Monday, August 31, 2015

I got FLAVOR!!!

Soooooo last Tuesday, a group of us went to a taste testing of brisket at  Famous Daves...It was very YMMMMM!!! Buuuuuuuuuuut...
Before you get your FREE plate of food, some of the chefs were talking about the meat and how its cooked and all that jazz...the MEN were VERY interested in this part....I just wanted to EAT IT!!! LOL
As they were talking about the brisket, they were talking about how the fat on the meat is what gives it all SOOOO MUCH FLAVOR...annnnnnnnnd when they said that the only thing I could think was...
I must be ONE
Don't be jelly!!! ;) 
I'm jus sayin...I got flavor!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Guess who?!?!

If you guessed AUNT MARY...
                           YOU ARE...

Friday, August 28, 2015

Starbucks Blessings!!!

Sooooooo this week thus far has been a week of STARBUCKS BLESSINGS!!!
Monday I remembered that I had a free drink on my gold card at Starbucks...soooooooo I thought I would go get it... Weeeeeellll when I went there, I ordered OF COURSE, the biggest and MOST EXPENSIVE drink I could think of...WHICH IS a Venti Carmel Frapp with EXTRA CARMEL on it!!!! YUMMMMM!!!
So when I get up to the window, lady hands me some kind of HOT drink...I was like, Ummmm like, I don't think that's mine! She was like ALL surprised! She's like, What did you order than? I was like, a venti carmel Frapp with EXTRA CARMEL on it!!!! She was like OH I don't see your order on the screen. So the lady that was actually taking the orders from the drive through lane says to her...
 Oh I put it in,but it must not have gone through! She says, you know what, don 't charge her for it!!! So then the lady was like we're not going to charge you because you have to wait for it! I was like, REALLY??? THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! She actually seemed really happy that I was getting a free drink!! I got a free drink annnnd I still had ANOTER FREE DRINK!!!
Sooooooooooooooooo on Tuesday, I was like, YOU KNOW WHAT... I think I'm going to go my free drink at Starbuck that I STILL have on my gold card!!! So I go back to the SAME Starbucks and order the SAME thing as I did the day before, WHICH IS a Venti Carmel Frapp with EXTRA CARMEL on it!!!! YUMMMMM!!!
As I'm giving my order, I think in my head, wouldn't that be cool if they messed up my order again today and I got ANOTHER free drink??? BUUUUUT there is NO way this will happen two days in a row!!! Weeeeelllll...I get up to the window and about to use my free drink, annnnnnd the lady says, did you order the Venti Carmel Frapp with EXTRA CARMEL on it???
I'm like, Yes Ma'am! Shes all like, WELL you don't need to pay, the car in front of you paid for your drink!!! I was like, REALLY??? She's like, YES! And she was all excited to be telling me this!!!
I was like, WOW!!!
Two days in a row!!!
How awesome is that??? Annnnnnd I still had ANOTHER FREE drink on my gold card!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY! The ironic thing was that me and the lady in the car in front of me pulled up to the drive through at THE SAME TIME...I was going to whiz up in front of her...Buuuuut then in my mind I thought, that's kinda rude to do that!!! So I stopped my car and motioned for her to go before me annnnnnnnd she bought MY DRINK!!! I prayed for God to bless her for Kindness and and generosity and that God would bless her and that she would know that it is HIM blessing her what she did!!!
Last day...
 On Wednesday, I FINALLY used my free drink on my card! OF COURSE I got another, a Venti Carmel Frapp with EXTRA CARMEL on it!!!! YUMMMMM!!!
Buuuuut back to Tuesday, I couldn't help but think about what happened! If I had been rude and gone in front of her, I would have missed out on a blessing!!! It reminded me of this scripture, "Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another;" (Romans12:10)
As followers of Jesus, we are EXPECTED by Him to be kind to one another and put others before ourselves!!! Not to do RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS just to feel good about our selves and because its THE THING TO DO, but because we desire to be pleasing to God!!! Its all about HIM, not US!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Okaaaaaaaaaaaay EVERYONE sooooo you know that AWKWARD MOMENT  when your pastor pulls you aside and has a talk with...ABOUT...(Ooooo what do you all think my pastor would pull me aside to talk to me about????) about writing out a check to pay my tithes that....
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Waaaaaaaaaiiiiiitttt  you all are tellin me that this has NEVER happened to you before????? LOL!!! Oooooo pull up a chair, cuz I HAVE GOT A GOOOOOD story to tell you all!!! :)
Okaaaaaaaay so I guess you can say that I have NEVER really gotten in trouble or talked to by my pastor for the NORMAL, things young people get talked to about. So this one beautiful, lovely Sunday morning my sis and I are leavin the church when my pastor, this was when BISHOP ABBOTT was still my pastor, Bro. Abbott pulls me aside. 
He holds out a VERY CUTE ( I had pooh bear and Tigger ones) check and is like, THIS BOUNCED!!! I'm like, HUH? He is like YOUR CHECK, that you paid  your tithes with, it BOUNCED, cost the church some money too!!! I'm like OMW!!! But I like HONESTLY have NO IDEA WHAT HE IS TALKIN ABOUT because I hadn't even had a bank account for several years...Its ANOTHER long story BUT I was boycotting banks at this current time in my life...LOL... 

