Friday, July 31, 2009

Watermelon cookies!!!

Wow!!! Who woulda thought?!?!
We had a girls swim party at my house tonight and Jac brought these cookies!!!
They were such a hit we like all finished them before the rest of the girls even got there!!!
Gooood job Jac!!!

They seriousley taste like watermelon and they are sooooooo soft and moist!!! They like melt in your mouth when you take a bite!!! Pluse they are just plain adorable to look at!!! Totally, waaaaaaay CUTEalicious!!! ;)

You guys GOTTA try them!!! Safeway bakery is the ONLY store that carries them!!
GO GET SOME!!!! ;)

I jumped!!!

So the other day Jestina, Esther and I were swimming and the two girls were jumping in off the diving board. All of the sudden I just had this urge to jump but I havn't jumped in like years cause I am like SERIOUSLEY scared about it!!! So I get outta the pool and head to the board. The girls are like, what are you doing?! I am like "I'm gonna jump!" and they start screaming!!! LOL but when I step up on the board I get sooooooooo FREAKED out!!! I am like NOOOOOOOOOO I can't!!! They are like oh come on Mary PLEASE!!!! Please jump!!! They are like beggin me but I just can't get up the nerve to ACTUALLY jump off!!! They are like just think your man is in the pool waiting to catch you!!! I am like okaaaaaaaay thats NOT working!!! HAHAHA!!! They are like beggin me to jump and Esther is standing there holding my hand sayin I'll jump with you and I am just like I CAN'T!!! They are like EVERYONE we know jumps off the diving board!!! So I am like well it's cause I'm white, thats why I am sooooo scared!!! They are like THATS RIGHT!!! If you were black you would jump off...uhhuh!!! Then, they teasingly start taunting me; White girl! White girl! White girl!!! HAHAHA!!! I am like soooooooo laughing now!!! Finally I like look over at Esther and I say; If I jump what am I gonna get from you?! She knows what I am talkin about...she thinks about it cause she knows there is only one thing I really want and thats for her to live for God....She says, I am gonna try Mary and at least while I am at your house I will dress right...I know that if I jump it doesn't mean that she will actually hold true but I want to prove to her just how important it is to me that she lives for God!!! So despite the fact that I am still TOTALLY scared...I think about my girl and then I JUMP!!! I go all the way to the bottom of the pool and up!!! When I break up of the surface the girls are screaming and laughing hysterically!!! Esther is like, Snow! Snow!!! SNOW!!! I am like WHAT?! She is like you went all the way down and it just looked like there was snow at the bottom of the pool!!! HAHAHA!!!
I was like REALLY proud of myself! I did it five more times that day and three times yesturday. Its weird cause every time I get on the board I am still scared, but every time I still jump!!! I think sometimes that the only thing that makes us conqueror our fears is LOVE!!! :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

We match!!!

Me and my baby match our hair!!!
Monday night I was letting Jestina brush my hair. The next thing I know she had talked me into letting her braid my hair and it ended up being corn rows!!!

When Bro. Abbott saw me at church last night he was like laughing and he is all like, "Who did your hair?" I was like Jestina and he was like, "Yeah, it looks like Jestina!"
Don't we look ADORABLE!?!?! ;)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sweet 26!

