Monday, October 31, 2011


 This is sooooooo my kind of corn maze...HAHA!!!
The awkward moment when you can't tell if someone is wearing a costume for halloween, or just dressing the way they usually do
 ...HAHA!!! ACTUALLY we went to this Harvest Festival last year and I was dressed for church cuz we were going afterwards AND ALL these people were tellin me they liked my costume!!!  I was like...O MY!!!

♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

One Day When I Am BIG...

Soooooo my neice was just sittin here lookin at me admiringly the other day...She is like, I love the way your fingers move on the key board, its soooo pretty!!! ONE Day When I Am BIG...I'm gonna type like that she said!!! LOL I thought it was pretty cute cuZ I used to LOVE watching ladies type...I remember I used to think... ONE day... when I am big...MAYBE I can be that COOOOL!!! HAHA!!! Now, here I am with my fingers flying across the keyboard and I realize that I'm really just a TOTAL DORK!!! HAHA!!! 
Then my neice was like....ONE Day When I  Am you Mary,  I'm gonna have a blog and I'm gonna be postin ALL the time about boys and stuff...just like you!!! I'm like...AWWWWW!!! What an incredible goal in life to be tryin to achieve...hahahaha...glad I could help my niece strive for having a blog...SOME DAY!!!
AND THEN the other day she was like, you know, One Day When I Am Big... I'm gonna have yard sales ALL the time too Mary!!!(I'm like, Oh yes...its an AMAZIN career choice and a GREAT way to make lotsa  money...your gonna be rich girrrrl!!!;)
THEN AGAIN...the other day my neice was like and One Day When I Am Big... i'm gonna be like you Mary...You know ALWAYS talkin to boys on the computer!!! I'm like WHAT??? You think I'm talkin to boys WHENEVER i'm on the computer??? HA!!! I WISH!!!! I'm like trust me love life is not quite that flourishing!!! LOL!!! 
I've been thinkin like...MAN...I'm glad I've taught my neice so many incredibly amaZing things to strive towards as an adult...Typing, blogging, Yard sales AND talkin to BOYS!!! OMW...I've been SUCH an awesome role model!!!
BUT then this morning she was outside with me getting ready for the morning YARD SALE and totally out of the blue she was like, "You know what Mary? You know what I'M gonna do One Day When I am Big??? And I'm thinkin OH GREAT what has she seen me do NOW?!?!?! Soooooo i'm like WHAT?!
She is all, "When I Am Big... I'm going to bring AFRICAN KIDS TO CHURCH!!!" I was like...AWWWWW!!! That soooo touched my heart!!! Now THATS what I'm talking about!!! I may not be perfect, I may not have it altogether and I might be kinda cRaZy...BUT... If I pass ANYTHING on to her that I am proud of, it will be a love for the African people and a burden for the lost!!!
One day THIS is gonna be HER!!!
And when it happens I'll be THE PROUDEST auntie in the WHOLE WORLD!!!
♥ .
"Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest." (Luke 10:2)
We're training up a LABOURER!!!
One Day...
When She Is Big!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

FistBUMP moment!!!

Kim and I were hangin out the other night...AND...we were talking about some friends of ours...a guy and a girl....NO ONE try and start guessin WHO we're talkin ain't got NO idea...I have friends ALL OVER THE WORLD...different countries...different continents for that Kim is like askin me if they are still "talkin" or what...and I'm like duuuuuude...I have NO IDEA whats up with those one moment their on and the next minute their roller coaster relationship!!!
So Kim wants to know whats going on and I'm like...weeeellll.... he is NOW pretty much IGNORING her and I'm like its soooo dumB cuz its obvious that he STILL likes her and they are SOOOO perfect for each other. I mean HONESTLY, I couldn't everrrr seen ANYONE else goin for either of them...BUT...whatever!!! Sooooooooo Kim is like, WEEEELLLL WHY is he being like that then??? I'm like...I don't know....its DUMB!!! I guess he is just being a total REJECT!!!
Then at the TOTALLY SAME EXACT MOMENT...Kim and I just look at each other and say,
"No ACTUALLY, he is...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What makes my blog AWESOME???