So I'm just like, WELL thats NOT MY CHECK!!! He's like, Uh this ISN'T YOUR SIGNATURE??? So I look and SURE was MY big O sloppy handwriting autographin the check!!! I was like...Awwww pastor EVEN KNOWS MY HANDWRITING!!! LOL!!!

Sooooo i''m like, OH WELL YEAH that is mine but I don't know...I don't even HAVE a bank account anymore!!! Those checks are from quite a few years ago AND...AND...AND OH...THEN I KNEW WHAT IT WAS FROM!!!

About a month ago my sis had found an old tithing envelope in her room when she was cleanin from when we had still lived at my mom's...AND she was like, OH Mary LOOK Tithes that you never turned in!!! Soooo I was just OH ok...weeeeellll I better put them in the offerin and without even openin the envelope I had just put it in the next service...WHAT I didn't know was that it was THAT CHECK!!!

So I explained it EXACTLEY to Bishop and ...he was just like, Weeeelll just make it RIGHT!!! Which meant I had to PAY MY TITHES and ALL the fees that the bank had charged the church!!! He wasn't mad or NOTHING at my STUPIDITY!!! I think he was just PONDERING...HOW it was even possible for someone to have written out a BAD CHECK...TO PAY...of all things... THEIR TITHES!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  But you know WITH MARY...

All cRaZy things are POSSIBLE!!!

♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mary's House!!!

So there are some younger kids in my group that we pick up on Wednesdays that are FINALLY potty trained and old enough to come for Wednesday night Bible School now, So they've been coming for the last several weeks.
Weeeeeeeellll tonight, when we got to church, the little ones were all like, YAAAAAY! We're here, we're at...
The older kids were all like, this is NOT Mary's house!!! The little ones were like, YES IT IS!!! I was like, UH WAIT A SECOND, You guys think this is MY HOUSE??? They were all like, YES!!! I'm like, THIS IS NOT MY HOUSE...but I wouldn't mind it being my house...WELLLL on second thought it would be A LOT to clean!!!!
They were like,  BUUUUUT it's Mary's church....cuz that's what kids always say, I'm going to Mary's church are you going to Mary's church??? So i'm like, its MY CHURCH in the sense that this is the church I GO TOO... buuuuut its NOT MY CHURCH... I am NOT the Pastor!!!! BAHAHAHA!!!
A few weeks ago they thought the church van was MY VAN!!! They were asking WHY I never drive my van??? I was like, I don't have one!!!! They were like, isn't this a van we're riding in??? I was like, well YEAH, buuuuut it is most DEFINATLEY NOT MINE!!! Annnnnnd the reason WHY i'm not driving it is because for SOME ODD REASON...
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, August 24, 2015

IF you decide to MARRY ME!!! :)))

