Saturday, February 28, 2009

Well its official...

THEY ARE MARRIED!!! This isnt the best pic but its off my phone, I will add more later. Janelle's dress was BEAUTIFUL!!! It was like exotic and feminine and sooooo much more!!! LOVED IT!!! All i have to say about the kiss is WOW!!! I mean they kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed!!! WOWSERS!!! LOL

Friday, February 27, 2009

Sam and Janelle!!!

This Saturday, Sam and Janelle, two of my bestest friends in the WHOLE world are getting married!!! I love you guys SOOOOOO much!!! I just wanted to say that I am sooooo proud of you guys! Janelle, you were VERY patient waiting for Sam and Sam, your still a PANSY!!! HAHA!!! No really, Sam and Janelle you guys have been a true example of a Godly, pure couple. I know that you guys have already, BUT I can't wait till Saturday, to see you two ACTUALLY holding hands!!! When I get in a relationship you two are gonna be my role models!!! Janelle, I remember when you came to our church at 12, you were soooo UNFRIENDLY!!! LOL But man, when you got the Holy Ghost everything just changed. We have truley had some good times together, chasing guys, giggling to 5am and all that good stuff!!! Remember all the water fights and TP wars with the guys?!?! Remember all the times we got Sam's house? His room? His van? LOL Isn't that how you guys got all the flirting going?! NO MATTER what we'll ALWAYS be HOT DOGS!!! Sam, remember all the Rawhide trips and Bad Miss Mary that some how turned into my nickname of Mar Dog?! LOL All the NYPD pizza break outs? I have soooo many AWESOME memories with you two. Then, as we got older and things began to change...Outreach at Paradise Shadows and all the times spent with the kids. Janelle, one of the awesomest things ever was that night in Sunday School, when all the African girls got the Holy Ghost!!! Patience, Esther, Martina, Jestena and BJ ALL in one night, without even any one in there praying with them EXCEPT the two of us!!! That was SOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL!!! Like we had our own little day of Pentecost!!! Now you two are getting married and I know the best is yet to come!!! Sam Dog and Janellie Bean!!!! CAN'T WAIT till Saturday!!!!! Xoxoxo!!!
Love always,
Mary =)
P.S. Sam, if you ever need that marriage counseling, you know where to find me!!! ;)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thank God!!!

"If through a BROKEN HEART God can bring His purposes to pass in the world, then THANK Him for BREAKING your heart." (Oswald Chambers) This is my story, what God did through my broken heart...
Click on link or copy paste into browser to read my story or go to click on the pic on side of the story called Holding His hand and you will get it. Just found the above quote and thought it was cool and JUST HAD to share it with you all. You just NEVER know what God is gonna do!!! God bless! ;)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So true!!!

Okay, I found this icon and it just like TOTALLY cracks me up!!! Its SOOOOOOOO true!!! There was a guy once that was interested in one of my friends but she did NOT return the interest. Instead of getting the hint and moving on, he persisted on pursuing a relationship. Every time my friend would adamantly refuse. One day out of frustration and anger he said to my friend, "Well, when your 40 and still single, don't get mad at me!" (RFLOL) BUT sometimes, being single is WAAAAAAAAAAY better than the atlernative!!! HAHA! Ya all know what I am saying? They should make little badges or stickers that people can hand out when someone says stupid stuff like that!!! The other day someone was trying to set me up with someone that I JUST HAVE NO interest in. They were like well your single ahd he is single and interested in you so why don't you just hook up?!?! I am just sitting there like, okaaaaaay, yeah that is a really good reason to get married, cause we're both single...HAHAHAHA! Finally I was like well look here, I am SINGLE, NOT DESPERATE!!! This single stuff is kinda fun to write about...who knows what I will think of next!!! Any ideas? Well I just thought that with all the little stuff about bein single going on this month, that I would share this with ya all...I just couldn't resist!!! ;)

Monday, February 23, 2009

I am SOOOOOO cool!!!

Look!!! OMW!!!
We did it! We really, really did!!! Jac and I rode and elaphant for four bucks!!!It was soooooooo cRaZy cool!!!

