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ME TOO!!! ;)
HAHA!!! Soooooooo recently, God has given me a burden for my single peers! I just want to be inspiring and encouraging to you all and I feel like it needs to be done NOW, while i'm still RIGHT here with you all experiencing SINGLEHOOD together!!! Cuz ya know, one of these days i'm gonna surprise you all announce my looks BARREN...buuuut just wait...its about to happen...YOUR ALL INVITED to the wedding...POTLUCK so bring something GOOOOOD!!! ;D  Heh, heh! Seriousley tho peeps, I just wanna say to you all...We're NOT forgotten and God DOES have a plan for us and WE can laugh and keep a smile on our face while we wait for Him to fulfill His will in our lives!!! 
I started in August 2012 doing a Singles week, the response back to me was incredible. People kept telling me how much they needed it...I thought I was done after one week, buuuuut people kept asking me for more! They were coming to me at youth functions and conferences, saying MARY! I didn't want to say it on your blog or in front of other people, buuuuut PLEASE WRITE MORE FOR SINGLES!!! Sooooo by popular demand i've been writing MORE for SINGLES!!! 
Got single Jokes? So single that...? Cartoons? Humor stories? Testimonials? Has God used YOU as a Single? Advice for singles? Things you would like to hear more about? Let me know!!! 
I'm SINGLE and I know it!!! #1
I'm SINGLE and I know it!!! #2
I'm SINLGE and I know it!!! #3
I'm SINGLE and I know it!!! #4
I'm SINGLE and I know it!!! #5
(A Devotional about purity)
Holding His Hand
(This is my personal Singleness testimony)
Broken Hearted
This is my testimony of how God healed me of a broken heart
The Little Messenger
This is a story that EVERY APOSTOLIC FEMALE needs to read!!! LOL!
One thing I'll NEVER say!!!
Or you could be like ME!!!
Girl advice!
Oh you KNOW IT!!!
Gentleman award!
A song for me!
Ready for MARRIAGE!!!
New Guy technique!
Mom's DREAM!!!
Submission...Ooooo! ;) 
What I'm asking for in a husband! ;)
A Little Note! 
Its gettin clearer! 
Mary WiseDUMB on MEN! ;)
That Awkward moment WHEN...
My driving AND my FLIRTING!!!
Apostolic Girl Pick up line!!!
This is Romantic!
Extra Time!
Find The Roast!
Maybe, JUST MAYBE!!!
A Little Love Story!
Furthering MY TESTIMONY!!!
WHY I don't need an Iron!
Girl advice!!!
Break-up sCRIPTURE!!!

The FIRST week HERE!!!