Friday, April 30, 2010

Apostolic Male Model #4

April, is BY far, MORE outstanding thany ANY other Male model that has or ever will step foot onto
Many people wouldn't automatically think of him as the next male model...
Because often times there are some things that just SEEM LIKE THEY wouldn't mix well together...
LIKE Oil and Vinegar ALWAYS seperate.
AND there are chemicals that you shouldn't mix together like bleach with ammonia...CUZ the rusults are TOXIC!!!
THEN there are some foods that just don't seem like they would taste good togehter
Like Ice cream and sausage! Ewwwww!!!
Well my friends,
I have a little scientific question for you all...
 WHAT do you think happens when you mix
Corned beef & cabbage
Pancit & Lumpia
Spagetti & meatballs?!?!

Thats Irish, Filipino & Italian
ALL together...
The results may seem lethal...
BUT this experiment results were...

Ladies AND Gentlemen!!!
I present before you ALL
1/2 Filipino, 1/4 Italian, 1/4 Irish
(Thats some AWESOME math skills right there folks!)
Here he is, strutting his stuff in pinstripes, because ALREADY, at almost 7 months...
He knows that there is NOTHING hotter and manlier on guys than PIN STRIPES!!!
(You won't EVER catch this male model wearing PINK!!! NEVER! He is sooooo manly  pink would just melt right off of him)
AND check out those eyes girls!!!
CHECK out those EYES!!!
There is NOTHING like dark, exotic, almond shaped eyes, framed with LONG lashes!!!
OMW!!! Look at his eye lashes!!!
AND ALREADY... the ladies come and SWARM around him in flocks after church!!!
I of course am one of them!!!
EVERY time I see this picture of us together I like SCREAM!
No REALLY I DO! Just as my sister!!! ;)
AND yes, I know that this is going to make ALOT of you girls out there JEALOUS...but I HAVE in fact actully held him in my arms AND kissed him!!! LIKE all the time!!!
 (Now don't all you guys be getting jealous of HIM for the same reason!!! HAHA! J/k! J/k! TOTALLY J/K ;)
My little Jose, I am SOOOOOOOOO proud of you!
Already in this short time you have made it SOOOOOO far in life!!!
You have touched my heart and made me smile and laugh soooooo much!
ALWAYS remember that Auntie Maria LOVES you!!!
I LOVE you sooooooo MUCH baby!!!
Xoxoxox! Hugs and Kisses! Xoxoxox!
Mwaaaaah! Mwaaaah! (Kissin noises!) Mwaaaaaaah!
OMW! I can't stop myself!!!
I'm like KISSIN the screen right now BABY!!!

THIS IS ME!!! :)

ONLY one person got it right!
YAAAAAAY! Marissa!
( Btw-was that Marissa as in Mandy's neice? Marissa from Tulsa? Or some other Marissa altogether?!?!)
Don' you guys think that TOTALLY looks like me?!?!?
I think I was like two in this picture! Awwww! :D
My mom had bothched my hair BIG time before we got in church!!! LOL!
I have to say that I was kind of surprised at some of the girls everyone thought was me...
I mean TOTALLY waaaaaay different hair color and complexion! LOL! Although I do think the girl with the poof kinda could have passed for me!
You can see another picture of me when I was a kid HERE
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New York Kids Choir

My first pastor and his wife, The Votaws, (the people that won our family to the Lord in Queens NYC and are now missionaries to Asia) had this picture posted...I saw mine and my sister's names and I was like OMW thats me and Tree! Talk about 80's kids!!! HAHAHA! LOL

Can you guys guess which one is me?!?!? :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I remember the first time this certain girl started coming with our group of kids on Wednesday nights. She was loud, rambunctious and TOTALLY obnoxious. You know that kid that is just SOOOOOO annoying and just irks and irks you? Well THAT was HER!!! To be honest, I could hardly even stand her at first and really hoped that she would stop coming. However, she ended up, OF COURSE in MY class. I was like OH GREAT..but  I asked God to help me to love her.
I remember at the end of my first class that I taught her. I told the girls that before they were dismissed I wanted hugs. She looked at me with THE BIGGEST attitude, hand on her hip, doing the head shake and was just like, "Girl, I am NOT like that...I don't hug NOBODY!!!" So I look at her the same way, give her the SAME attitude RIGHT back and say, "You do in MY class!"
The first little while the hugs were very stiff and she wasn't very willing to give, but slowley they started happening and slowley she began opening up to me. In between her trying to act like a tough girl, she told me that she had watched all of her family get shot to death in Africa. She said the soldiers came and shot her family members one by one. Her mom, her dad and her siblings. Finally, it was just her and her little sister left alive. She remembers her little sister crying out to their dead mom, "Mommy, Mommy! Mommy!" Then they just shot her little sister to silence her. But somehow, they left her alive. Now she is here and the family she is living with is actually her mom's mom and the rest of her mom's siblings.
After  hearing that, I just can't help but have a little more patience with her. About a month ago, I saw her for the first time, with tears streaming down her face at the alter. She hasn't recieved the Holy Ghost yet, BUT I know it is coming!!! NOW, when she gets to church, she comes running over to me AND body slams me with a GIANT HUG!!! When it is time to go home she is like, "Oh Mary, I NEED a hug before I leave!" When she said that I realized...WOW! This girl has CHANGED! NO, she's NOT an angel, FAR FROM IT!! ;) But she IS changing!
I believe that LOVE makes a difference. That girl tells me all the time how much she loves me and I don't believe that it is becaue she is in awe of me or because of anything, except that SHE KNOWS that I love her! I always pray, God give me your love. Let the words from my mouth and my actions be more than just things I do, let them feel YOUR love through me. When you really, truley love someone, they KNOW, because they can feel it! I think that as humans, that is why we love God. It's not just because of his awesomeness. It's not just because of the beautiful things that he created or that he is in control of everthing. If he had done all that, but didn't love us, none of that stuff would really even matter. None of that stuff could cause US to love God. BUT...

