Tuesday, November 30, 2010


All I can say is that you guys do NOT want to miss this conference!!! It IS one of THE BEST conferences ever!!! In fact, this IS MY FAVORITE CONFERENCE!!! Before WCC, before Heritage, before ANY OTHER conference, this would be my FIRST CHOICE!!! Last year Bro. Connor preached a message that was absolutley UNFORGETTABLE and it has stuck with me throughout this year!!! The message was called, "How to be successful in 2010" WOW!!! I wish that there was a way I could post a link for you all to listen to it...you will NEVER look at your Bible and your walk with God the same way!!! I have been attending Conqueror's Conference since I was about ten and i'm 27 now...sooooo about 17 years...LOL! I havn't miss a year YET!!! ;) As a young person, I have so many incredible memories due to Conqueror's Conference!!!

WHAT are people saying about this conference?

When asked what God has done for him at Conqueror's Conference, Landon Cash says, "A complete healing of kidney stones, annointed preaching, annointed song service, my first time the running aisles!!"

Jacqueline Cleveland says, "I can think of a million memories! From over the years...Oh the Fresh Fire Sermons...Unforgettable Messages...The singing...Before & After service fellowship......Sports Night...The banquet...The late night sitting in the lobby on the last night...Oh the memories, I think I could talk for a couple hours on that subject!!!" (Yes Jac, we're SURE you could! ;)

Pastors wife, Sis. Angie Portillo says, "This is a wonderful Holy Ghost conference for our youth. I'm a lot older than the youth, but oh how I love the pressence of the Lord that falls when we meet together. We at Temple de Fe are planning on taking our youth."

Freddie Hidalgo says "I was baptized in 2003 and repented for my sins for the first time under the ministry of Ron Garrett. I was delivered and set free at Conqueror's Conference. It will always be my favorite Conference and I will attend until Jesus comes or I go." It was at a Conqueror's Conrence that this young man was set free of evil spirits and delivered from drugs. Freddie Hildalgo is currently married to a Godly young woman. Together they have two children and another one on the way. Bro. Freddie is now the pastor of thriving revival church in Maricopa AZ.

Thank you Conqueror's Conference!!!
 Youth leaders, youth pastors, youth, parents, I HIGHLEY reccomend this conference!!! TAKE YOUR YOUTH!!! This is a place where you don't have to worry about the atmosphere, the music, the dress!!! It's worth the work, it worth the time, its worth the effort!!! I've cried sooo many tears in the alter at this conference and yet at the same time, I have had sooo much fun and made soooo many new friends...OH and how many GHETTO Golden Corral banquet dates have I been on?!?! Oh man...I wouldn't trade those date for the prom...EVER...HAHA!!! Seriousley, what better way to end AND start the year!!!
You do NOT want to miss it!!! :)
P.S. The FIRST of the monthly Apostolic Male Model posts that we ALL love was born at CC last year!!

Something that drives me cRaZy!!!

Why can't can't Starbucks just have NORMAL size names?!?!

AND to top it all off their in all different languages...french, Spanish, EnGrish, it could be African for all I know!!! Can't we at least be consistent with their language?!?!
*It also drives me cRazy when they just ASSUME that I don't want whip cream on my coffee...Of course I want it!!! I'm paying $5 bucks ADD on the cream baby!!!

* When people read what I am writing over my shoulder
*When people eat what I am cookin, WHILE I am STILL COOKIN it!!!
*I'm NOT a neat freak, BUT when people leave trash and cups around the computer...LOL!
*When People pick at whatever I made and just eat off the icing and mess the rest of it all up!
*When guys wear pink!!!!
*When guys accesorize MORE and take MORE time to get ready than me!!!
*When people write in gangsta style!!! UGH! That drives me CRAZY! I don't care what color you are OR WHAT color your trying to represent...I shouldn't have to sit there for five minutes and have to figure out what your sayin...Its ANNOYING!!!
*When people ONLY hang out with CERTAIN people...that makes me SOOO MAD!!!
*You know what one of my BIGGEST pet peeves is?!?!
When people don't capitalize, God, Jesus or the Bible!!!
I'm NOT fo sho NOT the grammar police, BUT, these ARE kinda like pretty important words!!! They are sacred and holy so don't be going all gangsta or abbriviatin with the spellin of them either!!! It's not jeezuz or godd or bbl!!! Get it RIGHT!!! :)

Sooooooooo what drives YOU cRaZy?!?!

