Friday, September 30, 2011

AWESOME Pick up lines!!!

Be unique and different, say yes


Can I even get a fake number?

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! These are seriousley THE BEST pick up lines EVERRRR!!! I think the FAKE number one is my fav!!! :)))) What's YOUR favorite pick up line? Has anyone EVERRR actually used one AND has anyone ever used one on you???

♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011


You ALL are soooooooooooo NOT even going to believe this!!! So Adventures in Odyssey now has a Twitter account and I was like OMW sweeeeeeet and I INSTANTLY became a Twitter follower AND when I did I thought I would send them a real quick message, I said, I LOVE YOU AIO!!!@AIO_Tweets and

 I just got a tweet back from them that said, (@JustMarymoments. "Thanks so much Mary! We love that you're a  "funloving, adorable young lady that loves God with all her heart" ~AIO )
 EEEEEEEEEEKS!!!! SERIOUSLEY!!! You all can NOT even believe the HUGE smile that is on my face right now!!! I'm like SCREAMIN!!!!!! AIO LOVES ME!!! Don't be JEALOUS PEOPLE!!! DON"T BE JEALOUS!!! Its almost like ♥Wooten♥ himself said it to me!!! *Sigh! Weeeellll thats all...I just thought I would let you ALL be the FIRST TO KNOW!!!!  I can't wait till my sis comes home so I can tell HER!!!

I'm sure she'll be THRILLLED!!!!! :)

♥Mary Frances :)

Bathroom mirrors!!!

I hate all these bathrooms that don't even have a mirror!!! Like when your travelin and some of these restops don't have a mirror!!! Like your half a sleep and you go to wash your hands and you wanna see your reflection and all  you see is a BLANK WALL!!! Like AAAAAAUUUUGGGHH...I'm blank...wait NO there's just NO MIRROR!!! Its like WHATS the point in EVEN havin a bathroom if there's NO MIRROR???

Okaaaay so maybe there is still a little bit of a reason BUT...
at least 99.9% of the point of a ladies room

♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I had one particular guy SPECIAL in mind for this BACK IN post...BUT alas ladies...he got a girlfriend...ONE WEEK TO EARLY!!! think he had ALMOST made it to to this point in his finally ARRIVED as APOSTOLIC MALE MODEL...BUT got a girlfriend a week to soon...I'm sure he's devestated...perhaps his girlfriend can COMFORT HIM!!! ;) ;)

AnywayZ, NOT sure who to choose...A certain young man began to rapidly be nominated by not one, not two, NOT EVEN three, BUT SEVERAL DIFFERENT young ladies and sooooooooo ...the long delay since DECEMBER'S Apostolice Male Model has been demolished and
Girls EVERYWHERE in Pentecost have been on an INTERNET FAST...but that fast will soon be broken with TODAYS SWOONIN NEWS!!! ARE YOU READY??? I SAID...ARE YOU READY??? Take a deep breath and hold on to your chairs ladies...BECAUSE it is the ONE AND ONLY...

Marvin Cardenas Coreas

WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Now girls, PICK YOURSELVES up off the floor and begin breathin is VITAL that you don't die...because Classic Mary Moments has got the SCOOP... for YOU!!! ;) ;) ;)

First of all, aside from his incredible good looks that have all you girls SWOONIN...Marvin is 19-years-old, almost NOT a teenager anymore...HAHA!!! He is a faithful member of Bro. Gutierrez's church, Tabernaculo de Victoria in Panorama City California. It is said that Marvin LOOOOOOVES his pastor and church. It is his life.

 At his church he is involved in leading services, teaching Sunday School, he sings, just recently started preaching and alter worker AND he goes on outreach every Saturday... EVERY SATURDAY!!! Now how awesome is THAT ladies???

Now onto the FUN STUFF!!! Marvin is a really, really, REALLLLY funnny guy. If you are around him for like two seconds he will TOTALLY have you laughin!!! He loves to laugh, but even MORE, he loves makin OTHER people laugh.
"I just love to see people smile," says Marvin, "even if I have to make a fool outta myself!"  
Marvin's friends describe him as fun, cRaZy, loyal, encouraging, protective, stubborn, heardheaded and straight forward. If he agrees with you he is very supportive, BUT if he disagrees with you, HE WILL LET YOU KNOW!!! He loves kids, is a hard worker and will do anything for the people he loves. They say he is very perceptive, sensitive and that comes thru in his friendships and in his walk with God.
Five things EVERY GIRL wants to know...
1. He is DEBT FREE
2. He COOKS!!!
(It is said that Marvin can make a MEAN pizza and GOOOOOD Carne Asada!!!)
3. He has a JOB!!!
Woot, woot...HOLLA!!!
 (Manager at Joe Peeps Pizza Place in North Hollywood...go HERE to check it out)
4. He is extremely organized and VERY CLEAN!!!
(No B.O....Praise the Lord!!!)
 Oooo la, la ladies!!! ;)
They say that Marvin is also a risk-taker and VERY adventurous!  The girl he ends up with will never have a dull moment. His motto is "boredom is a choice". His career goal that he is going to college for is to be a pilot...Think about HOW handsome he will look in that pilot's uniform...with those little golden pilot wings!!!

