Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kim && BURBERRY!!!

Sooooooo I totally think that Burberry is UGLY!!! LOL! Its just my personal, humble little oppinion...that hmmm...might have something to do with the ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS price of them...but Idk...I really DO think they are ugly!!!!

The first time I saw a Burberry winter scarf on one of my friends, I thought in my head, WHAT IN THE WORLD is she wearing that OLD LADY SCARF for?!?! Then I found out later on, its BURBERRY!!!! (Big whoopity-do-da!!!! I don't care WHAT the brand is..If its ugly, its UGLY!) Which I had NO IDEA at the time what it was SOOOOOOO I looked into and was like...WOW...soooo people pay ALL THIS money for ugly stuff...WOW!!!

AND i'm seriousley convinced that people don't REALLY even think these purses are cute, they just talk themselves INTO it cuz of the BIG BRAND NAME!!!

WELLL...I FINALLY met the first person EVER to REALLLLY like Burberry for ITS LOOKS and NOT ITS NAME!!! That person would be NONE other than my one and only KIMMY KAT!!! LOL!!! Now if you know ANYTHING about Kim you have to know that she is NOT the type girl to be toting around a BURBERRY!!! Soooo you just have to know that KIM absolutley loves and adores anything that is PLAID!!! She just loves PLAID

Soooo the other day me and Kim are sitting in her car getting ready to park and she is like, OMW MARY!!!! That is like THE CUTEST PURSE EVER!!!! Soooo I look up and I'm like WHERE??? She is like RIGHT THERE!!! That plaid one!!! i look over and see this chick with a Burberry over her arm...I'm like KIM!!!!!! Thats a BURBERRY!!! She is like, What's that?!?! I'm like, its a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY expensive brand. She is like, oh like $100 for that purse or something?! I'm like NOOOO!!! Probabley AT LEAST  $600 for that purse!!!

Kim is like, WHAT?!?! SHUT YOUR BEAK!!! (Thats one of Kim's famous line in life!) I'm like yup!!! Still think its, "SOOOO CUTE?!?!" She is like YES..but...!!! LOL I'm like, Lets put it this way, if I ever have a Burberry purse I'll give it to you, cuz you are THE ONLY person I know that truley likes Burberry for its (UGLY) looks and NOT its name!!! But THEN AGAIN on second thought, I know that if you or I EVER did actually have that expensive of a purse me and you BOTH would sooooooooo be tradin it in for the cash!!!

Kim was just like Okaaaaay thats totally TRUE!!! LOL!!! We're both kindred spirtits when it comes to


This is a REALLY cool article about the resurection of Jesus!!! I got tingles on my arm reading it!!! I wish I had read it before Easter but OH WELL!!! You all should read it!!!

Go HERE!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

My Easter hat!!!

Okaaaaaaaaay so I have like SERIOUSLEY been wanting an Easter have for like EVER!!! (Well like two months) SOOOO Like last Monday, my sis and I were going for Easter outfits and I'm like tellin her that I really, really, REALLY want an Easter hat...and she is just kinda like okaaaaaaaay...but we find one at the Icing and I try it on AND I know that with the right outfit and hairdo it will totally rock!!!

So I show my sis and she is like, well right now, with the way your hair is its lookin pretty SPECIAL, but I know with the right hair do it will look good...then she is like, BUT you know that our brothers are TOTALLY gonna be makin fun of you...I'm like I KNOW!!! AND I'm all thinkin about the boys makin fun of me and I'm like...yeah there just gonna totally ANNOY me...So I put it back and we leave!!!

And as we're walkin away I am tellin my sis, yeah I would get it BUT its just that I KNOW they'll all be sayin stuff and nobody else wears hats to church and I don't wanna look riduclous and I don't wanna...then I just pause and I'm like to my sis, BUT SINCE WHEN, HAVE I EVER CARED WHAT ANYONE THINKS??? My sis was like, yeah, thats what I was kinda thinkin about you anyways!!!

Soooo I marched right back into that store
and bought ...MY EASTER HAT!!!!

