Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August Apostolic Male Model!!!

Soooo after all the voting...
THE August Apostolic Male Model has been CHOSEN!!!

Now there were A LOT of guys that were nominated but this young man was nominated over and over again.  He is described as a GOOD friend! He is VERY stylish and knows how to dress. They say he is cRaZy!!! He is FUN!!!! He is TOTALLY friendly...NOT considered shy AND HE IS LOVED BY ALL!!! This Apostolic Male Model is NO OTHER THAN the one and only...


Is it ANY surprise that ONCE AGAIN the Apostolic Male model is FILIPINO!!!
This is THE THIRD Apostolic Male Model that has been Filipino!!!
I'm tellin you girls FILIPINO GUYS TOTALLY ROCK!!!
Classic Mary Moments is NOW selling I ♥ Filipino Boys! buttons at a VERY reasonable price AND my nephew Jose, who was also the FIRST Filipino Apostolic Male Model, has agreed to autograph all the buttons!!! FOR FREE!!! COME on girls....GET YOUR BUTTONS!!! :)

Always a gentleman...always a ladies man...Sammy is currently a Jr. in highschool at Glendale Christian Academy. He plays the saxaphone very well, in fact he played it for the National Anthem for GCA'S graduation this past year. He is known for being a person that KNOWS how to dress!!! Which is NO surpise to me that he is wearing this incredible suit WITH PINSTRIPES!!! I LOVE PINSTRIPES!!! LOL!
Sammy is also said to be very smart and does very well in his academics. Which makes it NO surpise to me that he is aspiring to be a Anesthesiologist. An anesthesiologist is a physician that provides medical care to patients before, during, and after surgical procedures. BASICALLY, he is the dude that gives you drugs before a surgery that knocks you out or puts you to sleep for the surgery.

Which I TOTALLY loved my anesthesiologist when I had surgery!!! I was in the surgical room, ABOUT TO BE CUT OPEN, and my anesthesiologist says to me, "Are you nervous?" I was like, "uh...YEAH!!!" He was like, "okaaaay, I'll take care of THAT!!!" Next thing I KNOW, well...ACTUALLY...I didn't KNOW anything again until after the surgery and I was being wheeled to my room on a bed! Which is really fun!!! I felt like SUCH a princess being WHEELED AROUND ON A BED!!! HAHAHA! K AnywayZ...

Sammy is ALREADY practicing these methods of a anesthesiologist in HIS LIfE right now cuz lets face it... ALL the girls already think that he is a ....
One look at Sammy and the girls just pass out under his good looks and charm. The only question left now is...
WHO will be his...

REMEMBER girls...Its SAMMY...
The Filipino KNOCK OUT!!!


WELL people!!! The Apostolic Male Model HAS been CHOSEN!!! OMW! After posting it on my blog and sending out a mass text and mass email, the nominations started coming in like CRAZY!!!! It was pretty FUNNY! I honestly could NOT keep up with all the texting on my phone!!! So sorry to anyone that I didn't actually reply to! Please DO NOT think that I ignored you or was just being rude!!! (Hate when people don't respond! Totally breaks internet ettiquette!!! LOL!)Even if I did not respond, I READ EVERYTHING! There was A LOT of nominees in fact I'll even name them all, Joe Valez, Travis Cleveland, Andrew J. Roy, Weston, Seth Cleveland, Martin, Austin, Robby, Stanley, Ricky, Sammy Ramerez, Charles, Kyle D. Kyle B., Skittles, Jose, Micheal, David Bertram, Jacob Maggio and I think thats it!!! Now several of these guys got nominated more than once, HOWEVER, out of these 20 guys, there is one guy that just kept getting nominated over and over and OVER again!!! AND the weird thing about it is that I had kind of had this guy picked out in the back of my head but wasn't sure...THEN he just kept getting picked!!! Totally a GOD THING!!! :) ...I will give you all ONE hint about him... HE IS VERY...Pause...drumroll...pause......CUTE!!! Hee hee! :) Of course I would say that about all of you guys!!! ;) ;) ;)
♥Mary :)

Monday, August 30, 2010




Sunday, August 29, 2010


Today I ran through the sprinklers in my church clothes with Sis. Betty Cleveland...

A 27-year-old and a 79 year-old...

 SEE your NEVER to old to have FUN!!! :)


Do you ever pray for patience? You know, your in that situation, and you just DO NOT know what to do and you really want out of it! So what do you do? WELL... as you read a couple posts ago, quite often I find myself PRAYING FOR PATIENCE!!! I am NOT really sure WHY?!?! It just has ALWAYS seemed like the RIGHT thing to do!

Someone gave my mom some REALLY good advice the other day. She told them about a certain situation in her life, and she said that she was just prayin for PATIENCE for it. The person told her that she should be VERY careful about what she prays for, because if you ASK God for patience, thats what God is going to do and he might have to put in situation that causes you to NEED patience. They went on to say that a WISER choice would be to pray for WISdOM!!! When I heard that I was like...OH WOW!!! That is some GOOOOD advice. I have NEVER thought of that before. I NEED God's wisdom in my life on how to act, how to think and what to say!!!

AND to all MY single friends, maybe its time we stopped praying for patience, (Cuz i mean HELLLLLOOOO if we've waited THIS LONG for a man already, then OBIVIOUSLEY we got that part DOWN!!!;) NOT that we should start being IMPATIENT..BUT maybe Now we NEED to start praying for WISDOM from God. Wisdom on HOW TO GET A MAN!!! I mean as someone bluntly told me once [after my observing that some married woman REALLy don't know how to be submissive..(HAHAHA)]Someone said, "Maybe the married woman know something that you don't know EITHER, like, HOW TO even GET A MAN!!! WOW!!! I was like BURN baby...that just REALLY BURNED ME!!! BUT it's TRUE!!! I DON'T KNOW!!! OBVIOUSLEY!!! HAHAHA!

AND I have friends that give me advice ALL the time on things I should NEVER say or DO when in a relationship or trying to make a good impression. THEN I see them, turn around AND do those VERY THINGS!!! LOL Cause it's soooooo EASY to see the stupidity when its someone else, but our own eyes are blinded when we're in that situation!!! We NEED God to help us!!! WISDOM...Think about it...it makes SOOOOO much sense. If we keep praying for patience, we just might be getting married in another 20 years!!! HAHA! You can laugh ALL you want...BUT...