Monday, November 29, 2010

All I want for Christmas!!!

As a child, do you guys EVER remember a certain toy that you really, really, REALLY wanted but you NEVER got?!!?! Maybe your parent's just couldn't afford it or something...IDK...BUT that was USTUALLY the case in MY FAMILY!!! LOL! For example, I NEVER got a REAL Cabbage Patch doll...my sister had one...MY BIG BROTHER had one...but me...yeah...I got this like ghetto fake one and I KNEW IT WAS FAKE!!! LOL!

BUT another thing I don't remember EVER having was a rocking horse!!! I remember my lil brothers John & Abe had a lil ghetto one and just recently the boys bought my nephew Jose this REALLY awesome one, that like NAAAAAAAYS and gallups and stuff and it just looks like SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! And I was thinkin MAN I never GOT a ROCKIN horse and I'm lookin at Jose's and I'm thinkin...I BETTER not attempt riding his!!! LOL! BUT this past Friday evening we were at Glendale Glitters and I saw THIS ginormous rocking horse!!! I WAS LIKE OMW!!! A rocking horse for ADULTS!!! Its NOT too late!!! I can still have my ROCKIN HORSE!!!
Christmas IS COMING people!!!
If your looking for a good present for me...
Can't you guys SOOOO see me roCKin this baby?!?!?!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

For Janellie Bean!!!! :)

Wouldn't that be SOOOOO cool if we could?!?!?!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Two years!!!

Read my first blog post HERE!!!
Has ANYTHING CHANGED in the last two years?!?! ;) ;)

Friday, November 26, 2010


OMW!!! I got my purse back!!! I had lost my purse while shopping in the craziness!!!I had left it in the MEN'S bathroom at Old Navy!!! LOL! Thank you JESUS!!! I'm sooooooo HAPPY!!! Okaaaaaaaaay I gotta get to bed!!! I think i'm gonna crash!!! Zzzzzzzz!!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


 Congratulations to my friends,
Baby Karlson will be joining us some time in EARLY JULY!!! Woot, woot!!!
Why is MY FAMILY the ONLY family I know that waits till 5 to eat?!?! We should start earlier so we can just eat all day!!! LOL!!!! I'm like STARVIN over here man!!! Well...NOT REALLY!!! I have to say NOT REALLY cuz if my brothers were reading this they would be like...it SURE doesn't LOOK like YOUR STARVING!!! LOL! But I am hungry!!! I'm NOT gonna eat ANYTHING till dinner time...otherwise I won't be hungry at dinner time!!! Thank God for COFFEE!!! WOOOOOOOOOT!!! Okaaaaaay I'm HYPER!!!! Thankful for my family, my church, my friends, for gooood, Godly fellowship, for ummmm....the ability to type...LOL...I just love how my fingers can just like fly across the key board almost as fast as can talk..but NOT quite that fast...HA...ummm I'm thankful for LAUGHTER!!! I LOVE TO LAUGH!!! AND I'm thankful for HYPERNESS!!! Hyperness is SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! Which reminds me...I'm thankful for FUN!!! I LOVE HAVING FUN!!! AND I am thankful that God allows us to have FUN!!! Because havin fun is FUN!!! LOL! AND I hope everyone has a FUN day today!!! :) AND I'm Thankful for my blog, Facebook, twitter, email, text messaging, my cell phone, Instant message, the U.S. Postal, door bells, the radio... CUZ communication is FUN!!! LOL! Okaaaaaaay well I had like a total SERIOUS blog post planned for my thankfulness this year...but i'm just not feeling serious today!!! Oh well...HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! :)


Its 2 am Thanksgiving day...
AND after tonights events ALL I can think to post is this quote that I LOVE...

"Perhaps, after all, romance did not come into one’s life with pomp and blare... perhaps it crept to one’s side like an old friend ... through quiet ways... perhaps it revealed itself in seeming prose, until some sudden shaft of illumination flung athwart its pages betrayed the rhythm and the music... perhaps . . . perhaps . . . love unfolded naturally, out of a beautiful friendship..."

