Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm single and I KNOW IT!!! (Part 2;)

Todays word of advice for singles...
(Read part 1 HERE)
Do NOT listen to PEOPLE!!!
I mean, I'm NOT talkin about, don't listen to anyone's advice or wisdom. We all have certain people that we have chosen in our life to listen to and take advice from. Such as pastor, parent's, youth leaders, close friends, etc...buuuuut ultimately, don't choose your spouse, based on PEOPLE!!!
So there was this time in my life where there was this one guy that had liked me FOREVERRRR!!! I mean, I was in my early 20's and he had liked me since I was 14. I was never really interested in him...but he would always ask me to go with him to banquets at conference or at our church...and yeah...I'm the kinda girl that just feels bad and will say yes to the guy...ITS JUST A BANQUET...not a marriage proposal...I HAVE A HEART PEOPLE...HAHAHA...plus you know its a FREE TICKET...you all know how I feel about FREE...bahahaha...but despite all the banquet dates, I was just NEVER really interested in him!!!
BUUUUUUUUUUT PEOPLE...would NOT let up on it!!! And I mean we're talkin about a guy that would NOT let up on ME for 6 years straight!!! (STALKER!!!;) This guy ADORED ME!!! He bought me stuff at EVERY HOLIDAY!!! Christmas, Valentine's day, Easter, St. Patricks Day, 4th of July, my birthday...Nice stuff!!! Cute stuff!!! EXPENSIVE STUFF!!! He gave me money, flowers, candy, STUFFED ANIMALS...you guys...I looooooooooove STUFFED ANIMALS!!! Ooooo he even gave me a hot pink razor cell phone....Remember back in the day when razor phones were IT??? Weeeellll he got me one...annnnnnnd it was HOT PINK!!! Buuuuuut...
It didn't matter how much stuff he got me or how long he liked me....I just couldn't change the fact that I really felt NOTHING for him aside from some good Apostolic sista love...I JUST COULDN'T CHANGE THAT!!! Buuuuut....PEOPLE...PEOPLE THOUGHT THEY KNEW MY HEART BETTER THAN ME!!!
PEOPLE kept tellin me...Oh he is the one...Oh this is right...Its God's will, Oh Mary just go for him...Just like him...come on Mary give him a chance!!! How can you be so heartless?! He is in love with you! And ya know, its ONE THING when its your friends saying it, but when people in the ministry start pushing it...I'm just sayin, people that would come through or WHATEVER...it just after a while starts gettin to you...MAYBE they're all right...what do I really know anyways, IF a preacher mentioned it...surely they would know better than I???
Soooo I started to weaken...maybe I should just like him...And sooo I kinda did...buuuut one day I was talking to MY MOM about it!!! Oh thank GOD, for a good Momma that ain't afraid to use that New York-Italian attitude and just tell it like it is!!! AHAHAHA!!! Soooo I remember, I was with my mom in my grandpa's blue dodge car and I'm like MOM, what do YOU think I should do?! Do YOU think that I should like him????
Annnnnd I'll NEVER forget my mom's response. I was expecting her to say all kinds of bad stuff about the guy and take MY SIDE...buuuut she didn't!!! She just said, "Mary, I can NOT tell you who to like or who NOT to like, that is YOUR CHOICE!!! Buuuut just make sure, that WHATEVER you decide, that its what YOU WANT and NOT what PEOPLE WANT!!!
She said, people think you should like him, people feel bad for him, PEOPLE think you should marry him...buuuuut in the end, PEOPLE are NOT the ones that will be married to him!!! PEOPLE are NOT the ones that will have to wake up to him EVERY MORNING for the rest of their lives, YOU ARE MARY!!! Marriage is FOREVER and ONLY you can decide if you like him enough to spend forever with him.
Soooo I was surprised by mom's response...buuut I listened to her wise words and began to think about it and no matter how hard I tried, even though I cared and felt affection for him, I knew that FOREVERRR was a LOOOOOONG time and I just couldn't spend it with him...there was something in my heart that just didn't feel secure. I knew what I had to do.
 Eventually, I wrote him a rather blunt, straight-forward letter, and I DIDN'T BLAME IT ON GOD!!! I didn't say that I didn't think it was God's will...NOPE...I just said it like it was as politely as possible, and let him know that I had no romantic feelings for him, nor would I ever and he should move on....AND PEOPLE said I was mean!!! AND PEOPLE said I was RUDE!!! AND PEOPLE HAD A LOT TO SAY...buuuut...you know what...I IGNORED PEOPLE and made MY OWN CHOICE!!!!
Today I can HONESTLY say, that I am GLAD I INORED PEOPLE... that guy, although hurt and disapointed,  HE GOT OVER ME... he moved on, found someone else, is a father now, and here I am...

