Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Car!!!!

Weeeeellll... You guys... It looks like I have found a car!!! It's a Nissan Altima Gxe, 2000, 109,000 miles... It has a cRaZy AWESOME system too that connects to an iPhone too.... Sooooo get ready for me to start blaring Holy Ghost Radio, Veggie Tales, annnnnd AIO!!! Woooohooo!!!
My brother John checked it out for me on Sunday and I got his approval!!! Cuz I had found a truck that I wanted to get and I called him about and he just FLAT OUT said NOOOO!!! I was like buuuuuti really WANT a truck!!! He's like, nope, you don't NEED a truck you NEED a car!!! I was like okaaaaay fiiiiine!!! Buuut then j found out it was inky a three seater and i was like oh thats not gonna work anyways cuz i bring people to church and stuff!!! Anywayz, listened to my brother annnnd then right after that my sis found this car!!!
Soooo i went over there yesturday with my mom and sis, cuz my brother didnt think ME, buyin a car by myself was a good idea! so me and my sis took it for a test driveI, but i had her drive it cuz ya know i figured it was safer... lol! and the guy was like so who's buying it? i was like ME, buuuuut im not the best driver so i figured she should drive it!!!! he's like, OH, soooo youve had to much to drink too???? im like, ummmm nooooo.. ACTUALLY, my bad driving skills come NATURALLY, thank you very much! ;)
made an offer for 2,700 and he accepted it!!! Now I jus hav to wait for him to get the title turned over! I'm supposed to be buying it from him TODAY!!! Buuuuut...
He was really drunk tho so hopefully he doesn't change his mind when he sobers up!!! Lol
He also said the miles were so low cuz it's jus been sittin for awhile cuz he got a DUI! I was like oooo okaaaaay!!!
AnywayZ, we're meetin today at four so pray that all goes well!!! (:


Soooooo this summer, I've been watching some boys from SCOTTSDALE!!! [Insert EYE ROLL HERE] I have to say, spoiled kids...They ask TOO MANY QUESTIONS!!! Mary, WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? Getting a dresser one of your neighbors left out for free or bulk trash, whichever comes first!!! WHY??? Cuz I don't have my own dresser annnnnd i'm too GHETTO to ACTUALLY BUY ONE!!! Mary WHY do we have to SHARE a soda??? Because, I don't feel like spending $2 on YOU!!! Buuuuuuuuuuut we don't like sharing! Oh ok!!! Thats fine with me, I won't buy you guys a drink at ALL, annnnnnnnnd THEN you won't even have to worry about SHARING IT!!! Mary, Why is your van always SO HOT??? Its called NO AC!!! Mary, WHY does your car make noises??? Ummmm I didn't even realize it did!!! LOLEwwwww...Mary, WHY do you have BIRD POOP on the outside of your car!!! Who cares!!! put on your SEATBELT!!! Buuuuuuuut my absolute favorite question of all. I give the boys a popsicle and one of them looks at it and asks?
(20 second pause while I try and process this question in my mind)
I know, I know, its a LOT OF WORK!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Keeping Convictions part 2!

So I told you all in the previous post below, scroll down if you haven't read it, how I wanted to write down God-given convictions with whomever I marry before we get married. Buuuuut I've also decided that I want to do this right now in my own life, before i'm married. When God talks to about something that I need to change, I want to write it down so that later on down the road when I'm not feeling like its a big deal anymore, I want to pull that out and say, NO LOOK MARY!!! Remember WHEN GOD delt with you about that?!
I mean, I honestly remember the night God delt with me about Facebook. I was at my church praying about it, cuz I was always feeling guilty about being on, so I was on, off, on, off, on off....sooooo I was PRAYING aaaaaaaaand GOD talked to me about it!!! It was soooo real...soooo profound...I KNEW I had to get off! And I did!!! I couldn't NOT obey God...
and everyone would tell me oh just have self-control about it, I'm like you guys understand SOCIALIZING is like my biggest lurrr in life!!! I LOVE talking to people! And lets face it, there was NO WAY I could NOT, NOT talk to guys...sorrrry maybe maybe your able to...I'm NOT you!!! :) I had like over 700 "friends" LOL...buuuuut you know, after being off it for 6-months, I began to FORGET the night God had delt with me about it so profoundly. You have to understand that I have distant family members and just lotsa people in general practically begging me to get back on...Mary WE MISS YOU!!! Annnnd HONESTLY, I can understand WHY they wanted me back on!!! If I was them, I would be begging for ME to get back on too!!! AHAHAHA!!! ;)
Mary we LOOOOOOVE reading your statuses!!! You brighten my day! I'm like awwwww...and my conviction began to waver...weeeeelllll...maybe...you know...IF i'm helping people...AHAHHA!!! Yeah, cuz instead of praying first thing in the morning they were reading my updates...NOT A GOOD IDEA!!! Plus you know, i'm ALWAYS talking about God on there sooooo this is a way of ME being a WITNESS....LOL...Sooooooo I got back on for another I don't even know how long...buuuut you know, there was that nagging feeling and God kept reminding me...I TOLD YOU MARY!!! I tried to ignore it buuuuut I couldn't...FINALLY I was like FIIIIIIIIINE...LOL...Its been like a year now, and I know in my heart that I'll never be back on...NEVERRRR!!!
This post is NOT about weather or NOT your on facebook. This is about keeping your convictions. Any conviction, from internet use to how you dress or places you go or things you listen to...Facebook is just an example that I am using in my own personal life...BUUUUUUUT...I'm ALLOWED to be on facebook, its just that GOD told me to get off. I NEVER should have gotten back on in the first place if God had TOLD me in the beginning that I needed to get myself off. Thats WHY when God tells me to do something, I want to write it down, JUUUUUUST in case I forget...I want to make myself a memorial...sooooo that 6 months down the road...I can be reminded! I think its important that we build memorials in our lives soooo that we NEVER forget!!!
".. a sign among you when your children ask in time to come, saying, ‘What do these stones mean to you?’ Then you shall answer them that the waters of the Jordan were cut off before the ark of the covenant of the Lord; when it crossed over the Jordan, the waters of the Jordan were cut off. And these stones shall be for a memorial to the children of Israel forever.” And the children of Israel did so, just as Joshua commanded, and took up twelve stones from the midst of the Jordan, as the Lord had spoken to Joshua, according to the number of the tribes of the children of Israel, and carried them over with them to the place where they lodged, and laid them down there..." (Joshua 4)
To me this passage is just saying, that sometimes when God speaks to us about something, no matter how wonderful, or how miraculous it is, as HUMANS, the amazement of what we felt in that very moment can start to waver. Why not build ourselves a MEMORIAL, so that when we are questioned by others or EVEN by ourselves, we can pull out our written memorial and
♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

