Monday, December 28, 2009

This girl MAKES ME LAUGH!!!!

First Jestina just makes me smile. She sees me walk into prayer before church yesturday. She leans over and is like, "And there is Mary, with her smile and her laugh, bright as the sun!" I was like AWWWWWW!!! Then she starts lookin over my outfit and my hair and she is like, "YOU LOOK GOOD!!!" (LOL) I am like THANK YOU!!! Then she looks at my hair again and then again and then she just shakes her head and smiles! I'm like WHAT?!?! She is like, "Mary, where did you get that hair accessory?!" (She is referring to my little top hat with feathers and tulle and fluff on it) I'm like I got it at The Icing in PV Mall. She is like, "NO! You got that from THE Black store!" I was like laughing, "No I got it at.." She is like "Nuh uh!" You got that at The black store!!! I was like LAUGHING SOOOOO HARD!!! Then as we went around greeting people before church she was like telling them, "Mary got that hat at THE Black store!" And everyone was like OH REALLY?! It was SOOOO funny!!!
THEN the other day we were at my house, hanging out in my room, and she starts lookin around in my room and she is like, "Mary, does EVERYTHING in your room HAVE to be black?" (She is referring to the fact that I have pictures of my African kids up everywhere, INCLUDING HER!!!)So I look around and I am like..."Ummmm...okaaaay...ACTUALLY...These kids are WHITE, and this is WHITE and the wall is WHITE...Oh and YEAH, I'm in my room and in case you havn't noticed, I'm WHITE!!!" She just kinda looks at me, then she says, "Yeah, BUT your attitude is BLACK!!!"  I was like, "oh WHATEVER!!!" And we both cracked up laughing!!!!
Jestina is SOOOOO funny! We stayed up sooooooooo late the other night, talkin about guys and just laughin HYSTERICALLY!!! What can I say, THIS GIRL MAKES ME LAUGH!!! :)

Can't WAIT!!!

Today I was talkin to my friend Chantal and we are like SOOOO siked that in two days we will be seeing each other at Conqueror's Conference youth convention!!!
As we were talkin I was like, so I guess it's been a year since we have seen each other...
Chantal was like A YEAR?! Has it really been that long?! And I was like ummmm....maybe not!!!
It seems like we have totally hung out since then! So we start discussing, conferences, events and youth rallies. Well wern't you at this? No...Wait remember when? We were all at...
What about when that one guy? AND that guy...etc..LOL

FINALLY we realized that neither of us had been at ANY of these same events!
We had just talked about them to each other, that it felt like we had been hanging out!!!
Actually, Chantal and I have only hung out in person like at three events.
We met last year at WCC for the first time and by the end of Conqueror's Conference, it felt like we had known each other FOREVER!!!!

CAN'T wait to see the events AND drama that unfolds
♥Mary :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009


OMW!!! You guys!! My sister-in-law just took Some AWESOME pictures of me!!!
There is one picture,(the last one) where I think I EVEN look angelic!!!
 Of course we all know THE TRUTH...BUT...LOL!!! ;)
My brother Joe and his wife recently started their own photography business this past April,  and it is going really well!
They have been getting weddings and events several times every month.
 At first it was just with Apostolic people in other church's, but now they are getting calls all the time from people that are finding them on the web. They are even had to turn some people down cause it overlapped other people's events that they were shooting for!
So for Christmas, we went in on in as a family and bought them a travel studio, so they have all the equipment a photagrapher would have in their studio but they can pack it up and take it any where!!! Right now its set up at their house!!! How cool is that?!
They called me up at 10 pm Christmas night and asked if I wanted to come over and pose?
LIke RIGHT then and there!!! I didn't EVEN have time to curl my eyelashes...I just said...
Check me out HERE

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Mary reccoMMendation...

Do NOT wear curler's when out searching for employment!

The world just doesn't understand...

The END results of an Apostolic girl in curlers!!!
Mary ;)

Our favorite Christmas present!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

I just wanna say...

Have yourself a...
 Merry little Christmas!!!