BUT more that pilot wings on his uniform, think about him puttin little gold wings on YOUR HEART, as he pilots your heart... takin flight, soaring together... through the sky... as...

 ♥Marvin Cardenas Coreas♥
 takes YOU on the adventure of a LIFETIME!!!
If interested, you can stalk him further HERE!!! ;)
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Holy Ghost gift!!!

Soooo I was reading back to an incident from over a year ago, when we had a HUGE Holy Ghost breakthrough with the Sunday school kids. 6 kids in ONE service got the Holy Ghost and others were at the alter just weepin in God's presence!!! It was such an amazin experiance, seein SOOO many kids to pray with and NOT even know who to pray with...BUT...I had TOTALLLLY forgotten about the GIFT someone gave me that night!!!
This part that I read just CRACKED me up all over again!!!
"THEN after it was all over and we're herding the kids to the van, I feel SOMETHING lumpy in my shirt...I am like What in the world?!?! I reach in AND I pull out A DIRTY TISSUE!!! I have NO idea who's it was, BUT in between all the praying, one of the kids stuck their DIRTY TISSUE DOWN my shirt!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!"
I had TOTALLLLY FORGOTTEN about that!!! ONLY MY KIDS!!! I guess it was THEIR OWN little Holy Ghost gift to me!!!
I sooooo LOVE THEM!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, September 26, 2011


OMW!!! YOU guys!!!

It's GOOGLE's 13th birthday!!!
Google is a TEENAGER NOW!!! Awwwwwwww!!! I guess that means it can join the youth group and go to all the youth conferences now!!! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!! I just told my sis..."GUESS WHAT?!?!?! Its GOOGLE'S BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!!!" You shoulda seen the LOOK on her she soooooo didn't even care...SAD people...SOOOO SAD!!! :'(
Wow!!! What did we do without GOOGLE before it was born??? How did we do any kind of research BEFORE Google??? Its cRaZy how my brain was born soooo many years AFTER the rest of me!!! HAHAHA!!! "After all, Google knows EVERYTHING!!!" (Thats kinda a joke with our youth, cuz this principal of the Rio Saloldo Highschool graduates says that EVERY year and we have had like quite a few people graduate from there!!!)
Soooo what were YOU doing 13 years ago when GOOGLE was born??? I was doing THIS!!! LOL!!!
Once again...
♥Mary Frances :)


My friend Destiny Hyler posted the cRaziest, mind bogglin riddle on her blog!!! SHe won't post the answer until at least one more person takes a guess...go HERE to guess!!! HURRRY I'm DYIN to know the answer!!!

♥Mary Frances :)

A song NO guy will EVERRR sing about me!!!

There is this old country love song running through my mind the other day...Its says...
♪♪She don't know she's beautiful...Yeah...She don't know she's beautiful!!!♪♫♪
I was singin it cheerfully...THEN I kinda sighed solemnly and told Kim wistfully, "I don't think ANY guy will EVERRR sing that song about me!!!"♥
Kim, INSTANTLY ready to cheer me up  says, awww Mar Bear!!! Don't say that!!! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! (Which was EXACTLEY what I had been waitin for her to say;) I'm silent for a moment then I was all like...
Thats WHY they'll NEVER sing it about me!!! (Like...DUH!;)  She is like NO YOU DIDN'T just say that!!! I'm like...
You know you all LOVE ME!!! ;))))
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jayne's AWESOME 21st birthday party!!!

She looked absolutely GORGOUS and had the cutest dress everrrr made by her mom!!!
(Made by WHITNEY her if you want to place and order!!!)
My friend Jayne had THE CUTEST party EVERRR!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Esther UPDATE!!!

I just want say thank to all the people that have told me that they were praying in response to my email on Tuesday...that really, really, really, REALLLLLY means a lot to me and I really appreciate it!!! :) Someone said they wish they lived closer so that they could help me BUT as far as I am concerned, IF YOUR PRAYIN that totally IS HELPIN!!!
Esther DID indeed come on Wednesday!!! So did Martina, another Old timer and her neice and cousin...Amazingly, she ACTUALLY called me ahead of time to let me know that she was ready AND waiting for me like half an hour EARLY!!! Which, if you know the African people, it is a TOTAL miracle in itself!!! So Sam preached a REALLLLY good message about the love of God and I could tell it really was gettin to her ESPECIALLY since she had just read his testimony the night before!!! it was really funny cause I could tell when certain parts of the message were REALLLY gettin to her cause ALL of the sudden she was gettin alls sweet and lovey dovey towards her neice....

My P.B hubby!!!