My mom is soooo FUNNY!!!

My mom is like soooooo cracking me up!!!
You all have to read this convo between us tonight...
Annnnnnd THIS is her response to my question!!!
AHAHAHAHA!!! LOLOLOL!!!!  She's sooooo FUNNNNY!!!BAHAHAHAHA!!!! Awwwww I loverrrrrs my mom SOOOO MUCH!!! She's the bestest mommy in the WHOLE WORLD...ANNNND SHE'S MINE!!!
Don't be jealous!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Keeping convictions!!!(Part 1!)

Random thought before I drifted off to sleep the other night: Standards of holiness are very important to me annnnd I want whoever I marry to feel the same way... Howeverrr, sometimes even good people, will let things go or begin to let things slip. I don't ever want to just start letting things slide, or forgetting previous convictions just because our friends or other families or because anyone else is doing something...If God talks to me about something, I want to change FOREVERRR!!!
I was thinkin that sometimes it scares me becuz husbands are the spiritual leader, what if he jus goes with flow of things not really noticing??? Or what if we me out of state and move to another church? I mean to me, Submission is trusting in someone else to decide what is best for you...thats why when we are are TRUSTING in God, we are actually submitting to him. Where as rebellion is the opposite of submission. Its that independent attitude that says, I KNOW whats best for me and I'm going to make my own choices and do things my own way. .
So its kind of like a BIG deal to me when I think about trusting in someone to be the spiritual leader not only for myself but for our whole family together. So I got this idea that I want to do with my husband before we get mArried...Weeeeeelllll Honestly I think the idea was from God...cuz I was like God it SCARES ME...then the next thing I knew before I drifted off into dream land...THIS idea came to me...
I want us to write out our personal convictions and decide together what we are going to uphold our household/family too. Then each year thru out our marriage I want us to take out what we originally decided and check to make sure we are still abiding by our original decision and not slowly letting things slip in...
I want us to keep our original to look at and ensure that we have not drifted away from our original standards. Also, over the years it will be good with new technology and new trends to decide what we're going to accept and what were not going to allow into our lives! Then one year into our marriage we can check to see if we're still doing the same things, ten years into our marriage we can see, 20, 30, till our dying day we can look back and see our we still living up to our ORIGINAL CONVICTIONS!?!?!
Weeeeelllll... That's it!!! (: Jus another idea...You can use it too if you want!!!;))))
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

I'm a snaughlerrrrr!!!!

Something you all should know about me, aside from the fact that I like to purrrr...I'm a SNAUGHLERRRR!!!!
One of my friends saw this snaughling image and had to send it to me...Yes, yes, ITS TRUE!!! I always end up snorting when I laugh...I can't help it!!! Its absolutely UNCONTROLLABLE!!! LOLOLOL!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Thoughts of my future husband!!!

Awwww he's soooo gonna feel this about me!!!

Sooooo sweet!!! I'm purrrring!!! Mar Bear purrr!!! Purrrrr!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Update on my life and STUFF!!!