Or maybe I should say...
Have yourself a...
MARY  little Christmas!!! ;)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Getting Personal

I am unofficially our church messenger. Some how everyone just knows that if they need to quickley get a message to a group of people, the best person for the job is Mary!!! :) I am always getting asked to give out messages. Mary could you let everyone know we're havin a surprise party for Sis. Abbott Wednesday night after church... Mary could you tell everyone there is going to be a youth group picture... Mary can you let everyone know that the Ladies of Legacy meeting is closed...Mary remind everyone to bring their stuff for the Mother's day potluck...etc... And so I do! Usually it's in a mass text message.
Since sending out these mass text messages I have noticed something. I'll send out a mass text message to a bunch of people and usually thats fine. However, there are times when I NEED to get a response back from people. For example, one day I sent out a text message to our youth group, Hey guys! Remember outreach tonight at @7pm Who all is going? And you know what will VERY often happen? No responses from like ANYONE!!! I am sitting there like ok I guess no one is going to outreach. Like one person will call me, Hey are we still doing outreach tonight? I am like uh, I don't know. I'm thinking, Hmmmm...should I cancel it or what?! Then we would get to outreach and everyone had showed up. I was like OMW! Why didn't you guys respond back to my text?! They are just like, "Uh, I don't know!"
This happened several more times and I found it to be very agravating! So I decided to try something the next time I had to send out a mass text message. I had to send out a mass text message about my brother's birthday. So I sent out one mass text message as a reminder...Hey everyone! John's bday is tonight @6:30pm BUT then I wanted to know who was going so I sent out another mass text message to everyone but I worded it differently. I said...Heeeeeey are YOU going to John's party tonight? And you know what happened? People started responding!!! Everyone was letting me know weather or not they were going to the party! 
You know why? You know what the difference way? You know what made everyone respond back to my mass text message this time? The difference was that I made it PERSONAL! Even though I was sending it out to a bunch of people, I directed it to each person individually. There is something about us as humans that likes when stuff is personal. Think about Christmas cards. Isn't it just a little tacky when you get a beautiful, elaborate Christmas card, but the person doesn't even bother to give you any sort of personal message? But there is just something special when they take the time to say something to you!!!
I am glad that I can say that I have a God that knows how to get PERSONAL! Although the bible was written for EVERYONE, God has individual, personal messages in there, for each and everyone of us. Jeremiah 29:11 says, For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. HOW COOL IS THAT?! God thinks about me. Think about that!!! There are millions and millions of people in the world right NOW, and while God is thinking about them, He is thinking about YOU too!!!
God's NOT just thinkin about yo' daddy! He's NOT just thinkin about yo' mama! God's thinking about YOU my brother! He's thinking about YOU girlfriend! Think about how happy you would feel if tonight you got a PERSONAL text message from like your dream-come-true person. I for one would be like SCREAMIN AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS. (Then I would forward the message to ALL my friends in a mass text message! LOL) WELL God loves you! His word is filled with individual messages for you.  TONIGHT He is sending YOU a personal text message that says...
I'm thinking about you!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Whatda ya all think?! Should I get them or Conqueror's Conference?!
PJ what do you think? Wouuld you aprove of them for your choir?
I was thinkin they would be GRRRRRRREAT for when I do the choreography!!!

P.S. Totally J/K!!! ;)
♥Mary :)

The ways of God....

Monday, December 21, 2009

Proud of my NAME BRAND!!!

