Friday, July 31, 2015

Anali's Bridal Shower!!!

Food set up, we had Cesar pasta salad, fruit, twice-baked potatoes, cucumber salad, these crossaint sandwiches and Hanna made this bomb-diggety jalepeno-pesto-mayo...YUMMMM!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Poorest Little boy in the world!!!

Earlier this summer I was baby sitting a little boy. A little boy that lives in a really nice house, toys, computers, books, his closet is full of clothes, he can get food to eat at any time he wants from the pantry or the fridge, he's got pets, he's involved in sports and clubs at school, he's got parents that love and take care of him, they've already started saving for his college fund, his parent's may not be rich, but they are very well off and when it comes down to it, he really has everything a little boy could ever ask for.
However, one day while I was baby sitting him we some how got on the subject of Easter. He was telling me all the candy and eggs that they found, THEN he said to me, "Why do we celebrate Easter anyways?" So I was like, oh THE real reason we celebrate Easter is to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, because he rose from the dead. And when I said that he just looked at me blankly, and I realized that he had absolutely NO CLUE what I was talking about. My heart tightened as I realized, he DOESN'T EVEN KNOW WHO JESUS IS!!! It just echoed through my mind over and over and over again, He doesn't even know who Jesus is! He doesn't even know who Jesus is! He doesn't even know who Jesus is! He doesn't even know who Jesus is! He doesn't even know who Jesus is!
When it comes to material things, he may have it all, buuuuut in that moment, to me, he had NOTHING!!! The poorest little boy in the world doesn't just live in Africa, or Mexico or the Philippines or on the streets, wondering around, digging through the trash to find something to eat, The poorest little boy in the world is the one that doesn't know WHO Jesus is!!! The poorest people aren't the ones that don't know when they're going to eat next, its not the ones living in huts or the ones standing in the welfare line, IT'S ANYONE THAT DOESN'T EVEN KNOW WHO JESUS IS!!!
I found myself later on that night crying as I thought about it, I can't believe it, I can't BELIEVE that he doesn't even know who Jesus is!!! And then I thought, I've got to teach him, before this job is over, I've got to let him know, I've got to some way, some how, TELL HIM WHO JESUS IS!!! And this little boy is just one of MANY, MANY, MANY people, that don't know who Jesus is. I remember one time in a college class, a teacher made reference for something to the story of Adam and Eve and the girl sitting next to me was like, Who are they?
I remember feeling so SHOCKED!!! I mean, you may not be going to church or living for God, buuuuut this is THE FIRST STORY in the Bible, I thought EVERYONE HAD HEARD IT!!! Buuuut she was so clueless, she had absolutely no idea at all what they were talking about!!! We've go to tell them! We have to let them know about Jesus! We have to let them know about a Savior! We have to let them know that there is a better way, that someone loved them so much he died for them.
 They don't even know, they don't even know who Jesus is!!! They're soooo poor!!! Some of them know they are poor, they know they're poor, buuuut if they could just get a hold of Jesus, they could be rich!! Yet, they're are some, walking around with diamonds on their fingers and pearls around they're neck, they think they are so rich, buuuut really they have nothing!!! We've got to tell them!
We can't let them stay in this poverty stricken way! We've got to spread this gospel message! We have to share our riches with them!!! There are soooo many poor, destitute, spiritually-poverty stricken people in this world!!! We have to go, we have to tell them! The poorest little boy in the world is waiting hungrily, holding out his hand desperately for something to eat! He's thirsting for something to drink!
Who will feed him??? Who will tell him about JESUS??? 
 Who will tell him about the well that will NEVER run dry??
Who will share with him the bread of life???
Let's GO!!!
"And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." (Mark 16:15)
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Cheesecake Factory CMM #575664932

So a few weeks ago a group of us headed out to Cheesecake Factory after Sunday Evening service. Weeeeeeeellll with my AMAZING driving skills...heh, heh...I ended up there before everyone else!!! Very proud of myself for being THE FIRST ONE there, I put our name in, they got us a table and I sat down waiting for our group!!!
So I'm seated and I tell our waitress that my group is coming and I'll just wait for them. She comes back a little while later and asks me if I want to order my drink, so I get a water...OF COURSE...hey its FREE...she brings me my water and i'm still waiting for my peeps to get there!!! Another ten minutes go by and she brings me some of that AWESOME Cheesecake Factory bread!!! I'm like SWEEEEEET, no on is here yet I don't even have to fight over the brown bread, cuz everyone likes the brown bread better!!!
Weeeeeeelllll I'm almost done with the brown bread, a refill on my water, at this point I'm really NOT even to hungry anymore, I'm like WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE THEY??? At least I'm not one of those people that I hates going to restaraunts and eating by themselves, I don't mind doing that at all, Mary dates!!! AHAHAHA!!!  Soooooooo FINALLY, I just text them all and say, WHERE ARE YOU GUYS???
They're like sitting down waiting for you to get here!!! I'm like, WHAT?! Which restaurant are you guys at??? They're like Cheesecake Factory!!! I'm like, what?!?! Theyre like, ON THE OTHER SIDE, WE SEE YOU NOW!!! Soooooooo yeah, I had gotten there EARLY, sat there for about 30 minutes by myself waiting for them and they were seated already on the other side!!! Aaaaahhh!!!
 I guess I PROBABLY shoulda told them I had saved seats...OOOPS!!! My sister said that when the guys found out I was sitting on the other side of the restaurant, by myself, eating bread, they were like, HYSTERICAL!!! Har, har, WHATEVERRRR!!! :)))))
Heeeeeeeeeyyyy, at least I didn't have to share
All by myself,
Yummmm, yummmm in my tum-tum!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Back to the Bay day 1!

