Saturday, June 30, 2012


Okaaaaaaaaay sooooo THIS IS ESTHER!!! (My grandbaby's Mom) She got OUT of the hospital Wednesday evening annnnnd got to my house last night and is staying till Monday evening before I leave for my trip to SOUTH CAROLINA annnnd then our cruise to the Bahamas...
ANYWAYZ...she arrived here WEIGHING IN AT 85 pounds...EIGHTY FIVE POUNDS PEOPLE!!! AFTER GIVING BIRTH to a baby THREE WEEKS AGO!!! I don't know if you can quite tell this from the pics BUUUUUT she is like SKIN AND BONES!!! A size EXTRA SMALL is currently TO BIG for her!!!
Do you know how LITTLE eighty five pounds is??? MJ, my neice weighs 65 pounds...I THINK the last time I weighed 85 pounds was around first grade...cuz I know I hit the 100 mark in SECOND GRADE...LOL!!! Sooooooooooo...
She wants me to FATTEN HER UP and I am PRETTY sure I can do this...WITH MY AMAZIN COOKIN SKILLS...Not braggin...just being HONEST...LOL...How much do you all think I can get her to weigh by MONDAY NIGHT??? Now remember she does NOT have a HUGE appetite buuuut she does loooove my cookin and I make her WHATEVERRRR she wants...WHENEVER she wants it...LOL (Oh ANNNND Kim gained 15 pounds after two months of living with us last year...course, she also quit smokin...BUUUT....STILL!)
Leave me a guess and then i'll let you all know before I leave on Tuesday!!! The winner will get your CHOICE of EITHER one of my Apple Pies OR one of my homemade Chicken pot pies! (Yes! These BOTH include HANDMADE CRUST ANNNND if your outta state let me know when I'll cya and you'll get it THEN!!! :)
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Oh Its EASY...

Soooooooo EVERYWHERE I go out with my grandson, EVERYONE really thinks that he is MY BABY!!! Which OF COURSE, I absolutley LOOOOOOVE and there is NO WAY I am NOT going to take credit for having a CHOCOLATE BABY!!!
Sooooo I am always just like, OH THANK YOU!!! ANd everyone is always all like, your doing so good with having a newborn! WOW...look at you...already OUT AND ABOUT...
I'm just like YUP....ITS EASY....

HAHA!!! :D

♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012


I recently had this HUGE ordeal with a tooth that needed a root canal. I was in EXTREME face was infected and my WHOLE face got puffy and I could feel the infection rising higher towards my eye...and I kinda like FLIPPED OUT!!! So my sis found this emergency dentist for me and cuz I was like SOOOO OUT of mom decided that SHE WOULD DRIVE was NOT safe for me to drive...LOL!!!
So we're drivin there and I am in such HORRID pain and I feel soooo sick I can't even keep my eyes open and keep fallin asleep. Weeeellll...when we get closer to the dentist my mom is like okaaaaaaaay its like RIGHT here somewhere but I don't see the sign...and she is like lookin and I just opened my eyes and I was like BAM...MOM...BEST CHOICE DENTAL... ITS RIGHT THERE!!! The sign seemed soooooooo HUGE to me I don't know HOW she could miss it!!!
Soooo I go in the doc does the first half of my root canal, the doc fixes me up so that the infection and pain are gone and I get out and feel better and go on with my life until the next Monday when I have my next appointment for the second half of my root canal!
So I drive over to where I am supposed to go and I CAN NOT FIND the dentist!!! I am searching everywhere and it is NO WHERE to be seen. So I call my mom and she is like well it sounds like your right at the cross streets, you SHOULD be seeing it, especially since your the one that saw it last time when I couldn't even find the sign...and I'm thinkin yeah that was a HUGE sign I KNOW i'll see it!!!
My mom says call the dentist office and tell them where your at. So I call the office and tell the receptionist and she is like, OH your right here, the office is behind the abandoned gas station. Soooo I see the gas station and I am driving around NOT seeing it and then FINALLY I spot this ghetto little sign...

I'm like WAIT...I thought it was a big O sign...buuuuut its NOT!!! AND I was thinkin...WHY was it soooooo hard for me to find it this time buuuuut sooooo easy for me to spot out last time??? As I thought about it, I realized that the difference between THIS time and LAST time was...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Soooo I went out to Cheesecake Factory a couple of weeks ago with some friends... we were all single except one lady was married. SOME HOW...the convo got to being married or is better and someone said that someone said that being single was better than being married cuz some single chick was sayin that one of her married friends said that being married was really boring compared to her life when she was single...(NOT GONNA LIE....WIERD!!! LOL)
So the married woman was like, WEEEEEELLL I woldn't say that being married is boring...its different... she said she never really minded tho being single, it was just that sometimes you really feel LONELY when your single!!! SOOOOO all the other single girls were in agreement...annnnd I was like...yeah...I GUESS...buuuuuuuuuut Idk...I have a good group of people to fellowship with ANNNND even when I'm all by myself...Idk...I usaully just... and my sis INTERRUPS...
MARY NEVER really gets lonely...

cuz EVEN when she IS ALONE...
she just talks to herself!!!
 Bahahaha!!! This is soooo THE TRUTH!!!
What can I say...I'm GOOD COMPANY!!! ;)
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Driving into Grandmahood...