(Anne of Green Gables)

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! I LOVE this quote!!!It's soooooo TRUE!!!! It's NOT  that ONE person...that just seems sooo untouchable..soooooo unreachable... But that ONE person...That you just feel SOOOO COMFORTABLE and HAPPY WITH!!! :) (Okaaaay sooo I don't ACTUALLY know any of this from personal experiance!!! I'm just sayin...BAHAHAHA!!!;)

Lets go pig out now!!! :]

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Getting ready for the BIG DAY!!!

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey i've been saving some of these jokes since LAST YEAR!!!
Laugh people...LAUGH!!! (I am ;)

Be Carful what you wish for!!!!!
You just might get it!!! ;)
A Sesame Thanksgiving...BAHAHAHAH!!! I LOVE this one!!!
Can't stand THAT BIRD!!! LOL!
PRAY without ceasing baby!!!

HEEEEEEEEEEY now you guys MAKE ME LAUGH!!! Tell me the funniest Thanksgiving joke you know and i'll post your joke, mass email it, text message it, facebook it, twitter it to EVERYONE tomorrow and tell everyone that YOU SAID IT!!! Happy day before Thanksgiving!!! :)

Monday, November 22, 2010


1: go to google translate.
2: put Japanese in the first box, English in the other.
3: copy and paste-->  こんにちは!私は退屈していた。今私はあなたの人生の2分を浪費してきた!あなたの歓迎!
4. Laugh and share with all YOUR FRIENDS!!! :)

For Esther and Jason!


 Savoring the moment!!!

This post was by SPECIAL request of my friends!!! LOL!
NOW you guys had BETTER be at church this week! :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

WHAT was I thinkin?!?!?!

Its gonna be a LONG night! LOL!  I signed up for mashed potatoes for our church's Thanksgiving feast tomorrow...And I have NEVER made mashed potatoes before!!! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! I think i'm about to Add me to the list of LPC mashed potato horror stories!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Sooooooo I know that I have pretty much told you all about the girl that used to live with me for a while, then had to go back to live with her family and stopped living for God after that. (Thats to make the long story short, if you want more details you can read it HERE!!!) Well, I was really praying for her Thursday morning and when I was praying I specifially asked God that when she listens to worldly music to convict her of it.

Well today Jac and I went over to the apartments to see who we could get to come to the youth rally, so I went to get Esther, and when I was walking back to the car with her she says to me, "I'm scared!" So i'm like WHY? She is like, well you know that music that we listen to? So i'm like, Yeah.. she is like, YOU KNOW, the stuff YOU DON'T like?! So i'm like YEAH!!! (Its like all kinds of rap and junk!) She was like, Well, we were listening to the songs last night and then someone started playing the music backwards and its like all this satanic worship! She said, I was soooo scared and couldn't sleep! So i'm just like thinkin WELL THATS an answer to prayer!!! And I was just like WELL...thats what ALL that kind of stuff is and she was just like yeah...its sooo weird!

 WELL TONIGHT at the Youth Rally, Bro. Stoltzfuz preached an awesome message going over the Apostolic doctrine. He went over the oneness, water baptism in Jesus name, repentence... EVERYTHING...then whatda ya know... outta the blue he starts talking about music and about how when you listen to that kind of music there is a spirit that is attached to it! And he just talked about it for a while, he even mentioned one of the exact singers she listens too...He was like, I know no one here listens to that, she was like, I DO! LOL  I was just like WOW!!! This is REALLY God talking... I mean there is NO waaaay he knew our previous conversation!!! So then after church I said to her, you heard all that about the music and she was like, yeah, and i was like, I think that WAS GOD!!! and she was like, Yeah it was!!!

I just REALLY know that God is working on her!!! Even if she isn't showing it when she comes to church, I know from the things she tells me. But that whole thing with the music i was just like...WOW!!! I love how God can speak to the man of God about THE VERY thing you are needing to hear even when it doesn't make sense to him. God you are soooo amaZing!!! He is ALWAYS working...even when can't see it!!! He is sooo AWESOME!!! Keep this in your prayers my friends!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Blond MOMENT!!!