I came to the conclusion the other day that I want marry PEANUT BUTTER!!! For realz!!! I WANT TO MARRY PEANUT BUTTER!!! Okaaaaaaaaaay let me explain myself!!! :)
I was buying peanut butter the other day and I couldn't help but think of my future husband!!! If your thinkin, OKAAAAAAY weird Mary!!! Don't feel bad, thats EXACTLEY what my sis told me when I told HER while we were shoppin at Frys!!!! LOL!!!
My sis had told me to go get P.B and I was lookin at all of them....they were all the same but then DIFFERENT!!! Sooo many choices over just ONE THING!!! Thats when I saw it...Smooth & Nutty!!!
Aha! I had a moment of enlightment and I told my sis, me and my hubby are gonna be like PEANUT BUTTER!!! (She got that okaaaay you need HELP look on her face at this moment!!!) I'm like, BUT he's gonna be smooth p.b. cuz I'm already like, really nutty. She's just like, Okaaaay I could've lived without knowing this, please just go find the next item!!! (Idk perhaps it was the fact that we were in a very crowded aisle at the moment!;)
Soooo we're different...BUT we're BOTH PEANUT BUTTER!!! Cuz there are some things about us that I want to be the same!!! Like, I really wanna marry someone that like LOVES God soooooooo much... (DUH!!!) like me!!! Someone with really strong convictions and a LOVE for holiness!!! (Hellllllloooo!!!) AND someone that really, really, really, really LOVES people(Where are you Wooten???) and has a burden for the lost!!! Teaching Bible studies together, bringin people to church, teahcin Sunday school...I mean like seriousley, thats how I want to spend my life, reaching souls together...FOR REALZ!!!
But think about it SMOOOOTH and NUTTTTY PEANUT BUTTER!!!! Cuz I wanna marry someone that is PEANUT BUTTER LIKE ME!!! Cause I mean lets face it, whoever ACTUALLLY marrys me is gonna be a NUT to begin with, BUT there is NO WAAAAAAAAAAY they can be as NUTTY as me or else our marriage would just be a DISASTER!!! LOLOLOL!!! Sooooooo he's gotta be SMOOTH!!! ;) HAHAHA!!!
Which I always, always, always, ALWAYS thought that I would want to marry someone JUST like me...cuz I mean after all...I LOVE ME!!! Hee, hee!!! I took this personality test once, and it basically said that the BEST person for me is like a TOTAL DUD!!! Okaaaay it didn't quite say DUD!!! But it said someone that is very logical and thinks with their head and NOT their ♥heart♥!!! ( A Rational Mastermind) Should be INTERESTIN!!! HAHAHA!!!

Heeey, heeey, HEEEEEEEEEY NOW!!!
At least i'm claimin to be NUTTY!!!! ;)
Find yours HERE!!!
Awwwwwwww look at him!!! He is soooooooo handsome!!!! Can't you just see the two p.b. jars with a lil tux and veil??? *Sigh!!! Soooooo ROMANTIC!!!

♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Classic Mary MOMENT @Youth Alive

Sooooooo the last night of Youth Alive I was feelin sooooooo pretty and sophisticated in what I call my princess skirt!!! My hair was all perfect, well I mean AS PERFECT as it can be in 20 minutes after a day in Disney's CA Adventure!!! Sooooooo yeah, I felt really sophisticated and adultish...then BAM!!! Alter call is over and CLASSIC MARY MOMENTS begin!!! LOL!!!
I'm standing there, talkin to my friend Kendra, we're huggin sayin good bye and I go to walk away and the platform of my 4 inch shoe is just chillin there on the ground with the sole of my shoe still attached to my foot!!!
I'm like OMW KENDRA!!! MY SHOE!!!

She looks back and when she sees it we both just start laughing!!!

I had to walk around the rest of the evening HOLDIN my shoes!!! BAHAHAHA!!! All my "Sophistication" went right down the drain at this point!!! But what can you expect!?! What do you get when you put a Robinson's May Sweater(Clearance) with a Dillards (Clearance) skirt, and GOODWILL shoes???
Forget sophistication!!! i wouldn't want my life ANY OTHER way!!! :)))
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ironing Skills!!!

IRONING!!! *Sigh...its the ONE domestic skill have NOT yet conquered!!! See girls don't really have to iron most of their clothes(I don't get these girls that still iron EVERYTHING includin their jean skirts!!! WHY would you iron a jean skirt???) these days but guys are a differnt story!!! (Just ask my former employer when she asked me to iron her husband's shirt for her...HAHAHA!!! I think she really regretted that!!! What happened really wasn't MY FAULT...its a long story, you can ask me about in person if you like! I'm just like okaaaaaaaaay you know what, he's YOUR husband, NOT mine!!!:)
I'm hopin to marry that ONE man that brings all his shirts to the dry cleaners!!! But NO, I'm sure I'll end up with one thats all like, "If you LOVED me you would iron my shirt!" LOL And I will, OF COURSE!!! He may regret askin...BUT I will lovingly burn those wrinkles right out!!! ;) HAHA!!! (Then AGAIN, by the time I ACTUALLLLLY get married, they may be makin men's clothes so that they don't really have to be ironed either!!! LOL!)
Here is a picture of my AMAZIN ironin skills at Youth Alive!!! Took my skirt outta the suitcase, flung it over the hotel TV for a day...and VOILA!!! Denae was like MARY, that skirt is sooo beautiful you have gotta iron that...but I SURE DIDn't!!! LOL!
I challenge you all do answer this question; Did ANYONE at Youth Alive notice any wrinkles on my skirt??? If you did please allow me to give you a hearty and sincere CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Then please come here sooooo I can...
B. Tell you to get a life!!!
I mean that in a good, Christian way....OF COUSE!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I just wanted to put out to you all a VERY important prayer request to me!!! I'm askin you all to please be prayin for my African people!!! I really feel like God is about to do some GREAT things with them!!! As most of you know, the girl Esther that used to live with me pretty much has not been coming to church the last several years...a little bit every once in a while, and one by one the other teens had dropped out till its been pretty much just this one 7-year-old girl Leina, (leina is the lil girl that was gonna live with me but then its a long story but yeah its just the weekends now!) who lives with me on the weekends and her lil sis and like one other lil boy.
 And like its been pretty sad but, I've just ALWAYS known that God called me to these people and i've never given up and me Esther have have always kept up a good relationship NO MATTER WHAT!!! But sometimes you know that you can't keep beggin a person to come to church, all you can really do is step back and pray for them!!!

