Monday, April 30, 2012

Modern day Rebeckahs!!!

Here we are, me and Jac,
 Just WAITING...
 for Eleazer to come by with the camels.
YES Eleazer!!!
We have NO, REASON and NOOOOOO DESIRE to detain you...
♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, April 29, 2012


I'm NOT really into posting quotes from secular people, and I actually don't even know who this guy is buuuuut...I REALLLY like this quote!!!

God help ME,
to have a servant's heart...
to LOVE like YOU LOVE!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

THIS spoke strongly to me!!!

Ordinary people, who faithfully, diligentley and consistently do simple things that are right before God will bring forth extraordinary results!
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

A reminder!!!

I was riding to Bible College with my friend Kim a couple of months ago and I went to reach out an turn on some music and I was greeted with this BIG empty space instead!!!

I just busted up LAUGHING!!! I was like OMW KIM!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED??? Where's YOUR RADIO???? She's like OH YOU KNOW WHAT car gotten broken into and someone stole my radio...which being the WONDERFUL, GOOOD friend that I am, ONLY made me laugh EVEN HARDER!!! :D
She's like I think its payback for the life I used to live, God wants me to know what its like to have my car broken into and my car radio stolen...She's like I mean, I SURE do know HOW to take a radio OUT of a car, BUUUUUT don't ask me HOW to put one IN!!!  (LOL!) She said so yeah I think God's just letting me know how it feels, You know, you reep what you sow. I said yeah,  that might be part of it, buuuuut...MAYBE, JUST MAYBE God just wants to remind you.
She's like, what do you mean? I said, maybe God wants you to see that the world is still bad its still evil and its STILL full of SIN. I said THINK ABOUT IT...there are still desperate people, living in sin, addicted to drugs, cars being broken into, things are being taken, auto  theft taking place EVERYDAY!!! BUUUUUT...YOUR NOT the one stealing cars anymore...NOW its somebody else that is stealing!!!
"Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God." (1 Corinthians 6:9-10)
The world will go on doing evil, BUT once God touches you, EVEN when you do fail, once His fingerprints have been imprinted on your heart, YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!!! I said, MAYBE, JUST MAYBE... God just wants to remind you that...
your NOT what you once were.

 "And such were some of you:
but ye are washed,
but ye are sanctified,
but ye are justified
in the name of the Lord Jesus,
and by the Spirit of our God."
(1 Corinthians 6:11)
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A little NOTE!!! ;)

Dear Handsome, Awesome, Single-Apostolic,
on-fire-for-God, burden for the lost and has a good job MEN,
(Thank You!;)
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Driving advice!!!

Soooooo since I started driving, I have been getting QUITE a bit of DRIVING ADVICE!!! (I have NO idea WHY!!! LOL) And of course I pretty much NEED IT ALL!!! ;D Ususally when people give me advice, the main thing they do is just point out what I am doing WRONG...which is A LOT...hahaha!!! Like, your too far over, your swerving, your taking that turn to sharp...your going to slow, your going to fast...etc... However, someone gave me a particular peice of advice that has really helped.
They said, just keep your eyes on the road in front of you. Don't look around you, just look in front of you. In other words, if you want to go straight, don't look behind you, don't look at how the cars next to you are driving, or where the lines on the side of you are...LOOK in front of you. And I've realized how true this is. Sometimes I will get soooo focused on what is NEXT to me that all of the sudden...I'm swerving!!! So now I have learned, IF  you try and drive straight by looking to the side of you at another car or at the lines next to you, you end up swerving...BUUUUUT when you look in front of you, and follow what you see paved ahead, you drive straight.
While I was driving home that night, I couldn't help but think of HOW this applies to us spiritually. times when your driving on the road of life, you find distractions and bumps a long the way. You find heartaches and disapointments. Sometimes the people you look up to in some way or another disapoint you or fail you and being human and because of our fallen nature, at one time or another, WE will make some mistakes and failures...BUUUUT if we try and base our walk with God on another person's walk with God, we are going to start swerving. BECAUSE people are NOT perfect.
We can't look at the person next us to stay on the straight and narrow path, we've got to keep our eyes ahead of us! We gotta look to the perfect one. Growing up, my mom would always, and STILL always tells me, "Just keep your eyes on Jesus, Mary! Just keep your eyes on Jesus...AND Everything will be ALRIGHT!!!"
I have learned to live by those wise words of my mother. There are often times in my life, things that happen that I don't get...I don't understand AND I know that IF I were to try and get to heaven by looking around me, I would start to swerve. I can't go straight by looking at imperfections, I must look ahead to the perfect one.
We've got to keep our eyes on Jesus!!!
"Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God." (Hebrews 12:2)

♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A sign....

As you all know, I have some VERY important questions concerning my future husband...such as the DOES HE LOVE PEANUT BUTTER? Post and...Sooooooo do you all remember my post about wanting to marry a guy that likes meatloaf??? Remember THIS post....
"Does he like meatloaf???? Okaaaaaaaaay I know your probabley thinkin i'm weird about the WHOLE meatloaf question, BUT I find that to be a VERY important question...A LOT of people think that meatlaof is NASTY...BUT I LOVE meatloaf and make it VERY GOOD!!! AND MY HUSBAND WILL EAT MY MEATLOAF!!! Ahahahaha!!! Although I must say, we had difficulty findin the answer to this question...I mean...we NEVER could think of a nonchalant way for my friend Dayton to be askin #1, oh btw man, do you like meatloaf? AHAHAHA!!! This one time Dayton called me and he was like OH MARY! I hav bad news, I don't think he likes meatloaf!!! I was like WHAAAAAAT??? (ALL the weddin plans in my mind...were OFF!) What happened? How did you find out? So Dayton is like, Weeeelll since Thanksgiving is coming up we were talkin about that, and I was like, heeeey man are you excited about Thanksgiving dinner? and he was like, yeah man! So I was like, so what are you guys gonna be eatin? MEATLOAF? Dayton is all, and he was like, No man, we're gonna have TURKEY!!! Dayton is like, so Idk, he must not like it!!!  BAHAHAHAHA!!! Dayton is from another country...soooooo i'm like DUUUUUUDE...WOW...then I had to explain...that... EVERYONE eats TURKEY ON THANKSGIVING!!!! Ahahaha!!!! SOOOO... We NEVER did find that I think about it...I REALLY would like to know...just to know...hmmmm...LOL!!! AHAHAHA!!!
You all are soooooooooooooo NOT even going to believe WHO I just found out likes meatloaf...
I was just sittin there last night in ABSOLUTE AWWWWW!!! OMW!!! I can't believe it!!! We are SOOOOO meant to be!!!!!! LOLOL!!!!
*HAPPY Sigh!!! ;) 

♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

AHA...its gettin clearer!!! ;)

Soooooo this past Wednesday night at our youth service, our pastor was preaching about gettin married and stuff...and he was joking around about that song, "IF you want to be happy for the rest of your life, marry an ugly woman!" Sooooooo without missing a beat, I turned to the girl sitting next to me and said...
 Sooooooooo THATS WHY...


♪♫It gets clearer, as the days go by!!!♪♪♫
♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My little treasure!!!

I found a TOTAL treasure at my OWN yard sale this past weekend!!! NOW let me warn you all...when I say a treasure, this is a MARY TREASURE...and weeeellll...that right says enough RIGHT?!?! HA! ;)
It was EARLY Saturday morning...when I found it!!! I was havin a combined yard sale with Sis. Sarah, another lady from our church and there I was, sitting on the ground, setting stuff out and straightening up from the day before...WHEN....I saw it...MY TREASURE!!! I HAAAAAAAAAAD to have it!!!
This lady was coming to me with little things she wanted to buy and making a pile NEXT to ME!!! (Bad idea!) All of the sudden she comes back with THE MOST ADORABLE LITTLE THING EVERRR...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012

Words of my FUTURE HUSBAND!!!