Saying goodbye to my mom she was like, " Be safe!" I'm like mom, don't worry, I'm NOT driving at all the whole trip!!! My sister was like, "YEAH, buuuut you'll be walking!" True, true, VERY TRUE!!! Annnnnd that's enough for anything to happen!!! Ahaha!!!
This time when I got my boarding pass I made sure to stick it safely in my pocket! Then when I got up there to pay I couldn't find it!!! I'm like REALLY?? Buuuut then I found it... It was lost in my skirt!!!! AHAHAHA!!! Don't ask... My skirt has 6 pockets... Enough said!!! Lol!
I packed waaaaaay, waaaaaay less this time, annnnnd I just made it the weight limit!!! 
Good thing I stuck those hot sticks in my back pack!!!! Then at security my bag got  searched for a SUSCPICIOUS item again... This time it was the hot sticks!!! Lol
Annnnnd I have to say, the only thing more awkward than getting patted down, is being patted down when your extremely ticklish... 
                  SOOOO AWKWARD!!!
Sooooo while I was on the airplane, I kinda got bored and went into settings and just started messing around, turning on all kinda of things, wellllll the next thing I know my phone is talking to me annnnnd it won't SHUT UP!!!
Annnnnnd like every button I touched was like talking! Saying the date, the time, camera, etc... Buuuuuut the really bad part was that my screen was LOCKED and no matter how much I hit the slide over thing to enter the pass code, it would NOT SLIDE!!!
Well we landed and all of the sudden I realized that if I couldn't open my phone, I wouldn't be able to call Hanna to let her know I'm here... Annnnnd the really bad part was that I dnt even have ANYONE out here's number memorized!!! Soooooo I'm freaking out...buuuuut then I got the idea that if I could find a phone to use I could call my sister and tell her to call Hanna...
Annnnnd low and behold it musta been God cuz there was a pay phone!!!! Did you know they cost a $1.00 now??? Anyways, I called my sis, told her what happened, she was just like, WOW!!! annnnnd she called Hanna and yeah, Hanna came for me and we were laughing hysterically in the car!!! I told her that I put it in my pocket on the plane and it wouldn't shut up and everyone was looking at me like I was cray cray!!! Ahahahaha!!!
Anywayz, when we got to church tonight in Berkley, we handed my phone over to Bro. Kifle... He figured out that I had out it on...
           BLIND MODE!!!! BaHaHaHaHaHa!!!! We laughed so hard about that!!! Sooooo he figured out how to put in my pass code to unlock it and Hanna googled HOW to turn off BLIND MODE....annnnnnd he fixed it!!!! Annnnnd that's how I'm blogging for you all!!! Yaaaaayyy!!! 

All I want for Christmas!!!

Isn't she the cutest little thing everrrr!!! OMW!!! I want her!!! I saw this little girl last week and I pretty much flipped out over her!!! I kept telling her older siblings, she's SO CUTE! She's SOOOO CUUUUTE!!! Can I take a picture of her??? Oh her hair! I love it! I LOVE IT!!! OMW SHE'S SOOOOO CUUUUUTE!!!
Anywayz, I would LOOOOOVE to adopt an adorable little chocolate baby girl one day!!!
Really God, that's ALL I want for Christmas this year!!!!
(Well maybe a chocolate dad for her too...I'm jus sayin!;)
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, July 27, 2015

Am I really WILLING???

