Saturday, August 31, 2013

First Baptismal...

My brother Joe, did his first time baptismals of three woman this time on his last trip to the Philippines....WHICH took place in THE OCEAN!!! Which was also very funny to me BECAUSE...he does NOT like going in the ocean...HAHAHA!!! Annnnnd this IS the PI ocean...Anywayz, I thought it was pretty awesome!!!
To view more pics of his trip go HERE!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, August 30, 2013

UNboring WALL???

I was talking to one of my teacher friends recently, and she was telling me that there is ONE wall in the classroom that is THE MOST IMPORTANT wall for her to decorate, BECAUSE, it is the wall at the back of the classroom that she has to stare at EVERYDAY, ALL DAY, for 9 months straight while she stands at the front of the class and teaches! She's like, you know, its IMPORTANT because I don't want to get bored easily!!!
Annnnnnnnd I was thinking, I wonder HOW I would decorate that wall IF I was a teacher??? Not that I EVERRRR plan on being a teacher!!! HAHA!!! Buuuuuut Hmmmmm...what could I possibley stare at all day and neverrrrr get bored??? I mean, EVEN a pic of a handsome, Apostolic guy, I would soooooooo get bored with THE SAME pic all day, EVERYDAY!!!!
THEN it hit me, THE ONE thing I could hang and NEVER get bored!!! It would be something that what I was looking at would somewhat change EVERY day and I would ALWAYS be fascinated and  ENTHRALLED by it!!! Figure out what that ONE thing is???
A MIRROR!!! ;)))))
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Sooooooo on Sunday afternoons, in between services, I watch one of the girls in my church, Ashlee. So after I had taken home the Sunday School kids, we're gettin ready to head back to the church for the Filipino service and Ash like BEGS me to take her to go see her old school that she used to go to before they moved. Its like really close, so i'm like ok SURE!!!
So we drive up to the school and when we're driving up driving up there's a skater guy going by on his board, but I didn't think anything of it! I stop the car in the middle of the street, don't worry its like not on a busy intersection or something its a neighborhood. So Me and Ash are just sitting there and she is just lookin and waving at the school.
Weeeeeeelllll...I'm lookin out the window annnnnnd I see that this skater dude is walking over to the car. I'm thinkin, OH maybe he wants to ask me a question or is wondering WHY we're just sittin in the street lookin at the school. So he is getting closer to the car and is just walkin to the front passenger door of my car...I'm about to roll down my window to see what the dude wants buuuuuut before I can, he picks up his board, opens the passenger and makes a move to start to get in....buuuuut he can't because ALL my stuff is in the way...I can't deny that i did start to feel a little panicky, but he didn't look like he was older that 16 and it all happened so quickly...I was soooo confused... did he want me to give him a ride somewhere???
I watch as his eyes first go to the floor of my car, he takes in the Hello Kitty floor mat, a Hello Kitty window visor thingy,sparkly flip flops, a big, bright flowered bag...and confusion just fills his eyes...
THEN MORE CONFUSION as his eyes take in the passenger seat...A hello Kitty back pack, a hot pink Bible, Verbal Bean book on prayer, sunglasses, hair accessories, my secret pal present, empty Starbucks...
THEN EVEN MORE confusion as his eyes moved up the cherry air freshener hanging from my rearview mirror...
FINALLY his eyes laid on ME at the wheel, wide eyed, just STARING at him like WHAT IN THE WORLD are YOU DOING???

OH MY, you all should have seen the look of SHOCK on his face when he saw me staring at him!!! I wish I had snapped a picture for you all.. His mouth was just hanging open and his eyes got soooooo BIG... It was PRICELESS!!! He's like, I thought you were someone else!!! I am sooooooooooooo SORRY!!! Annnnnnnnd being the NORMAL girl that I am, I just BUSTED UP LAUGHING!!! Aparently, he didn't quite find the humor in it, cuz he shut the door as fast as he could, got on his board and hightailed it outta there...I of course couldn't drive away for another minute cuz I was still laughing sooo hard!!!
I was telling everyone at church about it! I'm like the WHOLE incident in general happening, was such a CLASSIC MARY MOMENT!!! Buuuuut I felt like I UNDERSTOOD the guy, getting into the completely wrong vehicle too...that is SOOOOO something that I would do!!!
 It was soooo humorous to me!!! I have NO idea WHAT he was expecting to see at the wheel, buuuuuuuuuuut i guess it was...
 NOT a One-God-Apostolic-Pentecostal woman in her...
 Sunday best church attire!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Black background!!!

