Monday, February 28, 2011


GIRL: Wait!

BOY: Why are you ALWAYS following me?

GIRL: Because, my parents ALWAYS tell me...


HAHAHAHA!!! SOME OF US really take it to heart, eh?!?!
and MAN, I got A LOT OF DREAMS!!! ;) ;) ;)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

ANOTHER giveaway!!!

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Can we say Ooooo...

This LOVELY purse was hand crocheted by Lorriane Orozco

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P.S. Lorraine is an AMAZING singer and wonderful speaker!!! She was very annointed when she spoke at our church last month!!! If you haven't heard her she would LOVE to speak at YOUR church!!! (And you NEVER know, I just might be with her when she comes!:) If interested can contact her at

Friday, February 25, 2011

Moment of enlightment...

Have you like ever seen that good-lookin man that you just KNOW is the one for you? He comes walking into church and you just know that God has answered all your prayers. It was soooooooo WORTH THE WAIT. In your head you immediatley begin making wedding plans. You start humming the wedding march, your just about ready to take off running the aisles when SHE walks in...THE WIFE and 3.5 kids!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Your heart is crushed and your dreams are shattered in a million little peices. ( Along with ALL the other single girls at your church;)

I'm like MAN, I'm just ONE wife and ...
a few kids too late!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! This is soooooooo the story of my life!!! Its happened to me soooooo many  times. So just recently, when it happened AGAIN, I decided to ask God about it... I said... "God, Why are all the good looking, cute, hot, handsome men my age married?!?! (God was just kinda SILENT) Hmmmmmmm...
I pondered this thought for several days before I was enlightened with and answer... (Are you ready for this?!) THE REASON THEY ARE ALL MARRIED IS BECAUSE ...
Oooooooooooo I do have brilliant thoughts!!! ;)
P.S. I'm NOT sayin that all you single guys AREN'T goodlooking!!! Just wanna clarify that!!! ;)  ;) ;)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So i'm with my mom the other day helping her cook for the minister's dinner after the Anniversary service Friday night. I'm breading the chicken and the WHOLE time my mom is like sitting there, telling me EACTLEY HOW to do it!!! "Make sure you completely cover it with egg. Press down REALLY hard in the breadcrumbs! REALLY MAKE SURE that the chicken is COMEPLETLEY covered!!!" AND i'm sitting there thinkin in my head, Okaaaaaaaaay mom, I'm 27 years old AND a pretty decent cook myself...I think I KNOW HOW to bread chicken!!! BUT before I even have time to say something I remember an incident that happened one time with my mom and her dad...

My Grandpa was getting older and sicker with Parkins disease, this made it harder and harder for him to do all his household chores done. One day my mom and I were over at his house helping him get things done. My mom said that she would do his laundry for him so he said ok...THEN he proceeded to her EXACLTEY how to do the laundry... you know like, where to put the soap, how much water...etc... AND this was not like a SPECIAL load of delicate clothes, just your average, EVERYDAY load of clothes!!! I remember thinkin in my mind back then like, OKAAAAAAAAAAY Grandpa, I think my mom KNOWS HOW to do laundry!!! She raised 5 kids and used to hang laundry on the line with babies hanging off of her!!! HOWEVER, I remember that my mom NEVER caught an attitude with him!!! She didn't say, OH I KNOW HOW TO DO THIS!!! She didn't fight, she didn't argue, She just listened and said, Ok dad, ok...and she was soooo sweet about it!!!

That has ALWAYS stood out to me...ESPECIALLY cuz well you JUST gotta know my mom...she is a VERY TAKE CHARGE kind of person with a mind of her own. She has a master's degree in education and BELIEVE ME...she is GOOOOOD at it!!! But here she was, she knew to submit herself to her father. Sooo now when ever my mom is bossing me over things that I think I already know, I ALWAYS remember how she was toward her father in this matter and I just keep my mouth SHUT!!! I mean, I'm not really a very take-charge (BOSSY;) kind of person, so if my mom could do it THEN I know I can too. Its easier to respect and submit to someone, when you see that they are submitting to their elders. I guess you gotta learn to RESPECT if YOU wanna be RESPECTED!!!

