Sunday, September 29, 2013

That's what's up!!!

My African GPS is still working!!! I found Jestina again!!! At 47th ave and Glendale!!! I'm like girrrrrl you NEED to get a car or a MOVE!!! Lol anywayz, Jestina is now a married woman!!! A mom to one of the most adorable baby girls everrrr and William Jr. Is on the way!!!! Buuuut she still calls me vanilla momma!!! (:

CiattA, is one now!!! 

With her Aunt GrandMary

Guess who did her hair???? Lol

Saturday, September 28, 2013

What IF???

WHAT IF...Your that close to everything you've been hoping and waiting for???

It's not time to give up, to settle, to compromise, to walk away! It's time to hang on tight, because something big is about to happen!!! In Jesus name, we press on!!!!

Awkward moment #98513466333777


Oh no!!! I jus lost the key to my car and I havnt even gotten out of the car yet!!! I just pulled up to the bank, turned off the car, texted Anali, opened the door, put one leg out and bam! My keys GONE!!!! Aaaaaaahhhh!!!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

WCC outfits!!!

Im soooooo EXCITED!!! I have all my WCC outfits picked out!!! Weeeeellli thought I did, buuuuut THEN I remembered that it will be cold out and that I'll be able to wear my blue Mar Bear fur!!! Soooo now I have to figure out which outfit is going to go!!! Hmmm...
Soooooo I'm really excited about the bright outfit... It's sooo flowery and Lacey I love it!!! Now I jus gotta figure out the hair accessory and shoes!!! Annnnnd don't worry, it will look better in me then in the hanger!!! ;))) lol
 QUESTION LADIES: With the one whole outfit with the peachy orange skirt, Do you think I should wear white shoes with it or one of the other colors in the outfit??? Or some people are saying Carmel!! 
I know, I know, several people told me that your not supposed to wear white after September, annnnd I would be fine with that...buuuuuuut... The problem is that WCC is in the fall, NOT in the spring!!! If I wear it in the spring no one at WCC will be able to see my outfit!!! Ahahaha!!! Eh, as long as it's cute... That's MY ETTIQUETTE RULE!!!! Lol

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Now I'm 30!

I remember in my late teens, early 20's looking at the "older" single ladies and thinking, I don't wAnt to be one of those that are STILL SINGLE in their 30's!!! Annnnnnnd...
NOW IM 30!!!
Annnnnnnnnd now I look at myself and I think, you know, I REALLY WANT TO BE MARRIED, buuuuuuut, I'm glad I'm not one of those that took things into their own hands, JUST BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO GET MARRIED!!! I always thought it meant you were a loser, but now I see that it's easy to "fall in love" it takes more courage to say no, I'm waiting for the perfect will of God!
I jus wanna say to all my single peers out there... It's ok to, STILL BE SINGLE!!! God will give you the grace to walk... The strength to stand... You will look at yourself in the mirror and KNOW, despite the disappointments, I didn't give in... Annnnd JESUS, he has KEPT ME!!! Yes, I'm STILL single at 30, because I'm STILL awaiting on God!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


A couple of weeks ago, the Abbotts were   In town and so Sis. Abbott played the organ during service. Afterwards, Alyssa says to me, wow! Sis. Abbott REALLY IS THE BEST THERE IS!!! So I'm like oh yeah, totally agreeing with her!
Then I think about it and I'm like, honestly tho, I can't tell the difference from when she plays and from when you play!!! Alyssa's like WHAAAAAT MARY?? Like seriously??? I'm like clunking away and you can't even tell??? I'm like, NOPE!!! Like really, it all sounds the same to me!!! She's jus laughing and is like wow, when I need to feel good I'll just come talk to you! 
Then she was telling everyone when we went out Sunday night, Mary can't tell the difference between my playing and Sis. Abbotts!!!
 Everyone's like, REALLY MARY???!!!???? I'm like, yes REALLY!!! It all sounds the same in MY WORLD!!! ;) I hear music and I'm jus like, let's have churrrrrrrrrch!!!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sounds like a man!!!

I was talking with one of my newlywed friends... Annnnnnd I was like saying how my one brother that got married likes to cook and how his wife said that she doesn't mind cookin but my brother really likes to do it and she said he's better at it so she just lets him do it! 
Then she says, besides, WHEN I DO COOK, he just ends up telling me exactley what to do anywayz!!! I said oh TRUST ME, I know how he is!!!! Your husband and I have ALWAYS clashed in the kitchen together!!!! Lol
Sooooooo, I'm telling my newlywed friend that WHEN I GET MARRIED, I really hope that the man I marry knows absolutely NOTHING about cooking!!! I said because for one thing, I don't want to have to compete with him In the kitchen and furthermore, it's something that I'm really good at and I just want to be able to impress him with that! It's just something that I want to be able to do for him!!!
Sooooo my newlywed friend says, Mary, trust me, EVEN IF, your husband knows absolutely NOTHING at all whatsoever about cooking, he will STILL be TELLING YOU WHAT TO DO in the kitchen!!!
 I'm like oh that's soooo true...yup... SOUNDS LIKE A MAN!!! Ahahahaha!!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Your that close to everything you've been hoping and waiting for???
It's not time to give up, to settle, to compromise, to walk away! It's time to hang on tight, because something big is about to happen!!! In Jesus name, we press on!!!!

