Monday, May 31, 2010

May's Apostolic Male Model(# 5)

Who is it?!
Who is it?!
Who is it?!
Who is May's Apostolic Male Model?
Who made it to this month's prestige honor on Classic Mary Moments?!
MAY I please have the honor to introduce to you all...


The above picture speaks of NOTHING more than eXtreme COOLNESS
Mr. Laidback easygoing himself...
Eric resides in Tucson AZ and is a faithful member of Bro. Connor's church.
He teaches his youth cell group on Tuesday nights AND...
He has his own home, a dog, a car AND A TRUCK!!!
(All the girls start hummin the song..."Theres something woman like about a pickup man!;)
That truck is HOT!!!

This guy can..COOK!!!
JUST the other day he told me he was in the middle of makin Garlic mashed potatoes AND was baking chicken, seasoned with, garlic, onion, lime and rosemary...Mmmmm!
(That sounds delicious AND nutritious!!)

AND what does this Apostolic young man do for a living?!
He spends his days KEEPIN us citizens SAFE!!!
You know those creeps that we hear about on the news,
that gives us girls fear to go out in the dark of night?!
Well, Eric spends his days PROTECTING US GIRLS FROM THOSE CREEPS!!!!
(Thanks Eric! Sniff, sniff!)

Above all else, Eric is a guarder of hearts!!! ♥
He treats girls with honor and respect AND...
You just NEVER know...
He could be THE ONE to spend his life watching out for you and guarding YOUR heart
Then YOU'LL be singing...
Falling in love with Eric, Falling in love with Eric...
♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥


Previous Male Models (Click on names to view)

Have someone you wanna nominate?! Email me!!! ;)


Had a GOOOOD time at the Bertram's church this morning.
And I FINALLY got to meet her best friend...
She is REALLY sweet and cute!!!

Here she is holding JOSE!!!
Her and Sis. Bertram were like, is this HIM? Is this HIM?!
YES!!! This is HIM!!!
The FAMOUS nephew on my blog!!!
They ACTUALLY got to hold him!!!
Soooo funny that all these people knew who he was from my blog!
Your famous BABY!!! ♥

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh course I would...

Okaaaaaaay so i've NEVER liked fish or ANY kind of seafood. When I was a little girl my mom would cook it and MAKE me eat it! I would like gag, hold my nose and force little pieces down. It was a VERY dramatic process and my mom finally gave up trying to get me to like it!!!! Well, I was reading in this book called, Picture Perfect Diet, that you should really try to like NEW things. Even those things that you have never like before. Broaden your horizons and TRY to like them little by little. Well since fish is like THE HEALTHIEST thing for you, according to my doctor, I decided to TRY shrimp at Red Lobster. So i did and I actually, really kinda liked it. Okay, like, yeah it was the coconut shrimp and I covered them in the pineapple sauce stuff... but still...I ate FISH!!! So I start little by little eating shrimp and tryin to eat it healthy like. Soooooooooooooo I come to find out that...
Shrimp is the most UNhealthy seafood!
The Highest in cholesterol!
I 'm like what?!?! How can this be?!
I was TRYIN sooooo  hard!
OF COURSE, I would have to PICK the unhealthy stuff!!!
But Mmmmmmmm....Red Lobster's Coconut shrimp is Mmmm...mmm...DDDDdelicious!!! ;)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Did you use that?

I come walkin out of the bathroom at Chick-fil-A this one time with my youth group...So I use the bathroom and come out and Micheal, one of the guys who is usually on the quieter side, is like, "Did you just use that?" I'm like, "uh, Yeah!" So he is like you used THAT bathroom? I'm just like thinkin, okaaaaaaay enough questions about my bathroom use! I'm like kinda attitude, "Uh yeah, I used that bathroom! WHY?!" He very simply & calmly says, "Because, thats the Men's." AHAHAHA! I was like, OMW! I can't believe I just went into the MEN'S room AND used it without even realizing it!!! We were all like HYSTERICAL laughing! Then I was like... HEEEEEEY! Thats why there was a urinal in there!!!
My brother was like, WHAT?! You mean to say that you ACTUALLY saw the urinal and didn't realize it was the men's bathroom!?!?!? I'm like, "NOPE! I saw it and thought to myself, hmmmm thats kinda odd to have in the woman's okaay ...whatever...People these days are just SOOOOO weird!!!"AHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Total Classic Mary Moment!!! ;)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Note to ALL girls...