Why you should ALWAYS do your hair...

Sooooo last week when the electricity line blew up and ALL that jazz happened in our neighborhood...
I gave Kim some incredible, MARY WISEDUMB!!!
So the fire truck pulls down the street and I'm like, Ooooo KIM come on, lets go check out the FIRE MEN!!!!!! LOL Cuz, DUH, we're single and this is like some total EVANGELISM about to take place!!! ;) ;) ;) I'm like we'll just act like we're out walkin for excercise!!! Kim is like, Ooooo yeah, with your COOKIN APRON STILL ON!!! LOL (Oooops!)
So we're walkin down the street and Kim is like, WELLLL look at you, with your hair fixed up ALL PERFECT!!! AND this is when the wise words, from YEARS of Ladies of Legacy classes, just flowed out of me for my dear friend!!! I said SEE Kim, THIS IS WHY a lady should ALWAYS do her hair EVERYDAY...
Because you just NEVERRRR know, when one of your electrical lines are gonna blow-up, start a fire on your block and cause ALLLL kinds of firemen to show doesn't happen often...BUT JUST PREPARE FOR IT!!!!!!!! EVERYDAY, I do my hair...

♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

A different connection...

So the other day, as I told you all about HERE, an electrical line on our street broke, blew, caused and fire and we had a HUGE power shortage in our neighborhood. Everyone on our block and for about 15 blocks around us had NO eltricity. So my sis and I decided instead of stayin in the dark that we should go for a drive.
We decided to take a ride to Frys by our house. Its like HUGE and they have this awesome lounge with couches and EVERTHING and we just chill there for a little while. After an hour or so we headed back home to see if the the electricity had been fixed. So we're drivin back and all the houses are still dark and i'm like AWWW BUMMMMMER!!!
Then I see this house with a light shining and i'm like, YES!!! I say to my sis, THERESA look, the lights ARE back on!!! My sis is like, Oh  no, Mom and I were drivin around before and we saw that man's house and we stopped to talk to the man of the house. He said that his house and their whole block didn't lose their electicity.
I was what?! Thats cRaZy!!! All the houses on the blocks behind that block had lost their electricity. All the houses on the blocks in front of that block had lost their electricity. However, there stood that block of houses, smack dab in the middle of all the darkness, with their lights shining bright. Aparently, that one block of houses was connected to a different electrical source than all the other blocks of houses around them.  They had a DIFFERENT CONNECTION.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

NO AC!!!

Sooooooo today our AC went you HAVE to understand that I live in ARIZONA...its HOT here...but I honestly did not even realize that the air was not working for like five hours!!! (I really didn't notice cuz I was soooo focused on the story I was writing I kinda zoned out!!!) Everyone was like HOW did you NOT notice that the air wasn't working???

I'm like be perfectly HONEST ... I didn't really notice a difference because I'm kinda like used to being...
;) ;) ;)
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

God IS able!!!

"Mary, I've decided I want to quit smoking and I need your help." These are the words I heard from my newly founded friend Kimberlee Ford this past January. I didn't know what to say at the moment. She had moved into our house the week before. She was new in church and was struggling with living for God. I had watched the past week as my new friend tried to live the Apostolic life, dressing in modest clothes, long skirts and I would do her hair in a Pentecostal up-do, but then she would have to run off for a smoke.
It was so sad to see her trying so hard to live holy, but it was so obvious that she was bound by this addiction. Kim says she felt like she was unclean. Like Adam and Eve in the garden, she had to hide herself from God because of her failure, hindering her from close relationship. Its hard to really feel holy with a cloud of smoke around you and the stink of nicotine all over you. She had already overcome so much. Ten years of hard core drug use on meth she had overcome, but she couldn't manage to break away from smoking.
"It had such a strong hold on me," says Kim. "Even back in the day when I was on drugs, when it came between my drugs or cigarettes I chose cigarettes." I really wanted to see her overcome this in her life and a part of me was really happy that she wanted so badly to change, but at the same time I was scared. How could I help her? I have heard so many testimonies of God delivering people from smoking, yet I had my doubts.