As you all know I was recently at the Heritage Youth Conference, and this year I got to spend a little bit more time with the Schreckhise family, missionaries to Honduras and I really, really enjoyed being with them and getting to know them a little bit better. I just really like them. They're just real people, simple living, loving and serving God together as a family. These kids have grown up without the luxuries us Americans have and they think NOTHING of it!!! We're all sitting in the youth lock in at Heritage and we are ALL complaining about how HOT and STUFFY it is in there, and there are the Shreckhise kids, they're not even breaking a sweat! They think NOTHING of what we're all complaining about!!! I'm like, you guys aren't even hot are you? They're like, NOPE we're used to this!!!
And I felt such admiration for them. Here they are, living in a 3rd world country, they're separated from all their American friends, they live in a continuously hot country, in a home that has no AC, they think nothing of seeing big, huge, creepily scary bugs in their home and you could say, Oh well those kids are used to it because they've grown up that way and they're dad's parents were missionaries and he grew up that way, buuuut what about Sis. Shreckhise??? I don't know her whole story, but I KNOW that her going over there had to be a lifestyle change. There was some adjustments to make, some things she had to give up and come on lets face it, just about EVERY FEMALE IN THE U.S is petrified of bugs and spiders... but she did it...she made the sacrifice!!! 
I think what a woman!!! What a great woman of God!!! I want to be like that, I really do!!! Yet, then I think about it and I have to ask myself, AM I REALLY WILLING??? One of my close friends and I were recently having a conversation about being willing to sacrifice for the kingdom of God. The next day I was thinking about it more, and the more I thought about it, conviction hit my heart as I thought about it! Do I really have any room to be talking on this matter? We sang the song at Heritage, ♫♪"Lord I'll be what you called me to be, I'll say yes, lord I'll agree, My desire, passionately, is to be what you called me to be, that's what i'll be!"♪♫ I sang it, you sang it.. But do we REALLY mean it??? Are we REALLY willing to be what he called us to be???
 Or are we really singing it like this, "Lord I'll be what you called me to be," (As long as there's AC) "I'll say yes," (As long as I don't have to eat anything strange) "Lord I'll agree!" (but can I still keep my $1000 louie vouttan?) "I'll say yes," (As long as I don't have to touch anyone with a contagious disease) "My desire," (As long as I'm not far from my friends) "passionately," (and my family too) "is to be what you called me to be," (Just don't make me talk to a dirty, filthy, stinking person) "That's what i'll be" (Anything Lord, as long as you meet my requirments...and don't forget, NO BUGS)  Buuuuuuut ♪"Lord I'll be what you want me to be!" ♪♫
I remember reading in a biography one time about a Pentecostal man from a war-stricken, poverty-stricken country in Africa. He was an African man and some how he was given the opportunity to come to the US and attend Bible college. While in the process of being here in the US, he felt the call of God on his life and began to go into the ministry,  He had the opportunity to stay and continue living here. Life was so much easier for him living in the US, YET, he chose to go back to his country and bring the gospel message to his people!!! I was just SO touched and stirred in my heart when I read that. I know A LOT of people that have migrated over from 3rd world countries, AND I NEVER hear them saying, I want to go back! Perhaps for a visit, but NOT to live! And I can fully understand WHY they would not want to go back to living the way they used to have to live. Yet, this man had the opportunity to stay, BUT he chose to sacrifice life as an American, because of a burden for his people. That has always stood out so strongly in my mind...and I have to ask myself again...AM I REALLY WILLING???
The other thing that stood out to me as I read the story about this man is how he chose who he would marry. He had several opportunities to marry American woman, but he felt in his heart that he needed to marry a woman from his own country, because he felt there was no American woman that would be able to endure the hardships they would have to encounter in his country. I just think, WOW! Are us American females really THAT SPOILED??? I want to think in my mind, OH I would have married you!!! AND THEN I read about the hardships and things they had to endure and once again I have to ask myself, AM I REALLY WILLING???
I remember being at a woman's conference one time, a missionaries wife spoke. She was a simple woman, dressed neatly but in very plain clothing. Her hair was put up nicely but nothing fancy by most Pentecostal woman, she was probably looked upon as some what homely. But when, she began to speak, I was filled with such admiration for her, as she told miraculous story after story after story of souls being saved and what she was WILLING to do, that they might be saved. I can't explain the burden and passion for souls I felt as I went to the alter that day. I cried and cried and literally was sobbing to the point that I think people may have actually thought something was wrong with me. But I couldn't help it, I felt such a burden for lost souls and such a desire to be like this woman of God.
I just couldn't get over the sacrifices this woman was willing to make for the kingdom of God.  Then after wards there was set up shopping for the woman, and I don't mean  this to knock anyone, but as I went out of the church towards the clothes, the thought went through my mind, "BUT in case you didn't get the message, there IS $150.00, MODEST, dresses you can buy!!!" And really you guys, I'm NOT saying that to look down anyone, I WAS one of the woman looking at the dresses...I'm jus sayin, that's literally the thought that went to my mind! In the moment we can be filled with such passion and desire, but how quickly do we go back to just being another typical, spoiled, Apostolic American!?
And before I get MAD EMAILS about it, let me clarify that I am NOT knocking having NICE THINGS! Pretty dresses, cute outfits, adorable shoes, but there comes a point where we have ENOUGH and we not to stop thinking and dwelling on it! I mean, I was just thinking the other day, I literally NEED NOTHING!!! I have plenty of church clothes, plenty of casual clothes, MORE THAN ENOUGH hair accessories, I need to just chill out and start focusing on MORE IMPORTANT THINGS!!!
There's a world that's lost and going to hell and all we can think about is what cute MODEST outfits we can have for the next conference!!! We justify our outrageous shopping by, "well its modest and I just want to look Apostolic!" And trust me, I'm PREACHING to myself on this!!! I openly admit that I spent WAY TO MUCH MONEY on new clothes for this past conference. AND FOR WHAT??? What I felt in that conference had NOTHING to do with my clothes or shoes!!! I say I'll do whatever you want me to do, BUUUUT...AM I REALLY WILLING??? Or am I just another spoiled American ???
 What things will we have to give up in our lives to see souls saved? It may be our social life, taking someone home after church instead of going out! It may be our TIME! It may be our MONEY! It may be giving up some of our fun! It may be relationships! It may be a job! It may be conferences! It may be that we just have to GROW UP sooner than our peers! Am I willing to put aside childish things, for the sake of the kingdom of God? We say we'll sacrifice anything for the kingdom of God, but are we REALLY WILLING??? Its good to have a burden and a passion, but At some point we've got to take some action, we have to go from JUST SAYING IT, to actually DOING IT!!!
There is a song the Abbott's wrote that I absolutely love this song, some of it says, ♪ Lord, Let me be willing, to go where you would go, Let me be willing, to lift somebody's load, I want to be a servant for thee!" ♪♪♫ At the end of my life, I don't want God to have to call me, an Unprofitable servant! I want to be a profitable servant for the kingdom of God!!!
BUUUUT, I ask myself again, AM I REALLY WILLING??? My prayer is, Lord, MAKE ME WILLING!!! Let me be willing, just let me be willing, just let me be willing! Help me God to give up the things I need to give up, give me the strength to make the sacrifices I need to make to see lost souls save! Lord, MAKE ME WILLING!!! Weather its across seas in a third world country, or right here in my own state, my own city, across the street, right next door, in the prisons, across town to the low income apartments, the shelters, to the rich people in Scottsdale, or in another state here in the US,  God, Help me to make the changes I need to make in my life, Help me to have the heart of a servant,  LORD JUST MAKE ME WILLING!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, July 24, 2015

Heritage 2015 -A Historical moment in Pentecost!!!

