Tuesday, August 31, 2021


Weeeeeeeeeeeelllll I’m officially marrowed!!! Hee, hee!!!! Everything went well!!! They said I did very good and they collected plenty for my brother!!!! 
More details about the process… I’m very tired 🥱 it will take a few more days to get the medicine that released my marrow out of my system!!! 

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Bone 🦴 marrow donation!!!

Weeeeeeeeeellllll I started the process for the bone marrow transplant yesterday!!! I went in to the Virginia C. Piper Center and got my first five shots! The shots have a medicine in them that releases my bone marrow into my 🩸 bloodstream!!! 
After about 15 minutes, it was like this pop i could feel in my spine and then it went into my legs 🦵 which I’m assuming was my bones enlarging cuz they said they would as they realease the marrow. It was pretty painful for about 20 minutes! I felt like an old lady with creaky bones 🦴 buuuuuuut by the time I drove home the pain was gone and I was just sore! 
Annnnnnnnd very tired!!!
Tiredness 😴 has been the main side effect!!!
I give myself five shots a day and then I go into the hospital 🏥 on Tuesday and start the donation. I’ll have IVs in both arms and te machine will take my blood, take the bone marrow from my blood 🩸, then put my blood back in me! I think 🤔 the worst part of the whole thing is really that I won’t be able to move my arms for 4-8 hours and I have to use a porta potty!!!! Buuuuuuut I literally think the not being able to move around part is worse than the porta potty part…. I do NOT like staying still!! 
I already gave myself the shots today and no pain!!! I’m just superrrrrrrrr tired!!! 

Thursday, August 26, 2021

June 2021!!!

Heeeeeeeeyyyy guys!!! 
Here's June for you all!!! Looking at these pics I'm sooooooo happy to say i've lost weight since these pictures!!!! YAAAAAYYYY Sooooooo toooooo much good eating this month!!! HAHAHAAAA!!! and I couldn't figure out how to resize some of the pictres sooooo just OH WELL!!! 
We did lots of AZ road trips to Payson AZ, and Strawberry AZ!!! 

Sooooooooooo this place is called BY THE BUCKET and you can buy spaghetti like that-Its super funnnnn and NO i did not eat that whole bucket I just really wanted a fun pic like that!!! Hee, hee

Saw my friends at AMA!!!


Tried a really bomb Thai place in Payson!!!

Preparing to teach Bible study while Denae was out of town!!! EEEEKS I was nervous!!! 

Denae sets everything up so cute...this is how it looks when she is out!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAAA

Liz called to tell me she had a dream she had called me to say she was pregnant and then she called me to tell me cuz she found out she was!!! YAAAAAAYYYY!!!

Her pet snakes....EWWWWW

Aileen comes to our church!!!

Book meeting!!!


You guys have GOT TO TRY THE ITALIAN LADY!!!! It's amaaaaaaZng with a capital Z!!!


Trumpy Bear!!!

Back at the Italian lady!!!

Berties!!! This place in Pine was amaaaaazing too!!!

And then we got the news at Jr. camp that my brother had Leukemia again!!!

My handsome nephew Justin!!!
My dad plays that he's COVID and chases the kids around the house!!! LOL
                                                            Kyle and Chelsea get dedicated

Kyle, Chelsea and Aileen get baptized in JESUS name!!!


Jestina is JELLY!!!


Getting retested to see if I still match my brother after 16 years for the transplant!

Kelsey and Camille matching!!!
Annnnnnnnnnd it was a GREAT MONTH!!!!

♥Mary Frances :)