So today at our church yard sale, my pastor comes out with unity candle set and says all sarcastically, "Hey Mary! Why don't you get these and save them for YOUR WEDDING?" I look up at them and am like...HA! I DONATED those from the one that never happened! LOL! THEN, we're all going through the decorations in the ladies storage room, and like EVERYTHING my pastor's wife would pull out I would be like oh yup that was mine...oh that was from Shashasha's weddin that didn't happen...something else oh MINE...Oh thats Shashsha's... Finally my pastor's wife's just like for everything... OKAAAAAAAY who's wedding that NEVER happened?! We were like laughing soooooo hard!!!! And we decided to give this message to all single girls that THINK they are getting marrried...

My kind of Sushi!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Have you ever just wondered WHY?! Why does God allow some things to happen. I lay in my bed one night and could help but wonder why? Why did God not allow for my girl to live with me forever? Why did she have to go back to her home? She was an 10-year-old Liberian girl, that had come to live with me for several months. We were so close to each other. We loved each other SOOOOOO much...WHY did she have to leave. After only two months we were attached to each other, like we had ALWAYS been together. But more important than just our love for each other, was her love for God. She loved God so much. She was living for God with all her heart...WHY couldn't she have stayed with me?! Now, I look at her, and she is a completely different person and even though I know that she is making her own choices, I ALSO know that the environment does make a difference. I know that if she had stayed with me she would have chosen the live for God...I just know that she would have...because she had changed. I had seen it!
So I just lay there, beneath my zebra print sheets, sobbing and askin God WHY?!?! Why would you take away such a good thing? It just doesn't make any sense...I just don't get it! But as I was crying myself to sleep that night...God spoke to me. It wasn't in an audible voice, just a thought that went through my mind before I drifted off to sleep...Because of the Africans. I'm like, Huh? Because of the Africans. I'm like I don't get it, she's African herself. And then...But I didn't just call you to her, I called you to all of them. Suddenly, I felt such a relief and such a peace, cause as soon as he said that, I KNEW that he really did have a reason.
When God said I didn't just call you to her, I called you to all them, I understood what he mean. I'm a very passionate peroson and when I love someone, I love them with all my heart. They become my total focus and I will do anything for them. I will give anything up for them and I will fight for them. And thats the way I was with this girl. I knew that if she stayed with me, things would become hostile with her family, making it difficult to go over there, but I didn't care, I was willing to give that up if it meant takin care of her forever. Plus, havin her gave me less time to spend with the others, because I had to focus on her. As I thought about it, I know that if she had stayed with me, I would have eventually stopped goin over there all together to pick kids up for church or anything that we do over there. "I didn't just call you to her"
In fact, there were times that I remember after that, that I was so discouraged and just sooooo ready to give up, but I would push people to go over there with me, just for the chance to see her again. There were times when me and Jac would go over there and there was only ONE faithful 5-year-old girl that would come, but that would press us on. We now have a pretty faithful group that comes...
It's not like we've had any kind of huge revival with the African people. Sometimes I still can't fully undersand or comprehend God's purpose or why he allowed that to happen. But I do feel like he wanted me to stay connected with all the African people and not just that one girl. I have a dream and a desire inside my heart, but there is nothing I can do about it, but wait, pray and keep holding on to God's call!
So when I see those teardrops falling...
Lord Remind me of my calling...
May I NEVER run from your call!

Don't EVEN...

I'm pretty sure that there is a BIG difference between slavery and ILLEGAL immigration. Illegal immigration is where people want a better life for themselves and their families and for whatever reason(Good or bad) they decide not to wait and go about the process legally, but instead sneak into the United States. Yeah, it's against the law, I don't advocate it BUT...I can't say that I would NEVER do it depending on my circumstances. But no matter, its STILL illegal!!! Slavery on the other hand, was where past Americans, invaded another continent and FORCED people AGAINST their will into our country and then were treated like animals...cattle...sold...beat...raped to concieve more slaves...all human dignity being stripped away from them...uh yeah...I'm PRETTY sure there is a BIG DIFFERENCE between that and the new immigration law. We all take risks in life...I honestly, really don't care if people are here illegally(As long as they are nice people)...but you have to understand the consequences of the choice you made..if its against the law you can't say THE government is RACIST for catching you!!! I can understand WHY people might not like the law...but it's NOT racist and DON'T EVEN COMPARE IT TO SLAVERY!!!!