Rebuke not an elder, but intreat him as a father...
 The elder women as mothers...
(1Timothy 5:1-2)


Notice how the two streets below are in OPPOSITE directions?!?!
No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. (Matthew 6:24)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Soooooooo tonight at the Bible College we had a guest lecture come in and speak to us all. It was Bro. Larry Booker and he was teaching about the history of early Pentecost. WEEEEELLL in the beginning he was talking about a Bible College that people would go to, and he said that AT THIS Bible College they would go and live there AND NOTHING was supplied FOR YOU!!! Soooo if you wanted food to eat you prayed it down from heaven!!! In other words YOU PRAYED until God provided food to eat...if you didn't pray, YOU DIDN'T eat!!! Soooo if you wanted to eat you HAD BETTER BE PRAYING!!! Weeeeellll...I couldn't resist, I turned to Jacqui in the middle of class and I'm all...


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kim cookin?!?! LOLOLOL!!!

So the other night before church Kim comes home with some groceries and is like, "i'm making dinner." So i'm like oh what are you makin? And she is like, Hamburger Helper. So i'm like thinkin in my mind...Ooooo YIKES!!! Cuz i've NEVER eaten that kind of food before!!! and I mean, when your ITALIAN and someone tells you their makin lasanga from a box...its KINDA SCARY!!! LOL!!!  

AND THEN...I got REALLY SCARED.. cuz while she was cookin, her son Cesar had the empty Hamburger Helper box and he was dancing around the kitchen with it screaming, "Heartburn! Heartburn! Heartburn! HEARTBURN!" AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm like KIM!!! Do you hear what your son is saying?!?!?! So she listens and then is like SCREAMING...CEEEESAR!!!! I was just lauging and laughing and laughing!!!! And he was just dancing away...Heartburn! Heartburn! Heartburn! Heartburn! BAHAHAHAHA!!!

 (It was ACTUALLY really good...LOL! Kim is aparentley the Hamburger Helper EXPERT!!!)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Being awesome!!!

 Being awesome is EXTREMELY hard work!!!!
If it were easy EVERYONE would be doing it!!!
*yawn* I am sooooooooooooo tired!!!

BUT heeeeeeey someone's GOTTA do it!!! ;)

Friday, February 18, 2011


WITH A LIL NEWBORN BABY!!! I was at the courthouse today with my sister for stuff about MJ's adoption...well...I was BORED while waiting soooo I got up went for a walk, got a drink, etc...and when I came back I saw a new Mommy holding a lil baby in her arms and I like FLEW back to my seat!!! I was like I have GOT TO TALK TO THIS LADY...Soooo i started out the convo with AWWWW she is sooooooo CUTE!!! (She LOOKED alot like this baby right here!!!)

ANd soooo we start chattin and I'm just like, MAN I HAVE GOTTA tell the lady that I watch kids....LOLOLOL!!! And I could hear my sister's case work was like, WOW!!! Your sister really doesn't waste any time making friends!!! (And I'm all thinkin, NO I DON"T!!! Especially when it comes to MY PEOPLE and BABIES!!!) Sooo anywayZ, I finally got around askin her if she had someone to watch her baby and she said that she had found someone that was a pretty decent price and inside I was thinkin AWWW MAN...but then I was like THINKIN...WELLL...I BET I'm CHEAPER!!! LOL!!! Sooo i'm like welll if you ever need someone just let me know...I charge 300 a month...she was like, OH...thats REALLY GOOD! I'm like YEAH...and in my head i'm thinkin...sista  your baby is soooooo CUTE I would watch her for FREE...LOL...SERIOUSLEY I WOULD!!! I mean...heeeey I woulda adopted THAT BABY ON THE SPOT if I coulda!!! Awwwww...she was soooooo CUTE and soooo LITTLE!!! I just wanted to hold her soooooooo BAD!!! Well ANYWAYZ, sista chick got my number and said she would be callin...SO PRAY FOLKS ...PRAY!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ghetto & GHETTO!!!

OkAAAAAAAY...soooooooooooo like ever since I was a teen I have ALWAYS wanted MY OWN VANITY!!! You know, just like MY OWN lil place to do my hair and stuff...Devi Abbott had one AND I just felt like I REALLY NEEDED ONE!!! BUT I've always looked and they are actually QUITE expensive sooooooooooooo FINALLY I came up with an IDEA...I GOT this cheap lil desk outta our church yard sale and hung this mirror up above it and found a desk chair from SOMEWHERE...and VOILA...I had the CUTEST lil GHETTO VANITY EVER!!! I LOVE MY VANITY!!! I spend A LOT OF TIME HERE!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Check out HER VANITY!!!!