I was thinking about it the other day and I realized something...IF YOU should be the AMAZING, single, on fire for God, burden for the lost, has a job, has a car, tithe paying, pastor obeying, righteous, Apostolic Warrior, man of prayer,  That decides to marry me, There is something about me, that I should warn you about... 
Now  you may be thinking, WHATEVERRRR...that's NOT true!! Yes, I am a VERY laid back and easy to please person...BUUUUUUUUUUUT allow me a moment to give you the ACTUAL definition for MAINTENANCE...
  1. 1.
    the process of maintaining or preserving someone or something, or the state of being maintained.
I would like to give proper attention to the word SOMEONE, in this definition...I may not be and uptight and HARD to please person, I don't expect expensive things, or fancy stuff or to be pampered, help with household chores...
BUUUUUUUUUUT being my husband WILL be very expensive person to Marry. Whoever marries me, should probably be GOOD...
 with cars, good with directions, good at fixing things, understanding of the fact that sometimes I don't think before I speak and sometimes, MAY say AWKWARD things, i'm pretty sensitive to sharp gentle but firm is a HUGE plus...know that I lose my keys almost EVERY DAY...and usually find them IN THE IGNITION of my car, I lose my ID about every 6 months,
He should know that he may come home to THE ODDEST things in the house broken, LIIIIIIKE bathtubs, kitchen faucets, beds, appliances, the vacuume, cell phones, TOILET BOWLS...YES, I've actually broken a toilet, melted bowls, burned holes through furniture with the curling iron,
he better always expect THE UNEXPECTED, he can't be easily emmbarresed, in case i'm walking around with fresh stains on my shirt...HEEEEEY don't least won't have to ask me what ate that day...ahahaha... or when I spill be drink at a nice dinner, or if I happen to drop my grape drink during communion OR when his wife falls off the platform, Speaking of FALLING, I hope he's ready to catch me when I fall or AT LEAST ready to help me back up,
In other words, I'm high maintenance because of ONE THING....
This chick will NEED to a lot of  maintenance
annnnd JUST may cost you a pretty penny...
BUUUUUT don't worry,
I'm worthy EVERY dollar you'll have to spend on my upkeeping!!!
just think, if it weren't for MARY MOMENTS,
♥Mary Frances :)
Oh and lets NOT forget the fact that ONCE he marries me, for some ODD reason...
his car insurance MAY GO UP A LITTLE...I'm jus sayin!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Happy Sunday!!!

"I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord." (Psalm 121:1)
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Back to the bay day 2 and 3!