Ten years ago, on my sweet 16 birthday,I remember sitting there, opening presents, surrounded by my family and friends. Although I was totally boy-crazy, I had never gone to a banquet with anyone, never been on a date, never been in love, never had a broken heart. I remember my friend Devi making me a card and on the inside it said; Sweet 16 and never been kissed. Then she wrote; and you better make it a sweet 17, sweet 18, sweet 19, sweet 20, sweet 21 etc...until you get married!!! and I remember thinking; HA, I'll be married by the time I'm 21!!! then as and after thought I was like, Well, Maybe I'll wait till i'm 26!!! :)
Well the years have come and gone and a week ago I celebrated my 26th birthday!!! I had been kinda like a nervous anticipation cause I knew that it meant I was OFFICIALLY in my mid-20's now...but it kinda ummm doesnt' change anything...I am still MARY!!! ;) The party was a total blast! Just as fun as when I turned 16!!! After opening presents, everyone gathered around and I read my diary from back in the day and it was SOOOOOOOO funny!!! I can't believe how CRAZY I was!!! I can't believe some of the things I said and did. I think my favorite line that I wrote in my diary was; "Davy is coming home from bible college this week and he is bringing his girlfriend(Vanessa). Then the next line was; "I can't wait to flirt with him!" HAHAHAHAHA!!! Vanessa was laughing SOOOO hard!!! She was like MARY!!! I was like Heeeeeey you always advise us girls that a guy is never ACTUALLY taken until he is married so I was just taking your advice before you even gave it!!! ;)
I have a lot of younger friends who I hear struggling with the whole finding someone thing. I say calm down and just enjoy life now cause your not even ready for marriage and your gonna get to be 26 and still single and everyone is just gonna be like SHUT UP already!!!!! HAHA!!! No really, we all want to get married but you know what I have learned, the BEST person to talk to about it is God! Cause besides Yo momma, HE is the ONLY one that really cares!!! SERIOUSLEY!!! ;) I remember when I was 16 and just feeling Sooooooooo horrible cause I had NEVER had a banquet date!!!! NOW I can honestly say I think I have been on ONE to MANY!!! HAHAHA!!!!
Really, my advice is to keep enjoyin life and keep lovin Jesus! Oh AND don't stop lookin good!!! ;) One more thing.. I am VERY proud to say that I am 26 and STILL sweet!!! ;)

Check out the photos!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How do you say Hi?

HI! Hello! Greetings and Salutations! Hola! Ciao! Aloha! Howdy Pardner! Jambo! Bonjour! Hi-o! Que Paso?! Yo whatz crackin? Hey! Heeeeey! What's up?! 

This is all the different ways I could think to say hi...
That includes English, Nerd, Spanish, Cowboy, Italian, Hawaiian,  Swahili(an African language), French, African English, gangsa, and Mary...Haha!!! 
Soooo how do you say hi?!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The animal TAG game!!! (Momma bear)

Which animal characteristics do you think describe you best as a person?
When I asked my best friend which animal she thought best described me, in the back of my mind I was thinking a Momma bear, so I started laughing when she immediatley said a momma bear...

Why am I like a momma bear?
I am soft, affectionate, cuddy and love giving hugs...

I LOVE sweet things, especially my honey...;)

I am playful, fun and always up for a good time...

For the most part I am pretty relaxed, easygoing, just kind of take everything in stride and not easily angered...UNLESS you mess someone I love!!!

Everyone knows that their ain't nothing scarier to mess with than a momma bear and her cubs!!!! I can be a little out...LOL!!!

Nicknames? Mar bear, Mary Bear, Honey bear and Care bear(Mostly just the first two!)
I Tag:
1. Bekki Simpson
2. Jen Lord
3. Jacqui Cleveland
4. Lorraine Orozco
5. Tim Rivers
6. Kathy McElhaney
Rules to play when tagged-
1. Mark in title the animal you describe yourself as
2. Name the characteristics of this animal that you think you display
3. Post at least one picture of the animal
4. Post at least one picture of YOU displaying one of those animal characteristics
5. Tag six more people/notify to them that they have been tagged
6. Any nicknames you hav been given cause of these characteristics?
7. Copy/paste the rules to the game at the bottom of your post!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My hobby!!!