That's literally the way I feel about this years Heritage Conference!!! I believe that this conference will go down in the history of Pentecost and I am so honored and privileged to have been a part of it!!! Of course I want to do a special post on the services before I get to all the funnnnn stuff!!! Soooooooo where do I start??? I can't tell you sermon by sermon because for one thing I can't remember all the preachers and for another thing, literally everything is all jumbled up and mixed together in my mind!!! Therefore, I think what I will do is write key points of things that stood out to me!!!
#1 Unity with our elders!!!
 One of the preachers spoke about the passing on of the torch to the next generation. He used the example of when runners, I think its sprint running, not really to sure on that, anyway, as they are running, when they pass the baton to the other runner...They can't drop it... What happens when passing the baton from one runner to the other? For at least a moment, they both have to be holding on to the baton at the same time!!! Annnnnd that stood out to me SOOOO MUCH!!! If we want this, that has come before us, to be passed on to us, WE HAVE TO BE UNIFIED with our elders!!! If we don't connect with them, we're gonna miss it!!! I pray God give us a spirit of UNITY with those that have come before us! Help us to be in one mind and one accord! Bind us together with cords that cannot be broken! "Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls..." (Jeremiah 6:16)
#2 They believe in us!!!
These elders, these great men of God! Might men of prayer and valor, BELIEVE IN US!!! They have confidence in us that we are going to carry on this gospel message, the torch in a dark, dark, DARK WORLD!!! That just stood out to me so much, they believe that, we, can become what THEY ARE!!! ME!!! Lil OH ME!!! Who am I? I'm NO ONE...YET, They have every confidence in ME to become what they are now at the end of their lives. Well, maybe NOT an elder preacher, LOL, buuuuuut ya know, a Godly wifey that I'm sure they have...or some of them have!!! That just stood out to me SO MUCH!!! They believe in ME!!! They said over and over again, we have confidence in you guys, we have no doubt in our minds!!! And it left me with a feeling of desiring to be what they believe I can be! I have no greater desire than to be a Godly woman of legacy... A woman of virtue...of prayer...A woman after God's own heart! With God's help and direction, I can do it!!! They have confidence in me...there's no doubt in their minds...These great men of God, they believe in me and I'm going to do it! I'm going to live up to what they believe I can be!!!
#3 My Message!!!
 Thursday night, was the message I needed to hear it! "The Rod Of God" Its the message that spoke directly to God designed it for me! I don't wanna get to personal ya know, buuuuut I was saying to God during the message, speak to me, speak to ME!!! Tell me what I need to hear...PULEEEEZE GOD!!! Then BAM, he said EXACTLEY what I needed to hear!!! I'm LIKE WOW!!! Okaaaaaaaaaay God I got your message!!! And it was super cool because one of my friends had just literally given me the same advice but in a different way...I was like, DUUUUDE, your in line with the Holy Ghost...I'll talk to you more often...Haha..jk...buuuuuut really...they WERE IN LINE WITH THE HOLY GHOST!!! Annnnnnd Thursday night, I left FULL!!! I coulda gone home that night happy and satisfied...buuuuuuuut God had MORE!!!
Sooooooo Friday morning during the first preaching, ummmm I think it was Bro. Moody he was preaching a good message, buuuuut honestly what happened at the end, and I stand to be corrected if i'm wrong, but what Happened at the end in my opinion really had nothing to do with his actual sermon. His sermon was coming to a close when another one of the elders walked up to him, said something in his ear and Elder Moody immediately started shaking and speaking in tongues. Then he walked directly over to Bro. Burgess, laid hands on him and Bro. Burgess fell out on the platform under the power of God. Then Bro. Moody just started telling us that there is POWER, there is sooooo much power of God and we NEED TO GET A HOLD OF IT!!! We have to get a hold of that power!!! Then I watched in aw as he hardly even laid his hand just lightly on another ministers head and he fell out on the platform as well. I was so in aw of that! I know it wasn't THE MAN himself, buuuuut THE ANNOINTING OF GOD that was sooooo strong and powerful in that man!!! WOW!!! Then other elders began laying hands on other younger ministers and more of them were falling out out or just shaking under the presence and anointing of God!!! And of course it broke out all over the sanctuary and they said that night that we were all praying for over two hours!!! I was sooooo shocked to hear that because honestly, it did NOT feel that way at all!!!
Friday night Elder Morton was a GREAT MESSAGE and of course he had us all cracking up and laughing over and over again!!! I think my favorite thing he said was, They say that behind every good man, is a really good wife!!! Everyones like amening and then he says, SO WHAT HAPPENED TO ME???? AHAHAHA!!! The other hysterical thing he said was something about his gravesite...buuuut my mind has blanked out!!! LOL Anywayz, he ended his sermon on a happy note, We sang, "Its real! Its real! I know its real!!!" Then he just handed he mike back to Bro. Johnson for service to be dismissed or whatever...annnnnnnd Honestly...I was READY TO GO!!!
I know that sounds carnal buuuuut I was soooooooo TIRED!!! Well, Bro. Johnson didn't think it was time to go yet, he was like telling us you know, lets just linger in God's presence a little longer, come on young people worship the Lord, He was exhorting us, come on, pray! annnnnnd i'm just gonna be REAL with you all so don't be judging me...ahaha... my prayer was like, God, I LOVE YOU!!! You know I do, buuuuuuut I"M SERIOUSLEY SOOOO TIRED!!! 3hrs of sleep is NOT ENOUGH...Like, I could actually fall asleep standing up right now, God, puleeeeeze WAKE ME UP sooooo I can be spiritual...I'm jus sayin Lord...I'm jus sayin
Well all of the sudden a hush fell over the whole entire sanctuary as one of the Elders on the platform, which was literally on the complete opposite, diagonally away from us, he began to give tongues, then he was done and there was utter silence in there, and then BAM! Right, like LITERALLY IN FRONT OF ME THE WHOLE ENTIRE SERVICE, Bro. Foster gave tongues, and let me tell you something, THAT WOKE ME UP!! With the other elder being on the platform, so far away from where I was sitting, I was NOT expecting that to come from the man of God sitting directly in front of me! When he began to speak out I was so startled, I like jolted back in surprise! Then there was more tongues that came forth and then Bro. Johnson said, Ok, NOW WE WAIT for the interpretation. We waited a few minutes and then Bro. Foster gave the interpretation, I can't remember all of it but here is some of it...
1. There will be times in the future where things are so hard, so dark, that we will wonder where God is. When that happens we can look back to this service, this night, and know that God said, I am with you always.
2. Those that submit and obey will be saved, those that do not will be lost.
3. Those the submit and obey will not only be saved but will stand bright and be a light in this dark generation and souls will be saved!!!
 * Guess what I'm doing??? SUBMITTING AND OBEYING...duh...that's not a hard one to figure out!!!
Well as soon as Bro. Foster was done giving the interpretation, the spirit of God just swept over that entire sanctuary as crys, wailing, weeping, speaking in tongues, worship, travailing and a spirit of intercession just broke forth around the whole entire building!  We prayed and prayed for hours...No CLUE how long it was!!! It was AWESOME!!! It was AMAZING!!! I didn't think it could get any better than the morning service, BUT IT DID!!! Words can't NOT describe the way it was that night! Can you imagine how much greater that feeling is going to be when we get to heaven??? Think about it...Literally just basking in God's presence!!! Its gonna be WORH IT ALL!!!!
(Picture stolen from THE KIFLE guys are to good of friends to have me arrested for this!!! Hee, hee!;)
#6 Blessed!!!
It was such a blessing to me to NOT ONLY be blessed by God myself, buuuuut to see all my friends as well being blessed!!! God binding us together in prayer, uniting our hearts and spirits together as sisters in the family of God! I can't tell you how blessed I was to see Hanna literally being SO BLESSED BY God!!! I'm telling you all, the moment Bro. Foster was done giving that interpretation, BAM, the Holy Ghost just like literally hit Hanna full force...Like a Holy Ghost semi crashed into her and a Holy Ghost dump truck poured out on her!!! I was like WOW!!! And I was just blessed to have some of it fall off of her and onto me!!! Like, LORD, just let me have my lil sista's crumbs!  I was just so happy for her! We all have memorial moments in our lives and I know this was for sure one for her!!! (You can read her Heritage post HERE! Its, WAAAAAY more organized than my version!!! LOL)
Ok, sooooo first of all, lets clarify that its NOT like I didn't already know and believe that there IS a God before this conference, it just strongly reinforced what I ALREADY knew!!! This is what I got...You know what, people try and try and try over and over again to use logic and scientific evidence to prove or disprove that there IS or ISN'T a God!!! And those are some good tools to use when trying to prove the existence of God, YES, buuuuuut put all that aside, ONE MOMENT in God's presence, is ALL I need to know, THAT THERE IS A GOD!!! After feeling the AWESOME feeling of God's spirit, I just thought to myself, I don't need ANY OTHER EVIDENCE to know that GOD IS REAL!!! I know He is REAL because I've FELT HIM!!! I don't care what new evidence or theory that this world comes up with, I KNOW JESUS IS REAL!!! Not only do I talk to him...HE talks to ME!!! He's real!!! HE'S REAL!!! THERE IS A GOD and His name is JESUS!!!
#8 Historical Moment!!!
Did I mention to you all that this conference will be marked as a Historical Moment in the history of Pentecost??? Weeeeeeeeeellllll...Let me tell you again...IT WILL BE...MARK MY WORDS...HERITAGE 2015...HISTORICAL MOMENT!!! Make a memorial!!!
"And God said moreover unto Moses, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, The LORD God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, hath sent me unto you: this is my name for ever, and this is my memorial unto all generations." (Exodus 3:15)
"And the LORD said unto Moses, Write this for a memorial in a book, and rehearse it in the ears of Joshua:..." (Exodus 17:14)
"And this day shall be unto you for a memorial; and ye shall keep it a feast to the LORD throughout your generations;..." (Exodus 12:14)
Lets NOT forget this conference EVERRR you guys!!! Lets make a memorial to remind us in the future, for good and bad times and a story to pass on to our children!!!

