Thursday, March 31, 2011


When your in NYC you see the FAKE sales people EVERYWHERE!!! Its soooooo AWESOME!!! Fake watches, fake purses, fake sunglasses...FAKE EVERYTHING!!! LOL AND there are two different kinds of fake sales people...
1. The China Town men
2. The African men

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Neither have I...

Soooo if you've never seen my friend Kim, i'll just tell you, she is like SERIOUSLEY the tiniest thing EVER!!! (And she isn't even a midget LOL!) So when she first moved into us I didn't FULLY grasp just how small she was. I mean TO ME, ALL my friends are SMALL!!! :) Then I saw her like amongst all my other friends, and my LITTLE friends looked like giants NEXT TO HER!!!

Well I was trying to find cute clothes for her and ALL these teeny, tiny clothes were like HUGE on her!!! Soooooo i'm like OMW!!! How SMALL are you and she says she wears a LITTLE GIRLS SIZE 14!!! I'm like what??? A GIRLS 14??? WOW!!! I would be HAPPY if I was just wearing a LADIES SIZE 14!!!

So she tells me the other day, "Mary, I bought skirts that are a LADIES size 4 & 6." I'm just like okaaaay...COOL!!! She is like, "NO MARY!!! (Like i'm supposed to feel bad for her) You don't understand, I've NEVER worn a size 4 or 6 in my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE!!!" I just kinda look at her then I'm like, NEITHER have I Kim...
NEITHER HAVE I!!!!!!!!!! :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Heeeeeey everyone!!! My blog is UNDER CONSTRUCTION...I'll tell you ALL about it BUT what do you all think so far????? Any Ideas??? Anything that you're just dying for me to add??? Well there are a LOT of changes and I'm still trying to figure stuff out and i'm moving stuff all around sooo if you can't find something its probably been moved or i'm looking for a new spot for it!!! Let me know...

BUT I wanna say a SPECIAL thanks to ERIN SLAY, whom I have NEVER EVEN MET, for sweetly offering to for design a NEW  blog header for me!!! She did and AMAZING job!!! Its beautiful and adorable and totallly ME!!!!!! Thank you Erin for being SOOOOOO AWESOME!!! Go check out Erin's AWESOMENESS HERE!!!

I also want to give ANOTHER HUGE THANK YOU to my sister-in-law Jewel for helping with all the PROFESSIONAL effects on here!!! I am CLUELESS with all that kind of stuff but she has made everthing look sooooooo PROFESSIONAL and EFFICIENT!!! And if you need any pictures JEWEL is the one to take them for you GINTYIMAGES.COM

Anything else you want to see??? Any ideas??? Let me know...this blog is FOR YOU ALL!!! :)

Monday, March 28, 2011


Soooo you guys, I asked Jon Acuff author of STUFFCHRISTIANSLIKE.NET to review my blog and he did!!! Do you guys think he ACTUALLY reviewed it?!?! LOL This is what he said...

Thank you so much for buying my second book! I really appreciate that. ( I am assuming you did for the blog review. If not, go pre-order my new one, I think you'll dig it.

I am reviewing blogs right now and

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ten things your DYING to know about me!!!

1. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? My name is Mary Frances, my mom's name is Frances but she didn't name me after her, I was named after my dad's father was named Francis(the male version has an i) who was always known as Frank. I was also named after my dad's mom who was Rita my my mom was a devout Catholic at the time so I was name after THE HOLY VIRGIN MARY...(Which I happen to think is TOTALLY fitting description of me!!! :)))


Saturday, March 26, 2011


Okaaaaaay...this is HILARIOUSLY AWESOME! I can't wait

Friday, March 25, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Soooo I was eating ice cream the other day and I got a TOTAL brain freeze and I was like, ouch! Ouch! OUCH! Brain FREEEZE!!! And my sis is like I don't know why your gettin all worked up....

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


*SNAP!!! "I just got a picture of that weirdo over there...look at them... Billy Bob is gonna laugh SOOOOO hard when they see it!!! He LOVES this kind of stuff!!!"

Somthing that REALLY brings conviction to my heart is when a picture is taken of a person in the world or even in church, that is just taken to laugh at them. I've seen people post on blogs or facebook pictures of old homeless bums, or midgets or toothless old ladies, or people that are just less fortunate and everyone just laughs and leaves comments...