So after staying late at the wedding on Saturday, and helping clean up, a group of us just crashed in the sanctuary. In this group was the Avandano's, author of the blog, My3sonz, which IF you don't know who they are, buuuut I thought EVERYONE did, the Avandano's is this really awesome family from Oregon, Jacob, Sammy, Caleb and they travel all over to youth conferences, senior camps, weddings and whatever with their mom... Its like soooo cool...I'm sooooo gonna do that when I have anywayz, we're just chillin there with the Avandono's and some others annnnnnd...  After a few minutes of rest, my mouth began running and I felt the need to entertain those that I was sitting with by telling about my newest blog feature to come, Pentecostal pick up lines! AHAHA!!!
Soooo this had everyone laughing as I began to share some of my ideas...then the guys started discussing cars, which bored me and Sis. Avandano, sooooo we just sat there with our own lil discussion and then she starts telling me that I really NEED to change the background on my blog from black, because it hurts her eyes to look at it. I'm like, OH my mom says the same thing! She's like YES Mary, you have to fix this for us OLDER people! Soooo I'm like Okaaaaaay I'll do that!!!
Then we're all jokin around some more, than Bethany comes over and now its an exclusive conversation between me, her and Sis. Avandano, the guys go back to disussin cars, and the two of them are TEASIN me about some guy, Bethany THINKS i must like, weeeeeeelllll the guys overhear and Jacob is like, WHAAAAT Mary your talking to someone??? I'm like uh NOOOO i'm NOT!!! They're all like Ooooo Mary has a boyfriend???? I'm like NOOOOOOOO! Like really, stop eavesdropping and go BACK to the car discussion!!! AHAHAHA!!!
Soooooo now we're all getting ready to leave, I'm walking out to the parking lot with Sis. Avandano and our group. We're all saying our last good byes, and Sis. Avandano tells me one last time, please Mary, MAKE sure you change your background, I really can't read it with it being BLACK!!!
 Soooooooo JACOB, stops his convo with whomever he was talking with at the moment and is like, REALLY Mary? I'm like, WHAAAAAAT??? He's like, you REALLY have the background on your blog as some guy???
I'm like, WHAAAAAAT???? Like I have NO CLUE what he is meaning!!! I'm like, WHAAAAT  are YOU talking about??? He's like, you just told my mom that you were going to change your background from the guy!!! I'm just standing there staring at him in total confusion!!! Then it CLICKED and I just busted up laughing!!! I'm like, NOOOOOO!!! The background on my blog is BLACK...
Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut NOT
 AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I laughed soooo hard!!! He seriousley thought that I had a black guy as my background on my blog!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!! That was like THE FUNNIEST MOMENT everrrrr!!! I loooooove how people just hear the word black around ME and ASSUME it equals BLACK GUY!!! Soooooo FUNNNNNNY!!!! I'm like REALLY JACOB, I only have two things to say; 1. OBVIOUSLEY you have NOT been on my blog in a while, because if you had, you would KNOW that I do NOT have a black man as my background annnnnnnnd
on people's conversations!!!
AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Seriousley still laughing about that...REALLY MARY??? A guy as your background??? Yes Jacob, i keep a file of black man pics on my computer for whenever I'm bored with my blog design background!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. Changed my background to white for you Sis. Avandano...buuuuuut WHITE...wonder what rumors can be started with THIS BACKGROUND??? Hmmmmm... ;)))) AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! LOLOLOL

Monday, August 26, 2013

MJ's first day of school!!!

Today MJ started her first at GCA!!! AKA: Glendale Christian Acadamey! The school got started a special ed program, soooo she is sooooooo HAPPPPPY that she can be a part of this school now. Its sooooo neat!!! The kids start off FIRST THING in the morning with prayer, Bible reading and a devotional. I was told that I could stay for it because a lot of the parents do. So I did and I looooved it!!! Sooooo NEAT...its like a lil church service every morning...I'll sooooo be there for it!!!
Then MJ went to class. Her teacher is Sis. Myers. When I picked her up from school this afternoon she came over to me with a HUGE smile on her face. She's like, I LOVE THIS SCHOOL!!! She said that Sis. Myers is soooo nice and so is her other teacher, Sis. Ward. She said that Sis. Myer's kept pullling out all these GOD papers and she was just like, OKAAAAAAAAY, that is sooooooo COOL!!!
 She's like you know what, I'm gonna go here MY WHOLE life until i'm an adult annnnnnd THEN i'm going to come back here and work here when I'm a grown up!!! Then she told me that she was NEVERRRRR going to an UNGODLY school again!!! I was like, YES ma'Am!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Sooooooo ME...

This will soooooooooooo be ME...
As a mom!!!! :))))

♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Reception Classic Mary Moment!!!

Sooooo tonight I'm in Tucson for Cassia's wedding. Afterwards, at the reception, a bunch of us girls are just wondering around with our plates of food TRYING to find a place to sit!!! EVERY table we went to was either taken, saved or if there was room NOT enough for our WHOLE GROUP of girls! Sooooooo we're just wondering around aimlessly, TRYING to find a spot, No one liked my suggestion of just SITTING IN THE GRASS!!! LOL
Sooooooo THEN I see it, this big, huge, LOOOOOONG TABLE...COMPLETELY EMPTY!!! I'm like WOW!!! Score! JACKPOT!!! I'm like, HEEEEEEY you guys LOOK, we can sit HERE...this WHOLE table is completely EMPTY!!! They're like MARY!!! Thats the BRIDAL PARTY TABLE!!! AHAHAHA!!! I'm like OOOOOOO sooooooooo THATS WHY its EMPTY!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! We all laughed soooo hard about it!!! I'm like I was soooo WONDERING why no one was sitting there...
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Two Proud Moments for the week....

First proud moment happened on Wednesday. I was driving on the Freeway and had to get off Indian school, buuuuuut I was sooooo busy singing at the top of my lungs, "When God Unfolds The Rose" that I missed the exit and the next thing I know I was on the loop 202 headin who knows where. I'm like OH GREAT, I'm LOST now and I don't even have a cell phone, gps or NOTHING!!! So I get off at the first exit and I'm like okaaaaaay I know I gotta figure how to get back on the 51 buuuuuut HOW??? So I pull into a gas station to ask directions and I'm just like DUDE, I'm sooooo LOST I don't even know which direction to ask that I need the 51 I'm like south? North? UGH!!! I DON"T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO ASK!!! Soooo I'm sitting there and I'm just like, OKAAAAAY GOD, I'm STUPID...HELP ME!!! Then it was cRaZy, cuz I was like I think I can figure this out. I turned on the car pulled out of the gas station, drove write over to the freeway and FIGURED OUT EXACTLEY WHAT I NEEDED TO DO!!! I was like YAY ME!!! No GPS! No PHONE to call anyone! No gas station attendents!!! JUST ME AND GOD!!! OOOOOO YEAH!!!
Proud moment #2!!! I was trying to figure out what half of 1/4 is, i'm like ummmmmm...half of 1/4 like is it 1/2...Oh no cuz thats half a cup which is more than 1/4. So I'm like hmmmmmm...So I  FINALLY figured it out...1/8 is half of 1/4...I felt SOOOO SMART for figuring this out!!! EVEN tho I found the answer on GOOGLE!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! I was like, OH, sooo then half of 1/8 would be 1/16...I figured that out WITHOUT BOOYAH...cha BAM!!!
AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Its soooo much funnnnn...
BEING ME!!! ;)))
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

WHy I love them so...

