Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Soooo after reading Melissa's comment on my last post about appreciating the Male Gender...
I have another confession or a P.S. you could say...
P.S. I Mary Ginty, do NOT just throw my dirty socks on the floor.
I ACTUALLY throw ALL my clothes on the floor!!!
I know, I know, big time SHOCKER right?! Devi always used to say that if you stay with me at a convention or youth conference, you will know every part of the room I have walked in...BY THE TRAIL!!! However, just for the record, I know you all are NOT going to believe this but my room is ACTUALLY pretty clean!!! Not quite Jimmy Greenbank or Sis. Abbott clean...but you know! ;)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Appreciating ...

Tonight was an AWESOME Ladies of Legacy class!
It was something I could TOTALLY relate with...
Can I get a WOOT!? WOOT!?!!? ;)
So there was like a ton of good stuff that I was getting from the lesson that Sis. Mize was teaching! You know just the typical stuff about male/female differences and communicating with each other...blah, blah, blah! Then she is like, you know there are some things that you can JUST COUNT on your husband doing...LIKE...throwing his dirty socks on the floor...thats JUST a male thing!!! AND like ALL the woman are like nodding their heads and agreeing...like this is just SUCH a man thing! EVERY husband in the WORLD throws their socks on the ground!!! Sooooooo I am just sitting there thinkin like, Hmmm...REALLY? Thats a MALE thing...hmmm...and she is like and we as ladies just NEED to learn to pick them up NOT begrudlingly but with A GOOD ATTITUDE...So I am still sitting there like...hmmmm...Then she is like we can EVEN be appreciative...like..."Yay! I get to pick up my Godly husbands socks!" Well at this point myself and ALL the other woman like LOSE it LAUGING and the other woman were like OH yeah right, like that iS EVER gonna happen!!! But what were my thoughts on the matter?! I was still thinkin...Hmmmmm!!!.
Then in between classes I was tellin my new pastor and his wife about the class and I was tellin them about the DIRTY SOCK thing...How MEN just ALWAYS throw their socks on the floor...and my pastor was like..."OH THAT IS SOOOO NOT TRUE!!! NOT ALL GUYS THROW THEIR SOCKS ON THE FLOOR!!!" So I am like okaaaaaaay... that right there is NOT an issue with me! You know, I'm just going to be PERFECTLEY  honest here...I could care less if my husband was to THROW HIS DIRTY SOCKS on the ground...CARE LESS!!! Becuase if he were to throw his socks on the ground... MINE would be RIGHT there with HIS!!! (Awww how romantic)

"I, Mary Ginty,
throw my dirty socks on the floor!
WHAT does this MEAN?!?!"
Is this really a manly trait?
Are their any guys out their that don't?!
Let me know, perhaps we could get married!?!?
Don't worry, I won't call you a girl, for NOT throwing your dirty socks on the ground!!! ;)

A favor PLEASE!!!

I was wondering if you guys could do me a HUGE favor?!?! You guys ALL love me SOOOOO much and would do ANYTHING to help Mar Bear RIGHT?!?! And everyone says...
RIGHT!!!!!!!! (Screaming at the top of their lungs!)
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Click HERE to join as well!!! Pretty, pretty PLEASE with a cherry on top!!!? Make SURE you click ON THE LINKs I provide so I GET THE POINTS!!!!!!
Thanks! You guys are all SOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome!!! ;)
P.s Oh yeah! And anymore questions on how to get MORE points just ask me! I am GOOOD!