THE other day I was at Saver's, a second hand store. NOW...I rarely find anything at these kinds of stores for myself, but I still like to try!!! Sooooooo I have some friends that are just like sooooo totally NOT into thrift stores...which is fine, I could care less!!! Cause I mean lets face it, thrift stores are pretty ghetto and kinda stinky...but stuff like that doesn't really STOP ME! I mean if I can get a good deal AND still LOOK GOOD!!!!!! HAHA!!!
 So I am lookin and lookin, not really finding anything. Then I go down the shoe aisle and I see these shoes...they are like BRAND new and TOTALLY CUTE!!! I am like OMW!!! THEN I look at the brand and it's AMERICAN EAGLE!!! I am like OH WOW!!! AMERICAN EAGLE!!! WOW! Cause I like TOTALLY know that is some kind of really expensive name brand!!! I look at the price $7.99!!! OMW!!! I like CANNOT believe it!!! ONLY $7.99 for AMERICAN EAGLE SHOES!!! I was like OKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY I am SOOOOO getting these!!! So I bought them AND the whole time I am just thinking MAN!!! I can't wait to show these to my NAME BRAND FRIENDS!!! Cause like, the youth at my church, we're just NOT into the name brands, BUT I got some friends from OTHER churches that are like TOTALLY into all the name brands and I can't wait to tell them about my AWESOME DEAL on these name brand shoes!!! I just KNOW they are gonna BE SOOOOOO PROUD OF ME!!!
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the other day we're at Paradise Valley Mall. We walk into a store and I am looking around and ALL of the sudden I see it!!! I see AMERICAN EAGLE...MY NAME BRAND!!! I am like Oh look it's AMERICAN EAGLE..OH HEEEEEEEEY!!! AND THEN I just START LAUGHING!!! Cause guess what store carries MY NAME BRAND SHOES?!?!?! YUP thats right...PAYLESS SHOES!!!! You guessed it baby!!! ;)

I think I may have been mixing up American Eagle with that Ambercombie brand!
OH WELL...I guess I'll never be the kinda girl that knows her brands...but heeeeey...I sure do KNOW CUTE!!! AND I'm kinda thinkin thats ALL that really matters! ;)
Mary  :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

That GIRL!!!

So tonight we went and saw The Christmas Carol, which was fun,  ANYWAYS, my neice MJ thought Tiny Tim was CUUUUTE!!! SOOOOOOOOO bein the WONDERFUL aunt that I am, I went and got a picture of him for her. Then I actually caught her KISSING the pamplet with his pic on it!!! I was like OMW!!! Cause I mean like I would NEVER do something like that! HA! ;)  Then when we got home we were on my bed and I was putting curlers in her hair and she just kinda sighs then says, "When I grow up I'm gonna text that boy!" I was like WHAT?! Tiny Tim?! ANd she is like "Yeah!" I'm like, well GIRL, you CAN'T just text a boy...You HAVE to wait for him to text you FIRST!!! So she is just kinda silent for a moment, then she says, "WELL YOU DO!!!" I am like, WHAT?! NO I do NOT!!! She is like, "YES YOU DO?!" I am like WHO?! WHO?! WHAT BOYS DO I TEXT?! She is like, "JOHN!!!" I am like, THATS MY BROTHER!!!" She is like WELL AND ABRAHAM!!!" I am like, WELL THATS MY BROTHER!!!" She is like WELL ROMO!!!" HAHAHAHA!!! I am like okaaaaaaaay lets get THAT straight...ONCE AGAIN MY BROTHER!!! HAHAHA!!! Man, I'm telling you THAT GIRL!!! My sister says she fears THE TEEN YEARS!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

How did it happen?!

Seriousley...How in the world did it happen?! I am sitting here and I am like realizing..Like Omw going to Maui was a dream-come-true!!! When I graduated from highschool in 2001, I said that in two summers from that time I was gonna GO!!! HA!!! That NEVER happened. I went to NYC and flew across the world to another continent...but Hawaii just NEVER happened!!! I have ALWAYS wanted to go there, but HOW in the world did I FINALLY manage to pull it off?! There is ONLY one word that answers that question...