Sooooooo you probabley think that is gonna be a a conceited blog post...WEELLL its actually NOT going to be!!! HAHA!!! But the other day I was thinking about it, I'm just like OKAAAAAY why do people read my blog so much? Why do they keep coming back for more? What is it about my blog that gets me faithful readers? A lot of people have asked me this and how to help them with there blog...AND as I thought about it, I could only come up with ONE THING...that makes my blog flourish...and that is...
I am a faithful blogger. I try and post on my blog EVERYDAY!!! And that is why people keep reading it. I would like to say that it is my funny, cRaZy, off-the-wall, awesome, amaZinpersonality that has made my blog what it is...BUT...I really don't think thats what it is. Because, I have been on A LOT of other people's blogs, that write really AWESOME stuff too!!! I have been on blogs that have made me laugh sooo hard with their humor or blogs that the writings have brought tears to my eyes or encouraged me...there ARE many other good writers out there!!! 
And I was reading through some blogs the other day and I was like MAN they are a good writer!!! I thought you know, if these people were consistent with posting stuff I think I would feel a bit in competition with them. I mean that in a good sort of way, but I would feel like, OH NO I hope people still keep reading my blog...BUT I don't...AND its not because they aren't a good writer...its because they don't write OFTEN!!! One of the main things I have learned in all the writing classes I have taken is that if you want to be a writer, you gotta WRITE!!! Just just do it!!! 
Now is EVERYTHING that I post on this blog life changing posts??? Is EVERYTHING I post so hilarious that you just can't stop laughing??? NOOOOOOO!!! I mean yeah, there are times where I find myself laughing hysterically about whatever I am writing and my sis is in the other room thinkin that truly her little sister HAS indeed lost her mind!!! And there are other times where I am writing from my heart and I honestly can not stop the tears from trickling down my cheeks. And then there are other times where I just write and I its not a big deal but I did it and I posted and its up...I did it even if it was a lame post and feels like a total dud of writing....I was consistent in fulfilling my goal. And thats WHY people keep coming back, because they NEVER know what I'm gonna post next on my blog, BUT they know that something WILL BE POSTED!!! 
I know a lot of people that won't post stuff on their blog unless all their punctuation is in the RIGHT place!! And everything has to be just right and look just right and thought out completely and edited and revisted and edited AGAIN and thats great...BUT...If I did that everyday, with EVERYTHING I wrote, I would NEVER have anything posted. BUT I have made a commitment to myself to strive to post stuff about 6 days out of the week. Now, there are times where i'm outta town or really busy and I don't always post but for the most part I am CONSISTENT in my daily writing AND I really think thats what has made my blog what it is...
Please don't ANYONE take this the wrong way, BUT MAN...if some of you fellow bloggers out there would really get going and be CONSISTENT in your oh man, OH MAN...I would really be gettin worried about the competition....because you all are really amaZin writers...but as long as you just keep postin randomly, every now and then...I'm NOT worried!!! :)
AND I was thinkin the other day that this is THE SAME in our Prayer life...the devil isn't worried about the people that pray good...EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE!!! Its the people that have a consistent, faithful prayer life that makes the devil worried. 
If you wait for everything to be just right to pray, you'll never pray. If you wait to feel a certain way. If you wait for the perfect setting, the right feeling, you'll be like the writers that are waiting for everything to be just right to post and you'll find yourself only producing a good prayer meeting EVERY once in a while. However, if you want to be a prayer warrior...its simple...YOU GOT TO PRAY!!! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

HAHAHA!!! Okaaaaaaaaay this happens to me ALL THE TIME!!!
Okaaaaaaaaay yeah this one BELOW was the STORY OF MY LIFE in all my days of school!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011


In honor of the Apostolic Beauty post, i'm NOT posting a post today!!! I figure since I posted it on the weekend...AND I get the least amount of traffic on the weekend...I want to make sure EVERYONE has a chance to check her out and LEAVE HER A COMMENT!!! :) If you all WANT more blog posts from MUST leave Megan a comment...HAHAHA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Apostolic Beauty!!! (October 2011)

 Attention! Attention! ATTENTION!!!!!!

The girl that I have chosen is someone that, although I don't get to hang out with her often, I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE, ADORE AND ADMIRE!!! When we are together, she is so much fun to be around, however what has really stood out to me is her godliness in her attitude, holiness in her dress, the way she prays at the alter and her worship in church. I have been thinking for some time now what an AWESOME person she is. I had thought, THAT GIRL is gonna be my NEXT Apostolic Beauty. What I didn't know was that when I began to enquier about her amongst her friends, youth and teachers, I would discover that she is EVEN more amaZing than I had EVEN realized!!!
They say that
 Weeeeeeeeeelllllllll BEAUTY and PERSONALITY...
THIS GIRL has got them BOTH!!!