LPC Diet Moments!

FIRST of all I just wanna say that someone in our church is requesting SPECIAL prayer that God helps them to stick to Weight Watchers this week! I said NO problem...I'll blog and mass email this request for you and while ya all are at it PRAY for me too!!! So start travailin folks! :D

Second, so a group of us,  my fam, my pastor and his LOVELY wife ;), Sam and Janelle, Jimmy, JW, are all at The triple P (Peter Piper Pizza) and we're jokin about like starting like our own Weight Watcher's group at LPC...cause I mean like ALOT of people from our church could join and we could just have like these AWESOMELY ANOINTED meetings! So I'm like yeah THEN we could like have like an Apostolic gym that we could all go work out at...and my brother John is like yeah AND instead of naming it Curves, we'll name it Rolls....BAHAHAHA!!! I seriousley think that would be the AWESOMEST gym name EVER!!! (My brother is sooo FUNNY!)

Can I get amen...
from the amen corner?!?!

So then we're all leavin sayin goodbye and I'm like DUDE Jimmy, I like totally gotta tell you about this like totally AWESOME diet moment I had today, cause I just KNEW he would understand this with me!!! So i'm like okaaaaaaay so today after lunch I told the girls(I was watching two foster girls this past weekend) That I would get the Oreos for a treat. Of course it was GONNA be double stuff oreos, ya know! So we stop at the store to get them and as I'm walking down the cookie aisle at Albertson's, I'm see the Chips Ahoy cookies and I'm like OMW I forgot how GOOD Chips Ahoy are AND they are on sale too so i'm like OOOOOH I gotta get those too! So I carry my two items to the front and wait on line and as I am standin there I see all these magazines with health tips, and then I see my Chips Ahoy and my double stuff oreos and I was like YOU KNOW WHAT I;m gonna make a GOOD decision...and YOU KNOW WHAT i DID?!?!
Jimmy's like, thats AWESOME Mary! So we fist bump and he tells me his special diet moment today...
He says that he was GONNA go to Cracker Barrel today for lunch and get some fried chicken...BUT instead he JUST went to Quiznos and got a sandwhich...and a soda...and a cookie...the sandwich was a foot long and it did have chipolte mayo on BUT ...
(Only a fellow fluffy person could truley understand the depth of these kind of diet moments)
If you have a special diet moment... please feel free to share!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Wakefield's...

So about 2-3 weeks ago it was announced at our Sunday evening service that THE NEXT Sunday, the Wakefields, missionaries to Pueblo Mexico would be coming to our church. Then when announcing they said AND the Wakefields have two, very pretty, single, daughters. So when I heard this I was like AW MAN! It had to be two single girls?! WHY couldn't it be two cute single guys?!?! OR at least ONE cute single guy and a single girl?!?! LOL! Soooooooooo i'm just like TOTALLY bummed cause there weren't gonna be NO cute single guys, JUST single girls...cause I mean come on...we all know that there is like a TOTAL OVER POPULATION of single girls in Pentecost!!! ;)
Well that Friday after the announcment AND before our Sunday with the Wakefield's our church hosted a singspiration with other church's at our church. So before it started I'm like totally socializing and chit-chattin with all my friends that I haven't see in like FOREVER!!! Sooooooo Cassia Wilson is walkin by me and I'm like OOOOOO heeeeeeeeeey and I have to give her like a Mar Bear we're like huggin and stuff and there is this cute little blond chick with Cassia and she is just kinda standin there staring at me and then she is like...."Are you Mary?" So I'm like,  yeah..and she like gets this big smile and is like OH I READ YOUR BLOG! So I'm like OH really?! COOL! (Like totally siked that she reads it) Then her and Cassia are about to walk away and I'm like Oh wait...What's YOUR name?! She is like Bethany...Bethany Wakefield...I'm like ok nice meetin...OMW like the missionaries that are gonna be here on Sunday...she is like OH yeah...I'll see you then!

