and I don’t say calories are worth anything very often!!!

Im pretty sure I could eat this yogurt parfait every morning for the rest of my life and neverrrrr get tired of it!!! Except I can’t, because I’m dying to try their avocado 🥑 toast!!!😋

Today’s Delivery Tip!!!😂

Soooooooo this morning I had a delivery from the Apple 🍎 store to an apartment complex like halfway to California!!! (Scottsdale Quarter to Sun City)I was liiiiiiiike this lady had better be giving me a HUGE TIP aside from the delivery fee I was already promised!!!
Buuuuut when I got there, it was this adorable, fluffy old lady that welcomed me in like I was her long lost granddaughter, she told me to sit down and cool off and offered me ice water 💦 
she’s telling me that all she has is like two dollars 💵 cash on her for a tip buuuuuut she feels sooooooo bad that I had to drive so far for her!!! Weeeeeelll my Mar Bear 🐻 heart ♥️ just could NOT take the $2 tip!!!!
Taking it, I felt like Jay Smouse from AIO Album 55, “Mistaken for good” if you don’t know who Jay Smouse is... get. Off. My. Blog. JUST GO!!! 
 Juuuuuuust kidding!!! Buuuuut seriously, you do need to get a life... I’m jus sayin!!! ;) anyways, I couldn’t take her $2 bucks!!!
I was liiiiike you know what, don’t worry about it, it’s all taken care of in the app...I did use half a tank of gas ⛽️ buuuuuuut this ones for you Jesus! She’s like weeeeeelll do you have any little ones at home? Sooooooo I’m liiiiiike well I’ve got a lot of nieces and nephews!!!!
she’s like OH GOOD!!! Let me give you these for a tip then, I made them myself!!! 


Friday, May 28, 2021

Ad Aunt unlisted!!!!

To all the thousands of children I told Odin, that have been responding to the Aunt ad and BEGGING me to be their auntie...NEVER MIND!!!

Odin has decided to keep his Auntie Mar-Mar after all!!! 

He said to tell them all that they can’t have me and their to far away to come pick me up too!!! 

And just for good measure, he gave me an extra nickname, Aunt Mary Beary!!! Aww I love 💕 it!!!! I think I’ll keep him too!!!🥰😘

Auntie Ad!!!

Call 📞 ing all children!!!
is there any kids out there that would like to adopt me for a aunt???? Odin no longer wants me!! :(((

I’m fun, I’m crazy, I’ll make you laugh, give you bear hugs brag about you to everyone and buy you treats!!! The only pitfalls to having me for a auntie is I may wake you up at 5 in the morning, I’m a big teaser, and NO ATTITUDES ALLOWED!!!! If you’re still interested please contact me!!! :)))

Things I do to encourage myself in The Lord!!!

"but David encouraged himself in the Lord his God."
Sooooo we all go through hard things in life right?! I think it's really important that we do what David did and encourage ourselves in the Lord! Here are some things that I do that bring me joy when I'm down....BESIDES PRAYING!!!
1. Listen to the Bible-There's something about hearing God's word that brings peace into my life. I don't even have to fully be listening to it but when i'm really down i'll just have the Bible continuously playing in the middle of whatever I am doing and it could be Leviticus and it just lifts my spirit!
2. Write, write, write!!!- When I write, its such an amazing feeling when its something that God has laid on my heart and knowing that he is working through me to say something is really uplifting!
3. BLOOOOOOG!!! Been doing A LOT of that lately...buuuuuuut I've gained about 1000-1500 extra views a day. But knowing that I can bring a smile to someone's face and brighten their world for a moment, brings me joy. 
4. Church-Just being in God's presence with God's people!
5. Conferences- If your going through something hard, don't hide away from the world- GO TO CONFERENCES!!! Get renewed and revived and have a blast too!!!
6. Surround myself with Godly people!!!
7. Stay BUSY!!! Instead of dwelling on things I can't change, I'll just go make some extra money!
8. Cute outfits- Okaaaaaaaaaay it may seem shallow buuuuuuut dressing cute lifts my spirits...say whatever you want buuuuuut it helps!!!
What do you do to encourage yourself in the Lord?! I don't suggest lazing around and moping!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, May 27, 2021


ODIN!!! What can i say besides I adore him??? He's an amazing mess that I ABSOLUTELY ADORE!!!