Sooooo all you faithful blog readers know, I AM NOW A GRANDMA!!! (get all the juicy details HERE!!!) last Wednesday, when I was taking Phletcher home from the hospital I was like SUPER NERVOUS!!! Cuz they make you do ALL this stuff before releasing a change their diaper and feed em a bottle and stuff...that its like EASY but you feel nervous with the hospital staff watching you!!!
SOOOOO the nurse tells  me that she will talk the entrance of the hospital with me and then I can pull the van around and she will bring him out to me...sooooo i'm like oh ok, totally NONCHALANT buuuuuuuuuuut inside I went into PANICK MODE!!! Ummmm... this HEAD NURSE does NOT need to observe my DRIVING!!!!
Sooooooo I am like driving super slooooooow and cautious and I get to the front of the hospital with NO mishaps. I get baby Phletcher in the van and THEN...I begin to pull away...carefully and SLOOOOOOOWLY..I was trying soooo hard to do EVERYTHING juuuuuust right....and lets just say that the LAST thing that nurse got to see was me, gracefully and SLOWEY....
Annnnnd that my friends is HOW I began my life into grandmahood!!! :)
♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I wanted to make her laugh...

I wanted to make Esther laugh...cuz she is missing her son sooooo much!!! So I made her this...

It totally worked!!! She was like shaking her head and was like, YOUR FUNNY MARY!!! I got her to smile and laugh...which was my goal...LOL... AWWWW....its WHAT I do best!!! :)
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Blessed...soooooooo BLESSED!!!

My sister was talking to me about something recently and she was just like, Come on Mary, EVERYTHING is just FUNNER when YOU GO!!! And I was just like, AWWWW!!! Then as I was driving home today from visiting Esther at the hospital, I got to thinking...ANNND I had a thought...I get the most BRILLIANT thoughts while drivin...
AND I was driving, thinkin about WHAT my sister said, I thought to myself, You know, I AM BLESSED!!! Very, very, VERY BLESSED!!! I have something that NOBODY ELSE IN THE WORLD has. I AM ME!!! There are people that enjoy and LOOK FORWARD TO BEING WITH ME...thats soooo AWESOME...BUUUUUT as much as I would like, I can't ALWAYS be with EVERYONE...ALL THE TIME!!!
 because I am ME... I have the blessing, the HONOR, the opportunity AND the priviledge of BEING THE ONLY PERSON, in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD (Aside from God) THAT always, always, ALWAYS...

THINK ABOUT IT...its true...don't be JEALOUS!!!
(See I told you I have brilliant thoughts while driving!!!;)
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My new name!!!

Soooo Esther is STILL in the hospital, BUUUUUUT she is doing REALLY GOOD!!! So yesturday her son was going to be released, but she is still in there so she wanted me to be the one to take him home....AND me Esther signed a buncha papers and I officially have legal and medical custody of him until his mommy is released. 
Sooooooo I've been GRAND-Mothering...
 him like cRaZy....

Seriousley!!! I thought being a nanny was THE BEST thing everrr and THEN I became an Aunt and I thought that THAT was just the BEST THING EVERRR.... BUUUUUT NOW I am a Grandma...ANNND its even better!!! Like he KEPT wakin me up last night and like its sooooo ANNOYING..LOL...buuuuuut then as as I pick up and hold him its just like I don't even feel tired anymore!!! HE IS SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! I just hold him laugh and purr at him AND I just LOOOOOOOVERRRS him SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!
BUUUUUUUUUUUT I was thinkin...WHAT is he gonna call me? Cuz he can NOT just call me Mary...and I'm MORE than just an AUNT to him...BUT I am SURE he will be calling Esther's grandma, Grandma, SO WHAT'S MY TITLE GONNA BE??? Then it hit me...I KNEW WHAT HE WOULD CALL ME...

I will be his GRANDMARY!!! :)

I told Esther and she just smiled and was like, ACTUALLY thats kinda good! I was like YOU LOVE IT!!! She's like, I didn't say that!!! I was like, BUT you do...cuz if YOU DIDN'T  you would be letting me know!!! Buuuuuuuuuuut I mean PEOPLE THINK ABOUT IT...GRANDMARY...its soooo fits me anywayz...cuz like, my name is MARY...and like...we ALL KNOW...I'm pretty GRAND!!! ;)
Idk...I think maybe my parent's should just named me that when I was born! :D
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New guy technique...

"A really hot guy l asked me for my number today and all I had to do was hit him car with my car."

I saw this quote today and I was just like OMW... what a GREAT IDEA!!! AHAHAHA!!! Cuz I mean like, I don't how to play all the games, Hard-to-get or, flirt or ignore or WHATEVER...I've tried it all and NOTHING ever works...Idk how to do all that stuff...I'm just like what you see is what you get!!!
BUUUUUUUUUUT hit a guy's car????
NOW THATS something I DEFINATELY could do!!!!
BE SCARED...HOT Apostolic very, very, very SCARED!!!
Bwahahahaha!!! LOLOLOL
Watch out HERITAGE...HERE comes Mar Bear!!! ;)
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The difference between my singin and my drivin...