We love him,
because he first loved us.
1 John 4:19

Makes me waNNa SHOUT!!!

This is from a couple of weeks ago.
I sent it out in a mass email but I forgot to post it on The blog!
 Don't waNNA NOT share this awesomeness of God with you all!!!
there is like NOOOOOO way in the world that I could possibley go to bed without sharing this with you all!!!

Soooooooooo tonight was as usual a pretty hyper night with all the kids at church...but it ALMOST seemed a little MORE louder than usual. So after song service, Bro. Jimmy was dismissing all the classes to go...well my girls were jumping up and down screaming, "US! US! CALL US!!! Soooo he did my class LAST and FINALLY he is like Okaaaaaaay...Sis. Mary's class may go. Soooo my girls get up like SOOOOO obnoxiousley!!! Pushing, shoving, running OUT of their rows, BUT then they have this thing where THEY ALL have to hang on and hug me as we go to class. So this happens and like at the same time they are managing to like slap each OTHER as they hug me. This one girl immediatley starts her usual whining about this OTHER girl. These two girls are ALWAYS bickering with each other. Like last week, the one girl was getting the Holy Ghost and THE WEEK BEFORE the other girl had gotten the Holy Ghost, so I was TRYING to get the one to pray with the other AND that was NOT happening!!! So she is whining about how the other gir was elbowing her when they got up and blah, blah, blah...then to demonstrate what happened... SHE elbowed me and I am like...ummmmm OUCH!!! My body DOES in fact hav feeling TOO!
Soooo I am like Okaaaaaaaay lets just get to class. So the one girl, that had JUST been whining, was like okay but I wanna ask you something first without the other girls...So I am like ROLLING my eyes cause I mean you know...So she motions for me to lean down to her and she is like okaaay I have a question about the Holy Ghost...So i am like oh ok! (This is good) She whispers to me..."Does the Holy Ghost make you want to wear skirts and dresses?" So I'm like, well, yeah...and she just gets this BIG, sweetest smile on her face and she is like, "Because, I just want to wear dresses ALL the time now ever since I got the Holy Ghost and I just keep begging my mom to buy me dresses!" WEEEELLL you guys can JUST imagine me!!! I was like SQUEALING and HUGGING and kissing her!! and she was just soooo happy...she just kept smiling!

The coolest thing about this is that we have NEVER mentioned ANYTHING about holiness AT all to these girls. Aside from me tellin them not to dress like hootchies to church, I have NEVER mentioned holiness to them. She is only ten but she just REALIZED it! AND the really, really neat thing is that this is EXACTLEY what Bro. Garrett talked about in our class just this past Monday night. He talked about GETTING a spirit of holiness on us, inside us and he talked about how a spirit of holiness will make a person NOTICE the difference and just want to change...not because of rules or because their pastor is telling them to, BUT because of God!!! And you know I gotta be honest...the last couple of years i've kinda gone a little overboard with the bling-bling on my clothing and accesories. I mean...You guys know ME!!! I love all that sparkles, glitters and draws MAGOR attention to myself!!! :) But after hearing Bro. Garrett teach about it like the first couple of weeks of class, I was like really starting to feel convicted. I mean I started going through my clothes and hair things and I was like...uh yeah...this is totally the same as jewelery. BUT ANYWAYS...I am just sooooooo EXCITED!!! THIS IS SOOOOOOOOO COOL!!! .
I 'm singing...


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Disneyland-haunted-mansion-adventure!!!

So when I was about 13 or 14 years old my family went with the Abbott's family to Disneyland on the way to PSR( which is now WCC) So as sooooon as we got there, us older kids pretty much went off on our own, leaving "The babies" with my mom and Bro. and Sis. Abbott. (The babies were my two younger brothers and Denae! LOL!) Sooooooo since we were on our OWN, we decided we would risk going on the haunted mansion ride...Oooooooooo! Cause we were just like SOOOO cool! LOL
If you have ever riden this ride, you know that its really NOT that scary...BUT things just ALWAYS seem to happen with ME!!! Soooo I end up seated with Devi and like the WHOLE time I'm just like whooping, hollering and screaming just to be obnoxious and try and scare the people behind me! WEEEEEEEELLLL... we get to the end of the ride and it like slows down and you can see in these electronic mirrors ghosts and stuff that look like they are sitting RIGHT in between you and the other passenger...And like the WHOLE time there are like statutes and stuff that are like all creepy...but I'm just whatever...its all fake..this is lame...totally trying to scare other people.
The more and more we get closer to the end...I am trying to like reach out and touch the ghosts and stuff. So at one point we come to this COMPLETE stop...We are just sitting OF COURSE I get bored! I look up and see this statue like SOOOO close to us! I'm like OH COOL! I'm like telling Devi, as I reach my hand out to touch the statue..."LIKE omw this statue looks SOOOOOOOOOOO REAL!" And as my hand starts touching the statues cheek, the statue...LOOKS AT ME and says..."Thats because I AM REAL!"
AAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I yanked my hand back and screamed SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOUD!!! It WAS A REAL MAN!!! A REAL, LIVE, BREATHING MAN!!! Like some worker that was taking a break or something!!! I was like sooooooooo freaked out for like 30 seconds....then of course HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER!!!!
I still can't believe I was like touching some mans cheeks!!!
Leave it TO ME!!! To make my OWN SCARY RIDE!!! LOL!
As long as I live I'll NEVER forget those words..."Thats because I AM real!"