Once again, I'm NOT saying don't ask those certain people in your life for counsel and guidance...buuuut when its all said and done, remember that UTLIMATLEY, its YOUR CHOICE!!! Take time to think it through and PRAY about it!!! ANNNNND REMEMBER...
GOD gave you a brain for a reason...
USE IT!!! :)
To be continued...read Part 1 HERE!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, July 30, 2012


I say WE as in, ME, MYSELF, AND I!!! (Like DUH!) AHAHAHA!!! Okaaaaaay soooo we inturrupt the SINGLE'S posts to talk about Cheescake Factory's NEWEST CHEESECAKE NAME!!! Buuuuuuuuut FIRST let me give you all a little HISTORY to understand this all...
Soooo FIRST OF ALL...if your a faithful follower of my blog, OR EVEN if your just with me for about FIVE MINUTES...LOL...It won't take you long to realize that I, MARY FRANCES GINTYSTALK LOVE BLACK PEOPLE!!!
Annnnnnd...of course I think there are handsome guys in EVERY ETHNICITY... buuuuut...maybe I just happen to think that chocolate men...HAVE THE MOST!!! :) Thats just ME...you can say or think whatever YOU WANT...AND trust me...I'll do exactley THE SAME!!! ;)
Soooo with all that being said, my lovely Mexican hermana Anali, randomley posts these pics on her blog of her doing this big professional speech at her college... with little bubble words at the top saying that she wants a taco...HAHAHAHA...THEN...she posts THIS PICTURE FOR ME!!!!

AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I was laughing soooo hard I couldn't even breath!!! I was like OMW!!! Soooo then I don't know WHAAAAAT came over me...buuuut I leave her this comment...
"I have a dream that one day, despite a racist father, admidst the sweltering heat of Arizona, ignoring the fact that that there are very few available, but STILL HOPING AND BELEIVING, that in spite of the circumstances, that a chocolate man and a vanilla woman will be able to walk down the aisle of an Apostolic sanctuary, joining hands, uniting themselves together in holy matriomony, becoming husband and wife and starting their own little oreo factory. OH YES, I have a dream today." (Mary Frances Ginty)
Sooooo then, I am soooo proud of my lil speech I email it to Kendra Thaler, from the Natural Hair Blog, annnnnnd I'm like heeeeey you and your husband need to be praying for me...cuz like, Kendra is chocolate woman,  married to a vanilla man...annnnd like, he is a preacher...annnnd they are BOTH prayer warriors...soooo you know....this could be some GOOOD prayin for my dream right?!??! LOLOLOL!!! (Oh ANNND btw...they have this AMAZIN testimony and are in the proceess of writing a book and you'll understand how good of a writer she is when you read her email...)Soooo KENDRA emails me back with THIS...
"Mary!!!!!! You are hilarious! You made my husband and I laugh hysterically LOL. Lord send her a chocolate, dark chocolate, raspberry chocolate man that's so dark and crisp he shines with a puple hue in the night time!! I have a dream that Mary will deliver a baby boy name Boom Shakalakah and a girl name Whoop There it is! Yes, Lord, yes indeed!!!"
When I read that, OMW I could NOT stop laughing!!! Soooooo like, me and Anali have been like HYSTERICAL about this email and speech for days now we've been joking about MY DREAM SPEECH and future children, Boom Shakalakah and Whoop There It IS!!! AHAHAHA!!! AND then Kendra emails me and is like, Oh I was just being, ETHNIC...which just made it EVEN FUNNIER!!! LOLOL So anyways...
TONIGHT my sis takes me to cheesecake factory to treat me for my birthday since its National Cheesecake Day and their slices are half off and WOULD YOU ALL BELIEVE what the name of their NEWEST CHEESECAKE IS???
Okaaaaaaaaay I'll tell you all...
Yes! Thats right...I said OREO DREAM!!! I was like SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! The OREO DREAM SPEECH was written only four days ago on the 26th...today is ONLY THE 30th!!! My sister was like, OKaaaaaay, thats just CREEPY!!! I was like, Whateverrrr...

♥Mary Frances :)

Single and I KNOW IT!!! ;)