This will be my husband talking about me after ten years of marriage!!!

♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The answer...

I hold her in my arms, and my heart breaks at the recent news that I have heard about her. I remember when she was born...I held her in my arms...and admidst all the sin and chaos surrounding the two of us...this little newborn and I had one thing in common that no one else around us had...
we were both pure.
Now here she is, a couple years later, that same little baby girl,  I hold her in my arms and love her...and then I go home and I cry...because what we had in common is gone. At only two-years-old, this precious little baby girl is no longer pure and at 28-years-old, I still am. The sad, twisted irony of the situation troubles my thankful that God has kept me, yet so devestated that a little child has already been corrupted and tainted by sin. I bury my face in the ground and I cry and I cry and I cry.
What do you do?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

MJ's Story!!!

A heartfelt story of a little girl once trapped in a world of despair. One day released from her dungeon of gloom and brought to an abode of joy, by the persistence of one young lady clinging tightly to the fulfillment of God's unfailing promise.
Click on book cover to read... 

♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I feel like...

Sooooooooo i've been ALL excited cuz i've been feelin like SUCH a GROWN UP lately!!! I know, i know, at 28, I probabley should have been feelin that way a LOOOOOOOONG time you all know...I'm MARY, and these things just don't happen quickely with me!!!! ;)
Soooooo i've had a bank account, but it was only a savings and I have been gettin my paycheck in direct deposit to it, buuuuuut I have been thinkin, OH I really NEEEED to get a checking account. This way I can get a debit card... and shop online!!!! (AHahaha)
K! Sooooooo I go walkin into the bank, AFTER I had driven there, ALL BY MYSELF, with the keys hanging off my fingers, FEEEEELIN OOOOOO sooooo grown up and I ask my bank teller if I can open a checking account to??? She kind of hesitates, then says, "Weeeeeeellllllll, yeah, buuuuuut how old are you?" I'm like, 28!!!!!!!
She just looks at me with this STARTELED expression and says, oh, OH, OK! Yeah, thats fine. You can open one. Then she kinda smiles and says, I thought you were younger than 28. I'm like OH, how old did you think I was? And she kind of hesitates and says, weeeeeellll...I didn't know for sure, buuuuut, I was thinking you were under 18, thats WHY I asked you your age!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

If you think your GIRLFRIEND is funny??

I thought this was REALLLLY funnnny!!!

I would LAUGH!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012


AIO 24/7!!!!!
I LOVE this new feature!!! I pretty much have Adventure's in Odyssey playing ALL day and ALL night long from the lap top in my room!!! Its SOOOOOOO AWESOME!!! Even while i'm sleepin, Mr. Whitikar is in my dreams...HAHA!!! Although...I'm NOT gonna lie, it was A LITTLE creepy waking up the other night to hear, "Hellllllllloooooooooo Odyssey! I've Returned!!!!!" Bwahahahahahahaha!!!! *Evil Dr. Blackerd laugh!!! Creeeeeeeeepy...@ 3am!!! LOLOL!!! AnywayZ, go HERE to enjoy this AMAZIN new feature!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Love equals Amnesia...

After reading this definition of LOVE, I can HONESTLY say, 
I have NEVER been IN LOVE!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

What happened???

Even as I write this blog post...I'm realizing the stupidity and pointlessness of it...and how it is NOT in any way going to help me with the whole GETTING A HUSBAND mission...yet...I FEEL compelled JUST THE blog about it...AHAHAHA!!!
Sooooo i'm out chaperoning my brother and his girlfriend Liz the other night...we're walking down Mill Ave and I look down at my feet and I am in TOTAL SHOCK!!! I have NOOOOOOOO idea what happened but they were FILTHY!!!!!!!
I was like OMW!!! This is sooooo DISGUSTING?!?!? I was embarrassed for people to even walk by me with my feet lookin like that...buuuuut of course I HAD to show my brother and Liz....and blog about it...MY brother was like, LAUGHIN...he is like, that is sooooo NASTY...WHAT HAPPENED?!?! I'm like duuuude I HAVE NO IDEA!!!
Sooooo THEN...we look at Liz's feet.....
I'm like WHAT IN THE WORLD???????
We just walked down the SAME STREET!!!