AND I'm sittin there like OMW!!! I feel soooooooooo bad now!!! Here this chick is like READING MY BLOG and stuff and MEANWHILE Mary's over here like TOTALLY wishin she was some cute guy!!! I felt soooooooooooo BAD!!! AnywayZ, they came on Sunday and we had a total blast with them! Bethany and Nicole are TOTAL sweeties and adorable too!!! Sooooooo yeah...I didn't have the guts to tell you that in person Bethany, BUT I knew you would think it was FUNNY!!!

I'm glad I got to meet you  and become friends....
EVEN if you are JUST another single Apostolic babe and NOT my future McHottie!!! ;D
Bethany & Nicole
Click HERE to check them out! ;)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Brothers & Husbands

My sister and I were talkin about a trip we're planning to take with one of my brothers and she was like ok its you and John on one bed and me and MJ on another bed. So I'm like EWWWWWWWWW!!! She is like OR you can sleep on the floor! Soooooo I'm like NO i'll take the bed...BUT then I'm like, well he's better than Abe or Joe...I think...LOLOLOL! Then I'm like OMW! All guys are soooooo GROSS! I'm like if you think about it, just about EVERY guy we drool over is someone's brother AND

You know that if we get married thats ALL we're gettin is...
AND yet, EVEN though we know all this...
WE STILL WANT ONE...a husband...sigh... cRaZy girls!
You girls that don't have brother's
 JUST WAIT till you get married....
You have it COMING TO YOU!!!
BWAHAHAHAHA! *Evil Dr. Blackard laugh!

Just MY luck...

So my sister gave me her old cell phone and it is like this really AWESOME camera phone by Kodak that I just LOVE! When she gave it to me it had this cell phone cover on it that I immediateley ripped off and threw to the side just cause I hate those stupid covers and they like totally annoy me! So my brother John was like, Oh yeah, thats a smart move since you seem to DO soooooooooooo WELL with your cell phones. (I have cell phone drama) So I am like, yeah I should probabley put it back I do...and have kept it on for the last several months!!! SO WHAT ARE the chances...that THIS morning...I DROP MY CELL PHONE...and as it is falling out of my hands...IT SLIPS OUT OF THAT STUPID CELL PHONE COVER?!??!! I'm like WHAT?!?! You have GOT to be KIDDING ME !!! Aaaaauuuuggggghhhh!!! Now the stupid thing WON'T STOP typing 0's!!! GRRRRR!!!! AND IT's soooooo annoying cause I can't do anything with it while it's typing these! LOL! I still can't believe it!!! I mean how did this happen?! HOW did it fall OUT of the case as it fell to the ground?!?! What are the chances that something like that would happen?!?!? STUPID CELL PHONE CASE!!! I'm puttin you in the trash girl! THE TRASH! I SAID THE TRASH!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh yeah!!! This is SOOOO me!!! ;)

What do you guys think?!?!
Is this me OR is this ME?!?!?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Apostolic Beauty #1

Picking the first Apostolic Beauty was a HARD decision, because I honestly know SOOOO many beautiful girls. This first girl  picked is someone that I know quite well! This Apostolic beauty helps bring kids to church, teaches with her mom the nursery class at church, and she has dedicated her life to working with mentally handicapped idividuals. She is described as someone that  radiates beauty in her giving to God and to all of us.  She is a beautiful example of TRUE FRIENDSHIP AND LOVE!

AND this first Apostolic Beauty is....
Drum roll please...
My very own big sister

Theresa Elizabeth Ginty
Also known to her friends and family as "Tree" or even just "T"

Aside from all these other things that my sister does...The one thing that REALLY stands out to me is that she is ALSO a single mom. Two years ago this past Sunday, my sister became a foster mom to my neice Mary Jo and her older brother Joe.
I just told MJ before she got on the bus that her mom was nominated THE FIRST APOSTOLIC BEAUTY. When I told her this her whole face lit up and she got the biggest smile. I asked her if there was anything she wanted to say to her mom and she said,
 "I love you and that her mom made her the happiest little girl in the world!"

The other day Theresa and I were having a conversation about singing. We were both talking about how AWESOME it would be to be and incredible singer. To be able to get in front of the church and just TEAR IT UP!!! So then my sister was like, well at least you can write! I don't have ANY talents at all!!! Soooooo we're just sittin there in the car and I couldn't think of anything brilliant to say at the moment bestides... "Ummmmmm...soooo like, where are we gonna go eat?!" But I was thinking about it later on and I just wanna say this to my sister...
 What could be a greater talent, than the ability, to take a little unhappy, sad, no personality, quiet,  five-year-old, living in a home where she was locked up in her room, treated like dirt, trapped in a horrible environment, heading to a burning hell and turn her into THE HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD?!?! You gave MJ a happy home, where she has become little-miss-personality, a total chatterbox and says THE FUNNIEST THINGS! (We NEVER know what's gonna come out of her mouth, like at Food City last night! LOLOLOLOL!) She LOVES God, she tells her friends about him, she sings about him and she is the joy of our lives...