Monday, March 21, 2011


Me and Kim wanna give a SHOUTOUT to....
You know who you are!!! LOL! We know you missed us ...YOU BETTER BE THERE NEXT WEEK soooo we can ANNOY YOU!!! :)
P.S. I totally just cracked my knuckles!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


SOOOOOO I told you guys i'm watching kids in my house now...RIGHT?!?!



Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Fake Coach!!!

So when I was in NYC I got a new fake Coach!!! LOL! You can get them EVERYWHERE in the city and its a tradition for me to ALWAYS get a new one when I go! Sooooo I came back with this simple black one and it has the Coach horse and buggy emblem on the front. The purse is sweet and simple and EVERYONE loves it!!! AND everyone thinks its TOTALLY REAL!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

I LOVE being a girl!!!

I LOVE being a girl!!!
Really I do! It's SOOOOOO much fun.
Getting ALL dressed up and lookin all cutesy!
Fixin my hair just OH so GOOOD!
Decorating & Makin stuff pretty!
I JUST LOVE being a GIRL!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Going over to my mom's house in a few hours for some corn beef and cabbage!!! Soooo happy St. Patricks day EVERYONE!!! I have NO idea WHY we celebrate this holiday...

From the other side...

(Originally posted on Wednesday, December 30, 2009)

The other day I went to my friend Travis's birthday party. Some how I got talked into playing a game of pool. The team was me and my friend Liz and our components were my pastor's wife, Sis. Abbott and Sarah Abbott, one of my friends as well. So we start playing and we are BAD!!! I mean NONE of us were good...AT ALL!!! At first

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Heeeeey EVERYONE!!!
I am soooooooooo EXCITED about A Mountain Apart Apostolic Youth Camp!!! THIS is the BEST CAMP EVER!!! It has the "Official" CLASSIC MARY MOMENTS STAMP OF APROVAL STAMPED ALL OVER IT!!! Last year the age bracket was 12-25 AND I was THE OLDEST camper age 26 they STILL let me be a camper and BIG SURPISE but I magaged to somehow

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Proud Auntie Moment # 12342544

Soooooooo the other day my nephew Jose was over at our house and all of the sudden it was REAL quiet and I didn't see him I'm thinkin like WHERE in the world did he go?!?! THEN I SEE THIS....
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! He was trying to type onto the computer...LOL...

Monday, March 14, 2011

New York Road trip!!!

Welllllll... even though EVERYTHING was shutdown when we got there, I can NOW say I have seen two of the seven Natural Wonders of the world! The Grand Canyon AND...


BUT I think the REAL WONDER is that I SOMEHOW managed to survive EIGHT HOURS in the car...SITTING IN THE MIDDLE of my siblings!!! Aaaaaaauuuuugggghhhh!!!


♫♫♫I’m gonna let the glory roll when the roll is called in Glory, I’m gonna get beside of myself when I get beside The King that day, I’m gonna have the time of my life when the time of my life is over, I’m gonna get carried away when I get carried away♪♫♪♪♪



Sooooooooooo I pretty much hate the snow...BUT...there is something about lil snowflakes fallin on me!!! If you look at them closely before they melt you can REALLY see the intricate designs they have...and they truely are BEAUTIFUL!!! Soooooo when we were driving back to the city from upstate New York it started snowin in just a little and they were like fallin on me and I was like totally getting ALL excited!!!

I was like SHREIKING and I was like,

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Subway * LOVE* LOL!!!

Sooooo I ALSO "fell in love" while riding the Subway transit in NYC!!! (LOL!!! YES REALLY!!! HEE, HEE!!!) This guy was standing like RIGHT next to me on the subway!!! I mean we were like holding onto THE SAME POLE... I was like OMW!!! (VERY ROMANTIC!;) AND believe me this picure does NOT EVEN do him justice!!! He was waaaaaaaaaay better lookin in person...TRUST ME!!! And he was all sophisticated with his name brand business clothes, readin a philosophy book and there I am ALL GHETTOFIED, once again wearin my, "My Mamma says

LOVE this picture!!! :)

Go ahead Ladies...


HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Well, I might as well start off by telling you all about THE END of my trip!!! Sooooooooo me and my friend Keri Garrett had decided that I should try and get AS many pics as possible with cute cops while I was in NY...I mean, i'm SINGLE so might as well..RIGHT?!?! LOL!!! Wellll...It really wasn't workin out!!! My sister's camera died before I even got close to any cops and PLUS my sis basically said she would have NOTHING to do with the happenings of this CUTE COP PROJECT!!! Sooooooooooo I talked to Keri like two days before I was going home and she was like sooooooooo did you get any pics with cute cops yet?! AND I"M LIKE NO!!! I can't believe it!!! Soooooooooo she says that BEFORE the trip is over, I HAVE TO GET AT LEAST ONE PICTURE WITH ONE!!!! Sooooooooo the last day comes and i'm at the airport headin home and i STILL did NOT have a picture with one!!! I WAS LIKE OMW!!! I TOTALLY FAILED!!! As we are walking to check in our luggage I see before my eyes like THE HOTTEST NYPD EVER!!!!

I get my brother John's attention and he just GRINS at me...and I'm all PULEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE take a picture of me with him...and he is like, I will but not right now...cuz like it was TOTAL chaos with my family and ALL OUR LUGGAGE!!! HAHA! So then John points to a cop across the way and is like, heeey what about him, and I look over to see this really chubby cop...and I'm like HEEEEY him tooo...cuz he is like still REALLY CUTE!!!  Soooooooooooooo...then Chubby and (welll...Kim named the Hot Cop Stud) Soooo Chubby and Stud walk off together and my fam and I check in our luggage and I totally forget about them BECAUSE then we have to through security which is even MORE DRAMA with my family...I forgot to put my hair products in my suitcase instead of my backpack and have to throw out all this hairspray and body spray and stuff AND then my mom like talks security into lettin her keep her Sugar free jam she bough in Amish country...blah, blah, EVERYONE in my family gets check out for SOMETHING...hahaahh...

WE FINALLY GET THROUGH and are walkin to our gate...and my brother John points with his chin towards something...I LOOK over and OMW...Its Chubby and Stud just standing there like lookin TOTALLY bored!!! Soooooooooooooo I'm like OH JOHN will you PUHLEEEEEEZE take a picture of me with them and of course he agrees...

Well Chubby was like busy on his cell phone like textin or I ask Stud if I can get my picture with them and he agrees and he is like tellin Chubby...She wants a picture and he is just llike Ok and keeps textin and like Stud is like Welll...LIKE STOP TEXTIN...and finally Chubby turns around and he is like, "Want me to take the picture?" Then he sees my brother with the camera and he is like, OH, you want ME in the picture?" Like he is ALL surprised and i'm like, "YEAH!!!" LOL! I think he is used to all THE GIRLS just wantin pics with Stud...but HEEEEEy i'm NOT like that!!! I Like CHUBBY GUYS TOO!!! ;) Soooo look at me and him look kind closer together...hahaha...we would look good together!!!

OOOO and MY MOM even helped me get the pic...she's all like tellin them...its just like really meaninful to us because my father was in the New York Police force for over 20 years!! I'm like many of you girls out there have a mom that would ACTUALLY help you get a pic with a cute cop?!?!?! My mom ROCKS!!!

I LOVE my sister's version of the story. She was walkin a head of us and she says she walked by and thought, that cop is HOT! She looked back one more time and sees my mom talkin to him and thinks, "I'm gettin out of here!" She looks back a second later and i'm standin between the two of them... and just takes off to our gate....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

See my BIG cheesy grin?!?! I don't even care about how dorky I look!!! I mean i'm wearing a baseball cap that says, "My Mamma says I'm Special" AND I have NY Pizza grease on my t-shirt...BUT i'm soooo happy cuz i'm standin betweed two HANDSOME NEW YORK POLICE!!!

P.s. I have a song I wrote when I was 16 about a hot cop if anyone ever wants to hear it...I would LOVE to share just have to make sure I'm REALLY hyper first!!! :)

Friday, March 11, 2011


*Shouts Mary as she soars into her house after a long trip all over the east coast of the U.S.!!! She drops her bags filled with new and wonderful treasures, not caring about damaging anything...BECAUSE after all, there is NOTHING she treasures more than the love of her life!!! She can hardly contain her excitement as she throws out her arms and prepares herself to fly into his arms...
THEN it dongs on her...
(Like DUH!:)

BUT... I REALLY AM HOME PEOPLE!!! I am soooo SORRY I haven't been bloggin...I have sooooo many things I ABSOLUTELY canNOT wait to share with you all...BUT first I want to tell you all about something I saw last night at the airport. When I got off the plane I got off first and got myself seperated from my family. As I was walking to the baggage claim I noticed a group of people waiting for someone to get off the plane. They were holding balloons and welcome signs and everyone was soooo thrilled that I just couldn't help but stay and see the reunion with whomever it was arriving home.