Sooooo magor DRAMA since I posted last night with my excuses for WHY I hadnt finished my testimony...which it was a good thing I waited cuz the ending came together in my mind thanks to God's inpiration...
ANYWAYZ, Kim FINALLLLY showed up for dinner an hour and FOUR minutes LATE!!! LOL! So of course as soon as Kim and Cesar show up... CHAOS!!! HAHA!!! So Kim gets her dinner, my sis and I had decided NOT to wait for her, so she gets her dinner and has taken about to bites and i'm like ooooo okaaaaaaay Kim, I have GOTTA tell you this story!!!
Sooooooooo I'm in the middle of telling her and my sister and the kids this really funny story about my nephew, which the story I'm SURE will be a whole a blog post in itself, but I'm totally into this story, I just got done throwing myself on the ground and hittin the floor to emphasize myself, everyone is of course LAUGHIN and...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

YO peeps...

Okaaaaaaaaaay soooooooooo I'm still working on that testimony...see here is what happened!!!
I decided that a. I need to interview someone a little bit more for this testimony 2. My mom came over what lil gwapo and I felt like it would be RUDE to just keep writing on the my nephew is like a HUGE distraction for me! C. I then started reading Sis. Shawnacee Moore's blog and its like a book, and it was VERY captivatiting and I COULD NOT stop reading it for about 3 hrs straight. ( If you read it you have to start from the BEGINNIN of her blog cuz the first post you see is really the end...LOL) 4. It was then time to cook dinner E. Then Jac called 6. I am NOW waitin for KIM WHO IS LATE for dinner...dinner is at 6 (It is now 6:26) and I HATE WHEN PEOPLE ARE LATE!!! (If your on time...YOUR LATE!!! LOL) BUT at least she text to let me know!!! I am NOW writin this and lettin you all know what is going on!!! Sooooo just continue to...
In the mean time please go check out my weight loss blog...
♥Mary Frances :)

Good Morning...

To all my wonderful, FAITHFUL blog readers. I know that there are a few of you out there that to ACTUALLY read my blog every morning, so with that thought in mind I just wanted to let you all know that I am in the middle of writing a REALLLLLY long blog post!!!
It is a REALLLLY good testimony that I know you all are going to enjoy, BUT I didn't get it completed tonight and I am sooooo tired that I feel like if I work on still at this moment its good be sloppy work. I PROMISE that it will be up by tomorrow afternoon!!! Sooooo keep checkin back and  in the mean time...



♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Foot-in-mouth Syndrome!!!

Soooo i've come to the conclusion that I suffer from a SERIOUS case of the FOOT IN MOUTH SYNDROME!!! I say these things and then I realize, LIKE OMW!!! I TOTALLLY did not even mean it like that!!!!
For example us girls were gettin ready for California Adventure and when we were in the van one of the girls were like OH I forgot was like an accessory or something and I'm like, Oh wellll who cares!!! Its the day before Youth Alive at DisneyLand so its not like there will be any Apostolic guys there ANYWAYZ!!! All the guys from my church were like, UH Mary yes there will be, i'm like NOOOOOOOO!!! There like, uh what ABOUT US??? Yeah MARY, i'm glad we see where we are in your world!!! I'm like OH!!! Oooooops!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
Then Thursday, on the way to Youth Alive I was talking to Jonathon Stultz, one of the guys in our church that just graduated from high school this past year. So we're in the van and i'm like, So Jonathon are you goin to college? (Cuz he is like SUPER smart and i would totally think he is in college, NOT that i'm sayin your NOT smart if you don't go to college!!!) And he is like yeah. And I'm like oh WELL I was just wondering cuz I haven't heard you talk about it much and he is like well theres not really much to say, its just school! So I ask him what he is gettin a degree in and he says either business or science.
Soooo I'm like OH what would you do with a science degree? ANd he says engineering and I'm like Oooooo engineers make GOOOOD money don't they?! And he is like welll most of the time just depending! So i'm like, WEEEELLLL... I'm sure WHATEVER they make is like WAAAAAAY more than MAINTENANCE!!!
It just gets like TOTALLY silent in the van...i'm thinkin like ummmm WHY is everyone being sooo quiet at this moment??? Then I realize that like half the guys, and most of the men in our church, includin our youth leader work in MAINTENANCE!!! AAAAAUUUUGGGHH!!!
I'm like NOOOO!!! I didn't mean it like that you guys!!!! And and the whole van just starts laughing as I try explain myself!!! No, dad is a custodian and we were always low income and like I mean, I'm NOT sayin that you all are low income, i'm just sayin that an engineer....
They're like, yeah sure WHATEVER...and Bro. Sam our youth leader is like, YEAH if any guys come up to me and ask to talk to you at Youth Alive the first thing I'm gonna do is ask them if they work MAINTENANCE!?!?!
I'm like, NOOOOOOOOOOO I'm not like that!!! i'm NOT one of those girls that is out to marry a rich guy to buy her expensive stuff...I mean he does HAVE to have a job, that can hopefully support a family, you know pay the bills and hopefully a car...with AC, i mean a new outfit every once in a while would be really NICE, I'm cool with Goodwill and okaaaaaaaay I'll just....
SHUT UP NOW!!!!!!!
Awwww my feet taste soooo good!!! ;)

♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Break-up Scripture!!!

