Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lesson learned...

Sooooooo I learned something today...
I learned that it ain't gonna be MY BISCUITS that wins a mans heart!!!!
Ahahahahahahahaha!!!! Do you all realize just HOW hard it is to make biscuits???? Has anyone ever read the Love Comes Softly series by Janette Oke???? And Misty tries to make her husband biscuits???? That is soooo ME!!!! Minus the Actually having a husband part!!! Lol!!! Crusty in the outside and fluffy on the inside...How in the world does KFC do it????
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My future daughters...

I was just texting the Dearo girls and I'm like, your mom is sooooo PRETTY! Danae's like, I know!!! I'm soooo glad I look like her!!!
That got ME to thinking about MY future daughters annnnnd it made me realize, I'll be sooooo HAPPY for my girls...
             IF THE LOOK LIKE ME!!! ;)
Ahahahahahahahaha!!! Yes, I jus said that!!! ;)))) Really, before you all start saying I'm conceited, jus know that this. Is NOT about me, I'm jus looking out for my girls!!!! Soooo purrrr!!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

When MJ gets married!

I looooooove my niece!!! She totally cracks me up! So the other day I'm in the kitchen cooking, baking etc... And she is like, Mary when I get big I want you to teach me how to cook for my husband!
I'm like ok sure! She's like yeah, I'll probably learn how to make him stuff like macoroni and cheese... Then she pauses and says, very seriously weeeeeeeelllll....
 Unless I marry a black man...
Then I had BETTER learn...
        how to make some...
                    FRIED CHICKEN!!!
Ahahahahahahahaha!!!  I loooooove it!!!
Soooooo white boy that marries MJ JUS get Mac and cheese, black boy gets THE GOOOOOOOD STUFF!!! 
Now, I personally, can make some pretty bomb fried chicken, annnnd I'm willing to make it for ANY COLOR that I marry!!! ;)

Thankful for a lil brother

That dropped everything today to give his air-headed, cRaZy,  big sister a jump on her dead car cuz she may have forgotten to turn off her lights!!!! Thank you Abie baby!!! Purrrrrr!!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Thankful THAT there is STILL

Soooooo last Sunday, Bro. Jimmy was teaching in the adult class about having a greatful heart. He was talking about how we are so quick to complain when we have a problem, when we really just need to be THANKFUL!!!
He was like, you know, instead of complaining that your car broke down, try just THANKING GOD, that you even have a CAR, to break down! 
(Now I could totally relate to THAT, after $540, my car is now purrrrring like her momma! Buuuuut really, I am greatful, that I have a job, to pay the bill, to get my car fixed, so I can drive to work, and pay the next bill! ;)
Annnnnnd with that thought, I just wanted to say, THAT Instead of whining and complaining about all the guys that have crushed my heart, by NOT likeing me back...
I just want to say THAT...
I am thankful that there are still
   SINGLES GUYS, actually LEFT,
             TO CRUSH MY HEART!!!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy Sunday!!!

Happy Sunday!!! :)
This is the week of Thanksgiving, a time we especially set aside to give thanks unto God! I want to start this week off by saying that I am THANKFUL for church!!! Don't ever take for granted the awesome, amazing privilege we have to be able to freely go to church... Not only the fact that we have this freedom in our country, buuuuuut because when Jesus died, the veil in the temple was torn... ALLOWING US to now be able to enter into the holy if holies!!!!
"I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord." (Psalm 122:1)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

How can we say I love you?!