Okaaaaaaaaay sooooo this is in the entryway of our house AND the desk is our ironing board....BUT the best part is that the ironing board doesn't EVEN shut...AHAHA...and KIMMY is sooo little she just uses the lil corner on the right side to look in the mirror...yup...its pretty GHETTOLICIOUS...but HEEEEy it WORKS!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

LPC Valentine Banquet 2011!!!

Here are some of us girls afterwards...

The Gintys & The Karlsons

Janellie-bean and baby girl Karlson...AWWWW!!!!


 Awww their first banquet together...they have the SAME birthday exactley ONE year apart!!!

Oooooo watch out Jimmy...he is lookin at your girl!!!

Soooo I volunteered for this had to see who could unwrap the most peppermints and put them in your mouth and the wrapper in a cup...WITH the oven mitts on...I WON!!! LOL I kinda enjoy winning in case you couldn't tell...HAHA!!!
Then Jimmy was like okaaaaaay who thinks they can beat MARY?! And Jac took up the challenge AND pastor says, BUT thats not fair, SHE HAS A BIGGER MOUTH!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! BUT I'm not sure if he was talkin about ME OR JAC?!?! Hmmmmmm.....

AND she didn't beat me!!! LOL! OH YEAH!!!

THEN EVERYONE like ran outside to see the Javelina's going through the trash...there was a WHOLE pack, even a lil baby was sooooooo CUTE!!! Then the guys all told me to scream just to scare everyone...SO I DID!!! :)


Jac cleaning the chandelier for the anniversary services!!!


I REALLY need to get my eyebrows brother infromed me with this pic!!!

Abie and his date!!!

My date!!! :)

ONE LAST picture for all you ladies...
ENJOY!!! :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine WARNING!!!

IF you are buying a girl CHOCOLATES for Valentine's Day

OR ANY DAY for that matter....

most girls won't be as cool about this happening to them as ME!!!


AND the winner to this WAAAAAAAAY cute,
(Drumroll PLEASE!!!)

( Please email with all your info!!! )

Special thanks to Classy Creations By Kristy for donating this giveaway!!!Sorry all you girls that didn't win...BUT Since Kristy is SOOOOO AWESOME she is having a special Valentines day sale!!! Buy 2 get one FREE make sure you mark what your third item is. You can now purchase hair accessories off the website and have FREE shipping until  midnight. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYONE!!! Start shopping HERE!!! :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The man I should marry!!!

Sooooooo I've been thinkin A LOT about what kind of man I NEED to marry. In my 27 years of life, I have wanted to marry ALOT of different guys. A cowboy, a doctor, a teacher, a butcher, a police officer, a fireman, a preacher, a farmer, A CASHIER...The list goes on and on...BUT I have FINALLY NARROWED it down... AND I have OFFICIALLY decided....

I think I should marry an archeologist...

BECAUSE...The older I get
the MORE interested in me he will be!!!
(AND at this rate...I'm soooooo GONNA NEED IT!!! ;)

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Soooo I get this phone call the other day and I normally do NOT answer my phone if I don't reconize the number...BUT for some reason I answered and this man is telling me that I made it to the next level for some kinda $30,000 giveaway they were doing at PV Mall a couple of weeks ago. AND I had soooooo NOT been into it...BUT Kim like MADE ME fill one out too...after I told her that it wasn't gambling if she did it...HAHA!!! So this man is like you've made it to the next level and blah, blah, blah...and he is like can I just verify a few things...

 and he goes over my name and address and then he is like, "Now would you say that your yearly income is over or pretty close to 40,000?" I'm all like, Uh, WAAAAAAAY UNDER!!! And he is like, "Oh is there anyway you could combine your income with anyone else?" I'm like, uh NO!!! He is like ANYONE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD?!" I know there is NO way my sister will...AND Kim's 3-hour-a-day job combined with mine STILL wouldn't make it...BAHAHA!!! I'm just like noooooo....he is like ANYONE?!?! I'm like sir I'm single!!! Sooooo SINGLE!!!  Single as a dolla bill!!!" And the man just busts up laughing!!! He is like, "I've NEVER heard that one before!!!" Then he asked a few more questions and then he is like ending his call and he is all "Well thank you Mary for making me laugh today!" I was like, YOUR WELCOME!!!