I would like to present to you all, THE WONDERFUL, THE BEAUTIFUL, THE LOVELY...

Friday, October 21, 2011

WHY I don't need to iron AND...

WHY I need to marry a HOT GUY!!!
Okaaaaaaay soooo I'm sure you have been DYIN to know the answer to these two questions!!! Like AT NIGHT before you go to sleep, I bet your last thoughts before slumber have been, hmmm...I wonder WHY Mary doesn't NEED to iron her clothes??? FURTHERMORE, I wonder WHY Mary needs to marry a HOT GUY???

Weeeeelllll...these two questions in life are about to be answered!!! Soooo as you all may remember HERE...I wrote about my Ironing Skills...or perhaps I should say the LACK of them!!! HAHAHA!!! good lil friend Denae Abbott wrote into me with a LOVELY comment. She said...
"Mary, I DON'T like ironing either, but if it has to be done, I do it!! And when I saw that skirt it DEFINITELY looked like it needed to be ironed! Haha;) but, when YOU put it on, all the wrinkles just seemed to disappear! I think you just have a way with clothes...because it had nothing to do with the hotel tv!"
After reading her comment...I laughed, BUT THEN I was enlightened with the WHOLE reason WHY I don't need to iron my clothes. It was when she said... "but, when YOU put it on, all the wrinkles just seemed to disappear! I think you just have a way with clothes...because it had nothing to do with the hotel tv!"
When she said those words I said AHA!!! And immediately wrote back with this response

"...its cuz i'm soooo HOT...
when I put on my clothes, 
my body heat just irons the wRinkles RIGHT OUT!!!"
Yes, thats RIGHT, 
I, Mary Frances Ginty,
am MY OWN IRON!!!!!!!!
Don't be jealous, cuz I don't gotta iron my clothes...
DON'T BE JEALOUS!!! ;) ;) ;)
Which also explains...
WHY, I need to marry a HOT GUY!!! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Black Skirt Blessing!!!

Weeeellll as I told you all HERE in Weekend Blessings, I have another blessing from God that jI ust HAD to share with you ALL!!! Soooooooooo I had been praying for a new black skirt. Now you have to understand that I wasn't totally out havin a black skirt, it was that I had one thats really cute, BUT its all ruffles, and I have another one but it is VERY fancey like a ballroom skirt and then my other one that is just plain was gettin REALLY, REALLY warn it just didn't even look good at all anymore...I just wanted a plain, black skirt, BUT I'm kind of picky in that my skirts have to be really long

So I was like, WELLL I don't even know WHERE to start lookin for a new black skirt but I just prayed, ok God, I need a new PLAIN, LONG, black what i know what I need...You know what i'm talkin about...then I went to sleep!!! 

Well then next morning I got up and was lookin through my closet to see what I was going to wear for the day and I was like, OMW...NO WAAAAAY!!!!!! There was a really long, plain, black skirt hanging up in my closet!!! I was just like WHOA God...where did this come from???

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Okaaaaaaaaaaaay EVERYONE sooooo you know that AWKWARD MOMENT  when your pastor pulls you aside and has a talk with...ABOUT...(Ooooo what do you all think my pastor would pull me aside to talk to me about????) about writing out a check to pay my tithes that.... 
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Waaaaaaaaaiiiiiitttt  you all are tellin me that this has NEVER happened to you before????? LOL!!! Oooooo pull up a chair, cuz I HAVE GOT A GOOOOOD story to tell you all!!! :)

Okaaaaaaaay so I guess you can say that I have NEVER really gotten in trouble or talked to by my pastor for the NORMAL, things young people get talked to about. So this one beautiful, lovely Sunday morning my sis and I are leavin the church when my pastor, this was when BISHOP ABBOTT was still my pastor, Bro. Abbott pulls me aside. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Do you ever wonder if you should be honest about something??? Like you know when someone gives you back TOO MUCH CHANGE and you think, should I keep it or give it back??? Should you take the few extra bucks as a blessing from God, or a test from God? Ultimately the question is; Should you be honest???
AND of course we all know that the answer to that question is YES!!! (DUH!!!) But what the question really is WHY??? WHY should we be honest?! Lately God has REALLLLY been testing me with my honesty with people AND MONEY!!! 
There have been sooooooo many times lately where I have had the opportunity to gyp people!!! Not just at my yard sales when I sell things and people give me to much cash but even at stores when i'm payin for stuff and the cashier rings up one bunch of cilantro and I really have two. I can't help it...I feel obligated to tell them the truth...I HAVE to be honest with them...BUT WHY??? Why as Christians do we feel the need to be HONEST???