Unaware to the family, I stood in the middle of them and just watched as they began to get all excited when they finally caught a glimpse of him. It was a military man, dressed in a suit. I watched as his mother went running to him. They threw their arms around each other and hugged and hugged and hugged. This young military man held on so tightly to his mother, rocking her in his arms and tears streaming freely down his cheeks. I was mesmerized. Something inside of me began to tighten. Why was my eyes getting watery? I didn't even know them. Why was I feeling this way? What was this that I was seeing?!

I walked away before I really did start crying and the family thought I was CRAZY or something!!! I couldn't understand my emothional response to this scence because the guy wasn't EVEN CUTE!!! (For realZ!)  I thought about it as I walked away, then I realized what I was veiwing...LOVE!!! Love between a mother and son! There is nothing greater than love. I'm NOT talking about romance...BUT LOVE!!! REAL, TRUE LOVE!!!

I came to the conclusion that no matter where I go, no matter what I see, no matter what I do, there is always ONE thing that will always bring me back to my Arizona home. That reason is not for a HUSBAND or because of our INCREDIBLEY wonderful summers, HAHA...but I will always be back for ONE REASON... and thats LOVE!!!

After every trip, I NEVER feel sad about going home. Not matter the weather, the attractions, the sights...NOTHING can compare to my family, my church, my friends... you all mean the world to me...more to me than you'll ever know!!!

Love will ALWAYS bring me home!!! :)
♥♥♥ Xoxoxoxo

Saturday, March 5, 2011

*LOVE* in NYC!!!

FORGET falling in Love with the NYPD!!!
TONIGHT I fell in love with an African man from Senagal selling ILLEGAL Coach purses!!! *SIGH ♥♥ (Funny thing is that he was HIDIN from the NYPD HAHA!!!:) Tall, dark and handsome!!! (His name was like Mammoud...which you all wouldn't understand BUT thats the same name as one my favorite African boys from Sunday SChool sooo yeah...I think it was a SIGN!!!;) I EVEN got my picture taken with him...all his buddies were givin him the thumbs up...LOL...BUT my sis's phone didn't save it...NOW I feel like Cinderella when the clock struck midnight and she lost her glass slipper!!! the memory is FOREVER engraved into my mind...
or at LEAST until this FAKE COACH falls apart!!! :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


HEEEEEEY EVERYONE!!! I'm leaving in a few hours and headin over to the land of my birth!!! Gonna go see all my family, the Irish and the Italians!!! This is MY MOM'S first time back in over 25 years sooooo we're SUPER siked!!! I'll try and and update my blog while i'm there but i'm not sure how much internet access I will even be having. Check my lil twitter thing on the side for updates!!! Sorrrrrry for the BREAK!!! If you want a postcard email me your address!!!
Pizza, Taxis, Subway Transit, GOOD FOOD!!! TRAFFIC, rude people, PIZZA, honkin horns, broadway, PIZZA, cute cops, shopping, PIZZA, China town, Little Italy, PIZZA, Forest Hills, Austin Street, PIZZA, 41st Ave, Fake Coach, PIZZA, BARTERING with vendors, bagel shops, bakeries, WEIRD STUFF...
HERE I COME!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Thank God for...

 HAHA!!! J/K!! I'm NOT promoting for anyone that can't be on...BUT it sure can be helpful at times!!! I just found some of my Sunday School kids that I havn't seen in over two years through it...They moved SUDDENLY and I had no way of knowing where they were!!! We had to drive like ALL the way across town but TODAY we were...

Reunited!!! :)
 They've grown sooooo much!!! 
 I'm sooo happy to see them again!!!
 AND Patience is having a baby!!! Sooooooo
I get to be an Auntie again soon!!!

Can't wait to hold this lil baby girl!!!
AND thank you God for bringing us back together!!! :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This is THE TRUTH!!!

(HEEEY at least the credit card thing i can GUARANTEE will still be true at the end of the day, ONLY cuz I refuse to have one!!! :) OH AND I NEVER CURSE EITHER!!!:)