Soooooo Esther like HATES my singing...with and EXTREME passion...LOL!!! Annnnd she'll like tell me too...DUDE I don't know WHY they have you praise sing! I have NO IDEA WHY your in the choir...I'm like okaaay I have NO IDEA...they ask me to so I do it!!! Most of the time i'm just worshippin anyways...
 Aannnnnnd I have like kinda tried to get out of choir twice (I LOVE to sing buuuut I hate to pratice! Practice for an hour and I STILL sound bad!!! SO whats the point?! LOL) I mean I really do like choir...i'm jus like...okaaaaaaaay there are waaaaaay better singers so they don't need me...The first time was when Bishop Abbott was the pastor and yeah...I kinda dropped out and then he got up and made this announcement that IF you were in the choir you were STILL IN IT until he told you otherwise...soooo if he hadn't talked to you...SING IN THE CHOIR!!! Annnnd since I was like the ONLY one pretty much not going at that time...I got the hint...weeeeeeellllllll THEN...
When Bishop started evangelizing...ANNNND we got our new pastor...I was like, OH he is sooooo NOT gonna care if i'm NOT in the choir...IN FACT he'll probabley be HAPPY about it... Soooo Yeah...I didn't go THAT very night I had thought it ANNND when the choir got up to sing and I was just sittin there.... my NEW pastor turns around and looks at me and is just like, AND WHY AREN'T YOU IN THE CHOIR???? I was like, UMMMMMM... (Thinkin...ok how creepy...cuz I just thought he wouldn't care!)I mean when I sing, I KNOW I ain't no Denae Abbott, or Cara Wilkins or Faith Hopkins, OR THAT Sarah chick from Bro. Morton's church, (See I remember you girrrrl...we met at youth alive...and then we were talkin at WCC again in November...Okaaaay it IS SARAH right? LOL!)  BUuuuut... I told Esther they tell me to sing...soooo NOW i just sing...NOT cuz i think i'm any good...I JUST SING to WORSHIP MY JESUS... Soooo watch out mass choirs... HERE COMES MAR BEAR...Bahahaha!!!
 Soooo the other day when we're driving her to the hospital cuz she thought she was going into labor, she was like closing her eyes in pain. Soooo being the NURTURING, LOVING mommy type that I am, I touch her leg and say, awww Baby do you want mommy to sing to  you?! (I was really just tryin to make her laugh!)
She is just like... NOOOOOOOOO!!! AHAHAHA!!! So i'm tryin to distract her from her pain ANNND she had just been tellin me the night before when I was drivin her what a HORRIBLE driver I am! Sooooo i'm like, weeelll...
 which one do you think is WORSE, my drivin or my singing?!
She is like, BOTH!!! BOTH ARE SOOOOO BAD!!! I'm like, yeah buuuuut which one is worse, YOU HAVE to pick one over the other!!! She is like, okaaaay FINE....YOUR SINGING!!! Your driving is BAD...buuuuut your singing has to GOT to be worse!!!
WHICH I MEAN...if you have EVERRRRR... seen MY DRIVING OR better yet...been with me when I am driving... YOU KNOW...what that SAYS ABOUT... MY SINGING!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Soooooo THEN... when Esther was being discharged from the hospital from having her baby, I had parked in this really CLOSE spot to the entrance so that she wouldn't have to walk very far... BUUUUUUT...I hadn't really paid that much attention to it...annnnnd it was a SUPER TIGHT squeeze....buuuuuuuut then when we came out of the hospital, ALL of the spots around it that were empty before, were filled... sooooo OMW... I was like having a panick attack trying to back out!!! I was sooooooo sure I was going to hit the car next to me or behind me or ANY of them...everything was sooooo TIGHT and sooooo i'm like SERIOUSLEY praying...
Oh Jesus, help me! God Get me out of here! Oh JESUS, i'm STUCK....HELP ME JESUS!!! ANNNND Esther is like HYSTERICAL laughing!!! So when I FINALLY get out of the parkin spot Esther is like, DUUUUUDE Mary, you are SUCH A BAD DRIVER!!! So we're just like laughing and I'm like HEEEEEEY NOW....
You said the other night that my SINGING was WORSE than my can't be going and changing your mind now. She is like NO, I changed my mind...they are BOTH equally as bad...BUUUUT there is a DIFFERENCE...

Your driving is sooooo bad...
Your singing is EQUALLY bad...
its PAINFUL!!!
WAIT till she hears me SINGIN...
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, June 18, 2012


Okaaaaaaaaaaaay soooooooo...
 guess who the First-person-to-wish-me-a-HAPPY-Birthday-award goes to????
YES!!! Thats I got a text from Shelbie thinkin that TODAY, June 18th was my birthday!!! I was like...AWWWWWWWWW!!!! (Like SERIOUSLEY...that is soooo sweeeeeet....I just loooooove when people think about me...cuz like I mean...I just kinda like, LIKE to be thought about!!! ;) BUUUUUUT ACTUALLY...its IN ONE MONTH...JULY 18th!!! Yes...this is a GENTLE REMINDER to all ya all...Wednesday...the 18th...AT HERITAGE is MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I'll be 29-years-old!!! DON'T FORGET!!! ;)
P.S. JULY 18th!!! ;) ;) ;)
♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Heeeey everyone!!!
If you all could PLEASE PRAY for Esther. She has been put back in the hospital on the cardiology floor... there is fluid surrounding her lungs and they are not sure what is wrong with her. She is in severe pain and is having difficulty breathing.
I am heading back over to the hospital now because she is very scared and has asked me to spend the night with her. She told me to please come stay the night and to bring my big Bible!
You guys please pray that more than ANYTHING else God will use this to bring her back to Him. I told her  this afternoon that I have praying that God will do WHATEVER it takes to bring her to repentence. She was like, SO EVEN IF I DIE MARY?! I said heeeey...if you die and go to heaven....thats what really matters!!!
JUST PRAY YOU GUYS...PRAY!!! I loooooove this girl soooo much...I know this God calling her back!!! Pray that God gives me the right words to say!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Happy Father's Day!!!