I know, I know, your jealous...really I don't blame you...BUT heeeey...YOU BETTER go pray through about it!!! Cause I rode and elaphant and YOUR jealousey is a SIN!!!!!!!!!! ;)
P.S. Have I mentioned lately how cool I am?!?!?!

Cake eating contest!!!

1. Gettin ready
2. Davy smashed my face into my cake!!! :P
3. Licking the frosting and trying to figure out how to get it outta my nose so I could breath again!!! HAHA!!!
4. Attempting to still try and win...HA!
5.Janellie Bean won!!!
Good times, good times!!!! Wanna join me? ;)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why I am not married!!! ;)

Why aren't you married yet?!?! For those of us that are single this is a question that is asked QUITE often!!! :) While I don't feel angered or annoyed by the question, I do feel a little akward. I mean what am I supposed to say? The HONEST truth is that I don't know why I am single, cause as far as I see it, I am QUITE the catch! ;)
So on Friday night at our Valentine banquet, I discovered why I am single. I was sitting there with my younger brother John, listening to Bro. Wilson speak on love. IT is soooo sweet as he shares with us how he fell in love with his wife and how still today he loves her sooooo much! Then he starts talking about the love of God. He says he can't imagine and doesn't even want to think about it, but, explains how in heaven there will be no marriages or need for them because we will be filled with soooo much of the love of God! At this point my brother leans over and nudges me...
"THATS why your not married Mary!!!" I was like, huh? Huh? Say what now?!?! He laughs and says, "THATS why your not married!!! GOD IS PREPARING YOU FOR HEAVEN!!!!" HAHAHA!!! I LOVE IT!!!
So why aren't you married?!?! ;) I would love to hear your FUN reasons!!! (No sob stories...PLEASE!!!) Even if your married feel free to leave a reason!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's day!!!

Today was an AWESOME and fun day for me!!! I may be single, without a prospect in sight but I still love Valentine's day!!! I noticed a lot of people kinda bashing Valentine's day this year!!! While I do understand that there are some PAGAN junk behind the original celebrating of the holiday, if that is your reason for not celebrating I can understand. HOWEVER most of the people that I know simply don't like it just because of the fact that they are single!!!!!!!!! For me it is simply a day to celebrate love. I may not be in love, but I do have a LOT of people that I love and they love me in return! I am very blessed!!! Its not like I am sitting around like "WOOHOO!!! Its Valentine's day and I am single!!!" But come on people, why sit around feeling sorry for yourself?!?!?! HAHAHA!!! SOOOOOOOO when I am married and tellin all the single people not to feel sorry for themselves you all can't say I am just saying that cause I am married now!!!!!! IF you do I will pull out this post and say IN YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!!! LOL Anyways, as i testified in prayer tonight, "I thank God that I am single! Not because I want to be, BUT because God is watching out for me!!! Because God has kept me from marrying the wrong person and because I am BLESSED beyond words!!!"

I got DUMPED!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Danny dumped me for his imaginary girlfriend named Ashley! It was soooooooooo funny!!!! Then he was all sad cause she didn't show up so I had to try and cheer him up!!! TOTAL drama...LOL!!!!! Anyways he finally agreed to take a picture with me...BUT...only as friends!!! Then he was sooooo sweet he gave me one of her roses that he had gotten for her!!! Awww man it don't get no better than know what I am sayin!?!?! ;)

Soooooooooooo YEAH.... The banquet was a TOTAL blast!!!!! I was in like all the skits and went in the cake eating contest and like totally last because DAVY pushed my whole face in and I got chocolate up my nose and couldn't breath and was laughing soooooooo hard I couldn't keep the cake in my mouth!!!! Janellie Bean won for us girls!!! LOL that Skinny girl can EAT!!! Watch out Sam!!! Then Bro. Wilson spoke and it was really good and he told all kinds of corny jokes but my fav was this one about a postal stamp and I was like AWWW!!! I can't remember it but will post it when i do...I was sooooo TOUCHED!!! :)Then after all the jokes he spoke on love and it was nice and I even knew his Pooh bear quote!!! (I will have to put up the Pooh bear quote too!! was a great night!!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone has a very, very, very HAPPY Valentine's day!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

I got a date and I'm the luckiest girl!!!

