Thursday, April 30, 2015

A friend...

I remember my mom testifying one time at church and she shared something that I had NEVER heard before!!! It was soooo neat I just have to share it with you all!!!
She said that when we lived in New York, before we got in church, one of the things that prompted her to EVEN go to church at all, was that she was looking for a friend. She said that although there were people our family associated with, she didn't feel like she really had her own friend. She was hoping for someone that she could do stuff with her or just talk with on the phone!
 So when the Sis. Kathy, the lady across the street from us invited my mom to church, one of the things that prompted her to go was she thought..."Maybe if I go, I'll find a FRIEND!!!" She said that there were a lot of people that she met at that church that she enjoyed fellowship with. BUUUUUUUT...
 she says that when she got the Holy Ghost, she got a friend that has NEVER left her side. We were only at that church for nine months before we moved to AZ, she left behind her aquantances at that church, BUT Jesus, came right along with her!!! Its been over 25 years, and she says that Jesus is STILL the best friend she has ever had!!!
.Are you looking for a friend?
 JESUS wants to be YOUR friend!!! GO TO JESUS!!!
♪♫♫Oh, What a friend we have in Jesus!♪♪♪
... a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.
(Proverbs 18:24)
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What I wanted to look like...

As a child, I was always fascinated by EVERYTHING that was different than me!!! Weeeeeellll ACTUALLY, come to think of it, as an adult, I pretty much STILL AM fascinated by everything that is different than me, HOWEVER, as a child, I wasn't just fascinated by these differences, I WANTED THEM!!!
As a little girl, I wished that I had almond-shaped eyes, bright, wildly curly red hair, or my hair in braids, chocolate skin, freckles, braces, a retainer, glasses, the only thing I was completely down with was my eye color...because they were bright...ooooh annnnnnd THE BIG GAP BETWEEN MY TWO FRONT TEETH!!! I could spit water SO far through it!!! AND nobody I knew had a gap like that!!! I LOVED that big O gap!!! AHAHAHA!!! (Btw: I still can spit really far if anyone wants to see!!!)
I was always enthralled by what was different from me!!! Its NOT that I had a bad self-image of myself, I was just SOOOO attracted to what was different than ME!!! I just thought white skin was SO BORING! Everybody I KNEW had WHITE SKIN.
 Can you imagine how I woulda looked had God let me design me????
 I'm soooo thankful that God
was my designer and NOT ME!!!
 However, I AM STILL very much drawn to and interested in what is different than me!!! I'm still intrigued by other cultures and ethnicities, The difference now tho, is that I NO LONGER want to try and be anything other than what God made me to be!!!  Not because I think my design is better, buuuuut simply because this is what God chose for ME to look like!!!
"I'm NOT beautiful like YOU!
I'm beautiful like ME!!!"
"For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them." (Ephesians 2:10)
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What would he do without me?!?!

I was having a conversation recently with a friend and they were saying, what would so and so do without you? Or some other person they named, what would they do without you??? I was thinkin like AWWWW but...I was like oh ok...not really sure what to say, just trying to be humble about the compliment, ya know?!?!?
Then when the convo was over, I thought to myself, OMW! FORGET ABOUT ALL THESE OTHER PEOPLE...What would MY HUSBAND do without me??? That's THE REAL QUESTION...WHAT WOULD MY HUSBAND DO WITHOUT ME??? Then it hit me...
That poor man!!! ANGUISH!!! Heartbreak!!! SOB!!! :,(  I feel SORRY FOR HIM!!! Seriously, having to cope through life STILL having NOT found me yet!!! What a tragedy this is for him!!! POOR MAN!!! What is he doing without me????  Lord have mercy on HIM!!! Don't make him endure the suffering of living without ME for much longer!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
p.s On a side note future hubby, IF you happen to be reading this...Maybe IF you PRAYED MORE annnnnd FASTED MORE, you woulda found me by now...I'm Jus can get God's attention and be pushing back that plate A LITTLE more often...Jus sayin!!! ;) Purrrrrrrrr!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Classic Mary (Praise Singing) Moment!!!