Buuuuuuuuuuut lately, he's just said some really, really, REALLY FUNNY STUFF that I have to share!!!
1. He has this thing that he just goes around singing, Aunt Mary has a boyfriend...which couldn't be further from the truth!!! And then he thinks he's going to get me all riled up by saying some crazy guy we know is my boyfriend! Well, I just turn it around on him and get him all riled up! I'm just liiiiike, yuuuup he's my boyfriend!!! He just kinda stares at me...I'm like, annnnnnd if he's my boyfriend, I think I'll just marry him!!! His eyes get a little wider...I'm like ANNNNND THEN HE'LL be YOUR UNCLE!!! Now his mouth his hanging open, I'm like YUP, YOUR UNCLE annnnnnd then you'll have to get him Christmas and birthday presents...he's like trying to think of something to say, I'm liiiiiiike AND YOU'LL HAVE TO GIVE HIM HUGS!!!!He just looks at me like I told him to pick up dog poop with this bare hands... He's liiiiiiike, I'M NOOOOOOT HUGGING HIM!!! I'm like weeeeeeeellll...I figured you must want him for an uncle if your saying he's my boyfriend!!!
 He's like, ok, ok, lets get someone else to be your boyfriend!!!
2.Him and Kyle have been in ULTRA spiritual mode since Kyle got the Holy Ghost!!! They were telling Chelsea on Sunday that it's just TOO BAD they're gonna hear the trumpet when it sounds buuuuuut NOT HER!!! They were actually bullying her so much they got in trouble!!! LOL
BUUUUUUT O's spirituality has superceded ALL...
3. Soooooooo during prayer at church this week, he like repeats everything he hears my pastor praying buuuuuut without people's names, buuuuuuuut he adds NAMES...the majority being MY NAME!!! Oh God, I thank you for my Aunt Mary! Just thank you for her!!! Please help her God! Help her to do the RIGHT THING! Help her to have A RIGHT SPIRIT!!! God help her spirit! Just help her God!!! I'm liiiiiiiike SERIOULSY??? I like lost it laughing!!! In case anyone is wondering...the only big decision or thing  I have going on in my life at the moment is working Uber Eats...Should I wake up at 4:30 or 5????
4.  Today I took the kids with me doing deliveries and I had picked up one order and was like, I wonder if the place I'm delivering it to is a house or an apartment? Without missing a beat, in this ultra-spiritual preacher voice, O says, God knows Aunt Mary! I just busted up laughing!!!! He's like, Auntie, HE DOES!!! He really does!!! I'm liiiiiiike YES O he does!!! I'm thinking in my head, it doesn't really matter...I just get sooooo annoyed delivering to apartments....buuuuut I don't want to tear down the kids faith!!!
5. He kinda believes in Santa...this is an argument between him an MJ at about 6am picking up delivery from iHop! She's like, there's NO SUCH THING Jesus gives us our gifts! He's like, I know but Santa is just a good man....He's nice!!! I'm liiiiiiike can someone tell SANTA TO BRING ME MORE COFFEE????

Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

My nicknames!!!