Soooo i've come to the conclusion that I am pretty much the ONLY person I know that can be sittin there, intently readin the Bible and just BUST UP LAUGHIN!!! Now, don't think that I am makin light of God's word, but I sometimes I just can't help but find HUMOR in it!!!
So we're on our way this past week to YOUTH ALIVE, and its pretty silent in the van. There are a few people quietly havin conversations and everyone else is just dozin in an out of sleep and I just burst into laughter and everyone looks at me and someone is like WHAT ARE YOU READIN??? I'm like, Oh the Bible!!!
Like okaaaaaaaay Mary!!! I'm like NO you ALL gotta listen to this, its like totally the ultimate break-scripture for all FEMALES!!! Like EVERY girl screams these words when a relationship goes DOWN!!! HAHA!!! Don't deny it girls, you know WE'VE all said it or at least thought it at one time or another!!!
Psalm 116:11
"I said in my haste, All men are liars."
Straight from THE WORD!!! I LOVE IT!!! :)

♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Youth Alive 2011!!!

Okaaaaaaay soooo it was an AWESOME TRIP!!! After our drive to Burbank from Phoenix, we managed to get lost in the parkin garage headin to our hotel girls were wonderin around some Civic center with ALL our luggage like ummm where is the Sheraton??? Finally I decided to use my mouth and asked an employee how to get there...LOL after the walk BACK we only had about 35 minutes to get ready for church Thursday night!!!

BUT I think our results for 35 minutes were pretty good!!!

Denae says I can always get ready faster than everyone else...I guess its just TALENT...LOL! Actually, I think its cuz I don't worry about PERFECTION!!!
Sooooooooo THIS is what Burbank looks like...I had always wondered!!!

 We're drivin on our way to the Burbank church and I was like OMW this is sooooooo cool...THERE IS A STREET CALLED VICTORY!!! Like WOW!!! I'm like wouldn't that be soooo cool if the church was located on Victory street??? Then Bro. Sam reads the directions and we turn onto Victory street and I'm like OMW I think its on VICTORY STREET!!! and it is and i'm like HOW COOL IS THAT??? Then I'm like, OMW if the church is ACTUALLY on Victory street they should like call it Victory Street CHURCH or something like that!!! And as we pull into the church we all start laughin when we read VICTORY TABERNACLE!!! LOL!!! WOW!!!

To think, a CHURCH on Victory Street, Called Victory Tabernacle, Obviousley Bro. White thought the same idea like THIRTY YEARS AGO!!! Bahaha!!! Two years before I was even born...WOW I guess great minds think ALIKE!!! Of course, I woulda known all this ALREADY if I had ACTUALLY read the Youth Alive Flier!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

CLICK on the link below to read and see the rest...there is LOTS more!!! :)))

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'm BACK!!!

Guess what everyone??? I'm HOME!!!!!!! Miss me??? I asked my brothers that and they were like, we didn't even know you were gone!!!LOL!  AT least my mom said she missed me though!!!!!
We got back today in the late afternoon and headed straight to church and Bro. Baker preached and it was soooo goood!!! It was an AWESOME TRIP!!! We all had soooo much fun!!! I had a few Mary Moments and quite a few laughs!!! I got to see sooo many people and made sooo many NEW friends too!!! I can't wait to email EVERYONE!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Xoxo!!! ♥
You all should have seen me yesturday night after Disneyland!!! I was soooooooo tired when we got back to the hotel I literally just walked like a ZOMBIE back to the room and crashed out on the bed...hardly even got my sneakers off!!! NOW if you all  know me, YOU KNOW that I am ALWAYS the LAST one to go to sleep at night!!! I'll even tell the other girls to take showers and stuff before me so I can socialize and get my stuff ready for the mornin and whateverrrr...but NOT LAST NIGHT man!!! WOW!!!
It was a BUSY trip for our youth group!!! We were pretty much on the go NON STOP!!! I can't wait to post pics for you all...just pray that I find my phone adapter so I can upload these pics!!! AnywayZ, thanks to the Burbank Church for hosting this event...its quite AWESOME!!! :)))
Oooo yeah, soooo your all probabley wonderin if I CAUGHT anything castin on the other side??? LOL Weeeeeellllll lets just say that my net was sooooo full I wasn't prepared and couldn't fully lift the net back over the boat...I wasn't strong enough and everything sunk...hahaha...Sooooooo I guess I've got some weight liftin to do before WCC!!! ;)))
♥Mary Frances :)

p.s. SOOOOO even with this trip, I am still up to date with my Bible readin...10 pages a day...YAY!!! I feel sooooooo COOOOL about this!!! :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Leavin in a few minutes for...
I think one of my FAVORITE things last year at Knottsberry Farm was when I heard this very CONFUSED non-Apostolic guy talkin to all his friends, "Dude, WHAT is this, like National Skirt Day or something?!?!" BAHAHA!!!