Monday, April 26, 2010

What people will NEVER say about me!!! ;)

Have you ever seen someone that you havn't seen in like a REALLY long time and your like kinda shocked at how they look?!  I was telling my sister, like WOW!!! I was kinda surprised to see HOW different some of these people look! I mean I AM NOT trying to be mean but like all of these girls that I knew from like waaaaaaaaaay back in the day are like kinda on the hefty side now. Ok, ok, okaaaaay...just gonna be honest...hefty is kinda an understatement...I mean, its not like Chunky or chubby...we're talking F-A-T....FAT!!! LOL! AND like, these were the girls that like ALL the guys sought after. Ten years later and its like BOOM...something happened!
I was telling my sister, I like actually feel kind of bad for them, cause like, to have been THAT thin, like ALL your life and then to just get FAT!!! They must feel really akward about it! Of course, I on the other hand, cannot totally understand how they feel, CAUSE I don't remember EVER being thin!!! The thing that REALLY cracks me up is when my friends gain like ten pounds and then they come to me for weight loss advice or what they should eat...I'm like...ummmmmmmmm...I'm thinkin...maybe...JUST MAYBE...I'm NOT your best weight loss consultant!!! HAHAHA!!! But they feel COMFORABLE with me, cause they KNOW I ain't gonna condemn them or something!!!
 LOL BUT I told my sister after seeing, some VERY surprising weight gains on some peeps...AT least thats one thing I'll NEVER have to worry about people saying about me after not seeing me for 10 years! At least I know they'll NEVER walk away saying to other people..."OMW!!! You are soooooooooooo NOT going to believe this...BUT you know, Mary Ginty from the Abbott's church?!?! Weeeeeeeelllll, she is like FAT now! And then the people are all like GASPING...WHAT?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOO WAAAAAAAAAY!!! Mary Ginty is FAT NOW?!?! I can't believe it!!! We NEVER thought we would see the day!!!" HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! RFLOL!
Yup, AT LEAST thats ONE thing
I'll NEVER have to worry about people saying about me! ;)

Cause I've been there...
Done that...
(Like, the day I was born...I think! :)

P.S. Brown Cow Greek yogurts are only 3 Weight Watcher's points!
They are like SOOOOO good!
Sweet, Creamy and Smooooooth
(OMW! That sounds Sooooo like I'm describing myself! ;)
They also have fruit on the bottom and are REALLY filling...
OH and they sell them at Sam's Club so thats the best deal to buy em!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Immigration Law...

Hi, I'm Mary's older AND wiser sister Theresa, AND with her permission, I am hijacking her blog for a post :P Since Mary is white , she can't really say anything about this new law, but since I'm NOT I would like to speak my mind.
I've noticed that a lot of people are upset about this new law concerning illegal immigration. I would like to say, that hispanic people are NOT the only people that this law is going to affect. I am not hispanic but I am brown and everyone always thinks that I am hispanic. I know that because of this new law, that I may also get pulled over because of my skin color. However, I am ok with this if it is going to help stop illegal immigration. The law is NOT racist, it just happens to be that the majority of illegals in AZ are hispanic. I am sure, if there wasn't an ocean between here and Africa, Europe and Asia, there would be a lot more illegal immigrants of those descent. I understand that it is hard to get here legally, but ... it is POSSIBLE...My sis-in-law, who is Filipino got here legally. It was very long, stressful and expensive, but it happened. I know that Mexico is very poverty stricken, but so is the Phillipines and so is Africa...but if they were living closer here the SAME law would attain to them as well. AND I don't have anything against MEXICANS, my daughter, who is the most beatiful and adorable little girl in the WHOLE ENTIRE world, is also a MEXICAN !!! :)

Just MY two-cents on the law...
 from a brown girl ...
thats probabley gonna get pulled over! ;)


P.S. Concerning all the retarded stuff my sister posts on here...

Archie fans...

Hey you guys!
I've never been an Archie Comics fan, but if you are, You should read this HERE on Sis. Kendricks blog!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Master baker!