Yesturday, during the chapel service at GCA, the teens did a puppet show. The show was just a short lil script where this one lil girl puppet was at the store and she wanted to buy something to show her mom that she loved her.
So she is talking to the sales clerk and she says, but I only have $4 what can I get with $4 that will REALLY show my mom that, I LOVE HER???
Sooooo the sales clerk tells her, well you know, in the Bible, it says that IF you LOVE GOD, you will OBEY HIS COMMANDMENTS! 
The sales clerk then says, don't you realize that if that is how you can show God that you love him then that is the same way you can show your mom that you love her too... By OBEYING HER!!!
This got me to thinking, last month was pastor appreciation month. At our church we all did something to show our pastor that we appreciate him and took on days if prayer and fasting as well. To show my pastor I appreciate him I made my pastor brownies because I know he loves my brownies!
Buuuuuuuut I was thinking after that little skit yesturday, yes, I'm sure my pastor enjoyed those brownies I made him and all the other gifts that he was given. I'm sure he appreciates all the prayer and fasting, buuuuuuut above all else, what can we REALLY Do to show him our love and appreciation????
Yes, that's right... OBEDIENCE to his instruction!!! If he tells you to do something, you do it! If he tells you NOT to do something, you don't! You stay away from the things that he tells you to stay away from! You don't get on things he tells you not to get on. Furthermore, you don't support disobedience in others. THATS how we can show we apreciate him! 
I'm sure that my pastor enjoyed my brownies, buuuuuut I'm also sure that if you were to ask him, he would prefer MY OBEDIANCE over those brownies or anything else I could give or do. What do some silly brownies mean if I can't even comply to what he says???? In fact, any real pastor, with a TRUE shepherd's heart, would prefer your OBEDIANCE over a $$$million-kajillion dollars!!!!
Pastor appreciation month is over, buuuuuut it's not to late to show your pastor that you love him. You may be poor like that lil puppet shopping for her mom, that's OK!!! OBEDIANCE is FREE!!!
"If ye love me, keep my commandments."   (John 14:15)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Where I want to live...

Thinking about life... So many plans, soooo many dreams... Some come to pass and some seem to slip through my fingers... People come and people go... Buuuuuuut no matter where life may take me, there is a certain place that I always want to live.
I want to live my life beneath the cross of Jesus. I want to sit there at his feet, beneath the cross, where he suffered an died for me. I don't want to be above him, behind or beside him...
I want to be beneath, where there is a constant flowing of his blood washing over me! Beneath cross, thats where the fountain of his blood goes. I want that continual purification of his blood washing over my heart, causing me to repent when I am wrong. Beneath the cross is in direct line of His blood tricking down! 
Beneath the cross, yes that's where I want to live!  It's not a life of glamour, fortune or fame... But there is safety beneath the cross! There is protection beneath the cross. There is love beneath the cross!!! All of my choices, will be made beneath the cross! My life will revolve beneath the cross. This is where I want to stay. My life will be constructed beneath the cross...This is where I choose to live...I'll always stay, living my life in the stream of Jesus blood!!!
"One thing have I desired of theLord, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lordall the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to enquire in his temple." ( psalm 27:4)

It's beginning to look A LOT like...

I just got done decorating for Thanksgiving!!!!! Awwww looks soooo cute!!! I love being festive... Whatever the Holiday!!! (: annnnnnd I always like to put the scripture bread box somewhere in! Thanksgiving is my moms favorite Holiday... NOT gonna lie... Mine is MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Lolololol... Sooooo a tradition that I started with my family, my brothers don't appreciate me for this, buuuuuuut ya know, aside for praying before the food, we have to go around the table and say what we are thankful for!!!!
The reason for the board games being out, IS BECAUSE, for some reason, I feel like board games... Annnnnnd I've been waiting and waiting annnnnnd WAITING...for someone to come play them with me!!!
Wanna come play??? One more week till Thanksgiving!!!! Buuuuuut start giving thanks NOW!!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Heart break???