Can't wait for SPLASH MOUNTAIN!!!!!! Can't wait to see YOU ALL!!!!!!!! Everyone, come over and say HI!!! Sorry if I don't reconize you, i'm kinda an airhead!!! LOL! We're all hopin to meet some NEW peeps sooooooo come meet the Landmark Youth Group!!! Xoxo
♥Mary Frances :)

P.S. We have some HANDSOME guys LADIES!!! ;))))

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Praise report!!!


OMW!!! You all do NOT even know HOW amaZingly happy this makes me feel!!! As a self-portrait-photographer, I feel LOST with out my AWESOME lil motorola Kodak camera phone!!!

Some people are into iPhones, Androids (Appleberries for the AIO fans;) and Blackberry's... I'm just into MYSELF!!! LOL!!! ;) Actually, all these fancy, shmancey phones do NOT even take that great of pics  of ME, soooo i'm like okaaaay WHATs the point of havin one even??? Plus I HATE touch screens!!! My fingers ALWAYS touch more than one button at a time!!!!

Sooooo anywayZ, after my FLORIDA TRIP,  in July my phone went KAPOOT!!! I'm not sure if it was from tryin to take pics of myself in the ocean or from takin pics of myself in the rain, BUT it REFUSED to turn on!!! Well this just broke my sweet lil O heart!!! I LOVED THAT CAMERA PHONE!!!!!! :,(

Soooooo I was back to usin my ghetto lil O NOKIA!!! UGH!!!!! Well it wasn't really THAT big of a deal until I realized that I would NOT have a camera for YOUTH ALIVE!!! I was like OMW!!! This is sooooooo NOT GOOOOOOD!!! Well, Kim had agreed to let me use her camera, BUT I was kinda nervous, cuz I don't have the best track record with electronics!!!

WELLLL the other day I decided to JUST try something that my pastor had told me to do a while ago when I had dropped ANOTHER one of my phones in the pool, while tryin to take a pic of myself!!! Your probabley wondering WHAT my pastor had told me to do to my phone???

Are you thinkin PRAYER??? LOL If you are good guess but NOPE!!! HAHA!!! What my pastor told me to do sounds really weird and made EVERYONE in my household think I had lost my mind...which is pretty accurate...HAHA...

What I did was stick my phone in a BAG OF RICE!!! Sounds cRaZy RIGHT??? Kim said that I had OFFICIALLLLLY LOST IT!!! I'm like, this is what MY PASTOR said to do!!!

Wellll to be honest I REALLLLLY DID NOT think it was going to work cuz it TOTALLLLY didn't the last time I tried it!!! BUT today, I was like well...I better get that phone out and see if it works!!! AND GUESS WHAT??? IT DID!!!

HOW cRaZy AWESOME is that?!?!?! So I guess the concept behind this is that the rice absorbs the water out of the phone...anyWAYZ I don't really care about WHY OR HOW it works!!! I'm just really glad that it did!!!!!!

Sooooo i am REALLLLLY HAPPPY about this!!! and you know what this REALLLLY MEANS?!?! It MEANS that IF any of YOU all want a pic with me at YOUTH ALIVE, just let me know...CUZ I HAV AN AWESOME lil camera that WORKS!!!!!

P.S. Do you all think I should throw out the bag of rice that I stuck my phone in??? or should I save it for the next church potluck??? Bahahaha!!! (what you don't know won't hurt you!!! Bwahahahaha!!!;)

♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mary's Mmm...Mmm...Goooood Apple Pie!!!

Soooooo I don't want to like brag to you all...okaaaaaay ACTUALLLY...maybe I do!!! ;) I just want to tell you all that I make the MOST AMAZIN Apple pie EVERRRR!!!

Seriousley, you don't believe me??? After teachin Kim how to make it, her and I got HIRED to make nine apple pies for a pastor!!! NOW that alone for me WAS enough payment...KNOWIN that it was good enough that I could BRAG to EVERYONE about HOW good it was that a pastor asked me to make NINE of them...THAT WAS PAYMENT ENOUGH!!!!!!!
Howeverrrr, it gets BETTTTER cuz that pastor then, after ALREADY BUYIN ALLLL the ingredients, HE THEN payed Kim and I EACH $100.00 for makin the pies...Soooo if we did the math right...Kim and I figured it out to be around $22 per a pie!!! WOW!!! THATS EXPENSIVE....
Now I could be STINGY and NOT share my recipe with you all...seeing that I'm single and trying to get a husband I MIGHT just want to keep this AMAZIN recipe from ALL the other single girlZ...BUT NO...out of the kindness, generosity of my wonderful, giving, sharing, humble, beautiful lil O heart...I would like to share it with you all!!! ENJOY!!! :)))