The question of EVERY, single person, at one time or another in life;
I know, I know, I'm 29 years old, SINGLE WITHOUT a prospect insight...YES I KNOW!!! :) And yeah, MAYBE, I don't know everything there is to know about finding THE RIGHT ONE...buuuut I have learned a few things that have KEPT ME from marrying, THE WRONG ONE!!! I've dedicated THIS week to apostolic single young people or even the NOT-SO-YOUNG ones!!! (Can I get an AMEN???) Soooo i'm NOT gonna be one of those single chicks that is writing a book on FINDING THE ONE...cuz yeaah...
I don't really know how to get myself married...
I do KNOW how to be SINGLE!!!
I'm quite good at it ACTUALLY!!! :)
See its EASY...you JUST DON'T GET MARRIED!!! HAHAHA!!! Okaaaaaaaay soooo am I like the ONLY one laughin right now???
THE TRUTH IS THAT...I have felt for sometime now, God pushing me to talk/write to singles. ANNNND everyone always says that, WHEN I GET MARRIED...I'm going to have such an awesome testimony to share and encourage people with...and YES I TOTALLY AGREE...buuuut...I just wanna say that...I GOT ME A TESTIMONY RIGHT NOW!!! What if I don't get married for another TEN YEARS??? Yeah, I said it...HAHA!!! But for realz, I ain't gonna wait till I got me a HUSBAND to be an encouragment to my peers and to give GOD THE GLORY!!!  
Soooo yeah... I have A LOT to say on this subject and I figure that if I put it ALL in ONE post...you all would get bored outta your mind and stop reading it. Soooo I'm gonna do a whole week on it and I hope those of you out there that are single will take the time to read this...cuz heeeey I feel ya and I hope I can in some way, somehow, in my fellow singleness, inspire and be a help to you all.
Then at the end of the week, when its all done...I'll tell you all HOW I think you will know they are the one...and YEAH...I know i'm NOT an expert..buuut... the word of God is STILL the word of God EVEN if i'm SINGLE...RIGHT??? Oh HEY...heeeey...HEEEEY NOW!!! ;)
My first word of advice is...
Don't think that just because ALL your friends around you are getting married, that you HAVE TO GET MARRIED!!! There was a time in my life when, in my late teens, early 20's, that pretty much ALL the friends I had grown up with, got married or were getting into relationships. I didn't know what to do with myself...I got frantic!!! I didn't have many friends besides the people in my church...AND...I got a pretty small church. WHAT would I do without them???? Who would I hang out with at conferences??? I was going to be LEFT BEHIND!!!! I couldn't bear the thought of it...soooo you know what I did???
I GOT DESPERATE!!! I found a really good Apostolic guy, that was probabley equally as desperate to get married as me. We TOTALLY were NOT each other's type AT ALL!!! I have this list of things that I want in a husband...and within the first conversation I found out that he pretty much didn't have ANY of them...except he paid his tithes...woot, woot!!! LOL!
The truth is I got off the phone with him for the first time and thought, OMW he is soooo BOOOORING!!! (I even told one of my closest friends that...who REMINDED me of my original thoughts when I was left with a broken heart!!!) NOT that he was a bad guy...WE WERE JUST WAAAAAY DIFFERENT...we had different aspirations and dreams in life...it was just obvious from the beginning that he wasn't the one for me!!! ANNNND I'm pretty sure my cRaZiNeSs drove him absolutelty CRAZY...ahahAha...ANNNND I may be a lil surprising and out there sometimes, BUT WE ALL know I'm a really good girl too....RIGHT?!?! LOL
I mean lets face it...I'm pretty eccentric...but I am who I am... and while I may or may NOT marry someone thats equally as cRaZy as me, (Still holding out for you WOoten!!!;) I need to marry someone that ENJOYS my cRaZiNesS...cuz thats the way God made me...BUUUUT you know what I did??? I ignored ALL the signs and all THAT because I was DESPERATE!!! He was a GOOOOOD guy, I was a GOOOOD GIRL and I haaaaaaad to get married... ALL MY FRIENDS WERE GETTING MARRIED!!! I COULD NOT, NOT MAKE THIS WORK!!! IT HAD TO WORK!!!
Soooo I kept talking to him, got emotionally ATTACHED, cuz thats what girls do and once you get emotionally attached everything else becomes blinded and me and this guy, we "fell in love" and soon began to make plans for marriage and THEN the NEXT thing I know, IT WAS ALL OVER!!! I'm HEART BROKEN and dropping a wedding dress off at Savers!!! AHAHAHA!!! (Its really funny...NOW!!! LOLOLOL) Seriousley tho, at the time I WAS DEVESTATED!!! I cried myself to sleep every night for almost a year straight...You know who's fault that was??? MINE!!! NOT THE GUYS...buuuut MINE!!! MY OWN STINKING FAULT!!!
BECAUSE...All that could have been avoided, IF, after the first several phone conversations, I had said to myself, NOPE, he doesn't have what your looking for...DROP IT...buuuuuut NOOOOO! I got DESPERATE!!! I HAD TO GET MARRIED...because...ALL MY FRIENDS WERE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!! After all that, you know what I discovered...IF ALL YOUR FRIENDS ARE GETTING MARRIED...and you don't know who to hang out with anymore...
MAKE NEW FRIENDS!!! Ooooo now theres a thought!!! HAHA!!!I know its gonna seem SHOCKING for you all to believe this...buuuut yeah...I didn't really know how to be friendly and outgoing!!! (GASP!) My pastor's daughter, Devi Abbott had ALWAYS been the one that met the new people!
Cuz she was a pastor's kid everyone knew her and EVERYONE LOOOOOOVED her!!! Sooo at conferences I just hung out with her... and yeah...it was easy!!! Buuuuut after she got married and I got over my desperate stage in life...I began paving my own social path to making friends...annnnnd I discovered that OMW...I'm like really good at this social making friends thing too...and yeah its cool...AND FUN and I don't feel like i'm lackin friendships...AT ALL!!! :) I have plenty of friends now and A LOT that are waaaaaaaay younger than me and I don't mind a bit...I can honestly relate to them better than I can to my married friends...
Not that I don't LOVE my married friends...its Just cuz we're in different places in life!!! Like we can be in the same room and I'm like jumpin up and down about my newest hair accessory and some cute guy and they're just lookin at me like...DO NOT WAKE UP THIS BABY!!! AHAHAHA!!! Buuuut you know what, I can't help it, thats just where I currently, STILL AM in life!!! I wish I KNEW what it was like, to have a baby, that I didn't want people to wake up, buuuut I don't!!! Sooooo don't HATE when you hear me SCREECHIN...HAHA!!! ;)
Soooo number one thing to remember this week... REMEMBER WHAT YOU WANT in a spouse...its OK for your friends to get married, WITHOUT YOU...just make NEW FRIENDS... ANNNNND....
To be continued tomorrow...comments appreciated...
♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jose has an announcement!!!