Hobbies. Almost everyone has some sort of hobby. Something that they like to do in their spare time. What is a hobby? According to Websters a hobby is a pursuit outside one's regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation. In my life I have gone throught A LOT of different hobby phases. Some hobbies can be pretty expensive. There was time that I was totally into scrapbooking, but that is sooooooooooo out now. However, I am still an avid reader of books and I will ALWAYS be an Adventure's in Odyessy fan. About a year ago I started an all new hobby in which I love and that is BLOGGING!!! But above ALL my other hobbies, there is one that I find myself doing more often than all the others. Something that I love doing whenever I am bored.
What is that hobby?!?!
Taking pictures of myself!!! Sometimes, I will even get all dressed up for my job as a nanny, just because I know I am gonna be bored and I wanna look good for myself! ;) I know, I know, I know it's cRaZy but I love, love, LOVE doing it. Even my neice does it now too!!! You should see her, she holds the camera towards herself and says look, LIKE Mary!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

What can I say?!?!
It's a cheap hobby, BUT the results are PRICELESS!!! ;)

That kind of aunt...

I was thinkin about it the other day and I was thinkin about how my neice is kinda like my little sister...and you know how there are two kind of big sisters, the kind that will totally share their things with the younger sibling or the kind that is like DON'T touch my stuff!!! Soooo I was like hmmmmm...what KIND of aunt am I? Do I share my things or am I like DON'T touch?!?! So I am thinkin and thinkin and then I just bust myself up...cause You know what, I am the kind of aunt THAT BORROWS from her neice!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I am ALWAYS wearin her hair things....its sooooooooooo FUNNY!!! We will be like walkin out the door and all of the sudden she is like starin at me with her mouth hangin open and I am like WHAT?!?! (WIth total attitude!) AND she is like, THATS MY BOW!!! I am like SOOOOOOOOOO, it matches my outfit!!! AND she is like, but it's mine and I VERY maturely say, I let you use my hair stuff ALL the time...GET over it!!! Then she just stares at me and shakes her head!!! HAHAHA...yep...I'm THAT kind of aunt!!! =)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Arizona Camp Meeting-Enjoy!!!

You are invited to view Mary's photo album: Arizona Camp or Old Time Camp or Garrett's Camp-WHATEVER!!!

Arizona Camp or Old Time Camp or Garrett's Camp-WHATEVER!!!
Jun 15, 2009by Mary
Okaaaaaaaaaay soooooooooo old time was a total blast! The hotel was really, really pretty that the services were held at would have been FUN to stay there but someone didn't quite manage to get a hotel room for us...Hmmmm... and WOW i finally figured out what West Gate actually is!!! LOL I always hear people talkin about it and have NO idea what they are talkin about!!!! Soooooo yeah enjoy the pics..of course these are off of about 5 different people's camera's!!! One thing about LPC is that ...
View Album Play slideshow
You are invited to view Mary's photo album: Arizona Camp or Old Time Camp or Garrett's Camp-WHATEVER!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

What's wrong?!