I looooove NICKNAMES!!! If you ever become good friends with me, YOU WILL GET A least one...if NOT MANY MORE!!! I just love nicknames...liiiike when someone starts calling me a nickname, it's like....It's like...IDK...we're more than just aquientances...we're legit FRIENDS!!! 
My mom did NOT like nicknames!!! She'd be like, if I wanted to name him ABE I would have named him Abe, I NAMED HIM ABRAHAM!!! And she'd tell everyone at church after Denae was born, Her parents named her DENAE, NOT NAE-NAE!!!!! Mean while, MY MOM went by a nickname her WHOLE LIFE!!! Fran or Franny, short for Frances!!! I mean, I kinda still don't really like it, buuuuuut I do cuz it's my mom's name...buuuuuut liiiiiike, I won't be naming my kids that...I DO LIKE MARY's just sooooo Maryish!!! AHAHAHAAA!!! My mom always said she had REALLY wanted to name me Mary Joy, buuuuuut my dad didin't like they JOY part!!!! HOw do you not like JOY??? 
Anyways, I thought I'd share with you ALL MY NICK NAMES!!!! There's A LOT!!!
Mar Bear
Fluffy Cat
Mary Smary
Momma Mary
Vanilla Mom
That's A LOT right??? 
THE MOST POPULAR ONE, at least at my church, is Mary-dog, or Mar dog!!! Everyone at church calls me that... Even my pastor calls me that sometimes!!! That nickname got started waaaaaaay back in the day when we were all in the youth group still....and we'd go to Rawhide and it's a LOOOOOONG STORY buuuuut this cowboy and I we kinda got into it during a show...he was trying to do this trick question where you say ten. ten times, so I DID IT! Then he says, what is an ALUMINOM can made out of???  Welllllll most people say TIN...because I guess they just said ten, ten times...buuuuuut being somewhat airheaded...TIN didn't even register in my head!!! WIthout hesitating, i just responded with ALUMINOM...DUH!!! And everyone started laughing and he was like all mad and then I was like asking everyone, what was the big deal? They were like, cuz most people say TIN! I'm like why would you say tin??? when he said it was aluminom??? They were like, Its a BRAIN TEASER!!!! Buuuuuut you didn't EVEN GET that it was!!!
 Anyways, the cowboy started calling me bad Miss Mary or bad dog Mary...and would always hug me like we were bff's when he'd see me there...Rawhide was a HUGE hang out for us as teens!!! Then Sam ALWAYS called me bad dog Mary-then it just got shortened to Mar-dog, then when he got married his wife, who was in the youth group too, Janellie Bean, always called me Mar-dog, then when he had kids they automatically started calling me Mar-dog, and now it's basically the whole church!!! LOL
Mar Bear

it's just sooooo ME!!! Like I'm just a teddy bear- MAR BEAR!!! My other two Favorites are Mar, or Mar-Mar!!! I enjoy all of them though!!!
My mom didn't like nicknames, buuuuuuuut...she told me I was her sunshine, her flower and her butterfly!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍 Thats some pretty sweet compliments!!! 
It think MY favorite compliment of all time though was a guy in the Philippines, he told me that when I walked in, the whole room lit up with my smile!!! That was pretty much the best compliment...he was my one Filipino LOVE!!! He was even taller than me...crush EVEN Lasted the whole trip...ahahahahaaa...then I JUST KEPT THE COMPLIMENT!!!! Don't worry I didn't break his heart...he's married someone else's smile to light his world... i'm sure!!!

Monday, May 24, 2021

Happy Monday! Uber tax question!!!

Hey 👋 idk if I’m the only Pentecostal driving for Uber, buuuuuuut I’m wondering if anyone knows anything about the tax part of it?!?! I’m a little nervous I’ll end up owing millions of dollars next year!!! 😅😅😅 plus I’m mathematically challenged soooo yeah I’m just worried...


BTW: when I say I’m working for Uber, it’s DELIVERING 🥘 🍕🍔🍩 NOT HUMANS!!!! Ahahahahaaa... they’d never even give me a chance at that... could you imagine people when they get in for their ride and I’m like, RULE #1.  Unless your ready to meet Jesus today... DO NOT TALK TO ME!!! 😂😂😂😂

Anyways, if you have any tax advice email me or if you have my number text! Don’t call cuz there’s a 99.9% chance I won’t answer!!! 

Sister update!!!!

Soooooooooooo I wanted to give an update on my sister from last April!!! She had a HUGE kidney stone and the procedure went wrong last year and she ended up in the hospital for waaaaaaaaaay to long for me to mother an almost 18-year-old.
Since then they have done the procedure again without any success, but this January they did it AGAIN and the doctor was able to completely remove the stone!!!
So she is KIDNEY STONE FREE!!! Woooooohoooooo!!!!
ANNNNND the procedure went completely smoothly as well!!! She said THE WORST PART of the whole thing this time, WAS ME DRIVING HER HOME!!!🙄🙄🙄 (This is the same person though, that the scariest ride she'll go on at Knotts is the PONY EXPRESS!!!;)

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Proud, proud, PROUD Auntie!!!