Friday, September 20, 2013


Sooooooooo the other night I had this dream that this guy I really like told me that my eyes were, REALLY pretty!!! NOT just pretty, buuuuuuuuuuut REALLY PRETTY!!! Like, i was soooooooooo SWOONING!!! I was like, AWWW THANK YOU!!! Buuuuuuuuuut even while I was still sleeping I was like, Okaaaaaaaaay this is sooooooo, JUST A DREAM!!! (Like Anali's voice of reality comes through to me in my dreams...BAHAHAHAHA!!!;) THEN when I woke up the first thing I thought was...
Okaaaaaaaaaaaay IF that was a dream does that mean I was really just COMPLIMENTING MYSELF in my own dream???? AHAHAHAHAHA!!! YUP, thats ME!!!
 The 30-year-old SINGLE chick...
 that gives herself compliments in her dreams!!!
Like REALLY MARY??? WOW!!! Hee, hee, hee!!! Heeeeeeeeeey at least we know IF a guy everrrrr NEEDED my help or assistance on giving me a compliment, I could help him think of some pretty good ones!!! ;) AHAHAHA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

THINK about it!!! (:

Great Article | Come away with Me.
"And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might." (Deuteronomy 6:5)
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

MJ's Improvement!!!

Soooooooo I was telling Mary Jo's teacher at GCA, Sis. Myers, that we are already seeing a HUGE improvement in her academics since she started school this month. HOWEVERRR, I did NOT realize JUST how big of an improvement MJ was having UNTIL this past weekend.
I was talking to my sister about a guy, buuuuuuut I didn't want Mary Jo to know WHO I was talking about, so I spelled his name out to my sis. ANNNNNNNNNNNNND would you believe that, that lil stinker memorized the letters i had spelled annnnnnnd SOUNDED it out till she figured out the guys name!!!
YOU should have seen her eyes light up and a smile of delight filled her face as she smugly said, Oooooo soooooooo THATS WHO YOU LIKE??? I KNEW you liked him!!! I was like, AW MAN!!! She's like, OH I KNOW NOW!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm like MAAAAAAN... she really IS improving!!! I guess I can't be spelling out guys names anymore!!! Thanks A LOT Sis. Myers!!! ;))))
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It matters WHO your friends are!!!

Thinking about spiritual influences from listening to the preaching message that I wrote about below, it causes me to think about HOW important it is to have GOOD, SOLID friends and just people in general that we can talk to. Friends INFLUENCE US!!! People INFLUENCE us!!! There are times in each and every one of our lives that we find ourselves in a vulnerable posistion and its WHO we talk to during this time that will push us in the direction we end up going...because FRIENDS INFLUENCE us!!!
I remember a time in my own life that I found myself in a place of anger. Everyone that knows me, KNOWS that i'm one of THE MOST easygoing people you will ever meet and that i'm NOT quick to anger. Weeeeeeeellll... UNTIL it comes to someone I LOVE!!! If I love someone, DON'T mess with them!!! Cuz I will go cRaZy on you!!! LOL
Well, I felt like someone that I loved, my mom, wasn't being treated RIGHT, annnnnd I felt like I needed to take it into MY OWN HANDS and I was about to make a very IRRATIONAL decision in which the consequences would have affected my life in a very dramatic way. HOWEVERRRR, before I did this, I called MY MOTHER annnnnd MY MOM, the very one I was trying to defend, SET ME STRAIGHT!!!

I was like, but mom, I'm just defending you. She's like, I don't NEED YOU to defend me, God WILL take care of me. Then she talked to me about how her only goal in life at this point was to make it to heaven. She said Mary, you have your whole life ahead of you for God to use you and I don't want you to mess it up over something trivial. And I took my mom's correction, I obeyed her words and it IS because of MY MOM, because of HER GODLY influence on ME, that I am HERE today!!! What IF my mom had NOT been a Godly woman? Who knows what would have happened!!! It matters WHO you talk too in your vulnerable times.
GOOD FRIENDS, tell you what is RIGHT, NOT what YOU want to hear!!! I have some GOOD friends in my life. I have some friends that I can call and tell them about my latest idea and cRaZy antics and they'll be like, ummmm...MARY??? Probabley NOT the best choice to make!!! I'm like, yeah, I figured thats what you would say!!! HAHA!!! I want those kinds of friends in my life and I also want to be that kind of friend to other people as well. The Bible says that, Iron sharpeneth iron! We can STRENGTHEN EACH OTHER!!!
One of my friends recently told me about something that was going on in life and I was like, Ummm NO, you should NOT be doing that. And I was able to influence them to the right choice. And my friend told me later on, I KNEW, that as soon as I told you about it, that you would stop me, thats why I waited so long to tell you. Another time, one of my dearest friends made one of THE MOST irrational choices ever annnnnnnd I was sooooo DEVESTATED when I found out and my friend was already regretting their choice but it was to late! I said, WHY didn't you talk to ME about it first??? And they said, BECAUSE I KNEW, that you would stop me because your an INFLUENCE on me. I'm like, soooo instead you just IGNORED AND AVOIDED ME!!!
Think about the Biblical story of Amnon and Tamar in 2 Samuel 13