One night me and my friend Jac were gabbing on the phone together. Something was happening wherever she was at, (WORK!;) so she is like, "hey, let me call you back. So I am like okay... A few minutes later she calls me back. So I pick up the phone, put it to my ear and am greeted with total and COMPLETE silence!!! I am like OKAAAY why isn't she saying anything? I can like hear her breathing on the line...  I am just like thinking in my head... OMW she is soooo dumb!!! So after about a minute of silence, I am like, "HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" And she is like all hesitant like, "uh... hi?! I'm like...okaaaaaay...
THEN ALL of the sudden it hit me
The reason why she was silent when I called her was
I had forgotten to say HELLO!!!
I promise you...
 My hair REALLY is BROWN!!! ;)

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Heeeeeey!!! So i'm starting to get text messages and emails from lotsa people for DIRECTIONS for the youth rally at our church tomorrow night!!! Soooooo i'm not that good with directions but i'm just gonna post it the best I can on here!!!

Landmark Pentecostal Church
10250 N. 124th Street
Scottsdale, AZ

We are located one block south of 124th street and Shea...

*Get off the 51 at Shea
*Take Shea all the way straight to 124th street
*At 124th street make a right
*our church in the right and there is like A SIGN...LOL!
If you need more help try MAPQWEST.COM ;)
Can't wait to see everyone!!!
Lets have CHURCH!!!

Proud Auntie moment #10204757

Sooooo as ALL of you faithful blog readers know... I LOVE TAKING pictures of myself!!! LOL! Here I am at the ocean last week, my sister-in-law caught this picture of me...HAHAHA!!! Call me conceited, full of myself...or just plain CRAZY...but its a hobby of mine and I am really QUITE good at it!!! ;) In fact, I personally think that i can take a better picture of myself than most professional photographers!!! My family and friends really don't even think twice when they see me in action...I can be snappin away pics of myself and we're all still just chattin away like normal!!! Well yesturday evening I had a TOTAL proud Auntie moment!!! I was holding my nephew, Jose, and I was letting him play with my phone, which is what I take most of my self portraits on. Soooo Jose is playing with it then he just holds it up in front of his face and TRYS TO TAKE A PICTURE OF HIMSELF!!! I was like...OMW...I screamed and was laughing hysterically...and yeah...basically I was just really proud of him!!! Can't believe he picked up on that already!!!

 Yup, we took this picture OURSELVES!!!
Are we good or are we GOOOOD!?!?!?! ;)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

West Coast Conference 2010!!!

WOW!!! WCC was soooo awesome!!! I really went to conference this years seeking God for some answers to questions in my life and it felt like each message preach was an answer to my questions. I think my all time FAVORITE message preached was Bro. Joel Booker's...about fishing...oh man that message was sooooo AWESOME!!! I could totally relate...especially about WELL you guys just GOTTA hear it for yourself...BUT i'll try and sum it up...Bro. Booker told this story about how him and some buddies were out deep sea fishing, and how he wasn't really all that into it and he was feelin tired and he was gettin sea sick, and he was TRYING to not to throw up, but when he saw his friend's lunch floating passed him, his lunch joined his friend's in the sea, and oh man he was soooo sick and he JUST WANTED TO GO HOME...LOL...and all of the sudden he got a tug on his line and the crew members on the boat told him that he had a fish and all of the sudden he said he started feeling a little bit better, cuz even though he didn't really like fishing...HE DID LIKE CATCHING THE FISH...

and he said as he began reeling in that fish, he began to get more and more and more excited...and he said that he began to realize it was no ordinary little fish...it was a 200 pound, 6ft halibut fish and he said when it was all over and he caught that fish he really didn't care or even remember being sick...it just felt awesome to have caught that fish..and then he just related it to how its the SAME way being a fisher of men...you can grow so weary in your spirit, and he talked about the snotty nosed bus kids that break everything and drive everyone CRAZY...lol...and OH man I could sooo RELATE!!! I mean i've been peed on and EVERYTHING before!!! HAHA! ANd sometimes the smell...oh LORD HELP ME...BUT man...when you see one of those kids crying at the alter, getting the Holy Ghost...THAT IS LIKE THE AWESOMEST FEELING IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!! AND Bro. Joel Booker is RIGHT...its ADDICTING!!!! 