As a girl, cooking and baking has been something i have been determined to master. In that time I have had a lot of kitchen MESSUPS!!! I've done everything from Mac and cheese soup to melting spatulas to kitchen fires to ruined pans to flour on the ceiling. I have obtained scars from cuts, burns and blisters...I call them my battle scars...but through all my messups over the years....all the making fun of I get from my brother's, I have been determined to become a GOOD cook!
I learned over the years that if you'll just follow THE RECIPE, exactly, it will turn out right.  Not to brag on my self or nutin, ;) but at 26, I think i've kinda gotten there...I mean Denae and Sheree just LOVE my chicken salad. The guys at church LOVE my peanut butter fudge.  Mexicans LOVE my tamales!  Do you know how HIGH of a compliment it is for me to have (The bishop's wife) Sis. Abbott ask ME for my recipes? To have Bishop Abbott tell me, that if he wasn't already married, he would marry me just for my peanut butter cookies? To have my own mother, the world's greatest cook, tell ME, that she just never could get homemade bread figured out and that mine is soooo GOOD! BUT the ultimate compliment came from my younger brother John (Whom I'm ALWAYS competing with in cooking) text last week, about my burritos...he sent me a text that said...Good! :-)    I just about fainted right there on the spot...I even slapped myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming!!! :P
But as I am sitting there, wallowing in my self-glory, I glance over to my stack of cook books. All of the sudden I think, man, WHO WROTE THE COOK BOOKS?!? I mean, I think I am soooooooo awesome, cause I can FINALLY follow what the directions say to do. But WHO wrote the recipe?! Who was the first person to realize, that if you put just the right amount of flour, sugar and eggs, mixed together and cook it, at just the exact right temperature, for the right amount of time, you'll get a delicious cake. I mean, I may be a good baker/cook,  but the ONE that wrote the recipe?!  NOW thats what I call a MASTER BAKER!!!
Isn't that how we are in life though?! I mean at first we're learning how to just be a Christian. To just live for God. We stumble, we fall at times...BUT...As time goes by we learn that if we'll follow all the directions in the bible we'll do all right. IF we read the book and we'll be just fine. Yet, sometimes we get lost in our own rightousness. We thing we're sooooo wonderful cause we're following everything the bible says to do. We forget that we're STILL just people. We're just a thought, a creation, we don't exist on our own. Everything we are, is BECAUSE of the ONE, that WROTE The Book! It was God that knew, if got some dirt and formed it and breathed his OWN breath into would become a living soul. I don't EVER want to forget that every gift, every talent I posess and life itself comes from God, my creator, MY MASTER!!!
When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers,
the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained;
What is man,
that thou art mindful of him?
 (Psalm 8:3-4)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our prayer request!!!

Class this week was REALLY FUN!!!
So this girl I am with in this picture just totally cracks me up! I was taking prayer requests last night before we started our lesson and finally the girls are like done naming all their millions of requests and this girl is like...WAIT...WAIT..WAIT!!! I have ONE more thing! So I am like okaaaaay...WHAT?!?! She is like..."I JUST wanna pray that God will make me SKINNY!!!" HAHAHAHA!!! Sooooooooo i'm like, "GIRl! I have praying that prayer MY WHOLE LIFE and he ain't answered it yet!!!" She looks at me...kinda nods her head and is like..."OH!!! You too?! You too?!"  I'm like..."YES!!! ME TOO!!!"  (I know big surprise right?!?! ;)  and we like bust up laughing!!!
Then after class Janelle had gotten the girls cupcakes as a they are like eating them...THEN this same girl BEGS us to let her eat the one that fell on the floor...SOOOO we let her!!! LOL (I know, I know, such awesome parental skills we got going on!) THEN she proceeds to EAT THE CUPCAKE wrappers!!! I am like...OMW!!! That is sooooooooooo GROSS!!! She is like...NO  mARY, It's Sooooooo GOOOOOD!!! I'm like...EWWWWW!!! She is like...YOU DON'T know, UNTIL YOU HAVE TRIED IT!!! (RFLOL!)
Soooooooo....I'm like okaaaaay girl, God just gave me A SPECIAL message for you conerning your prayer request earlier. He said IF you want HIM TO MAKE YOU SKINNY, it's hard enough with you eating your cupcake AND the one that fell on the floor... BUT it would really help if you would AT LEAST REFRAIN from eating THE CUPCAKE WRAPPERS TOO!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
This is THE LIFE!!!
 I  LOVE IT!!! :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My weirdo!!! :)

"We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love."
(Author Unknown)
HAHA! AND I guess the weirder you are the harder it is to find that MUTAL weirdness! (Which could possibly be WHY i'm still single! ;) I was talking to one of my friends the other day and I was like MAN!!! What kind of guy do you think I'll end up marrying?! I mean REALLY!?! I think about my peronality and it's HARD to really figure that out!!! Especially when you think about COMPATIBILE..that doesn't mean THE SAME or opposites BUT COMPATIBLE!!! (Look it up in the dictionary people!)
I'm a very OUTGOING-ON-THE-MOVE-INVOLVED-IN-EVERYTHING kind of  person, so I wouldn't do good with a really quiet homebody kind of guy...but i'm also not really a take charge kind of person...but then again i'm overflowing with good ideas ...I wouldn't mind being married to a quiet guy...I just think he would SOOOO be lost in my shadow...HAHAHA!!! Then on the other hand, i'm a very passionate and emotion driven I wouldn't wanna marry someone that melts for the cause with me...but is more steady...BUT still has a heart...AND yet, I for sure don't wanna marry someone JUST like me...cause that would just be A MESS!!! LOL (I mean imagine Mary and Wooten married...whooooooaaaaaaaa!!!) Then again, I think I would annoy the patooey outta some totally sophisticated guy.
So my friend had the PERFECT solution! She said, "Mary, you need to marry a guy, that ISN'T as cRaZy as you, but ENJOYS your cRaZiNeSs!!!" I was like hmmm...I LIKE that!!! Of course that description still leaves A LOT to be said! LOL Sooooooooo I'm CURIOUS...what you all think...
DESCRIBE the personality
(Not the looks! LOL! Ok, ok, Okaaaay you can ad looks if you HAVE too! ;) 
of the man you imagine ME married to!?!?!?
Yes, I know that none of this REALLY matters and that it ALL comes down do the will of God...LIKE DUH! :) 
P.S. All comments ARE monitored ...just in case!!! LOL

Monday, April 19, 2010

Normal people!!!