"And it came to pass after this, that Ab'salom the son of David had a fair sister, whose name was Tamar; and Amnon the son of David loved her. And Amnon was so vexed, that he fell sick for his sister Tamar; for she was a virgin; and Amnon thought it hard for him to do any thing to her. But Amnon had a friend, whose name was Jon'adab, the son of Shim'e-ah David's brother: and Jon'adab was a very subtile man."
We all know the rest of the story with Amnon and Tamar. In the beginning, Amnon was just in a vulnerable weak moment, buuuuut it was THE INFLUENCE of a friend that caused hime to do what he did!!! It MATTERS who you talk to!!! It matters WHO you hang out with!!!

I told a friend one time, that I love with every fiber of my being, I told them, I'm NOT praying for your happiness, I'm praying that God will do to you WHATEVERRR it takes to bring you to repentance! And OH my friend did NOT like that!!! They said, you know thats really NOT very nice!!! I said, yes, buuuuuuuut what does it matter if your "HAPPY" if your lost!!! I'm NOT out to be a NICE friend, I'm out to be a GOOD friend!!!
Lets be GOOD friends to each other!!! If you see someone that you LOVE is sinning or about to make a bad choice, don't keep your mouth shut!!! Let them know that you DO CARE!!! When I'm WRONG, go ahead and be NEGATIVE to me...I don't want to be LOST!!! I NEED GOOD FRIENDS in my life!!! It DOES matter who you hang out with! Friends INFLUENCE you in your weakest moments!!! It matters WHO your friends are!!! Nice friends go to hell together, buuuuut GOOD FRIENDS go to heaven together!!!
"Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners."
(1 Corinthians 15:33)

♥Mary Frances :)
♥Mary Frances :)

Spiritual influences!!!

I was listening to Holy Ghost radio yesturday and this message was on!!! I texted ALL my friends and told them to listen cuz it was soooo GOOOOD!!! A lot of people texted me back disapointed saying that they weren't able to listen to it! I was like, DON'T WORRY, because i'm AWESOME, I took notes!!! Here you all go, buuuuut really, my notes doesn't do justice for the actual hearing of the can't take notes that hold the annointed spirit of God that you feel when you listen... buuuut if you want to order the actual message from HGR its #1884. Meanwhile here are my notes...
Spiritual Influences by Bro. Garrett
How to know your under a demonic influence:
1. Seeks to destroy goodBeware of a spirit that tries to destroy good that your doing. A spirit that despises good!!! 
2. There is no constraint! Nobody is gonna pull your chain or help you out! Will not be constrained! It's gotta be my way, self justification!!!
3. Resistance to all spiritual authority. If there is correction in your life take it and don't go back to the hell hole you crawled out of!
4. Always produces sensuality!
Three ways to invite a devil in your life!
1. Hang around where he is! Music, where you hang out, places you go, who your friends are, entertainment, 
2. Rebellion against God given authority!!! Rebellion is as which craft!!! When you rebel you are open "For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry..." 1Samuel 15:23)
3. Develop a passivity towards the things of God! You hav to hav a hunger for spiritual things! There is no place for apathy in the kingdom of God!
How to get out from the influence 
1. Resist the devil
2. Submit to your God given authority!
3. Confess your sins
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Free eyebrows!!!

Look at MY EYEBROWS!!!
 annnnnnnd GUESS how much  i paid for them???? FREE!!! How would YOU like a FREE eyebrow wax!!! Your probabley wondering WHERE??? At the European Wax Center!!! For FIRST TIME customers, you will get your eyebrows done for FREE!!!
 The lady asked me if I was a student, because IF I was I could get another discount for another time...I was like UMMMM... soooo like, a STUDENT that has a school ID??? The girl laughed and was like yeah, you have to have a student ID! I'm like, MAAAAAAN, I sooooooooo think that the Bible College should get student IDs!!! I mean, I'm JUS SAYIN...It would be a GREAT IDEA!!! :))))
AnywayZ, Locations for the European Wax Center are found all over the US so
Go HERE to find the nearest location to YOU!!! :)))
Here are some of the Arizona locations...