Embarassing Mary Moments #34123

So I've always been pretty open about when I think I guy is cute. Probabley a little TOO open, but whatever, thats JUST ME!!! ;) So I had showed some pictures of guys I thought were cute to the little girl Ella I was a nanny for. She agreed they were VERY cute!!! So I taught her that whenever we see a cute guy, we would put our hand on our heart, dramatically swoon and say, "He's sooooooooooo handsome!" So whenever Ella saw a cute guy she would do this with me. Whatever, I didn't think ANYTHING of it! So one day her mom tells me that the Stanley Steemer guys were coming to steem-clean the carpets and couch and that I should just make sure I have everthing picked up from the floor for them. Then when they get there I should just keep the kids out of their way. So they get there, I bring them in and they are all about to get started with cleaning, I'm gathering the kids up about to guide them to the back of the house, when all of the sudden Ella turns to me with HER HAND ON HER HEART... "Mary! Aren't they SOOOOOOO HANDSOME?!" I just stood there with my mouth hanging open...(LIKE OMW! I can't believe this is happening to me!)...She is like, "Come on Mary, lets do our thing!" I was like Ummmmmmmmmm.....Lets GO POTTY!!! I think we all need to go to the potty! She is like, "BUT MARY!" I was like NOW!!! Cause, no offense to anyone that cleans carpets, BUT THERE WAS NO WAY I was gonna swoon over the ghetto Stanley Steemer guys!!! LOL
Another time I was at Walmart Supercenter with my sister and niece. When we got to the registers, my sister and I went our seperate ways. I checked out at the register right across from her and my niece. It was an elderly gentleman from the middle east area that rang up my two items, a magazine and a MOUNTAIN DEW. So while he rang up my items I just tried to be nice and courteous to him, just because thats the way I am! I mean, I'm NOT like MY MOM or JACQUI, where we're like exchanging life stories or nothing. Just little stuff like when he hands me my drink I smile and am like, "Oh thanks! I just gotta have MY mountain dew!" NO BIG DEAL!!! So he finishes my order, I pay, we say have a nice day, I walk over to my sister's register two feet away. End of story RIGHT?!?! WROOOOOOONG!!! I am standing their and my niece Mary Jo turns to me and raises her eyebrows, JUST LIKE I do to her when I'm teasin her! She is like, "I saw you MARY!" I'm like...SAW ME WHAT?! She raises her eyebrows some more, "Over THERE Mary, I saw you!!!" I'm like, "What? Paying for my stuff?!" She raises her eyebrows some more, "Talkin to THAT MAN!!!!"  I'm like trying to be casual and mature, "Oh yes that was my cashier MJ. He was ringing up my stuff. She raises her eyebrows some more, "Sooooooooo do you LIKE HIM?!" I'm just there like OMW!!! Cause I mean what do I say?! Then man is like RIGHT there, he can TOTALLY here us and I don't wanna be rude and mean, like OH NO he's NASTY! But I mean, I also don't want him to get the wrong idea...So I just try the whole silent-I-am-ignoring you thing! BUT one thing about sista MJ is that she don't let up...More eyebrow raising, "WELL Mary...DO YOU?! Doooooooo yooooooooooouuuuuuu LIKE HIM?!  So  I very calmly look at her and say, come on, Lets go potty! I start picking her up out of the cart..."But Mary, I DON'T HAVE TO GO POTTY!!!" Aaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!! HELP!!! LOL
So later on I am talkin about both of these incidents with my sister and she is like, "You know what?! Both of those incidents are YOUR OWN FAULT!!! That is what happens when you talk to FIVE AND SIX-YEAR OLDS about GUYS!!!" So I am like, yeah but, there not just anyone, there MY FRIENDS and I ALWAYS talk to ALL my friends about guys!!! My sister just looks at me then says, "Well then I guess thats what you get for being FRIENDS with five and six year olds!!!"
I'm thinkin I have a VERY interesting life ahead of me...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Royal Throne!

$75, 000
Diamond Studded toilet!!!
Talk about bling! bling!!!

I NEVER thought I would say this BUT...
I SOOOOOOOOOOOO WANT this toilet!!! :D

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Are you cheering?!

A while ago I had the strangest dream. In the dream I was walking outside in my mother's neighborhood. As I was walking I saw the bridge that you can walk over the freeway and see all the cars below. As I got closer I noticed that there was a big group people standing around the bridge. Wanting to know what was going on I walked quicker to see what was going on. The closer I got I could hear chanting and cheering. People were screaming, "COME ON! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!" As I got closer I saw that there was a man about to jump of the bridge and end his life. I gasped HORRIFIED as people continued screaming and chanting. "Just do it! Jump! Come on, JUST JUMP! JUMP! I was SHOCKED! I couldn't believe that people would be cheering someone on to end their life. "NOOOOOO!" I screamed. "Don't do it!" But it was to late for my one little cry. It was overshadowed by the screaming and cheering throng of people. The cheering of the people in the crowd turned to whoops and hollers of joy as the man took his final plunge off the bridge and ended his life. "Oh yeah! He FINALLY did it!" The people shouted with enjoyment as they high fived each other. "That was AWESOME!" I woke up with a suddeness and just sat in my bed horrified by my dream. If only that man could have heard someone say that they loved him and that his life still had value! IF ONLY I had gotten there SOONER maybe, there would have been a different outcome!
The WHOLE day a just felt an eeary feeling of gloom over me. While the kids were napping at work, I sat on the couch and just thought about the dream! It was sooooo CREEPY! I mean to think that people were ACTUALLY cheering and encouraging someone to just end their life absolutely disgusted me.
As I sat there and thought about it, I felt like God impressed something on me about the dream. Not like I had vision or anything, just a thought he put through my mind. I felt like he told me that sometimes thats what we do to each other within the church. Sometimes we see that our brother or sister in the Lord is falling. Often times there is that ONE person that we see making the same mistakes over and over again. They are weak...they are struggling. But instead of trying to help them up, we gossip and talk about them behind their back.
So often a person leaves the church and we shrug our shoulders in nonchalance. I remember talking to a girl from another church one time on the phone. I asked her how a girl in her church was doing. She casually said that the girl was struggling to live for God. "Oh well," l she said indifferent, you can't win them all. I was shocked. How could someone talk so carlessly about their friend losing out with God?
There is a young man in my church named Sam Karlson. He stopped going to church in his early teens and got back in church at 18. When he got back in church, I wrote his testimony and it's pretty awesome some of the things that God brought him from. But, one thing I remember him tellin me about was that his mom ALWAYS prayed for him. He said that sometimes he would come home late at night, drunk from partying and he would find his mom praying for him. You know why? Because it was HER son. She loved him and she wanted above all else to see him saved. When same stopped coming to church, What if his mom had just been like, "Oh bummer, my son's not coming to church anymore?" But NO! She got down her knees and did some heartwrenching praying. I don't believe some would be back in church is she hadn't!
When someone leaves the church we need to make it PERSONAL!!! Think about how you would feel if someone you loved dearly left church...or perhaps you do know. Your not just like, whatever...NO! YOUR on your kneew, pleading the blood over them. WELL, This is not just anyone, this is OUR brother, OUR sister!!! You say, well I just don't feel that way...ASK GOD to give you a burden!
I think sometimes we see them getting ready to take that final lunge and leave the church. BUT instead of screaming...NOOOOOOOOO...STOP!!! We secretly are cheering them on in our hearts. Just go on now...get outta here...LEAVE! 
Then when they do, we turn to each other, "Aw, I knew they were gonna leave eventually. They never really had it in their hearts anyways." And we are pleased in knowing that we were really right about them ALL ALONG! And perhaps your right, BUT WHAT IF, WHAT IF, WHAT IF, WHAT IF we had all gone to that person and told them that we loved them?! What if we had told them that we cared about them?! WHAT IF we told them that we believed in them?! WHAT IF we told them that it didn't matter what they had done, God would still forgive them. WHAT IF we had all gotten down on our knees and PRAYED AND WEPT FOR THEM?! Maybe there would be a DIFFERENT outcome.
THINK about it, are you screaming NOOOOO?!
 Or are you cheering them on?!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Mary Wisedumb on relationships...