Soooooo this morning I had a MAJOR Classic Mary Moment while praise singing!!!! AHAHAHA!!! Remember my LAST Singing CMM HERE!!! Okaaaaaaaay soooo this is what happened...
Bro. Sam was leading song service and we were singing "When I think about The Lord" You know what you guys, I LOOOOOOVE that song!!! Soooooo we're just singing
 ♪♫When I Think about the Lord,
How He saved me, how He raised me,♪♪
How He filled me, ♪with the Holy Ghost,
How He healed me,♫ to the uttermost,

Then we do the chorus...
♪♪It makes me wanna shout,
Thank you JESUS,
LORD, your worthy, of all the glory, and all the honor,
And all the praise...♫
Then we do the second verse than the first verse again the second verse and at this point I'm just TOTALLY in my own little world with Jesus!!! I've got my eyes shut, head thrown back, I'm worshipping and just singing my heart out!!! All of the sudden I open my eyes and realize something, I am singing a COMPLETELY different verse than the two other praise singers...
They're singing the second Verse,When I Think about the Lord,How He picked me up and turned me around,How He placed my feet,  on solid ground ...annnnnd there I am on the first verse, completely OBLIVIOUS,
♪♫When I Think about the Lord,How He saved me, how He raised me,♪♪How He filled me, ♪with the Holy Ghost,The WHOLE church was laughing including my fellow praise singers, WHICH I don't know WHY one of them didn't nudge me that I was on THE WRONG VERSE!!!  AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Sis. Abbott and I were rehashing the story tonight for someone that missed it and then she tells me, just so you know, I was ACTUALLY singing with you because you were singing louder than the song leader!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! What can I say, God was using me to wake the SLEEPY saints up!!! Hee, hee!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Happy Sunday!!!

All these years later annnnnnd we're STILL celebrating what Jesus did for us!!!

"I was glad when they said unto me; Let us go into the house of the Lord!" (Psalm 121:1)

♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Shake it off!!!

Okaaaaaaaaay so I want to clarify that I did NOT write the story below that I want to share with you all, buuuuuuuuuuuuut I DO think its AWESOME!!! This is such a good analogy of what we should do in life!!! Take this to heart! Share it with your church, your family, your friends, your enemies, your youth...ESPECIALLY YOUR YOUTH!!!
Once upon a time there was a farmer who had an old mule. The mule fell into a deep dry well and began to cry loudly. Hearing his mule cry, the farmer came over and assessed the situation. The well was deep and the mule was heavy. He knew it would be difficult, if not impossible, to lift the animal out.
Because the mule was old and the well was dry, the farmer decided to bury the animal in the well. In this way he could solve two problems: put the old mule out of his misery and have his well filled.

He called upon his neighbors to help him and they agreed to help. To work they went. Shovel full of dirt after shovel full of dirt began to fall on the mule’s back. He became hysterical. Then, a few shovelfuls later, he quieted down completely. An idea came to the mule...
The farmer peered down into the well, and was astounded by what he saw. With every shovelful of dirt that hit his back, the donkey was doing some thing amazing. He would shake it off and take a step up on the new layer of dirt.

 As the farmer's neighbours continued to shovel dirt on top of the animal, he would shake it off and take a step up. Soon, to the astonishment of all those that had been throwing dirt on him the donkey stepped up over the edge of the well and happily trotted off and went on with his life!

A great attitude. A great way to approach life. Shake it off and step up. Too often we hold on to what has happened to us.We hold on to it for a week, a month, even years. We cannot shake it loose from our memory. It eats away at us and steals our joy, happiness and peace of mind.
The past hurt can create feelings of bitterness, resentment, anger and revenge. We keep allowing these emotions to be thrown on our backs and if we do nothing, we will be buried deep in the well. But, we have a choice: keep it inside and embrace the hurt or shake it off and step up. Give it a try.  Words that have been said or actions that have been done, shake it off and step up. Let it go. Whatever it is: a rude comment, a past mistake, being ignored, we can stew over it all week. It occupies us all the time.
You decide whether you will allow the hurt to make you a bitter or a better person. Learn from it. Emerge stronger.THAT'S LIFE! Life is going to shovel dirt on you, all kinds of dirt. The trick to getting out of the well is to not let it bury you, but to shake it off and take a step up. Each of our troubles is a stepping stone.

Remember that FORGIVENESS --PRAYER-- LOVE and PRAISE ...are all excellent ways to "SHAKE IT OFF AND STEP UP" 

Mary again: My friends, we've got TOO MUCH behind us and to much at stake to let the dirt this life throws us to stop us! Nothing is WORTH losing out on spending an eternity with Jesus, our Lord and Saviour!!! We've got heaven before us and SOULS we need to take with us, lets shake it off and step it up in JESUS NAME!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, April 24, 2015

A Filipino Compliment!!!!