Monday, October 17, 2011


Mj has decided that I am her aunt again. Thats it, she forgives me, for being cRaZy and makin her babies cry for her...HAHA!!! I'm happy to be her aunt again...LOL! She was soooooo upset about the earlier post...I had told her I was gonna do it if she didn't lose her attitude and she was like, YOU BETTER NOT!!! If you do that I am gonna be soooooooo MAD!!! Soooooo of course I did it!!! HAHAHA!!! Which made  her forgive me and decide that she does INDEED want me to be her aunt..because I mean AFTER ALL who woujldn't want me to be their aunt!!! She was like, did ALL these kids want you for their aunt when you  posted that? I was like oh YEAH everywhere were respondin...cuz you know, i'm a HOT ITEM as far as aunties go!!! ;) ;) She is like, WEEEELLL... NOT ANYMORE!!! You tell them!!! HAHAHA!!! Oh and Mary Jo wants me to post this quote from her to ALL the kids, "No! Mary is MY AUNT!" well there you have it folks...I am her AUNT!!!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Heeeey you guys!!!

Mj does not want me to be her aunt anymore!!!! Do you guys want me to be your aunt?!?!? I'm really nice!!! I give lotsa hugs and kisses and CANDY and I am really fun to hang out with!!! I will play with you and act cRazy and stuff!!! K! Please let know ASAP!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011


 So I'm havin this yard sale today and I got like a TON of kids stuff!!! Toys! Clothes....EVERYTHING and for all ages!!! I'm not exactley sure of HOW I accumulated ALL this stuff...BUT I got it and I'm sellin it!!!

So this lady comes to my yard sale and she is like, WOW, you must have A LOT of kids!!! And I'm like OH see and i start to explain, its like my niece and like...and she is like OH SO you don't have any kids??? And I'm just like, oh no, none of my own!!! And she is like, OH OKAAAAAY!!! I was gonna say, YOU are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay TO YOUNG to have kids!!!!!!!

I'm thinkin like, FOR REALZ????! HAHAHAHA!!! Cuz I know A LOT of people my age that have A LOT of kids by now!!! 
I wonder JUST HOW young this lady thinks I am????!!!!
Can you all believe that in LESS than two years I'm gonna be 30??? Thats cRaZy!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thank God for an EXTRA shot!!!!

You know how Starbucks coffee is basically just the awesomest thing EVER known?!?! But think about an EXTRA shot of Starbucks coffee...its like, as if Starbucks isn't totally rockin awesome ALREADY... sometimes you just GOTTA enjoy that extra shot, that just makes an already good thing EVEN BETTER!!!
WELL...sometimes in life we just get that extra shot of joy. It's like we weren't aking for it, BUT it came anyways and THATS what has happened to me in life! I already had an AWESOME life, full of happiness AND joy, BUT two years ago, God added to my life an EXTRA SHOT OF JOY!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

AMM update!!!

The last Apostolic Male Model...HAS SPOKEN!!! For all you anon girls that are wondering WHAT he wants in a girl...HE HAS POSTED the answer in the comments HERE!!!

♥     ♥     ♥     ♥    ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥

Have you left Marvin a comment yet??? If NOT go HERE!!! You know you want too!!! ;)
♥Mary Frances :)


 Okaaaaaaaay soooo I found out WHO Steve Jobs is!!! Bahaha!!! I didn't have to look it up on Google either...Nicole Wakefield(Read their blog HERE) helped me out...this is how it all unfolded...