Get ready EVERYONE because I'm about to post the most randomest blog post everrrrr!!! If your on my mass email list you have gotten parts of this buuuuut go ahead and read it cuz there is SOME stuff that you have NOT read!!! :)Lets just pretend this is me writing you all a letter:
Dear readers of Classic Mary Moments,
This is going to be very long buuuut keep reading cuz you shall be entertained annnnnnd furthermore, I will ALSO be telling you all some of the latest events of what will be going on in my blog!!! Soooooooo what's going on IN MY LIFE this summer??? Weeeeeeelllll... lets see, last night I walked from my house to my mom's its like a mile away...its only like a 30 minute walk...20 minutes if your thin...3 minutes if your driving...LOL...annnnnd AN HOUR if you walk into a ___________ Oooooo WAIT let me NOT get ahead of myself!!!
Sooooo I'm without a vehicle and after having my own transportation for a year I am NOT used to this!!! Sooooo I needed excercise and didn't have a way to the gym sooooo I figured WHY not walk to my mom's??? Soooo I DID!!! My mom was like all worried when I got there cuz I was dripping sweat and stuff!!! I'm like mom its NO big deal...its just humid...and plus i'm EXCERCISING i'm SUPPOSED to sweat!!! She's like OH someone can give you a ride home! I'm like NOOOO...I NEED TO EXCERCISE!!! She's like all worried then when I'm leaving cuz its like soooooo LATE for me to be out in the dark walking...Late as in 9pm...bahaha!!! I'm like okaaaaaaaaay mom, i'm a big girl, its NOT like the boogie man is gonna get me!!! LOLOLOL! I mean, Really, WHAAAAAT COULD POSSIBLEY HAPPEN???
Weeeeeellllll...I leave and I'm walking annnnnnnnnnnd just listening away on my iPhone to Bro. Booker preaching on Apostolic Classics!!! Such a GOOOOOOD MESSAGE!!! Soooo i'm walking annnnnnnd there is like a bush hanging out on the sidewalk and I'm not paying attention and just totally walk in it...annnnnnnnnnd OUCH!!! Cuz its NOT A BUSH BUT A CACTUS!!! EEEEEEEEKS!!! My WHOLE RIGHT SIDE WAS COVERED!!! I could not believe it!!! Sooooooooo yeah, its 30 minutes, 20 if your thin, 3 if your drivin annnnnd and HOUR if you walk into a cactus and are pulling thorns out the whole time, going, ouch! Ouch! OUCH!!! The whole time i NEVER did stop listening to Bro. Booker either... it was TOO GOOD of a message!!!
As painful as it was, there was a part of me that actually smiled at the moment...FOR REALZ...I'm like okaaaaaaaaay thats why MOM was worried about me!!! Not cuz of the BOOGIE MAN gettin me...buuuuuuuuut cuz of MY...
Ooooooo buuuuuuuuut my randomness of what I have been up to is NOT over!!! Sooooo last night I had a dream that my mom drove the van into like a lake or ocean or something...in the dream she thought it was gonna float annnnnnnnd I remember thinking, ummmmm MOM I don't think thats gonna work...buuuuut I didn't want to like usurp AUTHORITY over my mother who is my elder....soooo we went crashing over annnnnnnd sho nuff began to sink...buuuuut NO FEARS...me and my mom were just laughing hysterically annnnnnd I saved the two of us from drowning!!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!! Annnnnnd I think the moral of this dream IS welllll several things!!!! 1. Even in my dreams i'm RIGHT!!! (Vans don't float!) 2. Even in my dreams i'm submissive! Baaaaaaahhhh;) 3. Even in my dreams I laugh in adversity! 4. EVEN in my dreams, I'm STILL my own hero!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!!!
ANOTHER funny thing!!! Soooo me and my brother John are STILL having our debate from this post HERE about weather or not i'm MEAN...cuz he calls me FATTY and he thinks its mean cuz I called him FATTER!!! Cuz he says, he is just generalizing us ALL as fatty's but NOT pulling anyone out seperately...WHATEVERRR!!! Sooooo last night at my mom's he is TRYING to get my mom to side with him...he's like MOM, Lets say I call you Fatty....BEFORE he can even complete what he is saying my mom says, If you EVERRR...SAY THAT TO ME YOU'LL BE LAYING FLAT ON THE GROUND!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! I can't stop laughing about that!!! Seriousley like, CRACKING ME UP!!!
NEXT I want to announce some VERRRRY exciting things that will be going on in the next two weeks of my blogging!!! Sooooooo this next coming week i'm going to be catching up on ther with the latest happenings of my life!!! Starting Sunday, August 4th it will be SINGLES week...yes REALLY!!!! I will NOT, not do it...this is A PROMISE!!! :)))) I mean, unless i'm dead or the rapture comes...AHAHA!!! Then, after a good singles week, I will be announcing something NEW to my blog...
The first everrr APOSTOLIC WARRIOR!!! Well, this is basically the Apostolic Male Model...buuuuuuuuuuuuut I'm changing the name of it!!! Cuz, I don't really like Male Model...it sounds effeminate and worldly annnnnnd seems like it places emphasis on the unimportant...like fashion and junk! Soooooooooo Apostolic Warrior AKA: THE AW!!! Woot! Woot!!! Apostolic Warrior speaks absolute MANLINESS in my personal oppinion annnnnnnnnnnnnnd emphasizing spirituality, Godly character and attributes (annnnnnnnnnd doesn't wear pink!!! AHAHAHA!!!) THe first AW has already been personally handpicked by NONE other than ME....sooooo you KNOW its gonna be a GOOOOD one!!! He will be announced Sunday, August 11th...soooooooo hold on tight for two weeks ladies!!! Oooooo girrrrrls JUST WAIT...this young MAN is a GOOOOOD ONE...your sooooo gonna be swooning!!!! JUST TWO WEEKS!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaaay so other than that, this is whats going on in my life, I went to New Mexico Youth camp in the beginning of June, then Old time camp, then in the beginning of July and for the 4th of July I went to the Bay area of Cali and had a blast with friends there, which i've blogged about and will be blogging about more in the future! I missed Heritage this year because of work, I was kind of bummed buuuuut in the end I was glad it worked out that way because I was able to do an Outreach trip with my youth to Williams AZ, which was planned at the last minute!!! I'm SOOOO glad I got to go to that!!! God knows what we NEED to go to...soooo sometimes when your disapointed about one thing its really cuz God has something else planned!!! :) You'll be hearing about my Williams trip TOMORROW!!! (:
Annnnnd weeeeeellllll thats pretty much it for trips for the next little while for me! I decided in the end that i'm not going to go to Youth Alive! I had some unexpected expenses with my transportation come up and I don't want to spend any more expenses or take more time off from work till WCC!!! Plus, our church is having a creation seminar RIGHT after Youth Alive and I want to make sure that I can go to all of that!!!
Soooooo anywayz you guys, I'm looking for a new vehicle!!! My precious van is basically drawing its FINAL BREATHS!!! AHAHAHAA!!! Like as in, its overheating, gushing out water and steering crazily...like it just jerks over without me doing it!!!! LOL Soooooooo If you all would like to keep an eye out for me....I have $3000 for a new car...it has to pass my brother's aproval tho...mainly John's since he is a mechanic!!! He wants me to get a 4 cylinder, camry, I'm hoping for something thats a pretty color!!! :) Annnnnnnnnd that my dear and LOVELY friends is ALL that is going on in my life!!!
Also, you guys i'm officially 30...
Yes, for 30 years now, my presense has blessed this earth...
Now, now, don't thank ME for being born...
♥Mary Frances :)