How VERY true this is! You can SOOOOO think someone is perfect....and THEN you get to know them! HAHAHA!!! Thank God for ALL the people that really know me and STILL love me!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Defintion of GOSSIP!!!

 We're in the van the other day and my niece MJ is just chatting away to me, I'm NOT really listening UNTIL I hear her say, "And those girls at the alter, were GOSSIPING sooooooo GOOD! I was like SOOO proud of them!" I'm like WHAT?! She is like, "Yeah Mary, REMEMBER?!" I'm like, "GIRL, do you even know WHAT gossiping means?! She looks at me like she can't BELIEVE I'm asking her this, then just says...'YEAH!!!" I'm like okaaay then TELL me... WHAT DOES GOSSIPING mean?! She like sighs and says...
"LIKE PRAYING!!!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I busted up laughing! I'm like thinking....hmmmmmmmmm...Maybe MY niece should take over teaching Sis. Abbott's lesson on GOSSIPING for Ladies Of  Legacy....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ;)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wednesday School breakthrough...

"Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness,
to pull another hand into the light."
 (Norman B. Rice)

To me, this is what its ALL about...
these are the moments that I live for...
I can't wait for more!!!
Read Reching Back HERE

Friday, April 16, 2010

Apostolic Youth Camp

Repeat after me... MAY 19TH!!!!

That is THE LAST DAY anyone can register for Apostolic Youth Camp in New Mexico.
What is Apostolic Youth Camp?!?! Is that what your wondering?!
I am soooooo glad you asked and I would LOVE to tell you all about it!!!
Apostolic Youth Camp is June 7, 8, 9, BUT you must be registered by May 19th. Apostolic Youth Camp is a camp for YOUNG PEOPLE!!! This is NOT a kid's camp or Jr. camp or even Sr. camp. The age for campers is 12-25...BUT it really doesn't have to stop at 25...Bro. Andrew Foster says if your single...this camp IS FOR YOU!!! This is a real campmeeting in the cool mountains, (The temperature will be in the 70's, which will be ESPECIALLY nice for us AZ Hotties! ;) where everyone stays together, eats together, prays and plays together! Very different from a conference. (Which is VERY cool that we will all be together 24/7...cause I mean...if there is someone you like never know when you may see them!!! AND You don't have to worry about like trying to figure out WHERE they are going to eat after the service and then just like casually showing up there and then they think your like a TOTAL stalker, which IN MY case is true anywayZ! I mean, I'm soooo good at stalkin, I catch the guys I like STALKIN!!! HAHAHAHAHa!!!) AnywayZ, back to the point, if your a single, never been married person, feel free to consider yourself a young person. Even I, as INCREDIBLEY mature of a person that I am, have NO PROBLEM considering myself a young person!!! :)
There are some basic rules if you do go as a camper, lights out at 12(BOOOOOOO!) and you can't leave the campus...BUT I talked to Sis. Dev today and she said that its like a 45 minute drive to anywhere anyways, SOOOOO I mean there ain't gonna be any Starbuck runs going on anyhow!!!! So if your in your late 20's or 30's and your single, you can go as a camper and don't have to feel like your gonna be treated like a little kid or something. You won't have to be reporting to a counselor, there will be like some married person as a dorm monitor enforceing lights out! LOL (Thats when US singles should give the married people a hard time!!! HAHA! J/k! J/K!) And you won't have to worry about anyone like walking you to the bathroom during church or something! (Thats what happened to me when I was a Sr. Camper at 18 and I was like ummmmmm okaaaaaaaaay this is kinda WEIRD!!!) I personally don't mind people being in charge of me, as long as they're NOT walking me to the bathroom!!! I may be single but I CAN DO THAT MYSELF!!! :D
Soooooo anywayZ, i just wanna encourage all my single FRIENDS TO GO!!! You NEVER know what McHottie, just might end up being there!!! (I mean, after all, I'll be there boys!!!! ;)
MAY 19th is YOUR last day to register!!!
P.S. Anyone else want me to announce or promote their camp, conferece etc..?!?!
(No Charge! your just FOREVER obligated in helping me STALK!!! ;)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What scares my sister!!!

 My sister looked over at me and my neice MJ as we conspired together about boys...
My sister just kinda looks at us, shakes her head, then says...
"What really, REALLY scares me, is the thought, that YOU might still be single when she is actually a teenager...That REALLY scares me!!!"

I, on the other hand am not scared at ALL!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hot Burberry!

Okaaaaaaaaay sooooo I know that I totally slam Burberry and it's total ugliness like ALL the time, but I really, really like this tie!!! The color is sooooooo COOL!!!

My friend sent me a picture of his new Burberry tie last week and I was like OMW...its COOL!!! I actually REALLY like it!!! WHY can't they make the purses all these cool colors?!  But NO, they make the men's ties PINK instead and the girls purses are the TOTALLY manly pattern! Blah!!! Not that I would pay the price for one even if it was cute! LOL!
AnywayZ, this tie IS HOT!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday Morning Curlers!!!