Recently, I've had the opportunity to share this testimony several times and I would like to expand it a little and share it with you all as well. Quite a while ago, I was talking to a friend that had grown up in the church, she backslid in her teens but made her way back to God and has been living for God for quite sometime now.I was hanging out with her one day, and I was just talking to her about the African kids. I was telling her about some of the things that were going on with the girls, who's pregnant, who's had an abortion, we're talking about girls that are in their early teens...
 and my friend says, Mary I think its just so amazing how you just love the kids so much and that your able to handle working with kids that have such horrible backgrounds. I mean, we really are talking about HORRIBLE lives. The filth that goes on starting at an EARLY age, little kids, practically babies still, that know more and have experianced more than I have. My friend says, and the way your just able to work with them without freaking out about it like most people do when they hear their lifesyle. She goes onto say, I mean I could understand if you were like me, if you had left God and lived a life of sin, then I could understand, she's like but you never have. She's like, I mean your innocent Mary...
I'm like I don't know. I really don't know how I do it or why I don't freak out, I just love them. I just know that its sin and that their ONLY hope is Jesus...and I know there is no sin to great for the blood of Jesus to wash away...buuuuut I just can't explain it, there is such a deep love in my heart for them. However, later on I was thinking about it, really thinking about it. And I realized another reason WHY I'm able to look on them with such compassion.
In my extended family, on my mother's side, everyone's basically got it "Together". However, on my father's side of the family it is a different story. My father is one of 6 kids, out of those 6 kids, aside from one uncle that never had kids with his wife and another uncle that never got married cuz he's down syndrome, the rest of my father's siblings that had kids, within each family, there is at least ONE, if not more children that have a pretty messed up life. I have a cousin that did meth for ten years, others that are alcoholics, depressant, a cousin that got pregnant for the first time when she was 12, lost that baby but got pregnant again when she was 14. She's just a few years younger than me and has a 12-year-old daughter.
Then there is MY FAMILY. Out of my father's siblings, my dad is basically, altho there are others that have their issues, my father is STILL basically the one considered with the most issues and addictions still at this point in his life. YET, my father is the ONLY one that has five kids that are not messed up. How could this be possible? How could the one with THE MOST problems be the one with five kids living for God???? The answer is simple: JESUS!!! JESUS IS THE REASON!!! Despite all the crisis of life growing up, we had a mom that FAITHFULLY brought us to Jesus. Our family SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE WORSE OFF!!! Not that we're perfect and NOT that we don't have our problems...our cRaZiNeSs...buuuuuut...WE SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE MOST MESSED UP...buuuuut JESUS...He STEPPED IN!!!
Annnnnnnnnd WHEN I look at these kids, I am reminded of where I would be WITHOUT GOD!!! I have NO DOUBT it my mind that I would NOT have been someone that had it "Together" without Jesus. I would NOT be a benefit in any way to society. I would be a partier, I woulda been a loose, immoral woman, I would be one of these teen girls with a baby or even worse...WITHOUT GOD!!!  Its not in MYSELF, buuuuut only by the goodness, the mercy and the grace of God that I have made it to 30 preserved, with my purity intact.
I was riding to church one Sunday in the church van, just being my goofy self, being all cRaZy with some black gospel that was playing and one of the ladies from our church starts laughing. She says, Mary its a GOOD THING you have Jesus, because WITHOUT God, you woulda been ONE WILD WOMAN!!! Annnnnnd EVERYONE, including all the kids agreed! AHAHA!!! I was like, OH I KNOW that I would be!!! THATS MY TESTIMONY!!! I'm NOT what I should have been!!!
Thats what I think when I see these kids. I don't think oh their so dirty, so vile, its more than my innocent self can handle. I have never smoked a cigarette, snorted drugs, been suicidal, worn immodest clothes, been a teen mom,  BUUUUUUT God STILL delivered me from that. I don't think that I'm better than these kids, or my cousins or anyone else, I just know that I'VE BEEN DELIVERED!!! Thats how I have such love, such compassion for them, I know I was just as lost in sin. I shoulda been one of them. I shoulda been a wild, filthy woman, buuuuuuuuuuuut JESUS, he found me at two years old, I had NOTHING to offer him but a life of brokeness and strife,
BUUUUUUT he took me,
and he made SOMETHING
 BEAUTIFUL out of my life!!!
"And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God." (1 Corinthians 6:11)
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Continuation of today's post...

So I was just at my mom's a lil while earlier this evening and my mom was like, ya know, I WISH you had told me ahead a time that you were going to write that post about its a good thing your body parts are attached to yourself otherwise you would LOSE them!!! I'm like, WHY??? She's like, BECAUSE, all your days growing, starting from when you were a little girl, EVERY MORNING before we left for school, you would say, WHERE'S MY BACK PACK??? I can't find my back pack!!! My mom's like LAUGHING she's like, ANNNND you would be like STEPPING on it as you said that!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I thought that was pretty funnnny!!! I have NO recollection of this buuuuut i have NO DOUBT its TRUE!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Gotta thank God!!!

Sometimes, you just gotta THANK GOD for the little things in life!!! I was thinking about this the other day after I got my cell phone stolen. See what happened is that I placed it on the counter in the ladies room at JcPenny's, forgot it for FIVE minutes, then realized it was gone, I RAN back but when I got there,VROOOOM it was VANISHED!!! Waaaaaahhhh!!!
Buuuuuuuuut I was driving to church that night and I was like MAN, I LOSE EVERYTHING!!! I mean NO MATTER how hard I try, stuff just comes up missing with me!!! Then I got to thinking about it and I just busted up laughing!!! I'm like, I'm soooo glad God attaced our body parts to us!!! I mean, could you imagine ME, like EVERY MORNING!! I'd be like, Wheres my arm??? Dude, I know I put my arm like RIGHT here when I went to sleep last night!!!
Then just imagine me having to explain to my pastor WHY I was late for church!!! Like, pastor, I really didn't oversleep, I was STUCK in my bed, you see what happened is that, I couldn't find MY LEGS this morning!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! God SURE DID KNOW what he was doing WHEN he connected...
Your head bone connected to your neck bone
Your neck bone connected to your shoulder bone
Your shoulder bone connected to  your back bone
Your back bone connected to your hip bone
Your hip bone connected to your thigh bone
Your thigh bone connected to your knee bone
Your knee bone connected to your leg bone
Your leg bone connected to your ankle bone
Your ankle bone connected to your foot bone
Your foot bone connected to your toe bone
 AH YES!!! I thank God for the lil things...
Like attaching ALL of ME to ME!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Everybody be all smart...