Here is your crown Apostolic Beauty

Where it with PRIDE...
P.S. The crown is NOT real! Thank google images!
 I woulda had to borrow money from YOU for a real one!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Do MEN like Ruffles on woman?!
 (AND NO, i'm NOT talkin about THE CHIPS!!! LOL!)
So my pastor and his best friend HATE ruffles on girls. They say that they are SOOOOO ugly, it makes them look like clowns and that guys ONLY tolerate it before they get married but they really don't like it. I'm like, I don't think thats true for ALL guys...I think some guys really like them on woman and I think some guys could like CARE less about it!!! Yesturday, all of us girls were talkin about it again when we were sorting stuff out for our ladies blessing boutique and someone held up this ADORABLE black shirt that was like 6 layers of ruffles and said that her husband MADE her get ride of it cause he HATED it soooooo much!!!! I'm like WHAT?!?! Its SOOO CUTE!??!!? SOOOOOO I promised everyone that I would post a poll on my blog FOR MEN about RUFFLES!!! LOL!!!
Poll is on the right side of the blog!
Girls DO NOT VOTE! ;)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yard sales....

Sooooo I;ve had two yard sales the last couple of months...and BOY the stories I have to tell!!! I've learned that there ARE actually people MORE ghetto then MYSELF!!!
Well I can't understand this. These people came to my yard sale. Looked at my stuff, and as HOW MUCH for  a drinking glass. So I'm like 25  cents. They Q:UICKLEY put it down like I gave them some outragousley high price!!! Then they start walkin away like they are just WAITING for me to give it to them for cheaper!!! I'm like OKAAAAAAAAAY...I said a QUARTER!!! You ain't gettin it cheaper than that. JUST keep  your ten cents cause I'll have MORE fun smashin the glass in the ally behind mom's house!!! :)
Then there are the people that ask a MILLION AND ONE questions!!! I'm sellin my brothers sunglasses and this guys asks how much? So I'm like 50 cents. So THEN he starts askin me oh are they really? Do they work well? Is that a scratch? Blah, blah, blah! AND i'm just siitin there like...I SAID FIFTY CENTS!!! NOT ten bucks...FIFTY CENTS!!!
Then i'm like okaaaaaaay this is just a  little weird...but I have customers coming back AGAIN?!?! I if it was bad enough the first time...they ACTUALLY come to look at my trash AGAIN! and THEY COME LIKE, OH HI MARY!!! MARY!!! Mary how are you!?!?! I'm like OMW!!! How do thse people KNOW ME?!?!

Well...I'll save the  CRAZY -Sunscreen-stalkin lady for another post!!! LOL! ITS A LONG STORY!!! We have a church yard sale this weekend!!! SHould be FUN! :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


From my friend's poem "To the guy who" I LOVE this line...
To the guy who looks across the aisle and falls in love with the way she worships...
I would swOOOOn if a guy told me THAT!!! (Well depending the guy...There is always a case that you take the words back! LOL) Awwwwwwww...well there is a whole list of things that my friend wrote but that one I just LOVE!!!

A Haughty spirit...

 Pride goeth before destruction,
and an haughty spirit before a fall.
Proverbs 16:18

I've been given this scripture a few times in my life, by ones wiser than myself. I've never really to sure WHY, but I decided to figure out what exactley the word Haughty means. According to Webser's it means; blatantly and disdainfully proud. Sooooo I'm like hmmmmm...I sure don't want to be that way....

WEEEELLLLL....This morning I was praying and as I was praying I said, "God help not to have a haughty spirit!" Then right while I was praying I just BUSTED up laughing!!!! You just have to know ME and MY mind and the way it works. So I'm like, what I'm saying God, is, Don't let me have a Haughty spirit, EVEN if I am a TOTAL HOTTIE!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! Get it?!?! Haughty?! HOTTIE?!?! AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! Good one Mar! GOOD ONE!!! ;)

Me and God had a GOOOOOD time laughing together!!!