♥Mary Frances :)
*To see more about Heritage 2015, go HERE or HERE or HERE

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Kindred spirits!!!

Sooooooooo at Heritage this year, Dani Daurghtey (Sp?) came up to me and was saying, I know I'm kind of behind on the times, but I just recently started reading your blog! I'm like, OH that's cool! I mean its NEVERRRR to late to start reading Classic Mary Moments!!! So anyway, she's telling me that she reads my blog and then she said that it looks like we have something in common! I'm like, OH REALLY??? (I'm paraphrasing, I can't remember her EXACT words!)  I'm thinking like, what? You like hair accessories and Hello Kitty too??? AHAHA!!!
She says yeah, I'm obsessed with black people too!!! I'm like, WHAAAAAAAAAAT??? REALLY??? NOOOOOOOO WAY!!! She's like, yeah! And when I was little I even carried around a black baby doll too!!! I'm like, REALLY??? She's like, yeah and everyone thinks its weird that I'm this way! I'm like, ME TOO!!!
I'm like, OMW!
We have to take a picture!!! We have to take a picture!!! I mean, I thought I was THE ONLY ONE!!! who woulda known that God made two of us crazy white girls!!! It may be weird, buuuuuut we can't help it!!! GOD DID IT, NOT US!!! Annnnnd Heeeeeeyyyy, If God put an extra big dose of  love for black people in us, than SO BE IT!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How does he know SO MUCH???

One of the girls I occasionally babysit was telling me a story about her dad. Her father is a super-brilliant-smart engineer for some sort of solar company. One day he was in a meeting and they were presenting some sort of new project or program that was being put into place. As the man in charge was presenting it, this girls dad interjected in with a few corrections that the man was saying wrong about this project. She said that FINALLY after several interjections, the man presenting it was like, HOW DO YOU KNOW SO MUCH ABOUT THIS ANYWAYS??? And she said her dad was like,
Well, I kind of created it!!!
Think about it, there is NO ONE that knows MORE about something, THAN THE CREATOR of that something!!! No one knows more about a book than the writer of that book! No one knows more about a painting than the painter of that painting. No one knows more about a prepared meal than the one that cooked it!!!
Annnnnnd NO ONE knows MORE about US, than the one that CREATED US!!! The one that formed us from the dust of the earth and breathed into us the breath of life!!! Just like an artist can look at their painting and know each and every detail of it, He can see the beauty, but he can also see the flaws and imperfections as well, and where it can be fixed, changed, made better.
Why do we have to obey God and follow all his rules? Why do we have to submit our will to his will? Why do we have to trust in him when it makes NO sense? How does he know what is best for us? How does he have the hairs of our head numbered? Why does he tell us the things that we need to change? Why does he show us things we need to do differently? WHY does he get to tell us what to do? HOW DOES HE KNOW SOOOOO MUCH ABOUT US??? Weeeeeeeeeellllll...
ITS because HE CREATED US!!!
He knows what's best for us, BECAUSE HE MADE US!!!
He knows us better than we know ourselves.
He knows exactly what we need.
Just stand still and listen.
Hear his voice.
"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5-6

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength: (Isaiah 26:3-4)


♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 7 in the bay!!!