Sooooooo am I like totally the only girl that has ever, KNOWINGLY, gone to Sunday morning church with curlers in her hair?!?! LOL! Cause I went to church this morning knowing that I had curlers in my hair!!! BUT ok, ok, it REALLY wasn't on purpose.
See, I have had this thing for the last two years that when I go to church I am GOING TO DRESS nice and have my hair lookin good NO matTER!!! Cause I mean I went through this stage where I would just slick my hair back in a bun and not really care how I know like ONLY do my hair all up if  it was Easter or Christmas OR I was going to conference or a youth rally or SOMEWHERE that I knew there was gonna be a cute guy. But like two years ago I decided that I was gonna STOP being laZy and do my hair all up NO MATTER what. Sometimes my brothers would just at my hair like all done up and be like, Okaaaaaay, is there something we don't know?! Some cute guy coming?! I'm like NOPE...Just cause its church and it doesn't matter who is there...I wanna look good for MY JESUS!!!
WELL I almost forgot to put curlers in last night...I was drifting off to sleep and then all of the sudden I remembered...I was like OH NO!!! I HAVE to put curlers in!!! So I pull my hair back into a neat ponytail, put the curlers in and drift off to sleep...
ALLL of the sudden
I am like oooooo... who in the world is calling THIS EARLY?!?!
I reach over for my phone and see MOM...
I am like Hmmmmmm...
Why would mom be...
OMW!!! It's SUNDAY MORNING AND IT'S 9:25 AND church starts at TEN!!!!
I grasp out a sleepy, croaky Hello... (My voice sounds SOOOO weird in the morn!!!)
My mom is like are you on your way over to pick me up?!
I'm like...uh..NOT exactley!!!!
I had REMEMBERED to put the curlers in the night before
 BUT setting my alarm clock was a DIFFERENT story!!!
However, I gotta say, we managed to get ready pretty quick and OUT the door by 9:38...
thus the reason for the curlers STILL in my hair!!! :)
Then after church EVERYONE was askin me if I knew there were curlers IN THE BACK!?!!
 I'm like uh yeah...forgot to set the alarm!!!
So for the first time in two years I didn't have my hair all done up for church...
BUT it sho did look nice for the night service!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Jelly Bean DAY!!!


This is ESPECIALLY dedicated my GOOOOOOOD friend...
 Luv ya Girl!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Lips that touch Liquor!!!

Can I get an AMEN from all the Apostolic Girls?!?!

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IDK why but lookin at this picture just TOTALLY cracks me up!!!
Us girls SOOOOO need to do a snooty picture like this!!!
Any ideas for what our sign should say?!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

How do you feel?!

I asked my girls last week how they felt about getting the Holy Ghost...

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She says THIS is how she feels!!! :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Calling ALL SINGLES!!! ;)

How To Compete For A Guy
(Or a girl IF your a guy!!!;)

Have you ever liked someone that didn't like you back?!
I sure HAVE!!! ;D Its NOT that bad UNTIL you find out that they like another person. Ugh! So then what do you do? Do you give up and move on? Well, if you do thats probabley The NORMAL thing to do. However, I am NOT your normal, average, person!!!! Nooooo waaaay! LOL
So I liked this certain Apostolic young man one time. He was like SOOOOO handsome and tall, with honey brown hair and like emerald green eyes. He was soooo funny and cool to hang out with. Plus, to top all this off, he was like TOALLY annointed of God, of course that REALLY impressed me. I remember telling all the girls, "Like NOT only is he like the HOTTEST guy in Pentecost, but he is annointed too!"
Well, I basically had like EVERYONE that was friends with this guy giving me info about him. One day I got the NEWS that he liked some other girl!!! I was soooooo BUMMED. I think for one day I let myself be all sad about it...I think I may have even shed a few tears...BUT as I thought about the incredible handsomeness of this guy, I KNEW there was NOOOOOO waaaaay I was ready to give up on him. So I dried my tears and BEGAN working. I wasn't ready to give up on the hottest guy in Pentecost, without a FIGHT!!!
Yes, yes competition!!! ;)
The first thing I did was ask my friends WHAT this girl looked like. "So is she like REALLY pretty or what?!" I asked one of the girs that was really good friends with this guy. Now, my friend is pretty honest about these things and usually has VERY high standards for what she considers pretty, so I figured she would be like, No not really or something. BUT to further my devestation, she was like, Oh Yes! She is like BEAUTIFUL!!! She has perfectly manicured nails, her eybrows are perfectley arched, she was tall and slender with the PERFECT figure and she had this really cool way of doing her hair!!!  AAAAAAAAAAuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggghhhhh!!!! BUT I still wasn't ready to give up...I had to see a picture of her for myself to see if this girl REALLY was ALL THAT!!!
FINALLY I got a hold of a picture of her AND much to my disapointment, SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!
She had these really exotic dark brown eyes, really light curly blond hair that went to just below her shoulders, she had a really nice carmel skin coloring, a sweet little smile and yeah, she basically looked PERFECT!!! I was like AW MAN!
Plus I found out that she was getting some top notch degree, she played the piano, sang, led choir, all this cool stuff. But I was like, WELL if this is the kind of girl he likes, then I am gonna try and be JUST like her!!! I figured I could learning how to do my hair just LIKE HERS! I could dress like her etc... but the more I tried to be like this girl, the more and more I failed. I just couldn't get my hair right...It was just to STRAIGHT! The clothes she wore just wern't flattering AT ALL on me! It didn't matter how much I tried to tan...I was still THE WHITEST girl in the world AND I was NEVER gonna have a beautiful carmel skin coloring. PLUS, I was a college drop out AND HAVE absolutely NO MUSICAL inclineation and fo sho would be getting any calls to break out the singing albmums. I remember sitting on the couch at work and thinkin..."MAN! She has dark brown eyes...mine are matter WHAT...I'll NEVER have dark BROWN eyes.
Then all of the sudden, as I was sitting there...I thought...HEEEEEEEEEY!!! I HAVE BLUE EYES!!! She'll NEVER have blue eyes!!! (I know, total BRAT thought, RIGHT?!;)Then I started thinking about ALL my attiributes that SHE would NEVER have...I was like Hmmmm...maybe I should start thinkin about this differently!!! Then as I was sitting there, contemplating all my wonderfulnes, it HIT mE!!!  There was ONE thing that I had that this girl could NEVER compete with me on. I knew, without a doubt I could beat this chick in this area without even trying.
Soooooooo as soooon as my friend Janelle called me that day I was like, "JANELLE!!! Guess what? I know HOW I can  get this guy. She is like HOW?! Sooooooo I am like okaaaaaay well, I saw a picture of that chick and she is ACTUALLY really pretty!!! So Janelle is like, OH well I am SURE she is NOT as pretty as you. (Forever the loyal friend!) So I am like, no listen Janelle, she really is beautiful and I mean she is tall and slender and come lets face it, WE KNOW I fo sho don't have the SLENDER thing going on...Janelle is just like, BUT Mary, you are BEAUTIFUL...So I am like, I know, I know, I know, I KNOW...BUT just listen... so is she!!! But there is SOMETHING I have that she can NEVER compete with me...So Janelle is like "Oh the Holy Ghost?!"  i am like, no, no, I'm not talking about that...she has the Holy Ghost and is a totally good girl TOO! Sooooo Janelle is like WELL WHAT THEN?!?! So I am like ...