What do you all think...
P.S. YES, I scrubbed them before I went to sleep!!! :P
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jose, do you love me?!

Soooooo I told you all about how MJ said THE SWEEEEEETEST thing to me the other day when I asked her if she loved me!!! Weeeeeelllll NOW I gotta tell you all about when I asked my NEPHEW if he loved me!!!!
Sooooooo I had gotten dropped off at McDonald's with MJ & Jose and spent about two hours there with them...AND you would think that AFTER alllll that Jose would be INCREDIBLEY GREATFUL for his wonderful Aunt Mary...RIGHT????
Sooooo we're in the car gettin ready to leave and I look back at the lil gwapo Jose and I am all like, Jose, do you LOVE ME??? He just ignores me!!!! I'm like JOSE!!! Do you love Aunt Mary???He just IGNORES ME!!! I'm like JOSE!!!!!!!! Say that you LOVE AUNT MARY!!!!!!
.Without even turning to glance at me, he continues staring out the window and responds to my SAY-THAT-YOU-LOVE-ME plee with a, "NO! I'm BUSY!!!"  I'm like JOSE!!!! SAY THAT YOU LOVE AUNT MARY!!!!!!!!!! He yells out...I SAID...
I'm like JOSE, do you want to jump on my bed????? He is just silent...buuuuut I can see he is thinkin about it...cuz i have THE BEST jumpin bed and HE LOVES JUMPIN ON IT!!!! I'm like JOSE, if you want to jump on Aunt Mary's bed...YOU HAD BETTER HOLD MY HAND!!!!!!
.He doesn't say ANYTHING...BUUUUT...the NEXT thing i know...he is SILENTLY...reachin out his hand to me...
I'm like, JOSE!!! You do love your AUNT MARY...HUH!!?!?!? He says,
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

MJ, do you love me?!

I was talkin to my niece MJ the other day and after I had hugged her and smothered with kisses...In which she was rolling her eyes for...I said, "Mary Jo, DO YOU LOVE ME????" (Cuz even tho I TOTALLY know she does, I still wanna hear it!!!) She is just silent. I'm like "MARY JO!!!!! DO YOU LOVE ME!?!?!?! She just looks at me and with TOTAL, LIKE -DUH-ATTITUDE, and says...
Mary, WHY would you ask me that?!
Awwwww...I DO totally know it...;)
 buuuuut...I stilll like to hear it...
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Future AMM