(And this is for EVERY aspect of my life! With my family, my friends, witnessing, teaching, outreach, my writing, eating, what I wear, how I act, the things I say, prayer, in EVERYTHING I NEED God's wisdom)
"...be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves."
(Mathew 10:16)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Poisoned coffee!!!

Sooooo the FIRST time I read this I like TOTALLY did not get it!!!
Then five minutes later I read it again and I still didn't get it!!!
Then like TWO MINUTES later I like TOTALLY got it!!!
AND have been laughin ever since!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Breaking news correction...

SORRY you guys!! I accidentally had NOT posted the ending to my breaking news post below...AND you guys do NOT want to miss it!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! ENJOY!!! :)


OMW!!! I just did something that I don't believe I have ever in my life done before!!! I was soooooo SCARED!!! I was SCEAMING and My heart is racing and I feel sick and faint...my mom said to eat something, BUT I CAN"T cause then I'll throw up too!!!

Well it started out as a "Normal" day for me! Dragged myself outta bed at 6 am. Drank some coffee and said by to my sister as she left for work. Then half asleep I went into the living room/computer room for prayer! NOW I must admit to you all that prayer was NOT very spiritual this morning!!! It consisted basically of me saying Oh God, I love you, help me to keep my eyes open and I'm sorry I went to bed so late last night cause now I can't even stay awake to talk to you! Felt like a total loser BUT after 20 minutes I decided to get my niece up and ready for school!

Soooooo i go wake her up and come back up to the front of the house ALL of the sudden out of the corner of my eye I see MOVEMENT in the other room...OMW!!! It was a ROACH!!!!!! AND MY BIG SIS, THE roach killer was at WORK!!! I was like WHAT IN THE WORLD am I supposed to do?!?! I'm just the little sis! I bake,cook, wear crazy flowers AND I BLOG but I don't know HOW KILL A ROACH!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!

So I was gonna just let it go BUT NO!!!! So I run and get the Lysol and run back!!! BUT its GONE!!! Where is it?!?! I search around and OMW I see it crawling across the ground where I had been sittin in my pathetic little prayer meeting to minutes earlier!!! NOW don't any of ya all EVEN TRY to tell me that it was NOT God, that my prayer meeting ended EARLY today!!! Cause BELIEVE me, ya all do NOT even want to know what would have happened, had it crawled ON ME!!!

Sooooo I get the lysol and I am screaming and spraying it and I am like MJ GET THE FREEZE!!! GET THE FREEZE!!! GET THE FREEZE!!! So she comes back with a full bottle of it and I a spray it for like two minutes straight. It stops moving and just dies! i am like OH GLORY! AND I am soooo proud of myself and MJ is like sooo proud of me and we are just like sitting in there shaking and huggin each other and then all of the sudden I REMEMBER OMW!!! I GOTTA DO YOUR hair!!! The bus is gonna be here any second!!!

So I do her hair and the bus pulls up and MJ grabs her back pack and like RIGHT before she goes out the door she glances at the roach and is like MARY ITS MOVING!!! Its trying to get a way! I am just like, yeah right, whatever...HURRY GET ON THE BUS!!! Her eyes are just like all wide and she is yellin at me as she is gettin on, check on it! Check on it!!! Soooooo I go back and look and OMW!!! It is moving!!!! The NASTY lil thing is totally trying to get a way!!! I was like OH NO YOUR NOT SUCKA!!!

So I grab the Freeze and the lysol AND the foam scrub toilet cleaner and just start spraying all kinds of junk on it for like five minutes straight! The whole time I'm just like screaming and yellin at it! Die, LOSER! DIE!!! DIE!! DIE!!! MORON!!! IDIOT!!! CREEP!!! DIE!!! Finally I'm like okaaaaaaay now its DEAD!!! Five minutes later its MOVING again!!! I am like WHAT?!??! I am like sooooo freaked out at this point!!! I spray it with the FREEZE until it is empty? Two minutes later it is MOVING AGAIN!!! Its like the roach that will NOT DIE!!! Soooooooooooooooo....

I CALL JAC!!! Cause I am like, okaaaaaaay I need the support of my BFF right now!!! ANd as I talk to her I am spraying the roach the WHOLE time with the lysol!!! I am like SCREAMING and gagging and she is like laughing at me and then I am like OMW the lysol bottle is empty now and its STILL moving!!! Sooooo she is like OKAAAAY I am coming over!!! Cuz she is like SOOO brave she kills scorpians ALL the time at the church and the other day she woke up and one was CRAWLING ACROSS HER FACE!!! Soooooo she is like okaaaaay but I want you to know that ROACHES are different than scorpians and I am like I KNOW!!! AND we both agreed that we would RATHER be stung by a scorpian than to have a roach touch us!!!!!!

Well ALL of the sudden I had this idea that I thought would work cuz I was running outta ideas and we were curretly out of FREEZE, RAVE AND LYSOL in our house hold!!! So jac comes clunkin up in her "Car" and i come running out to greet her!!! Okaaaaaaaaay this is the plan...OUR POOL MAN IS HERE!!! I was thinking you could GO ASK HIM TO KILL THE ROACH!!! So she is like okaaaaaay well your coming with me! Soooooo we go out and there is our pool man, cleaning the pool! So we just kinda stand there, silently, smiling at him like IDIOTS until he looks up at us! Jac is like um, we have a favor to ask you...he is like sure! Sooooo we tell him about the roach and he comes in and I like grab the paper towels and bring him over to the roach.

He bends down real close, looks at it and is like, Ummmmmmmm...IT IS DEAD!! Sooooo I just kinda SWEETLY hand him the paper towels!!! Lol! He just kinda shrugs picks it up in ONE paper towel, and brings it to the trash!!! I was like OMW!!!! I love you! And Jac is like, I bet you don't get asked to do THIS before!!! He is like, ACTUALLY, i do!!! AHAHAHA!!! LOLOLOL!!! He was soooooooo our hero!!! And Jac was like saying something about him being cute and I was like DUDE!!! I don't even know what he looked like but as far as I am concerned, he coulda been the UGLIEST guy in the world, BUT TO me he is currrently THE HOTTEST!!! I mean SERIOUSLEY!!! I was sooooooo GREATFUL to him I was ready to get down on one knee and propose marriage!!! LOLOL!!! instead I just let him finish his job!!! HAHA!!! Which I am sure HE is probabley greatful for!!