Last Saturday at the youth ralley I was sitting at a table with a buncha SMARTY pants!!! LOL They're all talking about how they skipped grades, graduated early, one girl is 16 and already in college, they tested outta Kindergarten...Everybody's all SMART...THEN there's ME...I'm like OH YEAH..
 I got held back...
 in preschool!!!
AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Made everyone at my table bust up laughing!!! We all laughed REALLY hard!!! Its true tho, I don't know HOW you can get held back in PRESCHOOL, buuuuut I managed to acheive that!!! I guess I just wasn't ready to ACTUALLY start LEARNING yet!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Yeah EXCEPT!!!

Soooo we're listening to Adventure's in Odyssey this afternoon. Its about having CRUSHES. Annnnnd the whole story is about how this girl named Jessie likes Jimmy and she writes him like 12 love notes and sticks them in his desk at school and she is soooo mushy and dramatic at him. Weeeeellll in the end she decides she like Eugene instead of Jimmy and she tells Jimmy and Jimmy just starts laughing cuz Eugene is this computer nerd and is waaaaaay OLDER than Jessie annnnd it ends with Jessie not understanding WHY Jimmy thinks this is sooooo FUNNNNY!!! She just says, Boys! They are sooooo WEIRD!!! Soooooo I turn to my sis and I say, I know EXACTLEY how she feels!!! My sis without even hesitating says, NO YOU DON'T!!! I'm like whaaaaat??? She says yeah,

She actually liked someone that was...
 OLDER than her!!!
I sooooo busted up laughing!!! She speaks TRUTH... 

♥Mary Frances :)


I was telling my sister the other day that on the day I posted my first ever Apostolic Warrior, that the page views on my blog was at the very high number of 548 views. My sister was like WOW! Is that like the highest number that you've ever had? I was like OH NO!!! When I was on Facebook my page veiws was on a normal basis in the 600's and would on a high day be all the way up to the 800's, my sister's like, WHOA! Yup, it was REALLY FAST advertising on there being connected to as many people as I was...*Ahem! LOL! I'm like yeah, now I average between 300-350, on a high day about 400 annnnd on a REALLY HIGH day, like the AW, or when I posted The Purpose Of A Seatbelt, in the 500's!!! Buuuuuut I was superceded on a regular basis what I get on a high day now.
My sis was like, so you really took a considerabley large drop in page views when you got off Facebook. I'm like, yeah!!! Buuuuut WHATEVERRR. I mean, I know I did what God wanted me to do... EVEN if I lost page views. However, I got to thinking about it annnnd ALTHO, the page veiws on my blog has gone waaaaaay down since I have gotten off Facebook, I have ALSO noticed in the last year a stronger annointing from God in my life in direct application to my writing. In this last year, there has been some writing that has been produced out of me, that I felt DIRECTLEY from God and its been confirmed to me when people will tell me, thats EXACTLEY what I needed to read. Annnnnd I THANK GOD, that he would use my writing like that...its MY DESIRE to be a blessing!!! I WANT God's annointing!!! Yes, it was there before, buuuuuut its STRONGER now!!!
 Sometimes when we obey the Holy Ghost, and we make that positive change in our life, the results we FIRST see is that of a NEGATIVE. Oh sooooo now THIS is happening, annnnnd you can think, what about THE BLESSINGS of God??? I could be like, WHAAAAT??? I got OFF FACEBOOK, shouldn't God have INCREASED my pageviews??? Buuuuuuuuuut NO! It went DOWN!!!!! Annnnd at a first glance, that may SEEM like a NEGATIVE, buuuuut on a second look, you know what, I would RATHER have the favor of God on my life and a stronger annointing in my writing, then a MILLION pageviews a day on this blog. When you all do the RIGHT thing, you MAY see a negative result at first, buuuuut you just wait little bit longer ANNNNNNNND your going to see the positive results from your sacrifice to God come forth!!! Ultimately, above all else giving up ANYTHING that will bring you closer to God is indeed a BLESSING!!! I heard a quote once that says,
Sacrifice is giving up something GOOD,
for somthing BETTER!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, August 19, 2013

I need to marry an outline!!!

I know thats the most randomest title EVERRRR buuuuut...I was thinking about that today...when given structure, I absolutely thrive in it!!! Like for example, in college, I excelled in public speaking because I was given an outline with the exact steps that I needed to follow. The intro, the launch, the body, the review the ending and then what each of those parts we were expected to include and I was soooo good at it because I have soooo much inspiration and creativity and imagination in my mind that there was absolutely NO PROBLEM finding something to fill in to each spot. Where as others would have difficulty finding something to put in each spot because they ran out of ideas. Whereas I have an OVER ABUNDANCE of ideas I just lack organization a lot of times to fully utilize them.Annnnd people would always say, wow, your speech was soooo interesting buuuut soooo organized too...and they were soooo surprised about the ORGANIZED part!!! I was like weeeeeelllll...I just followed the outline EXACTLEY!!!
Its the same way with creative non-ficti.on writing. Anytime you get ready to write a story, a feature, a personal crisis a testimonial, first you have to have a lead and its soooo cool cuz there are like 12 different leads that you can choose from and sometimes you can even combine two leads into one...its soooooo AWESOME. Then after the lead you've got the nutgraph, which is basically two - three sentences that summarize the story without ACTUALLY giving the story away yet pulling the readers in, then you have the body which will include the climax and the victory and everything in between and then an ending an you have to do all this within in 2,500 words and ME I need that limitation because I RARELY come up with NOT ENOUGH!!! LOLOLOL!!! Annnnd I used to think that structure was "BORING" buuuuut I've realized now that in actuallity it makes a GOOD THING BETTER!!! Sooooo yeah, I think I need to marry an outline!!! Someone that is VERY STRUCTURED and they can just take, my wild imagination, my awesomeness, my Maryness, and utilize it to its fullest capacity!!! AN OUTLINE!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. I also need to marry a GPS!!! No explaination needed on that one i'm SURE!!! LOL!!!