The old men in my church liked the hat too!!! One of them said that woman just don't wear hats to church anymore and they just think they are so nice AND he said that I looked like I had just stepped outta black church cuz those woman go ALL OUT with their outfits!!! I was like, OH THANK YOU!!! ( I took that as a VERY HIGH COMPLIMENT!!!) One of my brothers EVEN told me that I looked good! I was like are you being sarcastic??? He was like, NO, i'm serious...and that made all the guys laugh cuz I just assumed that he was being sarcastic...LOL! I was like OH THANK YOU!!! But I mean, it WAS a pretty cute outfit...right down to the shoes

$16.00 for the shoes at Payless
$24.00 for the hat from The Icing
The blouse and skirt...FREE from my sisters closet!!! :)))

Now I suppose I should say something spiritual soooo people don't start sending me comments about being conceited and full of myself etc...soooooo I'll just end this post with this humble little statement...

To God be ALL THE GLORY...
 for helping me look SOOOOO CUTE!!! ;)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Peanut Butter LOVE!!!

I was sitting in my kitchen this evening, rolling out peanut butter balls for an Easter treat for everyone at church this Sunday, and I was sitting there rolling them I thought to myself, I would REALLY like to marry a man that likes PEANUT BUTTER!!! Wait, wait, NOT likes, LOVES PEANUT BUTTER!!!! LOL!!!

I'm TOTALLY serious, sooooo if anyone out there knows of a CUTE, APOSTOLIC GUY, that LOVES PEANUT BUTTER, please notify my at your earliest convience!!!! Thank you!!! :)))

P.S. I'm REALLY hyper...and I'm NOT sure WHY!!! ;)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What Jesus Died from...

I remember when one of the African girls that I love VERY dearly was living with me. She opened up to me and began telling me about the things that went on in their lives. Horrible, immoral sin corrupting them even at an early childhood age. Things that shocked me and would shock anyone if I told them. I was absolutely horrified!!! DEVESTATED!!!

I remember just sitting there feeling sooo dirty. I felt filthy and currupted and more than anything I felt sooo sad! Then I got to thinking about Jesus...I wonder how HE FELT takin on ALL the sins of the world?!?! I mean if I, WHO IS A SINNER, felt horrible hearing about this sin HOW did Jesus who is perfectly pure and without sin, feel taking on ALL the sin of the WHOLE WORLD?!?!?! I can't even imagine!!!

I think Seth Cleveland, a young man from my church summed it up best in his preaching this past week. He said that Jesus didn't die the normal suffocating death of someone that was crucified, JESUS died of from a BROKEN HEART!!! (AND we are THE ONES that broke it)

"For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him." (2Corinthians 5:21)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

That PERSON!!!

You know that REALLY annoying person that throws their gum on the ground in the middle of the hottest summer day, and it melts and YOU just happen to step on it???

WELLL that REALLY annoyin person...
 IS ME!!!
THEN I'm USUALLY the ONE THAT ends up...


Just got my taxes turned in!!! Aparently I wasn't the ONLY IDIOT that just remembered...the line at Vanburen was LONG...some idiots EVEN forgot stamps...HAHAHA!!! Okaaaaaaaaaaay let me explain myself!!! I like didn't even know until TWO days ago that I had to do taxes!!!

So like the other day my mom tells me, OH Joe is gonna do your taxes for you! I was like, HUH??? Taxes???? FOR WHAT??? My mom is like, uh YOUR JOB!!! I'm like OMW, like, I'm ACTUALLY getting paid LEGALLY for once...like WOW!!!

Sooo today my brother does all my taxes, he emails me all the info, tells me what to print and then he says MAKE SURE YOU GET IT MAILED BY FIVE!!! So i'm like..OF COURSE!!! Well i'm lookin through all the papers I printed and have KNOW IDEA what i'm supposed to be mailin in. So I CALL MY MOMMY and tell her that she has to come over and help me like ASAP cuz we gotta mail it!!!

Soooo she comes over puts all the right papers in the envelopes, tells me WHERE to sign...LOL...then writes out the addresses on the envelopes, puts in the papers, seals them, stamps them, and I"M ALL SET!!! We are leaving and my mom is like, OK Mary, You have GOT TO get this in THE MAILBOX BY 5!!! I'm like, YES!!! That is where we are heading like RIGHT NOW!!!