Thank you POOL MAN!!! Thank you for helpin me! Thank you for being my angel! Thank you for being my hero!!! Thank you for being my knight in shining armor! Thank you for slaying this dragon!!!
I should make HIM
for this month!!!

Praying for patience...

It was a time in my life where everything just seem kinda bleak. Things had just kind of crumbled in a serious relationship I was in and things just looked kind of far out and HOPELESS. I kept praying, "God just give me Patience! God just give me patience! GOD PLEASE JUST GIVE ME PATIENCE!!!" I'm not really SURE what I was expecting God to do, by me praying this, but it wasn't long before I found myself in the middle of a big outreach started on the "rougher" side of town. It was at this time that I met a girl that was 9-years of age. We started bringing her to church... [AND let me tell you something about this girl...to DEAL with her you NEEDED patience to the ULTIMATE SUPPLY from God and believe me I was praying for God to keep it coming my way!!!] I can't help but think that it was NO coincidence that God placed this girl in my life after my prayer to Him for patience! OH and guess what this girl's name just HAPPENED to be?!?! PATIENCE!!! YES!!! And believe me, she was NOT named Patience because SHE HAD THE virtue, but YOU sure needed it to be with her! LOL! God gave me patience, to deal with Patience, for about two years before she moved...and even though she tried ME...I learned to LOVE PATIENCE!!! 
Soooooooo be careful what you pray for!!! You NEVER know what God may do...HE just might give you, a little girl named PATIENCE!!! :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010


As I sit here I am thinkin about the things I want to post for next week!!! I have SOOO many thoughts...sooo many things that come to me....inspire me...I want encourage...I want to praise God...I wanna make people laugh! They just never seem to stop! It seems like EVERYday I find soooo many new things to write about---I write them all down AND yet there are SOOOO many things still from previous days that have not yet been written. HOW in the world will I ever get them all out?!?! One post a day just doesn't even seem enough anymore...Sigh...there are times when inspiration can almost be overwhelming...but OH HOW I LOVE IT!!! When I first lost my job in January, I thought I would be so bored being at home all the time, but its hard to be bored when I am always around myself...ahahahha!Thank you God for making me, me!!! :)

A Friend...

My mom testified at church a couple of weeks ago, and she shared something that I had NEVER heard before!!! It was soooo neat I just have to share it with you all!!!

She said that when we lived in New York, before we got in church, one of the things that prompted her to EVEN go to church at all, was that she was looking for a friend. She said that although there were people our family associated with, she didn't feel like she really had her own friend. She was hoping for someone that she could do stuff with her or just talk with on the phone! So when the Sis. Kathy, the lady across the street from us invited my mom to church, one of the things that prompted her to go was she thought..."Maybe if I go, I'll find a FRIEND!!!" She said that there were a lot of people that she met at that church that she enjoyed fellowship with, BUT she says that when she got the Holy Ghost, she got a friend that has NEVER left her side. We were only at that church for nine months before we moved to AZ, she left behind her aquantances at that church, BUT Jesus, came right along with her!!! Its been 25 years, and she says that Jesus is STILL the best friend she has ever had!!!

Are you looking for a friend?
 JESUS wants to be YOUR friend!!! GO TO JESUS!!!
Oh, What a friend we have in Jesus!

... a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.
(Proverbs 18:24)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WHY i'm not married!!!

So the other day my big sis, just looks at me EVER sooooo sweetly and she says, "Mary, I just want you to know, that I am praying about you and the one guy..."( I was startin to think, OMW that is SOOO sweet!)... The she continues, "That NOTHING HAPPENS!!!" I just sat there staring at her, my mouth hanging open. Then I was like, WHAT?!?! OMW!!! AND she is like, WELL, then me and MJ would be sooooo lonely without you!!! I was like, AWWWWWW!!!! (BUT I still wanna get married!;)

My niece had basically told me the same exact thing a couple of days before. She was like talking about how it would be soooo cool if I got married cause then my husband would be living with ALL OF US!!! HAHAHAHA!!! I was like, WELL actually I would probabley go live with him! (HOPEFULLY! LOL Even if its just our own cardboard box! HA!) And she just sat there with her mouth hanging open?! You mean you would leave us?! I was like, well yeah, BUT... (I REALLY don't think she NEEDS to be worrying about me leaving anytime soon!) AND she was like, WELL WHAT happens to ME if MY MOM gets married?!?! I'm like OH, well you belong to your MOMMY so you will always be with her! She is like, OH, WELL then MY MOM can get married, but you NOT!!! Once again...AWWWWWWWWW!!!!

Sooooooooooo I may not be gettin married anytime soon, IF God is listening to the prayers of my sis and niece, BUT at least I know I am LOVED!!! AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Okaaaay you guys!!! This months Apostolic Male Model is TOTALLY up in the air!!! It's kinda cRaZy cuz I already have guys picked out for September, October and November, BUT Not this month...AND NO... I can NOT use one of those models for this month...just CAN'T!!! :) There is only ONE WEEK left and I have NOT figured out WHO?! WHO?! WHO!?

NOW is the time to NOMITATE a guy!!! I sent out a text message and nominees have been FLYING in on my phone! So here is the deal, tell me who you think should be the next Apostolic Male Model and the guy that gets the most nominated will be it AND the guys that are left I will save for FUTURE posts! So far 9 DIFFERENT guys have been picked! 2 have been nominated twice, one guy 3 times and another guy FOUR times!!! lol! Soooooo this is TOTAL record breaker time!

Send in your votes AND send in pictures of the guys too!!! Its kind of hard to do one of a guy when I don't have any pics of them! I KNOW you all are thinkin this is MARY, and that I should just have pics of EVERY guy on hand...HOWEVER, although my stalking skills are quite superb, THEY ARE NOT THAT GOOD!!! LOL!!! Oh and if you have a theme send me a theme with the guy as well!!! For example, Chris Harris was our first AMM (Apostolic Male Model) and his theme was Hot Chocolate! Castillo was THE ARSONIST----> Get it?! Good themes can be thought up by ones hobbies and careers! Oh and ONE MORE THING!!! The AAM is SUPPOSED TO BE SINGLE!!! Married nominees that have been cast OUT are Tim Brown, Andrew Foster and MY PASTOR!!! LOL!!!