Well, that was my FAVORITE message...BUT then when Bro. Morton preached his message it was just like WOWOWOWOW!!! He talked about the message being passed from generation to generation...but he just talked about like EVERYTHING!!! He talked about holiness standards and oh man it was SOOOO  AWESOME!!! I was like man I GOTTA go through my hair accessories again...I gotta return an accessory too!!! I mean after being in the Apostolic Standards class at Bible college last semester, I had gotten rid of all my sparkly, glitterly, look-at-me hair accessories...BUT then RIGHT before WCC I bought this like totally, like sparkly, sequin thing and I was like OKAAAY i'm only gonna wear it ONE TIME...LOL...AND I had really planned that, it was for New Year's Eve in Times Square...I was like...I gotta have some bling-bling! for that!!! HAHAHA!!! But, yeah, i'm gonna return it!!! I'm NOT gonna deny that I'm kinda like really drawn to that stuff... but you know what, I DON'T NEED IT!!! I got the Joy of the Holy Ghost sparkling outta me and thats waaaaay better!!! :)

Anywayz, more than Bro. Morton talking about holiness and doctrinal standard's and LOVING this Apostolic, Penecostal message, he talked about not worrying about when the older generation passes is on. He talked about  how there are still men of God that are going to hold true to this message, that aren't going to try and change the standards and Oh man it was just soooooooo GOOD!!! He summed it all up by just saying over and over again, "Everythings gonna be alright! Everythings gonna be alright!" And you know...I just REALLY, REALLY, REALLY needed to hear that!!!

Next I just wanna say THANKS to all the blog readers that came over and said hi to me!!! Some pretty awesome people out there and you all were an encouragment to me!!! Also, SPECIAL THANKS to Sis. Lugo/Loogo (sp?) from Bro. Morton's church, who was sooo kind to me and told me that she has been praying for a husband for me...I was like WOW!!! This sister doesn't even know me and has NEVER met me, BUT she is praying for me...I was OMW!!! That is soooo COOL! And that was the last thought I had when I went to sleep that night, "I might not be meeting any guys while i'm here, BUT... Sis. Lugo is praying for a husband for me!!!"  AND I am soooo glad I got to meet so many people finally...

Me and Angel-soon-to-be-Kendrick
Angel I am sooo glad you came running after me on Friday.
You are such a sweet person and I LOVE your testimony...I read it on your site.
Your gonna be such a pretty bride and maybe one day me you AND Rubigo can all have a HUGE yard sale together...HAHA!!! ;)

Me and FaitherZ!!!
Lil Miss Meagan Rowell!!!
Soooooo glad we got our picture 2gether this time!!!
Me with the cRaZy and funny Leah and Yvette
We now have our TRADITION!!! HAHA! :)
Sheree & Danae, Cheree and Denae!!!
We just thought this was REALLY cool!!! :)
Oh and I just wanna say to Ashlyn and Danae...I met your mom, Sis.DeAro

  and she was SOOOO NICE and REALLY PRETTY!!!!!!
Me and Chantal!!!
She gave me these AWESOME Sahuaro shades cuz I'm a
Oooo yeah...this girl KNOWS ME!!! :)
My mom and our sweet lil gwuapo!!!
(Sooo cool people reconize him and MJ from this blog haha!!!)
Me and Rubigo Kendrick!!!
She is sooooo PRETTY!!!
We met in the Radisson Ladies room!!! HAHAHA!!!
I'm TELLIN you all...its a GREAT place to make friends
 and to find old friends at ANY Apostolic Conference!!! :)
The guys REALLY wanted me to take this picture on post in on here sooo everyone could see how "INVOLVED" they were, in the youth night...bahahaha!!!
 Heeeeey I WENT!!! Its 12-30, NEVER BEEN MARRIED, NO KIDS!!!
Thats me BABY! i still have THREE more years!!! I'm going till THE END!!!
HAHAHA! My brother John was like, OR you could just get married...
lol...three years isn't really that far off... its hard to imagine...haha!!!
Me and my cute, adorable,  rockin cool, little friend from the Glendale church...
Melissa Garcia...she is sooo AWESOME!!!
Me and my little MJ...dude this girl wasn't even sitting with me and she was all like tellin me which "boys" I should like...she was watching them praying, walking back and forth back and forth...I should like one of them! She is soooo OBSERVANT!!! LOL THANK God she didn't blow any kisses to guys FOR ME this year...hahahahaha!!! LOVE BEING AN AUNT!!! :)
Me and Jen Conell!!!
We finally got to meet...and she is just BEAUTIFUL...we actually ended up, without planning it, sitting on the same rwo the last night...here we are together...
Both of us are HALF ITALIAN...
Stephanie and Cheree!!!
Look at them...they are soooo PRETTY!
Soooo glad I got to meet these girls!!!
Theresa and MJ...AWWWW!!!!