This was my last day in The bay buuuuut, I'll be back soon in prep for Anali's wedding that Saturday!! I know I've missed the shower and a few days, don't worry, I'll get to those!!! (: 
 was another fun day! We slept in than ran errands for Heritage! After we did that, Hanna surprised her brother with an early birthday present... A nice watch!!! Buuuuut she figured he would be very particular about it and he should pick it out! Sooooo we all headed out to the mall annnnnd boy was he EVER PARTICULAR!! It had to have a black leather band, with a white face, actual numbers and a silver outline... Super simple buuuuut boy was that ever hard to find!!!! I FINALLY found exactly what he said he wanted buuuuut it was $900!!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! Hanna loves him buuuut...yeah...LOLOL!!! We went to like five different stores, and me, Hanna and Mesgana kept saying we found THE ONE...buuuuut alas there would be something he didn't like!!! I was like sooooo in awe of his particularness...buuuuut Hanna understood, she said she would be the same way...its the way THEY are!!! Sooooooooooooo then we FINALLY headed back to the first store annnnnnd FINALLY, praise be JESUS, he found it!!! 
Then Hanna, Mesgana, Anali and I had leftover tacos and just hung out... Savoring our last days with Anali before Joe comes and steals her away!!!
This the only other pic I have, buuuut someone, I won't mention any names, buuuut left their lemon/lush ice cream mug in their Big Sister's car... AHEM!!! Lolololol!!!
Then we headed out Berkley and had us some gooooood church!!! Bro. Kifle taught/preached a really good message about the history of the word Pentecost and how it was to celebrate the harvest! And you know how the day of Petecost was a day of harvest of souls, etc...and I won't say anymore cuz I don't want to misquote or botch it up!!! Lol buuuut it was very good!!! 
When we got to church that night Andrew was there, Andrew Klan not Foster...LOL...annnnnd for anyone that asked me who the cute, white guy on my blog was, its HIM!!! AHAHAHA!!! and for some reason him being there made us all twice as hyper!!! I think cuz we knew that Heritage was starting the next day and we were all going to have a blast traveling there together!!! I don't think I've seen him laugh so hard as when I told him that my dream since I was four was to marry a black man!!! Then we all hung out and joked and laughed annnnd ate more tacos and basically, we're all super SIKED and hyperrrr about Heritage!!! Yaaaaayyy!! We're leaving at 4 am!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day 6 at the bay!

Look I made banana muffins!!!
At night we went to Berkley and got ice cream sandwiches from Cream!!!

Then we found this man on the street making big, HUGE bubbles!!!

I kinda freaked out when I got do it!!!

OMW!!! They're soooo cuuuuute!!!

Bro. Kifle was pretty much a bubble expert!!! Hee, hee!!!

Sooooo, we're standing there watching the giant bubbles and Bro. Kifle whispers to me, look at this man staring at Hanna!!!! Soooo I turn, expecting just to see some random man in the crowd staring at her! Buuuuuut what I saw made me just bust up laughing! Standing there is this black man, with a long trench coat, big, dark sunglasses, and it was completely dark out! And he's standing there in this like super man stance with his jacket half open like a cape, and just openly gawking in awe of Hanna's beauty!!! #afewfriesshort sooooo Hanna is like weirded out when she sees and walks over to us and tries to be real casual and say something but we were laughing to hard! She's like, ok, soooooo obviously you guys noticed! I'm like, Uh, YEAH!!! It was just too funny because he couldn't just starre like a normal creepy person! He had to go all out, bay style, outlandish creepy!!!
Then we heard music a little further down the street! So we headed over to see what was going on and there was this random college marching band playing music!

It was very hyperrrrr in the audience!!! Lol

Me and Anali Bananali!!!

The we saw this couple like slow dancing in the middle of all the chaos!!!! Annnnnd you know how there are those couples that you see them together and it just makes you want to find that special someone, fall in love, get married and grow old together????
This was NOT one of those couples!!! #ghettolicios!!!! You never know what you'll find in the streets of Berkley!!! 

BaHaHaHaHaHa!!!! This was by far one of the funnnnnest nights of the week!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Heading to Denver!!!

We're ready for Heritage!!!

We're sooooooo tired buuuuut soooo excited!!!!! Eeeeeeeeaaahh!!!!

♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, July 13, 2015

Saturday evening!!!! Annnnnd Sunday!!!

Long story short, we randomly ran into the Wakfields!!!!
A tie at Eco thrift that I really wanted Bro. Kifle to buy!!! AHAHAHA!!!
Hanging out at Jeremy and Cassy's Saturday night was a blast!!! Bro. Jeremy was EXTRA HILARIOUS!!!! The guys all told us lots if stories!!!

Their dog Brutus was chasing Bro. Kifle around the kitchen table, we were all hysterical watching!!!
Sunday morning we had good church in Berkley! I got to me Destiny's dad, Bro. Greg! He's quite funny and part Italian... Plus he guessed me to be 20!!! So yeah, he's cool!!!
Berkley music team, which consists of Hanna on the piano, Bro. Greg on the bass, and Mesgana on the drums, jamming it out!!! Then bro. Kifle preached a really good message... I um forget exactly but I remember about the vine and bearing fruit!
Me and Destiny!!! I'm sooooo proud of her! It's so awesome to such a differance in her juuuuust since WCC!!! God is sooooo GOOOOOOD!!!! 
After church we took Destiny and Mia with us and went to Savers and the Philz coffee shop...and we realized that SOMEONE didn't like they're drink cuz they left it the car!!! AHEM Destiny!!!
I loooooved my drink tho! It was Mint Mojito... It was superrrr YUM!!!
Then church that night at Bro. Rushings church in San Lorenzo! We HAAAD US some good church! Bro. Dunahoe preached a really good message and there was a great alter call and a man got baptized and when he came up out of the water he was speaking in tongues!!! 
Me and little Miss. Carissa!!! After church, no time to go out and party cuz Hanna worked!!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bay day 4!!!

Today was SUPERRR funnnn buuuuut ironically, I only have ONE picture from it!!! I guess that's what happens when your having fun... Weeeeeeelll, annnnd when your phone dies halfway thru the day!!! Hahahaha!!!
We started the day with biscuits and gravy...yeah!!! Then...
We basically ran errands for the bridal shower for half of the day... Oooooh wait, that reminds me, I actuAlly have TWO!!! We went to the table and chair rental place and this lady was super buff, she just lifted these tables like they were feathers 
and were like, oh do you need help? She's like, oh no I got it! But you guys WILL need to help each other when you take them out!!! Ahahaha!!!
Then the rest of the day we were just setting up at the Kifle's... Cooking... E told Anali to COME HUNGRY!!! Lol buuuuut the funniest part of the whole day was when Hanna and I were trying to bring the kitchen table outside!!! We tried like 3 different ways and we could NOT fit it through any doorways!! We were like laughing so hard!! 
Finally we got everything done so we made a Starbucks run!!! And that's when the second pic happened...
I had seen a cute chocolate cop right behind us and I wanted to tell Hanna without being obvious, so I was gonna text her, but then I remembered that my phone was dead and I was holding HER phone! So I just typed I that on a blank text on her phone then handed it to her! She started laughing!!! Ahaha!! 
It was a fun day!!! Tomorrow is the shower and it's gonna be awesome!!! I'll take lots of pics for you all!!! :)))

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The bay day 2 and 3!!!