Every year I go with Jac to her Holiday party at the Westin Kierland Resort in Scottsdale. Basically we just go all dressed up, take pics of each other and pig out on the catered food! (Piggin out for Jac is her like ACTUALLY eatin one whole plate of food. Mean while I'm all like bringin zip loc baggies to take food home for the fam and lunch for work the next day! hahahaha!!!) Anyways, last year I couldn't go cause I had a million little parts in our church Christmas play and we had a big practice the night of the party and I was FORBIDDEN by Bro. Jimmy to go!!! Which btw-if you didn't get to go to our play, He Chose The Nails, you like TOTALLY missed out! Our play was BOMB!!! (Even if some people, OKAY one person, I won't mention ANY names, says he got scared with the  street market scene when I was sellin handbags) Actually the two best scenes in the play was the market scene, (Which Bro. Jimmy made up) and CALVARY!!! Anyways back to Jac's PARTY!!!
So my sis went with Jac to the party last year and JAC won Trail blazer of the year award, which I think is basically Employee of the year, which is a HUGE deal cause that resort is HUGE and has like a million employees!!! So with the award Jac go an all paid trip, one ticket, and hotel paid for to anywhere in the U.S. excluding Alaska and Hawaii!!! So my sis and her were totally siked and were already plannin a trip for the three of us and my neice MJ to NYC!!! AND we were like TOTALLY going to stay at the Westin in Times Square. AND Times Square is like SOOOO cool!!! (I'll have to tell you all about NYC another time...BUT if you LOVE food AND you LOVE shoppin, NYC is soooooooooo the place for you!!!) So they are like ALL siked and planning the trip for April of 2009 and I am like kinda excited BUT...
BUT not really!!! CAUSE I am like SOOOOOOOOO broke and I am like there is NOOOO WAAAAY I could save enough money in FOUR months for a plane ticket AND spending money for NYC!!! Just NOT gonna happen!!! I wasn't trying to be a party pooper, but for ONCE in my life I was just TRYING to be practical!!! SO I told them all to just go on ahead without me...WELL...
My sis said, FORGET it!!! There was NO way she was going with Jac without ME, (You just hav to know Tree and Jac to understand THAT!LOL! :) AND Jac was like, WELL FINE, I'll just go without BOTH of you guys!!! And I am like OKAAAAAAAAAAAAY there is noooooo way my lil blonde friend could survive runnin around NYC all by herself!!! I am like OKAY I can probabley go if you all just MOVE the trip to LATER ON in the year...Soooo...aha...they agreed!!! BUT I was STILL draggin my feet!!! Cause my work hours kept gettin cut and grandparents kept coming into town and I would get WEEKS off at a time...etc... AND I just wasn't gettin EXTRA to save!!!
Soooooooooo some time in the summer Jac called and was like GUESS what?!?! I just found out that I ACTUALLY got TWO FREE TICKETS for the trip!!! She is like soooooo if you and your sis want share that and just split the cost for one ticket I know that would make the trip ALOT cheaper for you!!! I am like SCREAMING...OMW!!! TOTALLY!!!! LOL BUT when my sis found out she said that I could just have the WHOLE other ticket!!! I was like OKAAAAY!!! THANKS!!! LOL (OMW! People like LOVE ME!!! *wipes a tear!)
So NOW I am like ALL gung ho and totally siked beyond words cause I know I can do this now!!! BUT the trip to NYC just wasn't gettin scheduled!!! Jac's work couldn't get us booked for our hotel cause it was sooooooo BUSY there...BUT the months were passin by and Jac HAD to go on the trip by then of THIS year...
Soooooooo one day she calls me and she is like okaaaaaaay I have bad news and good news, what do you wanna hear FIRST?! I am like THE BAD!!! She is like OKAY they can't get us in for NYC...BUT the good news is that we CAN ACTUALLY go to Hawaii!!! (I guess the rules changed or Jac heard them wrong or something!) Sooooooooo I am like SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS!!! OMW!!! I am going on my HONEYMOON and I am NOT even getting married!!! YAY!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!! AND Jac is like THIS IS NOT your honeymoon!!! I am like WHATEVER!!!! LOL
BUT really, Jac and I have ALWAYS dreamed of going to Maui TOGETHER!!! You see, it all goes back to this series that Jac and I read through out our teenage years, THE CHRISTY MILLER SERIES. This series starts off when this chick is like 13 and goes till she gets married. AND like there is this guy in the series named TODD SPENCER!!! AND you just kinda fall in love with him right along with Christy!!! LOL Todd is a surfer, He is TALL with blonde hair and SCREAMING-silver-blue eyes!!! (We nvr hav actually figured out what SCREAMING silver blue eyes look like but...they are sooooo HOT!!! ;)
Anyways, Todd and Christy take a trip with their fams to MAUI and Todd takes her to Hana Road and it's TOTALLY romantic and they sit and TALK behind some waterfall(With her little bro and best friend chaperoning) AND yeah...OKAAAAAAY i still think it would be SOOO romantic to sit BEHIND a waterfall with my Mr. McHottie husband...but...LOL (I'll settle for Jac!)
ANYWAYS... I just wanna say
Thank you for the trip!!!
Thank you for being an AWESOME employee and winning the trip!!!
Thank you for being my BEST FRIEND!!!
(Thank you for NOT moving fast enough to ACTUALLY slap me when I woke you at 2:30 am)