I was already feeling proud when my sister in law sent me this picture of Chelsea teaching her baby dolls a Bible study!!!!

Isn’t that just PRECIOUS!?!?!



My nephew just got the Holy Ghost at home 🏠 with his parents in a family prayer meeting!!! The youngest Ginty so far to get the Holy Ghost!!!

Kyle Isaac Ginty JESUS!!! Five days after becoming a Ginty, he got Jesus attached to it too!!!

Kyle and Odin talking about!!! O was literally sooooooo excited!!! He was like shrieking and clapping his hands in joy!!! 

He says, KYLE!!! Your gonna go to heaven now!!!! KYLE says, I knooooooow, riiiiiiiiiiight!!!! Then he says, STREETS OF GOLD!!!!
I can’t begin to express the joy I feel!!!! This is what it’s all about!!! What we live for... SOULS!!! 

Can I get a...???

Sooooooo this past Wednesday night, Lucy and Bella come up to me before church and are like, is there Sunday School this week?! So I'm like yes! They look at each other sooooo HAPPILY and just smile huge and say, YEEEEEESSS!!!! 
I hate to pop their bubble buuuuut I"m liiiiiiiike,
 buuuuuuuuuuuuut tonight IS WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!
They're like, AW MAAAAAAAN!!! 
They start walking away and I'm like, buuuuuut WAIT,
So Bella comes over and hugs me, but Lucy is just standing there with this confused look on her face! She's like, HUH?! I'm like, Can I get a hug?! She's still looking confused and is like, what did you say?! I'm liiiiiiike, CAN I GET A HUG???? She's like, oh, and hugs me and as she does she says, I thought you said, CAN I GET A HUSBAND???? and she just kinda threw up her hands like, I can't help you there!!!
I busted up laughing soooooo hard!!! It was soooooooo hilarious!!! You guys just have to know Lucy too, she's just like got a really fun, but no nonsense, drama free, as much as any female can be, DRAMA FREE, kinda personality!!! And the look on her face was just priceless! Liiiiiike, I love you sister Mary, I can give you a HUG, buuuuuut your gonna need some kinda miracle from God for the other part!!!!

♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, May 21, 2021

I have made my decision!!!

I have made my FINAL decision concerning my phone...
                                            WILL I STAY APPLE FOR TWO YEARS???
                                                                                                    OR GO BACK TO SAMSUNG???

Pastor's Wife of the year!!!

I wanna say today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to THE PASTOR\"S WIFE OF THE YEAR!!!! Who just HAPPENS to be my pastor"s wife...SISTER ABBOTT!!!!
The first time we met...WEEEEEEEELLLL lets just say I had no idea she"d be my pastor"s wife whom I"d one day loooooooooove and adore!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! Don"t worry, she knows EXACTLY how I felt, when she came walking her 18-year-old self in to our church in her COMPLETELY MODEST, little black dress...we joke about it...NOW!!! Buuuuut we were just a buncha imature s. teens back then!!!
If you had told me BACK THEN that this was the woman that would be there fighting battles with me, praying for me, encouraging me, DIGGING THROUGH THE TRASH FOR MY FAKE TEETH with me...
YES YOU GUYS!!! About five years ago, I lost my fake teeth...yes...I have two fake teeth...I know people say I shouldn"t mention them...buuuuuuuuut I don"t wanna be FAKE about MY FAKENESS!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!
 Anyways, I had lost them and was freaking out cuz there was a conference and there was NO WAY I"d be able to get new ones on time...I THOUGHT I had left them in the bathroom at church and that they had gotten thrown away. I was FREAKING OUT!!! The Abbott"s showed up to the church and Sister Abbott started digging through the big, black, dumpster with me for my teeth!!! I was liiiiiiiike, weeeeeellll if I didn"t know she loved me before...I DO NOW!!!! 
The best part of the story is, we did NOT find them in the dumpster and stopped looking as a huge roach skittered by!!! (Okay guys, I was gonna like bleach the teeth when I got home!) Soooooooo I go home and just accept the fact that God must feel like I needed to be taken down a notch so I didn"t get conceited in my a HUMBLING experience!!! 
Then, when I got home, the teeth were just chilling there in my room!!! I was like, WHAAAAT??? See, I KNEW I wasn"t needing humbling, God just wanted me to see WHAT AN AWESOME PASTOR"S WIFE I HAVE!!!
Aside from all that and being a woman that knows how to pray, Sister Abbott is just down to she wears sneakers!!! I"m sooooo THANKFUL for a pastor's wife that wears sneakers!!! So what if she can"t sing or play the piano...she PRAYS!!! I"d rather have a pastor"s wife that will knock doors with me, run 5ks and read my blog!!!
If you wanna give her a present...