Sooooooooo the other day I'm walking out of a grocery store when a little Asian lady walking into the store stops DEAD in her tracks, her eyes  kind of wide open in awe and just stares at me! Not sure what she's thinking I just smile! She's like, You are SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm like, AWWWW THANK YOU!!! As soon as she said that I was beautiful, I KNEW she had to be FILIPINO!!!
You all have NO how much attention I got in the Philippines!!! Light skin and blue eyes are like WOW over there!!! AHAHAHA! Anyways, I thank her for her whole compliment and she's just like, Oh yes!!! You are soooooo BEAUTIFUL! Really, really BEAUTIFUL!!! Then she is starting to walk into the store, then she stops again and says, Your really SO BEAUTIFUL, buuuut do you want to be a knock out?!?! (Are you implying that i'm NOT?!)
I'm like, Ummm yeah SURE!!! She's like, Ok then,
Annnnnnd THEN you will be KNOCK OUT BEAUTIFUL!!! ahahahaahahhahahahaha!!!!  I'm like, Yes, ma'am!!! I'm working on it!!! I really, really AM working on it!!! Buuuuuut it was soooooo FUNNY to me when she mentioned my weight because Then I REALLY knew she was Filipino!!!! Because that was TRUELY a Filipino compliment!!! All the time, they would be telling me, "YOU ARE SOOOOO FAT AND BEAUTIFUL!" Some people were like, that didn't upset you when they would say that, I'm like, nah, its ALL GOOD!!!
They weren't sayin it in a malicious them it was a GENUINE statement and COMPLIMENT!!!  *Basic warning if you ever want to go to the PI and your FAT or DARK and you don't have good self-esteem...DON'T GO!!! Because TRUST me...THEY WILL have something to say about either of those two things before your trip is over!!!! Soooo IF you go, get6 ready for some FILIPINO COMPLIMENTS!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
♥Mary Frances :) 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Life lesson #1!!!

Sooooo yesterday night after service, Dee Dee came running over to me!!! (She's a favorite of mine in case you couldn't tell! ;) Anywayz, she comes running over to me and gives me a hug! I"m like, are you having fun tonight? She's like, YES!!! Buuuut Mary, I'm bleeding!!! And she shows me this lil, teeny-tiny scrape on her knee! I'm like, OH NO!!! What happened?!?! Dramatically giving her the attention she is looking for. She's like, we were all chasing the boys and I FELL!!!
So Bro. Seth was standing there when she said that and he's all, SEE you shouldn't be chasing the boys, look what happens...I'm like YES DEE DEE, let this be something for you to remember...
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Really people, I'm NOT bitter!!!! After I said it I was laughing HYSTERICALLY!!! Seriously, I was like, SNORTING!!! The guys were like, WOW MARY!!! WOW!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Not good enough?!

I was talking to a friend recently and we were talking about when a guy doesn't have very good self-esteem, to ME that is one of THE MOST UNATTRACTIVE attributes in a man EVERRRR!!! Seriously, it drives me nuts!!! Liiiiiiike, I can't explain HOW MUCH it bothers me!!! I've been in relationships before and its soooooo ANNOYING!!!
 I'm just like, DUUUUUDE!!! Soooo your NOT the best looking guy in the world...WHO CARES??? The fact that you don't think very highly of yourself is WAAAAAY MORE UNATTATRACTIVE to me, then the fact that your NOT Mr. BrothA McHottie!!!! Attractiveness isn't entirely based off of ones looks!!!
I remember a friend of mine telling me one time that the guy she was with kept telling her that he didn't think he was good enough for her. She kept telling him that wasn't true, but he kept saying it, so eventually she just broke up with him. She said she hadn't felt that it was true, BUT if he felt that way, THEN in the end it WAS true!
Anywayz, we were talking about how so often in relationships, one or the other will always say, I can't believe you like me!!! You could do soooo much better than me...blah, blah, blah!!! Then when we got off the phone I realized something...
When I get into a relationship with, THE ONE, your NEVERRRRR gonna catch me sayin, "I'm NOT good enough!!!" AHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm gonna be ALL like, DUUUUUUDE, I don't know what took you soooooooooo LONG to realize...
BAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! FO realz people!!! Not everyone may be thinkin i'm attractive buuuuuuuuuuut, ME, THE MIRROR, MY PHONE annnnnnnd God...WE KNOW!!! Woot! Woot!!! ;)
♥Mary Frances :) 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Teddy bears anyone???