Ironing MISSIONS!!!

I was thinking a while ago, God is there ANYTHING that I need to do to prepare myself for marriage still??? I got cooking, cleaning DOWN!!! I can wash dishes like I've been doing it since birth. I wash clothes, scrub a toilet, cook all kinds of good meals...I know how to change diapers, take care of children from new borns to teens. I've taken all the Ladies of Legacy classes like a MILLION times, I know all about submission, communication, making your house a home, the joy of disciplined children, RESPECTING your husband, all that Jazz, i'm like God REALLY, I don't think there is possibley ANYTHING else that I would need to know how to do!!! Annnnnnd then God reminded me of ONE THING...
Can you IRON his shirts???
I'm like whaaaaaaaaaaaat??? You mean to tell me God, that I'm NOT gonna marry the man that just brings all his dress shirts to THE DRY CLEANERS??? This is ABSOLUTELY devestating news to me BECAUSE, woman, AT LEAST ME, don't really have to iron most of their clothes!!! Remember HERE I don't iron my clothes???  LOL Annnnd Im like okaaaaaaaaaay buuuut I'm SINGLE, soooo HOW can I learn HOW to iron a shirt BEFORE I get married????
Soooooooooooo I was thinking, (really feel God laid this on my heart;) maybe theres a, Single-Godly-Handsome-On-fire-for-God-burden-for-the-lost-normal-guy-with-a-decent-job-not-in-debt-owns-a-car-never-been-married-no-kids-tithe-payer-young-man, THAT feels the BURDEN on their heart, to HELP PREPARE me for marriage, just call my pastor annnnnnd I would LOOOOVE to practice ironing, on YOUR SHIRTS!!! :)))) Really, its a MINISTRY to me!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Phone Fast!!!

Heeeeeeeeeey Everyone!!! I just wanted to let you all know that I've decided to go on a phone fast this week!!! I just really felt in on my heart to do this...JUST KIDDING...MY PHONE IS STILL MISSING!!! WAAAAAAAHHHH!!! Annnnnd its gonna be a lil while till I get my replacement cuz my phone insurance was closed for the weekend. I was just telling my sis, DUUUUDE I should soooo go on a phone fast this week...AHAHAHA!!! Anywayz, I went to my phone place on Saturday night before the youth rally and I'll tell you one thing, you walk through the mall dressed for church with your hair done all fancy annnnnd you get AMAZING customer service!!! Jcpenny's and all the stores were like SOOOOO FRIENDLY and I mean the guy at the Verizon place basically pulled out a super man cape to help me...annnnnd it wasn't in a flirty way!!!
 Buuuut it was kinda funny cuz he called his boss to see what the procedure was for making a claim on a stolen phone to your insurance. THey tell him that we have to report it to the police and then give the case # to the insurance. So the guy gets out his phone to start calling, then he's like, WAIT, i'm not supposed to 911 am I??? I'm like UH NOOOOOO!!! There's a NON-emergencey number that your supposed to call!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Can you imagine??? The police come rushing to the mall because MARY'S iPHONE got stolen!!! Heeeeeey it kinda is a HUUUUGE deal for me!!! Seriousley having some self-portrait withdrawals!!! Please pray for me!!! My hair looked sooooo cute today....I borrowed my mom's phone so that the hair would NOT be forgotten!!! LOL
Annnnnnywayz, my contact right now is the OLD FASHIONED way...EMAIL!!! AHAHAHA!!! And it will prob be that way for a lil while cuz I guess they have to order the phone to once I make the claim!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Submission to God...

Thinking about when God tells us to do something. Theres been times in my life where I really felt like God was telling me about letting go and clearing out certain things in my life. I remember telling God one time about something that I KNEW he wanted me to let go of, I said God, if my pastor preaches against it or tells me to stop, I PROMISE you i'll submit to him. Annnnnd IF my future husband was to tell me to do this, I PROMISE that I would submit to him.
Annnnnnnnnnd God checked me: He asked me, soooo you'll submit to your pastor and you'll submit to your (Non-existent) Husband, buuuuuuuuuut YOU won't submit to ME??? I was like, okaaaaaaaaaay FIIIIIIIIINE!!! And I just submitted to the nudging spirit of the Holy Ghost in what I KNEW he was telling me to do.
I can't help but think that if you can't submit to God, you'll probabley have difficulty submitting to your pastor or your husband!!! Just a thought...
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Saturday, August 17, 2013

I'm NOT single!!! ;)

Saw this annnnnd loooooved it!!!
Kinda like I said it in THIS post TAKEN!!!
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Breaking bones=Saving lives!?!?!