Annnnnnd WHEN you go, since I was awesome enough to tell you all about this AMAZING deal, PULEEEEEZE be AWESOME and tell them that Mary Ginty from Paradise Valley reccommended you!!! When you tell them this, i will get $5 credit added into my account!!! How AWESOME IS THAT??? Soooo MAKE SURE, you TELL THEM, that I TOLD YOU!!! I won't be able to find out WHO gives me the credit for saying i reccommended them soooo Thank you in advance Ladies...go get your eyebrows done!!!
Once again go HERE to find the nearest location to you!!!
♥Mary Frances :)


Heeeeeeeeeey you guys!!! Guess what?!?!
Free burritos today at Fredricos from 5-7  customers can choose a bean and cheese, green chile, or red chicken burrito for dinner. SOME people are saying that there is NOOOOO WAAAAAY they are going to eat at Fredricos everrr again...I'm just like okaaaaaaaaay WHATEVERRR!!! The queen of clean even went and inspected the Fredricos in Litchfield Park, gave them TIPS annnnnd THEN her stamp of aproval!!!
 I mean, sooooooooo some people got EXTREMELY SICK a few weeks ago, I won't go into details on my blog, buuuuut you can look it up on google if you want, anywayz, just because a few people got EXTREMELY sick, does NOT mean we need to STOP going!!!
I mean, think about it, everyone, aside from Noah and his family died in the flood...I mean like, thats the WHOLE entire world, annnnnnnd yet to this day, WE STILL DRINK WATER!!! THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE!!! Soooooooo go get your free burrito at 5!!! Actually, TAKE THE WHOLE FAMILY, make it a FAMILY EVENT!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

TP debate!!!

Sooooooooooo I'm at Shelbie's bridal shower the other night, BEAUTIFULLY decorated, totally forgot to get any pics, anywayZ, we're playin one of the typical shower games, He said/She said...its a quote game where you guess who said it, the bride or the groom, annnnnnnd one of the things to guess was who said, "TP roll has to be over the top" I read that and was like sooooooooooooo confused!!! I asked the girls I was with WHATS that supposed to mean???
Sooooooo the girls were explaining to me that people prefer the roll of toilet paper to go one way or the other...I'm just like REALLY??? Like, PEOPLE ACTUALLY CARE about this???? Aparently, its a BIG DEAL in some peoples lives...AHAHAHA!!!!
I'm thinking in my mind, ummmmmm I wonder IF I should tell them HOW I put MY roll of toilet paper??? FINALLY i'm like, you know WHAT, I'll JUST TELL THEM!!! LOLOL!!! I'm like, WOW, sooooo people ACTUALLY debate this ISSUE??? I held my breath, then told MY SHOCKING VIEW on the matter,Cuz, MY TOILET PAPER...
NEVERRRR ACTUALLY makes it onto the TP HOLDER!!!
Yes, THATS right, chillin on the counter!!! I thought I was gonna be the ONLY one that felt this way, annnnnnnnnd the Ashley says, ME TOO!!! I was like, YES!!! I'm NOT THE ONLY ONE!!! We high-fived each other!!! See, there's more than just two kinds of people: There's the OVER THE TOP peeps, theres the under the tops peeps annnnnnnnnnnd THEN theres me and ASHELY that are just like...
When we get married the debate with our spouse will be, TP ON the holder or OFF the holder???
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Everybodies all like...

Everybodies all LIKE, STARBUCKS!!!
Annnnnnnnnd I'm just all like,
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Buuuuuuuut seriousley you guys, you have GOT TO, go try the carrot cake flavored Cappacino at Quick Trip!!! Its pretty much amaZing!!! Plus you can add your own whip cream and ANY other flavors and its like 1/4 of the price of Starbucks...Jus sayin IF you don't have the EXTRA $$$$!!! QT is GHETTOLICIOUS!!! ;))))
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Apples and worms!!!