Pet peeves #2!!!

I dedicate this pet peeve post to Jedidah!!! Cuz when I listed my first one in 2019, I get this random text from her saying that she LOVED my post today!!! I was liiiiike, I havn't heard from you in like a yearish annnnnnnnnnnnd out of the hundreds of blog posts i post, she's TOUCHED by a pet peeve post!!! Only Jedidah!!! It's been a while, i'm hoping this will bring out another text from her! I know I COULD just text her, buuuuut this is waaaaaaaaaaaay funnerrrr!!!



1. Ya’all when your not from a ya’all state! If your NOT from Texas or something just stop with the ya'all!!! It's duuuuuuuuuuude out here!!! LOL Or whats up bros!!! You just say bros to everyone unless it's like your pastor's wife!!!!!! LOL I'm sure it's PROBABLY someone's pet peeve that i say bros and DUUUUUUDE...and thats ok!!! Hee, hee

2. False endearments- It drives me crazy when I read blog posts and people say hi lovlelies or dear ones...I'm like you don't even know whose reading this, it could be like, HEY CREEPER!!! I try to stick with peeps, friends or brothers and sisters in the Lord---I mean even that could be pushing it! LOL Or like when they just call you sweetie or something and they don't even know you! Or like random men that just call you darling! I am NOT your darling!!! It just seems like when you use it all the time to people that it really doesn't mean anything anymore, the endearment loses its value!!! Especially if your the plumber fixing the pipe at our house...jus sayin!!! 😆😅😝😂😂😂

3. No straws- Ok Starbucks, I get the whole trying to save the turtles-Okaaaaaaay ACTUALLY i don't, lol, buuuuuuuuuuuuut yeah-your a multi-million dollar, world wide corporation, instead of putting us on a guilt trip every time we ask for a straw, couldn't you just get those ghetto bio-degradable straws??? I'm just a huge straw person- I literally get dehydrated withhout a straw!!! 

4. no free samples cuz of COVID-Seriously this is such an excuse to save money!!! 

5. The smell of pot-I think if you wanna smoke pot you should have to stay locked up in a room and then fully shower and get like fumigated before being released!!!  Sometimes I wonder if skunks just smoke pot then 💨 they let loose! Has anyone else ever wondered that?!

6. Uber deliveries to apartments- sooooooo annoying finding the place

7. freeway lanes that just merge onto an exit-this could seriously almost cause an accident-not that I know from experience or anything-buuuuuuut almost perhaps a few times!!!😇

8. cold bacon 🥓 -Dunkin Donuts insists that it doesn't matter if their snackin bacon is hot or cold cuz its a snack!!!

9. Mask 😷 police 🙄- Liiiiike when your at the store and someone has to say something about your accidentally slipping below your nose! Its liiiiike- okaaaaaaaaaay if you'd just stay 6 feet away from me- buuuuuuuuuuuut I'm a Christian about it, cuz the Bible says we should live peaceably with all men!!! 

10. Nasty 🤢 smelling hand sanitizer- Why do some hand sanitizer smell sooooooo bad, like beer or something and you actually wonder if it would be better to just get Covid???  