MJs ok!!!!

MJ's doing well!!! My sis said she woke up with an attitude!!! Haha!!!! Sounds like MJ!!! (:
She wants EVERYONE to know that she is doing better because God is healing her throat!!! With gatorade, popsicles annnnnd ITALIAN ICE!!! Woot!! WOOOOOT!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Pray for MJ!!!

She is having surgery to get her tonsils taken out!!! Awwww!!! :(

Thursday, July 25, 2013

When I get married...

You know the scripture in the Bible from 1 Samuel, when Hannah is thanking God for her child; "For this child I prayed; and the LORD hath given me my petition which I asked of him:" (1 Samuel 1:27) Annnnnnnd A lot of times you will see signs that parent's will hang in their child's room with this scripture on it...
My sister has one hanging up in MJ's room! And it makes sense to have, to remind yourself of the face that you have recieved this gift from God. I mean, in desperation for the desire of her heart, Hannah had wept, pleaded and sought God for this child and he was the answer to her long awaited prayers.
Weeeeeeelllll...I decided that, WHEN I FINALLY GET MARRIED, I'm going to have a picture of my husband, my groom, on our wedding day, enlarged to like a poster size photo and I'm going to have enscribed on it,
Because, we each have our own "Hannah Request" to God and at the present moment, mine is NOT for a child...haha!!! Annnnnnnnd I'm going to look at that picture of my husband and remember that God heard my petition, my prayers, and gave to me what I asked for! Annnnnd when my husband is irritating me, or I don't feel like submitting or ANYTHING like that, I'm going to remind myself that I PRAYED FOR THIS and i'm going to tell myself to shut up and stop complaining and THANK GOD FOR MY BLESSING!!! Yup, thats what I'm going to do...
You can too if you want! ;)
♥Mary Frances :)

Strange ways of God...