Once upon a time there was a little boy that loved to do TWO things the most in life; those two things were FISHING and EATING APPLES!!! Oh how he loved to do these two things. One day, he was walking home from the creek after a loooooong day of fishing and NOT catching a single fish. He was soooooo hungry he couldn't wait to get home for a good home cooked dinner from his mother.
As he was walking home he discovered and apple tree on their family property, he was soooooo EXCITED, he grabbed his fishing pail, climbed up the tree and began picking apples. When his little pail was full, he jumped down and began walking the rest of the way home!!! As he walked, crunched on an apple and dreamed of the apple pie his mom could make with it. Nobody, except his Aunt Mary, could make apple pie LIKE HIS MOM!!!
When he got to the house, he left the pail of apples and all his fishin gear on the front porch. He ran inside and told his mom all about the pail of apples he had picked and how he was REALLY hoping that she would make him an apple pie with some of them. His mom PROMISED him, that AFTER dinner and AFTER cleaning up after dinner, IF he ate all his vegetables and IF he helped clean up, THEN she would indeed make him that apple pie.
He was sooooooooo EXCITED!!! He raced to the bathroom, washed his hands WITH SOAP. He helped set the table and when it was time to eat dinner, he ate ALL the food on his plate, INCLUDING the vegetables and then he even asked for seconds on VEGGIES!!! Then he helped clear off the table, he helped sweep the floor annnnnnnnd he EVEN helped wash the dishes, he just COULD NOT wait for this apple pie to be baked...he could just taste the buttery, flaky crust and the cinnomon, sugary apples melting in his mouth...Mmmmmm!!!
When everything was FINALLY cleaned up, his mom sent him to get the bucket of apples. However, MUCH to this lil boys dismay, when he went to grab the bucket of apples, he looked in and saw a HUGE swarming MESS!!! There were worms EVERYWHERE!!! The little boy didn't understand, were the apples ROTTEN??? Buuuuut they couldn't be he thought, they had seemed sooooo perfect when he picked them from the tree. Plus, he had EVEN eaten one on the way home and it had beed absolutely DELICIOUS!!! WHAT HAD HAPPENED TO THE APPLES???
Then he saw it, his can of worms that he had used for bait while fishing, he had left them half opened on top of the apples when he put everything down. He looked at his apples, worms swarming everywhere, some eating into the apples, there was NO way he could pick them all out and be sure they were all gone...his apples were RUINED...that meant NO APPLE PIE!!! He couldn't stop the tear from sliding down his cheek as he told his mom what had happened.
His mommy gave him a hug, then pulled him into her lap to talk to him. She said, you see son, you can't mix the apples with worms, because the worms will over take and eat out the apples. She said by the time tomorrow morning comes, those apples will mostly be gone. She said and son, this is the way it is IN LIFE!!! You can't mix even a little evil with good, because the evil, will over rule and over take the GOOD!!!
Sometimes in life, we have to reject a WHOLE lot of something that is GOOD, because with that good, there is just a little bit of bad mixed in annnnnnnd EVEN tho the good thing, by far outweighs the bad that is mixed in, and before you even know it, the little bit of bad will over take the good. The GOOD thing, MUST stay COMPLETELY SEPERATED in order to STAY GOOD!!!
Annnnnnnd soooooooo this little boy remembered this important lesson in seperation from the things of this world. And when friends would try and show him all the GOOD in something, before he ever brought it into his own life, he would ALWAYS check to see if IN this good thing that would help him, IF there was ANY bad at all mixed in...annnnnnd if he even saw one little worm mixed in with that apple, he would find a different apple to bite from.
Annnnnnnnd because the little boy did this, he one day grew up to be a rightous, holy, man of God. Strong in convcitions...unwavering in the truth. Seperated from the world...and when people asked him how he became the amazing man of God that he was, he always told them, its because I LEARNED that  I can't put my apples by the worms. When they asked him what he meant he said,
you HAVE to keep the bad, COMPLETELY out of the good, if you want the good, to stay good!!!
"Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing and I will receive you." (2 Corinthians 6:17)
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Who is this???

Soooooo as most of you all that READ MY BLOG FAITHFULLY know, my iPhone got stolen and I had to get a new one! Sooooooo I lost ALMOST all my old numbers and have been telling everyone to send me a text saying who they are so I can save their number...BTW: If I previously had your number saved into my phone, feel free to send me a text so I can REsave your number!!! Soooo yesturday I get a text from someone that didn't identify themself...
Sooooooo i'm like WONDERING???? And respond with...
I'm thinking, MY MOST AWESOMEST FRIEND EVERRRR??? LIke, hmmmmm...WHO COULD THAT BE??? Then it hit me, there is ONLY one person that description could fit, soooo I responded back with this...
AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Unfortunately, I WAS WRONG!!!! Bahahahaha!!! Buuuuuut it was STILL another LOVELY friend that I'm GLAD texted me annnnnd I need to go hang out with at Starbucks sometime soon...
Buuuuut really you guys, Like my response??? My future husband is sooooooooo gonna be my MOST AWESOMEST FRIEND EVERRRR!!! Remember how I told you all that I won't be "Best" friends with guys anymore? Friends?YES, buuuuuut NOT, BEST FRIENDS!
Its because a BEST friend, is like the closest, dearest friend to you, that you tell everything to and spend all your time with and NOTHING can ever seperate you from each other...annnnnd that spot is reserved in my heart for MY FUTURE HUSBAND!!! He is the ONLY man, besides Jesus, that gets the priviledge of knowing every little thing about me, of sharing my hearts desires with, of having my complete devotion, of being my BEST FRIEND!!! 
♥♥♥♥I don't know who he is,
buuuuuuut when I do,
 EVERRRR!!! ♥♥♥♥
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Two were in the field...

I was listening to Holy Ghost Radio the other day, I can NOT remember WHO was preaching BUUUUUT I heard this and I was like Ooooo I HAVE to share that with everyone!!! He was preaching from Matthew 24 in the Bible and he was talking about when Jesus comes back...
He says, there were two men in the field, one TAKEN and the other LEFT!
Two Lying in the bed, one TAKEN and the other LEFT!
Two woman grinding the mill, one TAKEN, the other LEFT!!!
Two were sitting on the couch, watching TV,
BOTH got left!!!
Oooooo YEAH thats what I'm talking about!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Fun at school!!!