Sooooo I LOVE teddy bears, especially cute, adorable, ones...LIKE ME...AKA: MAR BEAR...the bear that purrrrrs!!!! Hee, hee!!! I especially like little ones like you see in this picture...

EXCEPT for ONE thing... These bears I found on are ACTUALLY made out of belly button lint!!! Like WEIRD and NASTY is that???
And like WHO in the world has THAT MUCH belly button fuzz that they are ACTUALLY able to make it into teddy bears??? WOW!!!
I tried to tell myself that it might actually be kinda romantic if the bear was made from the belly button lint of the guy one liked...but still...NO WAY!!! EWWWWWWWW!!! Even I'm NOT that CREEPY!!! Ahahahahahaha!!!
AND I just don't get it!!! Like, WHO IN THE WORLD, cleaned out their belly button and was like, OH WOW!!! I could make a lil teddy bear out of this!!! HAHA! Seriousley, you guys think I"M CRAZY...go talk to the BELLY BUTTON FUZZ people...THEY NEED HELP! Like, wow, someone NEEDS to get a life EVEN more than ME!! BAHAHAHAHA!
And yet, even as I sit here, writing about the stupid nastiness of this...There is ACTUALLY a little part of me that kinda like, REALLY WANTS ONE!!! I mean they come in the cute little jar so I wouldn't actually have to touch it...Awwww LOOK at HOW CUTE IT IS...maybe i should just buy one...OR...
i'll just MAKE me ONE!!!
Anyone wanna put in an order???
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, April 20, 2015

Big miracles!!!

Last Sunday after Jubilee service, Kim went out to eat with us all at Cheesecake Factory. Sooooo while we're sitting there waiting to be seated, I'm telling Kim about all the visitors we had our church that morning and as I'm telling her about that, one of my friends from a home missions church in Cali was texting me about all the visitors THEY had that morning! So i'm like telling Kim and she's like, You know what Mary, I don't even want to hear about it because I WANT this happening at MY CHURCH!!!
 She's like, MARY, I told my pastor that I WANT TO SEE THE MIRACLES AT OUR CHURCH!!!! She's being totally dramatic, Where are they Mary??? WHERE ARE OUR MIRACLES??? Before I could even say anything my sis speaks up, Miracles at YOUR CHURCH KIM??? I think they just got a pretty big one!!! Kim's like, HUH??? T's like, YEAH...
 I'm like YEAH booyah GIRRRRRL what are  you talking about, that right there is a MIRACLE!!! Ahahahahahahahaha!!! It may not seem like a miracle to some, buuuuut to ME its a miracle!!! My Kimmy Kat being back in church is MY MIRACLE!!! If you could only know the tears I cried and wept praying for my friends salvation...Yes, its a MIRACLE!!! My God is a prayer answering God!!!
 The Bible says in John 14:12 "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father."
.When you think about all the things that Jesus did, its rather perplexing, what could we possibly do that is even greater than devils being cast out or raising a man from the dead??? 
 Buuuuuut something GREATER did happen!!!
"And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting. And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance."
What could possibly be greater than a life being restored from ruin and death??? The ONLY thing greater would be to have THE VERY GOD, our creator, our healer, our restorer, our resurrection, our redeemer, our Jehovah, our SAVIOR, LIVING INSIDE OF US!!! So often we question and wonder, where are the miracles like we read about in the Bible days??? We read about them, But what about NOW???
Bishop Abbott has always taught us this one thing, there is NO GREATER MIRACLE than when someone receives THE HOLY GHOST!!! When a life is transformed a life is transformed!!! Yes, the gift of the Holy Ghost is INDEED the greatest MIRACLE any of us could ever experience!!! If you wanna see a miracle, just find another person that needs the Holy Ghost and then WATCH them as they receive it!!! Look NO FURTHER MY FRIENDS!!! You want a miracle, just get JESUS living inside of you!!!
You wanna see miracles Kim???? BIG MIRACLES??? Just look in the mirror Kimmy Kat!!!
 Just look in THE MIRROR!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
Looooooove you forever bestie!!! Purrrrrrrr!!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Happy Sunday!!!