.PERSONALITY!!!!!! I mean may have pretty hair, blue eyes and a bright smile, BUT by far, I KNOW that my personality is my greatest attribute. Janelle just starts laughing and she is like, "Mary! That is soooooooooo TRUE!!! You really do have the BEST personality!" So I was like, "Yeah I've just decided that thats what I am going to use to get this guy...myself OR my Maryness. Cause, I mean lets face it...There is nooooooo waaaaay she can compete with me there.
I know that I may sound concieted, me saying that about myself, but it's true! Not JUST for me, but for you as well. We all have this ability be ourself, which NO ONE can compete with. AND actually, this is true in EVERY aspect of our lives NOT just in relationships. I used this SAME concept when teaching a class on writing. I said, HOW can you be better than EVERY writer out there?! By just being yourself! I said your writing should NOT represent your favorite author. When people read my stuff and I don't want to hear them say, "Oh this is soooo Max Lucado!" Most people describe me as loving, passionate, fun, expressive, vivacious and humorous. (Oh AND cRaZy!) When you read my writing you will always see these same attributes in my writing.  Think about do people describe you? No one can compete with who YOU are! Your personality AND your experiances.
Growing up, I used to try SOOOO hard to be just like my pastor's oldest daughter, Devi Abbott. BUT I kept failing miserabley. I made a really, really LOUSY Devi Abbott!!! But as the years went on, I realized, ya know, I may never be like Devi Abbott, but you know what?!?! I  make a REALLY awesome MARY GINTY! And something tells me that if Devi EVER tried to be like me, she would make a really lousy MARY!!!
 The only person we should really strive to be like IS Jesus. Even in our own uniquness, we have to learn to conform ourself to Jesus. For example, when I was a teenager I was this crazy, hyper, loud and wild girl. (I know I've changed SOOOO MUCH!;) Its not like I was bad, I was just soooo exuberant I tended to get myself into mischief. My pastor would kind of get on me when I got out of hand. Its not like he was trying to make me into ANOTHER person. He saw my potentioal and just helped tame me so that I could actually be used for something. It’s all about being the BEST Mary that I can be!!!
So has it worked for me?!?! WELL...I'm STILL single... BUT, I'm having fun being me! I know that when the time comes... some INCREDIBLEY handsome guys is gonna fall for my incredible Maryness!!! ;) Think about it...if your trying SOOO hard to be just like someone else, why would ANYONE want to give up what they ALREADY have, for YOU, trying to be, what THEY ALREADY HAVE?! Remember God made you special. The best thing you got to compete with, is being the person God made you to be. There is NO one in the world quite like you. Soooooo heeeey...might as well use this to YOUR ADVANTAGE!!! "To try and be like someone else, is to waste the person YOU are!!!" ·
  I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made:
marvellous are thy works;
and that my soul knoweth right well.
 Psalms 139: 14

You GOTTA try these!

Mary RecComenDs!
 Pop Tarts!!!

These things ROCK!!! They REALLY taste like grape! Yesturday, on the way to bible college, I pulled one out and told Jac to tell me what she thought it tasted like...she was like...Idk! It just really seems like grape to me! I was like...Thats Cause IT IS!!! LOL I gotta say...for Pop tarts they are PRETTY rad!!! :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