Talking to Anali on the phone recently, I pulled out total DRAMATICS!!! Talking about some recent stuff in my NON-existent LOVE LIFE!!! I'm like, ANALI, do you realize that, when THAT happened it was like total HEART BREAK???
She's like OKAAAAAAY MARY! That was NOT heart break!!! I'm like, WHATEVERRRR ANALI!!! Don't tell me its NOT heart break!!! (Don't know HOW she knew??? Could be cuz 10 minutes after my "Heartbreak" moment I was estatic about a NEW ahem...occurance you could say that took place right after the "Heart break"!) Its MY HEART ANALI!!! Annnnnd I THINK I know when its broken!!! I'm like besides, i've BEEN through heart break, soooo I KNOW!!! She's like, OKAAAAAY exactley, you'be been through it before, so YOU, of ALL PEOPLE, should know, that, THAT WAS NOT HEART BREAK!!! I thought about it for like 10-seconds, remembered all the tears, sleep less nights, etc...I was like OKAAAAAAY yeah your right...I could be SLIGHTLY exagerating!!! ;) 
I'm like OKAAAAAAY soooooo it wasn't a HEART was just kind of like a heart CRUSH...ya know??!?! It was squeezed, crushed buuuuut NOT BROKEN!!! LOLOL!!! She's like, OK yes!!! Thats A GOOD analogy and I'm glad your acknowledging the DIFFERENCE!!! I'm like yes, its just kind of like, my heart got STEPPED ON!!! 
THEN I was thinking about this later on, I"M LIKE HEEEEEEEY thats why I have such a soft heart!!! It gets stepped on, A LOT!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Buuuuuuuut you know what, every time it gets stepped on, it gets a little bit softer and is just PREPARING my heart for...
 that ACTUALLY gets ME!!! 

*sooooo HAPPY for him!!!
-Mary Frances :) 
P.S. I hope he gets HIS heart stepped on a FEW times as well!!! ;))))

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Day 1 of WCC!!!