I hope you all have an absolutely, positivley DAZZLING Sunday!!!
"I was glad when they said unto me; Let us go into the house of the Lord." (Psalm 121:1)

♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, April 18, 2015


This is ME before Christ!!!
Earings ANNNNNND a MULLET!!! I'm like, REALLY Mom, A MULLET???? Ahahahahahaahaha!!! Thank GOD we got in church!!! BAHAHAHA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, April 17, 2015

The prettiest girls???

Recently, Anali and I were having a very random conversation!!! I was saying how I thought a certain young lady was really pretty and Anali was like, OF COURSE you think she's pretty, she's BLACK!!! I was like, NO REALLY, it has nothing to do with that, I just think she's really pretty!!! She's like messin with me now, Uh huh, right Mary!!! You probably think ALL black girls are pretty, just because their black!!! In fact, black girls are probably THE ONLY girls that you even think are pretty at all!!!
 I was like, HA, WHATEVERRRR!!! She's like, yeah you know its true!!! I'm like, ANALI, how can you think that's true, that I would think that ONLY black girls are pretty???? I mean HELLLLOOOO...
I'm WHITE!!!!
Anali just busted up laughing when I said that!!! I'm like, pretty good comeback huh!!! Cuz I mean, I think we ALL KNOW how I feel about black people annnnnnd we also ALL KNOW how I feel about ME!!! ;) AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Im the kind of girl THAT..

I'm the kind of girl that if Brad Pitt knocked on my door, I honestly wouldn't know the difference between him AND any other sales person trying to sell me stuff or the JW's trying to give me a Watchtower magazine. I HONESTLY don't know what the dude looks like!!!
When I tell people that, Everyone's always like, Oh COME ON Mary, how can you NOT know who Brad Pitt is??? I remember one time I was informing a buncha people that I don't know who Brad Pitt is and everyone was like WHAT?!?! Really Mary? Like really? You don't know WHO BRAD PITT IS?
And I was kinda starting to feel kind of dumb about it...HOW can you NOT know who Brad Pitt is??? EVERYONE knows who Brad Pitt is!!! Then, all of the sudden, I heard ANOTHER voice speak up... "Well I don't know who Brad Pitt is!" It was Elder Sis. Abbott's wife,ANNNNNNND...At that moment in time, I FELT SOOOO AWESOME! Me and my pastor's  wife didn't know who Brad Pitt was...I felt like THE COOLEST GIRL IN THE WHOLE WORLD!
One time when I was in high school, I had this HUGE crush on some movie star!!! I thought he was sooooo cute...blah, blah, blah...then one day one of my brothers were like Heeey Mary did you hear about him? I'm like no what about him???!?!?! They were like, oh yeah he came out and he is bi-sexual! I was like WHAT?!?!?! NO WAAAAY!!! And I looked it up and SURE ENOUGH HE WAS!!! I was like EWWWW!!! I decided after that, that NEVER again would I chase after worldy guys and movie stars!!! 

Seriousley, what's the big whoop, about some guy that doesn't even have the Holy Ghost??? Give me a Jesus name, born again, Holy Ghost filled, One God, Apostolic, tongue talking, holy rolling, Godly young man ANY day over Brad Pitt!!!
HOW do I NOT know who Brad Pitt is???
I don't know, I guess maybe it's just because...
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Earl isms #3

This past Sunday Bro. Earl was at it again cracking his jokes. AHAHA!!! He was walking out the church doors and the boys were holding both doors open for him and he's all like, Weeeeeellll you don't have to hold BOTH of them open for me,
I'm NOT that wide!!!
Then he looks at me and chuckles!!! AHAHAHA!!! He's like, save that one for your scrapbook!!! I think I will Bro. Earl, I think I will!!!! LOL Hee, hee!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

IF you were my husband...

Sooooo the FIRST time I read this I like TOTALLY did not get it!!! Then five minutes later I read it again and I still didn't get it!!! Then like TWO MINUTES later I like TOTALLY got it!!! AND have been laughin ever since!!!AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Real love!!!