Nic to me

5:37 PM me: Heeeey!!!
5:38 PM What's up girrrrl???
 Nic: Haha hi Mary!
  Well! I'm justhanging out at my house!
5:39 PM Hey.... Ummmmmmm
 me: Yessss girrrl???
 Nic: I just read your post!!! ARE YOU JOKING?!? LOL
 me: About WHAT???
  Steve Jobs???
 Nic: Yeaaaaaah hahahaha
5:40 PM me: NOOOOO!!!
  WHO IS HE???
  I still haven't looked it up!!!
  I just heard that he died!!!
 Nic: Ohhh my WORD HAHA!!! I think you are the only one :)))) but I think it's awesome that you DON'T!!!
5:41 PM He invented Apple. The brand. The company. HAHA
 me: For REALZ???
  I thought that was Bill Gates!!!
 Nic: All the shiny silver laptops iPhones and iPods hahahahahaha!!!
 me: HAHAHAHA!!!
5:42 PM Nic: I think you are my new hero hahaha
 me: Bahahaha!!!
 Nic: I love it that you have no idea about what is supposedly "important" im serious... LOLOL
  He died of liver failure
5:43 PM me: Awwww...well I thank you for loving that about me!!!
 Nic: Hahahaa no problem :))
 me: but Aw that stinks about him dying!!!
5:44 PM Nic: Yeah... He was really smart... No telling what weird inventions we'll miss out on since he's gone haha...
5:46 PM Oh and btw bill gates founded the comp program Windows
 me: Yeah Microsoft Word...RIGHT???
5:47 PM Nic: Yeah!
 me: Welll I still dont' have and iphone or NOTHING!!! LOL!
 Nic: Hahhaha
5:48 PM me: I had an ipod once but sold it so I could go to a YOuth Conference!!! Bahahaha!!!
 Nic: Wooaaah that's awesome! Haha!
  Unique way to raise money :)))
5:50 PM me: LOL! was a good conference too!!! HAHAHA!!!

What's REALLLLLY funnnny is that I was just thinkin last week about how I FINALLY gave the iPhone my APROVAL!!! Cuz I was haingin out with my friend Alyssa and I was tryin to take a pic of myself on her iPhone and I was like, see this is WHY I don't even like iPhones...its REALLLLLY hard to get a good pic of yourself!!! And she was like, MARY, all you have to do is click right here...she showed me and then VOILA, you can see yourself on the screen AND take the pic...I was like OMW!!! SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!!! And I was thinkin, Okaaaay I now give iPhones my aproval!!! And I was thinkin...won't Bill Gates be happy to know that he now has Classic Mary Moments aproval of iphones??? I guess Bill Gates REALLY COULD care less!!! HAHAHA!!!

♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Am i like the ONLY person in the world that has NO clue WHO STEVE JOBS is??? Weelll anywho, ima have to look him up on google!!! Sorry for no blog post today, i've been havin technical difficulties with the desktop...currently on my lap top...I need to figure out how to connect the regular keyboard and my bling, bling mouse, to my lap top because my fingers are really cramped on here!!! Anywayz, time to go find out about Steve Jobs!!!!!!!! Oh WAIT!!! Btw- Bible College started and I'm in Bro. Garrett's, as ALWAYZ, and its soooooooooo GOOOOOOOD!!! Book of Proverbs: The Issues of Life! Which I absolutely love and adore the book of Proverbs!!! But yeah, its REALLLLY GOOOOD!!! We have homework TOO...we have to read one Proverb a day and LOOK UP the word Pithy...LOL I think I have learned soooo much just from the first class already!!! Plus, Bro. Garrett's pretty funny too!!! He told us what to do if your wife is a bad cook...should you eat it or NOT??(Proverbs 21:9) HAHAHAHA!!! Welllll i'm sure you all will be hearing about all the WISDOM I gain from this class...haha!!! Okaaaaaaay I'm really gonna go look up Steve Jobs now!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekend blessings!!!

Soooo i've managed to go the last few winters without having an official winter jacket. I mean its AZ and even though it gets cold, its NOT really that bad...and when it got REALLY cold I would just wear my hoodys and sweaters and stuff...wellll the LITTLE bit of weather change we got this past weekend, i'm like ALREADY totally shivering...LOL!!!
So i'm thinkin like, I don't think this year i'm gonna be ablwe to make it with just my hoodys and sweatshirts, i'm already FREEZING!!!! BUT at the same time, winter jackets are EXPENSIVE!!! I really don't want to spend $100 on something that i'm only going to use for one winter if its to big for me by next year...soooooooo...when we went yard saling this past weekend I told my sis, I'm praying that God blesses me with an winter coat at one of these yard sales!!!
Weeeelll most of the yard sales at the community yard sales we went to, i didn't really even look at the clothes if I could see that the lady sellin them was thin. I was like, weeeelll OBVIOUSLEY there is no point in even lookin!!! Soooo we're kind of browsin yard sales, doing drive by looks...WHICH I HATE when people do that to my yard sales...LOL....but we're doing drive by looks and this one yard sale was like almost ALL clothes so I tell my sis oh lets just keep drivin its all clothes we're not even gonna find NOTHING!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Compliments on my eybrows...