To my twin...AKA My DAD!!!
Soooooo yeah for everyone that wonders WHY I always talk about being Italian...buuuut am WHITE....weeeeellll...yeaaaaaaah this is where I get my WHITE from!!! LOL! They say if you wanna know what a girl will look like when she gets old just look at her MOM...buuuuut for me ya gotta look at my dad...heeeeeey for an almost-60-year-old...he's pretty good lookin in MY OPPINION...apparently in my mom's too...cuz thats why she chose him over the  guy, she said, "Daddy was just soooo GOOD LOOKIN!" (Woot! Woot!;) When she says that I just feel like she is sayin it about me...ya know...since I look JUST LIKE HIM!!! HAHA!!! :)
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Weeeeeelllll I just HAD to do a blog post on my good friends, The Phelps from Prescott, AKA THE DORKS!!! Weeeeelll thats always been my name for Justin, i told him back in the day that it didn't matter if he became some big time preacher preaching at some conference, I would still be yellin out...HEEEEEY DORK!!! HAHAHA...and so when him and Tara got married she just naturally became Mrs. Dork...LOLOL!!! (To any of you all that were with my at iHop this past week, JUSTIN is the one that got the blanket thrown over him during the Heritage bagel story!!! HAHAHA!!!)
Sooooo during our teen years, Justin and I were best friends...pretty much up until he got with Tara... (cuz i'm NOT one of those physcho girlZ that thinks you cans till be best friends with a guy after they get married) all happened cuz we both had FRIENDS that we had crushes on... soooooo yeah we were USING each other...LOL...I remember when we realized that we were BOTH USING EACH OTHER!!! HAHA!!! Both us were just like, SOOOO you mean you don't really want to be my friend?! SOOOO YOUR USING ME?!?! Both of us responded back to each other like, I would really WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND!!! BAHAHA!!!
ANNNNND Justin is sooooooo the one that helped me start my stalking career!!! AHAHAHA!!! Soooo yeah...I liked this guy from Justin's church, I won't like mention his name on my blog, but this is the guy that I brought camera binoculars to Conqueror's Conference and i stalked this guy while he played the piano/organ on the platform...BAHAHAHAHA...
So anywayZ, Justin figured out this guy's password (Puff 28...BAHAHAHA!) and helped me hack into his email account and we used to read his emails from this chick he liked all the time and like I don't what I did but I made it so that I could NOT ONLY read his emails FROM THIS GIRL...buuuut I could read ALL the emails he was sending out too...OMW CAN YOU BELIEVE that we would do that??? Then we like got CONVICTED or scared...something like that and I think we like confessed to it...buuuut yeah that was the beginnin of my career as a stalker!!! ;)
AND then like since he helped me stalk, I would help him stalk and yeah...neither of us got very far in our STALKIN careers...even though i'm STILL at it...;)...buuuuut then one day Justin met the beautiful TARA and I think we ALL knew they were meant for each other  when Tara looked at the bottom of her shoes and they said, "Skid Resistant!" (Which is kinda an inside joke to this test we made up called, "How to know she really LOVES YOU!" AHAHAHA!)And Tara's brother Jordan likes to think that HE WAS the first one that found out Justin liked Tara, buuuuuut NO...I WAS THE FIRST ONE HE TOLD!!!
 Cuz like, he was all worried about HOW he was gonna tell his friend Jordan that he liked his sister and I can't remember WHAAAAT all I said to advise him but i'm sure it was some AMAZING advice and wisedumb!!! BAHAHA!!! Sooooo, Yeah...when Jordan was giving his best man speech at the wedding...I soooo just wanted to interrupt him and say NO actually, I WAS the first one Justin told...cuz I helped him tell you...buuuuuut yeah...Jordan was like cryin and stuff sooooo I just kept my mouth shut...buuuuuut NOW i'm sayin it!!! LOLOL!!!
AnywayZ, him and his wife came over to me at Old Time Camp Meeting last week and I was sooooooo HAPPPY to them...buuuuuut...its been several years since I have seen them and I was like SHOCKED...LIKE...OMW YOU ALL HAVE TWO KIDS NOW?!?!?! When did THIS happen?!?! sooooo Here they are...
I was just like, this is SOOOOOO WEIRD!!! I mean, I TAUGHT JUSTIN HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS and NOW, he is married with two kids and I'm still single, STILL TRYIN TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO TALK TO GUYS...and like gettin ready to go to a youth night...cRaZy...AND I was like, OMW I'm bloggin about you guys sooooo BE LOOKIN!!! LOL ANNNND yeah...then I walked away...cuz like...
i'm STILL a young person...
and I was gettin bored!!!
HEE, hee!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Just call me GRANDMA!!!

