Saturday, June 27, 2009

You never know...

Soooooooooooo OMW you guys!!! Today I was going with my mom to cash my check from work and we are like waiting in the drive through line at the Credit Union and my mom is like why don't you get out the check and sign it so we are all ready when it is our turn. So I am like Okay and I reach into my purse to get the check and I feel my cell phone and I am like oh I need to call my sis to see what our plans for the evenin are anyways, so I like start to pull it out, BUT as I am like gettin my hands on my phone I realize that my cell phone is like WAAAAAAAAY bigger than normal.
I am like thinkin like WOW, thats weird, my cell phone is like 10x it's normal size...HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?!?!? I mean SERIOUSLEY, we NEED to put this phone on a DIET!!! HAHAHA!!! So I pull the phone all the way out and just start laughing at what I see in my hands...
I am like "OMW Mom look, I took their house phone!" I am a nanny, and somehow the family house phone had gotten in my purse. My brother John was like Okaaaaaaay one question; HOW did their house phone get INSIDE your purse?!?! I am like I have NO idea!!! My mom is like only you Mary, ONLY you!!! It was DEFINATELY a CLASSIC MARY MOMENT!!! LOL It's cRaZy I tell you, you just never know what you will find in MARY'S purse!!! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Chocolate baby...

Typical conversation in the van on the way to church:
"Say it Sis. Mary, say it!!! Kiss our Mamoo and say it"
LOL!!! "Ok, ok, okaaaay!"
Tastes like CHOCOLATE!!!!"
(Then HYSTERICAL laughter!)
"Do it again, Sis. Mary! Do it again!!!" :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

WoooooooooohOOOOOOOoooo!!! I won!!! =)

YOU WON THE INVISIBLE AWESOMENESS AWARD!!!!YOU ARE SO STINKIN AWESOME! You were born with the ability of awesomeness which is extremely rare these days.... Use it wisely.
(I will try, I will try!!! ;)

Monday, June 22, 2009

"If through a BROKEN HEART God can bring His purposes to pass in the world, then THANK Him for BREAKING your heart." (Oswald Chambers)

The LORD [is] nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit. (Psalm 34:18)

Thank You JESUS!!! :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009


"No one will win the battle of the sexes,
there is too much flirting with the enemy."
Henry Kissinger
Amen, amen, amen and AMEN!!! May the war continue on... ;)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lookin for a job?!?!

This sign says it!!! LOL I stole this from someone else's blog...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

MJ lost her first front tooth!!!!

Last night at like neice Marry Joe finally lost her tooth!!!

Since that time she has managed to get money from Grandpa, Mimi, me and a new dress for her baby doll Sarah from her mom!!!

She sooooooooooo knows how to MILK it!!!

Us lookin just LOVELY at midnight!!! ;)

Awwwwwwwww....ain't she just ADORABLE?!?!?!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I took a "What kinda princess are you test" and came out as a Diva Princess!!! LOL This soooooooooo describes me!!! Okaaaaaaaay sooooo I changed some of it to fit me better!!!
You love the spotlight, the limelight and every light in between!!!
---->Oh yeah, So totally true!
Everyone wants to be around you
and you know it and milk it for all it’s worth----> Uh, yeah I kinda do!!!
You don’t need to read fashion magazines
---->cause I make fashion happen. And makeup?----> Sooooo don't need it! When you choose clothes and decoarations you think the brighter, the better!----> Make it stand out and it better be HOT!!!You’re the life of the party--->You know it!!! Everyone loves you!!! ----> Don't deny it, you know it's true!!! ;)
This was was my favorite question the quiz asked!!! LOL

If you had a tiara, it would be: (I pick #2!)

1. Stuffed in a closet with tons of other things you’ve lost interest in.

**2. Gone … you lost it during a crazy night out last week. * <----- (A hyper moment for sure!)

3. Filled with rubies, diamonds and emeralds and locked in a lighted display case for all to see.

4. A traditional diamond encrusted headpiece worthy of royal ceremonies.

So where would your tiara be?!?!
Ooooooooo You should see the Tiara my sister got me for my birthday next month!!! It is sooooooooo bling-blingin!!! (Yes, that is your first reminder that my birthday is coming up!!!)

P.S. What IS a DIVA?!?!?!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Don't Date a Loser

K so my friends wrote this HILARIOUS poem and I just LOVE it!!! Despite the humor though, it really does actually have a good point!!! Enjoy ;)
Don't settle for a Loser
By Lorraine and Eric Orozco (A brother and sister team)
Dont settle for a loser
The first guy that comes your way.
For the one that has no job and on every date makes you pay.
After the first date when you have to treat for pizza,
Make sure its his name thats really on the visa.
Dont be so desperate just to be someones wife.
That a after the honeymoon you regret it for the rest of your life!
If hes been engaged three times and married twice,
Don’t be the next fool that gets hit by the wedding rice.If all the loser wants is for you to help him support his six kids and be his sugar mama
Don’t be the idiot that gets caught up in all that baby mama drama!
If he is bilingual, illegal, and always wants to be in control,
Remind him that you aint afraid to dial the number to the border patrol!
If you just met your man after he posted bail,
Make sure you are ready to write your next check out to the pima county jail!
If the guy has a job that pays him under the table,
Make sure you check his records because he is probably not mentally stable.
If he is too young to drive you on a date,
Be ready to spend the next 5-10 years because of your little boy jail bait!
Don’t settle for a loser that in life wont got very far.
Go for a guy that has a career and doesn’t drive his mom’s car.
Im not saying you have to be a gold digging girl,
Just don’t be decieved when a guy says he can give you the world.
Looks wont last long, they will eventually fade away.
Go for a guy that has depth that and wont eventually turn gay.