"A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other...Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever."
 (Dave Matthews Band)

Soooooooo basically girls, what we need to do is...
Continually FALL for ALL the GOOD guys ALL the time!!!
AND EVENTUALLY we'll get it RIGHT!!! ;) (That IS what I do!)

Yes, Yes, that was some more of the INCREDIBLE Mary Wisedumb...
Free of charge and PLENTY more where that came from!!! :P

Flirting at Chili's

So you just have to understand that the Filipino men in the Philipines are like SOOOOO nice!!! I mean seriousley, they were SOOOOOOO friendly and courteous, I just basically ADORED them!!! (If only they came higher than my shoulder, I would SOOOOOOO be called to the Philipines! LOL) Soooooo we're at Chili's in Manila and we ordered the chips and salsa, AND I promise you that the chips just tasted SOOOOOOO much better than our chips here in Arizona. Soooooooooo since our waiter was like REALLY cute, I decided to compliment him on their chips. I am like... "Your chips are like SOOOOOO gooooood!!!" He is like, "Oh Thank you!" I am like...."No I mean like they are like, really, really, really GOOD!!! I mean they are like WAAAAAAY better than the chips we have in the states!!!" He is like, Oh thank you! But ACTUALLY ma'am, we get our chips shipped over from the states!
 I was like "Ooooooooooooooooo!" Then hysterical laughter!!!
My brothers AND sister were like, "MARY! YOU ARE SOOOOOO DUMB!!!" 

 But HEEEEY, you know what?!?!
He smiled at me when we were leaving! *Sigh!
That smile
was SOOOOO worth lookin STUPID!!! ;)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

God is GOOOOOOD!!!

There is NO awesomer feeling than the OVERWHELMING feeling of being at the alter and thinkin, "OMW! There are sooo many kids praying I don't even know who to pray with first!!!" Tonight, at kids church we had a LONG AWAITED, Holy Ghost break through at the alter. Pastor Abbott preached a simple message that touched their hearts. They went to the alter and started praying. At first it was just one, really, really praying. But the spirit of God started moving and one by one the tears began falling. I was praying with one girl that was just crying, about to get the Holy Ghost, then I looked across the way and there sat another girl, just sitting there all by herself, tears streaming down her face, pouring her heart out to God. One by one I saw the tears beginning to fall down almost every child's cheeks. We had 18 kids that needed the Holy Ghost and Six kids! Six Kids! Six kids! SIX KIDS GOT THE HOLY GHOST TONIGHT!!! Neema, Gifty, Chelsea, May, Alexandra and Brenda! Six children representing three different nationalities...Hispanic, African and Caucasian...soooo COOL!!! As a bible class teacher there is NOTHING more exciting than seeing THE WORST BEHAVED STUDENT in your class, at the alter, with tears streaming down her face, worshipping God!!! GOD IS SOOOOOOOOO AMAZINGLY GOOD!!! I can't wait to see what happens next! Oh and THEN after it was all over and we're herding the kids to the van, I feel SOMETHING lumpy in my shirt...I am like What in the world?!?! AND I pull out A DIRTY TISSUE!!! I have NO idea who's it was, BUT in between all the praying, one of the kids stuck their DIRTY TISSUE DOWN my shirt!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!! LOL YUP! ONLY OUR KIDS! ONLY OUR KIDS!!! Needless to say...