My lil gwapo nephew Jose has a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT that he wants to tell you all!!!
Jose just wants to tell you all THAT....
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! I was soooo EXCITED and happy to find out!!! Cuz I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE being an AUNT!!!  I found out on TUESDAY and my brother told me that I was NOT allowed to tell ANYONE until they had told everyone at church. He says, that means, NO BLOGGIN ABOUT IT!!! NO MASS EMAILING ABOUT IT ANNNNND NO MASS TEXT MESSAGES ABOUT IT!!! It was VERY hard to do!!! Buuuuut I made it...LOL!!! (I just now realized that Hanna asked me last night when we talked if there was anything NEW going on and I was like, NO! UH HELLLLOOOO...I forgot about THIS!!!) I think Jewel is due in the end of February of next year!!!
The best part is that when they had Jose wear this shirt to church Wednesday night, several people read it and didn't even think anything of it!!! Someone said, oh yeah I read it, but I just thought the shirt was from a yard sale or something!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!!! THAT IS SOOO LPC!!! I LOVE MY CHURCH!!! Can you tell where we do most of our shopping??? LOL
EVERYONE say heeeeey to the newest lil Ginty!!!
Awwwwwwwwwww your cRaZy Aunt Mary already ADORES YOU!!!

♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chick-fil-A SHOUT OUT!!!

Soooo with all the companies that are starting to support gay marriage and homosexuality in general, its just plain DISGUSTING!!! Annnnd...our first reaction has ALWAYS been ok, if they support this then we won't go there anymore. BUUUUUT the companies that are supporting gay marriage are becoming more and more common!!! JC Penny's, Starbucks, Disney...just to name a FEW...buuuut...there are even streets that support it...Prettty sooon if we try to boycott all of them we will have to live locked up in our homes or in convents!!! LOL!
 SOOOO while we MAY not be able to avoid ALL OF THEM no matter how much we TRY.... We can't AVOID everyone in general...buuuut we can support those that do take a stand!!! Show your support AUGUST FIRST!!! CHICK-FIL-A, a Christian based organization, is one of the first companies to take a STRONG, STRAIGHT UP STAND AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE!!!
Just another of the many reason I LOVE Chick-fil-a! #chickfila  http://instagr.am/p/NhJIGlLsvT/

Chick-Fil-A is also one of the ONLY food industries that closes on Sundays in order to give GOD GLORY!!! How totally AWESOME is that?!?! People are in an absolute UPROAR about the stand that Chick-Fil-A has taken...the mayor of NYC is even saying that he will NOT let them open a resturaunt there that was going to be THE FIRST chick-fil-a in NEW YORK!!! (Not feelin all that proud to be a Native New Yorker at the moment!!!:( 
People are mad...buuut you know what...GOD IS GLAD!!! I was in chick-fil-a JUST YESTURDAY for lunch after VBS at my church, and the place was BUMPIN with business!!!! We could hardly even find seats!!! For all you AIO fans, and I don't have to say what AIO stands for, cuz if your a fan, YOU KNOW, Chick-fil-a is also an AIO supporter and has even in years passed given out episodes for them in their kids meals!!! How waaaaay cool is that???
So instead of trying to FIND ALL THE PLACES we need to avoid, lets try focusing really strong on ONE PLACE we can show our support!!! Next time you want fast food...WHY NOT CHICK-FIL-A??? (Or Chick-a-FIL ANALI!;) 
 PEOPLE GO!!! EVEN if you think their sandwhiches tast like PICKLES!!! *Evil glares at Hanna and Anali!!! (Try orderin a sandwich with NO PICKLES...heeeeey now theres a good idea!!! HAHA!!!) Also, if you havn't tried their banana pudding milkshake, 700 calories of deliciousness!!! LOLOLOL!!!

♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, July 27, 2012

What Mar means in Amharic...

Okaaaaay sooooo...When Hanna and Anali were here, we were having a discussion about my nickname,
Also, people just call me Mar too...Mar, Mar-Mar or Mar Bear...
Now you may have difficulty understanding this, since you can't ACTUALLY hear me talking, buuuut...Anali was like, so why is your nickname Mar Bear?! And she prounounced Mar like the way you would prounounce bar, in candy bar.
Now people mistake Mar when they see it ALL the time, so I just explained it to her. No, no, its NOT Mar, like bar, its Mar, like the first part of my name without the Y. Mar, prounounced like Mer, from MERRY Christmas. So Anali is like OH ok and she gets it...MAR BEAR!!! :)
So Hanna is sitting there and she is like, WELL, in Amharic, which is the Ethiopian language, Mar, not sure of the exact spelling, buuuuuut MAR, prounounced like Bar, ACTUALLY means HONEY!!! So Mar Bear, prounounced WRONG actually means...
NOW you can't tell me thats NOT GOD!!!
Mar Bear... HONEY BEAR!!! Think about it, HONEY BEAR!!! That fits me EXACTLEY!!! Cuz i'm sweet and fluffy and soft and CUDDLY!!! (I'm purrin right now...those of you that KNOW ME...KNOWS what that means;) Awwwww...THANK GOD FOR AMHARIC!!!  Mar...its probabley the ONLY word i'll everrrrr learn, BUUUUT honestly, is there ANY OTHER WORD that I would need?!?! I think NOT!!! ;)
So HOWEVER you say Mar Bear, EITHER WAY IS FINE NOW!!! Or you can even JUST call me HONEY BEAR!!! :) Annnnd if your handsome enough, and on-fire-for-God ENOUGH, feel free to just straigh up call me...
MAR!!! ;)
(Pronounced like BAR!!!:]
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ethiopian Dinner!!!

Soooo aside from giving me a really pretty Ethiopian scarf and my waaaaaaay awesome Ethiopian purse...
Isn't that like THE AWESOMEST purse everrr??? Pure leather ...sturdy... cute... ETHNIC... hahaha...and NO other girls at Heritage had a purse like mine...waaaaaaaaaay better than COACH!!! Woot! Woot!!!
AnwayZ, aside from that gift, Hanna took me and Anali to an Ethiopian resturaunt for our birthday dinners. (Anali's birthday was in DECEMBER...LOL!)
We went to a place in Tempe called Cafe Lalibela...
Hanna ordered us a combo plate that feeds 3 people buuuut I think we definatley could have split it amongst four people!!! It was soooooooooo GOOD!!! I absolutley LOOOOOVED IT!!! My sister wasn't exactley gung-ho about it...sooooo if anyone ever wants to go with me...let me know!!!! Check it out HERE!!!

 I think THE BEST part was we just used our hands to eat!!! HOW TOTALLY AWESOME IS THAT??? Hanna was like, Oh you can ask for silverware if you want, its NO big deal!!! I was like, ummmm...NOOOOO WAAAAAAAY!!! I'm EATING WITH MY HANDS!!! (I like being Ethnic...haha!!!:) Actually, what you do is scoop the food up with this really thing, spongey like bread...looks kinda like a tortilla really thin but kinda spongey and tastes kind of like a light sourdough...soooo GOOD!!!
Annnnd then I made everyone die laughing cuz I would go around the plate trying the different stuff and then ask Hanna what it was and she was like, OH that was lamb...and I didn't even freak out of NOTHING...I was just like, OH mmmmm...it was GOOD!!! Theeeeeeen...
I scooped up some more and informed everyone...OH LOOK...
♪Mary had a little Lamb!!!♫♪♫
(My sister said i'm creepy...and I can't remember his exact words buuuut thats basically what Hanna's lil brother said too when I told him on the phone!!!! LOL!)
Okaaaaaaaaaaaay sooooo then came THE FUNNIEST moments of all!!! We're sitting there talkin about our last name and Hanna is like, is it Ginty or Jinty? And i'm like, No its GINTY!!! And Hanna says, oh yeah thats what my dad said, that he thought it was Ginty and I'm like, YES! Your dad was right, its GINTY!!!! So my niece MJ, who's last name is also Ginty, is sittin there nonchalantly and with a totally straight face she is like, OH, so IT IS GINTY?!?!?! I don't if you can understand JUST how funny it was at the moment!!! Buuuuut we were all like HYSTERICAL!!! It would be like Hanna saying, OH so it IS Kifle?! Or Anali saying OH sooo it IS Villasenor?! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Soooo we're like ALMOST done laughin at that when ALL of the sudden my sister just looks at me in like HORROR...I'm like WHAAAAAAAT???? She is like,
I looked and COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!! Their was NOTHING on my shirt...just all over my purse...OMW!!! We laughed soooo hard I seriousley think I choked...(or maybe it was when I was tryin to explain to Hanna and Anali the Italian word for black people that I choked...bahaha!!!NO really I ACTUALLY CHOKED in my room...water went flyin everywhere... cuz its the Italian word for Eggplant and my mom had made eggplant parmesian for dinner...LOLOLOL!!!) (I know...weird!)
Overall it was a GRAND time and I have decided I LOVE Ethiopian food...buuuuut Hanna said that was NOTHING compared to her mom's cookin!!! I guess one day when I experiance Oakland, i'll get to experiance THE REAL DEAL of Ethiopian cusine!!! (Actually, maybe I can get some Ethiopian cookin lessons...OOOO!!!)
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ready for marriage!!!