Friday, June 5, 2009

The boy...

The boy with the "HOTTEST" eyes in the world!!!

I wrote in an earlier post about a boy we bring to church that my neice was talking about!!! Here is the link in case you need a refresher!!!

Soooooooo here he is!!!

Awwwwww!!!! Look at him!!!

Those big brown eyes framed with long lashes!!!

I really don't blame Marry Joe!!!

I kinda agree with MJ it's just kinda hot when a guy has long curly eye lashes!!!

OMW!!! She just asked me to print this picture for her!!!


Yup! She has been hangin out with me TOO much!!!!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dancing in the rain...

I LOVE dancing in the rain!!!
However, living in Arizona, you sometimes have to make your own rain!!! So it is in life that we need to take the time to make our own rain. Often we are so busy waiting, waiting, waiting that we miss creating our own oportunites to enjoy life. I am not talking about stepping out of the will of God to reach your desires.
It's like when your waiting in a LONG, LONG line at the bank or a grocery store. You can't leave if you want to get what you want. So what do you do? You wait! While you are waiting in line you have a choice; you can complian about waiting or you can finds something to do to occupy your time. Think about it we all find something to do while waiting in line, like make a phone call, text message, day dream, talk to the person in front of you, write a to do list, read a magazine, etc...
I don't know what it is in life that you are waiting for, it could be marriage, a career, children, a big house, the call of God, but I do know that in life we are all waiting for something. And usually we have to wait on a long, long, long line before we get what we want.
So what do you do while you wait in line? I try to get as involved in God's kingdom as possible. I do outreach, teach bible class, act out in crazy skits, sing in the choir, work a job, love kids. I try to do all the things I feel God has called me to do. My desire is to live my life by Ecclesiastes 9:10 Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might...
I'm also, the kind of person that you will find having fun. I still like sleep overs and giggling like a 15-year-old. I love little girlie accessories and stuffed animals. I collect pictures of cute guys and carry them in my purse and hang them on my bedroom walls. I still like writing and singing silly songs about guys I like! I am always ready to go to the next church conference or play a good game of MASH.
People often will shake their head teasingly and say, "Mary, HOW old are you?!?!"
"Twenty-five", I proudly say. Because, I don't think I am being immature. I am just finding something to do while I wait in line. It's called enjoying life. Lametations 3:25 says, The LORD is good unto them that wait for him... So while your waiting find something to do. Try creating your own rain to dance in.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I WON!!!!

Woohoo!!!!!!!! I won, I won, I won!!!
LOL Okaaaaaaaay so I entered my OWN contest and all the competitors was me...LOL BUT I WON!!!
Soooooooooo I was doing a voting of everyone's favorite story that I have written on my other blog and The Little Messenger WON!!! Little Messenger got 8 votes and the runner up was Tears if you want to read the story that "won"just click on the pic with the envelope. Its a really fun story about Love and Friendship!!! It especially an all time favorite with GIRLS!!! LOL if you have ever liked someone you can relate!!! My pastor LOVES this story!!! ;)
ps FEEL free to send your congrats AND if you ever wanna win a contest just make sure your the only one that enters!!! :)

PpS. If I won for this story does that mean I lost with the other stories too?!?! lololol!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Just grab it!!! LOLOL!!!

Soooooooo Friday night two of my good friends got married. When it was time to catch the bouquet all the single girls were gathering together and they were and the older woman were like Okaaaaaay girls, you know what to do, right?!?! I am like, "Yeah, raise my hands in the air and MISS!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! ALL the girls are like ready to fight for it and ever ything!!! Sooooooooooooooo when Sarah threw the bouquet, thats exactley what happened!!! (I missed!)
THEN it was time for the garter and all the single guys like RELUCTANTLEY gather together, like TOTALLY dragging themselves. Jimmy does his thing with the garter and it like lands on the ground between Micheal's feet and my brother John's. They just stand there looking at it. The other guys just stare at it too. They just keep staring like WHY In the world would they want it?!?! HAHA!!!!!!! Soooooooooo I am like okaaaaaaay it's been like a minute and they are just standing there...SOOOOOOOOOOO I come running over from the girls swoop in and just GRAB IT!!!!!!!!!!! LOL It was soooooooo funny!!! Everyone was laughing and the guys were like waaaaaaaay cool with it!!! They didn't want it anyways!!! HAHA! Sometimes you just gotta GRAB IT AND CLAIM IT in Jesus name!!! ;)