I was recently in a CPR and First Aide training class for my job, as I already said in my post The Purpose Of A Seatbelt (read it HERE) and there was something else that I learned in this class that I MUST share with you all. I learned, that while giving a person CPR, you have to give them air compressions that are two inches deep. Now this may not seem like that big of a deal when you just hear me say that buuuuut its pressing down TWO WHOLE INCHES. Take your hand right now, place it on your heart and press down. What do you feel??? I don't know about you all, buuuuut I feel BONES!!!
Our teacher told us that when giving these chest compressions your going to break bones. He went on to tell us that its going to feel WEIRD, buuuut if your NOT hearing strange noises, like crunching, your NOT doing it right. You've GOT TO BREAK THEIR BONES. Weeeeeeelllll you all shoulda seen the look on my face. I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open. I mean, i'm the person that hit my lil brother when we were kids cuz he was annoying me and felt so bad I started crying more than him! So I raised my hand and was like I have NEVER heard this before in CPR...I just can NOT imagine actually BREAKING SOMEONES BONES!!!
The teacher was like, well if your doing it right, its most likely going to happen. Your pressing TWO INCHES deep one someone, its GOING to break their chest bones. He's like if your NOT breaking bones your NOT doing it right. Don't feel bad about breaking their bones, your SAVING their life. He said bones can be fixed BUUUUUT you can't fix DEAD!!!
I was FLOORED by his words but as soon as he said that to me my mind started whirling and I actually did get caught writing this devotional in class! :) Buuuut I just couldn't help but corelate this to how God works in our own life. "For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth." (Hebrews 12:6) To scourge someone means to whip or inflict pain on someone. Sometimes God HAS TO BREAK US!!!
Sometimes our spiritual life is in so much turmoil, we're literally about to spiritually die and God steps in on the scene and says i've GOT to give this one spiritual CPR. I hate to see them suffering, I hate to see their sorrow, I hate to see their pain, but i've got to inflict on them. I've got break them so I can save them. Sometimes this pain is inflicted on us through the circumstances of life, through our sin, through the preached word of God or even through the correction of the man of God.
"For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death." (2 Corinthians 7:10)
Repentance HURTS, buuuut repentance SAVES us. I can just imagine God compressing down on us with his love, inflicting that pain on us, so desperately trying to save our soul. And I can imagine God looking and seeing the pain and sorrow and it hurts him to see that he had to do this to one of his children, but he's thinking its better to BREAK their spirit then for them to spiritually die and spend their eternity in torment. I can always heal thier brokeness, buuuuuuut if they go to HELL, which IS spiritual DEATH, its FOREVER!!! "The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit." (Psalm 34:18)
It would be BETTER for us to spend a lifetime of sorrow and tears on this earth and MAKE it to heaven, then to never shed a tear, living a happy, carefree life and END UP IN HELL!!! We've got to be able to say to God, like the song says, WHATEVER you have to do to me, DON'T LET ME be lost for eternity, for above all else, I MUST BE SAVED!!! The crushing, the crunching, the breaking sound of a heart,  the strange noise of a soul weeping in sorrow from their anguish and hurt. Its NOT God being mean, its not God punishing you, YES, I do believe that there are consequences for sin, but the scourging you feel on your heart is ultimately the LOVE of God SAVING YOU FROM HELL!!!
"Or despisest thou the riches
 of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering;
not knowing that the goodness of God
 leadeth thee to repentance?"
(Romans 2:4)
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

I LOVE my talent...

I was talking to one of my friends the other day, I'm not sure who, either Hanna or Anali, annnnnd I was telling them about how much I just LOOOOOVE writing!!! I was like I can't explain to you how I feel when I write, its like I feel such a completion in my heart after I've produced something out of me, like a devotional or a testimonial or a humor peice and knowing that God is using my creativity, my inspiration to bless someone else. I'm like when I write, to me its like painting a beautiful picture, a work of art, but instead of paint on my canvas I use WORDS!!!
 I don't need any supplies, just my mind and it goes with ME everywhere I go!!! (Which is a GOOD thing cuz otherwise it would DEFINATLEY get lost!!! LOL!!!) I was like ANNNND you know what else I love about my talent from God?!?! They said WHAT? I'm like its FREE!!! Like it doesn't cost me ANYTHING!!!
Then I paused and I was like, WAAAAAIT did I really just say that??? Did I really just say one of my favorite things about MY TALENT is that its FREE???  Like, really i just said that...Thats how GHETTO I AM...
God gave me a free talent!!!!
I just imagine God when he was creating me...
Thinking about what talent he should give me: Like hmmmm... Music? Nope she'll have to buy the instrument and lessons! Art? NOPE! She'll have to buy paint and pencils and canvases! Decorating skills? NOPE! It'll cost her a lot to have to buy all the decorations! Sewing? Nope she couldn't afford a sewing machine! Annnnnnd he goes through the list of talents, then he finally decides, AHAHA, I know! I'll make her a WRITER!!! All I have to is give her a cRaZy mind, she'll NEVER have to buy a thing to up keep it annnnnd I won't have to worry about her losing it all the time either cuz its ATTACHED to her!!! Aw YES! I'll give Mar Bear the TALENT OF WRITING!!!
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Apostolic Warrior #1!!!

Weeeeeeeellllll...AFTER a loooooooong WAIT....the first APOSTOLIC WARRIOR EVERRRRR is about to be announced. Now, I realize that there are A LOT of good Apostolic men that are deserving, HOWEVERRRR, I KNEW that the FIRST ONE HAD TO BE THIS YOUNG MAN!!!
When I thought Apostolic Warrior, he is the FIRST person that came to my mind! This young man was NOT born into Pentecost. He has NEVER had the support of anyone outside of his church, yet since he was a child he has embraced this gospel message WHOLE HEARTEDLY and has shown himself to be an example to even Apostolic-Pentecostal young people that have grown up their whole life in a Godly home!!!
This young man is above average and even though I had ALREADY handpicked him myself, IF I HAD NOT, I'm pretty much positively sure that my church woulda stoned me the next time I came...HAHA...NOT REALLY...buuuuuuuuut they all REALLY WANTED this for him!!!
Landmark's best kept secret is NOW being revealed ...
Ladies and Gentelman it is my complete honor and priviledge to now introduce to you all the FIRST EVERRRR APOSTOLIC WARRIOR...
Jonathan Stultz is worthy of being called an Apostolic Warrior because he is a faithful, steadfast, unwavering, consistent man of God. He is strong in his convictions, grounded in truth a lover of holiness and a protector of the faith.