I was tellin my sister that the lady that did my eyebrow this last time did SUCH A GOOD JOB!!! I'm all like, I have just gotten SOOOOO ooo MANY compliments on them this time!!! My sis was like, Oh really? A lot of people have been saying stuff? I'm all like OH YEAH!!! And my sis is like Oh who all has noticed them and I was like thinking about it like, hmmmm, NOW who ALL has told me that they liked my eyebrows???
And as I thought of it, ONLY like three people came to my mind!!! I was like, hmmm...who? Who else? WHO? WHO? WHO??? AND the more and more I thought about it, I realized WHO ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE WERE!!!!
BAHAHAHAHA!!! LOL! I realized that EVERY TIME one person had given me a compliment, I had given MYSELF at least FIVE MORE COMPLIMENTS!!!  Thus addin up to A TON OF COMPLIMENTS!!! HAHAHA!!!Okaaaaay BUT I really do like them though...EVEN if ONLY three other people aside from myself, ACTUALLY THOUGHT they looked good!!! ;)
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Guess what EVERYONE!?!?!

My big brother and his wife and my adorable, little gwapo are going to...


 A part of me is soooooooo EXCITED!!! AND another part of me is like NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I can't hardly even bare the thought of NOT seein my lil gwapo all the time!!! But I know the Lord's work cannot be stopped...just sooo I can hug and squeeze and SQUEAL for joy with my lil gwapo!!! *sigh! I hope everyone realizes JUST HOW MUCH of a sacrifice this is for ME!!!!! :)

I mean, i'm really happy for them. This has been my brother's dream since graduating from highschool. He has been on many mission trips...thats how he met his wife!!!  He has been to the Philippine Islands 9 times!!! I mean do you know just HOW MUCH a plane ticket costs??? BUT I can also understand WHY he wants to keep going back!!!

The Filipino people are like THE NICEST people you will everrrr meat in your whole entire life!!! They pride themselves in being nice and friendly...I can't even explain them to you...they are just like soooo COOL!!! Seriousley, I always have said that I would NEVER go for a guy that was shorter than me...TILL I WENT TO THE PHILIPINES!!!

Anywayz, our church is sending them out, they will be traveling around to churches soon, gathering support, singing, preaching and sharing their testimony. My brother is like a REALLY, REALLY good preacher...for realz...LOL...I love  hearing him preach!!! ANd Jewel is an AMAZING SINGER!!! Like, OMW WOW!!! And of course Jose is just like the ADORABLEST THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!! If you happen to see him in their travels, make sure you tell him that Auntie Maria loves him soooo much!!!
Contact him at 
And check them out HERE!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, October 7, 2011


