Monday, January 31, 2022

Happy Monday!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the NEW YEAR!!! ME...I'm enjoying the still nice weather and HIKING!!!!Happy LAST day of January!!! Hey it's the last day of January and I still have NOT figured out my NEW YEAR 2022 goals...AHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! 
I asked all my friends what their 2022 goals were and I think Anali summed it up best, she said, "LOSE WEIGHT AND WIN SOULS!!! And you?" I was liiiiiiike, make the long story short...THAT PRETTY MUCH SUMS IT UP!!! Hee, hee!!! Also less shopping!!!πŸ˜‡
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, January 29, 2022



♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, January 28, 2022

I feel bad for...

I was just randomly telling my sister, YOU KNOW, 
I just feel sooooo bad for...
My future daughter in law!!!
My sister is just basically like I have NO idea WHY your even thinking about this when you have absolutely no prospects AT ALL WHATSOEVERRR, buuuuuuuut WHY do you feel bad for her???
I was like, WEEEEEELLLLL imagine marrying my future son AND KNOWING, that she'll NEVERRRRR be able to cook as good as his mom...I mean just feel so bad for her that she'll have to go through sister is just like basically rolling her eyes at me...buuuuuuuuuut you guys REALLY...I just feel for heart goes out to her...I could teach her...buuuuuuuut STILL...
ACTUALLY, on second thought...
I mean one taste of my cooking and BAM...just like know that she'll NEVERRR be her son's favorite cook heart just goes out to her...
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. I hope my future MIL is NOT reading this right now...

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Mexican Keto week!!!

Soooooo you guys... weeeeeelllll basically, something that I've discovered about myself I basically have to live a low carb lifestyle pretty much FOR LIFE!!! Like as a life style cuz as soon as I don't I gain a TON of weight!! I mean yeah we all take a day off here and there...buuuuut  you know NOT MONTHS!!! AHAHAAA!!!! So i've done low carb for years now and there are all kinds of low carb diets but I think keto seems the least like a DIET, diet to me!!!!

Sooooooo I give myself these KETO CHALLENGES...Liiiiiiike can I make a Keto Dish that that doesn't taste any different than NOT KETO???? I acomplished Lasagna---AND now NOT WITH ZOODLE NOODLES!!! It's not anything weird or plant based or pea protien or some random weird veggie...I came up with the most BRILLIANT noodle idea-and for a LOW FEE, i'll give you the recipe!!! Juuuuuuuuust kidding--- if you ask, I'll hook you up just cuz i'm AWESOME like that!!! ;)
Sooooooo after acomplishing the lasagna, I started craving red ENCHILADAS!!! Annnnnnnd this brought me TWO CHALLENGES!!! 1. Learning how to make homemade- NOT FROM THE CAN, authentic Mexican enchilada sauce. 2. Keto Enchiladas-THAT TASTE BOMB.COM!!!!
(Weeeeeellllll DUH...I'm Mary soooooo OF COURSE I DID!!!;)
My first strategy was talking to pretty much EVERY MEXICAN I know about how they make their enchilada sauce!!! Pretty much half of Roswell, NM was involved in helping me accomplish this goal!!!
Soooooo originally i bought a paste of pepper puree...

that was unseasoned and it was basically like YOU make it, they had just already finished the boiling and pureeing part of the peppers for you...I thought this was still pretty homemade, BUUUUUUUT when I talked to Anali, she said, and I'm NOT quoting her buuuuuuut,  basically thats cheating and it will taste BETTER if i boil and puree the peppers myself...ugh...
Okaaaaaaay I just want to clarify that back in the day, my mother and I made homemade tamales and it was soooooo long ago there wasn't internet access and I guess I didn't really have any Mexican friends to ask and we liiiiiiike missed the part about pureeing the peppers in the blender and she made me like squeeze them through a cheesecloth and hands were stained red for like WEEKS and it was sooooooo hard and such a big mess!!! The tamales were REALLY good buuuuuuuut I was just like okaaaaaaaay this is just waaaaaaaay TO MUCH WORK!!!! So i was pretty traumatized about using peppers like that for anything!!! LOL 
they work Mom, THEY WORK!!!! 