Awwwwwwwww soooooooo the first FULL day of was SUCH a blast!!! I started the day off by waking up at 5:30 am so that I could get dressed and my hair done while everyone was still sleeping...this is how I avoid traffic jams with everyone else in the room ANNNNNND so I  have the mirror ALL TO ME!!!
After I was ready I headed over to save seats for everyone in our group annnnnnd THEN I headed over to Starbucks!!!! Woot! Woot!!! Did you all KNOW THAT, Starbucks has SUGAR FREE mocha flavored syrup??? that was AMAZING news to me!!!  So I'm sitting there drinking my wonderful chocolateyness and a group of friends walk up  annnnnd I see its ERYNN!!!  Annnnnnd then I got to meet some friends from Oregean, (Sp?) Adriana Saucier, WHO we've been text buds already, buuuuut I got to meet her LIVE and in person but we NEVERRRRR got a pic together girrrrrl!!! Then I got to meet two other guys from there, one I forgot his name...buuuuuuuut I remet him again at Denny's...I like, reintroduced myself to him and he was like, Yeah, your Mary, I met you at Starbucks....I was like OH YEAH...I FORGOT...buuuuut NOW I forgot AGAIN!!! Oh annnnnd I met Caleb Wooten...Actually I met Luke(AKA: LukeeeeeY) Wooten too! guys seriousley is that like NOT the COOLEST last name EVERRRR??? To have the SAME last name as MY AIO HERO!!! All you girls out there, should try to marry one of these guys, JUST FOR THE LAST NAME!!! SERIOUSLY!!! LOLOLOL
THEN Anali texts me and tells me to COME BACK to the Radisson to hang out...soooo I walked back!!! Had some GOOD socializing with my friends before church....
Then we walk over for prayer. We're about to start praying and Jen leans over to me and whispers, Mary do you have a tissue? I search my purse real quick, see that I dont have one and lean back and whisper, 
"No buuuuuuut I have some Splenda!!"
She's like, oh ok! And she's like about to start praying, when she leans back over to me and says, Did you just say, NO, BuT you have SPLENDA???" Im like, YES! She's like, that is like THE MOST RANDOMEST response! I'm like, WEEEEEELLLL...I HAVE IT!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! 
Awwwwww me and Kim Garrett RAMOS!!! Whoop! Whoop!!!
I'm still WAITING for the TAMALES girrrrrrrl!!! ;))) Seriousley, next year you better be breaking them out for me!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! 
Me and Miranda...we KINDA matched!!! LOL
Anali, Ashlyn, Wendy, ME annnnnnd MY PURSE!!! Had to make sure it was IN the pic!!! Bettseyville...its my FAVORITE brand...basically cuz they're sooooo cuuuuuute!!!
MORE FRIENDS!!! VIvian, Rachel, Veronica annnnnnnd ME!!! (:
Sooooooo after a while, our group FINALLY decided on going to Elephant Bar to eat lunch!!! This is when the pranks started!!! LOLOLOL!!! Weeeeeeeelllllll anyone that knows Jen Connell, knows that she is a TOTAL PRANKSTER and EVERYONE is her VICTIM!!! Soooooo on the first day have arriving there, I made a beeline to her and Anali's room! Well, I see some pink papers on Jen's bed, I'm like, What are those? She's like, FAKE parking tickets! I do them to people ALL the time!!! I'm like, OOOooooo we sooooooooooo have GOT to get the guys from my church with that!!! I'm like, can I have one? She's like, oh you can have a bunch!!! I'm like sweeeeeeet!!!!
So On the way over to the Elephant bar Anali, YES, it was ANALI that remembered, Altho Jen WAS the supplier and I was the idea to who we should do this too, was like, HEY this would have been the PERFECT time to give the guys that fake parking violation ticket!!! Jen's like, OH but I forgot to bring them! I was like, Oh NO don't worry have the ones you gave me with me...
I put them in my Bible!
Sooooo as we drove we began to come up with a plan, I would be the one to fill out the ticket, since I have HORRIBLE handwriting and we all know that a police officer isn't going to have PRETTY or bubbly handwriting. Then we decided that while we were eating, Trinity and Bell would go to the bathroom together, since they were the youngest, they would most likely be the least noticeable to be missing...cuz I mean, it would DEFINATLEY be noticeable if MY MOUTH was missing for more than five minutes!!! BAHAHA!!!!Soooooooo we get to Elephant bar and WATCH to see where the guys park...THEN we just go and eat...
I got mongolian beef and Parmesian green beens...that I paid $2.95 extra for...YEs Joe, was there to remind me of how much EXTRA I was paying for them...LOL!!! Ok I like to try weird sounding things!!! LOL
We all had a good time talking and goofing off while we ate together!!! Okaaaaaaaaay this was a HILARIOUS MOMENT TO ME!!! So Joe and Anali are having a convo, annnnnnnd soooooo IF you know ANALI, she talks super fast and can say about 1000 WPM annnnnnd IF YOU KNOW JOE, he says about MAYBE 1000 words TOTAL in 24 hours!!! Sooooooo ANALI is talking and Joe is about to insert in about 2.5 words and Anali is like, WAAAAAAIT, WAAAAAIT,(Insert Spanish accent) please, JUST LET ME TALK!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! I just like LOST IT!!! I was like, Yeah Joe, PULEEEEEEZE...just LET Anali TALK!!! Cuz YOU KNOW she NEVERRR gets too!!! 
Ooooooo annnnnnnd it was pure entertainment and hyperness at our end of the table. We had this little girl, about 11 years old sitting with us that was like, WILD!!! I think her name was Jocelyn!!! Buuuuuut she was like HILARIOUS!!! She kept like throwing stuff at Tommy from our church and Tommy's sooooo sweet to her he ACTUALLY paid her to stop! Buuuuuut she said to be his friend it was gonna be MORE MONEY!!! I was like NOOOOO don't give her anymore!!! LOL Soooooooo THEN she goes back to throwing stuff at him!!! Soooo finally I'm like, Jocelyn come here, annnnd I'm trying to be you know, motherly to her, I'm like whispering in her ear real nicely, Heeeeey lets NOT throw anymore stuff at him ok? Her eyes get ALL big as i'm whispering, she puts her hand over her mouth and says REAL LOUD, OH YOU LIKE TOMMY??? Noooooooooo WAY!!!!! We all just busted up laughing, I must say, it was a GOOD PLOY!!! I'm like, OK that was a GOOD ONE!!! The rest of the conference, EVERY TIME SHE SAW ME, even waiting in line at the bathroom, she'd be like, HEEEEEEY! HOWS YOUR BOYFRIEND??? I'm like, Whateverrrr, get outta here!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!
Then I met these really nice girls...buuuuuuut I can't remember their names....Buuuuuut I gave them blog cards...LOL...Jen was SUPPOSED to tell me but she hasn't responded to my text yet!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd THEN it was time to leave....which MEANT...we got to watch the guys get THEIR TICKET!!!! Oooooo us girls were like ESTATIC about it!!! We were all like about to lose it with laughter! Jen's like, lets like walk with them to the car to see their reaction! I'm like, YEAH, buuuuut isn't that gonna be suspicious??? I mean, SINCE when do we care enough to walk with them to their car...weeeeeeellllll...ASIDE FROM ANALI!!! ;))))) Soooooooo we walk over and JEn's like, HEEEEEY do you all wanna go get Starbucks? (They didn't! LOL!) Buuuuuut the still didn't notice it right away...sooooo we all just LEFT cuz we were like DYING and were about to lose it!!!
THEN THEY SAW IT!!! You shoulda seen them!!! They all got out of the car and were walking around the car LOOKIN and saying stuff!!! it was HYSTERICAL!!! I got pics OF COURSE!!!
Waaaaaaait... lets ZOOM in on them!!!!
It was just sooooooo HILARIOUSLEY FUNNNNNNY!!! By the time we got back to the Radisson they HAD actually figured out that it was a joke!!! I mean, IF you really read it, you KNOW that there is NO way it could be a REAL ticket!!!!  Like, since WHEN does a police officer give you a ticket for parking SELFISHLY??? That one was my absolute FAVORITE!!! I would sooooo be getting one of those right now IF they could!!! 
Okaaaaay here is THE ACTUAL TICKET...
When we got back to the Radisson annnnnnnnnd we were all hanging out in the Coffee shop and we showed Kevin the fake ticket, he takes one look at it and says very matter of factly, weeeeeeelllll FIRST OF ALL, it looks like a KINDERGARTNER wrote it out!!! I'm like HEEEEEEEEY!!! Watch it!!! LOLOL  
THEEEEEEEN we were all just standing around when Sis. Jones walked into the coffee shop!!! I'm like OH Sis. Jones!!! HI!!! (She has NO CLUE who I am!!! LOLOLOL) SHe's like Oh hi, or something like that! Annnnnnd I'm like, GOOD singing this morning!!! Cuz she sang in between the first and second preacher. She's like OH THANK YOU!!! I'm like, yeah, I was sooooo excited to hear that you were going to sing, I EVEN WAITED till AFTER you were done singing to go use the restroom!!! Everyone just like busts up laughing and she's like, OH well the Lord will bless you for your SACRIFICE!!!  Which made us all laugh more!!! 
THEN we all went on the elevator together....annnnnnnd GOT a cool pic!!! 
Awwwww me and my FRIENDERRRRS!!! 