Welll I don't know WHAT happened, because from the time we got in the car, me and my sis started talking about Easter outfits and next thing I know we're SHOPPIN...and OMW I got the cutest outfit EVER!!! (I'm wearin a hat people!!! I'VE ALWAYS WANTED AN EASTER HAT) and yeah I come home and i'm like modeling it for my sis, then I wake up Kim to model my outfit for her, THEN I give my neice a bath, then I think, Oh I should go check my email AND when I check my email...I see up on the screen MY TAX INFO...I'm thinkin oh I don't need this anymore, i'll just delete it cuz I already mailed my ...OMW...WE NEVER MAILED MY TAXES!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!

Next thing I know, me and my sis are haulin ourselves across town to VANBUREN...the only Post Office open in Phx...we had till 11:59 and MAN...was it busy over there...fire flairs and EVERYTHING direction traffic at 11:00 PM!!! HAHAHA!!! But I got them turned in...I watched them put that stamp thingy on it...I'll be gettin my $108.00!!! (I'M RICH!!!) Plus i'll be lookin SOOOO cute on EASTER...what more could a girl ask for...HOLLA!!! ;))))

Communion diet break...

Sooooooo the results are...

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Soooooooo i've done TOTALLY AWESOME on my diet!!! I mean like BOMB!!! I've lost 32 pounds(Oh thanks for the aplause) I have NOT cheated AT ALL!!! BUT tonight...TOTALLY went off!!! AND the biggest part is that I didn't even realize I went off my diet!!!

It was after church and my BROTHERS are all like...heeey Mary, you went off your diet tonight!!! I was like NO I DIDN'T!!! They are like, YES YOU DID!!! I was like NO I DIDN'T!!! They had these smug looks on your face...did you take COMMUNION??? I'm like yeah...SOOOOOOOOO????

*GASP!!! OMW!!! I did go off my diet tonight by taking communion!!! I didn't even realize it!!!! I didn't even think about it at all!!! I think God musta TOTALLY blocked it from my mine otherwise I wouldn't of been focusin on him...I mean I would still taken it but I probabley would have been focusing on breakin my diet to!!! LOLOL!!!

Soooooo if I gain any weight tomorrow it is ALL for the glory of God!!! HAHAHA!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Hey if everyone could stop and take a moment to read this email and pray I would greatly appreciate it!!! My friend Kimberlee Ford's aunt has been on the waiting list for quite some time to get a lung transplant. They just got a call, sadly someone was in a car accident, but they were a donor so now there is a transplant for Kim's aunt. They will be starting the surgery immediately and Kim would just like it if everyone would pray that everything will go smoothly, they are very nervous because its a HUGE surgery and a lot could go wrong!!! Also, she would like it if you guys would pray that God would use this to bring her aunt to salvation and for it to bring her family back together!!! We know that God is able and that there is power in PRAYER!!! Thanks EVERYONE!!!
♥Mary :)
P.S. If anyone wants to send a message to Kim you can do so at HotChurchGirl@gmail.com

The potholder!!!

At Christmas time MJ came home from school with one of those handmade pot holders and she is like, LOOKE MARY, I made this for YOU cuz  you always cook!!!! I was like AWWW thats soooo SWEEET!!! AND THEN she is like and its for my mom too!!! I was like WHAT???

I didn't want to SHARE my pot holder...BESIDES...I really am the one that does ALL THE COOKIN in this household. (My sis CAN cook, she just doesn't like too!)  So i'm all like, YOUR MOM??? WHEN do you ever see her cookin???? MJ is sooo quick to defend her mom...she is all like, YES I DO!!! I'm like, okaaay LIKE WHAT??? WHAT HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN YOUR MOM COOK???

She puts her hands on her hips, throws back her head with TOTAL attitude and says,

Friday, April 15, 2011

???What in the world???

Well its been an INTERESTING day today!!! Our outside freezer stopped working...which is NOT good cuz it is STUFFED FULL OF LOTS OF FOOD!!! Soooo the kids had ice cream soup and chicken nuggets for lunch today...HAHA...I'm such an AWESOME auntie/nanny...RIGHT?!?!

But I've been on a total cookin rampage all day now...cuz i'm like what am I supposed to do with all this MEAT??? If I don't cook it, it will go bad!!! So i've got a crockpot slow cookin some bbq ribs, a little crockpot of honey mustard glazed ham, and a crockpot of a whole chicken with all kinds of seasonings on it PLUS a pot of Italian pasta sauce simmering with meat in it...the house smells AWESOME!!!