Weeeeeeeeeelllll I thought the first batch of red sauce came out PRETTY was a little salty...I added chicken boullion and then salt WITHOUT first tasting it...always taste it people before adding was STILL REALLY good and better than just about any enchilada sauce i've had...annnnnnnd I DID IT...I MADE MY KETO ENCHILADAS!!!!
Look at these delicious, but still low carb,  BEAUTIES!!!
Soooooo i decided I was going to make the green chili enchilada sauce COMPLETELY FRESH!!! 
Sooooooooo I once again talked to a TON of friends and read a TON or authentic recipes annnnnnnd went shopping at good city...I really did NOT know what all I was buying buuuuuuuut IF it was a green pepper I bought some annnnnnnnd some tomatillos-which i found out are green tomatos

I roasted them all in the oven then deseeded them and threw em in the blender...

NOW I did two or three things different from all the recipes...
1. instead of one clove of garlic, i used liiiiiike know what...I'm Italian and it gives amaaaaaaaaZing flavor
2. most people did not cook it for very long and maybe it's not really traditional buuuuuut since I was using tomatillos which are tomatos...I slow cooked it for several hours like we do with our pasta sauce...tomatoes are acidic and when you cook it for hours like that it cooks out the it just seems like sauces taste better when you slow cook them...
3.annnnnd THEN since i'm keto anyways...I thought what would it hurt if I threw in a stick of butter...I couldn't hurt the flavor riiiiight????

plus I added in all the traditional seasonings like cumin and chicken boulion...

Yes i'm wear green BECAUSE i'm making GREEN enchilada sauce!!!

then i wrapped them in my SECRET keto wrapper I made up!!! ;)

I know this is gonna sound conceited buuuuut REALLY, I feel like HONEST is more accurate...because they were LITERALLY some of THE BEST ENCHILADAS I'VE EVERRRR had in my life!!!! Buuuuuuuuuuut they're NOT THE BEST, the best I've ever had were made by a lady named Sister Mini from one of the churches in California...those are SERIOUSLY THE BEST ONES I'VE EVERRRR HAD IT MY LIFE!!!!
Buuuuuuuuuuuut I was PRETTY PLEASED WITH THEM!!!
I've been eating them for a week and have NOT yet gotten sick of them which is a pretty big miracle!!! My sister has been eating the non-keto ones i made her and she isn't tired of them YET...she said she may need a little break buuuuuuut she really likes them AND THATS A HUGE DEAL FOR MY SISTER TO STILL WANT THEM AFTER A WEEK!!! She gets tired of stuff PRETTY QUICKLEY!!!
Then on Tuesday, I JUST HAD TO TRY MY RED ENCHILADA SAUCE FROM the dried red peppers instead of the paste and WOWWWWWWW!!!! I can really taste the difference and will always make it like this or maybe completely fresh ones next time like I did with the green peppers!!!

I made these ones for my sister out of corn tortillas and I just filled them with cheese cuz I didn't have any meat on hand and she really like them and said that this read sauce for sure came out even better than the first time!!! Annnnnnnd liiiiiiike, MY SISTER DOES NOT JUST SAY STUFF TO BE NICE...she would NOT EVEN TOUCH my MExican rice!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

If a Mexican everrrr trys my enchiladas and then asks me for my enchilada sauce recipe...Ill liiiiiike literally NEVERRRR SHUT UP ABOUT IT...liiiiiiike NEVERRRRRR!!!! BEWARE: You will read about it!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

#1 USA YELP WINNER!!!! (Resturaunt Review)

My Pastor's wife told us about this place after Friday night prayer, she had just randomly found it going on a food adventure with a friend...YES, my pastor's wife does FOOD ADVENTURES TOO...thats another thing that makes her soooooo AWESOME!!! ;) a few months earlier, AND NOW IT HAS BEEN VOTED THE #1 RESTURAUNT ON YELP IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! YUP, the whole entire USA and it's right here in PHOENIX!!!
The HILARIOUS part about this, is that it is a VERY uh...GHETTOLICIOUS part of Phoenix too!!! Buuuuuuut hey...all the good places to eat usually are...well...EXCEPT Cheesecake Factory!!!;) It was really funny to see these RITZY Scottsdale folks walking the blocks over...cuz YES it's that crowded, OVER to the resturaunt...liiiiiiike literally you know it was their good deed to just drive in the neighborhood!!! BAHAHHAHAHAHAAAA!!!
AnywayZ, on with THE REVIEW!!!
With a full stomach and jolly heart, I greet the people waiting in line for their party to be called and as I see them looking at their menus wondering what hey should get, I feel compelled to help them out!!!
THE STEAK TACOS ARE THE BEST!!! Thank you they say, That's what I'm getting" says one man... and you literally see the relief come over him with his decision finally been made and you hear other chimes of yeah me too, thanks!
As I get in the car my sister says, "did they just ask you what they should get?" "No," I say. "I didn't think so," she says in a very unimpressed-with-my-helping-random-strangers-what-to-order-voice. Buuuuuuut me, I just straighten my cape, knowing I did my part in helping make someone's food adventure the best experience possible!!!! ;)
You guys, I'm telling you all, 
The Beef Tenderloin Steak tacos 
are for sure the star of the menu!!!

 I mean, pomegranate marinade, chipotle aioli, crispy fried jalapeΓ±os and onions, all in ONE TACOhow do you compete with that???? Weeeeeeelllll you don't!!! So El Pastor and Roasted veggie tacos just settle for being the delicious besties.

I love the fact that they allow you to mix and match the tacos so you can try three on one trip! I'm not a big seafood person buuuuuuut the tropical fish ones sound so good I'm considering trying one next time!!!!
They also have an option for us keto folks to get the tacos in a lettuce cup. Although I did NOT stick to keto this time around... cuz I mean... how can I write a really accurate review without trying those carbs... it's a sacrifice... buuuuuuut I do it for YOU ALL!!!!;) And next time, lettuce cups!!!!
For appetizers we got the house made chips and salsa and the street corn off the Cobb!!! Both were very good with lots of flavor. The salsa was neither mild or hot, just a little kick.
Shout out to our waitress Alexa, only her second day but you would've thought she'd work their forever. She was helpful, friendly and attentive! Your doing an excellent job, keep up the good work!!! (:

Two things you guys could improve on:

1. The rice and beans were just kinda eh! Kinda like the nice, buuuuuuut homely stepsister's of the delicious family!!! I really think you guys can do better with these two... I believe you can give these two a makeover and make them into the beauties they should be.

2. Give us the chips and salsa for free!!! I mean, come on you guys are #1!!! Everyone knows that the chips and salsa are supposed just come to us... that's part of being a Mexican restaurant!!!!! I knoooooow it's only $1.95.... Buuuuuuut still... free is better... jus sayin!!! And also MY SISTER said to make sure to say bigger cups of salsa!!! Although they do give you more salsa without an extra added charge, they're VERY SMALL...almost can't even fit a a bigger chip in them! 

My sister got  the La Diabla chicken pasta and did not like it! Buuuuuuut she's really picky about spices and I think there was something Smokey in the sauce and she doesn't NOT like smoked anything! I tried it and thought it was very good though!!! I love that the noodles were flavored peppers!!!

Well everyone, make sure you purposely save room for the churros!!! You will be blown away!!!
Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and filled with cream and laid in caramel and a little pool of cream to dip them in case all that just isn't enough!
Well. It's been a few hours... 
I think I'm gonna go take a bite of the leftover besties!!! 
Asta Lavista amigos!! 
(That was on Saturday, leftovers are LOOOOOONG gone by today...and it's like stepping out of a carb-a-licious ball and back to the LOW CARB reality...oh wait...I think I left my glass slipper there...except, I don't wear's more like Nikes or Uggs...and aint NO prince gonna bring me a taco an shoes cuz they've probably been pawned!!! AHAHAHAHAAA!!!)

♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. They do take reservations...buuuuuut on our hour lunch wait, we just went on another food adventure and got boba...Illl post that review NEXT week!!!

Monday, January 24, 2022

Happy Monday!!!
ahahahahahahahaaa!!! We’ve had a few of those!!! Loooooooving our Pioneer Woman one!!! πŸ₯°

Saturday, January 22, 2022


Sooooooo O is just walking around saying,
 G-I-N-T-Y… Ginty- I think it means Oinker!!!
We were laughing soooooo hard!!! Literally O did not start gaining any weight till his last name changed to GINTY!!! Now he’s ALL ABOUT TRYING new foods with his cRaZy Aunt Mary!!! #Foodies

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Coming March 2022!!!

Sounds like a good message in this day and age…
I don’t wanna brag though…. Buuuuuuut I think my illustrator is better!!!! She’s sooooooo TALENTED!!!
You can get it on Amazon or
Now I haven’t read the actual book and it hasn’t been released… soooooo don’t wholly take my word on it…jus sayin!!! 

Sunday, January 16, 2022

My apologies!!!

So sorry everyone I didn’t blog all last week… I ended up getting soooooooooo SICK 😷 πŸ€’ πŸ€• 🀧!!!!!
Look at how pitiful I looked!!! lol πŸ˜‚ soooooo for the third time, back to back since November, I got a sinus infection!!!! My sister was like this is so weird because you’re neverrrrr sick 😷 like this!!! I’m liiiiiike I knoooooooow and I’m soooooo annoyed about it!!!
Anyways, I went to the doctor via video chat and she wrote me out a antibiotic and a steroid to calm down my sinuses and asked if I have a lot of sinus issues and I said yeah ever since I got Covid the first time I get sinus headaches and stuff! Soooooooo she said I may have to see a sinus specialist… buuuuut… idk… I’m not big on going to the doctor… I waited till getting sick a third time to actually go!!!
Also got some immune defense from Amazon!!! I’m a big vitamin nerd and this is 10 in one soooooo hopefully it works!!! If I don’t get sick for two months I’ll be happy!!!

Friday, January 7, 2022

Which salsa are you???

This is mine!!!!
Get it??? 

♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, January 6, 2022

I can wait BECAUSE…

Waiting. It's a part of life. 
I recently have someone working on a project for me, and I picked out a person that I have no doubt in my mind will produce a good product. I've talked to them about it and things are going slower than we originally planned, buuuuuuuuuut it's in the works. 
Have you ever asked someone to do something for you and they do a shoddy job??? They're late in getting it to you, but not because they're working hard buuuuut because they're just lazy? Then when they FINALLY DO, it's still WET...liiiiiiike they literally just slopped it together two minutes ago...
Well with this person is NOT like that!!!
Sure I might be able to get someone else to do the job faster, but I don't know that the workmanship would be as good. Afterwards, I told my sister, you know, even though I AM anxious to see the end result, I don't mind waiting longer on them, because I trust their work. 
As soon as I said it, a thought entered my mind, that's the SAME REASON I can wait on God,
            BECAUSE I TRUST HIM!!!
Sure there are times that I feel frustrated, I get anxious to see the end result, but I don't take things into my own hands, because I trust HIS HANDS over my own. When you try to do things YOUR WAY, the ultimate reason is because you think you can do a better job than God.
Buuuuuuuuuuuut even though I don't know what exactly he is doing, I know He only has the good things in store for me.  Whatever happens will be the best thing for me. I may not understand why things may take so long, buuuuuut I KNOW it's not because he's waiting till the last minute to slop something together for me.
"I wait for the Lord, my soul doth wait,
and in his word do I hope." (Psalm 130:5)

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

When you’re kid reads the Bible…

Sooooooo Odin has this THING with figuring out how old YOU'LL be when HE IS a certain's VERY ANNOYING to have to try and do the math and when he asks at 6 am my response is usually FIRST OF ALL, why are you thinking about this first thing  waking up annnnnnnd I don't know and YOUR THE ONLY ONE that cares about this!!! LOL
Buuuuuuuuuut if i've had my caffeine and feeling a little more awake...I'll actually TRY to figure it out with him!!! I'm 28 years older than him...right? 38-10=28 Sooooooo he'll say when I'm 16 you'll be??? 44 Odin! Ok so when I'm 30 you'll be? I'm like 58 Odin! So then he's like...
 WHEN i'm 99, how old will you be Aunt Mary???
I'm like, DEAD ODIN...I'll BE DEAD BY THEN!!!!
He looks at me shocked, Aunt Mary, why do you think that??? I'm liiiiike cuz that's really old soooooo i'm sure i'll be gone by then!!! Without missing a beat he says...
You never know Aunt Mary, 
you might live to be...
969 here i come!!!
I started laughing soooooo hard!!! I'm liiiiiike first of all, at least we know you've been reading your Bible and second of all, YOUR RIGHT, I just might life to be 969...I doubt it, buuuuuuuut YOU NEVER KNOW!!!! He's liiiiike Aunt Mary, GOD CAN DO IT!!! I'm liiiiiike your right O, God CAN DO ANYTHING!!! 
Sooooooo if your kids read their Bible, they just might have faith to believe your NOT EVEN OLD!!! MAAAAAAAAAAAYBE!!! ;)

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Favorite thing about my car!!!

Soooooo I was telling my sister, you know what I really like about Blossom??? (My new car)
I loooooooove that she is BRIGHT ORANGE!!! Even though I would have preferred HOT PINK, i loooooooove that she is BRIGHT and colorful!!! I told my sister, I LOVE THE FACT that when Blossom and I arrive somewhere, EVERYONE KNOWS!!!
Liiiiiiike one glance out the window and you know...
My sister said, AS IF everyone doesn't already know you've arrived WITHOUT LOOKING OUTSIDE, from YOU CRASHING IN to wherever your parking!!! 
I was liiiiiike, YEAH...besides that!!!πŸ™„
Hee, Hee!!! ;)

♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, January 3, 2022

Taki Sandwich recipe!!!

Sooooooooo since this morning i've had hundreds of requests for my Taki Sandwich recipe...
                                        JUUUUUUUUUUST KIDDING!!!
Buuuuuuut I know you all are SECRETLY dying to try this!!! First of all, IF YOUR TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT, don't eat this UNLESS your NOT planning to eat anything else the whole day!!!! And NO MATTER WHAT, this is NOT keto I sit relishing in my non-keto yesterday!!! Hee, hee!!! Anyways, lets get to this amaaaaaaaaaZing with a capital Z recipe!!!
Ingredients: 1-2 slices of soft bread, (white is most easy buuuuuut brioche bread is THE BEST)
Mayo (I prefer Kraft)
TAKIS!!! (8-16ish)
Directions: Spread a thick, but not too thick layer of mayo on bread each side of bread, i only do half a sandwich buuuuuut you can do a whole if you want, then lay your takis down until they go all the way across the bread and mayo, maybe add a few extra for good measure, then put the second slice of mayo bread on top, pick it up annnnnnnd...
Soft bread is met with a spicy crunch and finished with a creamy slap of a deliciousness!!! 
Can we say PARTAAAAY in the mouth???

I'm telling you guys, this sandwich is worth EVERY SINGLE CALORIE!!! I do NOT regret eating this last night!!! and I'll let you in on a little secret, my NOT SO FOOD ADVENTUROUS SISTER, said she was NOT going to try this yesterday because it was "DISGUSTING" buuuuuuuuut I told her to JUST TRY IT...soooooo she took a bite of her kid's sandwich and then another AND ANOTHER....until they said MOOOOOOOM...she's probably gonna yell at me for sharing her secret, buuuuuuut SHE LOOOOOOOVED IT!!!! 
Also, try dipping your takis in mayo...not like a ton...buuuuuut yeah...remember...these are splurge meals or snacks and should NOT be eaten regularly...MODERATION!!!! Hee, hee!!! 
If you try a TakI Sandwich, Puuuuuuleeeeeeze let me know!!!! Even if you think it tastes disgusting, I'll think your cOoL for taking a FOOD ADVENTURE!!! ;)

♥Mary Frances :)

Happy 1st Monday 2022!!!

Soooooooo true!!!!
Anyone else gonna admit this besides me??? I actually got right back on track yesterday…. I even resisted the free Rainbow donuts 🍩 after church ⛪️ yesterday…. I didn’t even care about the Bundt cakes my sister had bought…BUUUUUUUUUUT THEN…
The kids got takis and they were talking about Taki sandwiches πŸ₯ͺ, which is an amaaaaaZing with a capital Z sandwich πŸ₯ͺ that I invented annnnnnnd I HAD to have one…
Soooooooooo yeah TODAY IS THE DAY!!!Btw: my grand total for keto til Christmas was 16 pounds soooooo I’m pretty pleased!!! I’m right back on track today cuz YA know…                                  It’s MONDAY!!!πŸ€ͺπŸ™ŒπŸ½