THen the doors opened and NO one had to get off buuuuut I see Danae!!! I'm like oh Danae!!! We need a pic together!!!! LOLOLOL So we get a pic REAL QUICK then I get back on!!!
Then I went to my room annnnnnnnnnd got ready for evening service in like seriously 10 minutes!!! I was just like, hair STILL looks cuuuuuuuuuute soooooo WHY redo it???? I mean, WHY waste time getting ready when you can spend it SOCIALIZING???
Me and Ashlyn!!!
That night Bro. Lambeth preached annnnnnd OF course I can't leave out the famous quote of the conference, with his Brazillian accent, "Hello, I'm Kris! And I'm Mr. Whitikar!!!" Bahahahaha!!! Also, he got back at his fellow preacher friends really good cuz they had been giving him a hard time about preaching at WEST COAST CONFERANCE, he got back at them by giving out their ROOM NUMBER!!! I WAS LIKE, NIIIIIIIIIICE!!!
They got a pic of me on the balcony, I thought it looked really COOOOOOL!!! I think I look like a princess looking down from her....ummmm...SOMETHING...whateverrrrr princesses look down from I GUESS!!! BAHAHAHA!!!
Then I'm downstairs and Kevin texts me to LOOK UP!!! He was on the top balconys being SECURITY!!! annnnnnnnnnd I'm NOT sure WHY but he wore his yellow jacket half on and half off the WHOLE NIGHT!!! I guess basically cuz, THATS JUST KEVIN!!! LOLOLOL
FINALLLLLLLY its like BEDTIME annnnnnnnnnnd its like two in the morning by now, I'm drifting off to sleep WHEN I remembered that Bro. Lambeth had given out his friend's room number!!! I'm like, Heeeeeeey T! We should call that preacher's room!!! What was it? Room 404??? She's like,
"GO TO SLEEP!!!!!"