Story of my life! :D

That is EXACTLEY how I feel!!!
I mean, I lost TEN pounds in February...and you can't even tell!
Thats the size of a VERY LARGE BABY!!!
AND does ANYONE even notice?!?!?!
THEN, people finally notice you have lost some weight...
"Oh it looks like you have lost a little weight!"... and i'm like
"YEAH...like TRY A 10000 pounds...Thats ALL!"

Abie's got a girl "friend"!

My youngest brother Abraham's girl Grace!
She is from Bohol Philipines. She is REALLY pretty and cute!

He told me NOT to post about them but WHATEVER!!!
He talks about her ALL the time!!!!
I can't wait to meet her!
 I have a feeling, come next summer, or so, we'll be making another family trip to the Philipines! YAY!
This time ROMO needs to come! Especially since we're cousins NOW! LOL

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


After we repainted the Wednesday School area of our church last summer, my room has remained UNDECORATED. So I asked my girls if there was ANYTHING imparticular that they would like to see in the decorations for their classroom. They were sooooooo excited they immediatley started naming off stuff they wanted to see.
The list went like this...
The bible
THEN all of the sudden it all changed... AND we want...
Hot Cheetos
Hot wings
grape kool aide
Fried Chicken!!!
LOL Such DELICATE little things!!! HAHAHA!
I'm tellin ya ...

Monday, March 22, 2010

A moment of silence...

It is with MUCH sorrow and a heavy heart that I bring you all this HORRIFIC news...

P.B. Loco Cafe CLOSED
 DOWN!!! :'(
(If this article never gets published, it's because, the tears are falling out of my eyes like a river and I might even be drowning in them. Either that OR they fall into this keyboard and cause the thing to crash!)   SOB!!!!!! :',(

P.B. Loco was a Cafe/store that sold all different flavors of peanut butter
Growing in up, I thought I was the ONLY weirdo that liked peanut butter and bacon sandwhiches!!!
(No one else in my fam would eat them)
THEN, I discovered P.B. LOCO Cafe at Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale, where Peanut butter and bacon sandwhiches were ACTUALLY on the menu!! LIKE OMW! WOW!
And they had the coolest flavors ever of P.B...my favorite was the Cocoa Bananna flavor!

That one was just AWESOME!!! And I used to buy different flavors for all my weirdo friends for Christmas.
Andrew Foster LOVED the cinnamon rasin swirl, my grandpa loved the sundried tomato...SIGH!!!
WHY?! P.B. LOCO?! WHY?!?! I NEVER even got to tell my future husband about you!
HE WAS GONNA PROPOSE TO ME THERE!!! Can't you just imagine...
We're sitting there sharing a p.b. and bacon sandwhich...alll of the sudden he drops to one knee...
"Mar Bear, your the cRaZiEsT girl i've EVER known, but I LOVE your nuttiness! Your sweeter than grape jelly and strawberry jam. I'm STUCK on you Mar, and without you around, my life would be a sticky mess!!!! Please marry me and say that you'll be my nut FOREVER!?!" Awwwwwwwww *Then I start laughing hysterically, choke on the p.b... He does the Himelech manuver, CPR...then I say, YES! (And we finish our sandwhich!)HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
At this time I think it would ONLY be right to take a moment of silence for this INCREDIBLE little place
Okaaaaaaaay I am totally just jokin...
BUT am I really the ONLY weirdo out there that LOVED that little place?!
AM I really the ONLY Weirdo that will miss it?
Well...I suppose that fact that it is CLOSED down is my answer!!! ;)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chillin in Africa!

I don't know why but lately I have just been thinkin that it would be soooooooo cool to go to Africa-Especially Liberia. It's not that I feel called there or anything like that. I just want to experiance it and see the homeland of my people. Sooooooooooo with all that on my mind...I had this dream the other day that me and my whole youth group were just CHILLIN in Africa!!! LOL So we're all in AFRICA and I am lookin around and I am like, "OMW! This is SOOOOOO cool! There are like African kids EVERYWHERE!!!" (What a coincidence!;) Sooooooooo I am like, heeeeeeeeey you guys, since we're here, we should like do some OUTREACH or something!!! (Like DUH!) So everyone is like OH YEAH! Good idea Mary! Then they are like, OH BUT you have to ask Bro. Abbott FIRST! HAHAHA!!! So I do...and he is like, "You know I think thats a good idea Sis. Mary!" LOL and that was IT!!! HAHA!!! I was tellin everyone at church and they were just like okaaaaaaaaay...ONLY you Mary, would have a dream that we were all just "Chillin in Africa!"