1 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon, plus more for sprinkling
1 teaspoon of nutmeg, to taste
apples, peeled, cored and thinly sliced, (Kim and I like to dice them real small like and we mix up red and green apples to get a sweet and tangy taste)
-   Crystal Sugar, for sprinkling
-    Just some butter
- Pie crust (Either make your own or buy it pre-made and rolled out...thats what I do right NOW cuz of my HCG diet I can't get any oil in my skin or else it absorbs it and you gain weight!!! But I do LOVE makin and kneadin dough...I just can't do it right now...soooo some time I can share the recipe for that with you for NOW I'm just gonna say PILLSBURY!!! LOL;)
Preheat oven to 450 degrees
Mix together the brown sugar, flour, cinnamon, nutmeg and apples in a bowl. Put all of your mixture in the pan with the bottom crust. Dollop the top with sum chunks of butter (4-6) then put the top crust on and using a fork or your fingers make the two go together...
THEN my goal is that NOT just the inside of my pie tastes GOOOOOOOOOD but EVERY part of my pie!!! Soooo what I do is melt in a bowl some butter, then I add 1/2 tspn of cinnamon, mix it together, then with a pastry brush, I brush it on top...THEN just for one last added touch I sprinkle some more sugar on top!!!
Bake at 450 for 35-40 minutes!!! Tastes best warm with cool whip OR Ice cream...mmmm!!!
OH and when you make this pie...MAKE SURE you have a pan underneath pie is not nice and neat!!! Its kinda like me...
A big mess of absolute

♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, September 5, 2011


OMW!!!!!! It happened...we just got our FIRST roach of the season inside the house!!! I thought we were gonna make it the WHOLE summer without seein one in the house cuz i've been sprayin sooooo much...BUT today was the FATAL DAY!!!

 It was soooooo HORRIBLE!!! I saw it lyin on its back in the living room  and me and Kim got on either side of it ARMED with RAID and LYSOL!!! We were SCREAMIN and MJ is all like, Is it a boy?

 I was like, WHAT?!?! I mean HOW IN THE WORLD am I supposed to know if its a BOY or a GIRL??? Ummmmm sorry I FORGOT TO ASK you before I kill you, Are you a BOY OR A GIRL?!?!?! (Cuz I mean if it was a girrrrl I soooo woulda put a little pink bow on it before I flushed it down the toilet...

NOW THE BOY just goes STRAIGHT to the toilet...bahahaha!!! Actually... THE GIRL ones are worse cuz they might be PREGOS....ewwwwwwwwwww!!!!)

AnywayZ, its now, in the livin room slowly dyin a cruel and unusual death...drownin in RAID & Lysol and I have the HEEBIE, JEEBIES...this house is SOOOOOOOO GETTIN a double cleanin, spraydown and bleach EVERYWHERE today!!!!!!


♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Youth Pastor Advice!!!

Welll... as most of you all know, I am a VERY minstry minded person. I felt recently a special burden to bring back a ministry I first began to feel called to as a teenager....

So some of girls were sittin around today havin a VERY SPIRITUAL CONVERSATION, talkin about guys and BEING FISHER'S of men!!! ;) (Heeeey you don't think thats spiritual??? READ THE WORD!!!;))))

Soooooooo MY YOUTH PASTOR, hearing our conversation was jokin around about us girls gettin our hooks and bait ready for Youth Alive...then he gave me some VERY GOOOOD ADVICE!!!! LOLOL!!! He said,

"You know Mary, I think its ABOUT TIME, you start CASTING YOUR NET ON THE OTHER SIDE!!!"

HAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm like NICE!!! YEAH, That sounds like a GOOOOOD IDEA TO ME!!! I guess i'm like the disciples, i've been laboring on the WRONG SIDE!!!! Soooo like the disciples, i'm not even gonna question this AMAZIN advice from my youth pastor,  and being the obedient, submissive person I am....


♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Cesar's SPECIAL request!!!

So every night, at family prayer, Cesar prays for a funny dad that won't spank him!!!!

 and EVERY night Kim says Okaaaaaay there is NO way I am prayin for a dad that won't spank you!!! And we ALL say...AMEN!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!! LOLOL!

FINALLLLY one night Kim says she agrees with this prayer request!!! I'm like WHAT???? She says, yeah, she is FINE with this prayer request because...(and I'm thinkin she is gonna say, cuz she doesn't want some man, that isn't really his dad spankin him!!!) and she says...BECAUSE...SHE LOVES spanking him soooooooo MUCH, she wouldn't want to share that privilege with ANYONE ELSE!!!

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Thats CLASSIC!!!! ONLY Kimmy Kat would think of that!!!
 I love it! I love it!!! I LOVE IT!!! :))))

♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

When You Live For God...

Life is like pizza-

When it's good it's great -

when it's bad...
 it's still good!!!

It's like the song says, ♪♪I'd rather be in a storm with JESUS, than smooth sailing alone!!! ♪♪I'd rather know that He's in my vessal than to navigate on MY OWN!!!♪♫♪ Living for God isn't ALWAYS EASY...but no matter what, its STILL the BEST life EVERRRR!!!!
"Because thy lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee."
(Psalm 63:3) 

♥Mary Frances :)