And men...do NOT be scared to nominate one of your buddies...after all....THATS WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR!!! :) Oh and if you think someone would be offended or if they are like a really private person....Please do NOT nominate them!!! :) and you can do an ANONYMOUS nominee by leavin an anonymous comment on any of my posts---> U just click on Anonymous!! Send pics to maryfranceswriting@gmail.com

Kinda WEIRD!!!

Sooooo FACEBOOK is like REALLY weird with something!!! You can NEVER really close down your account. You can deactivate it, and it won't show up on people's pages anymore, BUT it is never really gone. All you have to do is put in your email addy, your password and BAM its back, RIGHT where you left off the last time you were on! I've been on other things and when you close them down, it tells you that your account is erased and gone forever!!! However this does NOT happen on Facebook. Even though you can't see it, your account is really still there! Its really weird and kinda ANNOYING!

I just wanna say that I am SOOOOO glad that, that is NOT how it works with God. When he takes away our sin IT REALLY IS GONE!!! FOREVER!!! There is NO GETTING IT BACK!!!

“Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord.” (Acts 3:19)

“Come now and let us reason together,” says the Lord,
“Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.” (Isaiah 1:18)

AND I love what that one song says...
What Sin?

It happened so long ago
And I cried out for mercy back then.
I plead the blood of Jesus
Begged him to forgive my sin
But I still can't forget it
It just won't go away.
So I wept again, "Lord wash my sin,"
But this is all He'd say,

What sin, what sin?
Well that's as far away as the east is from the west.
What sin, what sin?
It was gone the very minute you confessed
Buried in the sea of forgetfulness.

The heaviest thing you'll carry
Is a load of guilt and shame.
You were never meant to bear them
So let them go in Jesus name.
Our God is slow to anger
Quick to forgive our sin
So let Him put them under the blood
Don't bring them up again.
Cause He'll just say,

What sin, what sin?
Well that's as far away as the east is from the west.
What sin, what sin?
It was gone the very minute you confessed
Buried in the sea of forgetfulness.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Got my quarters!!!

So the other day my sister and I were hanging out with some of our friends from Glendale and Tuscon. Well it was about 12 pm when my sis, Keri, Stacey and myself found ourselves at Denny's. Where we hung out for close to four hours!!! LOL! So during the course of events Keri tells us like THE GREATEST pick up line ever!!! She said that when she was like 16, this really cute guy, that was like 21, came over to her, handed her a quarter and said, "Call me when your 18!" we were all like, Ooooo thats SOOOO cute!!! If a guy had said that to me...WOW!!! AND Awww that is like sooo sweeet! Blah, blah, blah!!! Then I gasped, " Like OMW!!! Maybe I SHOULD START USING THAT LINE!!!" AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! We were all laughing sooooooooo hard!!! So WATCH OUT...I'm going to YOUTH ALIVE and I'm bringing my quarters!!! LOOK FOR ME!!! If you don't see me, just LISTEN for the tinkling of change!!! HAHAHA!!! ;)


Saturday, August 21, 2010

God is SOOO cool!

This past week was really busy and I was getting late on one of my writing assignments that was due. We had to write a full blown devotion 1200- 2000 words. So yesturday, i was just determined to get it done. I totally knew what i was going to do, I just had to ACTUALLY get it done. Well, I decided that I would just wait and do the dishes in the afternoon, but I was like, Should i read my Bible now or later? I was going to read it later BUT then I was like WELL...maybe I should just read it before I write, who knows God might have something for me in my reading today that I need to add in this devotion. Soooo started reading and BAM! God inspired me with what I was reading in 1 Samuel, and Hannah's desire...I was like...ummm WOW!!! It totally flowed with what I was writing and My devotion would NOT have been complete without it!!! ( you can read it on maryfranceswriting.blogspot.com) What would I have done if I hadn't read my Bible first?! See God is just SOOOO COOL like that!!! I guess it really just goes to show that we REALLY should ALWAYS put the things of God FIRST!!!

But seek ye first the kingdom of God,
and his righteousness;
and all these things shall be added unto you.
(Mark 6:33)

I just can't help it!!!

Generally speaking, EVERYONE that knows me, KNOWS that I am a very, very easygoing person! I'm very "Go with the Flow" whatever kind of personality! If I don't agree with someone I am just like okaaaay, whatever!!! BUT Sometimes I just can't keep my mouth shut OR I guess I should say, "My fingers from typing" AND today was just one of those days. I got up at about 1pm today, cause we went on a little trip last night with some friends and didn't get to bed till about 6 am this morning! Soooo I was just strolling around the house today and my sis was like, "Heeeey have you been on Facebook today? and I was like no I havn't really been on... So she was like OH well Elder Sis. Buxton, a pastor's wife, who is to me an Elder in Pentecost, had posted this on her Facebook status...
"It seems so strange for Apostolic people to list their favorite movies, and to make remarks about movies they just saw...such things. I don't want to get into a big conversation about it...understand about computers and the internet and YouTube and all that. Just sayin'...it seems strange."

And my sister said there are some people that agree with her, BUT you would NOT even believe how man many people are DISAGREEING with her!!! I was like, OOOOO I am soooooo getting on RIGHT NOW!!! LOL! 