Soooooo the little boy I baby sit for has a favorite toy, besides Elmo and Mickey Mouse, he LOVES the iPad!!! Like, yeah, the iPAD is like TOP on his list!!! Annnnd to ME for him to actually give you the iPad to play with could only mean ONE THING...He must LOVE YOU!!! Like REAL LOVE!!! I mean like, REALLY LOVE YOU!!!!
Soooo the other day my niece lil niece Bethany is over and he is giving her all his toys to play with while she is jus chillin in her baby carrier!!! I'm like awww!!! Buuuuut THEN I look over and see that he has given her his iPAD to play with!!! I'm like, WOW!!! So even tho, obviously a baby is going to have NO CLUE as to what to do with an iPad, I think this is really nice of him!!!
Soooo I tell him, that is REALLY nice of you to let her play with the iPad!!! Soooo he just looks at me and sweetly smiles at me this angelic smile!!! I'm like, AWWWW!!! Then I go to take the iPad from my niece and when I do I just bust up laughing!!!
BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That lil STINKER!!! No WONDER he gave her the ipad!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Aw I LOVE that lil man!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, April 11, 2015

What I always wanted to be...

I LOVED playing baby dolls!!! I would play with them all day long and literally had to force myself to stop playing with them when I was 12!!! I would say in the picture below that I was between 9 and 11 years old!!!  All I ever really, really wanted to be my whole life
was a MOMMY!!!
Growing up, I LOOOOOOVED playing with my baby dolls!!! I had SOOOOO many dolls and I would play with them and dream about ONE DAY when I was ALL grown up and had REAL BABIES of my own!!! I dreamed of when I would read books to my kids, make them blueberry pancakes and teach them about Jesus!!! *I still haven't ACTUALLY learned how to make blueberry pancakes yet...hmmmm...maybe that's WHY i'm still single!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, April 10, 2015

Happily Ever after..

When we think of Happily Ever After, we often think of  Magic, and rose petals covered in pixie dust. A stagecoach and being swept off our feet. The birds are always singing and prince charming is always rich and we're riding away into the night on his beautiful white horse. Then if any problems find us in life, they can always be fixed with the swoop of a magical wand. Of course, in the background of it all, there is ALWAYS a castle awaiting us. So often we have a total misconcieved notion of what love really is.

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥ 

But I think love is really a little bit more like this picture...
They might not have much, but they've got what counts...
Two people, growing old together...
Loving each other till...
 The End

And they lived
Happily Ever After...
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Everyone be quiet!
 Listen up now...listen...LISTEN...
YOU  gotta listen!
Shhhh...there it is!
THERE IT IS!!!  IT's RIGHT there!!!!!
Can you hear it?
THAT my friends is the sound of...

♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Blessings from God!!!

Duuuuuude you guys I'm sooooo SIKED!!! Straight up, this evening, GOD JUST TOTALLY BLESSED ME!!!Okaaaaayyyy sooo there was this SUPERRRR waaaaaay cuuuuute jean skirt I really wanted on the Apostolic Clothing sight that I really wanted!!!!
This skirt!!!
Long 'Ruffle Wave' Custom Denim Skirt
I still really like this skirt tho, sooooo ya know if anyone out there wants to buy it for me...I'LL TAKE IT!!! Get me a 2x!!! OR if you sew skirts and wanna hook me with a cheaper me!!!
Okaaaaay soooo this skirt is like $85!!! I like wanted it soooo bad... buuuuut I have soooo much going on with this summer coming, weddings I have to attend out of state, i'm a bridesmaid in Anali's wedding, plus I'm going to Heritage...YEAH, I'm thinking right now this ADORABLE JEAN SKIRT is really not a wise financial decision to make!!!! Right?!?!
Weeeeeeeelllll today I just randomly went to this ghetto lil consignment shop to try and consign all my reject clothes that all the other consignment shops wouldn't take...So as the lady is going through the clothes I'm just browsing thinking I won't really see anything...
Weeeeellll all of the sudden I'm finding all these superrrr long, super modest skirts...
It's super long! Super modest!!! Super feminine!!! Annnnnd MY SIZE!!!!!

Sooooo I close my eyes, hold my breath and THEN look at the price tag...OMW its EVEN IN MY PRICE RANGE!!! Guess how much people??? $4.00!!!!!! YES!!! I just said FOUR DOLLARS!!! I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!!! I was soooo ecstatic I was like testifying to the owner of the consignment shop about it as I paid!!!!!!! I was all like THIS IS SUCH A BLESSING!!! Then I was telling her the WHOLE shebang story!!! Lol  Btw, YES I know These sneakers don't look good with it tho!!!