You all remember my blog post about my NEWEST accesory??? (Read it HERE!!!) I was like OMW! When I get married I bet my husband will be like, SOOOOO IMPRESSED with all my matchin lil sleep masks!!! My sister was like okaaaaaaaaay...
IS going to be wishing he had one of those for...
 Weeeeeeelll thanks to my good friends, Anali and Joe,who both, totally randomley bought me sleep masks for my birthday...
 I am NOW officially ready...
Thanks Joe and Anali for being USED vessels in God's hands...helping prepare ME!!!
(I'm still LOLING thinkin about Joe in Claire's payin for a Hello Kitty sleep mask...BAHAHAHA!!! Thanks for listening to God's voice...NO MATTER THE COST OF YOUR MALE EGO!!! AHAHAHA!!!)
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Heritage Pictures!!!

Here is an OVERVIEW of Heritage trip through my pictures...there is MORE pics...buuuut this is the best stuff and the main highlights!!! (Anali's commentary HERE!!! LOL!)
Hanging out with HANNA...somehow meant going to Starbucks...EVERYDAY!!! LOL!
For some reason i just felt the NEED to take this picture!!! AWWWWW...LOL!
Anali, Hanna and my mom...they got to experiance her cooking and they told me to make sure she came back over to say goodbye...cuz she is sooooo fun to talk to and has the best stories!!! (Wonder where I get it from???)
Anali yells out OREO for this picture...PEANUT BUTTER OREO...BAHAHA!!!
Then I was like, I'm JEALOUS...I wanna be the cream in an oreo too!!! Jayne's like, don't worry, Hanna and I will MAKE SURE you get your OREO picture before the trip is over!!!
Repackin....cuz the van was soooo loaded down...bahahha...some of us were helping...some of us were just chillin...and SOMEONE was takin pics!!! LOLOL!!!
On our way to Heritage...lookin...all ETHNIC...that was the quote of the week...bahahaha...
"You look sooooooo ETHNIC!!!"

Monday, July 23, 2012


Okaaaaaaaay...soooooo us girls had like, THE MOMENT OF ALL MOMENTS at heritage!!!
It all started Thursday night after the lock in!!! Wait...WAIT...waaaaaaiiiiit.....ACTUALLY...it all started Wednesday when we got to our suite room! We walked in and were checking everything out and I saw that we had ajoining connecting rooms...you know...how they have the two doors in the middle and then BOTH people in the rooms have to open their door to enter???
Weeeeelllll anywayZ, when I saw it I was like OMW!!! Wouldn't that be SOOOO AWESOME if a reallly cute Apostolic guy just HAPPENED to be staying next to us???!! I mean...WHAAAAAAAAAAAT would be the chances of THAT ever happening...RIGHT???
Fast forward to Thursday night after the youth night. We get back to our hotel and we're like ALL hyper and jabbering about the nights events...who talked to who...who got a pic with who...guys...etc...LOL...buuuut I actually came into the room LATER than everyone else, I can't remember WHY...I think maybe I had been out socializin STILL...HAHAHA!!!
So when I get into the room all the girls IMMEDIATLEY tell me NOT to talk or NOTHING cuz our room had just gotten in trouble for making to much noise. So I'm like OH the front desk called you guys?!?! They're like NOOOOO!!! The man next door banged on the ajoining doors and yelled at us to be quiet!!!
I was like, OMW!!! Weeeeeellll at least I can say that it was OFFICIALLY sooooo NOT my fault since I wasn't even in the room when it happened. (See being social SAVED ME;) Soooo everyone is quiet and whispering for like the next ten minutes....buuuuut then sloooooowly they forget and everyone goes back to talking annnnnnnnnnd THEN...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

WHAAAAT I learned at Heritage 2012!!!