I said...
Sis. Buxton, I TOTALLY agree with you 100% I'm NOT about to read all these comments (80) but some of them are just plain ridiculous!!! And don't feel discouraged or intimidated by the negative comments. We NEED people like you to stay strong for this next generation! What also REALLY surprises me is the fact that its not even just movies anymore, its just STRAIGHT UP TELEVISION shows. I can NOT believe that people let their children watch shows like The Gilmore girls and TWIGHLIGHT!!!! Even non-Apostolic Christians that I know will NOT look at that kinda stuff!! Rebellion and sin can lead people to do horrible things, even put them on "Suicide watch" ...BUT it is NOT due to the things of God! AND furthermore people, this is Sis. Buxtons' page and if she wants to stand up for truth on it...then LET HER!!! ITS HER PAGE!!! You stand up for your "Twilight" and she'll keep standin up for LIVING RIGHT!!! AND to all that have left negative comments, you should be uttlery ashamed of yourself...Sis. Buxton is our elder and we should be respectin what she says....THATS Bible...Just sayin!!! :)
JUST couldn't help myself!!! Just because you have been taught a higher standard and stick to it does NOT mean that your "Holier than thou" AND just because you have a different standard does NOT mean that your NOT living right. Our family came from a church that had A LOT different standards than the church I now go to, and it was A GOOD CHURCH!!! And I LOVE those people and I THANK God that they brought me THE TRUTH!!! BUT I ALSO, thank God that for the magority of my life I grew up in a church that taught against television and that my father, who is not in church, allowed for my mom to live by that same standard for us. I thank God that Bishop Abbott NEVER once compromised what he taught us!!! He preached THE SAME STUFF for the 24 years I had him for a pastor and believe that his son will do THE SAME for us!!! I honestly don't know if I would have made it living for God if I had grown up being infilterated with those things. AND I will admit that there was a time in my life that I struggled with watching stuff, but you know what I was ASHAMED and EMARASSED of myself and you know what, it affected ME spiritually! BUT These days, Apostolic people are almost PROUD to say what they watch and if you dare say anything, YOU have a bad attitude and YOU don't LOVE people AND YOU are HOLIER THAN THOU!! Well you know what I have to say about that...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Do you REALLY want it?!

The other day my sister and I decided to stop at the Cracker Barrel store connected to the resturaunt and just have a look around. I LOVE this store!!! It is filled soooo many fun and interesting things. Its has EVRYTHING from awwwwww that sooooo adorable to OMW what in the world is THAT?!?! LOL Sooooooo as we're browsing around, I somehow find myself by the candy shelves. ( I know shockin RIGHT?!;) As I am lookin I see the COOLEST thing EVER!!! It is this cute little skittle wand, that lights up and flashes in multi-colors and then in the bottom of it you can store your skittles. SOOOOOO CUTE!!! ( I really wanted it for myself!!) Soooo i call my neice over and I am like, "MJ!!! Check this out!!!" So MJ sees it and gets like ALL excited!!! She like does a twirl, claps her hands, bouncing around and like SQEALS with delight!!! 

Then she calls across the little store to my sister, "MOM!!! Can I get this?!?!" (She knows BETTER than to ask Aunt Mary for money!!! HAHAHA!!!) My sister comes over, looks at the price, then proceeds to ask MJ if she REALLY wants it?! She says, YES!!! So my sis is like, "okaaaaay! You have three dollars in your wallet from birthday money, if you want to use THAT money to buy this skittle wand, you can. Thats fine!" MJ just stares at her mom with this totally SHOCKED look on her face, her mouth hanging open! THEN she says, "MY MONEY?!?!?" My sis is like, "YES! If you REALLY want it, you can use YOUR money!" MJ looks at her wallet, then the wand, then her wallet again, and she just puts the skittle wand back on the shelf and walks away...FORGET IT!!! She liked the wand, BUT not quite enough to spend her own money on it. My sister's money...sure!!!! BUT NOT HERS!!! 

I think that sometimes thats how we are about the things of God. There are things in our lives that we long for sooooooooo much! A closer walk with God! To really KNOW him! To be a prayer warrior.To know the word of God. The ability debate scriptures. To be a witness. To be an effective Sunday School teacher. To be able to teach bible studies. To stand for truth. To bring the lost to Christ. To have the annointing of God on our lives. We tell God that we want it...BUT then we're SHOCKED, when it's OUR heart, fully surrendered to God, that we have to pay with.

I practically flew up to the alter the last night of Heritage this past year. I felt the passion, the desire  soooo strong. My heart was soooo heavy. I couldn't stop the tears from flowing and the aching sobs from the bottom of my soul. I FELT IT!!! I REALLY DID! I saw it and oh how I soooo desired it....BUT NOW I am home AND now its time to PAY THE PRICE!!!

Do I want God to use me?! My mamma can't pay the price for me! My pastor can't pay the price for me! My friends can't pay the price for me!!! It's up to ME!!! Do I REALLY want it?! It means getting up early and praying when I don't feel like it! It means staying up later and reading the Bible when all I wanna do is go TO SLEEP!!! It means choosing the Bible over other books. It means getting to church on time for prayer! It means outreach instead of parties. It means loving the unloveable. It means intercession in prayer. There is a price...

We hear about all these things, revial, souls, annointing...BUT do we REALLY want them. We go to conferences and we hear the preacher talk about reaching the lost. We hear the preacher talk about recieving the annointing of God on our life. We hear him talk about being used of God. BUT ARE WE REALLY willing to pay the price to obtain those things?

Are we willing to pay with our time? Are we willing use our gas to pick someone up across town for church? Are we willing to get our things a little messed up? Drive a van load of noisy kids? Getting headaches? Are we willing to MAKE time in our schedules to teach a bible study? Are we willing to get up early and stay up late? To pray until we break through? To memorize scripture? To prepare lessons? To study God's word. It means reaching out, reaching out, reaching out, reaching out. reaching out... To be a student...to be taught. Less time on the phone, texting, instant messaging, emailin, etc...ULITMATELY...it means to choose the the things of God first!

Will we just look at it in delight, do our skittle-wand squeal at the alter, then walk away, SHOCKED, when it's time to pay?! Or will we make up our minds? IT's WORTH IT!!! I know its going to cost me BUT...I'll pay the PRICE!!!

It's early in the morning. AND I do NOT want to get up. I could sleep for another hour...yeah..thats what I think I'll do...but then I remember the tears and I can hear the words of the preacher booming through the microphone, they're saying, DO YOU REALLY WANT IT?!?! Then GET IT YOURSELF!!! AND sooooooo I have to choose...