Guess WHAAAAAAT everyone???
Fo REALZ!!! I know, cRaZy right?! K!!!! Sooooo this is the story...
Once upon a time, I had a beautiful lil Liberian girl from a troubled home come live with me!!! We LOVED each other with all our hearts... She was ten and I was 24 when this all happened...ANNNND had it been up to us, we would have lived together FOREVERRR!!! Buuuuut things didn't go the way we wanted and we got seperated and pulled apart from each other...BUUUUUT we neverRRR everrrr stopped loving each other...NEVERRR!!! And you can read more about THAT here!!!
As I'm sure almost EVERYONE that knows me or has read my blog, has at one time or another heard me talk about my ESTHER!!! So my lil girl, she hasn't been living for God but I still love her and God has given me an EXTREME burden for her...and weeeeelll she knows that...LOL...cuz I NEVERRR let her forget it!!!
Anyhow, she came to live with for a lil while the end of last year. ANNNND we thought that things were going to be the way they used to be...but due to choices and circumstances things were NOT the same... and in the end Esther, let me know that she had just found out she was pregnant...
she was scarced...she thought I wouldn't want to be around her anymore...buuut like DUH...of course I'm NOT like that and HONESTLY I wasn't like shocked by it!!! I already knew the way things were in her life!!!
She was being told by ALL different people that ABORTION was the answer...weeeeellll of course she wasn't going to get very far with that route with me and plus she knew in her heart that she couldn't do that. She said she knew she was a sinner, commiting sin and still doing sin...BUUUUT that was one sin she just couldn't commit! Sooooo she asked me to adopt her baby!
 She said that...No matter what, it wasn't the babies fault. BUT she said she also didn't want to keep the baby, because there is NO way she could take care of it or be a good mom BUT she didn't want her family to get the baby, cuz none of them would treat it right, cuz they would raise the baby like she had been raised.
BUT the ONLY person that she would want to raise her baby was me. So even though she wasn't going to keep the baby she was VERY particular about who was going to raise it. She said she wanted her baby to have the kind of home that she had when she was with me and she knew that because I loved her I would always let her be a part of the babies life AND also because I was the only white person she knew that wouldn't mind havin black baby. She's like, people SAY that they don't care, BUT THEY DO! I was like WEEEEEElLLL you know that don't bother me...You know i've ALWAYS wanted....she's like DUH MARY! I KNOW!!!! (LOL!)
Of course I was like ESTATIC, cuz I mean SERIOUSLEY...I have ALWAYS wanted a CHOCOLATE BABY!!! When I was four years old, my sister got a real baby doll for Christmas and I wanted one soooo bad...buuuuut I wanted a BLACK ONE!!! And I begged my mom for 6 months for a BLACK REAL BABY DOLL annnnnd i'll NEVERRRR forget, on my 5th birthday, JULY 18th, 1988...I opened up my present and there she was...MY BLACK BABY DOLL!!! JESSICA...She was my favorite doll ever ANNNND I still have her!!! :) Soooo yeah...I was like OMW, I'm really gonna get a REAL BLACK BABY!!!
Sooooo people were like telling me ok, you gotta look into gotta get adoption certified, etc...etc...but Idk...I just wasn't 100% sure that this was what GOD wanted. Maybe God wanted this baby with another Apostolic family...with a mom and a dad...was I REALLY the best thing and would this in some way come between me and Esther? So I asked her if she was STILL sure that she wanted ME to adopt the baby...what if there was another Apostolic family that would raise her baby in a good home and she was just all, LIKE WHO?! A black family or a white family? So I was like weeeellll I mean I don't know for sure...I don't even know any people for sure that are lookin to adopt but I can find out...I can ask around...
She was like i'm tellin you Mary, if they're NOT black they are NOT going to want my baby!!! THey will be like, Oh it should be with black people cuz it will be confused and all this stuff  and they will have all these excuses, but its really cuz they JUST don't want a black baby, She was adamant your the ONLY one I will give my baby too, because your the ONLY one I know FOR SURE, that would truley love it! (Awwww)
Buuuuuut still I knew I wasn't going to adopt this baby...NOT that I didn't want it, I just knew deep down inside that it wasn't God's will...Ultimatley, I LOVE ESTHER!!! Even when I would hear people say, Oh that poor baby, that poor child, you gotta adopt him, she can't raise him, he has to be taken away from her...Idk...I just felt like...SOMEONE still has to care about Esther. She is still a broken, hurting, lost little girl... God brought us to each other and there is NOTHING that will ever change that love I have for her in my heart and I knew if I adopted her baby I would have to choose her baby over her...PLUS...more than anything else, I believe in her!!!
I know when people see her, they just see this ghetto chick with some MAGOR attitude....buuuuut oh man I just love her sooooo much and I can see her heart...I know that deep down inside she really does love God... I KNOW that...So I just let her talk about whatever...buuuut then she like heard her babies heartbeat and she found out she was having a boy and OH MAN I could tell something in her was changing towards this baby...
Meanwhile, she was gettin all this trash from the other African people, she is a whore cuz she is pregnant at 14 and blah, blah, blah and i'm like LOOK, i'm not sayin you are or aren't, thats between YOU AND GOD...buuuut...being pregos doesn't make you that. Being pregnant is NOT a sin...its WHAT you did that got you pregnant that is a sin...and I'm NOT condoning what you did or the way you have been living...its WRONG and it is SIN...buuuuuuut all the rest of the African people that are talkin about you are doing the same thing! They're all fornicating and living in adultrey and getting pregnant and they think its ok cuz they're adults...weeeeellll SORRRRRY BUUUUUT sin is SIN!!!
Sooooo when I could tell Esther was starting to change about her baby I was like, LOOK, if you want to keep him its ok! I'm fine with that. I'm NOT out lookin to be a single mom...I've just ALWAYS told God that I am AVAILABLE if thats what he chooses...I'm WILLING...buuuuut honestly I would prefer to be married before children. (I REALLY DO WANT A CHOCOLATE BABY THO!!!:)
And I told Esther, I KNOW you can be a good mom...You can...and if you want i'll teach you EVERYTHING I know about being a mom...NOT that i'm sayin i'm an expert of nutin...LOL...but i'll help you be a good mom...teach you about the CORRECT way of disciplinin teachin your baby about God...etc... so finally she decided...I'm gonna keep him!!! AND I honestly felt sooooo happy for her. I told her that NO MATTER what anyone says, a baby is gift from GOd. The Bible says that children are a treasure...and I told her that this baby was NOT a punishment from God...but a BLESSING!!! I really believe that...God is the giver of life...he chose to allow this baby to be formed...He wasn't an accident on God's part...GOD MADE HIM!!!
So Esther wanted me to help her pick out a good name for him...she was like...I want him to have a BLACK NAME...not an AFRICAN name...buuuut a BLACK AMERICAN MAN's name!!! HAHA!!! I'm like okaaaaaay sounds good to me. ANNNND I found ALL these awesomely black man names for her...Trevonte, Tyrone, DeShawn, DeAndre, Xavier, Jamal...ETC...buuuuuuuuuut she couldn't decide on any of these names FOR SURE...and this WHOLE time she just couldn't decide WHAAAAAT she was going to to name him...
I mean she went into false labor Wednesday night and we brought her in, and EVEN THEN she didn't know WHAT she was going to name him...WEEEEEELLLL...Friday morning, June 8th at 4am... Esther had a c-section and at 4 am...
 Phletcher Lamar La Neil Wilson entered into the world!!!
AHAHAHA!!! Isn't that like THE AWESOMEST little black man name EVERRRRR?!?! Soooo DRAMATIC...I LOOOOOVE IT!!! 6 pounds, 1 ounce and 19 inches long and Esther adores him!!! ANNNNND of course SO DO I!!! BECAUSE this now means ONE THING...I am NOW OFFICIALLY A...
 WOOT! WOOT!!! Thats right...ya all can just start callin me Grams!!! Esther's whole family is like, MARY! You have a grandson now!!! His actual grandma, who is MY AGE, was like I AM NOT to be called grandma, YOU CAN be called his Grandma Mary!!! I'm like sounds good to me!!! Esther's grandma was just like, "Mary, you have a grandson now!" (I wish you all could hear me say this with my African accent! LOL)
This  pic below is when Esther said that her WHITE mom is mental, cRaZy, weird and NEEDS HELP!!! (I won't say her EXACT words cuz they may be offensive to some people...LOL!)
 I'm just like SWEEEET!!!! And I have beeeeen kinda going to see my lil grandbaby NON-stop since  his birth...OMW YOU GUYS...he is soooooooooo ADORABLE!!!
 Esther was just sittin there lookin at him and shakin her head...she is like...I do NOT know where you got all this hair from didn't get it from musta got it from Mary!!!! (Weeeell he's gotta get something from his grams!) Awwwww HE HAS MY HAIR!!!
I told Esther one time...I am SOOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!! She is like, WHY? FOR WHAT?! I'm 15-years-old and pregnant, whats there to be proud of?!?! I'm like, because, you may have made a MILLION bad decisions for yourself in the past, and even in the future, BUUUUUUT choosing LIFE for your baby...
WHEN EVERYONE was pressuring you into having abortion, YOU CHOSE LIFE and that is ONE CHOICE that was THE RIGHT CHOICE and for that I am proud of you!!!
Soooooooo this is the beginning of my life in Grandmahood...
I will have MY OWN Chocolate baby...
for now I am content being chocolate baby's GRANDMA!!!
Woot! Woot!!! ;) 
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My mom's dream!!!