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay SOOOOO I can't remember when I made these chicken strips...I think it was on Wednesday...Hanna and everyone else were going to be working all day...Soooooo I said, no biggie...Just let me TAKE OVER the kitchen at the States house, SO I DID!!!
I made my chicken strips, some recipe, I just dumped stuff in the pot and let it cook and it was YUM!!! OH...Annnnnnnnd my peanut butter cookies!!! When Sis. Mary came home from work that day she said I was HIRED!!! HAHA!!! I would imagine tho that it must be a relief to come home from a long day of work and NOT have to worry about NOW fixing dinner for the fam!!! Heeeeeeey COOKING is just ONE of my many ways I use to get people to LOVE ME!!! Hee, hee!!!
Next morning I cooked Pastini for Hanna and I for breakfast, this is a teeny-tiny pasta that you slowly cook in milk and butter...the results is YUMMMMNESS!!! It's an Italian thing, my mom used to make this for us kids OCCASIONALLY growing up...It was such a treat!!! Buuuuut I just found out recently from my mom that its ACTUALLY something that Italians feed their BABIES...sooooo yeah, I LOVE ITALIAN BABY FOOD!!!
Then Hanna and I ran around doing errands, getting her car washed, etc...
At Target, Hanna was in the card section, searching for the perfect wedding card for Joe and Anali, we were MORE than slightly disturbed by what we found!!!
Above card is TWO GROOM TUXEDOS...
This bottom one says, "Mrs. and Mrs....SOOOOO NASTY!!!
The funny thing was that I posted these cards two cards in a group message with a group of friends and said that we were at target looking at Wedding cards and these were SOOOO DISGUSTING or something like that!!! Wellllllll, one of the girls, I WILL NOT mention any names on here...LOL...buuuuut she texted back in the group message and said OH I love reading wedding cards, they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!! I was like, HUH?!?!?! I'm thinking in my head did she NOT read them??? She probably doesn't realize what they are and thinks i'm just being the bitter OLD MAID...AHAHA!!!
Finally someone was like, UH, we don't support gay marriage...then she realized and we were ALL LAUGHING our heads off about it! At the wedding rehearsal we were teasing her about it and she said that her husband looked at her pics on her phone in the group message and said something  like, Honey, we DON'T BELIEVE IN GAY MARRIAGE!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!! It was a blond moment for sure!!! Annnnnnd I'm really NOT a bitter Old Maid!!! Just a "Young-at-heart- HAPPY-Old-Maid!!! AHAHAHA!!!
Ooooooh annnnnnd at some point during the day, Hanna had this brilliant idea to use the leftover chicken strips to my chicken tacos...I was kinda like, Eh...OK...about it!!! Buuuuut OMW I'm sooooo glad I did!!! It was SOOOOO GOOD!!! Good YUMMMMY thinking Hanna!!!
After that we went to Anali's to help her out with their flower arrangements for the reception..
 I asked her what I could to HELP OUT??? She said my job was to, NOT BREAK ANYTHING!!! AHAHA!!! And Hanna added in, AND to entertain everyone!!! I'm happy to say that I was VERY SUCCESSFUL at BOTH!!! :))))
Here we all are, like, half of the bridal party ANNNNNND AARON!!! Lol!!!
Oh annnnnd then as part of our entertainment, we all took personality tests...For some reason I was laughing hysterically reading the description of everyone's personality!!! Turns out that Anali and I have the SAME personality, , annnnnnnd Bro. Kifle and Aaron have the SAME!!! and Hanna is just her OWN unique self!!! HAHA!!!
 Stultz and Joe I can definitely see how, Stultz and Joe have THE SAME, they're both reserved, quiet at times, patient, VERY OPPINONATED even tho they don't walk around telling it all and they are not pushovers even tho one would think they are cuz they don't continuously voice what they are thinking, Anali and I kinda....We're both passionate about what we believe in, and very talkative, speak without thinking about what we're saying...buuuuut Bro. Kifle annnnnnd Aaron, I just don't see it at all!!! like at all!!! LOLOL!!!