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thanks God! :)

I just got done a little while ago, giving my sister a back massage. I'm very good at giving back massages and she thouroughly enjoyed getting this one...ESPECIALLLY...LOL See I started giving back massages just starting this past year. Never really thought to even give someone before...BUT I lost my job in January AND I don't remember what it was BUT I needed money for something so my sis said she would pay me for a massage. AND since my sis liked mine soooo much, the word started spreading and yeah next thing I know i'm the massage QUEEN at church (Amongst the woman ONLY! LOL!;)

So one of the people imparticular that has REALLY loved recieving my back massages is senior Sis. Abbott. Sooooooo this one time I'm giving her a back massage and she is just like, WOW! Mary! You are sooo good! If I was at home right now I would be asleep!!! Its just incredible how your hands practically fill my whole back...(BIG HANDS!!! HA!) and she is just really expounding to me about how wonderful my massages...which is just like TOTALLY the best way to get me to keep goin with the massage ...COMPLIMENTS...AHAHA!!! Soooooo she is just going on and on and I'm like thinkin, oh yeah, keep talkin, keep talking, and then she just ends it by sayin,  "Mary you've got a gift!!! This is a gift FROM God!" Soooooo i'm just like thinkin okaaaaaay cool! I mean, i don't really see how its a gift FOR ME, since i'm the one GIVING them, but whatever, its all good, anything for my pastor's wife! (Both!;)

However, it wasn't until this morning, that MY GIFT, really became beneficial to myself as well. I don't know why, but for SOME reason, I rolled out of bed earlier than everyone else in this household. Not wanting to wake anyone before school, I quietly moved into the kitchen, half asleep and got the coffee brewing. THEN I waslked into the bathroom to wash my face, my eyes half shut, when ALL OF THE SUDDEN MY HEART LEAPED AND MY EYES FLEW OPEN!!!!! In the corner of the bathroom, there was a....wait, pause for some weird CREEPY music, dunt-dunt-DUH... A COCKROACH!!!!!!!! OMW!!! Have I EVER told you guys just how much i HATE and despise COCKROACHES?!?!?! THey are SOOO NASTY, creepy , GROSS and just plain EVIL!!! SERIOUSLEY!! Ewwwwwww!!!

Soooooo I run out of the bathroom and just HOPE that it will crawl away and hide and I won't have to see it anymore!!! See I have this deal with the roaches, if they will just run away from me, I will just turn my head and just NOT look at them!!!  BUT as I thought about it I was like WAIT...I think its dead!!! Sooooo, I tiptoe quietly, back into the bathroom, peek around the corner and SHO NUFF its still there, SAME spot!!! I get a little closer and YUP! Its DEAD!! Now you would THINK I would be happy about this but i'm ACTUALLY REALLY NOT!!!

SEE I have the deal with roaches...HOWEVER, my sister on the other hand, DOES NOT HAVE THIS SAME DEAL WITH THEM!!!! She will like chase them around the house and scout them around the house, spraying them  with a can of lysol and USUALLY me screaming and saying, "Get the Aussie Freeze Hair Spray!!! GET THE AUSSIE FREEZE HAIR SPRAY!!! (Cuz not only does it freeze your hair in place it freezes cock roaches in place!!! SERIOUSLEY GIRLS!!! TRY IT!!!) AND like my sis will HUNT that troach DOWN until it is dead AND then she says that since SHE killed it, MY JOB is to CLEAN IT UP!!! Which I TOTALLY do NOT THINK IS FAIR cuz I would just let the nasty thing go... BUT... she says that we BOTH live here...I NEED to do MY PART... and that HOW CAN I LET IT JUST LIVE ON?!! What if it goes in our pantry? Gets in the food? Or on our clothes? OR IN OUR BED?!?!?! Ewwww!!!

Sooooo I LOOK at this DEAD cock roach and I KNOW!!! She left it there last night for ME TO CLEAN UP!!!!!! GRRRRRRR!!!! Vaguely, I remember the night before, as I was drifting off to sleep, my sis yellin for MJ to get the FREEZE and me in my sleep reaching over to my vanity next to my bed and handing MJ the Aussie FreezE Hair Spray!!! *Sigh!!! I look down at the NAST LITTLE THING and see that its anntenae's are PLASTERED TO THE GROUND!!! Held in place by the Aussie FREEZE!!! EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW!!! I'm just like OMW!!! WHAT AM I GONNA DO?!?! There is NO waaaaay I could tell my big sis NO and just flat out refuse to do it!!! I OBEY!!!! LOL!!! BUT... How in the world am I gonna clean this stupid thing up?! Even if I bunched up like a TON of paper towels, I was still gonna have to like kinda push and pull the thing up!!! Ewwwwwww!!!!

Sooooooo I sat down in the living room with some coffee and began to think...What could I do?! My sis walks in, kinda smirks and says, "Did you see your little friend?" I was like, YES!!! She is like, "Have FUN CLEANING THAT UP!!!" 

 I was kinda just silent ...AND....THEN... THEN... I...THOUGHT...OF...SOMETHING!!! I said,
"Or YOU could clean it up AND...
I'll pay you back with...

She just kinda looks at me and then says, "Ill THINK ABOUT IT!!!" but a few minutes later, SHE WAS CLEANING IT UP!!!!! I was like OH THANK YOU JESUS!!! And i'm like, Sooooo you decided to clean it up?!?! She is like, "Yeah, it was kinda a little stuck BUT, it was worth it for THAT back massage!!! (SEE I'm REALLY GOOD!!!)

Soooooo I just got done a little while ago, giving her that massage, and as I was ending, Bishop Abbott's Wife's word's came back to me..."This is a gift from God!" I squeeze my sister's shoulder's and think about NOT having to clean up the roach..."YES Sis. Abbott, truley this massage thing is INDEED A GIFT from God!!!"
Thanks Lord!!! :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Have you ever heard the term Guy magnet?

Like, "Omw that girl is such a "Guy magnet!" In other words she is a very good looking girl and she ATTRACTS all the guys..."GUY MAGNET!!!" And if it is a cute guy that attracts all the girls they'll say "OMW! He is such a "Chick Magnet!"  So then I've seen these t-shirts that say stuff like, Geek Magnet or Nerd Magnet OR even Dork Magnet!!! You know like if your the kind of person that attracts Geeks, Nerds OR Dorks!!!! WEEEELLLL I've decided that I just PLAIN and SIMPLE need a t-shirt that says...