Me and Jose...I LOVE HIM!!!

Me and Sophia...Rockin the hot pink and black!!!
OOOOOooooo yeah!!! :)
I ♥ these girls too!!!

AND I saved the BEST for last!!!
Sis. Kathy and Sis. Bracken!!!
These two ladies are like fellow blog friends that are people that I just kind of look up too!!!
Sis. Braken is a missionary's wife to Taiwan and I just think that ANYONE who is a missionary is an amazing person in the kingdom of God!!! Sis. Kathy, is a faithful member of Bro. White's church that is like involved in EVERYTHING, she is the choir director, her husband is preacher and she is just a VERY, VERY encouraging person to us "older" single girls. Cuz she has been married for like 20 years now, but she didn't get married till she was like 26 or something... and we had TOTALLY been planning on meeting at Youth Alive but it NEVER happened cuz she was like doing soooo much stuff soooo were like we just HAVE to meet at WCC!!! And when we finally did we just hugged and hugged like OLD friends!!! It was funny cuz, my brother came to find me the first night of WCC cuz I was like talkin to people so we finally got ALMOST to the door and my brother is like, okkkaaay there are people calling for you but just IGNORE them!!! Sooo i'm like ummmm...me IGNORE SOMEONE????HAHA!!! Sooo i turn and look and I see two ladies waving to me and i'm like...hmmm...BUT then I realized it was Sis. Kathy and I was like...OH ABE...I GOTTA meet this lady!!! Then when I got over there I found out that it was Sis. Bracken too...so it was a two for one deal and then we were all like OKAAAAY lets see who can post this picture FIRST!!! Sis. Kathy WON!!! LOL!  I LOVE YOU LADIES!!!

Ummmmmmmmm anything else to say??? Well, I also met a girl named Elena, Elissa, Rebecca and all the girls from the Jones church that I see at Heritage every year, AND HEATHER!!! i met this girl named Heather and EVERYTIME a girl would say hi to me after that I would be like...YOUR HEATHER RIGHT??? and it was NEVER Heather AGAIN!!! LOL! Well all you girls can email me anytime if you want... maryfranceswriting@gmail.com and if I forgot anyone that I met I am sooooooooo SORRRY just slap me up with an email!!!  :) If you ever come to AZ your welcome to stay with me and I'll introduce you to all the guys at my church and the neigboring churches...hahaha!!! ;) ;) ;) we got some AWESOME AZ GUYS!!!! :)

ONE MORE THING...I'm REALLY sorry that I ACCIDENTALLY registered myself @ the minister's table...I HAD NO IDEA I PROMISE!!! I DID NOT MEAN TO DO THAT!!! LOL! I was like there, like an hour before prayer on Thursday and I was just lookin at everything and I thought it was just like to get info emailed to you about WCC, I totally DID NOT read the sign above the table!!! Then they kept announcing for ministers to get registered and I was like OMW!!! And I looked and Sho nuff...I had registered myself at the MINISTER'S TABLE...and of course I put MY CHURCH NAME TOO!!! BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ladies room outreach!!!

We stopped for a break on the way to Cali last week at the Flying J on border of AZ and I saw all this writing I saw in one of the bathroom stall walls!!! TOTALLY made me laugh!!!

"Try Jesus! Jesus Loves you! God Rocks!!!"
I think there is even a Bible scripture in there somewhere!!!
[Preach! PreeeeeeaaCH!!! Bahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! ]

A unique way of outreach and evangelism I must say!!! HAHAHA! Can you imagine if someone REALLY did get in church from bathroom wall witnessing?!?!?! So, how did you find truth?! Oh it happened in the Flying J ladies room!!! Thank God for those saints that break the law and grafitti!!! LOLOLOL!!!  Heeeeey maybe I shoulda been more spirtiual minded and added Acts 2:38 on there!!!
Get your witness on!!! ;)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

You know your Pentecostal when...