20-year-old, Jonathan Stultz resides in Phoenix Arizona. He graduated from Paradise Valley highschool with honors and college scholarships. This past May of 2013 he graduated with his associates degree in business. At this point and time in Jonathan's life he has decided that for now, even though he is very smart and was getting very good grades, he is done with college. Jonathan felt in his heart that he wanted  to have more time for studying and focusing on the things of God. Jonathan began attending Landmark Pentecostal Church as a Sunday School child at the age of four. He was just the little tag-along of his older brother and his friend's across the street, John and Abraham Ginty. As a child Jonathan got the Holy Ghost and was baptized in Jesus name. Him and his older brother stopped attending church for several years, but at the age of 12, Jonathan was brought back through a Sunday School drive at his church and since that time, ON HIS OWN ACCORD, he has faithfully, ATTENDED LANDMARK PENTECOSTAL Church. There is more to Jonathan's testimony, but THE WHOLE STORY is currently still in the process of being written! :)
If there is one OVERALL word that you could use to describe Jonathan, it is FAITHFUL!!! Faithful, faithful, FAITHFUL!!!  He's like the sun... you don't think about it being there in the morning, you just know its going to be there. And that is how Jonathan has been about coming to church, you don't wonder if he's coming to church that day, you just know he's gonna be there!  
Does Jonathan work???
YES!!! Jonathan works and is a VERY good and hard worker at that. Jonathan has had THE SAME job since he was 16. He got his first job at at Albertson's grocery store as a Courtesy Clerk. A courtesy clerk is the person that bags your groceries and pushes in carts. Jonathan took that job, the lowest on the store and worked it to the best of his ability. After showing himself to be a good worker in that he was soon promoted to being a cashier. After showing himself to be a good worker as cashier he was promoted to assistant front end manager of the store. Never once did Jonathan EVER miss church for his job.
However, there was a job transfer and his boss that scheduled his days moved to another Albertson's and the person that took that manager's place said that Jonathan would have to work Sundays if he wanted to keep his management position. Jonathan put his foot down and refused to give in to working on Sundays. THIS did INDEED get him demoted and back to just being a cashier. However, Jonathan's old boss heard about what happened and said he didn't care if Jonathan wouldn't work on Sundays. He said that Jonathan was STILL a good worker and had him put in a transfer to the store he was working at and was once again given back his management position.
See, GOD ALWAYS honors our sacrifice for him AND HE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU if you do whats right!!!And from what I heard from my brother's is that, the manager that demoted him because he wouldn't work Sundays, ended up getting HERSELF DEMOTED!!! So DON'T MESS WITH GOD'S PEOPLE!!!
When Jonathan was about 16-years-old I went to the Albertson's by our house where Jonathan was working. Now Jonathan had been faithfully going to church since he was 12, but still, I was WONDERING, if Jonathan would make sure that the sleeves on his work uniform were below his elbow. NOT that I was gonna condem him if they weren't, I mean after all, he was just a kid, living for God on his own and its NOT like he was wearing a tank top or something, the sleeves were ALMOST long enough...I was just WONDERING...BUUUUT when I found Jonathan, THERE HE WAS, working hard in the Arizona heat, with an extra-long sleeved shirt on under his Albertson's uniform ensuring that he was COMPLETLEY MODEST!!! I was pretty floored that at 16 he would take that inititive on his own, I mean REALLY, its NOT like he woulda gotten in trouble or anything...I was soooo proud of him...I never actually said anything, just tucked it away in my mind for the right moment...Like, RIGHT NOW!!!! :)))) 
Jonathan is currently in the proccess of going on interviews and applying for a better, more stable, full time job. What he really wants is to get a job as a teller at a bank, his first choice is at Desert Schools Credit Union, then after being a teller he would like to move up to being a personal banker and work his way up in the financial field...
Salt and Light
Jonathan isn't what one would call OUTGOING, but he is a very friendly person. If you say hi or talk to him he will certaintly extend himself out to you. Jonathan is not a loud person. People often mistake his quietness for shyness or awkwardness, however Jonathan says its just that he has nothing to say. If there is nothing to say there is no reason to talk. Jonathan is a good listener. He is very observent and pays attention when you think he isn't...which is kind of creepy...cuz he'll know stuff about you that you never even told him... ANNNND you'll be like, HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT??? Annnnnnd then its like oh yeah, i've been blastin that all over the place. Ahahahahahaha!!!
Jonathan likes to have fun. He enjoys the wild rides, playing games, and can be some what competitive and makes sures the rules of the game are upheld. He enjoys sports but is never rude when you miss the ballHe is playful in nature, if you throw water on him he doesn't get mad, he just throws some back...
Yes, that IS JONATHAN behind the trash can of water being dumped on we hold our pathetic red i said, throw water on him and HE WILL throw some back...if you TP his car he justs...OH well I guess we'll just have to wait and see what he does. Bwahahahahahahaha!!! ;P
Jonathan is NOT an emotional roller coaster. He's not up and down and all over the place with his emotions. He doesnt need a cheerleader continually cheering him on. He isn't one to wallow in self-pity.
When asked how Jonathan would define True Beauty,  Jonathan says,
"looks aren't everything!"
its their looks ANNNND their personality combined.
When I think of "FUNNY" Jonathan isn't the first person that comes to my mind. He's not what you woud call the class clown or a comedian, However, he does have a great sense of humor, he is always ready to enjoy a good laugh...
Jonathan is a TRUE gentleman. He doesn't put others down to build himself up. He has good self-esteem. . He is always there to HELP when your in IF your tire blows on the 101...TRUST ME....I know....LOL...or if it blows on the church van on a youth trip!!!!
 Jonathan is quiet but oppinonated, firm in what he believes, he has a backbone and is not a pushover. He isn't one to just go and take charge, buuuuut when put into a position of authority or leadership he has no problem with taking control of the situation and being a leader. He is also a very mature and responsible person.
When Jonathan does ANY task at all, he does a very thourough and EFFECIENT JOB!!!
Jonathan is not what you would describe as cRaZy, buuuuut at the same time he isn't stiff-necked or too refined to join in on the fun and cRaZiNeSs of others. Liiiiiike agreeing to be the preacher for the funeral of some cRaZy friend's sunglasses that died!!! HAHA!!!