Soooooo last week when we had that Ladies Tea at our church, after Elder Sis. Cleveland had Sis. Bishop Abbott teach on submission, she asked my mom to speak about her loving her children or something like that. 
So my mom is you know just talking about her kids and HOW WONDERFUL we are or whatever she is saying and then she is like you know being a mom was just the best thing that EVER happened to me! (Awww) And she was like you know EACH TIME I would find out I was pregnant, it wasn't a drudgery....i always felt like it was SUCH A BLESSING!!! She said EVERY TIME,  I was just sooooo happy and excited about it!
Then she is just like, you know people thought I was having too many kids, buuuut I never felt that way, IN FACT, she says, my dream was to have TEN KIDS!!! She kinda sighed and was like, buuuut God only allowed for me to have five and thats ok! BUUUUUT my dream in life was to have ten kids!!!
Soooo as my mom was talking about her dream of ten kids a thought came to my mind and OF COURSE i had to speak it!!! ;) So I raised my hand and my mom called on me and I was like, WEEEEEEEELLLLLL MOM...I don't think its to late...
you can STILL have your TEN KIDS!!!
(Awkward silence by ALL! LOL!)
I just laughed as I explained myself! MOM...You always tell us that whenever one of your kids get married, that their spouse is now ONE OF YOUR KIDS....soooooooo just think...WHEN ALL FIVE of your kids get married, you will have YOUR TEN KIDS!!!!!!!
My mom like totally loved that!!! She like got this HUGE SMILE on her face and was like, OH THATS TRUE Mary! Good thought!!! (Occasionally they do come to me!;) She was like thats right, ONE DAY, I will have my ten children!!! :) Awwwwwwwwww!!!!
Soooo...SO far my mom has 7 out of her ten kids, AND as of September 22 she will have 8 out of her ten kids. 
That leaves me and Theresa...
(the boys think they're REALLLY SOMETHING cuz they all are gettin married before us girls...I'm just like WHATEVERRRRR...God's saving THE BEST FOR LAST!!!) ANNNND I just wanted to see HOW MANY OF YOU ALL OUT THERE...would like to start praying for my MOM'S DREAM TO COME TRUE!!! 
My mom has been one of the most faithful, sacrificing woman of God EVERRRR and weeeeeelllll...heeeeey....I just want to make ONE LAST DREAM OF HERS COME TRUE!!! 
Pray that my mom gets her TEN KIDS!!! :D
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