-Mary Frances :)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Did you know???

Sooooooo THIS past Saturday, a bunch if us got to church pretty early for prayer so we're jus hanging out! So I'm sitting on the floor of the foyer chit chattin with Janelle, Sarah and Stultz. 
So Sarah sits down on the floor next to me and as she is lowering herself to the ground she is like OUCH! I'm like what's wrong?!?! Sooooo she tells me that she did some new work out routine today and she was really sore from it! She's like I found out that I have muscles that I had NO IDEA there were muscles there!!!
Weeeeeelllll ME, I don't wanna miss out on sharing MY excercise endeavor of the day also!!! Soooo I'm like, YEAH weeeeeelllll today my personal trainer had me doing dead lifts, so my legs and basically my whole body is really sore too!!! I'm like, soooooo yeah, I totally agree with you, we have muscles in places we NEVERRRR EVEN KNEW!!!
THENNNNNN... I decided to try and IMPRESS everyone with my incredible knowledge!!! Heh, heh!!! ;) I'm like, heeeeeeeey!!! Did you guys know that your heart is Actually A MUSCLE??? (Aperently, everyone ALREADY knows this!) Now I'm thinking about this, MY HEART, being a MUSCLE!!!
I'm like, HEEEEEEEY!!!! I WONDER HOW, you work out your heart??? I'm TOTALLY imagining in my mind, my cute lil heart lifting these lil weights!!! I'm like, hmmmmm... How would this work???
THEN IT HIT ME!!! I had this total moment of enlightenment!!! Working out my heart... It all clicked... I'm like, 
HEEEEEEEY, that's called like...
Ahahahahahahahaha!!!! As soon as I said it I REALIZED, like, DUH MARY!!! Of course THATS HOW you work out your heart!!! Everyone like died laughing!!! I think i laughed the hardest tho!!!
Everyone agreed...
Idk tho... I still think some cute lil pink barbells for my heart would be ADORKABLE!!! ;))) ima ask my PT About this tomorrow!!! ;) FOR THIS BLUNDER... She'll probably make me do EXTRA mountain climbers tomorrow or the dreadful...BIKE SPRINTS!!! JUST to ensure that I really DO KNOW, how to work out MY HEART!!! ;P

Sunday, November 17, 2013

First night!