11. Roundabouts-Theyre like scary to figure out where your supposed to exit!!!

12. THE SMELL OF FABULOSO!!! I literally hate the smell of that cleaner!!! It just smells very cheap and ghetto!!! When I smell it at a resturaunt they automotically get tainted in my mind!!! Okaaaaaaay I have an overly sensitive nose!!! Its a big thing with me!!! I pour bleach down drains, have wall plug-ins, aroma therapy, candles, sprays, bring air freshner on trips, but I don't like cheap 

13. When people always tell me that they don't read my blog... as if my world's gonna be shattered by that news! Buuuuuut like, you know they actually do, they just don't want you to know for some weirdo its sinful to's just writing guys...I'm gonna write weather anyone reads it or not! Next time someone tells me that, I wanna just respond In the famous words of my sister, "Don't care!" AHAHAHAHAAA!!!!  of course I won't... buuuuuut... Guess what?! MY MOM DOESN't read my blog either!!! Buuuuuuuut she DID!!! ;) 

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Are you???

Sooooooooooo I've been trying to explain to O all the different ethnicities that are in him, he's got Mexican, Native American, African and Caucasian in him...soooooo he's really been into trying to figure out WHAT everyone is. 
Soooooooo the other day he asks me...

Aunt Mary... 
Are you MESICAN 
 or SKINNY???
I was liiiiiiiiike, neither bro, NEITHER!!!! 😂😂😂

Wednesday, May 19, 2021


My AMAAAAAAAAAAZING Grace sister in law fixed my lap top in which i am typing from right now!!! She really is the best FIXIT Person everrrrr!!! SHe can pretty much fix or figure anything out!!! Something I defanatley need in my life!!! Hee, hee!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

MEss free?!?!?!

A healthy, on the go, mess free snack....

I'm pretty sure that happened before I had even gotten it to my mouth!!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2021


This phone keeps posting stuff that’s supposed to be saved as a draft!!!! Why is it doing that???

It’s official!!!

Congratulations to my baby brother Abie- aKA: Uncle Dude, for finally being able to make you LEGALLY a dad... legal since you’ve already been married there daddy!!!

GOd is soooooo good!!! 

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this cRaZy Ginty Family?????

After all the looooooong years of anxiety and waiting and praying, the actual online adoption court hearing was ONLY  7 minutes!!!! #best7minuteseverrr #WorthTheWait 

Adoption= Lives being altered forever towards God

This pic is when the judge said, he was no longer Kyle Patrick Brady, buuuuuuut Kyle Isaac Ginty!!!!

Reasons WHY I want to switch back to Samsung!!!

Sooooooo I have till Friday of this week to decide if I want to stay Apple 🍎 for the next two years or switch back to Samsung!!!! Annnnnnnnd I’m gonna be honest, I really miss my Samsung!!! I didn’t think 🤔 I actually had a Smartphone 📱 preference when I switched to Samsung around 2015ish I believe! I just did it cuz the camera 📸 was waaaaaaay better, especially the selfie 🤳 aspect!!!! 
Samsung things I miss:
1. Voice recordings in text messages!!! Like if I have a lot to say, which I ALWAYS DO, I can just drive and hit that record in the text and boom send my voice memo!!!
2. The camera editing was so much better and more options!!!
3. When you take a group  selfie shot, you can say capture and it takes the picture!!!
4. It seems like everything was quicker
5. the camera WAS better!!! Supposedly this iPhone is supposed to be the best but I don’t like it!
6. the hand swipe for screenshots 

Things I like about iPhone 📱 
1. They have cute, glittery otter boxes!!!
2. The screens don’t break as easily (not that I would know from experience or anything!;)

3. I don’t feel like going through the process of switching back alll my apps, passwords etc...

sooooo I’m thinking I could get an iPad for writing ✍️ IF they had a bigger keyboard ⌨️ than the normal attached ones!!!! 

I REALLY MISS MY SAMSUNG!!! That phone was pretty shot from dropping it in the street the week I got it annnnnnd the audio was hard to hear from uh hiking in the rain 🌧 BEST TIME TO HIKE GUYS!... it’s just beautiful outside when it rains!!!! Buuuuuuuut my phone didn’t feel that way!!!!🙄

sooooo idk 🤷‍♀️ maybe I should just update my phone to a newer Samsung and bring back this thing!!!

Monday, May 17, 2021

Random question!!!

Does anyone know if I went to WCC 2019???? I can’t remember if 2018 was my last year!!! Lol

CMM Deliveries!!!!