By faith Moses, when he was born, was hid three months of his parents, because they saw [he was] a proper child; and they were not afraid of the king's commandment. By faith Moses, when he was come to years, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter...BY faith....
For the last several weeks the Abbott's have been out Evangelizing. Well last Wednesday night I got a text from Denae that said, "Mar Bear, don't be jealous of me BUT tonight I was at church WITH, Shadrack AND Meshack!!!" (Yeah, those names ARE changed!!! ;) So I was like OMW!!!! OMW!!!! Cause I've had a crush on these guys for like EVER and Denae knows that I am totally just DYING to meet them!!! So I was about to text her back, but then church started so I just put my phone back in my purse. We all sang, then we were all dismissed to classes. Well once we get to class it's like wild, so then I teach and THEN we have like MAGOR prayer and breakthrough and stuff. Another girl gets the Holy Ghost and it's just TOTALLY awesome!!! So on the way home with Jac, to drop off kids, I send out a mass text saying another girl got the Holy Ghost! wELL Denae texts me back and is like...THATS AWESOME Mar Bear!!! Did you get my other text? So I am just sitting there like, huh?! Other text? So I look it up in my phone and I am LIKE OMW!!! Thats right!!! She saw Shadrack and Meshack tonight!!! I could NOT believe that I had forgotten all about them!!! I was like Whoooooooooooaaaah!!! In the excitement and joy of everythng else that happened...I hadn't EVEN thought about Shadrack and Meshack!!! Can't you see it right now in the faith chapter... By faith, Mary MOMENTARILY, forgot about two cute guys...BY FAITH :) Truley, a MIRACLE did happen last Wednesday night!!! What can I say...The ONLY thing more exciting to me than Cute, Single, Apostolic young men...
 Woooooohoooooooooooo!!!! :)

Friday, April 2, 2010


My sister plays the SAME stupid April Fool's joke on ME EVERY YEAR!!!
What gets me though, is that EVERY year people STILL fall for it!!!
LOL! It's actually kinda funny, except that people actually believe it!
I'm still tellin people, AFTER almost FOUR years, that NO I NEVER did get married!!!
BELIEVE me my friends, when I get will NOT be a secret...

The day after...

I thought it would be fun to remember some of the FUNNEST April Fools jokes I've played.
One year I got my boss REALLY good cause I told her I was quitting and she just about had a panick attack! LOL Idk- I just don't think that joke woulda worked that well this year! Then one year, I knew NO ONE would believe me if I said I was engaged...SO.... I told everyone me and my boyfriend were breaking up---then we did---like ALMOST right after that!!! OOOOOOOPS!!! LOL
1. Two years ago me and my friend Alyssa got our friend Romo soooooooooo GOOD!!! This was like back in the day when EVERYONE had Exanga blogs. SO it's April first AND he posts on his blog that he is moving back to like either Alaska or the we know this is TOTALLY for HIS April Fool's joke. So me and Aly are talkin and we're like oh yeah, I'm so sure we're really gonna believe DUH! We're TOTALLY prepared for this kind of stuff. SO I came up with the brilliant idea of US doing and April Fool's joke back on him---which would be US acting like WE totally believed his joke, So we start sending him all kinds of text messages, we leave voicemails, all talkin about how sad we are that he is leaving..we're gonna miss him, blah, blah, blah!!! I EVEN posted this sappy poem from us, that I came up with in like literally FIVE minutes...all talkin about how we'll miss him, we'll always remember the good times, and all the 5-way phone calls(we used to get me, aly, cara and weston and sometimes Sheree on the phone and these convo's were like sooooooo RETARDED!!! SERIOUSLEY...but total FUN!) and it just went on and on! and HE totally fell for it ALL. He was like texting us...TRYING to call us but we were brats and wouldn't answer and we would tell him that we were sooooooo upset we just couldn't even talk to him about it!!! Well, ya just gotta know Romo, he is like one of the nicest guys EVER, so he was like feeling soooooooo bad that he had made us all upset with his joke...So he is just like NO you guys I JUST talk to me I HAVE to tell you something sooooooo we FINALLY call him 3-way and like he is about to tell us that it was ONLY an April Fool's joke and were are like APRIL FOOLS!!! He was like WHAT?!? We're like WE GOT YOU! WE GOT YOU!!! He was like WHAT?!?! NO! I got you!!! I GOT YOU GUYS!!! And he NEVER would admit that we had tricked him and KEPT insisting that he REALLY had tricked us!!! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhggggg!!! Typical guy!!! SO MUCH EGO!!!
2. THEN last year, April Fool's day was on Wednesday night when we have classes...SOOOOO Janelle and I combined our classes and We played the AWESOMEST prank on them EVER!!! It's SOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY! We got them sooooooo GOOD! I was just remembering that on the way to church on Wendesday, and I turned to some of the girls and I was like Heeey remember LAST year?!?! AND they just GLARED at me in was soooooo AWESOME! It's too long to post what all we did but you can read about it HERE!!!! The ONLY way to descibe what happened is in Janelle's words "It was literally like a herd of wild cattle stampeding the kitchen!!!!" The church was ALMOST destroyed! LOL
NOW...what is the best prank that was EVER pulled on me?!?!?
WELL... you just gotta understand that NO one hardly ever gets me cause I am like READY AND WAITING! BUT several years ago, my oldest brother Joe, GOT ME SOOOOOOO GOOD!!! This year April first was on a Sunday, soooo I get myself all dooted up, lookin good, or whatever and walk into the church, I walk by my brother Joe and he is like, "Mary! You are LOOKING BEAUTIFUL!!!" Sooooo I am just like SHOCKED to hear him say this... I mean you just GOTTA KNOW JOE...he does NOT give his sister's those kind of compliments!!! Sooooooo I am just like looking at him with my mouth hanging open, then I am like, "THANK YOU!" He just continues to smile at me all sweet like and says, "April Fools!" I was like AAAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGHHH!!! Then I like BUSTED up laughing!!! He got me REALLY GOOD and no one EVER gets me!!! :)
Sooooooooooo did you guys get anyone?!?!