Okaaaaaaaaaaaay so Heritage 2012 was officially AWESOME!!! 8 girls from 6 different churches and 3 different states all came together... Jacqui, Liz, Jenna, Jayne, Anali, Jedidah, Hanna and ME...ANNNND even tho there was one girl that decided it was best to sleep on the balcony...ahahahaha... I MUST SAY THAT...Everything went quite smoothly!!! NO FIGHTS!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!! Annnnnnnnd before we left each other on Saturday, we all agreed to keep in touch and pray for each other's future husband's!!! (My idea...LOL ;)  ...and Anali was like, oh Mary I have already been praying for your FUTURE HUSBAND...I was like OMW.... annnnnnd I like SCREAMED and gave her the biggest Mar Bear Hug EVERRRRR!!!
NOW...whaaaat I learned from the conference...there was some really GOOD and basic preaching...buuuuut MAN WAS IT STRONG!!! I think it was Bro. Hyler that preached the first day message...it was soooo basic...buuuuut SOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!! He said...
1. How to keep from backsliding???


We JUST got back from HERITAGE!!! It was AWESOME!!! We had a total blast...made some UNFORGETTABLE memories and I have like, THE FUNNIEST story everrrrr to tell you all...HAHAHA...buuuuuuuuuuuut...I gotta go to sleep...Hanna and Anali are leaving at 5:20 am...soooooooooooo SAD!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

If you can use anything Lord...

Take my hands Lord, take my feet...take MY HAIR!!! YES I SAID HAIR!!! Soooo as you all know...GOD CAN USE ANYTHING to be a witness to people AND TODAY...
God used HANNA'S HAIR!!!
Soooooo I was like DYING to see Hanna's hair in its totally natural state and NOT straightened and she was just like OH just wait till you see it after we go swimming...its WILD!!! and like as soon as her hair got wet it was like these wildly AWESOME curls!!! Annnnnd I was just like, okaaaaaay I LOVE IT!!! Actually, I think I may have kinda screamed!!!
AnywayZ, Anali and I were just like BEGGIN her to NOT pull her hair back and put it up when we went to the mall, but to just wear it DOWN!!! And she was like, oh I'm not used to it like that...blah, blah, blah and all this stuff and I'm just like okaaaaaaaay WHATEVER...just EMBRACE YOUR CHOCOLATE GIRRRRL, show that Ethiopian/African pride and let the curls FLY FREELY!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

I WON!!!

Soooooooo I looooooooove winnnnning...buuuuuuuuut because I love JEN Connell sooooooo much and BECAUSE I wanted to something SPECIAL for her since she is the ONLY ONE of the kindreds to NOT come see me...
Sooooooooo I took up her blog challenge BUUUUUT I waited five WHOLE days to do the challenge with two other people...

Its basically the weirdest deliciousness you will ever taste...we just ate it straight up from the jar...and then I had to hide it from myself....cuz this is NOT diet friendly folks!!! But its cRaZy cuz when you hide stuff from yourself...you STILL know where ist at...LIKE OMW!!! LOL! Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut Jen...we risked these EXTRA calories... RIGHT before a youth conference...out of PURE LOVE for YOU!!! :)
♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012



FINALLLLLY!!! We just keep all lookin at each other like OMW...we're all really here...TOGETHER annnnnnnnnd NOT on the phone!!!! Annnnd I was like, I had wondered if it would be different in person, then JUST on the phone...like WOULD we feel awkward??? BUUUUUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! LOL!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Treasured Coke!!!

Soooo it was the FANCY BALLROOM night dinner on the cruise where you get dressed up all fancy prancy...weeeeeeelllll...I decided to go out and use the ladies room in the middle of dinner...which was one floor up...soooo I took the elevator annnnnnnnnd when I returned to my table I had THIS...
A COKE!!! Now you have to understand that sodas are NOT free on the ship with all the other food and drinks...they are like EXPENSIVE too...annnnnnnd EVERYONE knows that I am waaaaaaaaay to cheap and ghetto to pay THAT price for one!!! Soooo My sis is like, Okaaaaaaaay where did you get THAT FROM??? I'm like...
Her and Lorraine were like, OKAAAAY he just GAVE IT TO YOU??? Were you FLIRTING??? I was like NOOOOOOOOO! ( I am NOT a FLIRT!) See it happened like this, I was just being my NORMAL, FRIENDLY SELF...annnnnnnd he got on the elevator with the soda cart and I smiled and said Hi, Cuz thats BEING POLITE...I'm NOT snooty like some people on the ship to the workers...annnnnnnnnd...
I couldn't see his name tag that had what country he was from so I'm like, Oh what country are you from? And he says Romania, annnnnnnd I was like, OH WOW, thats cool!!! ANNNNND then he says would you like a soda... For FREE!!! I was like, OH SUUUUURE!!! Thank YOU!!! Annnnd I grabbed a coke and as I was walkin off the elevator he says he liked my hair...I WAS LIKE OMW...cuz CUTE guys NEVERRRR give me compliments...fo REALZ!!!
Sooooooo I said THANK YOU and ran back to dinner and the girls were like sooooo WHAT did you he look like?! I was like, IDK...He was like some cute, white guy from Romania and he had me at...
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, July 13, 2012