Sooooooooo God has some STRANGE ways of taking care of us...I LOVE IT!!! LOL Weeeeeelllll... On Monday I had to break down and buy NEW TIRES FOR MY VAN!!! Waaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! I've been avoiding this since APRIL...buuuut yeah...I spent my precious, hard earned money on something soooo BORING as TIRES!!! TIRES ARE EXPENSIVE!!! Once again...WAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! :,(
Anywayz, after figuring out my finaces till next Friday, I started getting nervous about having enough gas to last I mean, I had an almost full tank of gas buuuuuut with work and church that meant 8 more trips to SCOTTSDALE!!!! YIKES...I'm like hmmmm I have $25 more dollars...buuuut still...I was feeling NERVOUS about it!!! (Okaaaaay yeah, I obviousley have NOT implicated Dave Ramsey's emergency fund into my life at this point!!!!) I'm just kinda like, okaaaaaaaaay I think i'm gonna make it buuuuut...I could use some HEEEEELLLLP HERE GOD!!!
Annnnnnd God was like, Ooooo so  you need some extra gas money...I'll take care of THAT!!! Annnnnd VOILA....my van starts overheating and like POURING out water...I mean like...GUSHING LIKE A RIVER!!! Annnnnd its currently UNDRIVABLE which means...
I NO LONGER NEED MONEY FOR GAS!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Seriousley, can NOT stop laughing about this!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!
I called the mom of the boys I watch and she is bringing them to my house...soooo I'm still making the flow and NOT paying the GAS to Scottsdale...WOOOOHOOO!!! Then I had my brother lookin at the van and he was putting water in it for me and I'm just like lookin under the car at the water gushing out as he is pouring it annnnnnd i'm like, weeeeeellllll...I think there is DEFINATLEY something WRONG with it!!! He just looks at me and is like, GOOD ASSESMENT MARY!!! I know RIGHT?!?!?! I should go get me my mechanics liscense!!! LOL
Anywayz, I DO have money saved for another vehicle sooooooooooo hopefully that happens SOON!!!! I COULD complain to you all that WHY couldn't my van completely go out on me BEFORE I had spent money on tires??? Buuuuut like I said in this devotional HERE, I'm NOT going to complain!!! God is TOO GOOOOOOD!!!!
Really tho you guys, isn't that hilarious how God helped me out!!! I need money for Gas annnnnnd he just takes that NEED AWAY from me!!!! I serve a RADICAL God!!! He doesn't do things the way we everrrr EXPECT him too!!! I NEVER would have thought that he was gonna help me out... LIKE THAT!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nerdy? Dork? Crazy?

With the girls from my church this past weekend, We're talking about the kinda guy I'm gonna marry!!! What kind of man do you all see me marrying??? We started naming off different kinds of guys...
Nerdy?! NO! 
Cuz If I marry a guy that is TOO SUPER SMART...I honestly won't know what he is saying....I would live a life of CONFUSION!!! LOLOL
Dork?! NO!!!
Dorks are goofy...buuuut like I don't know...okaaaaaaaay we were having difficulty figuring out the difference between a dork and a nerd...LOL...
Crazy?! NO!
Ummmm NOOOOO...I'm too cRaZy to end up with someone like myself!!! In fact, I do NOT want to marry someone that in anyway reminds me, of ME!!! Heh, heh!
Sophisticated?! No!!!
AHAHAHAHA!!! With my wild sunglasses, constant laughing, snorting, off the wall ideas, my love for Hello Kitty, bright colors, and weeeeeellll with just my Maryness IN GENERAL.. I would be an embarrassment for a man that was so refined...
Someone that's JUST...drum roll puleeeeeeze...
To balance me out...Sheree said she kinda sees me with someone that is just a little bit more on the quiet side...ya know, not that he sits in a corner all by himself...but not exactley a wild tornado passing through with hysterical laughter either...BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
I was telling Hanna, like GUESS whaaaaaaat??!?! They thnk that I should marry a guy that is JUST NORMAL!!! Like who ever woulda THOUGHT?!?!?!?! Hanna said that made sense to her and I'm like, Buuuuut I don't wanna be bored either ya know?!?! ANNNNND SHE SAID...
Ya I know, but you do entertain yourself pretty well tho...no help needed! BAHAHA!!!I was like,  know!!! I was thinkin that myself!!! Like oh wait, I won't be bored cuz I'll still be with myself!!! 
Who woulda thought!!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

She takes after...

My niece, Juliana, AKA: Maganda Bear!!! 
(Maganda means beautiful in Tagolog)
 I think she takes after her Aunt Mary!!! 5 months old and fitting in to 12 month clothes... Yup she takes after her Aunt Mary!!!! (I was the second grader wearing a ladies 8 shoe...LOL)
 Awwww I loverrrrs her sooooo much!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, July 22, 2013


Sooooooooo i'm sitting here TODAY at Starbucks, annnnnnnnnnd imagine the double take I took when i looked up to see THIS...