AND you can say I'm SOOOOOOO unspirtiual if you want... BUT...I'm totally sure God thought it was pretty funny too! I mean after all, He is the one that made me, and my cRaZy-HOT-self!!! There is just NOOOOOO way I can take credit for THAT!!! ;)

I was GLAD....

I was glad when they said unto me,
Let us go into the house of the LORD.
Psalm 122:1

So I know that those of you that are on my mass text messaging list, you probabley get tired of me sending this text with Psalm 122:1, out, Sunday after Sunday. BUT there is a reason why I do it!!! It's simply BECAUSE...
Seriousley, I do! Going to church is just about the best thing that ever happened to me and my family. It was at church that my mom found God. If it wasn't for God I have NO idea just how messed up my family would be!!! I mean come on, just look at us WITH GOD!!! ;)
Growing up, there were days in my life that it seemed like the ONLY thing I had to look forward to was CHURCH! I told my girls several weeks ago in class that I grew up in a home where only one of my parent's lived for God. They all looked me shocked!!! Eyes wide, some of them even dropped their jaws...(I guess it's just hard to believe in my total perfection that I have ANYTHING other than a angelic background. :)

So I went on to explain to them that I know what it's like to not have peace in your home. To go to bed scared. To hear screaming and yelling, things being thrown and banged, doors slamming. They all nodded their heads...knowing...but I went on to explain to them that in the middle of all that they can focus on God. To put all their heart into loving church. I told them that I could remember being at church, and knowing that things were totally a mess in my home, but I knew that I had Jesus.
I loved church then and I love church now and I don't ever want to forget how important church is. I love singing and worshipping God and just feeling God's presence. How totally amaZing is it that we can FEEL God's presence in a church service?!?!? SOOOOOOOOO TOTALLY ROCKIN COOL
AND if you happen to be lookin for a church...

Here is a REALLY awesome one that you can find more about HERE

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thats Amore.....

I am in the middle reading this incredibly awesome book from a christian series called Weddings by Bella, Written by Janice Thompson. (More info on the series HERE) I LOVE these books cause they are this HUGE crazy Italian family and its like even though its TOTALLY exagerated, to some degree it is SOOOOO close i can totally relate!!! The fighting over the best cooks....Just plain FIGHTING...THE FOOD....The talking...big mouths...PARTYING FOR EVERYTHING...THE DRAMA....HUGE family gatherings...the passionate emotions...THE TEARS...Everyone Kissin everyone!!! RFLOL its GREAT!!! So I had to look up this song that is played at one of the weddings called Thats Amore by Dean Martin...I LOVE it! Btw- Amore means Love in Italian...Awww!
This is my FAVORITE line in the song...
When the stars make you drool,
 Joost-a like pasta fazool
That's amore

I guess you would hav to be Italian or familiar with italians to TOTALLY get that BUT...
Here is the whole's not a video just the music and lyrics! Enjoy!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Train up a child...

The bible says in Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go:
and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
So I figure it's NEVER to early to start teaching my nephew...

~♥~Auntie Maria

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's day speech!

Sooooooo I was giving a Mother's day speech today and I snorted in the middle of it AND it was ALL MY PASTOR'S FAULT!!! I had to get up for mine and Janelle's classes today for our class presentation. Since we only have one girl that has a mom that goes to church we recorded the girls saying stuff to our pastor's wife. Well Janelle told me that she would be in the back getting the recordings ready and that I should go up front and like talk about mom's...So I was like okaaaaaay SURE!!!
Sooooo I get up there, calll up my one girl who is REALLY SHY and start talkin about Mom's. I make a few funnies and then I get kinda get serious and I start talkin about my mom and blah, blah, blah and I am like talkin about how my mom instilled in me that as a woman their is NO higher calling than to become a mom...blah, blah, blah, and I am like and because of her awesomeness as a mother thats all I have ever wanted to be. and I am like and I can't help but feel jealous of all you mom's on Mother's day, cause you've acomplished the one thing I have always wanted too be!

Sooooooooo my pastor is like RIGHT behind me and he whispers just loud enough for me to hear BUT no one else...Welll GET MARRIED!!! Sooooo of course I like totally lost it and SNORTED into the mike!  It was really funny and everyone like died laughing...of course no one knew WHY I lost just LOOKED like I was having a total Mary Moment!