Then I was tellin the girls and Kim was all like WHAT? You might be winning 30,000 they NEVER called me back!!! ANd i'm just like...I MADE HIM LAUGH!!! He thanked me for making him laugh!!! And Kim is like, YOUR NOT EVEN excited that you made it to the next level of winning 30,000...Your MORE exited about making somone laugh!!!" AHAHAHA!!! I'm like I KNOW!!! (I mean maybe if I ACTUALLY had the 30,000 but I seriousley DOUBT thats gonna happen!!! PLUS, I'm still trying to figure out WHY I have to MAKE a certain amount to WIN MONEY?!?!! I SOOOOOOO shoulda asked him THAT!!!)  But REALLY, I LOVE making people laugh!!! It totally brightens my day AND brings me joy!!!

Plus...the sprinkles on the cupcakes was THIS...
I USED my singleness to make someone laugh!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Stanley Steemer!!!

Sooooo before my sister leaves for work yesturday, she tells me that Stanley Steemer is coming to clean our carpets. So i'm just like yeah,  yeah, WHATEVER!!! Cuz I mean who cares about the ghetto carpet cleaning guys...RIGHT?!?! I'm just in my cleanin grubs, hair leftover from the day before, i'm washin dishes... the door bell rings...sooooo I go runnin to the door and standing there were the Stanley Steemer dudes...and MUCH to my SURPRISE...I was sooooo WRONG!!! Standing there was one of the HANDSOMEST guys I've EVER seen...I mean WOW!!! I'm thinking...MAN...I soooooo shoulda curled my eyelashes...and He's like, "We're here to clean your carpet maa'm!!!" And I'm thinkin...awwwwww...he wants to clean my carpet...HOW SWEEEET!!!" LOL!!!

And the whole time they are cleanin all I could think was... Would it be weird if I offered them a slice of freshly baked apple pie? Where are my church cards?!?!?! AND WHY IN THE WORLD is the song, "God Blessed the Broken Road" going through my mind?!?!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gettin old!!! HAHA!!!


Its OFFICIAL!!! I have an editor for the BOOK i'm writing!!!!!!!! Our first meeting is THIS MONDAY NIGHT!!!!!!!! I'm SOOOOOO HAPPPPY!!! LOL!!! Seriousley, totaaaalllly....waaaaaaaay SIKED!!!

What's Next?!

Thats the question in life I have learned to ask God, WHAT'S NEXT?!?! Last year, after five and a half years as a nanny, I was feeling pretty let down. I mean, I LOVED my job!!! I had ALWAYS figured by the time that job ended I would probabley be getting married, BUT as you all can see, that obviousley did not happen. So I just said, OK God, WHAT'S NEXT??? I began filling out job applications and going for jobs interviews and the inerviews went GREAT...but for some ODD reason I wasn't getting any of these jobs. THEN, the doors started opening in my life. I started doing respite through the state of Arizona for foster children while their foster parents were out of town. I really LOVED being able to do this. I would bring them to church, tell them about Jesus, read them Bible stories and pray with them. One boy even got the Holy Ghost!!! It was sooooooo AWESOME knowing that in some way I was having an impact on these children's lives.

Well the end of this past year there was a change in my sister's foster care liscense that made it impossible to be able to do respite for these kids anymore. I was SOOOOOO disapointed. I'm just the kind of person that HAS to really find themselves doing SOMETHING for the Lord...and I mean its not like I wasn't involved in stuff at church, I totally was...its just that there is this part of me that just really, really, REALLY wants to be doing something special for God....I can't explain it...its just there in my heart though!!! I really felt like what I had been doing with the foster kids was a ministry...something I could really do for the Lord. So when it ended I was just once again like, okaaaaay God, I don't understand why you would end this, BUT...

WHAT'S NEXT landed at my house January 9th, Sunday night after church!!!
LOLOLOLOL!!! I LOVE this girl and her son sooooooooooo MUCH!!! I have NO doubt in my mind that God brought them here!!! I even said to Kim after she had been at my house for like two days, I had JUST been asking God What's Next in my life?! And Kim says, "Its ME MARY!!! It's ME!!! I'm your NEW PROJECT...WORK ON ME!!!" I'm like Okaaaaaaay...I've never met anyone soooooooo willing to say that they are someone's NEW PROJECT!!! LOL! ONLY KIMBERLEE!!! She came with an honest, open heart, ready to change, eager to learn and sincerley seeking help!!!