Friday, March 19, 2010


WE are all SOOOOO VERY excited about our installation service tomorrow night!!! We have been cleaning and cleaning and cleaning and cleaing preparing for all our visitors tomorrow night! Here is Jac TOTALLY makin the chandelier sparkle! (It woulda been sooooo funny if she had fallen! Don't worry its RUG! LOL)WE hardly ever get to show our church off sooooooooo just wait till you all see it!!! It's BEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUTIFUUUUUUULLLL!!! Well at least I think it is!!! Ooooooooo and wait till you all see my classroom!!! It's the first room on the right on your way to the mens restroom. BUT even if I didn't tell you that you would still know cause it is SOOOOOOOOO Maryish!!! Ooooo and we have a class pet her name is ROSIE!!! I want you all to meet her! AnywayZ...it was a LONG day!!! I breaded like a THOUSAND peices of chicken!!! (Not really...BUT!) Tomorrow I volunteered to babysit my nephew!!! My mom is like going all out with her cookin for the minister's meal, and even though I LOVE cookin, I would SOOOOO much rather watch my adorable nephew then endure the CRAZINESS of my mother in the kitchen!!! HAHA!!! Remember...she is a FULL BLOODED Italian...I am only considered a lowly Irish, for the lack of my coloring!!! *sob! Then after the service I am serving in the minister's thing...I SHO hope I don't spill anything!!! Baaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaa!!!

>>>>>>>> Oh yeah!! AND if your we are located at
10250 N. 124th Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85259
(One Block South of Shea on the right)
OUR church is basically located in the RITZIEST part of Scottsdale
AND the church LOOKS like a REALLY big house!!!
(Cuz it is!! ;)
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Exciting News...

Well, I have been waiting for quite a while to post something about this, but I think ALL of LPC is quite excited about this coming Friday's insallation service. Bro. Davy Abbott is being installed as the pastor of our church and Bro. Abbott is being installed as the bishop of our church. We've all known about it since the church meeting Febuary 14th, but I wanted to wait till closer to ANNOUNCE it! LOL I am SOOOOOOO excited about EVERYONE getting to see our church cause its SOOOOOO beautiful. Also just to let everyone know I probabley won't be posting that much for the rest of the week cause I am gonna be pretty busy helpin get things ready and helpin my mom cook for the minister's dinner afterwards. DUDE, all the ministers and their familes are SERIOUSLEY in for a treat!!! My mom is like the BEST COOK EVER!!! (even better than me! HAHA! OMW! I have this big ol burn on my left hand from cookin my sister breakfast this morning! But she gave me SUCH high compliments on my french toast that it was TOTALLY worth the burn!) So my mom  is makin chicken parmesain, fettucine alfredo and I think cheesecake or something! Sooooooooo anyways, yeah it's cool that Davy is gonna be our pastor. He told me that I could call him that till March 19th. Cause I was like callin him Pastor and he was like, "I'm NOT your pastor!" I was like, I thought you were and he was like NOPE...The voting was that I would BECOME pastor on March 19th!" I was like OH does that mean I can still call you Davy till the 19th and he was like YES! So I was like, Ok...Davy! Davy! Davy!!! LOL Tonights the LAST night I can call him that...SOB!!! Anyways, Davy and I had some FUN times when we were in the youth group together!!! HAHAHA!!!  I am happy and proud of  Davy and Vanessa, that they are taking over...it also makes me feel good to know that this NOW means that he can't get back at me for what I did to him on his wedding day!!! HE has told me for the past 9 years, "Just wait till you get married Mary!"   But as MY PASTOR, I don't think that would be proper!!!  I also wanna say that I was the FIRST person to ask him a pastoral question...He didn't say yes and he didn't say no...HE JUST ROLLED his eyes!!! LOL I have NO idea why he would respond like that to the OH-sooooooo-serious burden of my heart!!! ;)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A prayer God always answers...