Sooooooo took the kids, on their first day of summer vaycay working two jobs at make some deliveries 🚚,
not gonna name any of the companies I deliver with in case they get an alert when their name is posted on the internet, buuuuuuuuut... if there’s a really popular food delivery company, liiiiike oooooober eatz or p@st-*****!!!! I most likely deliver for them!!! ;) 
Soooooooooo Dunkin’ Donuts 🍩 has THE CUUUUUUTEST bags ever for their delivery orders, They say, “Caution: Sprinkles may have shifted during transport....
I think it’s safe to say that A LITTLE MORE than just sprinkles shifted during transport!!! Ooooops!!!

In my defense though, Dunkin’ 🍩 did NOT tell me there was coffees in the bag!!!🙃😑😇

happy Monday!!!


I’ll say it anyways, cuz TRUTH is STILL TRUTH even when everyone else believes a lie, TRUTH still marches on!!!


hey happy, happy, HAPPY Monday everyone!!! I had a blog post the other day that I wrote from my phone, due to the fact that I accidentally locked up the mouse on my lap top and my sister-in-law has to fix it for me! Grace is pretty much like the fix everything for me person, she’s pretty awesome!!!! ANyways, I accidentally deleted it from my phone which was super annoying buuuut I told myself well at least you enjoyment in writing it and NOW you’ll get to enjoy it all over again!!! The post was a list explaining things I’m not into...I’ve been super into list writing lately!!! I accidentally posted the list with out the explanations the other day, it was just supposed to be a saved draft in my account but I accidentally published it! If you see like one line posted it means I accidentally published a thought that was supposed to be saved....I’ve done that several times this week!!!

anyways have an awesome week with Jesus everyone!!! Remember God is good, ALL THE TIME!

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Ginty news!!!

September 2016, I brought these two twin babies and their biological mother to church ⛪️

 I had nooooooo clue that I would soon become their aunt and that on May 17th, 2021, they would officially become Ginty’s!!! 
My sister in law had a list of life goals when she married my brother and one was to have twins, one boy and one girl, seemed pretty hard to plan twins like that, and the years passed without babies...
                         IT CAN HAPPEN!! 
Tomorrow at 1, there will be TWO MORE GINTYS, twins, one boy and one girl!!! God took the devil’s mess and made something absolutely beautiful!!! We serve an amazing, prayer answering God!!!


Wednesday, May 12, 2021

What Jesus !!!

Sooooooooo last week I\"m driving my nieces and nephews to school, when I notice that there\"s a really INTERESTING conversation going on behind me between Odin and Kyle!!!
Odin is telling Kyle that the neighbor next door to us is SUCH A MEAN MAN!!! Kyle asks why and O tells him its because he ACCIDENTALLY bounce the ball over the fence and into his yard and if he did it again he was going to tell his mom!
Now mind you the neighbor is an old man that has been very patient with O continually, since he was REALLY LITTLE, hauling a step ladder to the dividing fence between our back yards, hanging over and asking annoying questions, liiiiiiiike, sooooooooooooo how come you don\"t have a job??? (Maybe cuz he\"s like 100) And aside from ALWAYS talking to him, there have been many more things over the years than JUST ONE BALL bouncing over!!!   Gliders, frisbees, airplanes, spinners, stuffed animals etc,,,
Well when Kyle hears what O says about him saying he was gonna tell his mom  on him, and he\"s just sooooo mean and not his friend anymore, Kyle just gasps, then says, NEXT time he is like that to you...
You just need to LOOK HIM IN THE EYE, and say
Then just give him scripture...THATS WHAT JESUS DID!!! 

I just busted up laughing!!! And O is just like, OK! I think I will do that!!! And I knew I shouldve been correcting this, BUUUUUUUUUUUUT i\"m just the aunt!!! Annnnnnnnd I can\"t wait to hear about this when it unfolds!!! 
                                I JUST HOPE I"M NOT ON DUTY WHEN IT HAPPENS!!!! ;)
That is what Jesus did!!!
“And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.” 
Luke 4:8
Just make sure it’s Satan your saying it to!!! ;)