You know your Pentecostal WHEN...
When you go to church four times a week...
Twice on Sunday...
Once Mid-week...
Prayer at the end of the week...
Plus youth services and youth rallys...
THEN....to top it off....
YOU TAKE MORE time off from work...school...
Travel to another state...
To go on a special vacation of...
YUP!!! I'm a Pentecostal!!!!
West Coast Conference 2010 was AWESOME!!!
NOTHING like the preaching of God's word to revive your soul!!!
I SOOOOOO needed this!!!
P.S. In the middle of writing this post.. the guy at the front desk of the Sheraton starts talking to me and he is like asking me what i'm doing in Fresno...So i'm like a church conference and he is just like...YOU CAME ALL THE WAY FROM PHOENIX FOR CHURCH????!?!?!!?I'm like YES!!! it was sooo awesome!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! GONNA GIVE HIM A CHURCH CARD FOR THE FRESNO CHURCH BEFORE I GO TO BED!!!HEEEEEY YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT GOD CAN DO!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


HAHAHAHA!!!! I was just talkin to one of my AZ friends, and I'm LIKE so how are things in AZ??? (Yeah i'm gone for like ONE day and I just have to know whats going on there!!! HAHA!!!) So I'm like how are things in AZ??? And my friend is like, good, good...since you left the weather has been REALLY nice...things have REALLY cooled down since you left...HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Then they are all like...DON'T COME BACK!!! Stay in Cali, stay in Cali!!! lol! ahaha! My friends know just what I like to hear...Seriousley...the weather WOULD have to change as SOON as we leave for cooler weather...I'm like COME ON!!! HAHA! But who knows...maybe it really IS JUST ME!!! ;)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Ginty's have arrived!!!!

Weeeeeellll....we're here in Fresno!!! We made it safe and sound!!!! My family is all currently napping in their rooms...i'm of course out in the lobby...BLOGGING and drinkin some FREE coffee...of course!!!! LOL!!! Why nap when you can blog...right?!?!?! HAHAHAHA!!!  Yes, this is what I wore for the whole trip here and am currently still wearin as I write this to you...even with the CRAZY curlers...I just couldn't travel without the flower...haha!!! I saw some some interesting stuff on the drive over...I gotta say... I just LOVE stopping at those ghetto truck stops!!! They sell and you see the most INTERESTING stuff EVER!!! Thank God for the Flying J's and Loves!!!

yUP!!! This is EVERYTHING that I packed!!! Got ALL my clothes and accesories in ONE SMALL suitcase...brought my pink, fluffy poodle blanket and of course MY HUGE FLOWER PURSE!!! :)

We were about an hour into the trip when we got a FLAT!!! Me, T and MJ had just fallen to sleep when this happened!!! Where the Red Fern grows was blaring....Abe was driving and all of the sudden we hear this noise, my mom is like, YOu have a flat! You have a flat! Get over! Get over! T like wakes up and just starts shouting...theres a ditch! Watch out!!! Watch out...there is a ditch!!! And i'm like ummm...no there isn't!!! LOL! It was pretty funny!!! Everyone was like FREAKIN out i'm just like sittin there like...OMW this means i'm gonna have to GET UP and stand on the side of the road while brothers change this tire!!! LOL! THEN we had to try and tell the rest of my fam where we were so they could turn around and find us and we thought this car pulling over was them and my was like OH the boys are here!!! And she rolls down the window and I see my brother John and I'm like thinkin...OH wow...John has a really NICE shirt on!!! It's like a police officer shirt or something..then i'm like...OMW it IS A POLICE OFFICER!!! hahaha!!!! This totally CUTE k9 officer was there...talkin to my mom and offering to help us...He was like SOOOO NICE!!!

wELL...aside from trying not to cry while listening to WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS, the whole trip and just accidentally walkin into the Men's bathroom before writing this post... thats about all my adventures thus far on the trip!!! Can't wait to see what the next few days hold!!! Hope to cya TONIGHT!!! :)