MJ and Reagan(Sp?) having a blast at school!!!
I was like, MJ WOW!!! You must have a really COOL teacher because you know WHAT, When I was in second grade, I got IN TROUBLE, BIG TROUBLE from my teacher for walking through a puddle!!! She sent NOTE home to MY MOM all about it!!! (Thankfully, I have really waaaaaay cool mom that didn't think it was a big deal)  I'm like, SOOO you must have a really cool teacher, MJ's like,  yeah, she's THE BEST!!!
♥Mary Frances :) 

Why I have soooo many accessoriess!!!

Its cuz I have a HEARING problem!!! ;)
♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

What do you want to be when you when you grow up????

Tonight I said to my lil gwappo, Jose, what do you want to be when you grow up???? He said, Ummmm a GROWN UP!!! AHAHAHAHA!!
I'm like, ya know what, THATS A GOOD ASPIRATION IN LIFE!!! Something many people, including your Aunt Mary, STILL has NOT accomplished!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Instead of telling God...

I heard this today on Holy Ghost Radio...I didn't get it WORD FOR WORD...soooooo I jus said paraphrased, buuuuuut I REALLY liked this!!!
Its a HARD thing saying, God I want what YOU WANT and NOT what I WANT!!! I think that sometimes we have something all figured out in our mind buuuuut we haven't really sought God about HIS WILL!!! WHAT GOD WANTS!!! Like I said earlier this week...
Sometimes God brings our dreams to pass, sometimes God knows that our dreams are NOT what is best for us annnnnd SOMETIMES God goes above and beyond all our expectations of what we ever even dreamed of. God is God and he's GOOD!!! I trust that God will give me what he thinks is best for me!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Jose....THAT BOY!!!

I go over to my mom's last night and as I walk through the front door from the living room towards the kitchen, I'm greeted with a, "HI AUNT MARY!" I look around annnnd ALL I SEE IS THIS...
My nephew peaking out at me from the crack on the side of the fridge...AHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! I could NOT stop laughing when I saw him!!! I mean, the way he just said, "Hi Aunt Mary!" like everything was just SOOOO NORMAL!!!
Once again he responds back so nonchalant and normal..."Oh I'm just putting away my Capri Suns Aunt Mary!" I'm like, Ummmmm does ANYONE know that your putting them away??? He's like, NO! Its just me up here! I'm like where's my mom?! He's like, she's at your house! I'm NO nooooot my sister, MY MOM!!! Buuuuuut Aunt Theresa IS your mom!!! NO, Grandma is my mom! NO! Grandma is GRANDMA!!! Aunt Theresa is your mom, Aunt Mary!!!
Heeeeeeey Aunt Mary! You want some CHOCOLATE???
Right, try and distract your Aunt Mary from the fact that your CLIMBING INSIDE THE FRIDGE, by offering her CHOCOLATE!!! Awwww...buuuut he knows me sooooo well!!! :)))
I luverrrrrrs my lil gwappo sooooo much!!! XOXO
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

It's FALL IN AZ!!!

How do we know its fall in AZ?! Is it by the beautiful Autumn leaves that have fallen to the ground in beautiful hues of orange, yellows and reds? is it by the the bountiful harvested crops that are being brought in? is it by absolute perfect weather... not to hot... not to cold??? No! No! NO!!!
There are no such as fall leaves in Phoenix! You still have to drive with an oven mitt on the steering wheel and you can still fry an egg on the sidewalk!!! Sooooooo then HOW do ARIZONANS know its fall???
Pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks is BACK!!!! Along with the salted carmel mocha frapp!!! Wow!!!! My life just got full of some BIG DECISIONS!!!!

Love Mar Bear

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Heeeeeeeeeey EVERYONE!!! Have you ever thought about HOW cool it would be to be the voice on a Radio drama??? Like Adventure's in Odyssey or Jungle Jam or Radio theatre??? (Like the awesomeness of the Father Gilbert series...the guys in my church still enjoy tormenting me from time to time with a, "Poor, poor PATRICIA...okaaaaay i'm home alone and just got chills even typing that...LOL) W Have YOU EVER DREAMED OF BEING A VOICE??? Weeeeellll I sure have annnnnd NOW is your chance to participate in an APOSTOLIC RADIO DRAMA that is about to get started!!!
Bro. J.D. Sutter, not from my church, but from Vally Pentecostal Church in Glendale AZ, and also the founder of Audio Theatre Central, recently contacted me about a Radio production he has written and will soon be turning into a radio drama. His reason for contacting ME, was to help him get THE WORD OUT!!! (For some odd reason...I was thought of to GET THE WORD OUT!!! Like WHAAAAT... people think I have a big mouth or something????:)
 The first radio drama  is called The Cross Maker. It is the story of the crucifixion of Jesus told from the perspective of the carpenter who built the cross. He is the main character in the program.
WHAT VOICES do they need???  They really need some male voices for this current production; Roman Soldiers, Jesus, the carpenter, etc. Altho, I believe they WILL also need some female voices, soooo IF interested still contact ladies as well...I was kinda hoping for a ditzy female part...I can do that SO WELL...its ALMOST like i'm not even acting!!! ;)
Auditions - The auditions would be held here in our studios in Glendale AZ, not far from VPC. We would schedule them with each participant as needed.
Long Distance - Bro. JD would welcome any Apostolics to participate IN THE FUTURE for other radio productions, no matter where they are located as long as they have a way to record their voices in a sound treated area. However, for the current project of The Cross Maker, everyone will need to be local because his pastor has asked him to perform this production live in their church.
How to Tryout - Just email Bro. JD at with Drama Audition in the subject line and he'll connect with you via phone or Skype so I can hear the voice and then we'll go from there. If you are in anyway, AT ALL INTERESTED in being involved, PULEEEEEEZE contact Bro. JD NOW!!!
Weeeeeellll WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???? USE YOUR VOICE!!! Email him HERE!!! :)
♥Mary Frances :)