So last Saturday we were having a ladies tea at our church and Elder Sis. Cleveland was speaking about faithfulness to God and then while she was speaking she asked her daughter, Sis. Bishop Abbott to just say a few words about submission...because I mean come on Sis. Abbott is pretty much like an expert on this subject. I mean, if she was in college to be a professor she could soooo get her master's degree on this topic!!! LOL
Soooo Sis. Abbott is talkin about it and she is like I mean, ALL of us woman of at one time or another struggled with submission to our husband. THEN she even challenged us ladies, can ANY of you ladies sitting here today honestly say that there has NEVER been a time that they didn't submit to their husband...and EVERY WOMAN SITTIN there was SILENT...they were ALL guilty...ANNNND as I was sititng there thinkin about it I was like okaaaaaaaay ACTUALLY, YOU KNOW WHAT???
ME!!! I am THE WOMAN that has NEVER NOT SUBMITTED to my husband!!! and my hand just went shooting up!!! Everyone just busts up laughing and i'm like, Heeeey, now...I can HONESTLY say that there has NEVERRRRR been a time that I havn't submitted to my husband!!! My sis was like, okaaaaaaaaaaay you also haven't even met him yet...i'm like heeeey...we don't need to be gettin all negative... that wasn't the question!!! HAHA!!! Soooo everyone was laughing and Sis. Bishop Abbott was, "well i'm believing in FAITH that Mary is going to be a VERY OBEDIENT WIFE!!!" (I was like, OMW!!! Say whaaaaaaaat?!?!? FO REALZ?? I felt soooo HONORED that Sis. Bishop Abbott, THE instructor, the professor, the expert on submission,  is pretty much sayin that i'm gonna get an A on the topic...I was for two-seconds-before-i-started-jokin again... sooooo TOUCHED that she would think that about me...AWWW!!!)
My hubby... He'll be like, "make me a sandwhich woman!" and I'll be like YES LORD! (You know cuz Sarah was so submissive she called Abraham Lord?!) Cuz i was just about to wash some more dishes BUUUUT...let me get  you that sandwhich first! Do you want mayo and mustard with that? The bread toasted? Cheese? Lettuce? Tomatoes? Onions?  Should I slice the sandwhich? vertically? Diagnonally? Two halfs or four?  A glass of ice tea? Sugar? Splenda? A pickle? Chips? A back massage while you eat it? BahAHAHAHAahaha!!!
Soooo yeah single ladies...
this is something we can ADD to our resumes...we have NEVER NOT SUBMITTED TO OUR HUSBANDS...awww it feels sooooo GOOD to be able to say that...
Don't be JEALOUS....
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

BLonde driving moment!

Okaaaaaaaaay sooooo I knew that our trip to A Mountain Apart Youth Camp was going to be INTERESTING, before we had EVEN ARRRRRIVED at the church where the youth were all meeting...
Sooooooo we're on our way to the church, Me, my sis, MJ and my mom is driving us. We are ALMOST there, like seriousley less than half of a more mile on Shea before we turn. WEEEEEEEEELLLLL... ALL OF THE SUDDEN...this MINI VAN comes flying past us like TOTALLLLLY SPEEDING and honking the horn at us.
I was like like totally spooked me and made me jump in my seat. We're like WHO in the world is THIS cRaZy driver...weeeeeellll it turns out it was Jac and it was seeming like she wanted to race us to the church.
My mom was like OH THAT IS RIDICULOUS the way she is driving and she is going on about and I was just sittin there thinkin like, OKAAAAAAAY I don't think it would hurt us to ACTUALLY be doing the SPEED LIMIT!!! (Haha) Soooo we just keep going our slow and steady pace and we're about to turn the corner of Shea to our church WHEN...
Jac's van starts slowing down and she is all flashing her lights at us and my mom is like, OH I think something must be wrong with her van. My sis is like, NOPE she's just being dumb again keep driving! AHAHA! Soooo my mom is like NO I really think something is wrong...I'm like Naw mom she is probabley just hyper or something so my mom is like NO MARY CALL HER!!! I'm just FOR REALZ?!?! Mom who cares she just blew past you...she is like MARY CALL HER!!! Sooooooooo I CALL HER Annnnnnd...
She answers her phone and i'm like MY MOM wants to know if everything is ok?! So Jac is like, okaaaaaaaaaay your gonna laugh at me buuuuuut I just ran out of gas! I was like whaaaaaaaaat LAUGH?!?! I was HYSTERICAL!!! She had totally blown past us ONLY to run out of gas before getting to the final destination. BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
My mom and sis was like whats going on? I'm like, SHE RAN OUT OF GAS!!!! My sister was like HYSTERICAL and my mom was just sittin there shaking her head! Soooo since our van was full of people ANNNND mom dropped us off at the church then turned around and got Jac!!!! AND THAT my friends is the begginning of our trip to A Mountain Apart Youth Camp! 
Soooooooooo the moral of THIS STORY IS: 
IF your going to race somebody on the freeway, NOT that I everrrr would OR that I would reccomend it, buuuuuuuuuuut IF your gonna be cRaZy and race someone, FIRST OF ALL, make sure it is NOT their mom driving the car and second and MOST important of all...
BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Omw! I'm still laughing!!! Luv ya Jac! ;)
♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

When I make cupcakes!!!

This is soooooooooo ME!!! My mom gave me this cake pop book and I was like Ummmmm...MOM REALLLY, you think your daughter is ACTUALLY going to be able to make these intricate lil designs?!?!
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Driving DREAMS!!!