I looked at the big garbage bag full of totally cute, babelicious and waaaaaaaay adorable stuff. Was I REALLY doing this??? Was I really going to get rid of all these beloved items??? YES... I WAS!!! And it had ALL started with a dream...
I had this dream one night several months ago, that our whole house was decorated in Halloween stuff! Ghosts, witches, ghouls, monsters, skeletons...EWWWW… it was so creepy!!! In the dream I remember I was in my room with Kim and I was just like, I CAN NOT believe that my sister decorated the house in all this junk!!! She HATES THIS STUFF!!! I remember feeling so appalled. This is HORRIBLE!!! I said to Kim. I do NOT want this stuff decorating my room.
When I woke up in the morning, I thought oh man that was a weird dream...I am really glad to know that my sis and I would never decorate the house in all that stuff. Later on in the day I was thinking about it, and although it wasn't like an audible voice or anything, I RELLY felt like God impressed something on my heart.
I felt like he told me that there was some skeletons in our house, but we couldn't see them. I felt like he told me there were things that look sweet and innocent, but they are really representing evil. Although we wouldn't ACTUALLY decorate our homes with Halloween stuff, in a way, we still were by allowing these things into our home. I was like OH WOW!!!
I was like BUT WHAT??? I mean we don't have TV or Movies or video games or NOTHING of the sort...but still, I felt like God was specifically telling me that there was INDEED stuff that we needed to get rid of in our home. So in my morning prayer, I began asking God to open my eyes to stuff and to give our household convictions about stuff that he didn't like.
WEEEELLLL God moved in on that prayer VERY quickly!!! The first thing he showed me that he didn't like was...MAGIC!!!! Anything, that was magical was not pleasing to him...I'm like WHAT??? I mean, I’m like the BIGGEST fan ever of ALL the Disney princesses, how could magic possibly be unpleasing to God?!?! However, as I thought about it, it began to make sense.  Anything that mysteriously happens, if its not YOUR IMAGINATION and its NOT A MIRACLE OF God it is Magic. Now if it’s not from our own human minds and its NOT from God, that only leaves one other option…Satan.
I know it sounds creepy, and fanatical, but I really believe that when it comes right down to it, magic is of the devil. Magic is the PRETTY, SWEET version of something else we all know as WITCHCRAFT!!! Ooooo I know it sounds extreme, but it’s true... I mean bibbidi bobbidi boo... it seems soooo innocent but what does it mean??? I would hate to find out that I’m spouting out some sort of devilish chant.
I remember as a child, troll dolls were very popular. Everyone at school had them and a lot of the kids at our church even. My mom would NEVER let us have troll dolls. I used to wine and complain about not having a troll doll like all the other kids. I remember thinking, WHY DOES MY MOM have to be so strict? What could possibly be wrong with a troll doll when EVEN the pastor’s daughter had one? (with clothes on)
Well, my mom told me WHY she didn’t like trolls and WHY she would NEVER allow one into our home. She said that trolls were nothing new. They had troll dolls when she was a child. She said that what most Apostolic people probably didn’t know about trolls, but she did because she was not raised in the truth, was that each troll represented a different spirit. She said that her and her friends would line all their troll dolls up next the Ouija board and play. Now if you don’t know what a Ouija board is, it is a board game that plays with spirits. As soon as I found out her reason for me not having one, I NEVER again asked my mom for a troll doll. It made sense to me. Why would I want something that represented evil?
So often we think that the people are fanatical because they won’t celebrate a certain Holiday or participate in certain traditions. But if we get the whole scoop and find out the meaning behind these things, we would be able to understand WHY they have a conviction. You say, Oh I don’t want to know the history or the meaning behind something, it takes the fun out of EVERYTHING. Proverbs 8:13 says, The fear of the LORD is to hate evil…and the evil way.” If we are God’s people, why would we even want those things?
There are so many things that we try and hold on to or get away with, but why? We wouldn’t let a witch doctor come into our home and cast a spell on our kids, but we’ll read about it to them in a book? “Neither give place to the devil.” (Ephesians 4:27) The devil disguises evil as fun and cute, JUST so he can get a foot into our homes. The devil knows how us Apostolics are. We’re not gothics, ready to hang up straight evil on our walls, so he has to disguise it.
We’re in a battle in a spiritual battle. What I write about is not to put people on a guilt trip, but to encourage us as Christians to search our homes for skeletons and to pick up the sword and start fighting against evil coming into our homes. As David says in 1 Samuel 17: "Is there not a cause?" How important are our families and children to us? Are they not a cause WORTH fighting for?
 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12)
To be continued…

♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

That awkard moment!!!

You know that awkward moment...
when you feel intimidated...
 because your about to hug someone better lookin than yourself???

 you smash into the mirror ....
 and it cracks and glass goes flying EVERYWHERE??? I HATE when that happens!!! Like...
 I don't about YOU ALL... but we go through mirrors like cRaZy, CRAZY over here!!! ;) ;) ;)
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Twin sisters!!!

Sooooooooo last night my sister and I were grocery shoppin at Walmart and my sis was walkin out ahead of me, but when I walked out the door I noticed two ladies sittin on a bench by the entrance...they were dressed exacltley alike and their hair looked EXACTLEY the same and when I looked closer I realized like OMW...TWINS!!!