I am going with Danny to our Valentine banquet tonight!!! Awww... I am sooooo excited. Danny is soooooo sweet and funny! After Danny asked me I was like "Man Danny!!! I am one lucky girl to be going with you!!!" AND he gives me that special Danny smile and says, "Yes you are!" RFLOL!!!!! Tonight is gonna be a riot!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Handsome Grandpa!!!

Today is two years that my Grandpa died. I just want to give honor to him today and say that I love him! He was and is still an incredible male figure in my life. He was an all around family man, Mr. Fix-it and the world's GREATEST cook!!! He was honest and filled with integrity. He loved getting good deals and had a coupon for EVERYTHING!!! .
My Mom says he was the best dad a girl could ever as for. When she was a little girl she wanted to marry him and was heart broken when she found out she couldn't cause her mom was already married to him!!! (Awww!!! I want my little girls to feel that way someday!!!) AND I am telling you NO ONE can cook like my Grandpa...Believe me thats why I am now on Weight Watchers!!! ;) Although my mom is the second best cook I know!!!He could fix, Cd players, Hot curler holders and even beds!!! (Don't even ask how the beds broke!!! RFLOL) For more about my Grandpa read this story

This is him in his NYPD uniform...
This is him in the Navy/World War 2

Monday, February 9, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Soooo Excited!!!

On Saturday, Theresa, Marry Joe, Ella and I are going to Phoenix Children's Theatre to see the play If You Give A Mouse A Cookie!!! I love this book!!!! Anyone remember reading this as a kid?!?! So YUP, I am just SIKED about it!!! Before the play there is gonna be like crafts or sumthing for the kids, then they read the book to them and they the production is done by PROFESSIONALS!!! HAHAHA!!! Oh then after the play they give cookies and milk!!! Woohoo!!! I seriously think I am waaay more excited about this than the kids!!! RFLOL!!! Can I get a woot, woot?!?!?

Amazing Jakes!!!!

Amazing Jakes is a really, really cool pizza buffet place...they got everything here, bumper cars, go carts, kiddie rides, mini golf, laser tag, rock climbing, acrade games and best of all BOWLING!!!! LOL The ONLY sport i am DECENT at!!!
Woot, woot!!! Watch comes the expert!!!;)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Funny arguement!!!

Tonight in the car, on the way to church, Jacqui and I busted up laughing as we listened to a heated disussion going on amongst the kids. They were fightin about what the name of are our church is. Finally they asked us is it Landmark Church OR Mary's Church?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! RFLOL!!! I am honored...really!!! =)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I want a lap top!!!

I want a lap top! I want a lap top! I want a lap top! I want a lap top! I want a lap top!!! I want a lap top! I want a lap top! I want a lap top! I want a lap top! I want a lap top! I want a lap top! I want a lap top! I want a lap top! I WANT A LAP TOP! I WANT A LAP TOP! I WANT A LAP TOP! I WANT A LAP TOP!

Man I really, really want one!!!
I personally think this hot pink one is WAY adorable, but heeey if anyone out there has one they wanna give me and its NOT pink I will still TOTALLY take it!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! (Really, I will!;)

The coolest compliment!!!

OMW! Last night at College of Apostolic Ministries, Bro. Garrett gave me the coolest compliment EVER!!! I am in his prayer class, which is INCREDIBLE, and it is the first night so we all have to go around and say our name to the class. When it was my turn I am just like, "Mary Ginty" and he says to the class, "Sis. Mary Ginty, this is just about the happiest gal you'll ever meet!" I was like OOOOoooo thats soooooo cool!!! I mean, I am glad that thats what I am known for!!! =)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Thank God!!!

On this day, February 2, 2009, I just wanna say that sometimes I thank God for UNANSWERED PRAYERS!!! (Listen to the song on my playlist my brother John found it for me) God is sooooooo amazingly good to me. He knows whats best for me when I can't see the way!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Soooo sad!!

The Cardinals lost!!!!! LOL NO SURPRISE!!! HAHAHA!!! Man its still a total BUMMER!!! I bet Obama rigged it!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! LOL =)