There are a lot of things that I often just don't like in my life. Sometimes, I am asked to something and I just feel sooooo agravated. Sometimes people say things to me that just PLAIN annoy me. Sometimes, I just get frustrated with life. When these things happen I would find myself praying stuff like, "Oh God...PLEASE don't make me have to do that! Or God MAKE them take back what they said OR God, JUST GIVE ME A HUSBAND...like RIGHT NOW!!!" HAHAHA!!! For the most part I can honestly say that those prayers havn't been answered and I know that a lot of them are the kind that you have to wait on. However, there is a prayer that I pray, that God ALWAYS seems to answer. That prayer is, "Oh God, GIVE ME A GOOD ATTITUDE!!!" LOL  I know it may sound funny but it's true! God ALWAYS answers that prayer for me.
Several weeks ago, my mom wanted me to come over to her house and help her clean off her back porch. I said yes...but inside as was SCREAMING NOOOOOOOOOO!!! You may be thinkin, Oh come on Mary, it's NOT that big of a deal, just help your mom...Okaaaaay you've NEVER seen my mom's back porch, she is kinda a pack rat!!!(LIKE OMW!!! BIG TIME!!! And she likes to keep EVERYTHING)  So I was sitting on my bed like TOTALLY havin a magor pouting and moaning session. Sooooo FINALLY... I was like, Okaaaaaaaaaay God, I REALLY don't wanna do this, BUT, since your NOT changing my mother's mind about me helping her, will you PLEASE just give me a good attitude about it?! And you know what, HE DID! My mom picked me up. We worked together for several hours and it was actually kinda enjoyable!!! AND she actually even gave me a bunch of stuff for my yard sale. I don't know HOW it happened, or WHEN my attitude changed, BUT it did!!!
 I have been makin it my prayer in every situation for God to change ME!!! When people say things I don't like, I try to just bite my tongue and just pray for God to keep giving me a good attitude. I hear Mary can you do this? I am like..."Good attitude God!" Someone gives me a dirty look..."Good attitude God!" Or God, I am waiting and waiting for a job, but in the mean time help me to make the most of this situation AND give me a good attitude. OR the biggie for all us singles...NOT that I am promoting to not pray for the right spouse, I believe and have ALWAYS been taught that, that is right to do, but in the mean time, it's pointless to gripe and complain. I have been asking God to help me to keep a good attitude about being single. "God, make me the BEST umarried person that I can possibly be! (I personally think I am pretty good at it!;)
Try praying for a good attitude sometime...IT works...I PROMISE!!! So often we think that the ONLY answer is for God to change our situation and NOT to change us. We want him to rearrange our surroundings, but what we REALLY need is a good, old fashioned
ATTITUDE adjustment!!! :)
But made himself of no reputation,
and took upon him the form of a servant,
and was made in the likeness of men:
And being found in fashion as a man,
he humbled himself,
and became obedient unto death,
even the death of the cross.
Philippians 2:7-8

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Mary MOMENT!!!

My friend comes over to me at the wedding reception on Saturday and is like, "Hey, your shirt matches your face." So I just kinda stare at her like really confused! And she is like, Uh thats a GOOD THING!" Still confused I am like, uh...thanks?! Seeing that I still needed further clarification...She is like, you know, cause your shirt is pink and your cheeks are pink too!!!" I was like OOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Okaaaaaaaaaaay! NOW I get it!!! I thought you meant cause my shirt had fur on it and I was like thinkin...OMW!!! Am I gettin a beard?!?!?! Aaaaaaauuuuugggghhh!!!! We all busted up laughing and it was very MUCH a  Classic Mary Moment!!! ;)
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Friday, March 12, 2010

Mary Wisdumb!!! I've learned that...

"I've learned that...
 You can't make someone like you.

All you can do is stalk them...
 and hope they'll panic and give in!" :D
Are you scared yet?!;)
 Special thanks to my good friend CARA Wilkins
for finding the quote that totally fits me since age 14! 
Which was all inspired at the last weddin we attended! LOL

Thursday, March 11, 2010

"You look like a bear!"

I'm not really a morning person. I mean I get up EARLY every morning to get my neice on the bus, BUT it kinda takes me a little while to REALLY wake up, even after I get up. So one morning, I am sitting in our living room on the rockin chair, sippin coffee, just kinda wakin myself up. MJ, my neice kinda looks at me from across the room and says, "You look like a bear!" I'm like, WHAT?! She just says it again ever SOOOOO sweetly, "You look like a bear!" I'm like, ummmmmm is that supposed to be a compliment?! She is like, "YEAH, you look like a bear Mary!" I'm like okaaaaaay...thanks girl! I mean, just the way I WANT to be described, when I wake up in the morning! She just looks at me like she just KNOWS I don't understand her compliment, she says EXASPERATED, "LIKE the one in THE BOOK, Mary! You look like the bear in the book" I am like, WHAT BOOK?! She goes running to her room and comes back with her big, hard back book of ...
The Corduroy Bear

I was like AWWWWWWWWW!!!
You think I look like the Corduroy bear?!?!
She was like YES!!!
I'm like, OH MJ! He is soooooo CUTE!!!
She is like, "Yeah, and YOU look like him!"
I'm like, THANK YOU Mary Jo!!!
Isn't that like SOOOOOO sweet?!?!
I really do consider it a VERY high honor
that someone thinks I am as cute as The Corduroy Bear!!!
I guess thats why the call me MAR BEAR!!! :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A bug is a BUG!!!