Soooooo a couple of weeks or so ago, I had THE CRAZIEST dream EVERRRR about DRIVING!!! The first part of the dream was that I was driving buuuut it felt really AWKWARD the way I was sitting and I couldn't figure out WHY buuuuuuut it felt like I was leanin over across the car to the steering wheel to drive. I'm like okaaaaaaay this is WEIRD whaaaaaaaat IN THE WORLD is going on?!!??!?!?!
THEN, in my dream, as I was awkwardly driving, I suddenly REALIZED... I was sitting in the passengers seat and trying to drive from there. In my dream i'm thinkin like okaaaaaay WHY am I driving like this??? AND then it hit me, I was soooooooooooo USED to sitting in the passenger seat pretty much my WHOLE LIFE that I was even trying to drive from there. AHAHAHAHA!!! It was ONLY after I woke up that I realized that there is NOOOOO WAY I coulda been drivin from that side cuz I would have to be hitting the gas, buuuuut  ya know how it is in DREAMS...sometimes ALL COMMON sense is just COMEPLETELY LOST!!! (Which makes me wonder if I am sometimes LIVING IN A DREAM!?!?!)
ANNNNNNNNND the truth is THAT... Since I have started driving, and my sis would hand me the keys, there has been quite a few times that I started walking over to the passengers side of the car and my sis would be like, can't drive from that side!!! LOL
Sooooooooooo NOW its time for the SECOND half of this dream...if you felt like the FIRST part of the dream was cRaZy, get ready...AHAHAHA....sooooo there I am driving from THE DRIVER'S seat this time and all of the sudden I start like having this panick attack...OH NO!!! Where is my sister's van? I can't find it!!! ANd I'm like soooo worried, driving all over the place searching for it and EVERYWHERE I look its NO WHERE to be found...sooooo i'm like soooooooo UPSET. I'm like, I LOST MY SISTER'S VAN...
ANNNNNND THEN...all of the sudden, IT DAWNED ON ME...THE VEHICLE I WAS in, FRANTICALLY DRIVING AROUND, searching for my sister's van...
BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I was frantically lookin for a car and I WAS DRIVING IT...LOLOLOLOL!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I remember thinkin in my dream, like WOW...I have GOT TO BLOG ABOUT THIS...this is soooooo a CLASSIC MARY MOMENT!!!
Strangely, my sister doesn't find this dream, QUITE as funnnny as I do. :D
Sooooo Hanna, Anali, Jedidah, Jayne, Liz... you girls SURE you don't want ME drivin ya all to HERITAGE?!

♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Take a deep breath...

Wake me when the baby is BORN!!!

OMW! I AM SOOOOOO TIRED!!! Can't people go into labor at a more convient time???
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Knocking on the floor!

This was sooooo FUNNNY!!! I go into our room Thursday night after we had already had an extension to stay out later and play volley ball, (which THANK YOU ALAHONDRA for being brave and asking ANNNNND thank you Bro. Andrew for being AWESOME and saying YES!!! :) AnywayZ, we get back to our rooms and its LAAAAAAATE like 2 am by now and all of the SUDDEN I see DAISY, YES I said DAISY, knocking on the floor!

I'm like WHAAAAT in the world?! AND Alahondra was on her top bunk and was like OH DAISY don't even respond and she was like, OH NO there is something in me I just HAVE TO!!! So what was going on was that THE GUYS were in a room beneath us and were somehow knockin on their ceiling to US, which is our floor!!! LOLOLOL!!! Can we say DESPERATE???? Bahahahaahaha!!!!

Sooooooo the NEXT thing I know Alahondra was off her top bunk, STILL NOT SURE WHY she chose a top bunk when the bottom one was empty, I guess she is just WEIRRRRD like that, and she is just now laying flat out on the floor knocking back FULL FORCE! AND me, I'm just sittin there like, OKAAAAAY they probabley aren't supposed to be doing this buuuuut its really funny, sooooooo i'm just snapping pictures....WEEEEEELLLLL ALL OF THE SUDDEN...

I hear the scuffling of feet down the hall coming towards our room, ANNNNND I won't mention any names, BUUUUUUUUUT I knew they were the feet of our very-pregnant-about-to-pop dorm mom, and something instinctley told me THAAAAT, she would NOT find this quite as humerous as me...sooooo being the incredibley MATURE person that I am I whispered to the girls, STOP! ADULTS ARE COMING!!!!! (Bahahahahhaha!!!! When I was tellin this story to Janelle shewas like ummmm...Mary aren't you older than Devi? I'm like NOPE! I'm a year and one month younger than her! Besides, DEV has pretty much ALWAYS been an adult in my life! LOL)
Daisy immediately curled up into her blanket and managed to look asleep, Alahondra on the other hand, judged that she wouldn't be able to jump into the top bunk in time so instead she jumped into MY BED with me and tried to appear SLEEPING....ahahahaha...and this is WHEN...
Very-pregos-about-to-pop DORM MOM opens the door and bursts through. ALLL IS DEAD SILENT as the guilty party PRETENDS TO SLEEP!!! She sees me sitting on the edge of my bed, with my camera STILL in my hand...LOL and she is like, is SOMEONE in this room knockin on the floor? I'm thinkin like OMW...what should I say, I don't wanna like buuuut...ummmmm...soooo I say, I'm NOT knockin on the floor.
Ooooo but very-pregos-about-to-pop dorm mom knows me TOO WEEEEELLL...she is like, NOT YOU, buuuuut is ANYONE???? I'm like AWWWWW MAN!!!! Sooooo i'm tryin to think of a good response that wouldn't be tellin on my roomates buuuut also wouldn't be lyin to my other friend...hahaha...soooooooo i'm about to say,
WEEEEEEELLLL it was the boys that STARTED IT, buuuuuuut before I could get that out, ALAHONDRA, decided to emphasize that she REALLLLY WAS ASLEEP, by letting out a quiet, gentle little SNORE!!! I'm like REALLLLY ALAHONDRA, YOU HAD TO SNORE???? AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Very-pregos-about-to-pop dorm mom's head whirls over to the "SLEEPIN" lump behind me. She narrows her eyes as she realizes WHO it is...
HONDRA! GET IN TO BED!!! She is like, Huh, what's going on? TRYIN to act INNOCENT, Oh Sis. Devi, you woke me up! HONDRA!!! AND yeah...weeeellll thats pretty much the END of the story and the MORAL IS....yes, there IS A MORAL...
THE MORAL OF THIS STORY IS, if your gonna do STUPID STUFF, be smart like DAISY and sleep on the BOTTOM BUNK where it is EASY to hide and look INNOCENT!!! Seriousley ALAHONDRA, with ALL THE STUPID stuff you do, YOU NEED TO BE...


♥Mary Frances :)