I also wanna say thank you to myself...For putting up with you...cause if hadn't NO trip!!! HAHA!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's at times like THIS!!!

I sit in my house. My EMPTY house...ALL by my little self.(Ok NOT so little self) I sit here at our computer, thinking about the dark, dark room at the end of the hall. ALL the way at the end of the hall...on the right. this is MY room and yet I dare NOT go in it. Fear embodies me, and although I try not to be the moping-for-a-husband-type,(i may be 26 but not desperate YET!) it's at times like THIS that I totally wish I had one!!! Is it because I am feeling sad and lonely? Does Mar Bear have the blues?! NOPE!!! (Aside from my eyes) It's cause the bulb went out on my ceiling fan and I don't got NO idea how to change the contraption and I fear for my life and the life of my belongings if I was to walk in there with NO light! (Ok my rooms a little bit messy) MAN! I've lived here for three years and done JUST fine! Moved book shelves, night stands, taken out the trash, hung up pictures, (There a little crooked, but there UP!) done EVERYTHING just fine. Then the light bulb in my room goes out and BAM...
Suddenly I realize,
I sure could use a husband!!! ;)
(A hot one of course!!!)

Mary :) 

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holy Ghost Party 2009's kinda behind but here is this years Holy Ghost party pictures!!! It was wild and CRAZY but FUN!!! LOL The group Janellie Bean and I took around was SOOOO wild!!! LIKE WOW!!! I am standin their like WHY am I yellin at a 15-year-old for CHEATIN on pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey?!?! ONE girl kept CRYIN and like LOSING it and Janelle and I were like SOOOO mature---WE JUST START laughin!!!(Sorry you just HAD to be there for the emotional break down!) And Esther was like MARY why is she cryin? I am like IDK!!! So Esther is like, "Maybe its cause she is white, so she is SPOILED!!!" I am like, "Uh NO! She is from Paradise Shadows too, and it don't matter WHAT color your skin is, if your from PARADISE SHADOWS you are NOT spoiled!!!"  HAHAHA!!! Anyways, it was a BLAST!!! And the girl that was cryin non-stop, she has been talkin about HOW MUCH FUN it was ever since, I am like Okaaaaaaaay!!! Thats AWESOME!!! LOL
 Wish you guys could come meet all the kids some time...but for now ENJOY the pics!!! =)

You are invited to view Mary's photo album: Holy Ghost party 2009

Holy Ghost party 2009
Nov 5, 2009
by Mary
Every year our church as what we call the Holy Ghost party!!! This is my 23rd party to attend!!! =)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas in Africa

Thank God they have been brought to the U.S.....
but THIS is where they come from!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hmmmm...oh yeah!!!

So the first time I saw this little hat I like totally BUSTED up laughing!!! I mean it's this adorable LITTLE top hot that you wear in  your hair like the way you would accessorize with a flower ONLY it's the size that would fit your teddy bear. But........NOOOOOOOOOOO it has a clip to clip in your hair and I am like OMW!!! Like who in the world would ACTUALLY wear this?!?!?! Then I held it up to my hair, looked in the mirror, kinda smiled and just imagined...if my hair was just oh so piled up on my head in just the right height, and if I was wearin just the right outfit...OH yeah...Mar Bear could SOOOOO pull it off!!! My friends  say I'm cRaZy! Jac has said she would DISOWN me! My big sis said YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN ME!!! I said NOPE!!! She said, YOUR RETARDED!!! I said YEAH I KNOW! My brothers just laughed, I won't even say what they said, NO actually I will cause it really cracked me up, they were like, "OH no Mary, Everyone is gonna be like, 'OH WOW that girl is SOOOO big she actually makes her hat look like its for a doll!!!" (Okaaaaaaaay so maybe some girls would sob over that statement, but It was from my little brother's and I thought it was HILARIOUS!!!) Cara says its CUTE!!! Sheree says its CUTE!!! AND I totally hav a feelin that Chantal and Melissa will TOTALLY think it's cute!!! Sooooooooooooo which one of you girls wanna do my hair for it?!?! Who will arise to the challenge?! Oooooooooooooooo I CAN'T wait!!! I am gonna go get it THIS week!!! OMW!!! it's $16.50...I have NEVER spent that much on a accessory before!!! Augggggggggghhhhh!!!
I am NOT for sure though!!!
What do you guys think?!?!
Should Mar Bear do it or WHAT?!?!?
♥Mary ;)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