Annnnnnnd LIIIIIIIKE I pretty much have NOT shut up about this skirt since I got it!!! I'm like HEEEEEY LOOK AAT MY SKIRT!!! Then I'm like guess how much I paid??? Tonight in class Alyssa and I were whispering about it cuz she was saying it was really cute! And I'm whispering, guess how much I paid for it??? And we're in the back and Prince who is sitting on the front row doesn't even look back he just whispers, $4 dollars!!! AHAHAHA!!! It was superrrr funny!!!
Anywayz, this skirt reminded me of something that Elder Sis. Abbott taught us girls growing up! She said if you really want something, don't just go out and buy it! Write a list of things that you really want/need and THEN PRAY ABOUT IT!!! She said because God can bless you with a really good deal or even get it to you for FREE, if you'll just wait and pray!!! I've been doing that and its SOOOO TRUE!!! Sooooo yeah, that's my advice for the day peeps!!! If you want something, ASK GOD FOR A GOOD DEAL and then WAIT for him to bless you!!! (That's what I'm doing for my husband...I'm getting THE BEST DEAL God has for me...IN JESUS NAME!!! Just wait people...its COMING!!!;)
Annnnnnd I'm purrrring here in case you couldn't tell!!!!! Mj was hysterical for this photo shoot!!! Then we both looked at this picture and pretty much were laughing soooo hard we couldn't even breath!!! Lol
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

MJ back in the day!!!

The other day I was remembering this HILARIOUS moment with MJ from when she was probably like 7ish or so years old!!!

Sooo at this time, the big diet craze that we were all doing was Weight Watchers, like me, my sis and quite a few people at church were doing weight watchers...soooo of course we're ALWAYS talking about it!!! 

WEEEEEELLLLL  this one day,  I am at the store with my neice MJ. As we are cruisin around with our cart, MJ VERY KINDLY, looks over at this lady who is a little chunky but NOT huge, then she says to me loud and clear for ALL the world to hear, "OH Mary!" She says in total excitement, "WE SHOULD TELL THAT LADY ABOUT WEIGHT WATCHERS!!!!" I just stood there...FROZEN in place...mouth hangin OMW!!! What do you say? What do you do???
I'm like, OMW MARY JO!!!
(Of course, after the 10-second shock wore off, I was HYSTERICAL!;)
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Earlisms #2!!!

As I told you all HERE that I was going to start posting EARLISMS!!! All the funny things that Bro. Earl says, the elderly, hard-of-hearing man that I type the preaching messages for. Yesterdays comment has GOT to be my favorite thus far!!! You'll understand AS SOON as you read it, WHY its my favorite!!! Now let me remind you all that he can hardly hear sooooo EVERYTHING Bro. Earl says is VERY LOUD!!!
Sooooo we had an Easter morning breakfast at our church before the service yesterday. Well my brother Abie was helping him get his food. So after he had gotten him his plate he asked him what he wanted to drink, Coffee or orange juice? So Bro. Earl says, Coffee. So then Abe says, do you want sugar or creamer in your coffee? So he says, NO, I'll just take it BLACK!!! I like it BLACK!!! Then he turns to my brother and says with a chuckle in a very loud Bro. Earl way, because...
Me too Brotha!!! ME TOO!!!! *Side note- about 85% of our visitors yesterday were black, which only made it even AWESOMERRRR!!!!  Duuuuuuude!!!  SERIOUSLEY, he ain't chocolate buuuuut me and Bro. Earl are like, sooooooooooooo KINDRED SPIRITS!!! It was definitely a God thing that the two of us were put together!! I SOOO LOVE THIS MAN! ♥♥♥
♥Mary Frances :)

Thank you God!!!