Sooooooooooooo this above pic isn't actually the chicks that I saw at Wal-mart...BUT it looks pretty close enough to me...LOL! Sooooooooo I thought it was kinda interestin that these ladies were in their LATE 30's MAYBE even early 40's and they were still dressin exactley ALIKE, but I was just like WHATEVER!!!
Then when my sis and I were driving home my sis was like, Did you see those twins? I'm like, oh yeah I did!!! So she is like I've seen them before at Walmart and they were dressed identical then too!!! I'm like, OH REALLLY? she is like yeah...they had on basball caps with their hair down and crimped and same exact clothes...KINDA WEIRD!!! I'm like okaaaaaaaaaay yeah that is WEIRD!!!
HAHAHA!!! So my sis and I were kind of like makin fun just a little, I'm like,okaaaaaaay STILL dressin ALIKE...AT THAT AGE...You know they're both STILL SINGLE!!! BAHAHAHA!!! yup just two single sisters living together....they probabley braid their hair together every night before they go to bed to get the krimped hair look!!!
And we're driving and my sis is like, oh yeah, two single sisters living together, cuz thats just soooooooooo WEIRD!!! And we kinda chuckle at the irony of her and I both being single and living together....then all of the sudden I look at her and I look at myself and I am like, OMW THERESA!!!
She is like WHAT? I'm like, THERESA!!! LOOK AT US!!! She is like what? WHY? I'm like LOOK AT US!!!!!!!! She is like kinda lookin at me but keepin her eyes on the road and is just like what? I don't see anything!!! I'm like, LOOK AT OUR CLOTHES!!! LOOK AT WHAT WE ARE WEARING!!! She is like, we're not matching...
ARE WE????
I'm like, UH YEAH we kinda ARE!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!! Soooo she looks and she is like OH WE ARE!!!!! Yeah, like the SAME shirt!!! She is like, oh and look we're both wearin long black skirts!!! I'm like OMW!!! AND WE BOTH HAVE OUR HAIR IN BUNS!!!!!!!!!!!
We look at each other and just bust up laughin!!! She is like, okaaaaaaaay but just for the record, WE DID NOT PLAN THIS!!!! For realz we hadn't even noticed WHAT we were wearin!!! My sis and I are really NOTHING alike and usually have completely different tastes in stuff!!!
We had just HAPPENED to have bought these shirts because they were on clearance for $3 AND they are actually DIFFERENT colors and even though our hair is in buns mine is really high on my head AND I have a big O flower and just for the record she had black slip on shoes and I WAS WEARIN FLIP FLOPS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!
Two single sisters,
 living together,
dressed EXACTLEY alike....
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Girl advice!!!

"If plan A doesn't work out, don't sweat it...
the alphabet STILL has 25 more letters!!!" ;)
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

THE book...with THE ANSWERS!!!

Quite awhile ago, I was havin a conversation with several people,  and someone stated, "oh I just wish there was a book that told us ALL the answers to the questions in life." I'm standin there thinkin ummmmmmm HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOO....So I'm like not wantin sound like a NO-IT-ALL...but I'm just like, well there is, its called THE BIBLE!!!!!!!!!! (Like DUH!!!)
And someone else was just like yeah, THE BIBLE!!! And the person that had made the statement was like, Oh well yeah, I know the Bible BUT thats not what I was talkin about...I mean a book that says EXACTLEY what we need to do in every situation in life..and someone else was like OH YEAH I know exactley what you mean, like the Bible is good BUT sometimes you just need an answer right then and there to your situation.
They were like, yeah, I mean sometimes you just want to know what to do when your on the job and someone is gettin on your nerves. I was kinda startin to get pretty annoyed with these people, I mean HELLLLOOO, these were CHURCH could they not see??? To some degree I can understand what they were sayin, sometimes it seems like the right thing to do is unclear. Sometimes I to wish that there was some sort of thing I could go to for an INSTANT RIGHT ANSWER.
However, the word of God IS the book with ALL of the answers to the questions of life!!! There is NO THING that we can NOT find the answer to in the Bible. Your situation is NOT so unique that the answer can not be found in God's word. "The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun." (Ecclesiastes 1:9)
 I think to often we take the word of God to lightly, we take it for granted. We FORGET that it really is God's word to us. It really does have ALL THE ANSWERS!!! We might have to pray, we may have to seek God and search out His word BUT if we do we WILL GET A ANSWER!!!
There is no situation in life that is not covered in the Bible. If you go to Proverbs alone, you will find so much wisdom that covers everything from finances, work, marriage, children, gossip, anger, much in just one book of the Bible...
 AND YES you can even find the answer to what to do if someone is annoyin you at work OR if someone is annoyin you ANYWHERE for that matter...which is good cuz the world is filled with ANNNNOYIN people...LOL...
A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger. (Proverbs 15:1)
A quick-tempered man does foolish things, and a crafty man is hated. (Proverbs 14:17)
It is to a man's honor to avoid strife, but every fool is quick to quarrel (Proverbs 20:3)
A fool uttereth all his mind: but a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards.(Proverbs 29:11)
I can't reiterate important the Bible is. The Bible is GOD SPEAKING TO US!!! It is the inspiration of God, how incredibly amaZin is that??? WE may want that INSTANT answer BUT God wants us to search it out in order for us to know him better and to draw closer to him. "It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter." (Proverbs 25:2) It is the honor of royalty for us to search out God's word. Don't take the Bible for granted.  It IS THE BOOK WITH ALL THE ANSWERS TO LIFE!!! No matter what comes your way in life...REMEMBER...

♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happppppy Birrrrrrthday to...

My big sis!!!!!! Happy 31st to the BEST big sis everrrrr!!!

♥Mary Frances :)