"Mmmmm....Call me cRaZy, INSANE, you can even say that I'm not right, BUT ONE question I'de like to present:
I'm doing what I know to do, serving Jesus is the way... I was in darkness but He showed me the light, Now I'm gonna serve The Lord with ALL my MIGHT....SOOOOOOOOOOOO CAN ANYBODY tell me, I would LIKE to know: What's WRONG with living RIGHT?!?!"
I have been thinkin about this song ALL day today!!! Soooooooo I just wanna say that I am about to rant a little...thats a WARNING...LOL cause I USUALLY don't use my blog to RANT my random feelings and spout my spontaneous emotions...BUT this is REALLY buggin the point that I am SERIOUSLEY considering gettin off of Facebook because of it!!! (I wanna say that this post is really only for Apostolic readears and NOT meant to OFFEND!)
Okaaaaaaaay so here is the deal. As everyone knows, Micheal Jackson died. Now, I am not tryin to sound, rude, callous or mean when I say this, but in MY world that reallY meant NOTHING. I was like, oh...end of story. I mean this is Micheal Jackson we are talking about...AND to be honest it wasn't for Facebook, I probabley wouldn't have even found out about for several days, like until my dad, who is NOT in church, mentioned it. However, I heard about it right away, ON Facebook, BY APOSTOLIC young people!!! That right there irked me...
But you know what really, really, really bugged me?!?! What REALLy bugged me is when Apostolic people were posting stuff about his funeral and how it was sad and how their heart just goes out to him and his family. How they are so sad to see such a talented man leave this world...How he was such a good person...WHAT?!?! AND why is it that sooooo many Apostolic young people were concerned about Micheal Jackson's soul being lost...BUT when our peers backslide it is soooooo easy for us to casually say, "i knew that was coming! Sad, but you know, you can't win them all!" NO, THOSE are the people we should be SHEDDING TEARS OVER!!!
Now, I never knew this man personally, but NEITHER does anyone else!!! There are Apostolic men and woman that are dying and leaving this world behind AND those are the people we should be focusing on...talking about, thinking about.
Oh but you NO what GOT me MAD?!?! I mean REALLY mad?! And Mary don't get mad...unless you mess with someone I love or the things of God I am just like WHATEVER!!! BUT this got me mad...I said that "I have NOT and will NOT shed a tear over the death of Micheal Jackson." AND I said that he was "GROSS" and you know what?! I got called JUDGEMENTAL for saying that about him...ABOUT Micheal Jackson!?!?!
I am NOT judgemental!!! I LOVE everyone!!! I am friends with EVERYONE!!! I don't care if you are popluar snob or totally uncool...I will STILL be your friend!!! I am the kinda person that tries to find the beauty in everyone...I CRINGE when I hear someone say that someone is UGLY...that really, really BOTHERS me...just ask a few people...LOL!!! BUT Micheal Jackson WAS gross!!! AND he was gross, NOT because of how GOD created him, but because of how he TRIED to change himself.
This is a man who's music did NOT glorify God!!! This is a man that was ASHAMED of his color!!! tHIS is a man that had so many surgeries his nose was collapsing!!!! HELLO?!?! AND aside from all that...there are the allegations about him with little boys, that may or may not be true...but I wouldn't be surprised!!!
It just bothers me, all the stuff that I am seeing come out about the people I grew up with. It seems like EVERYONE is watching TV!!! It USED to be that Videos/movies were ok...but NOW it's TV too. I am seein pictures of APOSTOLIC girls dresses soooooooooo immodestly I am like shocked!!! AND I'll ask another friend, when did so and so back slide and they are like, they didn't!!!! AND I am like but, but, but, did you see that pic they have posted? Did you see what TV show it says they are watching right now?! And they are like oh yeah, don't let it freak you out, I am not sayin I think it's ok, but, thats just the way they are!!!! I am sorry, BUT that FREAKS me out!!! Yes, girls, it is STILL possible to go swimming in MODEST clothes, at the ocean!!! AND yes, there was a time in my life that I struggled with watching television, but the WHOLE time I was doing it, I KNEW that I was WRONG!!!
People tell me, well if you CAN'T control yourself to NOT sit around watching TV all day long, and you can't control yourslef to ONLY watch the good stuff, then your just NOT very spirtual...You know what YOU are absolutley correct...I am NOT!!! That is the reason why I guard and protect myself...because I know that a dirty joke will crack me up and those comedy shows and soap opera's will capture my attention. I have gotten those little picks for being Little Miss Fun and Little Miss Personality, but in case you havn't noticed, I ain't NEVER gotten NO award for being Little Miss Spirtual!!! ;)