 I NEVER in a million, kajillion years, thought that I, MARY FRANCES GINTY, would ever be teaching someone, "A Woman After God's Own Heart" LOLOLOL But HERE WE ARE!!! I guess ten years of Ladies of Legacy classes at Bible College are FINALLY paying off!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Oh and THEN the sprinkles on the cake is Kim's son CESAR!!! He is soooooo CUTE!!! Sooooo I get to be his nanny now when Kim is at work...which is cool cuz I think EVERYONE in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD knows just how much I want to me a MOMMY!!! HAHAHA!!!

AnywayZ, I'm sooooo honored that God would choose me for this "What's Next" project!!! I felt soooooooooo HAPPY after kim got here!!! Working for God brings me happiness!!! It TRULEY is a blessing to be used by God!!!  Like my theme song in life since I was 13-years-old...
♪Take my hands Lord♫ Take my feet ♫ Touch my heart Lord, Speak through me...♪♫♪
♪♪♪If you can use ANYTHING Lord...♫
♪YOU CAN USE ME!!!!♪♫ ♫

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Classic Mary Moments
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Mary Love note!!! LOL!!!

This is sooooooo THE kind of love note I see myself getting someday!!!
AND I would LOVE it!!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Kimberlee Ford's Testimony

All I ever wanted in life was to be loved. Yes I had a family, but they never really showed me love. They were never really there for me. Two years ago you wouldn’t even recognize me. I was homeless, addicted to meth and I had lost my 2-year-old son for the third time. I went to my family for help, but when I knocked on their doors I was told I was not wanted or welcomed. To feel like you’re not EVEN worth helping is one of the worst feelings you could ever feel.

One night on the streets I cried out to the Lord. Not even knowing God or if he would even listen, I asked him to change my life, to help me get my son back, to help me to get off drugs, off the streets!!! Without even realizing, God was working in my life.

About year and a half later I found myself at a Pentecostal Church. He picked me up from the gutter. Baptized me in Jesus name. He gave me a clean, white robe. He took all the dirt and shame and washed it away. He filled me with the Holy Ghost and turned every bad thing to good.

God knew how bad I wanted a real family and have to have people see the real me and really love me. God gave me a church family at North Valley Pentecostal Church. They really care about me, and what’s going on in my life. They want to help me and do not judge me for my past or hold it against me when I mess up. They welcome me with open arms and love in their eyes for their sister. I can’t put into words how this makes me feel. I have everything my heart has ever wanted.

God gave it all to me and all I had to do was knock. This time when I knocked, the door was opened and I was welcomed in. The Bible says, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” (Matthew 7: 7) To know that God has been waiting for me to come to him, to think that he would pick me to come to him, to give me a second chance, to look in my heart and see a good person worth saving, that astounds me. I think what could I ever do to pay him back for what he has done for me? All I can do is get to know him, talk to him, tell him everything, have a relationship with him, strive to always walk in his steps and love him.

One of my favorite scriptures in the Bible has been, James 1:17, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father…” I used to think of worldly possessions that I thought would make me happy. Last night I lay awake thinking about what would make me happy and I was thinking about the right now, monetary possessions. God said, “Try again…” and I was like, hmmm… and I thought about what I am learning right now... Patience, knowledge, drawing close to him and learning to trust in him as I grow up in the Lord. I said, “Yeah, that’s good!" and God said “Yes, AND…???” I said, "AND PERFECT!”

To know that after spending ten years addicted to drugs, homeless on the streets, sleeping under bridges, in and out of jail, God still has a plan for me, means everything to me. I am so thankful to be saved. “But thou, O Lord, art a God full of compassion, and gracious, longsuffering, and plenteous in mercy and truth.” (Psalm 86:15)

I always thought that things, like having my own home and a husband would make me happy. However, every possession I own right now is in five mismatched suitcases from Savers, sitting in a borrowed room, yet I have never, in all my life been happier, than I am right now. Because I finally have what I’ve always wanted in life… LOVE!
God’s love!!!

Written January 21st 2011 by Kim & Mary
(sisters, roomies and BFF's)


Saturday Morning I was taking a picture of MJ with all her friends...
Soooooo instead of tellin everyone to say cheese I'm like,
Sooo they all say, "MARY IS AWESOME!!!"

Then Ella, the girl I was a nanny for since she was like a month old comes over to me and she is like,
Then she came and told me later on that I was still THE BEST NANNY EVER!!!
Needless to say, BOTH TOTALLY made my day!!!
These are the moments I LIVE FOR!!!