I'm like okaaaaaay I can't even eat ANY Of this cuz of my diet but i'm like, Oh well i'm cookin for my FAMILY!!! Next thing I know Kim comes strolling through and she is like, Oooo what all are you cookin??? Soooo i'm like showin her and i'm like do you like ribs??? And she is like NO!!! I'm like WHAT??? She is like, I don't eat ANY meat that is on the bone!!! I'm like FOR REALZ??? Give me a BREAK!!!

Sooo then my sis comes strollin through and she is like, Mmmm smells good!!! And i'm like well I hope your hungry cuz there is ALOT of food to eat and she is like, ACTUALLY, I think i'm coming down with the stomach flu!!! I'm like WHAT??? And my neice MJ is a VEGETARIAN...that leaves CESAR and he eats like two chicken nuggets and is like STUFFED!!!

I'm like WHAT in the world am I supposed to do with all this food???? What in the world people??? WHAT IN THE WORLD??? Anyone HUNGRY??? Come on over!!! :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Most girls!!!

What would you do if the love of your life brought you 12 dozen roses??? Most girls would be off the wall giddy with excitement. Floating on cloud 9...flitting around the house arranging them oh so perfectly...taking pictures...calling all her friends...and of course plans of saving and drying them FOREVER!!!


Now my friend Kim was tellin me the other day about how before she got in church her boyfriend would bring her 12 dozen roses...I'm like awww how SWEEEET!!! she says to me, "NOT TO ME!!! I'm like OKAAAAY!!! What am I SUPPOSED to do with ALL these roses???" HAHAHA!!! SOOO i'm like sooooooooo what did you do with them all??? She says she got them all together and went and sold them all to people on the street corner of China Town in CA!!! I WAS LIKE OMW SHUTUP!!! You are soooo AWESOME KIM!!! She said she made REALLY GOOD money off of them too!!

What girl would EVER think to do something like that!!! Sell the roses they got from their boyriend...ONLY KIM!!! ONLY KIM!!! Thats why I LOVE her sooo much...

Cuz she's NOT like MOST GIRLS!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm an aunt AGAIN!!! :)))

I met Patience 5 and a half years ago when she was 9, doing outreach with the African refugees. She just had an adorable, beautiful little baby girl. I am abosolutley IN LOVE with this baby!!! Just holding her made me feel soooooooo HAPPY!!!

We both JUST HAPPENED to be wearing light yellow...I was like OMW...Sooo a GOD THING!!!
Yup, I got Pamela her FIRST BIG flower accessory!!!

Me, Patience and Pamela!!!

Mommy and her baby!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Things I LOVE to smell!

1. Rain

Just something about the smell of rain, like the whole world just took a shower!!!

2. Freshy mowed grass

Mowed grass, IDK but its refreshing!!!

3. Orange blossoms

We have an orange tree out front and I ABSOLUTLEY love going outside at this time of the year and just takin in the beautiful scent of the flowers. Our whole neighborhood has orange trees so its really nice going out for a walk and enjoyin the continuous smell.


OMW!!! I LOVE the smell of chocolate!!! SERIOUSLEY, this one should be at the TOP of the list!!! I could NEVER tire of the smell!!!! Chocolate is sooooo one of my biggest temptations!!!Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!

5. Pinesol

Okaaaaaaaaaaaay I know this one is sounding REALLY weird BUT ... I LOVE the smell of pinesol!!! It just smells soooooo CLEAN!!! Me and some of the girls at my church SERIOUSLEY think this scent should be made into a perfume!!! We would soooooooo BUY IT!!! LOL!!!

6. Bbq on the grill

All I can say is MMMMM...intoxicating!!!

7. Coffee brewing

Ooooo yeah!!! Nothing says good morning like fresh coffee brewing!!!

8. Pasta sauce simmering

Growing up raised by an Italian Momma, nothing smells more like HOME than a big O pot of sauce simmering ALL day long on the stove!!!!