Because THAT my friends is what I seem to attract!!!
SERIOUSLEY!!! LOLOLOL!!! Have you EVER been asked out by the AM PM gas attendent, while you were on line paying for gas?! I HAVE!!! Have you ever been proposed to IN the GHETTO community college cafetereia?!?! I HAVE!!!! Has a guy ever begged you to be his wife and when you said NOOOO a million times, he THEN asks you if you would ever consider being his second wife IF you were to break up with your boyfriend, but he had already married another woman BECAUSE he is a polygamist?!?! I HAVE!!! Or has anyone ever said to you...Okaaaay I laugh SOOOOO hard EVERY time I read this...have they ever said,  'I hope and pray that after a thoughtful consideration, you will give me a room in your heart to accomodate the Will of God ."  I HAVE!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!! That one makes me laugh SOOOO hard just seeing it again!!! OR been the one that felt like we should invite the homeless man to church, then looked at his cardboard sign and read, HELP ME GOD, I NEED A WIFE! I HAVE! OR a guy carries around a pic of you and your ex and still tells everyone that your his girlfriend?!?! I HAVE!!!

AND theres soooooo many more, but I won't even go there...my sis says these are ALL MY OWN FAULT!!! She says, "Thats what you get for being NICE!" LOL

GEEK?! NERD?!?! DORK?!?!?
I can ONLY wish I was that kinda magnet!!!
HAHAHA!!! I guess I better go get my t-shirt!!! ;) ;) :) :)

P.S. So what kind of magnet would YOU be?!?!

Monday, August 16, 2010


****Newsflash**** "If you don't want other people to know your business, don't post it on Facebook!" Or your Twitter OR on your blog Or on gmail buzzz or in emails, text messages or just in general when YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH and start talkin!!! ♥. BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Just saw this first part and had to POST IT and thought to ad the rest!!! It just cracks me up when people "Talk about their problem" without really sayin what is wrong...like they are just dying for you ask questions and then when you do, "They can't talk about it!" or they "Just want you to pray for them!" AND your like okaaaaaaaaaay whatever- if  you CAN'T talk to me about it, BUT you WANT ME to talk to to God about it, lets just save us BOTH the trouble and how about YOU JUST TALK TO GOD ABOUT IT!!!! :)

All for a boy...

Still can't believe I actually did it! LOL!!! I got up for church yesturday at 5 AM!!! Spent 3 hours curling my hair with a curling iron and it died in like 30 minutes...ALL for a boy...THAT IS ONLY  7!!! HAHA!!! Sooooo Derek was over at my house some time in July and we were looking at my blog together and he sees a pic of me with my hair all curled on the 4th of July and is like, "YOU LOOK GOOD! You should wear your hair like that ALL the time!" So I'm like, "Thanks, BUT it takes a REALLLLLY LONG time to do!" He just like looks at me like whatever and is like, SOOO I like it like that! " Soooo i'm like okaaay There is like NOOOO WAAAAY i'm gonna do it like this EVERYDAY!!!  But I promised him that I will do it for him that Sunday IF he gave me a hug AND got his picture taken with me! AND he said Okaaay FINE but I was ONLY getting them IF I wore my hair down and curled AND that I should wear pink! (Dude talk about BOSSY!) So I agreed....BUT Sunday came and I had some kids over that I had to get ready for church in the morn and then another Sunday came, and another...AND I kept promising! FINALLY this past Sunday was his last Sunday here before he went back to Texas...SO I DID IT!!! AND When I was done with my hair, I looked in the mirror, and I KNOW this is gonna sound soooo conceited, BUT I looked in the mirror and was like, WOW!!! My hair looked AMAZING!!! I was like MAN!!! My self-confidence is soooooooo high right now, I could meet the hottest guy in the world and not even feel the least bit intimidated...That lasted for about FIVE MINUTES before my hair started drooping!!! HAHAHA!!! BUT it was sooooo worth it when Derek saw me before church...he was like, YES! And did that hand motion that guys do when they like won something...anyone know what I mean?! He was like YES! Finally! It was sooo cute! (Cuz like I know thats what ALL you guys think in your head when you see me....YES!;) And without hesitating he gave me MY HUG!!! I was like AWWWWW!!! THEN after church I was like okaaaay Derek, Picture time! And he just kinda looks at me and is all...NOT ANYMORE!!! Your hair is all messed up NOW!!! I was like, WHAT?!?! LOL NOOOO WAAAAAY! I DO NOT CARE IF MY HAIR IS IN STRINGS BY NOW...I got up at 5am today...you are SOOOOOOOOOOOO GETTING THAT PICTURE WITH ME!!! LOLOL!!!

BUT we got it!!! :) Awwwwwwww its soooo cute AND matching eyes... if ONLY he was like ten years older...okaaaaay wait he is 7...  so 11 years older....HAHAHA....I should SOOOOOO be saying like 20 years older since i'm 27!!! But you know its all good!!! LOLOLOL!!! ;)

[Btw- Christy Miller fans- don't you think Derek, when he grows up, would soooooo be what Todd Spencer looks like?!?!!? TALL, with BLOND hair and SCREAMING SILVER BLUE EYES!!!  Keep waiting for out Todds GIRLS and remember to make sure your knight in shining armor is NOT really just a REJECT in tin foil!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!]
P.S Question for all you girls with the perfectly beautiful curls that DO NOT TURN INTO limp, lifeless strings in a few hours- HOW DO YOU DO IT?!?! AND DO NOT EVEN tell me Hair spray, cause I used more than half a can of Aussie Freeze on my hair yesturday!!! LOLOLOL HELP ME GIRLS!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mental Exams!!! ;)

Okaaaaaaaay so this totally isn't the post that I had planned on posting, who knows when i'll post that one, you'll never know it was the post I deleted when I actually post it!!! LOL BUT today something happened that I just HAVE to blog about!!!

My sister and I were on our way the doctor's today for a physical, emotional and MENTAL examination that has to be done every three years my sister's foster care license. (I have to have it done to because I live in the same house as her) So the whole exam is basically just to get a doctor's aproval that we're safe people and we're not gonna harm the kids. HAHAHA! Sooooo we're on our way over and I and go to reach into my purse for some lotion. (Dark kiss! The newest from bath and body works and smells soooooo INCREDIBLE) Soooo I reach into my purse for the lotion and I can't find it admidst ALL the junk soooo I look in it and am SHOCKED at what I see inside my purse....A KITCHEN KNIFE!!! AND I am NOT talking about a butter knife...it was like, a STEAK knife!!! I WAS LIKE OMW!!! What in the world?!?!