OMW!!! I am soooooooooooo EXCITED!!! People!!!! WCC is on WEDNESDAY!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this conference!!! I didn't get to go last year..CUZ I was going to Maui the next week...LOL...BUT...this year I AM GOING!!! There was soooooooooo many times that our plans almost got changed and i was like awwwwwww MAN!!! But NOPE...it's looking like God has worked it ALL OUT!!! YAAAAY!!! UNFORTUNATELY...I didn't get posts done for this whole week...I will TRY and blog while I am there but if NOT no worries my friends!!! I'll be back by next Monday FOR SURE!!! Heeeeeeeey can't wait to meet Jennifer Conell, Sis. Kathy, Rubigo and Angel, Tiffany Bracken, Heather Kendrick, Heidi... and some others...sorry if I forgot you..Come find me... I WANT TO MEET YOU!!! Look for me by the Abbott's or something!!!!!!!! Also can't wait to see Kendra Thaler, Chantal Bertram, Meaghan Rowell, Ash and Danae and EVERYONE ELSE!!! I am sooooooooooo EXCITED!!!! Oh and btw- my brothers said we are going to Hometown everyday for lunch....MEET US THERE!!! LOL Oh and STARBUCKS before church at night!!! Oh yeah!!!

A moment like this...

It was that moment.
"You may kiss your bride," said the minister.
Eagerley the groom lifted her veil.
I watched in delight as he swung her around,
Tipped her back and passionatley kissed his wife.
As he kissed her and KISSED her and KISSED her,
the crowd started cheering.
We stood to our feet clapping
Before I knew it, I was screaming with excitement for my friend.
As the bride and groom walked back down the aisle...
A Moment Like This, began playing over the speakers.

And OH what a moment it was!!!
During the drive home from the wedding, I sent a text out to my friends;
Omw u guys! The kiss was crazy awesome!!! I was like SCREAMING!
Immediately I got a bunch of texts back.
How sweet!
What happened?
How did he kiss her?
Details please!
But there was one text that was sent to me that really irked me.
I suppose it was something about my pure, uninhibited, excitement of something so simple,
that caused them to know the truth and ask the question they did.
Their text said…

You’ve never been kissed?
I just looked at it, then sent a text back.
The text back said…
Wow! Sorry for you.
This person felt sorry for me because I had NEVER been kissed.
WHY would they feel sorry for me?

My mind goes back to my early teenage years.
At 13 I had made up my mind.
As soon as I was old enough I was going to kiss boys.
Not just A boy, but LOTS of boys.
I figured I might as well kiss as many boys as possible before I got married.
Thankfully, God began working on me concerning the matter.
I heard about these twin sister’s that made a promise to their dad and God,
Their first kiss would be on their wedding day at the alter.
There was NOTHING wrong with kissing.
The bible did not say there was ANYTHING wrong with kissing.
Jacob kissed Rachel, before they were married.
Isaac kissed Rebekah, before they were married.
It was NOT a sin.
But through my pastor’s preaching and books I would read, I began to think about it.
It may NOT be a sin, but a kiss was precious and sacred.
A kiss was something that was special and should not be taken lightly.
But could I do it?!
I mean what if some day when I was off on my own, a really, really handsome man wanted to kiss me?! What if he was sooo, SO, sooo, SOOO cute I just couldn’t say no?!
But then again, what if I kissed that handsome man, then married someone else?
I would have kissed a man that wasn’t my husband.
And when he married, I would have kissed another woman’s husband.
I continued thinking the matter through.
By my sweet sixteen party, I had made up my mind.
I was going to wait.
I told God that if He would help me, I would save my first kiss for my wedding day, at the alter.
I figured, with such a noble decision...
God would shine His favor down on me...
and I would not have to wait very long.
Here I am, ten years later,
NEVER been kissed!!!
I look one more time at the sorry-for-me text.
I roll my eyes, the send a text back.
Actually, I’m proud!
Truly, I am proud of this.
It's not like cute guys have just been running around...
trying to kiss me for the past ten years!!! ;)
But I could have...
It is easy to want to kiss someone and then kiss them.
It is a lot harder to want to kiss someone and then NOT kiss them.
Perhaps being unkissed makes me seem naïve and innocent.
Unexperienced. Ametur.
Ignorant. Childish.
I also have NO regrets!!!
I get one more text.
Ok. Be proud of that sister.
I text back…
I am! :)
Don't feel sorry for me.
I don't care what anyone else is or isn't doingI've made up my mind.
I’m waiting for my wedding day...
For that ONE special kiss.
I'll be saying...
I CAN'T believe it's happening to me

Because some people wait a life time For a MOMENT like this!!!