9. Chrome Cologne

Okaaaay sooooo me and one of my friends, ( I won't mention any names, cuz your most likely to meet her and she would kill me for saying her name, BUT...) we think that Chrome Cologne is literally the smell of a handsome man in a bottle!!! LOL! I found a bottle for .50 at a yard sale and sometimes we just pull it out and smell!!! Its SOOO NICE!!! We even had my friends dad smell it and he just kinda looked at us strangely...LOL...Really though...I think any guy wearin Chrome automatically goes up a couple notches in looks no matter WHAT he looks like!!!

10. FRESH roses
(NOT the store bought kind)

Fresh homegrown roses have one of the most prettiest smells in the world...I personally think of pure, true beauty when I smell fresh roses.

Well these are a few of my favorite smells!!
How about YOU???

I tag...

Do a blog post with your favorite smells and make sure you say that you were tagged by ME and tag ME when you say it!!! :)))

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mary WiseDUMB!!!

ARE YOU ready for a MARY QUOTE???
okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay HERE WE GO!!!!!! :)

♥♥♥♥"If you love somone let them go...

If they NEVER return to you....
Get GOOOOOOOD binoculars!!!" ;)

Saturday, April 9, 2011


I got a hat from NYC that said this and then I got Kim the key chain and I was like...THIS IS SOOOOOOOO US!!! And Kim was like I KNOW!!! THEN we got to thinkin about it and we're like, no, NO, WHAT we REALLY, REALLLY NEED are shirts that say...

HAHAHAHA!!! How AWESOME and FITTING would that BE?!?!
Cuz BELIEVE me...

Friday, April 8, 2011


How many of you CLASSIC MARY MOMENT readers LOVE Adventures in Odyssey???♥♥♥
I DO!!!!!!
AND this newest series out is AWESOME!!! I stayed up till 4:30 am listening to them!!! I just couldn't stop myself to go to sleep!!! Its a mystery series sooooooooo I had like ALL the lights in the front of the house on and I kept looking over my shoulder!!! LOL!!! SERIOUSLEY...I don't want to spoil it for you all BUT...some of our FAVORITES characters ARE BACK!!! I kinda cried for some of it, laughed a ton and Oooooo and there was some ROMANCE TOO!!!
I think my FAVORITE part of the whole series was Wooten's picnic!!!! BAHAHAHA!!! The timing of it!!! OMW!!! I soooooooo LOVE that guy!!! I like picniks too and I could sooooo see myself doing what Wooten did at a time like that!!!
And I can't lie, I ACTUALLY felt JEALOUS when one of my AIO crushes has a crush on a NEW GIRL!!! HAHAHA!!! I was sitting there listening and all of the sudden I felt JEALOUS!!! I was like..WHAT IS THIS??? Oh MY I have issues...I seriousley NEED HELP!!! I think we need to start a therapy group called AIO Anonymous!!! All of us AIO fanatics could get together and talk about the show...can't you just imagine...

Hi! My name is Mary, i'm 27 years old and...
 I'm ADDICTED to Adventures In Odyssey!!!!

Listen to ALL 12 episodes HERE!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I learned at Bible College!!!

1. The key to evangelism is PRAYER!!! If you want to reach the lost, you want your church to grow...PRAY!!!

2. Numbers don't make converts. We want converts NOT numbers

3. How long should you pray? Until you've touched God!!!

4. The best "program" you can get for your church is prayer!!! The Bible way is prayer, prayer, PRAYER!!!

5. EVERYDAY pray for your family, your church and your pastor!!!

6. The reason why a church stays small is lack of prayer

7, Three ways to break through when you feel like you can't touch God:
     1. Praise  Him!!! REALLY praise him!!! The Bible says enter into his gates with Thanksgiving and praise!
     2. Repent!!! Search you heart and ask God to cleanse you
     3. Quote scripture

8. It is important to CRY in prayer!!! AND don't get there by burning yourself frying chicken...BAHAHA!!! Its best to just ask God to give you a spirit of brokeness!!!

9. Its ok to have a stronger burden for one person than for another. A burden comes from God and its for a reason.

10. When you pray, put a name to it!

11. Prayer doesn't need a guilt trip. Its about spending time with God. The quality is more important than the actual amount of time.