I remember even when I was younger, like your average girl, I HATED bugs!!! Except there was ONE exception to that rule... I LOVED lady bugs! i don't know why but for some reason they didn't seem like they were really bugs. They were so dainty and little and cute. When I was in 5th grade, my friends and I would sneak our pencil boxes out to the playground at recess, then we would go to the bushes and find these ADORABLE little bugs. Then we would sneak them back into the classroom.
One day after lunch recess I was sitting at my desk quietly doing my work. As I sat there I began to feel a really CREEPY tickling feeling on my arm and my neck and all of the sudden I knew it was a BUG!!! It took everthing in my not to SCREAM as a frantically shook myself of the lady bug. I saw it fall to the ground and smashed the little thing! In that moment the lady bug lost it's "cuteness" and joined the ranks of ALL OTHER nasty insects in which girls HATE!!!! To this day I HATE ALL bugs, including adorable little lady bugs AND even beautiful butterflies. I just can't stand the thought of them touching me!!! Because as far as I am concerned there are NO cute bugs!  It doesn't matter if it is a cockroach or a lady bug...
A bug is a bug is a bug is a bug is a BUG!!!
Sometimes there are things in our life that we don't really think is a sin or that big of a deal. There are things that we allow in just because we think that its cute. Maybe it's a little lie that we think doesn't really matter or just a little teeny tiny bit of gossip. A little peice of candy that never gets paid for or a quarter that belongs to someone else. Sometimes it's a bad attitude, a smart aleck remark or wearing something that represents the world. It doesn't SEEM like a big deal, BUT the truth its SIN!!! You know it's wrong and deep down inside you get that creepy, crawly feeling!!! We try and excuse it and say that it's not going to turn us away from God, BUT why keep it? How does it make sense to allow even a little sin into our lives? A bug is a bug is a bug and...
 Sin is sin is sin is sin is SIN!!!

"But if thine eye be evil,
thy whole body shall be full of darkness..."
(Matthew 6:23)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The OTHER morning I was making breakfast for a friend and I was thinkin I should make sure the syrup is WARM for her!!! Instead of takin it out and puttin it in something I thought I would put it in the microwave for a minute, but I guess that was TOO long!!!

I'm tellin you its ALWAYS something with me!!!
BUT at least it wasn't
THE KITCHEN SINK this time!!!
Or the time I exploded orange soda across the WHOLE entire kitchen!!!
Or the time I was cookin and...Okaaaaaaay NEVER MIND!!!
Lets just say, I live an INTERESTING life!!! ;)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Mary way...

I've been asked...Mary, what is you way with guys?
Do you play hard-to-get?Are your forward? Bold? Shy?

"Basically, I'm just friends with EVERYONE,
and then I wait to see what happens.
So far...NOTHING, But I sure am having FUN!!!" ;)

Friday, March 5, 2010


My little Jose has been in the Philippines for the last several weeks with his parent's, visiting his other family!!!
I can't wait to see him!!!Two more days!!! I'll see him on Monday
Jose, remember Auntie Maria LOVES you and I can't wait to squeeze you and I know you can't wait to hear my high pitched squeels come Monday!!! XOXOXO!!!


Can someone HELP ME!!! It says I can't upload anymore pics on this blog cause I have exceeded the amount! Does anyone know what I can do?! I don't think I have THAT many pics on here!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


What in the world?!?! This is a REALLY, REALLY easy way to make money online! I am sitting here like OMW! I have a job, I have a job!!! HAHA!!! Not really, but I am makin money an thats COOL!!!

Search & Win

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Thank you!!!
♥Mary :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I have been WAITING and WAITING
and WAITING for this...

THIS Saturday,
an all new Adventure's in Odyssey is starting!!!I am SOOOOO excited!!!Its been like two years since a new album has come out!There are a lot of new things going on, inventions AND character's! They are also making album 51 so that any newcomer's that have NEVER listened to Odyssey before, can just join in and NOT have to listen to the previous 50 albums...ALTHOUGH...You really SHOULD!!!

Man! I LOVE Odyssey SOOOO much!
 I have grown up with it almost my WHOLE life! IT seems like me and Connie have been through it ALL together! We both got our first job together, longed for the fatherly figure, graduated highschool, searched for the will of God, fell in love, almost got married, broke up, got over it, been camp counselors, hang out with kids 24/7, became a writer...yeah I was SIKED about the writer thing!!! GO CONNIE!!! AM I the ONLY one that finds themselves laughing hysterically and CRYIN over Odyssey's?! Did anyone else ever cry during, The Great Wishy Wuz?! My brothers are like HOW could you cry over that Odyssey? It's SOOOO dumb!!! I am like, NO it's NOT!!! I mean, when the "Fisherman" (Jesus) and the girl go through the tornado together at the end of the story, the message becomes SOOOOO clear... That Jesus is ALWAYS with us, even through the storms!!! How can you NOT cry over that?!?!
I'll end this by givin a SHOUT out to all my fellow Odyssey Lover's...
If you ♥LOVE♥ Odyssey leave me a comment!
I would LOVE to hear about your favorite episode, quote, character, who you see yourself most as OR if you have EVER had a crush on any of the characters. (I'm in love with Mitch and his GREEN eyes, BUT Wooten is my DREAM man!!!;)

Oh and if your NOT an Odyssey fan...
You NEED help!!!
Magor, magor HELP!!! J/k! ;)
Now is the time to become a listener!!!
Click HERE!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Luvin this...

I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited about the Picassa thing I downloaded onto the computer!
LOL This pic is a result! Yaaaaaay!!!!
Oh AND Yes, I did take the pic myself! LOL
This is me at a park in Lahaina. Maui, Hawaii
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Outreach Picnic!!!

This was SOOOOOOOOO much FUN!!!