Ladies and Gentlemen...
Weeeeeeelllll its been a while since we have had a NEW APOSTOLIC MALE MODEL...
Mainly because THE PEOPLE that have nominated people...have beeen SLACKIN in actually gettin me the info for the people they have nominated...HINT!!! HINT!!! HINT!!!! :P Anywayz, while we are waiting, I would like to take the time to do MY OWN nomination for a FUTURE Apostolic Male Model!!! 
A little boy that has been a total gentleman... i'm sure makin his parent's proud...single Apostolic guys...if you wanna know how to woo a girls heart...take NOTES...from this Honorary-Future-Apostolic-Male-Model...THE ONE AND ONLY...
Brett Myers!!!
Let me tell you all what this little sweetheart did!!! Last Monday night was the last night of Bible College...AND I did my usual get there 30 minutes early so I can socialize with the girls in the childcare and play with the kiddos....AND I was leavin  a few minutes early to head to the ladies room before class... so that I could look in the mirror...YES...It had been almost a WHOLE HOUR since I had looked in the mirror...LIKE OMW...thats a LONG TIME!!! ;)
Sooooo i'm heading to the ladies room, which is in the breezeway, which happened to be locked up...Soooo Brett is like, Oh let me go unlock it for you...soooo he RUNS up ahead of me and is trying to punch in the code to open the breezeway door...buuuut...aparently he didn't have the right code, so some guys that were already in there come running over and open the gate for me.
Weeeeellll...I thank Brett for tryin to unlock the door for me, (Its the thought that counts at this moment) walk into the ladies room...and forget all about Brett!!! (Awwww...LOL) I'm busy dootin myself up...talkin to this other chick in the bathroom as I brush my hair. There is a knock on the door, and i'm to busy STILL lookin in the mirror and brushin my the other girl answers the bathroom door...She is talkin to a lil kid...she is like who are you lookin for? OH Mary Ginty, yes Mary Ginty is in here...
She is like, Mary there a boy waitin out here for you! I'm like WHAT? Huh?! A BOY??? WAITING FOR ME??? (This is a VERY RARE moment in my cRaZy LIFE!!!) Soooo i'm like okaaaaay hold on...THEN another girl opens the door, MARY HURRRRY UP!!! Your fan club is waiting out here for you...K....just ONE more brush stroke...LOL...and I go walkin out...
Standing there, leaning against the wall, ever so patiently is Brett!!! I'm like, BRETT!!! Have you been waiting for me this WHOLE TIME!!! He just smiles and nods at me!!! I'm like awwww that was sooooo SWEEEEEEEEET of you!!!  THANK YOU!!!
He just grinned at me walked me to the end of the breezway and then ran off to the playground!!! HAHAHA!!!...but isn't that sooooo CUTE?!?!?! (And a total improvement from the last night of Bible college last year, he ran up to me and says, "HERE MARY GINTY, this is for YOU and hands me a sign that says HYPOCRITE!!! NO COMMENTS PEOPLE>>>LOL)  I can't recall ANY guy EVERRRR waitin on me before...weeeelll...aside from my brother's at conferences...when they are tryin to leave to go eat and they FORBID me to socialize with ONE more person...NO MATTER HOW LOUD THEY ARE CALLIN MY NAME...LOL...
Anywayz, Total CHIVALRY!!! Girls LOVE CHIVALRY!!! Buuuut only when guys do it on their own...I've heard girls talk about how if your with a guy and he takes you on a date, if he forgets to open the car door for you, you should just SIT there and wait...I'm like ummmmm RUDE!!! LOL Don't get me wrong, I LIKE IT when a guy gets the door for me, buuuuut i'm NOT going to remind them...thats GHETTO...and being a nag and you know what the Bible says about a nagging wife...DRIP! DROP!!! LOL...besides... it doesn't seem like, JUST SITTIN there, makin the guy feel like a total doofus... would be having a meek and quiet spirit..."JUST SAYIN!!!" ;)
Soooooo anywayZ, if any of you Apostolic guys out there need wooing tips...
just go talk to
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

You can tell A LOT...

I've always heard that you can tell a lot by the way a woman walks....Buuuuuut...
I HAVE  learned that you can ALSO tell a lot by the way a man walks...
 Like if he walks away...
he's probably not into you.
Just speakin from experience...lots of EXPERIENCE!!! :D
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blog Fast...

I NEVERRRR thought I would do this, BUUUUT, Classic Mary Moments, is going to go on a blog fast...I will be back to my usual daily posts, THIS coming Monday, unless God tells me otherwise!!! I havn't blogged in the last couple of days because I have some stuff on my mind...and every time I start to blog, there is something in me that just can't actually get the post UP...and its NOT because i've run out of thoughts and ideas...TRUST ME...the ideas are flowing JUST FINE!!! ;) I just NEED to do this!!! There is a SPIRITUAL battle that MUST BE FOUGHT!!!! We may have lost a battle...BUUUUT the wars NOT OVER!!! I claim the blood of Jesus!!!
"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." (Ephesians 6:12) 
♥Mary Frances :)