Jonathan, How do you deal with cranky customers?
He says, "I just SMOTHER them with KINDNESS!"
How would you help a peer that was struggling?
Jonathan says that if one of his friends was struggling, the first thing he would do is ask them what it was that they were struggling with. Then he would encourage them with one of his own experiances. Then he would back up what he said by using Bible scriptures and then if they wanted to pray with him he would, but either way he would definately pray for them on his own.
He is genuinely kindhearted. You will NEVER hear him making fun of someone. He is tolerant of everyone no matter how weird or annoying they are. He is a very patient person. Jonathan is NOT one to hold a grudge. He is a very forgiving person. He is cool with everyone and understands that people ARE PEOPLE!!!
there are a BUNCH of people that have some things they want to say to you to let you know what we think of your awesome self...

"What i have seen from him that has stood out to me is his unmoveable stand for God in his life! I respect him highly for that becuz he is the only one in his house living for the Lord against all odds! God bless him for that!! :)"
 -Tommy Moreland (A good friend from LPC)
"Well I can tell you that one thing that has stood out is that he is always willing to help out in anything that is needed. And of course he's always ready with one of his funny comments" --Joe Velez(A good friend from Roswell)

"I think that Jonathan is one of the most faithful and steadfast people I know and I'm really proud of him!"
-Theresa Ginty

"Jonathan is a part of our family, but he lives across the street. I think he is nice and precious!" -MJ Ginty
"I just want to say that what stands out to me about Jonathan is that he has chosen to live for God without his family. And I just want to say sorry buddy for all the times me, John and your big brother would ditch you while playing hide and seek. It was just so easy to hear you coming on your bike with those training wheels. (Insert his wife scolding, I can't believe you guys ditched Jonathan, that is SO MEAN) I hope your kids don't ditch my kids! :)
-Abraham Ginty(Childhood buds)
"What stands out to me about Jonathan is that he is ALWAYS at church, puts God before school and work. Paid his own way to go to all the conferences. Always in the altar seeking God. Trys to encourage other young people in church and always positive. "
 -John Ginty(Childhood buds)
(What stands out the most?!)
"We agreed on - His faithfulness to God;
on his own.. :)
Seth and Alyssa Cleveland (Church Friends)

"I think that he's been very trustworthy. He has always been faithful to the house of GOD and sober with everything having to do with GOD. A few days ago, Mary posted on her blog, Psalm 119:9-16 and I thought how beautiful for a young man to have such a desire for The Lord and without even knowing that Mary was going to be doing this, I thought of YOU Jonathon. I also have seen a quality in him that is being lost in this world and that is respect and honor to his elders. Jonathon I am very proud of you and of the fine Christian man that you have grown into. Just keep ur eyes on JESUS and everything will b alright!!!!!"
-Sis. Fran Ginty (Your neighbor across the street)
"He found Jesus and NEVER let go!"
-Joseph Ginty
(Former Albertson co-workers, Good friends and neighbors)
What stands out?! "Definitely his character :-) he always has such a good attitude. You can always count on him to do any task. You just know he's going to do whats right. He has goals and a future in mind. Definitely responsible ....what more could you ask for?! Jonathan is always doing right, keeps a good attitude, you can always count on him, and he is excellent example of a Christian!"
 -Sam Karlson (LPC Youth leader)
"Jonathan is faithful, dedicated,
and a true man of character."
-Pastor Abbott
(Jonathan's pastor at Landmark Pentecostal Church) 
Annnnnnnnnnnnd Jonathan, this is THE big surprise, the surprise-SURPRISE, your first pastor, now your Bishop, the man that prayed you through to the Holy Ghost as a child, actually took the time out of his schedule, WHILE TRAVELING around the country evangelizing, I believe he was driving at this moment, He took the time to make a very special recording about you. Unfortunately, I could NOT figure out how to upload the audio clip so i'm just going to transcribe it word for word on here and then i'll send it to you personally to keep in your Godly-heritage treasure box!!! :)
Bishop Abbott says...
"This is Bishop Abbott here, I would like to tell you about a young man in our church in Scottsdale. His name is Jonathan Stultz, We first met Jonathan as a small boy, being brought to Sunday School by one of the fine families in our church. His family never came into the church, so for a period of time he was pulled away from the church. But after a few years, still just very young, he began to come back and he developed a very faithful spirit. He was faithful to church, faithful to prayer, and had such a good character. He had such a great work ethic as he went through school, graduated, and got his first job. He was faithful to his job, and getting his first car, and making his own way. Jonathan is a gentleman, he is very respectful to those in authority, he is very respectful to young ladies, he has kept himself pure. He is such a fine young man, that I believe that he IS a REAL Apostolic Warrior. And we are very proud to have him as a part of Landmark Pentecostal Church. Thank you! -Bishop Abbott"
SEE, I told you, you would like the surprise!!! and since all the Apostolic Beauties always get their own virtual crown, I think its time to start a tradition of giving all the Apostolic Warriors, there very own VIRTUAL TIE!!! Soooooooo here you go Jonathan...this is the one I thought YOU would like...strut your manliness!!! :))))
If you want it for realz you can buy it HERE!!!
Jonathan, there is officially nothing left to say...unlike takes me a while to get there...ahahahaha. I leave you with this scripture your OFFICIAL AW SCRIPTURE...
"The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way." (Psalm 37:23)
I believe that the Lord has delighted in your way!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
If you have enjoyed reading this Apostolic Warrior profile about Jonathan Stultz, stay tuned because the story of his personal testimony is in the proccess of being written and will be posted soon in the weeks to come! (: