Friday, December 28, 2012

What's the answer??? ;)

Sooooo last night I was playing a game with the Roswell youth and some other peeps at the youth night lock in thingy! The game was called Perfect Sense and the object of the game is that you pick a card and read the riddle and the other people have to try and guess what the answer to the riddle is! Whoever guesses the RIGHT answer gets the point and is the next person to read to the other players...sooooooooooooo this was our first clue...
Soooooo we're all like TRYING to guess the answer to the riddle...we're like ummmm air??? Space???? Molecules??? Atoms??? NO ONE COULD guess then I was all Ooooo I KNOW!!!! Like OMW...IT MUST BE...
AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Everyone just busted up laughing...but I was laughing the HARDEST OF ALL!!! Which just made everyone laugh even MORE!!!
Think ABOUT IT you guys!!! It makes ...
PERFECT SENSE!!! :D Bahahahahaha!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Old man!!!

Sooooo last night a bunch of us young people were busy socializing... WHEN Bro. Andrew Foster comes walking in with a smug look on his face annnnnnd says ONE MORE MINUTE before its time to leave!!!
I was like MAN Look at you all happy and cheerful about making us go to bed!!!! I'm like MAN your soooooo OLD you don't even remember what it's like to be a young person!!!
Soooo someone was like WAIT Mary, aren't you and Bro. Andrew the same age?!?! I'm like, NOOOOO...
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Havin FUNNNNN!!!

At Conqueror's Conference!!!
♥Mary Frances :)


I HATE BEING LATE!!! Hurry up people!!! Grrrrrrrr!!! Duuuuuude i woke up EARLY this mornin!!!! Set your alarm!!! We havnt even left yet but we"re stopping to eat?!?! Are you Kidding me?!?! Wow...I'm im lookin around and i im thinkin all of us could stand to skip a few meals!!! Jus sayin!!! Lol

Last Christmas...

They wern't even talkin to each other!!!

Look who's HERE!!!

Together again!!! Woooohooo!!! Let the good times roll!!! The only thing that's missing is Hanna Banana!!! Awwwww!!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Christmas card!!!

Heeeeeeey everyone!!!! This is my Christmas card for you all!!! Environmentally-tree-saving annnnnnd Dave Ramsey approved!!! Lol!!! Annnnnd feel free to jus copy/ paste it to your PC AND print it and hang it on your fridge! You know you want too!!!! ;) I love you all annnnnd hav yourself a MARY little Christmas!!! ;))))
P.s. God gave me a special message for all you HANDSOME-single-on-fire-for-God-burden-for-the-Lost- NOT-creepy-guys!!! While reading the Christmas story today, I felt impressed by God... "Mary, your future husband NEEDS to read thAt!!!"soooo guys, actually, its really ONLY for ONE of you, lol, Please direct your attention to Matthew 1:20...the latter part of the scripture... After the 5th comma!!! Lol then stop reading After the : and jus obey the word of God!!! AhahAhahaha
Merry CHRISTmas everyone!!!
Love Mar Bear :)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Prayin black!!!

Omw!!! Sooooo Layna, who is 8, jus totally cracked me up yesturday at prayer before the Filipino service! I look up during prayer and see her just wAlkin back and forth with the Bible just wavin on the one side of her face! It just looked soooo cuuuuuute and ETHNIC!!! I like tried to muffle my laughter and just had to take a picture! Then when church was about to start and she came and sat by me I was all like, look at you girl, you were all prayin like a lil black woman!!! She just looks at me, then says, that's because I AM a BLACK woman!!! Ahahaha!!! (Hanna you'll hav to get some, prayin-like-a-black-woman lessons next time your out here!;)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

MJ and ME!!!

So when me and MJ were at the mall the other day we got these snowball pretzel bites from Auntie Annies pretzel shop...they are the salted plain pretzel bites, covered in powdered sugar...reallllllly awesome cuz they are SWEEEET annnnnnnnnd SALTY...which is just pure awesomeness...ya know?!?!
Soooooooooooo when we were ALL DONE sharing them this is what I LOOKED LIKE!!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnd this is MY NIECE!!!!
NO SNOW!!! What in the world??? ANNNNNNND I'm the ADULT!?!?!!? As MJ would say, "Wow Mary! WOW!!!" ;D
♥Mary Frances:)

Friday, December 21, 2012

A Christmas Moment!!!

Soooooooo I kinda didn't think it through when I was Christmas decoraTing the otheR day annnnnnnd I hung this really AWESOME bright green gaRland from the loweR paRt of the ceiling in our ktichen and then hung ChristmaS ornaments from it!!!
Sooooo it turned out looking rEaLly CUUUUUUTE and festive and I said...I didn't rEally think it through...annnnnnnnnnd being that i'm NOT short annnnnd thaT I have HIGH hair...the ornaments kept brushing the top of my head...LOL!!!
Sooooooooo yesturday I waS rushing out the mall to head to the mall with my niece and I felt one of the ornaments get caught in my hair and I thought I had loosed myself of it, buuuuuut it felt like it had kinda tugged on something on my head....sooooo I checked but my bow waS still in place...soooo i'm just like ok WhATeVER, head out to the van with MJ and we drive off!!! Sooooo we'rE driving through the neighborhood, we stop aT the stop sign right before we'rE about to head out onto 40th street...which is the main street by our house annnnnnd...
Something goes flopping oveR my head and across my face!!! I waS like....
OMW!!! WhaT IN THE WORLD?!?!?!
It was the CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT!!! AHAHAHAhahaha!!!!! Its DEFINATLEY a GOOOOOOOOD thing that it decided to flop OVER MY FACE...BEFORE...I got onto the MAIN STREET!!! LOL MJ was just like, OKAAAAAAAAAY WOW!!!
So it was like really stuck and I couldn't get it out...soooo I had to park the van and MJ came up and untangled it for me!!!

 So she takes it out of my hair and then she just like starts giggling and just totally busts up laughing!!! She is like, I saw that in your hair when we were walking out of the house and I was wondering WHY you had it there!!! I was like okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay....YOU ACTUALLY saw it in my hair and didn't say anything to me about it???? I was like WHY didn't you tell me that I had a CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT hanging from my head???
She doesn't say anything she just keeps laughing!!! Soooo I'm like, WHAT you just thought I was being my cRaZy self?!?!? She is like, YES!!! Then she is like still giggling she says she just thought I was being MARY!!! She says, I was thinkin in my head, OKAAAAAAAY this is a MARY MOMENT!!!!
Annnnnnnnnnd this is when you know that you are OFFICIALLY SPECIAL!!! When you have Christmas ornaments hanging from your head and no one bothers to tell you cuz they just think its YOU...being YOU!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! I ♥ being ME!!! ;)
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The REASON why...

My sis saw this quote the other day and read it to me...
Then she says, "I guess that means that MY BRAIN has NEVER stopped working!!!" Then she proceeds to say, "NOW YOU on the other hand, your brain stops working at least several times...EVERY DAY!!!" BAHAHAHA!!! That made me laugh really hard...buuuuut I guess it really kind of makes sense!!!
WHY DO YOU THINK there are sooooooooooooooo SOOOOOOOO MANY randomly cRaZy things that happen to me???? 
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Look!!! It's a...

Chocolate Santa!!! Lol!!! Yay for Chocolate and cuuuuute clothes!!! Ha!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Why I'm NOT married!!!

Sooooooo I saw this FROG annnnnnd...

I got this REALLLY bright Idea...
I thought he would become MY PRINCE...
It didn't WORK!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
P.s. pHOTography was done by Denae Joy Abbott!!! :)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Reflection...

I saw a homeless man on the street the other day, standing on the corner of the street begging for money. Usually, most of the time, I just blow on by, but that day, I had to stop and give him a dollar. It wasn't anything imparticular about him that stood out to me and NO i have NO idea what he was REALLY going to do with my money, buuuuuut my mind was on a loved one that day. A loved one that God delivered from a life on the streets...a life of homelessness and drug addiction...but in a moment of weakness that loved one left the fold and now I just can't help but think you never know what God can do. So I pray for him and pray for them AND YOU my friend that I love so dearly, YOU are the reason I bother to stop and give that homeless man a dollar. 
I see a prostitute out on the street, others look at her in disgust! They turn up their nose and they sneer, but something in my heart just tugs I want to stop and give her a tell her that there IS hope and a better way... Because another person comes to my mind another person that I love so dearly, fallen away from God,  trapped in a life of poverty, sin and selling herself away. And YOU my loved one YOU are the reason I don't sneer and turn up my nose!
I see that young pregnant teen, stuck between childhood and adulthood, trying to balance two worlds. Its her own fault, thats what people say, take that baby away from her, she doesn't deserve it...and I can't help but feel so torn... because I think of ANOTHER young teen mom...I rock her baby in my arms and I can't help but cry cuz I remember when I used to rock her in my arms too...I love that baby...but I LOVE that babies mommy and SHE, she IS the reason WHY...I keep on trying...why I keep on praying...WHY I keep on loving!
A homeless man, a prostitute, a pregnant teen, a drug addict...when I see them I see people that I love...buuuuut...MORE than anything else, there is ANOTHER reason WHY I take the time with them. ITs because when I see them, when I look into the hopelessness in their eyes, I'm not just reminded of the people I love, its like I see a mirror, a reflection of MYSELF, without God! Without God, they all could have been ME!!! Without God, I just don't know where I would be!!! I want to reach them, because IF it were me, I would hope that SOMEONE would take the time to have reached ME!!! 
Can you see it? Can you see the shadow of the cross covering over what the devil had planned for you? Can you see the blood of JESUS, blotting out the devils script? We're NOT so far off, we're NOT so much better...we would have been RIGHT THERE...were it NOT for God's saving grace! Look closely next time, look into their JUST might be able to see your own reflection covered by the blood of Jesus!!! Its the reflection of Grace! Its the reflection of Mercy!!!
 Its the reflection of REDEMPTION!!!
"Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind
Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.
And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified,
but ye are justified

in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

A moment!!!!

Okaaaaay sooooo... I jus discovered that I really truly am ghetto!!! Soooo I went thru a ton of my clothes and I hav some really cute stuff so I thought I would try to consign it at A Second Look!!! Which is basically an expensive thrift store!!!
Soooo I'm readin their lil paper of consignment rules annnnnd it says we do NOT take any low end brand names of clothing!!! Such as Kmart, Walmart , target and Old Navy!!! I was like whaaaaat?!?! Since when are Target and Old Navy considered LOW END?!?! I mean seriously?!?! Like WOW!!! I like soooo thought that Old Navy was a name brand!!! I mean I loooooove that store!! I told my mom and she was like WHAT?! I won't even shop at target because its to expensive!!! Haha!!! Gotta love MY MOM!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
I'm jus like okaaaaay what does Second Look know about what's low end any ways???They're a second hand store!!! A THRIFT STORE!!! USED MERCHANDISE!!! THEY'RE LOW END!!!  Don't get me wrong, I have NOTHING against thrift stores, I just HATE when thrift stores FORGET that they are thrift stores!!! I mean seriousley, you don't see RICH people like, OMW I gotta go get me some NAME BRAND clothes, that have already been used, at SECOND LOOK!!! NO! They, go right to the original store and don't blink an eye at paying full price!!! 
Buuuuuut WOW...I mean everyone knows that Kmart is Ghetto ANNNND Walmart well...its kinda ghetto buuuuut I STILL LOVE that place!!! BUUUUUUUT TARGET AND OLD NAVY??? Man, i'm just takin a moment to take in, just HOW ghetto I really, truley am!!! HAHAHA!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Free! Free! FREE!!!

Soooooo who all here likes FREE STUFF??? ME!!! Weeeeeellllll...Audio Theatre Central is offering a great deal for a FREE Lamplighter theatre Episode!(Audio Drama) This is a $25 value for FREE!!! I just ordered mine!!!
Thank you, Mary Ginty.
Your order has been placed.
A confirmation e-mail with a printable invoice will be sent to you.
Your order number is 109776
Your order total is $0.00
How AWESOME is that???
 Go HERE for the details to get yours!!! (When you order your FREE episode, make sure that you let Lamplighter know that you found out about them from AUDIO THEATRE CENTRAL [AKA: ATC or Radio CSS Or Jonathon, Andrew and Roy] annnnnnd MAKE sure you let Audio Theatre Central know that you found out from CLASSIC MARY MOMENTS!!!They owe me!!!;) soooo DON'T FORGET!!!) Heeeeey who can't afford FREE??? What are you waiting for??? GO!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Friendshipversay Birthday!!!

Sooooo jus wanna giv my wonderful good friend Anali a Special Happy Birthday post!!! Of course it's belated but ya know!!! Lol sooooo one year ago, Anali and kinda started becoming friends! Lol I say kinda cuz it was her bday and Hanna told me to text her... So I did.. Buuuut i didn't really know her!!! Soooo we talked and stuff buuuuut I didn't really know her annnnnd Hanna had told me that Anali is very HONEST and BLUNT And I was like oh great I hope I am going to like this chick!!!
Soooo her and Hanna come out this past summer annnnd I'm aLl like with her for like two hours and I tell Anali, oh I LIKE YOU!!! I'm like I didn't know if I would but I DO!!! She is like AWKWARD MARY!!!! Lololol I was like, don't worry, even if I hadn't liked you, I still woulda been nice to you!!! Ahaha!!!
But yeah, Anali and me are pretty tight now!!! Probabley the ONLY thing we havn't seen eye to eye on are the guys I pick out to like...HANNA AND ANALI both are like super picky about my crushes...They'll be all like "I don't think he is nice enough for you OR I don't think he would appreciate the things that make you Mar Bear OR I'm NOT saying he isn't a good guy, I just don't know that he would be GOOD FOR YOU!" I mean seriousley, you would think they're MY BROTHERS!!! AHAHAHA!!! Its kinda sweet tho ya, they LOOK out for me...AWWWW!!!
We've had waaaaay to many laughs together!!! She is very much a realist which a great balance for me! If you ask her her oppinion, she WILL TELL YOU!! lol I think our personAlitys kinda jus spark each other! She is super FUN, encouraging and I love her style!!! I like sittin next to her in church cuz I feel a kindred spirit if worship in her!!!
Another thing that I love about Anali is that is that she loves my MaryNess!!! For example, she called me a month or so ago to tell me this story, but my sis answered my phone and pretended it was me, and our voices sound a lot a like, so at first Anali just goes into her story talking 2000 word a minute and my sis is just like calmly making  lil comments, then all of the sudden Anali is like, AND HI THERESA~!!!! It was soooo FUNNNNNY!!! She said she was just like trying to figurE out whaT waS going on, cuz it sounded jusT like my voicE, BUT SHE COuldn't figurE oUT why I waS being sooooo calm!!! HAhA!!! THen the other day she called me to tell me something and I was sooooo EXCITED about what she was telling me I just started squealing and exclaiming and purring in a VERY Mary like fashion, and she says, SEE this is WHY I waited to tell you over the phone instead of through text, JUST so I could hear your reaction live...its soooo much better than the text response!!! Awwww...LOL!!!
Ooooo and Anali wrote this funny blog post for me called, "Things that remind me of Mary!" Its super funny!!! (Read it HERE!!!)
Soooooooooooo Happy Belated birthday Anali!!! I LOVERRRRS YOU!
P.S. Mar-Bear Tacos and Biscuts and gravy for you in TWO WEEKS!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I really, really, really, really want my niece and nephew to open my Christmas present I got for them... RIGHT NOW!!! It's sooooo hard for me to wait!!! I seriousley Dnt think that I will make it to Christmas to giv it to them!!! Lololol oh my! What am I gonna do when I hav my own kids?!?! My hubby will hav to hide their presents from me so I Dnt giv them to them early!!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

My true love gave to me...

Ahahahaha!!! This just totally busted me up laughing today!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bread box promise...

Soooo we have a bread box filled with scriptures on it and I looooove jus pullin one out and gettin a promise from God!!! Sometimes I forget to take one and other days ill get several through out the day!!!
Soooo the other day I was pulling one out and I told my sister, okaaaaaay this ones gonna be about MY FUTURE HUSBAND!!! Soooo I pulled one out annnnd just busted up laughing!!!
I'm like oh yes Lord! Please! Please do that!!! Haha!!! Read it!!! ;)

Who did it?!

Soooo my sis opens the pantry door and is like, okaaaaay WHY are there eggs in here?!?!?!
I'm like idk!!! Like I hav no idea except... It's an interesting life living with me!!! You NEVER know what will happen next soooo expect the UNEXCEPTED!!!
Ps. I think she is the one that put them In there cuz I hav NO recollection of this at all whatsoever!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's beginning to look...

Weeeeelllll it's beginning to look A LOT like Christmas in our household!!! Buuuuut I guess I go a lil carried away with the center piece I was creating on the kitchen table!!! It's soooooo big there is NO room to even eat!!! Ahahaha! My sis was like how are we gonna eat?!?! I was like hmmm... Maybe we'll lose some weight!!! Haha!!! So then I also had the not so bright idea to wrap the kitchen table top with wrapping paper... It looks REALLY cute... Buuuuut I didn't think about the fact that I can't really wipe the table off now!!! Oooops!!! Guess that'll be coming off SOOOON!!! I finish decorating today... Wonder what else will happen?!?! Hee,hee!!!

Gettin asked out, marriage advice and gas change!!!

Okaaaaaaaaay sooooo...What does this equal a buncha hyper girls and a really looooong and FUUUUNNNNNY STORY!!!! So back last month after our youth ralley at our church, a bunch of us went to eat at Culvers afterwards!!! Sitting with us was, Stultz, Miriam, Megan, Ashley, Keri and I think a few other people but they wern't actually a part of the convo...ANNNND OMW us girls were sooooo HYPER!!! It was like everything was just HYSTERICAL!!!
Sooooo during one of our breaks between laughs I was like oh you guys, my AM PM gas attendent gave me some pretty good Marriage advice the other day!!! So the girls are like WHAT your gas attendant gave you marriage advice??? I'm like yeah, and actually, I think it was pretty good! So Stultz speaks up and he is like OH wait, is this the same AM PM guy that asked you out??? I'm like OH yeah its THAT guy!!! Sooooo the girls are like WAIT he asked you out?! I'm like Oh yeah...buuuuut that was like a LOOOOONG time at least two years ago...I don't even know how Stultz remembered that!!! Sooooo I'm like oh okaaaaaaaay yes...BEFORE I tell you his marriage advice to me the other day, let me tell you about when he asked me out!!!  
Soooo my sister had decided about three years ago that gas attendent guys are creepy and it became my OFFICIAL job to pay and put in the gas for her van!!! Sooooo there was always this one AM PM guy that would flirt with me and its just I say, can I get 20 on 11 and he would say, "Suuuuuure!" buuuut it was the way he said it and I would listen to see if he said it the other customers buuuut NO he never did...and then Romo watched him one time peekin out at me between the ciggarrett boxes on the wall...I was like EWWWW!!!!
Sooooooo anywayz, I thought he was BAD!!! Weeeeellll all of the sudden this other guy like apears and he is just in my mind SUPER friendly, with a great concern about MY LOVE LIFE!!! LOL!!! Like EVERY TIME he would say, so do you have a boyfriend yet? When are you going to get married?! ! So every time I would just be like Oh no not yet! Weeeeellll one night Igo to pay for my gas...
Im like, "Can I get 25 on 11?" He is like, soooo do you have a boyfriend yet?" I'm like thinkin in my mind like, DUDE  your line is backed up just take my money! But I'm STILL nice, i'm like Oh nope, still single!!! He takes my money and lowers his voice and says, "What about me?"
 I was like I would just walked out but I had to get my sister's change! So I just smiled sweetly and put my best AIRHEAD look on my face and say, "Oh I said 25 on 11!" He speaks NORMAL now, "I said, what about me?" I'm like still in airhead mode trying to act like I don't know WHAT he is sayin and the line is gettin LONGER...I'm just HUH?! He is like, "WHAT ABOUT ME FOR A BOYFRIEND???" (NO way of gettin out of it THAT TIME! HAHA!!!)  I'm like, Oh um, "No Thank you!" The guy behind me just BUSTS UP LAUGHING at this point...BUUUUUT Mr. AM PM guy STILL feels the need to ask me, "WHY?"
I'm like ummmm...I mean aside from the fact that he isn't a Christian, i'm thinkin, cuz like, your asking me out WHILE I pay for my gas, which aside from being EXTREMELY ghetto, its just plain, UMMMM, CREEEEEEPY!!!! Buuuut I just say, Oh I'm waiting for God to bring me the right one! He is like, So your saying thats not me? I'm like yeah...SORRY!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!
soooooo I mean at first things were a lil awkward between us...he was a lil short and curt with me when I would pay for my gas, buuuuuut, I just kept being nice, sweet, courteous... I just kept being MAR BEAR, and before long he was back to his normal self towards me!!!
Soooo your going to the Philipines? Are you going to marry a Filipino like your brothers? The girls are like WHAAAT how did he know you were going to the Philipines?! I'm like, Oh I don't know...they're like OH MAYBE HE READS YOUR BLOG!!! AHAHAHA!!! I'm like NO!!! I think he knows my brothers from them always getting gas there too!!! MY WHOLE family gets their gas here!!!LOLLOLOL
I'm like anyways, he USUALLY just says hi, how are you, when I PAY FOR MY GAS, it seems like he like really starts talking to me when I have to go back in and get change from my pump!!!
At this point MIRIAM interrupts the story and is like, Wait, change? I'm like Yeah, ya know, like when you say you want 30 but  your car ONLY takes 25, you go get the change!!! Miriam is like, YOU CAN DO THAT?!?! YOU CAN GET THE CHANGE?!?! I'm like uh YES!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! She is like HEY KERI! you can get the change when you pump gas! Keri is like, WHAT?! We NEVER knew this?! 
NOW all of us girls are just like HYSTERICAL!!! They are like HEY! We didn't know!!! IN WISCONSIN you pump your gas FIRST and then pay the exact amount you pumped!!!  We just kept laughing and laughing and laughing!!! OH MAN
Soooo AFTER we laughed about the gas thing it was like OKAAAAy back to the story Mary...whats this MARRIAGE ADVICE??? Okaaaaaaay soooo this past week when I go in there, he says Hi, how are you?! i say, good! How are you? Then I pay for my gas and go pump! Annnnd awwww man...I OVER PAID soooo whatda ya know, I go GET MY CHANGE!!! AHAHAHA!!!
Annnnnd like i said its ALWAYS WHEN I get my change that he decided to get really chatty!!! He is like, sooooo your STILL NOT MARRIED??? I'm like, Nope, I'm STILL WAITING ON GOD!!! He is like, "you know what, you just need to KEEP waiting! Because you know, you gotta get the best, he is like, cuz you know what you deserve THE BEST, because YOU'RE THE BEST!!!
The girls were like awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! I was like I know, right?! It was actually  kind of sweet, Ya know, in a CREEPY sorta way!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!
So there ya got it folks, thanks to the AM PM dude, I'm gonna WAIT FOR THE BEST!!! HAHA!!! And thanks to him, I had a funny story to entertain everyone with annnnnd Keri and Miraim are gonna be a LOT RICHER!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! OFFERING TIME GIRLS!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Truth or LIE?!?!

Soooo my niece MJ wrote me the cutest lil poem! It goes like this: Mary IS MARY! Mary is Merry! Buuuut Mary is NOT Married because Mary still needs to find someone to MARRY!!!
Ahahahaha!!! Isn't that cute?!?! Sooo after hearing that poem and after recent awkward occurrences in my life... I couldn't help but ponder this question in my mind!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My VAN!!!

Soooooo LAST Wednesday night...I had the SCARE of my life!!! Sooooooo its after church, I got to the gym and THEN when I am on my way home, just a few blocks from home Anali calls...sooooo I like HAVE to talk to her buuuuut I don't believe in talking and driving!!! LOL!!! Soooo I pull over in the neighborhood to talk to her!
We're like talking and talking and talking and then for some reason I decided to just turn on the van and drive the rest of the way home!! HAHA!!! Weeeeellll...WHEN I go to turn on the ignition the van will NOT start!!! It just makes this like kinda clickin sound... so I like FLIPPED out!!! I'm like ANALI my van won't start!!! I think its either out of gas or I blew the engine!!!
She is like WHAT why? I'm like well its really close to the E mark...soooo it could be the gas OR  my sis has been telling me to go get the oil changed buuuuut i've been holding off...she had even given me a coupon for a free Oil change it was just like ACTUALLY going and stuff!!! So she is like well don't freak out yet it might be not be a big deal!!! IM like NOOOOOOO!!!! I'm SOOOOOO used to having my independance will be sooooo HARD to go, I kinda feel like ya know, ADULTISH having my own car!!!
So I get out of my van, still on the phone and i'm just like pacing around and around the van, Anali is like WHAT are you doing?!?!?! I'm like, I'm just walking around and around praying and laying hands and on my van and begging God to have mercy on me for NOT getting that oil change and to NOT let it be the engine!!!
Sooooo we hang up and I go running home, tell my sis who is almost sleepin and she is just like, I think you blew the engine!!! Its your own fault!!! I told you to get the oil changed...even gave you a free coupon for it! I'm like FLIPPED out!!! I call my brothers! Its like around 1 am now, Abe and Grace come to the rescue with gas...buuuuut by this time I had figured out that it wasn't the engine OR the was THE BATTERY!!! I could tell cuz my lights were getting dimmer and dimmer!!! SEE...I knew I could go a lil bit longer without getting gas!!! HAHA!!!
Soooo when my brother had gotten there I had already run home again and came back with the jumper cables draped across my shoulders!!! LOLOL!!!
ANNNNNNND VROOOOOM my van started RIGHT UP!!! OOOOO I was soooooooo happy!!! I was like dancin in the street!!! HAHAHA!!! Annnnnnd you wanna know something REALLY FUNNY???? Ever since my sis gave me the van, the check engine light has been on, buuuuuuuuut WHEN I drove home that night I looked annnnnnd IT WAS OFF!!! ANNNNND its STILL OFF!!! Soooooooooo I think God REALLY did heal my van!!! IN JESUS NAME...I'm CLAIMING IT!!! Maybe by the summer time he will have healed the AC too!!! HAHAHA!!!
Really, tho, with or without AC, I am VERY GREATFUL FOR MY VAN and THANK GOD FOR IT!!! AND thank my sister for passing it on to me!!! I know in some people's world its just a HUNK of JUNK...
buuuut ya know what...ITS MY HUNK!!!
Annnnnnd thats the ONLY HUNK this girl's got!!! ;)))
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. I got an apointment at 3 to get the oil changed...ya know, A womans gotta take care of her HUNK!!! Hee, hee!!!;)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Shoe moment!!!

Soooooooooo last Sunday morning during service for some reason decide to look down at my shoes ANNNNNND this is WHAT I SEE!!! AHAHAHA!!!
I was like OMW!!! I HAD ON TWO DIFFERENT SHOES...annnnd of COURSE I was sitting in my usual spot on the front row!!! LOLOLOL!!! Then Denae and Alyssa like NOTICE ME, NOTICING MY SHOES!!! And they both start laughing at me!!! Then Denae shows her mom and she was laughing...yeah It was pretty FUNNNNNY!!!
I mean SOMEHOW I managed to put on TWO different pairs of shoes and YET...they were still the RIGHT SHOE for each foot!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Only I would manage to do that!!! Then I was thinking OH maybe I should just play it off like I'm trying to be IN STYLE!!! Ya know...NOT matching is the NEW matching!!!! HAHAHA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Knock! Knock Dollas!!! :)

Knock! Knock!!!
Who's there???
Nacho WHO???
BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Omw...I sooooo crack myself up!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! Okaaaaaaaay I know its corny CHEESY...hee,hee...buuuuuuut YOU KNOW that before you rolled  your eyes you HAD to at least smile!!! ;D Plus, ITS TRUE!!! Its NOT your spouse knocking on your door!!! ITS WHO????♪♫Knock, knock, knock, I HEAR JESUS KNOCKIN!!!♪♪♫♫♪♪ (I wish you all had the priviledge of ACTUALLY hearing me sing that!!!;) ITS JESUS!!! The BIble says in Revelation 3:20...
"Behold, I stand at the door, and knock:.."
As single people, we all just naturally feel that longing within us to LOVE and BE LOVED!!! sooooo what DO We do aBOUt it??? Have you ever thought and I mean REALLY THOUGHT, about the fact that JESUS wants to spend time WITH YOU!!! I think sometimes we really FORGET that!!! 