Soooooo the first night...Before walking over to the church i was hanging out with my buds in the lobby...Robby and Kevin!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaay sooooooo people were saying that i'm DIFFERENT then they imagine me to be!!!Anali even told me that people were saying that they don't expect me to be calm when they meet me and people were telling me that I'm more quiet and they expected my voice to be higher pitched...LOL...Idk what to say...I'm just ME!!! I know, my voice is kinda nasally huh??? With the slightest twinge of a NYC accent even tho I was raised in AZ annnnnd about me being quiet and calm...The truth is that, BELIEVE it or NOT, as a child I was VERY QUIET!!! Sooooooo even tho i'm a friendly, outgoing person, MY FIRST NATURE IS SHYNESS!!! I really had to push myself to get beyond that! Annnnnnd honestly, I don't ALWAYS talk, everything comes in just don't know WHAT to expect or what will happen next when you are with ME!!! Honestly, even I wonder!!! LOL!!! WHEN I start acting cRaZy or when I purrrr at you, thats a compliment...It means I'm COMFORTABLE with YOU!!! aNNNNNND Feel FREE to pass that quiet part on to my pastor...heh, heh!!! ;)
Here are my PIN curl was WORTH looking like a DORK for over 24 hours!!! LOL
Me and Beautiful Miss Miranda!!!
Hanging out in the lobby with my gooooooooooood friends...Sooooo honored to be hanging out with an AW and AMM...Whoop, whoop!!!!
Everyone's chowing and here I am drinking a diet soda and taking pics of myself!!! LOLOL They're like, your not gonna eat, i'm like, ummmmm still working on that 50 pounds before WCC!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaaaay annnnnnnd THEN a Classic Mary Moment happened!!!! Everyone got they're bills annnnnnnd I LOOK ALL OVER the table buuuuuut there is NO BILL FOR ME!!! I'm like, OH, I neverrrrr even got a bill!!! How weird!!! My sis is like, well she probabley just didn't charge you for your drink!!! Im like oh okaaaaay that soooooooo NICE of her!!! I'll just leave her five dollars for a tip then!!! Sooooooooo we're all getting up to leave and one of they guys is like,
 Mary, is THIS your bill???
 I'm like, HUH???? WHERE??? He picks up the bill, which is like literally sitting UNDER MY NOSE, and just kinda resets it in front of me!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm like OOooooooooOOOOO!!! We were all laughing sooooo hard!!! Everyone's like, Wow Mary!!! WOW!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!!! I honestly have NO IDEA how I missed it!!! Annnnnnnd I really had scanned the WHOLE table over!!! LOL!!! I just stuck my $5 tip into the bill holder...sooooo she got a $2.50 tip instead...LOLOLOL!!! 
Then on the ride back I was seeing which guys could PURRRR annnnnnnd I just REALIZED something??? Did we EVERRRR find out if JOE CAN PURRRR??? Wait, wasn't he like NOT able to or something??? I can't remember....SOMEONE, really needs to give that guy some PURRRRING lessons!! ;)))))
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd THEN, we got back to the Raddisson, socialized while waiting on line for like TWO HOURS to get on the elevator!!! THEN, I got back to my room and my sister and I REARANGED ALL THE FURNITURE in the room for my mom!!! LOL YES, that is how my night ended....

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Drive to WCC 2013!!!