YES, thats a man in a skirt!!! Not a gay man either, just A MAN...chillin...running his daily errands...gettin a cup of coffee...IN A SKIRT!!! Its not a kilt either...the thing that really got me was that he was waiting on a woman in the ladies room...she came out and over to him...wearing PANTS OF COURSE!!! They walked out together like nothing about them was abnormal!!!
You know, there was a time when THAT woman wearing those pants was just as OFF and weird as a man wearing a skirt!! I was telling one of the Sunday School girls, Leina, when she was staying with me a few summers ago, I was teaching her about standards of holiness that we believe and I was telling her that very thng, there was a time, when it was WEIRD for woman to wear pants!!! I asked her if she would think it was odd to see a man in a skirt and she said YES!!! And I told her, thats the way it USED TO BE to see a woman in pants!!! Its MEN's APAREL!!!! And I told her, buuuuut there is coming a day when THAT oddness of seeing a man in a skirt is going to be taken away and it is going to become "NORMAL" to see a man in a skirt!!!
Right after that time I had bought this funny shirt of the smurfs...cuz the smurfs are kinda like cute and funky and you know me, I'm drawn to anything thats DIFFERENT and CUTE...AHAHA...just sooooo long as it doesn't go against Biblical teachings of course!!! So I took the kiddos to McDonald's and the toy in the happy meal at that time was lil smurf figures!!!! I was like OOOOO I'm gonna collect ALL of these!!! Buuuuuut I was lookin at the lil pic of all the ones that you could collect ANNNNNND GASP...
There was one called something like DARING...annnnnd this was a boy smurf in a skirt!!! I was like WHAAAAAAT???? Annnnnnnnnd it was NOT trying to say that this smurf was gay! It was just saying that he was a "Normal" boy that had the GUTS to wear a skirt! I was like NOOOOOOOOOO WAAAAAAY!!!
I went home and threw out my smurfs shirt!!! After seeing this man today at Starbucks I realized that this is GOING to become the norm soon. It will drift in slowly...first it will be a dare...the weirdos will embrace it first but the devil will find a way to break down every barrier and seperation between the aparel of a man and a woman!!! WHY??? Because of one simpe reason, he knows its an abomination to God!!! He knows God HATES IT!!! He knows it makes God CRINGE at the sight of it!!!
I remember my mom talking about how when she first got in church it was soooooo HARD for her to give up wearing pants. She said she came to church for a full year before she gave that up, before she finally got the victory and got rid of all her pants! I imagine that there is coming a day, perhaps even before we die, if God doesn't come for us first, there is coming a day when MEN that get into church are going to have to "GIVE UP" wearing skirts! Not, gay men, JUST regular men of the world are going to come to God and are going to have start learning what men's aparel is. A day when the dress of an Apostolic man will stand out stronger, simply because it is NO LONGER the "Norm" for worldly men to always wear pants!
Don't let yourself grow immuned to it! Don't let yourself stop thinking that is wrong, that its weird, that its UNGODLY!!! We can't fall to the whims of this world! We've got to stay STRONG in our SEPERATION!!! If God cringes over something, we NEED to cringe over it...because we're GODLY people!!!
"The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God."(Deuteronomy 22:5)
♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Monae's outreach line!!!

Sooooo I'm with my youth group this weekend up in Williams AZ, annnnnnd basically what we're doing here is helping out the church in this small city in the mountains with a bunch of outreach and some special services.
Weeeeellll... After we were done with outreach today, all if us were in the van exchanging door-knocking stories and then were all telling each other what our line was... MOST OF US... Were saying something like this...
"Hi! My name is Mary, I'm from Way Of Life Apostolic Church, and I'm just here letting everyone know about some free activities we're going to be having. We have a gospel karaoke night, a free ice cream social, a new children's program starting this Sunday, and we would for you to come join us for a time of fun and fellowship! (Then hand them the fliers and info) thank you and God Bless!!! That's the jist if what MOST OF US WERE SAYING!!!! Ahahaha!!!
Monae's like, oh so that's WHAAAAT you all have been saying?!?! That's NOT what I've been saying!!! I'm like annnnnnd what EXACTLEY have you been saying?!?!
She's like well for example, "Hello sir, how you doing today?! Your looking really good and we just want to invite you come to our church! If you come we can hook you up with someone... There's this one 30-year-old...
I'm like WHAAAAAT???? REALLY MONAE???? She's just like YES!!! That's what I said!!!! Ahahaha!!! I couldnt stop laughing!!!
Only Monae!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Thursday, July 18, 2013

What a WHITE crayon needs!!! ;)

Have you ever thought about the poor white crayon??? I mean, did YOU ever use the white crayon as a child when you were coloring??? THINK ABOUT IT!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnd white crayons may SEEM like they are pointless!!! USELESS buuuuuuuuut...they are NOT!!! You see, it takes a VERY special person to know when and HOW to use a white crayon!!!
It takes someone that is SMART ENOUGH...
to get a piece of BLACK PAPER!!!
Yes, its simple, ALL a white crayon really needs is a piece of black paper!!!

for my 30th birthday, all this white crayon NEEDS, all she is asking for IS...
Woooot!!! WOOOOOOT!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ghirdelli Chocolate Factory!

Me and Hanna had some fun when we went to the chocolate factory!!! (:

♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I got a dog!!!

You guys guess whaaaaat?!?!?! I finally got a DOG!!! I'm sooooooooo excited!!!! Sooooo yesturday, we were at Arizona Mills Mall and this lady comes walking by selling BALLOONS!!! Weeeeeeelllll one of the balloons was a DOG!!! annnnnnnnd its string was like its leash and it had these feet that made it just bounce along as she walked!!! Weeeeeeellll...I flipped out when I saw it!!!! I mean you all should have heard my SQUEAL!!!! I'm like, its soooooo CUUUUUUUTE!!!!
I like HAAAAAAD to have it!!! My sister was like, You CAN NOT walk around the mall with that thing!!! The lady said, its ONLY five dollars!!! annnnnnd the puppy was just like bouncing along...its ears flopping and tail wagging!!!!
Soooooooooooo I bought it for my niece annnnnd my nephew annnnnnd the boys I watch!!!! Hee, hee...annnnnnnnnnnnnnd Maybe at little bit for...
I soooo looooverrrs my lil doggy!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. YES, i'm STILL turning 30 on Thursday!!! ;))))

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Oakland day 3!!!