Soooooooo Bethany Wakefield sent this to me and said...
Hey Mary, I thought of you when I saw this!!! Does this ever happen to you? HAHAHAHAHA!!
The answer is uh...
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Accessory?!?!

Okaaaaaaaaay sooooooo you all know how I am like TOTALLLLLY and COMPLETELY OBSESSED with accessories???? Weeeeellll.... on this trip I found my NEWEST accessory!!! Lorraine introduced me to...
 I was sittin there in our room the first night of our cruise, supposed to be getting ready for bed and I was like these are soooo CUTE i'm gonna have to start getting them...THEN I had a BRILLIANT MARY THOUGHT!!! ;) I was like OMW! When I get married I bet my husband will be like, SOOOOO IMPRESSED with all my matchin lil sleep masks!!! My sister was like okaaaaaaaaay...
IS going to be wishing he had one of those for...
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chocolate Baby Lovin!!!

Soooo when my grandson Phletcher was born, he was pretty vanilla-carmel lookin, I was like WHAT???? Like wheres the chocolate??? Hahaha!!! Weeeeellll... the day I was taking my Phletcher home from the hospital, I hadn't seen him in several days and the head nurse comes walking over to me and she is like, OH are you Mary? So I'm like oh yeah thats me, and she is like ok well we have Phletcher all ready for you to take home and I was like ok and I look at the baby in her arms and its like TOTALLY WHITE!!! Like STRAIGHT UP VANILLA!!! I was like WHAAAAAAT??? My grandbaby got even WHITER???
Sooooo I don't say anything to the head nurse, but I think I may have looked kind of surprised and she is just like, Oh and Phletcher is right HERE...and she points to another lil baby annnnnd I'm like OOOOOOOOO and I go over and look AND there is my beautiful lil grandson... lookin all good and CHOCOLATELY!!!!! I was soooooooo HAPPY!!!
(My friend Hanna explained to my vanilla self, that chocolate babies don't get their color right away and that you can tell how dark they will be by the color they are on the tips of their ears. I was like OH COOL!)And that night when I brought him to church my youth pastor and his wife were holding him and I was like telling them he is getting MORE CHOCOLATEY than when he was first born. And Bro. Sam says,
 God just keeps pouring in that chocolate syrup!!!
And as far as I'm concerned...
Wooooot! WOOOOOT!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of july

Heeeeey everyone I'm bloggin from lorraines iphone in south Carolina I just wanted tell everyone happy 4th I hope everyone had a fun day we hav been havin a good time here we ate at this really good place called sticky fingers they hav the no best potato salad lol so I'm really bummed cuz this ghetto hotel dnt got Internet on. O computer I'm gonna use the Internet cafe on the cruise I hav to I looooove writing and I miss not doing it lol ok so today we went to the boone plantation it was really pretty Annnnd the historical aspect was really interesting and it's weird heArin these people from the south talk about slavery I was soooo ready to get into it with the tour chick well I'll blog about it I just cant believe the ignorance of people ok and then this evening we went to waterfront park I had such a good time playin in the water and then we saw fireworks and we had peanut butter chocolate gElato mmmmmm k weeeelll I'll be boarding the ship at 12pm 9am az time if the boat sinks see you all in heaven ♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Annnnnnnnd THE WINNERRRR IS...
(I guess technically the ANON won too buuuuuuut since they didn't leave there name....HAHA!!!)
(Kim YOU ALMOST WON...earlier in the day she weighed in at 90 pounds...then she ate a buncha food and went down...WEIRD!!!)
This evening, Esther weighed in at a WOMPING 88.9  pounds!!!!
Buuuuuut TOGETHER her and Phletcher weigh 97 pounds...LOL
According to Esther...NONE of ya all won...EXACTLEY... so go make yo own apple pie!!!! HAHA!!! (Recipe HERE)

Sooooooooo JEN...should I bring you an Apple Pie to Heritage?!?! I mean...Idk it may get a lil smashed but I think it would work!!! (We can protect it in the van! LOL)
♥Mary Frances :)