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay soooooo here starts the WCC posts series!!! SOMEONE, I wont mention any names...keeps texting me ABOUT doing WCC....buuuuuuuuuut I hope your happy Ashlyn DeAro...lolol!!! Weeeeeellll.... I had better be nice to her...she said she was posting my pic on their church website to help me get a boo! HAHAHAHAHA!!! THANKS GIRRRRL!!! Actually, its been quite a few people that have texted me about this....SORRY to keep you all waiting!!! Mwaaaaaah!!!
 Sooooooooo the 10 hour drive to WCC was VERY SHORT for me!!! We left at 10pm I fell asleep midnight and slept straight through til about 9:30...
MJ just chilling with her iPad!!!
T was looking up Cracker Barrel on her phone, the nearest one was like 200 miles REALLY??? No Cracker Barrels in the Fresno Area???
Me and Gracie...Like my pin rolls??? YES! i walked around the Raddisson with my hair like this!!!! Heeeeeeey its a PROCESS to beauty!!! Don't expect me to look GOOD 24/7/365!!!
 Altho, lets stop for a moment and look at this pic of me in pin curls annnnnnnd lets all admit THAT, even at my WORST, I still look pretty CUUUUUUUTE!!! ;)))) Okaaaaaay we won't post the pics my brothers got of me SLEEPING THO!!! LOLOLOL
MOM was FREEZING the WHOLE trip!!! Buuuuut T's van has this really cool feature where you can actually split the AC and Heater in the front between sides...unfortunatley the back was all AC!!! I was FREEZING TOO!!! LOL
Abie singing and doing the motions for Father Abraham while he drove!!! My mom was like having a panick attack....I was just like...Hold on so i can get a pic!!! HAHAHA!!!
Soooooooo its kind of a tradition for us to stop at this place right on the outskirts of Fresno called Bravo Farms!!! They sell all kinds of interesting Farmer's Market type stuff!!!
Of course I could NOT resist taking a picture with this lil box of chocolates!!!
Got Dark???? Yup!!! I couldn't resist!!! EVEN THO, Pastor's last parting words to me before leaving for WCC were that, "You might just need to settle for some WHITE CHOCOLATE Mary!"
 Oh YES Lord, give me a submissive spirit and obedient heart in this matter!!! ;)))) Iffen it be the Lord's will I'll take a white chocolate boo too!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!!
Sooooooooo then we were walking around the property and they have all these cool things for the kids to do...
Sooooooooooo i'm a BIG KID!!!! Despite my brother's warning of them thinking that the steps couldn't hold me and that it was a steep climb, yada, yada, yada, etc...My sissy-in-law, Gracie poo and I, climbed to the fourth story!!! It was soooooooo COOOOOOL looking down at everyone!!!
So then everyone that climbs the tree signs their name or puts there name with whoever they like!!! Soooo of COURSE I had to do this TOO!!! I know, your probabley thinking NAME??? as in ONE and NOT plural??? NAMES??? Weeeeeeelllll... there is ALWAYS ONE NAME on my list that supercedes the OTHER TEN!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!! Okaaaaaaaay ACTUALLY, my list is pretty small right ONLY FIVE NAMES ON IT!!! Any guy that has made it, should feel HONORED!!! Of course, its NOT like they'll everrrrr find out...UNLESS I marry them...BAHAHA!!! Hmmmmm...I WONDER who's NAME will be written up there in the tree, NEXT YEAR??? HMMMMMM...
Sooooooo as soon as we arrived in Fresno I spotted this camp out spot...I texted my Mexican dad and was like, DAD, is this where your staying??? LOLOL
 He's like, yeah, you wanna stay with us??? BAHAHA!!! He had been joking with me be BEFORE HAND, that they were too POOR to stay at the Radisson!!!! LOL WHATEVERRRR!!!! You should see the car he got for his "REAL" daughter!!!!
MJ's just chillaxing cuz we arrived to Fresno TO EARLY to check in!!! Theeeeeeeeen...I was TRYING to convince my sister to PURRRRRR!!! She said she couldn't!!! I was like COME ON T! PURRRRR!!!!
THEN we stopped at this Taco Bell...did you all know THAT Taco Bell NOW SERVES BREAKFAST???? Check this out, A WAFFLE TACO!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT??? I just LOOOOOOOOVE finding weird stuff like that!!!! Unfortunatly, I was still working on the 50 pounds before WCC, even tho we were already THERE...LOLOLOL... soooooo I didn't try it!!!! Can someone, that is NOT on a diet, puleeeeeezee get one and tell me how it is???
Annnnnnnnnnnd FINALLY it was TIME to check in to the Radisson!!! Annnnnnnd OF COURSE, I immeditaley started SOCIALIZING!!!! I sat down first thing with Bethany, Jacob and Caleb...SORRY your NOT in the pic Caleb.....annnnd they immediatley decided to start hounding me about my NON-existent LOVE LIFE!!! LOL Soooo WHO do you like Mary??? Caleb grabbed my phone and was like, lets see whats on here!!! I'm like GO AHEAD, there is like NOTHING TO SEE!!! Trust me, NOTHING!!! 
I'm NOT to sure WHYYYYY people are so enthralled to know about the NOTHINGness that goes on with me and my crushes...ANNNND SEE THERESA ANNNNND ANALI, I know I drive you all cRaZy sometimes with the stories over and over and over again, buuuuuut don't you realize what an HONOR and PRIVILEGE it truley IS to know!!!! NOT EVERYONE gets to HEAR THIS STUFF!!!!;))))))
Plus, I think my family was greatful that they didn['t have to HUNT ME DOWN after EVERY SERVICE and that they could just FORGET about me after church and KNOW that if all else failed I could just WALK back to the hotel by the end of the night!!! BAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!
Weeeeeeeeelllllllll...thats all for NOW!!! More to come ASHLYN!!!! ;))))
♥Mary Frances :)