Okaaaaaaaaay sooooo this is gonna be a REALLY LOOOOOONG POST BECAUSE...it was a LOOOOOOONG day and we did A LOT!!! LOL!!! Soooooo I had been telling everyone the day before in the car that they had BETTER be dressin patriotic...LOL...then I told them, when you all see me tomorrow, your gonna put your hand on your heart and start SAYING THE PLEDGE!!! AHAHAHA!!! Annnnnd sooooo the next day when I got to the Kifle's, everyone ran into the house then when I walked through the door everyone put their hands on their heart and proceeded to SAY THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE!!! It was pretty AWESOME!!! ANNNNND FUNNNNNY!!!
Then after that our whole group, which included, Sis. Kifle, (Bro. Kifle is currently on missions in Ethiopia) Sis. Kifle's brother and sister but I forget their names...ooooops...Nyla, Mesgana, MJ, T, Hanna, Coco, Steven Aka: FROSTY, Joe Momma, Jen, Paul, Anali, and we all headed out for a drive to the beach! Sooooo it was like an hour drive annnnnnd as we're driving, Jen decided to borrow my glasses and she is all like, OH let me get a MARY POSE!!! It was sooooo funnnnny...cuz it looks SOOOO NATURAL in the picture, buuuuut if you know Jen, thats just soooo NOT HER!!! AHAHAHA!!!
Then Jen was like, Oh lets sing for Theresa the song we wrote for Mary! Soooooo the song goes to the tune of Mary had a little lamb, buuuuut they Lyrics go like this and feel free to sing it as you read it...lololol, ♪Mary wants a big strong man, big strong man, big strong maaaaaan, Mary wants a big strong man who's face is BLACK AS COAL!!!♫ Now you have to understand, that when Jen, Hanna and Anali sing this song, its exactley on key and in PERFECT HARMONY!!! They sound BEAUTIFUL singing it...which just makes it all the funnier!!! So they're done singing it and my sister's response was simply this, SOOOOO your friends are JUST AS CREEPY AS YOU!!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Sooooo today I was on Valerie's blog, and I saw something that just busted me up laughing annnnnnd I JUST HAD TO STEAL and share with you all!!! (:
That would soooooo BE ME!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Oakland day 2!

Sooooooo day two...this started with me getting up earlier...cuz like...I hate wasting time when I'm in a new place and always wanna go exploring...Thats just the way I am and if everyone else wants to sleep in i'm fine to go off by myself, it totally does NOT bother me!!!
Soooooo I just went for a walk down the street and was looking at all the houses, they're alot different then over here in AZ! They're all different and everything is built more up, while in AZ in most places everything is more modern, cookie cutter houses and its all like Spanish style homes or they all just look the same but the homes are really spread out and wider and flatter....if that makes sense...LOL!
Then I headed over to McDonald's for my morning coffee...its sooooo AWESOME cuz the coffee over there is ANY SIZE for a dollar...annnnnnnnnd I MUST HAVE MY COFFEE EVERY MORNING!!!
Unlike Hanna who DENIES her ADDICTION...I DO NOT!!! I fully CLAIM it...AND EMBRACE IT!!! BAHAHA!!!
THEN...I was going to stay inside buuuuut the weather was soooooo niiiiiiice....I just went outside and sat on the sidewalk and enjoy myself!!! LOL Hahaha...see I just kinda live in my own world sometimes...LOL!!!
Soooooo then Anali picked me up and we headed to the airport to pick up some HOBO I mean our friend JOE MOMMA...Sorry I forgot to take a pic of just him at that moment buuuuut yeah...then we went and had breakfast at Anali's
Anali hugging Hanna...cuz aparently she hadn't gotten her PEETS YET!!! LOL

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd THIS WAS A  HUUUUUUGE DAY IN MY LIFE...because Hanna introduced me to this INCREDIBLE MAN named...
Annnnnnnd Aparently, Hanna is pretty special to Peet too...I guess he likes CHOCOLATE girls...especially ETHIOPIAN ones!!! ;))))
Buuuuuuut Hanna better watch out CUZ this vanilla girl is pretty smitten by him too!!! ;)
Peet made me a coconut-white-mocha-iced coffee...it was sooooooooo GOOOOOOD!!! GOOD BYE STARBUCKS...I JUST FOUND A NEW LOVE!!! *Sigh!!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Oakland Day 1!