Today when my sis got home from work my sis told me that my car, which was sitting in the driveway had a flat tire!!! I was like, WHAT??? How bad??? She's like, bad enough that there is NO WAY you can drive it anywhere!!! In my head I was thinking, yeah right, its probably just kinda low and needs air. Buuuuut when I went to check it out, it turns out that my sister was RIGHT!!! My tire was completely FLAT and part of it had even busted open!!! I looked at that tire and was really BUMMED!!! I went inside the house all mopey, I had just had THE OTHER front tire blow out this past Wednesday, NOW the other one was out!!!
 then all of the sudden I realized that I should be thanking God instead of complaining!!! This morning, I had been driving my niece to school, WHICH THERE WAS NONE, she had forgotten, anyway, I'm on the freeway driving, thinking what if my other tire blew out while I was driving on the freeway, front tires blowing are really dangerous because you can completely lose control of the car if you are driving fast, which you usually are going at least 70 on the freeway... soooo I'm soooooooo tired and I half-heartedly said, Oh GOD, just protect me!!!
Annnnnd I realized as I was sitting on the couch that God had answered my half-hearted prayer!!! WHY that tire did NOT blow while I was driving, BUUUUT it did while it was just sitting in the driveway??? The only thing I can think of is GOD!!! He was protecting me because of my half-hearted prayer!!!!
I'm soooo thankful that I have God that always hears my prayers even when they don't seem all that spiritual!!! I remember that in a relationship one time back in the day. I remember thinking this guy that I was with was SO THE ONE!!! And I remember praying another half-hearted prayer before I went to sleep one night, God IF for some reason this is NOT the one you want me to marry, let this NOT work out, I mean, I KNOW HE IS, buuuuut IF he isn't, STOP IT from happening...BUT I KNOW IT IS!!! Have you ever prayed one of those prayers before??? That's the ONLY time I specifically remember praying about this relationship...BUT I really did mean it annnnnnd I'm soooo thankful that in my half-hearted immaturity, God answered my request!!!

He IS my protector!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. I'm also thankful that JUST last Monday, my big sis added me to her AAA plan...I've ALREADY used it TWICE since then!!! That right there has saved me a boat load of money!!! Not only is God my protector, he is my PROVIDER and he is an ON TIME GOD!!! YES HE IS!!! PURRRRRR!!!!
PPS. I also got to ride in the AAA tow truck that towed my car to Discount Tires!!! You guys seriously have NO IDEA how cool I felt riding all high!!! I was like, CHECK ME OUT!!!! I'm queen of the road...SOMEONE GET ME A TIARA!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday!!!

It was an AWESOME Sunday yesterday!!!! We had A LOT of visitors!!! Ten came on the church van, plus another one of the boys came with his family and then besides all the bus people there were a lot of other visitors!!! It was awesome to see so many people praying at the alter...that overwhelming feeling of NOT knowing WHO to pray with!!! Sorry no pics of was hard enough tryin to figure out who to pray with I was NOT about to add a camera into the mix...LOL!!!
Pretty, pretty girlies!!!
Awwwww Dee Dee!!!

Easter Breakfast at LPC!!!!
Sis. Abbott did a BEAUTIFUL job setting it all up!!!
(You can hire her for the right price i'm sure!!! LOL;)
Me and my lil niecy Bethany!!!
MJ with her sister!!!
With her brother and sister!!!
Armani, playing with Pastor Abbott's shoe while he was talking to someone...
Next time I look I see his shoe string IN HER MOUTH!!!!
Sis. Abbott said, "Yummy are the feet of them that preach the gospel!"
Little Armani...My lil chocolate cupcake with sprinkles!!!
Dee Dee won this lil lamb in blessed seats...You shoulda seen her, she was SOOOO HAPPY to get it!!! She just opened her arms to it like, I was waiting for you!


No pushing, shoving, slapping, fighting, or TRAMPLING for the candy!!!
Me Ariana, Sis. Abbott's niece, she is such a sweet little girl!!!
Bro. Earl gave me an Easter gift!!!

My little LOVES!!! ♥
With Big T, the LPC BUS DRIVER!!! Woot! Woot!!!
Afterwards at my mom's for Easter dinner!!! Mj and her dolly matched...
please excuse the TV in the background, its my dad's!!!
I asked Juliana who her favorite aunt was and she said, Aunt Purrrrrrr!
 (She said Aunt and then made the purring noise!!!! AWWWWW!)
I was trying to get a pic of all the kids together...
Joseph said, I'm posing Aunt Mary!!!! WOW!!! AHAHA!!!
A very crowded Easter dinner at Mom's with family and friends!!!
There's always room for ONE MORE at the Ginty's!!! :)
Zepoli's, Italian donuts, we made together for dessert!!!
Awesome Easter day!!!!
 I hope you all had a great day as well celebrating the resurrection of our Savior, JESUS!!!
♥Mary Frances :)