Btw Ladies: Aaron is very single and looking!!! 26-year-old, Filipino American, he has a degree in chemical engineering, he's also an uber driver, a Sunday School teacher, Praise singer at his church ANNNNND in the choir...he's also has own unique Aaron style of dressing! He's SUPER OUTGOING and has NEVERRRR met a stranger before...SERIOUSLY!!! He's like friends with EVERYONE!!!Sooooo yeah ladies, he's educated, talented ANNNND spiritual... Plus fun annnnnnd generous...he paid our $90 bill at Bermese Superstar!!! Heeeeeeyyy!!! OH annnnnd he LOVES my PB cookies, sooooooo I can hook any of you ladies up with the recipe...for a small $5 fee...hee, hee. If you want, you can stalk him on Instagram...IF your allowed on there...I probably shouldn't actually put his Instagram name out there...I'm NOT on, sooooo you can't find him by looking me up...LOL...buuuuuut he has a slightly odd obsession with Spyder man...Watch out ladies, he'll catch you in his web!! bahhahaha!!!
 This is my new friend Monae!!! She's superrrrr cool and funnnn and IF she everrrr ACTUALLY reads my blog, she'll see this!!! :)))) We were hanging out before their choir practice...btw: She's single!!! 36 and beautiful, never been married NO KIDS!!! she leads the choir and has an amazing voice,  Jus sayin MEN!!! :))))
After choir practice we went to the Kifle's house for a late dinner/birthday part for the July peeps!!! Sis. Kifle had made us an amazing feast of Ethiopian food!!! It was sooooo good and its been over a year since I had any!!! Annnnnd yes, my favorite part, aside from EATING it, is eating it with my hands...If I can get away without silverware, you better believe I AM!!! You scoop the food up with injera bread...Its kind of like an Ethiopian tortilla but its spongy and soaks up all the juice and sorta tastes like sourdough bread...YUMMMM!!!
Annnnnnnd Stultz really liked it too...I was watching to see if he got seconds, cuz you know, if people SAY they like it buuuuut the don't get seconds, THEN that means that they don't really like it!!! Well that's the way I FEEL...buuuuut he said he liked it ANNNND got seconds...I was really glad about that cuz if he didn't, I was going to have to reconsider our friendship...AHAHA!!! JK...Not really, it just means, MORE FOOD FOR ME!!! :)))
Annnnnnnnnnnnnd here I am with a glass of THE BEST ICE TEA EVERRR!!! Ethiopian ice tea, I don't know how to explain it except that its like, THEBOMB.COM!!!!
Annnnnnd I was glad that Sis. Kifle redeemed the image of Ethiopian ice tea for Stultz...sooooo long story short, last year for my birthday,  Hanna gave me a jar full of all the spices you use to make this tea...I made it really good the first time...buuuuut the second time I guess you could say I boiled in TO MUCH spices!!! I was so excited about it and brought Stultz a cup...Lets just say that he took one sip and basically CHOKED...I could tell he DID NOT like it, buuuuut he was being nice and said it was GOOD!!! I was like, okaaaaaaaaaay dude, DON'T LIE!!! I can totally tell you don't like it...He's like, well its just REALLY CINNAMONY!!! Anywayz, he drank Sis. Kifle's and LOVED it...I am very glad she redeemed the tea to him cuuuuuz, I really didn't want it to get a bad was ME, NOT the tea that messed up!!!
 Mesgana is our little baker!!! You will neverrrr see a more perfectly rounded and cooked to just the right amount then the chocolate chip cookies baked by Mesgana!!!
Happy birthday to us...everyone singing...Im telling you guys, July is THE BEST month to be born in!!!
DELICIOUS CAKE!!! Mmmmmm!!!!
 Eating cake...
 More eating cake...
 Present present had THE COOLEST tissue would LOVE a scarf like that!!! LOL
Bro. Kifle admiring new pants from his mom...
 Epic comment of the night was to his mom in appreciation of his gift..."You know my taste girrrrrl!!!" AHAHAHA!!! We laughed our heads off about that!!! :D
Gana brought us out a plate of his hot cookies...GOOD JOB my lil chocolate brotha!!! You made Shanaynay's heart PURRRRR!!! (Shananaynay's my "Ethnic" name he gave me YEARS ago!! LOL)
Story time with Bro. Kifle...
 Annnnnd after all that partying, off to the church to help Anali with wedding decorations!!!
 Me selfie-taking while these girls SLAVED...Actually I WAS helping before...REALLY I WAS!!!
Day of the wedding rehearsal
This day was such a blast...Me, Rocky, Daisy and Stultz went around with Hanna running errands together...When we picked up Stultz we said that he could either sit between Daisy and I in the back or take shotgun up front...FOR SOME REASON he chose shotgun up front...LIIIIIIIKE OKAAAAAAY WHATEV....Me and Daisy WERE wearing deodorant annnnnnnd its  not like we bite...Maybe laugh hysterically non-stop and a little snorting and purrrrrin...BUUUUUT REALLY???? BAHAHAHA!!!
Showing off my FREE
 So in the Bay you have to PAY for a bag...Soooo cray-cray!!! Well when I paid at Micheals, they asked me if I wanted a bag??? I was like oh its ok! Im from AZ and Its sooooo weird to me that you guys have to pay for a bag here!! My cashier was like, OH NO, our bags here are NO CHARGE!!! I'm like, OH SWEEEEET!!! Then YES, I'll take aFREE BAG!!! LOLOL