SAME thing happened at my brother's weddin last year. I was the maid-of-honor and I had written this totally rockin speech! I am like tellin them at the reception all serious, about how it doesn't matter where you go or where you live or how much money you have, all you NEED to keep your marriage together is Jesus. AND Davy, (He wasn't my pastor then soooo LOL!) Davy says just loud enough for me to hear BUT no one else, as I am like all you NEED is Jesus and he is like... "and fried chicken and grape soda!" Once Again I totally lost it snorting in the mike AND their went ALL seriousness! LOL!

Same thing when we were doing play practice last year. I get up at our first practice. Look at my totally serious line and JUST LOSE IT! I had to say it like FIVE times before anyone could even understand it! Jimmy was just like, MARY your laughing at your line AND YOU WROTE IT!!!  Yup...that would be ME!!! ;)
I'm tellin you folks, I could do these like AWESOME speeches in my communications and public speakin classes... my teachers would tell me how inspiring I was and like TOTAL A pluses...but I get with MY PEOPLE and its nothing put hysterical laughter and pure stupidness...But everyone still loves it and it sure is FUN!!! :)

Me and my sweet, sweet mamma TODAY!

I love this picture of us!!!
My mom is SOOOOO pretty!!!
She saw this picture of us and was laughing cause we're such different complexions...she said that I am sooooo pink and she is sooooo dark! LOL

Saturday, May 8, 2010

For the mom's...

Weeeeeeeeeellll...I have to be up in three hours for my yard sale...but I can NOT fall asleep!!!
So i'm thinkin about Mother's day...I want to thank God for giving me a GOOD Godly mother that raised me in church no matter the cost. I was talkin to one of my friends just today and she was like, "Man why can't they just have Mother's day cards that JUST say something like, Thanks for giving birth to me... Happy Mother's day!" Well, I just about fell out of my chair would just HAVE to know!!!
BUT God blessed me with an AWESOME mom! She is one of the most giving and faithful people EVER!!! I know that sometimes she can be strong willed, opinionated, bossy and NOT afraid to speak her mind...but it's those things that helped mold me into the person that I am and Lets ALL face it people, we ALL know that I'm a PRETTY AWESOME PEROSN!!! ;) ;)
AND we all KNOW hands down that she is the BEST COOK in the world!!! (Even better than me!;) Thank you Mom for all your sacrifices...Read my mom's testimony HERE


Aw me and Romo, my brother from another mother, even though are other colors!
LOL! We would always say that to each other and then one day we were talkin and we found out...

We really were kinda sorta related! It's a LONG shot but we really are!!!
His neice and MY nephew are blood related!!!
Sooooooo COOL!
So now when we see each other we say, What's up Cuz?!!?

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I am totally 2.5 of the 3 out of the two!!!!
HAHAHA!!! ;)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


First of all...
I was SCREAMING when I saw these!!!

Hey Ladies!
Check out my blog

His shirt says...
Kiss me I'm Irish!!!
I sooooooooo need one of those shirts!!! ;)
Then last Friday, some of my family came and was visiting from Texas.
This is my cousin Aaron(my mom's side of the family) and his adorable baby!
This baby had THE SOFTEST hair on the back of his head!
It was like the softest peach fuzz in the world!!!

This is his daughter Molly! She was sooooo sweet and well behaved!
Look! We have matching blue eyes! (YAY!)
I wish I had gotten more pictures and I wish I had one of my cousin's wife Julie.
She is really, really nice and she has the PRETTIEST red hair!!!
(I've ALWAYS wanted red hair!)
AnywayZ, we all had a really good time together...Aaron moved waaaaaay up in my world when he hugged me goodbye and said that I could cook for him ANYTIME!!! Even if no one else wants to eat it he will! I was like Awwwwwwww!!! and he LOVED my Peanut butter cake, which I had totally thought I botched! LOL!
Hope you guys come back SOON!
Next time you guys come we gotta take all the kids to The Children's Museum
(It's VERY hands on and lotsa fun and INSIDE WITH AC! LOL) AND Uncle Joe, You NEED to bring your motorcycle and take me for a spin!!!!
OMW!!! That would be SOOOOO much fun!!!
I would TOTALLY be bloggin about that!!! ;)
Check out my cousins...

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