YesturdAy, was a fun day... Hanna and I just ran around running errands for Anali's bridal shower! I was determined to find the perfect apron for her cuz she said said she didn't have any yet.... Buuuuut then her family gave her a bridal shower and she got two...aaaaauuuugh! Now I don't know WHAT to get her! I lnow I could ACTUALLY look at her registry but that's sooooo BORING! Lol
Annnnnnd after all that overpacking I realized that I HAD forgotten my navy blue layering shirt that I need for several outfits... Ugh!!! Man Mary! Really? REALLY??? How could you forget that??? Soooo every store we went to I was looking for a navy blue shirt buuuuut alas I could NOT find one!!! Waaaah!!! Then we went home and I was organizing my luggage cuz it was one HUGE mess from the airport and lo and behold I was like HANNNNNNA LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!! She like busted up laughing!!! Yup, it was my navy blue shirt!!! AHAHAHA!!!
Earlier we went to Peets and I tried their new black and white tuxedo drink... And it did NOT get my approval!!! I'll try something else next time!
For lunch we went to Homeroom! They serve nothing but all different kinds of macoroni and cheese
Me, Hanna and Mesgana... 
                         Love that kid!!!!
Me and Hanna!!!
Our yummy Mac and cheese! Mine was jalepeno popper
Hanna and Mesgana got smoked bacon with some added spice to it and it had this awesome kick to it!!! Then we all shared ours with each other!
Soooo everything here in the bays really like hippy, tree huggish and she's like always telling, me oh no it's like this because people don't believe this or that, blah, blah!!! Annnnnd it's WEIRD, they have to pay for their grocery bags here... It's to try and get people to bring their own bags and save a tree! So we all just got water to drink and they bring us a pitcher of water without ice! I'm like, Hanna, do these people not BELIEVE IN ICE EITHER???
Then we made a Starbucks run before church in San Lorenzo, where Bro. Rushing pastors.
Oh annnnnd look, they have the coolest church van!!! Check this out!!!

I'm  thinking like, maybe when I get back home I can talk Pastor Abbott into painting a desert scene on our church van!!!
Then after church Hanna dropped me off at Anali's cuz she was working the whole next day and plus I wanna spend time with her before the aliens in Roswell steal her away! Ahaha!!! Sooo we had a little sleepover and stayed up late talking til Anali just conked out!!!

Then today we just hung out and ran errands, did wedding stuff!!! She's got some cute wedding decor... She's very creative!!! 

Anali made this really chow mein for dinner and I LOOOOVED it! Buuuut Anali didn't like it! I'm like, whaaaat this is GOOD!!! Anywayz, Joe momma, she's a goooood cook!!! You'll be happy with your soon to be wifey!!! :)))
Then me and Anali got superrrr BORED!!!  Mainly cuz she didn't have a car! I mean we were talking about my dream man, if I married a white man, annnnnd that's a BIG IF, anywayz, it would be like a stocker version of Jason Crabb when he was younger and no beard snd he looked really Apostolic in his suits and stuff... I'm like Anali, DIMPLES!!! But yeah a fluffier version of Jason Crabb would be AWESOME!!!
Anywayz, once I was done telling her my dream white man, we continued being bored to the point thst we pretty much begged Hanna and Bro. Kifle to come rescue us!!! Annnnnd they did!!! After work... Which was like 9ish!!! We made a Jack-the-box run and sat in the car and ate! 

Annnnd amongst telling jokes and stories, I got to hear these Bay people, COMPLAIN ABOUT THE WEATHER!!! It's soooooo cooooold!!! This beautiful, BEAUTIFUL weather!!! Dude they need to come to AZ!!!
Then we found a 24 hr grocery store and Hanna bought the stuff for biscuits and gravey... Which I will be making in approximately 7 hrs.... Soooo I should probably go to bed!!! 
The rest of tomorrow will be preparing for the Bridal shower!!! Hanna and Jen, the maids of honor, have done a really good job planning it!!! 
Okaaaaay REALLY, good night now!!! :)))

Airport cRaZiNeSs!!! (Tryin 2 go 2 da bay!)