This was our fourth annual outreach picnic at Paradise Shadows and it was SOOOOOO much fun!!!! It's one of those things where I was like freaking out trying get it all planned and together...and EVERYONE was calling me the night before with last minute little things...BUT of course in the long run everything turned out GREAT...AS ALWAYS! We REALLY had a big turn out this year and met a lot of new people! Paradise Shadows is an apartment complex located in the Palomino Square area of Phoenix, it is mostly an African Refugee community, but also has a lot of other immigrants as well. So we get to mingle with a lot of different cultures and religions. There was one man and his family there that we got to talk with that was a Muslim from Iraqu, he would normally never have anything to do with a church group so the picnic was a cool way to reach him. Oooooooo I also got to try more African food, not that I'm sure I  really wanted to but you know... LOL It was COOL! Cause I was like going around to the apartments getting people to come to the picnic and EVERYONE has to invite me inside...OH MARY, try this...I am like, Oh well we have food over at the playground thats why I am here...No Mary! HERE YOu have to... PLEASE EAT...Next thing I know a part of WHATEVER they are eaten is being handed to me...I am like Oh thank you... and I have NO IDEA what I am about to eat so I just chew and swallow, chew and swallow!!!! Mmmmm...Soooooo good! Oh you like our food Mary?!?! HAHAHAHAHA!!! I mean you HAVE to eat the food otherwise it's like REALLY rude and a total insult!!! I remember this one time Sam, Janelle and I went to this man's church in a home and afterwards they were havin a potluck, so of course it was like all kinds of African food that we had NO idea what it was, AND remember YOU HAVE TO EAT, and they want you to eat A LOT and FIRST because your the guests....Soooo we are just like piling up on white rice and takin a little bit of other stuff, then ALL of the sudden in the midst of it ALL there was some KFC!!! We were just like OH GLORY!!! HAHAHAHA!!! GOOOOOOOOOD times, GOOOOOOD TIMES!!! Outreach, Wednesday School, kid's church and the bus ministry-This is the kind of stuff I just LOVE doing! Can't wait to see what's next...cause it's ALWAYS an adventure!!!!
 To see pics from the picnic Click HERE

Monday, March 1, 2010


Soooooooo I've always said that I LOVE compliments, no matter what, as long as they are sincere and honest. Well today I ALMOST take that back! LOL So i've been going to quite a few interviews. Last Tuesday, I went to a job interview at another elemantary school. The interview went gRRReat!!! I said the right things and all that jazz, I could tell they really liked me! However, they said that they would be interviewing other people for the position through out the week, but would be calling me back to let me know if I got the job, either way. The principal said that he really does NOT like to leave people hanging and that HE WOULD call back!!! So I was thinkin yeah, whatever, thats what ALL the other principals and teachers have said on the interviews I have gone on. Well on Friday his secratary called me and said that they had another interview on Monday to do then they would call and let me know. So I was like WOW!!! Thats cool that they called to let me know that they were still interviewing.
Then TODAY I got the phone call I had been waiting for, I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited, It's the principal on the phone, he says hi to me, then he says, "Well Mary, I have good news and bad news for you" I'm like hmmmmm...okaaaaay! He is like, "The good news is that you have GREAT interviewing skills! (Rollin my eyes) The bad news is that we did choose someone else for the job!" I'm just sitting there like OH WOW!!!! Thanks for that GOOOOOD news brother!!!! I mean I can't even BEGIN to tell you how good that makes me feel!!! I don't have a job BUT OMW...I do have GREAT interviewing skills!!! Heeey WHO needs a job when they can just go around getting interviewed all the time?!?! LOL Anyways, I just said thank you and hung up.
AT least he called me back! That was VERY courteous and ethical!!! =) What I REALLY, REALLY wanted to say was,  OH and let me give you some GOOD and BAD news about yourself... The GOOD NEWS is that you have GREAT ETHICS!!! THE BAD NEWS is that your compliments are LAME!!!! HOWEVER, I just kept my mouth SHUT!!! I figured that was the WISE thing to do since I also applied for two other positions that are open in that school!!! And HEEEEEEEY...I just can't wait to show off my great skills AGAIN!!! ;)

The Apple Tree-HAHA!!!

I read this and it just REALLY cracked me up!!! I am sure that that wasn't really the intention of it but I was like thinking...Okaaaaaay someone NEEDS to just GET A LADDER for my man...cause I gotta be at the tippy, tippy top of THE TALLEST TREE EVER!!! HAHAHA!!! THEN I just wanted to say that I kinda disagree with what it's saying, I know it's probabley meant to comfort us single girls BUT, I have A LOT of friends older AND younger than me that are married AND they are GOOD, AWESOME GIRLS!!! Just cause they got married first doesn't mean they are "Bad Apples" or that there is something wrong with them, just like there is nothing wrong with me(Aside from being a little cRaZy) cause I am still single. (Although I am a REALLY good, fine and sweet  apple)
This is just where God has put me...
FOR NOW!!! ;)