Furthermore, it also bothers me when I see Apostolic young people following or lifting up any sort of worldly icons!!! I will NOT hang up pictures of Marlyn Monroe in my room, no matter HOW beautiful she was...She represents everything God doesn't want us to be!!! Yeah, Elvis Presley was kinda hot at one time, but I don't want NO pics of some druggie!!! AND I don't want NO purse with Jessica Simpson's name all over it...I don't even know what the chic looks like...HONESTLY!!! When I was in my early teens there was some start that I had a total crush on...but DO you know just HOW DISGUSTED i was when I found out he was BI?!?! tHATS SICK!!! Look at all these little cute girls that are becoming pop stars, they start out soooo sweet and innocent...but Hollywood destroys that...Just look at the Olsen twins, Brittaney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Hannah Montanna-These are girls that struggle with, anorexia, bulimia, depression, drugs, divorce, indecent exposure, posing nude and homosexuality-I remember, before they were like that-but thats what Hollywood will do!!!
AND I know EVERYONE is gonna think I am REALLY cRaZy for saying this, but you know when Sarah Palin was running for Vice-President, you know how like in our church's all the girls were going WILD over her, like she dresses so stylish and conservative( I did LOVE her glasses, totally want a fake pair JUST like that) and Like oh my new role model and all that kinda stuff?!
Well, in the back of my head I just kept thinking you know all these Godly woman are totally like lookin up to her, BUT is this who we should be lookin up to?! I mean, is it really possible for a woman, as VICE PRESIDENT of the United States of America, to be submissive to her own husband?!?! I have been told that it TOTALLY is, BUT yeah RIGHT!!! HAHAHAHA!!! If I was Vice president, I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO would NOT EVEN be listening to my husband!!! AND yes, I am sure she would have made a great Vice President, but since she was a Christian, to God, her first duty was to be a wife and mom!!! (Sorry but thats just what I have been taught!)
At Arizona Camp Meeting, Bro. Weaks preached a message, and in the message he talked about a man that was a cop that went undercover into a gang to bust up the group. But while he was workin undercover, a family member died. This undercover cop was really devestated and much to his dismay, he really didn't get much sympathy from the people in his church. However, when he went back to the gang he was supposed to be bustin up, he told them about his family member dying. AND he remembers this big burly gang member coming over and giving him hug, tellin him he loved him and how he was so sorry to see his brother hurtin. And this underconver cop saw a tear fallin down the gang members cheek in sorrow for him, he says that it was in that moment, that the line between right and wrong began to get blurred.
It is with this thought in my mind that I have made my decision to get off Facebook. I will be letting my friends know that I am leavin and will be off by the end of the week. Its not because I think I am better or judgemental or any of that Jazz!!! It's because I don't want to have to feel guilty for living by the morals and convictions we were ALL taught...It's because I just wanna know, WHAT"S wrong with LIVING RIGHT? It's because when I see people that are supposed to be living for God, doing bad stuff, I don't want to begin questioning if it really is ok. It's because I don't want my line to get blurred!!!
P.S. Don't worry, I won't be writing anything this long or serious on here for A long time. Plus, have you all noticed that my blog has totally been lagging?! Its cause of's totally time consuming...but don't worry...tons of STUPID/FUN posts coming up soon...WooooooooohOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ;)

Monday, July 6, 2009

5 YEARS!!!

June 7th my little Ella Bella turned 5-years old! And July 2nd it was 5 years that I have been takin care of her!!! WOW!!! Thats cRaZy!!! We are soooooooooo close to each other and I am thankful that I have had the chance to have an impact on her life...The opportunity to teach her about Jesus. She is defanatley one little high mantience princess...LOL!!!! But takin care of her has been an AWESOME job!!! I still can't believe i have kept the SAME job for five WHOLE years!!! Woooooooohooooooooooooo!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The coolest store....

Check it out 

I REALLY WANT this cupcake table...It's only $750.00 *SOB!!! :,(

I like LOVE this store!!! it has the FUNKIEST stuff ever!!!

and if you guys know of any other cool or funky stores please tell me!!! 
I soooooooo LOVE this kinda stuff!!! Of course, I don't exactly LOVE the prices!!! I don't see myself ever bein able to AFFORD ANY of it!!! LOL!!! Well, I am sure my rich future husband would LOVE to buy this kinda stuff for me...;)