I know it sounds like you think you have heard what i am about to say a million times, God is our husband, our lover, we don't need anything else etc...and its TRUE...buuuuut thats NOT what I'm talking about...
I remember taking Apostolic Standards class at the Bible college, we were learning about all different things but the night we learned about entertainment, Bro. Myers was substituting in for Bro. Garrett and he taught us an incredible lesson that I have never forgotten! I'm not quoting, jus paraphrasing cuz I can't remember his exact wording...
He was telling us that there is NOTHING wrong with doing good stuff, but that EVEN good stuff that we like to do can get out of control and begin to consume our lives! He talked about how he likes to go hunting/fishing and its a hobby of his and there is NOTHING wrong with hunting/fishing! Buuuut there have been times where he has found himself that he would go on a hunting/fishing trip and even before he gets back he is already thinking and planning his next one...
And he was talking about how when we get like this, when we get consumed with something that when we stop and think about it, it is usually most likely because we are lacking something in our spiritual life or in what we are doing in the kingdom of God. Perhaps we're not praying or reading the Bible like we should be, or perhaps we're not as involved in church things and working for God like we should be.
Sooooo for Bro. Myers its hunting/fishing...FOR ME...its liking guys!!! (Stalking... which I mean, IF you think about its BASICALLY Mary's version of HUNTING/FISHING!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!)
I mean, there is NOTHING wrong with likeing good, Godly, on-fire-for God, sold old out to Jesus, burden for the lost, Apostolic me I ONLY pic the GOOOOOD ONES...buuuuut... when my crushes start changing like soooo rapidly that even I can't keep track of them...I know its TIME to stop and revaluate!!! HAHAHA!!!
 OK! Really, SERIOUSLEY tho now, if you think about it, it can be anything that consumes our lives and is just TOO much!!! It can be traveling, shopping, eating, sports, blogging...LOL... sometimes we just get obsessed with going to conferences!!! We have to go to EVERY single one...and while church conferences are a GOOD thing...we can even let a good thing like that get out of hand!!!
When Bro. Foster was here he preached our youth ralley at our church he talked very strongly about the internet. He told us that after much prayer and fasting, he came to the deciscion that he was going to take the internet out of his home. Not because he never uses it at all, but he said that in the middle of the night, when he would wake up and couldn't fall back asleep, instead of praying or reading his Bible he would often find himself browsing on the internet. He didn't want to replace that feeling of lonliness or longing in his heart for something else other that God!
Single people, I want to tell you that ONLY Jesus can fill that longing in your heart!!! People were NOT meant to fill it...JESUS WAS!!! Its like when your thirsty, REALLY THIRSTY buuuut instead of drinking a glass of water, you drink a Mountain Dew! Now anyone that knows me knows that THIS GIRL LOOOOOVES MOUNTAIN DEW!!! Buuuut...IF I'm thirsy, what my body really needs is NOT a Mountain Dew...I NEED WATER!!! Yes, that Mountain Dew may temporarily apease my thirst, BUUUUT it wasn't what I really needed!!! It wasn't THE BEST thing for ME!!!
Relationships may temporarily apease that feeling of lonliness of emptiness, but thats NOT the BEST thing for you to be filling that feeling with!!! The BEST THING IS JESUS!!! Even married people, (NOT that I know from experiance;) feel that certian lonliness or emptiness. Even after us singles get married, its NOT going to take away those yearnings in our hearts! I just want to clarify that I'm also not talking about the way Adam was LONELY in the Bible and God gave him a wife!!! I'm talking about something BIGGER!!!
There is a greater thirst within the hearts of each and every one of us that ONLY Jesus can quench!!! We might as well learn that  right now, that when you feel that way, its JESUS that you NEED!!! If you don't understand that now, after you get married you'll expect your spouse to be able to fulfill that aching in your heart...buuuut THEY CAN'T...Because they're NOT God!!! No hobby, No entertainment, No career, No friend, No relationship, no spouse can fulfill that certain desire inside your heart...ONLY JESUS!!!
Your lonliness should be fulfilled in Christ!!! Nothing can substitute that thirst in your heart...yeah maybe for a lil while...buuuuut its NOT what you really needed!!! Do you hear Him??? Do you hear Jesus knocking on you hearts door??? He wants to come in? He wants to spend time with you!!! LISTEN!!!

"Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me."
(Revelation 3:20)
♥Mary Frances :)