My sister is like WHY DO YOU HAVE A STEAK KNIFE IN YOUR PURSE?!?!? I'm like I don't know!!! I mean SERIOUSLEY i have like NO IDEA!!!And then I'm like Oh yeah I remember, the knife is in my purse from class on Wednesday night!!! HAHAHA!!! We have REALLY interesting kids classes at our church! J/k! J/K! Before you draw ANY conclusions let me explain!!! I didn't use it on or comfiscate it from any of my students...I was teaching about prayer and we made a prayer sandwich (Which they loved although I really think the ONLY thing they got from the lesson was that they got a free sandwhich and one of the Muslim girls was VERY excited about eatin some PORK! LOL!) and I used it to cut open the bread, then when we were done I was in a rush and I GUESS I just dropped it in my purse to take back home! LOL! My sister is like OKAAAAAAAY well you should probabley take it OUT OF YOUR PURSE before your EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL exam!!!!! PLEASE!!!!

 HAHAHAHAHA!!! My sis was worried about me HA!!! MEANWHILE HER DAUGHTER....  while my sis was gettin her exam done they were askin her all these questions and right before the nures is about to walk out she asks my sister if she drinks or smokes and so OF COURSE my sister says no. And as the nurse is walking out the door BUT before the door actually shuts, Mary Jo, WITH HER TOTAL MJ ATTITUDE is like, "YES YOU DO MOM!!!!" My sis is like, What?!? NO, I don't! She is like, Yes you do mom! I see you DRINKING ALL THE TIME... my sis is like WHAT????! She is like, yeah from cups and stuff!" Of course by this time the nurse can't hear the rest of this convo!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

AnwayZ, despite my carrying steak knives in my purse and my sister's habit of DRINKING ALL THE TIME...we passed our exams for another three years!!! Which is good cause it means Miss Attitude gets to stay and all...hahahahaha!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010


I just want to give all my blog readers a HUGE sorry!!!! I am soooooo sorry I haven't posted anything on here in the past two days! Our desk top is currenlty UNDER THE WEATHER and HE refuses to let my accsess basically EVERYTHING!!!! Ugh!!! I am soooooooooo hoping that my good, awesome, WONDERFUL friend Micheal Nickels will be able to fix it for me again! PLEASE!!! (I LOVE YOU MIKE! LOL! :)

AnywayZ, in the mean time your probabley wondering what I am on right now?!?!? Big sis's lap top!!! She is SOOOOOOOOOO incredibley awesome like that!!! Totally said that I could use it for this stuff...which is SUCH a relief BECAUSE when your a writer, life without a computer is like breathing with only one lung (Not really sure if that is even possible! LOL!) Ya kinda need one to breath right and ya kinda need a computer to write...well I guess you can use pen an paper but yeah...I can't even read my own hand writing sooooooooooo!!! LOLOLOL!

Anyways, wonderful, awesome blog readers whom I appreciate very much, I just want you all to know that I DID have a blog post written for you all last night. Stayed up till 2 am on my sister's here lap top writing it for you all and GUESS what happened?!?!/ My big O clumsy hands accidentally deleted it!!! UGH!!!! WHY did God have to give me the biggerst hands in the WHOLE ENTIRE girl world?!?!? SERIOUSLEY?!?!? LOL (The only guy that has bigger hands then me is my brother John... but he says even though my hands are big, they aren't guy hands, so I guess thats good...I have very femenine GIANT hands!!! YAAAAY ME! HA!)

ANYWAYZ, I was kinda sorta like REALLY frustrated last night or 2 am this morning! I cried and moaned and seriousley thought about just taking this whole lap top and throwing it across the room and smashing it to a million peices.... (Obviousley I didn't) ...the Holy Ghost in me stopped me...well that and the thought of what my sister would do to me if I had...HAHAHAHAHA!!! I for SURE wOULD not be typing this right now!!! (Next time I don't post something for several days, ya all should seriousley consider the fact that I may have stopped breathing!!! LOL! J/K!)

ANYWAYZ, since my sister is letting me use this, I will rewrite the post for you all!!! Nope! I didn't forget it!!! How could I?! It's practically bubbling and bursting out of me...as if I could FORGET IT!!! And it will probabley be even better this time since its the second time around AND it won't be 2 am and all!!! Sooooooo look forward to that post coming soon and in the mean time PLEASE keep our desk top in your prayers!!! O desk top, how I do LOVE THEE!!! SOB!!!!!

♥Mary :)

P.s. Have you all noticed that I started like every paragraph in this post with AnyWayZ?!?! I'm pretty sure thats a big NO, NO, in English 101..but oh well! This is Classic Mary Moments, NOT English 101!!! ;)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I shoulda been named...

I should have been named Ruth

MY name is Mary,
BUT... I think I should have been named Ruth.
Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?
Mary had a little lamb its fleece was white as snow...
Maryily we row a long...
Mary the mother of Jesus...
Mary she broke the alabaster box...
The OTHER Mary...
Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack, ...
Mary Poppins...
Mary Kay...
Mary Englebreit...
I know it... goes on and on and on. Mary, is a very popular name.
Songs, hero's, famous people... BUT...
I should have been named RUTH!!!
Mary means BITTER...*Sigh!

What does Ruth mean?!?!
According to most baby name books it means...

Friend, Loyal, True

Which in my opinion are great attributes!
Ones that I believe I have obtained :)


It wasn't these words alone that caused me to believe I should be named Ruth.
These are ALL good meanings..but not quite ENOUGH to change my name!
It was the definition my Woman's study bible gave.
I had NEVER seen this before,
but when I did,
I KNEW....
I SHOULD have been named Ruth!!!

According to my woman's study bible, the name Ruth is a contraction of the Hebrew word Reuth, from the root for, "Sight" meaning,
"Something Worth Seeing"....
"Something Worth Seeing"
Yep, I shoulda been named RUTH!!!

*Wink, Wink!!!*