Weeeeeeellll EVERYONE I'm FINALLY blogging about our trip to Cali!!! Btw: If your lookin for somwhere to get away to for the summer, THE BAY AREA IS THE PLACE!!! Seriousley, whoever decided that Disneyland was "The Happiest Place On Earth" needs to get there head examined...cuz like...its HOT, its CROWDED and there are LOOOOONG LINES annnnnnd the rides are sooooooo LAME!!! Now California adventure is a different story...AWESOME RIDES!!! LOL Anywayz, YES, i'm still going to Youth Alive!!! HAHAHA!!!
Anywayz, I would like let EVERYONE KNOW, that we started this trip with MJ forgetting STANLEY!!! (Stanley is MJ's doll that she has had since she was five, he kinda helped her adjust into living with us when she came from her foster  home so he kinda has sentimental value!) Yes, this is VERY IMPORTANT that you all know this...sooooo she was like IN TEARS...soooo my sis calls my brother Joe to come back so MJ can get Stanley from the van...
And HERE she is all HAPPY to have Stanley BACK!!!
So thats how the trip started, with MJ FORGETTING STANLEY!!! LOLOL
Here I am with my ticket...
PHOENIX TO Oakland!!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's NOT the Puppet!!!

I was thinking about puppets the other day, i'm not into puppetry, but I happen to have a few friends that are and I always enjoy watching a GOOD PUPPET SHOW!!! BUUUUUUT I was thinking about how it works with puppets. If you see a really LAME puppet show, its NOT the puppet's fault, its the PUPPETEERS fault! And you don't have to have an AMAZING puppet to have an AWESOME show!!! A really GOOD PUPPETEER can do a good show with ANYTHING!!!
I've seen awesome puppet shows with SOCK PUPPETS before!!! Yes, SOCKS!!! Was it the socks that made the show awesome??? NO!! It was the puppeteer, MAKING THE PUPPET SOCKS do awesome things. You know WHY??? Because IF your a good puppeteer, you don't need the biggest and the best puppet around to do a great show, because YOUR skills as a puppeteer will make whatever you are using good!
 This got me to thinking about our own lives. If we put our lives into this world's puppeteers, we'll end up involved in all the wrong things. Hollywood, drugs, imorality and ultimately a life of misery and emptiness! Thats the devil's puppetry in your life...DESTRUCTION!!!

However, IF we'll put our life into GOD'S HANDS, he can make something beautiful out of our life!!! Sometimes we think that God can't use us because we're a NOBODY! We think WHO AM I that God could use for his glory? I wasn't raised in church, I come from a broken home, i'm  the only one in my family living for God, my dad's gone,I feel inferior, i have no experiance, I don't know how to dress, I don't know how to act! Maybe you feel like that one lone dirty sock, with a hole in the toe, it doesn't matter!!! 
God has a plan FOR YOU!!!
Its NOT the puppet that is amazing...its an AMAZING PUPPETEER!!! You don't need to be an amazing person to do great things, you just need to put YOUR LIFE in the hands of an AMAZING GOD!!! :)
    "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end."(Jeremiah 29:11)
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Why i'm NOT married reason #3479823461764

Soooooooooo I went with the Kifle's to the Connell's church Sunday night annnnnnnnd Bro. Connell was preaching. And at one point in his message he was talking about how when your involved in inviting or bringing people to church, you hear EVERY EXCUSE there possibly is!!! Which is like sooooooooo TRUE!!! LOL
Then he was reading from Luke about the marriage supper and how all the people that were invited had these EXCUSES for WHY they could NOT go!!! The first one said he had just bought land, the second one had just bought some ox...lame excuses right?!?! Buuuuuut then the last one had the LAMEST OF ALL!!!
"And another said, I have married a wife, and therefore I cannot come." (Luke 14:20) That just cracked me up laughing!!! I turned to Jen and Hanna and I'm like OH sooooo thats WHY I'M NOT MARRIED!!! Its a SALVATION ISSUE!!! I bet there's some Apostolic man out there that is...
 STILL going to church simply because...

He's NOT married to ME!!!
♥Mary Frances

Monday, July 8, 2013

I'm home!!!

Yes i'm HOME sweet, wonderful, happy, HOT HOME!!!

NO REALLY, its HOT in our home!!!
The AC broke!!! My sis and the kids went to spend the night at my brother and sis-in-laws place, buuuuuut despite the heat I just wanna be HOME!!! When its all said and done and all my world travels are over, i'm just a HOMEBODY!!! :)))) Its NOT that bad really...LOL!!!
Soooo i'm sitting here in the HEAT, sweating, listening to Bro. Morton's preaching from PCC, "If everbody in the church was was just like me, what kind of church would this church be?!" He just started talking about SUBMISSION...AHAHAHAHAHA!!! He said, There's a difference between obeying and submitting....BAHAHAHA!!! Naaaaaaaaay!!! BAAAAAAAHHHH!!! (Inside joke from the trip;)
Awwwwwwww it was an FUNNNNN TRIP in SAN LORENZO/Orlando BAY AREA OF CALI!!!
You'll be hearing ALL about it SOON!!! :))))
♥Mary Frances :)