Having funnnn...I discovered that Daisy makes me incredibly HYPERRR!!! I mean NOT that I'm not a lil hyper to begin with...AHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Hanna's birthday present to me...She brought me to a Hello Kitty store in their mall and said I could pick out whatever I wanted for my bday!!! I was like, REALLY??? Buuuuut I feel so awkward about it...Sooooo Hanna helped me and we chose a Chococat cup....Did I ever tell you all that Hello Kitty is best friends with Chococat??? And she's a white cat...and he's a chocolate boy cat.... HOW CUUUUTE IS THAT??? Annnnd you can NOT even tell me that, that isn't a TOTAL GOD THING!!!
 For lunch we went to this NASTY sushi resturaunt!!! I was still very hyperrrrr and ate almost my whole entire Teriyaki chicken meal with chopsticks!!!
Stultz was like a PRO with them, he ate all his nasty sushi with them!!! I was like, HOW are you soooooo good with them???  He's like, I guess I just have lucky hands!!! I was like, OKAAAAY we're Apostolic Stultz, we don't USE LUCK!!! You all know how I feel about that from this post HERE!!!
Stultz was like, OH excuse me, My ANNOINTED HANDS!!! Bahahahaha!!! I said YES, much better WORDING!!!! :))))))
Our whole group and we even met up with Christy from Fontana!!! YAAAAAY Christy!!!
 Finally it was time for Wedding rehearsal!!!
 Me with Hanna and Levi Foster!!!
Such CUUUUTE and well behaved children!!! I was and still am VERY IMPRESSED with them!!! I asked Levi if he wanted to be a preacher like his daddy yet??? He said, NO! He just wants to be an FBI agent!!! LOL Then Hanna all daintily says in the sweetest lil voice, WELLLL I want to be a preacher like my daddy!!! I was like, OH REALLY, be sure to tell your parents that, I'm sure they would LOOOOOVE to hear that!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
After the wedding rehearsal, it was time for the wedding rehearsal dinner...
We went to a beautiful park and I ate a wonderful, catered dinner from Olive Garden...
 After that we went to Anali's to hang out...I got the cutest pic ever between my two friends that I introduced to each other...AWWWWWW!!! Love my frienderrrrs!!!
 Me, Hanna and Jen then took a bunch of flower arrangements to the car to set up for the reception early in the morning before the wedding....As I was holding this vase of flowers, I suddenly realized that we had practiced walking down the aisle with the groomsmen, buuuuuuuut we did not practice how to hold a bouquet....annnnnd I did NOT know HOW TOO!!! So they showed me and I was practicing with this vase of flowers....BUUUUUUUUUUUUT...
What I did NOT know was that the vase ACTUALLY had water in it...Which resulted in the pic below...Jen wiping up my watery MESS!!! Thanks Jennnnnnnnyyyyfurrrrrr!!!
Next morning we woke up SUPERRRR EARLY...cuz, "She riseth EARLY!" Annnnnnnnnd we headed to Chabot park to help set up the bridal table...much to our dismay...The park gate did NOT open till 7 AM....WAAAAAAHHHH!!! Sooooooooooo what else there to do this early in the morning as we waited????
My bay buddies went all gangsa on me... It was pretty hilarious!!!
Here is the brides cup we were delivering to her...
Here she is...very greatful for her coffee...
After the coffee delivery we headed the park for set up...It was like 7;30 by now annnnnnd we really needed to HURRRRY cuz we had to ALL be ready and back to Anali's by 9:20..
Thankfully, Stultz and Bro. Kifle...AKA: The human selfie stick, got there in time for us to use their HEIGHT for hanging stuff!!!
Bro. Wahine...NOT sure if that's right...or even spelled right...LOL...Anywayz, he was a HUGE help to us with the set up...Best part was when Hanna and I couldn't figure out how to hang this sign that was supposed to go up, and he said, I HAVE AN IDEA, and without telling us what he was going to do, he  just stuck the sign through a nail hanging up on the log back ground of the bridal table...Hanna was like, WEEEEELLL I guess that works!!! AHAHAHA!!! Hung up like a true man!!! LOLOLOL
Annnnnnnd it was During this set up that I realized that Hanna has some AMAZING, LEADERSHIP SKILLS!!! ;))))) AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Then used MY AMAZING MODELING SKILLS to show off our table we had produced for the bridal party...quite LOVELY I must say...Simple buuuuut elegant!!!
Annnnnd the coffee prepared us for the wedding day that laid AHEAD....It was now time to go RUSH and get ready for the WEDDING...buuuuuut Ill save THE WEDDING for another post!!!!  :)))) 

♥Mary Frances :)