Okaaaaaay this was the craziest departure experience everrrr!!!! My sis and MJ dropped me off at the airport ... Thanks T!!! (Purrrrrr)
Then the CRAZINESS HAPPENED!!! It started when I got to the kiosk to print my boarding pass!!! I put in all my info and it said; processing please wAit... So I wait and wait and wait and wait after about five minutes I start getting nervous, WHY is it taking so long??? Can it not find my ticket??? So I go to another kiosk... ANNNND PRAISE BE JESUS, it prints!!!!
Soooooo now I go one ft to turn in my luggage annnnnnd lo and be hold my luggage is 11.5 pounds over!!! The lady is like that'll be $100.00! I'm like oh no!!! Let me see what I can do! She's like ok sure! So I start shoving clothes into my back pack!!! It is sooooo stuffed and I just keep shoving! I put it back on the scale and it's still 7 pounds over! I take out more... There's absolutely nooooo more space in my back pack but I figured I Could start tying the sleeves of my shirts to the straps on my back pack! (Benefits of wearing long sleeves peeps... Hee, hee!) So I take out like five more shirts, put my suitcase on and it's STILL FIVE POUNDS OVER!!! AAAAAAUUUUHHH!!!
So I ask the lady if she has a plastic bag I can use, she's like, all I have is a big, huge trash bag! I'm like, ILL TAKE IT!!! She's like, are you sure? You could go upstairs and purchase a carry on for like $20, which us better than $100! So I'm like OH, that's a good Idea... But I look and my stuff is just sprawled out every where! My once neatly folded clothes is destroyed and it's this huge mess annnnnnnd I still have to get rid of 5 more pounds!!!!
Sooooo I'm like, well let me get that trash bag and I'll just figure this suitcase out first then I can carry my trash bag upstairs, buy a carry on! So she looks at me like I'm cray-cray and hands me the trash bag! Then it hits me what was weighing so much, MY SHOES!!! I normally only pack ONE PAIR of church shoes! Cuz they take up a lot if space and I figure hair accessories are waaaaaay more important and they basically weigh NOTHING!!! 
Anywayz, I had decided that for Heritage this year I was gonna be one of those girls that matches all her shoes with her outfits!!! I'll tell you what, this is THE FIRST AND THE LAST CONFERANCE that I'll ever be ONE OF THOSE GIRLS!!! Buuuuuuuut if you happen to see me this year, PLEASE COMPLIMENT ME ON MY SHOES!!! Every. Time. You. See. Me. YES, I said everytime!!!  AHAHAHA!!!
Soooooo I take all my shoes out, throw them in the trash bag, zip up my suitcase, put it back on the scale and THANK GOD, it's 48 pounds!!!! The ladies like, ok! Your good!!! Glory! Glory!
Now the lady is like, ok I need your boarding pass you just printed!!! I go to get it and I'm like, UH...Would you all be shocked if I told you that, I HAD ALREADY LOST MY BOARDING PASS??? Aaaaaaauuuugggghhh!!!
At this point sweat is just pouring like a river off my face!!! So I go to the kiosk, and thankfully it prints one right away! Then I go to pay my baggage fee and they ask for my driver's licsence and I can't find it! I'm like FREAKING OUT!!! You can NOT get on the plane without it! So I tear apart my wallet annnnd it was right there, not to sure WHY I didn't see it!!! Probably cuz I was going cray cray! Lol
I go upstairs, with my bulging back pack on and a trash bag slung over my shoulder!!! Yes, really people!!! I find a luggage store that is in the opposite direction of my gate! The lil Asian cashier sees me with my trash bag and is like, oh ma'am you need luggage?! I'm like, YES!!!! She's like oh let me show you!!! This one here is ONLY  $99! I'm like, uh NO! She's like this one is only $95! I'm like, no I NEED CHEAP!!! I'll just keep my trash bag! She's like, oh maam NOOOO! I have cheaper!!!she brings me to the back and says this one is ONLY $38!!!! I'm like, do you have anything cheaper? She's like no maaam! I'm like ok I'll take it!!! She pulls the red one out, I'm like oh is this one the same price!? And I point to this bright multi colored one! She's like, oh yes ma'am, same price. I'm like ok, I'll take it! 
Sooooo I rush thru security and at this point I'm like sooooo worked up, stressed out, dripping sweat, I'm sure I look horrid, buuuuuut I still got a compliment from the security guard!!! I was like, oooooh THAAAAAANK YOU!! 
Theeeeen I go through you the scanner thing aaaaaannnnnd guess WHO has to get their luggage searched??? Yes, MAR BEAR!!! The lady is like, ma'am you have suspicious items in your carry on! You need to step aside and not touch your luggage until I'm done searching it! I'm just like WOW!!! She's pulling apart my trash bag of shoes that I had just thrown in the carry on she doesn't find it! Then her eyes land on The Ethiopian purse!!! AHA! I had to put it in the carry on, otherwise I had to many carry ons, soooooo she's tearing apart my purse aaaaaaannnnd FINALLY SHE FINDS THE SUSPICIOUS ITEM...are you guys ready for this... Wait, wait, WAIT... Drum roll puleeeeeze... Dunt, Dunt duuuuu... CHANGE!!! I had so much change in my purse it was showing up as just blackness, which was very suspicious... Buuuuut I was free to touch my stuff now! She's like, I'll just let you put everything back in, I dnt want to break your shades or anything! I'm thinkin like, oooooh maaam dnt mess with my heart shaped sunglasses!!!
So I get my carry on, put my back pack on, and sit down a bench to put my sneakers back on annnnnd I kid you not, my back pack is sooooo heavy on my back, it pulls me back and I almost toppled backwards off the bench!!! Annnnnd I'm NOT little so it had to be pretty heavy to actually tug on me like that!!!
Sooooo then I run to my gate, I finally get there, same gate number on my ticket as the gate, buuuut it's saying Fresno! Duuuude I dnt wannA go to to FRESNO!!! So I'm getting all worked up then I hear over the intercom, Anyone going to Oakland, your plane has switched to gate 7!!! I RUN over to that gate!!! I'm finally there and I'm standing there and I tried to take a selfie buuuuut my arm was shaking so bad my picture was so blurry!

Annnnnd you guys, I'm always soooo go-with-the-flo, never stress out, but I was soooo worked up I was actually dizzy and things were gettin a little blurry! I was just like, WOW! 
Buuuuuuut I got on the plane and aside from the AC vent leaking water on us, annnnnd the man in the seat in front of me putting his seat back, you guys I HATE when people do that!!! It's RUDE AND INCONSIDERATE!!! Anywayz, the man across from me thought it was sooooo rude! He was like, dnt let him do that to you! Shove him back up... I'm like weeeeelll, I think he's allowed too... He's like, SO, it's uncomfortable for you!!! I'm like I know, buuuuut... Anywayz, like I told my sis when she asked, yeah he was kinda cute, but the only reason he was ACTUALLY talking and paying attention to me is cuz he was a foreigner!!! Had he been an American he woulda jus blew me off!!! Ahaha!!! Gotta love my fellow Americans, I never realized how rude our people can be until I returned from an over seas trip! Haha
 Anywayz, we made it Oakland annnnd I was greeted with the most beautiful cook breeze!! 
Annnnd the Anali picked me up and we hung out at her house for several hrs! I just talked to her continuos as she worked on her wedding decorations. 
Then it was time for church so Hanna got off work and picked me up and we had a good prayer and worship service. Then Bro. Kifle had us divide up into teams and we did a Bible study workshop and Hanna and were a team! She was the teacher and I was the sinner... I mean student!!! Haha! I was a good student and asked ALOT of GOOOOD questions!!! Heh, heh!!! Funny thing is that I asked the questions and then wanted to answer it! Lol!!!
Then after church we just hung out! Then  we went to This really good pizza place, with REALLY good spicy cilantro sauce and we laughed and talked til they kicked us out!
Then we went next door and got ice cream! Then we laughed and talked til they closed and kicked us out! Then we went to the car and laughed and talked til Hanna said she was TOO TIRED!!! Buuuuut she'd had a long day!!! Annnnnnnnnd now we're home annnnnd I'm too tired to write any more!!! Gnite! Purrrrrrr!!!