Something you should know...

ABOUT ME!!! Something that you all should know about ME is that...I LOOOOOVE people!!! I fully embrace EVERY ETHNICITY with open arms and with a Mar Bear hug!!! I know, that I talk A LOT about black people and my love for them ANNNNNND such...buuuuuut I LOVE ALL ETHNICITIES!!!
Yes, there is NO denying the fact that there IS annnnnd ALWAYS will be a special place in my heart for black people. I've been fascinated with black people since I was four begging my mom for 6 months to get me a black real baby doll for my 5th birthday. I always looked forward to the missionaries to Africa to come to our church. I had no black friends but ALWAYS hoped to. All my childhood I was always learning about how slaves were freed and the predjudice they still had to endure afterwards. And when I thought I had grown out of my childhood fascination and was over that phase...I was brought to heart wrenching broken heartedness...annnnnd just when I thought I was OVER them, God used black people in my life to heal my broken heart and to give me a purpose when I didn't know where I was going or what to do next, for that I will ALWAYS be greatful to black people...BUUUUUT I LOVE EVERY ETHNICITY!!!
 YES it was my childhood dream to marry a black man, buuuuuut the truth is that it was JUST a childhood dream. I told my mom when I was like 4, when I grow up I want to marry a black man! Then I told her I want to marry a black man OR a Chinese man!!! Where MOST people are drawn to their own ethnicity or what is LIKE them, Because I'm MARY, I've ALWAYS been very drawn to whats different than me!!! :)))
I mean, yes it was my dream to marry a black man BUUUUUT, sometimes God brings our dreams to pass and sometimes God knows that our dreams are NOT what is best for us annnnnd SOMETIMES God goes above and beyond all our expectations of what we ever even dreamed of. God is God and he's GOOD!!! I trust that God will give me what he thinks is best for me and that I have NO hinderances on his will for ME due to a persons color.
I told my sister one time, I just thought that I would have to marry a black person because of the African kids and my burden for them...annnnd my sis was like, weeeeeellll...WHY would you have to marry a black man because of that? And I said, well, cuz then he would have a burden like me! My sis was like, WEEEEELLLL...God could give that burden to a WHITE man too...I'm like OH yeah...she like, I mean HE GAVE it to YOU annnnd YOUR WHITE!!! I was like, OH yeah, I AM!!! LOLOLOL Plus, as I've said HERE, my burden is for the lost, whomever God leads me too amd wants to be fed!!!!!
I guess what it comes down to tho is THIS, It doesn't matter to me at all WHAT the color of my future husband's skin is, he could be blacker than coal or whiter than snow, what matters to ME is that my future husband and I share the same desires towards God, that he is accepting and loving of ALL ethnicities and doesn't hold on to ignorant ideas about race and ethnicites. That he would be ok with our future children falling in love with someone of another ethnicity if they chose too ANNNND... That IF God was to ever lead us to adopt a child of another ethnicity he would be ok with that. I'm NOT saying that I'm neccesarrily looking for that, BUUUUT, IF God was to open that door, skin color wouldn't be a hinderance on our decision.
I was asked several months ago by a friend, SO do you really want to marry a black man for yourself, or do you just want it for OTHER people??? I said HONESTLY, I wouldn't mind, BUT its NOT something that I MUST HAVE!!! The truth is that I have had crushes on guys from black to white and EVERY ethnicity in between. I just get sooooo EXCITED when I see a black and white couple because it absolutely thrills my heart to see people OVERCOMING predjudice and being able to love each other despite their differences in skin color.
It just BOTHERS me a lot when I hear people say, OH I would NEVER go for someone of a certain ethnicity! I'm like REALLY?! WHY NOT?! I mean, i'm NOT saying you have to be like ME, where you spent half your life LOOKING for it...LOLOLOL...You may not ever see it happening for yourself buuuuut to just say Oh NEVER just because...and to say I don't think other people should...I would NEVER marry someone that had that kind of a mindset!!! ANNNND its not like I would ever be hateful towards anyone that was or is taught that way... I just couldn't deal with it myself being married to someone that felt that way and I KNOW that I would spend all my time trying to change them!!!
The thing that provoked me to say this, IS well, I was playing catch phrase recently, and one of the guys from our church was trying to describe the word on his turn and his description was, "Something Mary despises!" One of the OTHER guys jokingly said, WHITE PEOPLE!!! I was like, Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay WHATEVERRRR!!! I do too LOVE WHITE PEOPLE!!! I mean, I'm WHITE and we all KNOW that I LOVE ME!!! (Btw: The word was, ROACHES!!! LOL) Annnnd I've had other comments made to me jokingly...Like when I ask about a guy people will say oh he's WHITE Mary...annnnnd I'm totally FINE with that kind of teasin...buuuuuut I was like, what about the people that dont really KNOW ME??? I just wanted to clarify myself and let everyone know that I DO LOVE EVERYONE!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Sooooo I KNOW that people aren't supposed to have favorites, buuuuuuut...I feel like I should be MJ's FAVORITE AUNT!!! Because I mean, I'm MORE than just an AUNT, she like my little sister too!!! Sooooooo on a daily basis I as her who her favorite aunt is and she ALWAYS says me!!! So then today I was like, soooo who's your favorite uncle???
She's like, I'll have to think about that! So a minute later i'm like, WEEEEEELLLL... have you figured it out yet??? She's like, I'm STILL thinking about it!!! Finally, she names ONE of my brother's...I'm like OH...Okaaaaaaaaay buuuuuuuuut...
WHEN I GET MARRIED...My husband WILL BE, your favorite UNCLE THEN...RIGHT?!?! She just looks at me and is like, I don't know!!! I'm like WHAAAAAT??? She's like, Weeeeeelllll...I don't DEPENDS on WHO YOU MARRY!!! She goes, I MIGHT NOT LIKE HIM!!! I'm like Oooooo girrrrrrl...
So I start naming different guys! First two guys she was like, YES! I would like him! Third guy she was like, Noooooooooo HE IS SOOOOOO WEIRD!!! AHAHAHA!!! Fourth guy she pauses to think about him then says, yeah, he's fine! Then I named one more guy and she was like, NO! So i'm like, Ok, WHY NOT?!?! She goes, BECAUSE, HE NEVERRRR SMILES!!! I was like, Whooooooa!!! THIS GIRL is observent!!!
 Some guys worry about making the dad's aproval...buuuuuuuut WHOEVER marries ME,
 I guess if you wanna be MJ's Favorite uncle, You HAD BETTER SMILE!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, September 2, 2013