BABY (you've got what it takes)

My new favorite LOVE SONG!!!
I am sooooooooooooo LOVIN this song by Micheal Buble!
It's hilariously awesome, adorabley delicious AND totally fun!!!
Upbeat and jazzy
Plus its totally CLEAN!!!
Its SOOOO a Mary love song!!!
My sister and MJ like it to!!!
Click here to listen

Mary :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I SOOOOO want this poster!!!

Christy spent quite a few years “praying for her Todd.”
 REMIND yourself and your friends to “hold out for a hero.”

I Hold you in my heart...Philippians 1:7
Do we have ANYmore Christy Miller fans?!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My hair NOTICED!!!

So I think the first part of me that realized we were in Maui Hawaii, was...

Here I am on our flight-like TOTALLY Miss Curly-Q -
and it stayed that we PERFECTLEY for the WHOLE flight!!!


NOW here I am...we had stepped outta the airport for about ten minutes and were at our car rental...
My hair instantley in STRINGS!!!I mean it didn't EVEN look like we were IN Hawaii yet...
Thats some REAL smart hair...
I tell ya!!! ;)
(Click here for more hair adventures)

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Aunt Cookie Monster...
AND her ADORABLE little cookie!!!

Got Christmas Pictures?!

If you have NOT yet already gotten your pictures taken this year or would like more...
I have the PERFECT photographers for YOU!!!

They have an incredibley awesome and ECONOMIC deal going on for the Holiday season!
It's ONLY $25
It includes 30 minutes of unlimited shots, 5 edited photos and christmas card template of your choice.
(All pics will be given to you on a CD and can be printed wherever you choose.)
Not only are Joe and Jewel great photographers, Jewel is AWESOME with graphics and editing!
Seriousley, if your like TOTALLY like diggin your picture but just NOT down with those fat rolls?!
LIKE magic Jewel can make them disapear!!!
LIKE waaaaaaaay faster than WEIGHT WATCHERS!!! LOL
For more info CLICK HERE and SCHEDULE!!!
(BUT NOT this Sunday, cause I already scheduled in between services!!!)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Can God do ANYTHING?!

My pastor says that people like to challenge the awesomeness of God.
Christian's will say God can do ANYTHING!!!
And there are ALWAYS agnostics that like to challenge this with a question like this...
If God can really do ANYTHING...
Can God MAKE a rock SOOOO BIG...
that He can NOT move it?!

And at first your like well God can...
BUT then your but WAIT how could HE NOT be able to MOVE it then...
AND still be able to do ANYTHNG?!

Bro. Abbott's like, Well I KNOW the answer to that but what do YOU think?!?!
AND we're are ALL sitting there like Ummmm...uh...
Just WAITING for Bro. Abbott to give us some DEEP, theological answer...

Bro. Abbott says...
"Yes! God can make a rock SO big that He can NOT move it!!!
And THEN He can move it! Because He is God and there is NOTHING that God cannot do!!!"
Then Bro. Abbott goes on and says,
"You say, 'Well thats a corny answer!'
WELL...THAT was a CORNY question!"
I love my pastor! His explaination are SOOO simple...
BUT they serioulsey ROCK!!!


Very proud to be the Auntie of...
Little Mr. Good lookin himself!!!