12. "When the hungry soul and the praying saint reach God, the impossible is made possible!" (Bro. Garrett)

EVEN if it is kiwi watermelon Ice Cubes ...DON'T DO IT!!! :))))

Beauty Tips!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bible College!!!

Spring 2011 SEMESTER IS OVER!!! :(
I can't believe how fast it flew by!!! It was such an AWESOME semester!!! BUT I'm gonna miss seeing EVERYONE and hangin out an CHILLIN...Oooo and classes...OF COURSE!!! LOL! Seriousley, they were AWESOME!!! I took Bro. Garrett's class on prayer and evangelism...it was INCREDIBLE!!! I just wish it wasn't over!!! Had a GOOD time with my fellow classmates....AND we met our new friend HATER...LOL...good times...GOOD TIMES!!!
 Here are some of us girls hangin out ofter class, all ready to go out till Jac gets called into work...SOB!!! (We'll have to do Culvers ANOTHER time!!!) Jac, Megan, Mary, Mary, Monsi, and CHELSIE!!! :)

Ooooo and this is REALLY funny!!! Tonight Brett Myers comes running over to me with this paper and says, "Here Mary!!! This is for YOU!!!" I thought it was a coloring and I was like Awwwwww...and i'm all opening it up AND this is what it says...
Bahahahaha!! I was like Do YOU KNOW WHAT THIS says?!?! And he just smiles and RUNS OFF!!! LOL!!!
 BUT I guess he likes HYPOCRITES!!!LOL
Soooooooo sweeeet!!!

AnywayZ if you guys aren't already involved in Bible College YOU NEED TOO!!!
ITS AWESOME!!! Can't wait till it starts again in SEPTEMBER!!!
Tomorrow I'll ACTUALLY do a post for you all on some of the AWESOME stuff that I learned in class this semester!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011


I saw this the other day and just CRACKED up laughing!!! Someone used their window BLINDS as a sunblocker!!! How totally AWESOME is that???  Bahahahahaha!!! I LOVE IT!!! :)

I mean come on, its gettin pretty hot here in AZ already...can't afford a sunblocker??? Thats OKAAAAAAY!!! I have a GREAT money saving tip for you...
Just rip out your blinds!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


"Coffee- I love how it makes me feel... Like my heart is trying to hug my brain..." Kenneth Parcels

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Ok so I've only been tricked ONE time on April Fools day!!! It was the meanest and FUNNIEST joke ever soooo I'll share it with you all.

It was the last time April Fools day was on a Sunday!!! I walk into church all dooted up. My oldest brother looks at me and says, "LOOKIN Good Mary!!!" I was like SHOCKED!!! I mean you just HAVE to know my brother Joe, a compliment like that was NOT something I hear VERY OFTEN!!! So I was like OMW!!!

So my heart is just filled with SOOOO much gratitude. I look at my brother and sweetly say, "THANK YOU JOE!!!" He just smiles OOOOOOOOOO soooooo SWEEETLY back and says...

(Talk about my bubble being burst!!! LOL)
AnywayZ thats the ONLY time i've ever been tricked!!!
 I gotta admit it was PRETTY GOOD!!! :)
Sooooooooo how about you guys???
1.Did you play any tricks yesturday???
2.Did anyone get FOOLED?
3.Whats the BEST April Fools joke you have ever played

Friday, April 1, 2011

April FOOLS!!!

HAHAHAHAHA!!! NO I'm NOT Shutting down my blog!!!! NEVVVVVVVER!!! LOL! I love my blog WAAAAAAAAAAAY to much to shut it down!!! Seriousley...I think I just may be...
 MY OWN blog's biggest fan!!! :)

Yes, thats me KISSIN my blog!!!
(I LOVE you bloggy♥) 


I'm shutting down this blog!!! :,(


"I'm shootin for the moon, an I'm in a spaceship, an this spaceship don't even have rear view mirrors, so that means I ain't even tryin to look back." (Samuel Andrews)
My friend Samuel said this and I was like THATS the AWESOMEST quote ever... I'm soo BLOGGIN it!!! He says, "your gonna blog it?" I'm like, YES!!! I love it!!! Its like soooo ghetto, yet sooo profound. "...An this spaceship don't even have rear veiw mirrors..." <----- SOOO Ghetto...BUT sometimes I think we need to GET GHETTO!!!