My mom's cRaZy and my Labor day!!!

Sooooo I had a good labor day...slept in...cleaned...then headed over to my mom's! I spent all afternoon playing with my nephew Jose...We had the music blasting from my car annnnnd he was giving me a work out in the front yard! Had me playing tag, then we had a water fight, then he washed my car, then we went for rides in a rolling chair down the street and then we were going for spinny rides...then we were STILL drenched so I took him for a walk around the block on his trycycle...
FINALLY when we got home he says, Aunt Mary, I had sooooo much fun today!!! I was like AWWWWW...brownie points to myself for being an AWESOME AUNT!!! HAHA!!! AnywayZ, I was tired and ASSUMED my day was OVERRRR...buuuuut NOOOO...Nothing ENDS until my mom and I have done a 3-hour grocery shopping session at Frys!!! LOLOLOL!!!!
We get to Frys and my mom has me bring her an electrical cart! Sooooo WHen I bring it to her she is like, OH look at that, THERE Is TRASH in the cart...I'm just like thing I know she is like, LOOK Mary, those guys that pulled up to us with their monster truck thought they were SOOOOO COOL!!! Watch this!!! And she sets the empty container on the big O wheel of their truck!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
I'm like REALLY??? Annnnnd people WONDER WHERE I get MY cRaZiNeSs from!?!?!?
♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pin curl results!!!

Not to to bad... Next week ill make them tighter!!! The ones in the very back were pretty dead! Ill defiantly do this again tho!

♥Mary Frances :)

Pin roll curls!!!

I decided to try a new way of curling my hair for church tomorrow!!! Weeeellll... One thing about me is that I love to do my hair all fancy- fancy... Buuuuuht I also get bored easily and am always trying out or making up new hair dos for myself!!  
Tomorrow I wanted CURLS in my hair... Buuuuut I'm trying not to use hot sticks cuz I want my hair to growing ear!!!! So I've been doing lots of rolls, last Sunday I did my hair up and curled it with a curling iron! 
Today,  I was reading passion and purity... And the missionary lady telling her story, said something about doing pin rolls at night.... I was like oooo I know how to do that!!! I remember watching my grandma do it!!! Sooooo I had to try it!!!
I'll let you all know the results tomorrow!!!  In the meantime, I think I look pretty cute with the pin rolls!!! Lol purrrrr!!!